The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 8
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 8

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

i IAGE EIGHT Voulh, 15, Admits Killing Sweetheart f . . ,, ,, . « _ ' « « lit n\ ., A c»«vln\r "WllCll She told I WS ANGELES, Feb.,12.-U.R)- A 15-year-old schoolboy who "can't act along with anybody" admitted today he killed his high school sweetheart when she teased him about her love for another, boy. * Thomas Marsh sobbed out his vc for Dolores Conn, 16,. as he confessed he shot her in a jealous Age after carrying her books home Scorn, school, police said. ? A telltale spot of blood broke down his story, maintained under 95 hours of questioning, that the pjappy love shooting was an accident. ' . I *"I love her, I love her," Marsh cVied as he collapsed, overcome with emotion, after his confession ycstcrdav. "When she told me about another boy. I blew my top. I pulled the gun out of my pocket and killed her." "I've quarrelled with Dolores and everybody else. I can't get along with anybody! WASHINGTON COLUMN Public Power Bill's Possage Mokes Political Whodunit BY PETER EDSON NBA Washington Correspondent New Stylo riutnbinp Prefabricated leak-proof shower cabinets are available (or new houses as well as modernization work. They are shipped knocked down and can be assembled in a short time in a very small space. WASIIINGTON-(NEA)- Eastern Republican congressmen were rallied to change a publte power and reclamation bill trom the form in which it was wanted bv a majority of the Western Con- gkssmen in both parties, makes cine of the more intriguing poM£ short tune in a very smuu w^. one 01 i»« "««"· "·"·" oruh Ton Stored plumbing fixtures, a war- | (a l whodunits of the 80th Con V^Vivl ^fc* JK·**·" w time casualty, again have appeared on the market. SEEDS TOOLS FERTILIZERS Time to Plant Lettuce and Radishes February 14th SOW .GRASS SEED NOW! We'll help you have a lot of fun this Spring . . . gardening. We have garden and lawn seeds that are guaranteed to sprout and come up If you will do the work, we'll guarantee results! VIGORO PLANT FOOD For Garden and Lawn TRUE-TEMP HOES SL19 PINE KNOT RAKES $2.2 SPADING FORKS These tools are strong; well made to stand a '1CSS. ' It concerns the so-called Rockwell bill, recently passed by the House, 232 to 120. According to the Bureau of Reclamation, the agencv in charge of federal power projects, the Dill, as passed b the House, will increase the rates charged for electricity generated at government dams by from 14 to 49 per cent. The bill was introduced a yeai a*o by Hep. Robert F. Rockwell, Colorado Republican, as an amendment to the Reclamation law 01 1939. One mam purpose was to give Congress more control over deciding what projects should be .started and how carried out bmce i 1902. the secretary of Interior UPS had this authority. Rockwell also admitted, however, that anotner purpose was to mc-ease tne rates cnarged for puo- iic power. The idea was to make public power compete with tnat produced by private companies. This was to be done by three moves. First, by making govern- 'mem power projects pay bacK 'their cost of construction m a 'snorter period 01 ume. Second, D v requiring that a greater share 'oi the revenues from sale of government power be returned to the neasury. Third, by requiring that iht projects pay into the Treasury .interest money on the invested ' capital. A.S' soon as the Rockwell bill "was introduced, Rep. William Lexn- ke North Dakota Kepubhcan, put m ' a bill to do just tne opposite, liberalizing the conditions or puD- 'ic power financing. * Both bills went before the House ! Committee on Public Lands whose 'chairman is Richard J, Welch oi California. This committee has,11' Easterners, 17 Westerners. After wo months' hearings, they worked ' out a compromise. It was about 80 °er cent Lemke bill and 20 per cent Rockwell bill. .It increased to 78 years the period m which a project might pay out. It cut the interest rate. These provisions , vi ere acceptable to Bureau of Reclamation. . . ;n No action was taken on the bill i last vear. But when Congress 'came "back this year, it got pnor- ! lt y. Late, in January-, the bill was The effect is that projects will hereafter have to pay out in this shorter period of time. They will therefore have to charge more for their power. Some projects may even be found uneconomic to build or operate on this basis. The Elliott amendment carried by a vote of 210 to 152. Republicans from east of the Mississippi voted for the amendment 149 to 20. Green Address lo Highlight GOP Lincoln Programs WASHINGTON. Feb. 12.