The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 27, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 27, 1918
Page 2
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PAGK TWO. !THE HX7TOH1NSON 'wisWS. Forsythe Says Don't Blame Your Laundry Wear Collars Exclusive Agonls for lilp Shirts TcsU prove ihey hist longest, and tlicir UNOCOUD UNHRKAKABLE BUTTONHOLES prevent spreading ;n I lie top. We Carry the Largest Line of Collars in Hutchinson (The Kind You Will' Buy Aaaln.) I'm Looking Forward to That Easy Chair— — there under the yellow rays of the lamp, his paper, pipe and favorite author conveniently hand)'. * Long", trying hours at the office, a thousand and one things to tax his energies, and then Home and the soft, yielding depths of his Easy Chair, that hour or so of perfect ease and utter abandon, the laborsof the day forgotten, the "give" and response of those upholstered cushions to his every movement! No man enjoys the rigidity, the discomforts of straight, stiff, purely ornamental chairs. He likes his home for those touches of ease and relaxation which every home must provide if it is what it should be. The Easy Chairs in our store are built to promote the contentment df men who enjoy their homes above all other things. They're built, too, to sell at prices which really high grade Easy Chairs must cost. FURNITURE 23-24-25 South Main STORY OF THE FIGHT Everything for the Home liuod Furniture, Stoves, Washing Machinis. Etc. Many Bargains in Second Hand Furniture Many have bought their Stoves. Let lis sell you one ami put it up for the cold weather. John D. Snyder Furniture Co. 13 and 107 S. Main Phone 1362 American Forces Took the Enemy by Surprise in Advance in the Champagne. With the American army on the Wr- dun trnnl, Thursday, 10 P. M., Sept. lit!.—The American troops look the Germans somewhal by surprise by the ppeet) of their attack today ami without giving the enemy lime to recuperate ihey pushed him steadily northward. Tltla evening the Americans between the Arponne and the Meuse had reached Malanconrt, Montfaucon, t'ulsy, ITannevotix and other towns along that line. Our Boys In. The ejrarople of intrepidity sel by Ihe Pennsylvania, Kansas and Mitwou- ri troops was followed by (he men In the other American units. The opposition met with at Montfaucon and Dannovoux and a few other points Indicated that the German resistance was becoming stronger and it was apparent the enemy had had time to place in some of the artillery withdrawn earlier In the day. • In the Air. Late in the afternoon the German aerial activity Increased, indicating a determination to check what had developed so rapidly into a sweeping ad- ranee. The work of the tanks, which were manned by French and Americans, brought praise from the staff officer*, The machines, however, were unable to display thetr abilities to the fullest exleut because of the boggy condition of the terrian. • The ground has been softened by recent rains and as the country naturally is swampy-, the terrain was. found to be too soil in many places. Many tanks became stalled in the mud, hut they were no; damaged as the infantry had driven the enemy well northward. Kept Busy. A most spectacular feature of the operation was the work of the aerial units.-"The aerial observers were able to accomplish little until the afternoon, hut before tin 1 echoes of the opening barrage had died away the pursuit stir planes were over the Ger| man lines. The clouds made it appear improbable that there would he any i;reat display by the aviators, and the tog seemed to hide Die enemy, bu! flying at a height of less than 7U0 yards, the airmen swept down on the German troops in (he line and on [lie roads. Wagon trains, were attacked and dead horses and debris blocked the path of these or shortly afterward shut off avenues of retreat. As the skies That Headache You have more or lesn of, nearly every day, in the temples, over the eyes, or In the back part of your head and neck, Is nearly always caused by Eye-Strain and can he relieved by properly fitted glasses. 