-- W.R-- Republican leaders observed Abra-i ham Lincoln's birthday today by takine to the platform and the microphone to extol the fin-l GOP pSent and predict the election of another in November. Topping the progra-n will be a nationwide broadca* (ABC tonight fiMturing Gov. Dwight H. Green of Illinois speaking from Lincoln'* tomb at s Spnngfield. 111. About Town And Country (Continued from PegcOno) xy nil o * « * * v i « « · - -- - - - -The reasons for believing this Robert A Taft from St. I aul; bill will die in the Senate arc good. Senate Republican \\ hip xennein Tn tho fir«t nlnrp. the Senate Pub- ·,,.. tr-nm HnnHnfton. W. Va.: VJlll \ \ H l U1V 1*1 l"V *-*v ··«**, «· ~ In the first place, the Senate * u «- lic Lands Committee is made up entirely of Westerners, eight Republicans and five Democrats. They all know which side of their bread has government gravy on it. Advise Improvement In Fire Equipment (Continued from Page One) ( \ the proeiam with Lireen will be Hoii^c Speaker Joseph W. Mare tin Jr. from New York; Sen. this contemplated supply. Wherry from Huntington. W. Va.; National Committee Chairman Carroll Recce from Indianapolis, and former Rep. Clare Boolhe Luce lie wells, and the committee report at the next meeting named the northwest and southeast corners of the square as the places.. The report also'said that $77 had been obtained through individual subscription for constructing the wells. The boys went right ahoad with the project, the minutes show, en" the wells were dug and .vailed. * o ' * On Oct. 3. 1887. Parish resigned from the board and J. W. Towle was named to replace him as president. o ^ o That's as far as I got You get to reading all the details of the minutes and the time passes very quickly. The Daily Register, 20c a week. Three Lorge Soap Companies Announce 5 Per Cent Price Cut CHICAGO Feb. l2-«lK)-Thc big soap manufacturers cut prices five per cent today as a direct re- suit of tumbling commodity putcs and the sharpest break m the Chicago Board of Trades 100- year history. Three of the big soap coinpan- Bros., Procter Oam- Alaska Prospector Says Gold is Still There KK1E, Pa.-- U.I!--Harold liide. Alaskan prospector, believes thete still is "gold in them tlur hills" for the sourdough who can withstand the rigors of Aictic weather. Eide, a Norwegian, told an an dicnce here that Alaskan yold fields have "barely been scratched." while untapped oil oo/.es to the surface in other areas. warns against ovcr-opti- For instance, he i I... __ i _ ics, JL.UVVI i»»w^., · ··"·-- -- r,iiic vvuma blc and the Werk Soap Y 0 -;.'" 1 " i, n ism. however. * v . ...^...,v v , i, L - nounced five per cent reductions , sai( , hc spcnt 18 , nolU hs alone m wholesale _ p r i c c s l he p e t colinlry before hc made a m wnoiesaiv v» "-*··" ', ... cut applied to all soap products made by Procter Gamble and Lever Bros., and Werk's bar and granule soaps. from San Bernardino. Cal. Republican headquarters said that some 500 Lincoln celebrations are listed throughout the country, although not all of them will held today. find." Eide also warned potential os- pectors that Alaskan economy is hard on the pockctbook. He csti . * .. ,1 mtlStrtt* t t l f k W f c \ I\ }\t\ tlwil.l U I I U I V OW«f *»· I IKU U Vll V"»- | * W V « V . * M W I » . » » v *,-i| All three companies said the ma t e d prices there to be about price cuts were made possible by 40 I)t .,. C0 nt higher than in the the decline in price of raw mater- united States. . :-t« f * * * c * * t n r l n i l : I · ' · " ' The Democrats will have their inning a week from today at tne annual Jefferson-Jackson dinners. President Truman will address iwe Washington dinner and his speech will be broadcast. ials--fats and oils. Early Illinois Timber Earliest record of the lumber industry In Illinois refers to the decade 1830-39. when 15 million board fett of pine logs were rafted down tH* Ahslsslppi river from Wisconsin to mills located in the northwestern-river towns. Telephones of World America's telephone industry reports that there arc 31,700,000 telephones to 140 million persons in the United States; 3.575.000 telephones to 40 million persons in semi-social- izcd Great Britain, and 1,272.500 telephones to 190 million persons in communizcd Russia. I H \ . ,LJMli^« *»* ·" ·---- f * ,,ieported to the floor of I t f o r three days debate. " House On the o. Observations indicated thati present pumping equipment is delivering somewhat less than its . rated capacity. It is recommended, that th'e full rated capacities ot; these units be restored by pro- ' per repair measures. 4. As planned by tne .ity, the elevated tank should be repaired. ; (Note: Part of the repair work; already has been done and a con-j tract "has been signed for com-j pletion of the work.) 5. Discharge lacilities at the pumping station should be re-arranged to eliminate present restriction. This can be accomplished by extending the new 12-inch, main* so as to enter the pumping j station and connect to pump dis- cnarge piping from the east. Thisi discharge piping can then be arranged and gated so that a b r e a K l in any section of pipe or the repair of a single valve will not eliminate more than one pumpH or one supply main from service, j repair Ford Pumper I From our observation it appears' that some restriction also exists in the eight-inch mams in the vicinity of the elevated tank. This matter" should be investigated and the full capacity of the pipe restored. Extension of the eight- inch main on Vine and Cherry streets south to connect with the four-inch main on Church street, would reinforce a very weak portion of the distribution system serving an important part of the principal mercantile district. Fire Department 6 The Ford pumper was not capable of developing its capacity at the time of our inspection, j Its rated capacity of 500 gallons minute at 120 pounds pump IT PAYS TO BUY GOOD TOOLS '.for three days debate. "£ wu P* r TM nute at 12 ° first two days, advocates of tne om essure shou ld be .were able to mow down all amena: £ er Yep air immei n-ents But attendance was less *:___ _^--^ n *; n a · i than 100. Most of them were \Vest- lierners and public power advocates. 11 On the last day, however, the Eastern Republicans moved in strong and fixed this thing the way they ^California Democrat, Alfred .1." Elliott of Tularc, who is a We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps ment calling for _ . ica of amortization on , the by ICSSUlt 3i»v"»" - . . - - - - - - - * i proper 'repair immediately, it isj our .understanding that steps al-| leady have been taken to repair; this unit. (Note: This pumper was taken to St. Louis and was restored by repair to its proper . -vuyuiiic an assistant fire chief whose duty will be to be in complete charge of the fire department in the absence of the ch ef. 8 Two full paid firemen should be on duty at the fire station at all times of day and night. Additional call firemen should be appointed so that a total of U\ call men wil be available at al^ S ""Regular drills should be con-j ducted for all members at least monthly and should include all maneuvers with the apparatus. Our Valentine Sheer, clear beautiful 51 gauge 15 and 20 denier NYLONS 1.95 and 2.95 vol. $^65 3 Pairs Wrapped in Valentine Gift Package 4.95 AH Finest First Quality Hose . . be tested i at least semi-annually to 200 pounds 'pressure and unreliable lengths be replaced immediately. 11 Fire alarm response to au I mercantile, manufacturing and1 pub- j 'lie building districts should m-| · cliide pieces of fire apparatus. 3 Senior Girls Receive DAR Awards j (Continued from page one) ' '! ior Popularity poll. Her scholastic ' average has always been high and I her name has been on the honor roll each time thus far this year. j On School Honor Roll Miss Chancy. 17-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Chancy of Carrier Mills, has always at- · tended Carrier Mills schools. Dur- iing her four years as a student at Carrier Mills Community hign i school she has maintained an ex. cellent scholastic rating by always .keeping her name on the school ' honor roll. In both her freshman 1 and sophomore years she was president of her clas?. and at present kshc is vice-president of the Pep club , Miss Crest, D. A. R. Good Citizen ; of Equality Township high school, · is the daughter of Mr. .ind Mrs. .John Crest. Miss Crest ali- has Ian excellent academic record and 4 has been very active in cvtra-cur- 1 ncular activities. She has played ' for three cars in the school band, was assistant editor of the school paper last year, and is co^ditor ol the Pyramid, the school annual, this year. She also had a maior role in the junior class play which presented a year ago. DISTINCTIVE FEMININE APPAREL ! Soys State Should Provide More Aid for Schools CHICAGO. Feb. 12.--CS»--. E Stevenson, Democratic candidate i for go\ernor, said today that the I state should set aside more money to help communities support their local public schools, i Stevenson spofce before the annual meeting of the Citizens' School ' committee. i The Daily Register, 20c a week, 'ny earner boy. m :s^ J /onlJentmfes WILDROOT CREAM-OIL FORMULA FOR T08I HAH MORRIS, BELLE-CAMP RUSSEL McPHAIL CANDY Heart Boxes and Others C O L O G N E S BROMO SELTZER FIGHTS HEADACHE 3 WAYS ! · It's Good larr Hand Creme Large Size SPARTUS Flash Camera Built-in Reflector ' 15.00 COMPLETE WITH 4 FLASH BULBS a TRUSS? SPORTSMAN Athletic TTIW CANT SLIP -- COMFORTABLE No Fitting Required Made to Fit Anatomy TOILET TISSUE 13c 2 for 25c ^·"-. n YOUR DOCTOR'S PRESCRIPTION We are qualified to give it the attention it deserves. 2 full registered and 4 apprentice pharmacists. TOOTH POWDER m mmrs JQuality -- Economy 5 S. Main St. Quality--Economy

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