1 derote all my time to the testing of eyes, the grinding of lenses anil the fitting of_glasses. H. S. ZINN The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. Henry Zlnn Jno. Blrchfleld Clason's War Map (Indexed) of the WESTERN ERONT Revised September 18th, showing the elimination of the St. Mihiel salient. 25c ADAMS DRUG CO. 20UN. Main. Phone 131 gine was still running. No damage was tione to the car. Durins the night the neighbors of A H t'omslock at 72S Sherman east tele , phoned the police that thiovoB were r tryftig to get into the Comstock home. By the time the police could get there the thieves had left. A Ford roadster was picked np by Ihe police at the corner of Ninth and Main street, and taken to the North Main garage where later it must have Reno County Must Raise $1 ,573,750 for "Fighting Fourth*' Liberty Loan. That means 4% of your net worth, what you must do. r..AWING NEXT MONDAY. >j> J . . . • Washington, Sept. 27,— Monday September 30, was set by Provost Marshal General Crowder today, as the date for the national draft lottery to determine the order, In the classes to which they be assigned, of the 13,000,. 000,000 men from 18 to 45 who registered for selective service September 12. Vt'/isliinglon, Se»L 27— The drawing will titUo I'lace publicly at tlio vijenate office building and the numbers will be (fiveii to the press and . tile country by local draft boards as UUlckly (1$ the Jist can bo printed and , l>Mt into the haud» of the boards by ". limit. • • • It wi(l be flfttteatiury this time to draw one. #t & 'tfutV, • >l>uroxiuia,leIy f ? 7,000 capsules, cpMaJnlng (ho aerial lumbers and it will ruu,ull'e approxi­ mately twenty six hours to complete the task. LIBERTY LOAF has more Ileal Flour and Nourishment than you ever dreamed could be put into a loaf of bread Ask for it . Of course it's Modern Made and is a big wheat couserver cleared, the observers appeared with j their fighting escorts and aided niater- i lally in correcting the aim of the | artillery which had* nsver ceased its i vigorous harassing fire. Gas shells I were used plentifully by the Ameri- j cans in only a few instances but when | they w-erc used the work was done i effectively. Used Much Gas. | One of the places subjected to a i heavy gas attack was Vauquofs. That j historic place wna known to he well i fortified. There was reason to believe that the Germans might utilize the forty miles of subterranean passages In the neighborhood. It was flooded with gas clouds and then enveloped by artillery fire. Gas also was used against certain woods around which the Americans afterward marched, instead of going directly through them. Information obtained only the day before the attack enabled the officers of the tank detachments to escape (ho traps constructed at several places and also the batteries of antitank guns. By mid-afternoon every Division headquarters began to look like a prison camp. Groups of German prisoners front a half dozen to 100, I appeased at headquarters at lnter- ] vals. After bejhg lined up and ipies- j tioned they were sent on to the de- ienllon camps io the rear. Tor the most part (he captured men were |.cheerful, some apparently were Joyful. HERE TOMORROW. Fourth Liberty Loan Exhibit Car on Santa Fc Spur Track. The Fourth Liberty I-oau special car will be here tomorrow from 2 to f> o'clock and will bo placed on the Sama Ke spur track just north of the Chalmers Hotel. The car will have war exhibits and will bo free to the public- The goternuieut is sending men along to kxturo on the exhibits- The car will contain the following; •„ 1 (iminHU liowltzar, 1 160 UM 'tfOTUtau field pi *H'i\ 1 77 JM..I Oerimm field ideco, 1 riuatins; nuvy mine, i French canteen*, 2 t'Ycsuti tMyoueti', Aunti-lau tiw-coin 'u trtuich knlvua tuui i French inartuo 4a«- fum. 1 Cionnan 1ml mot, 3 flas«, l ('urle#acui J g armour, French, 1 French rlflo barrel, damaged by shell fire: 1 French knapsack with uuuipinent, 8 Pruyuon's vwords, t empty knap«u«k. 1 <>. f>. hand grenade boka and 1 can trench food. 1 sot barbed whu stakes. 1 French rifle, 1 gaa shell, 1 new typo Frown ekW. I i&'vil vase, i *«t barbed wlr# staph-u, l set pup tent stakes, 1 German tool box a-nd lootB, 1 set cartridge (Mips, I largo shell case and 1 German muchmo ttun fire control box^ 1 French trench sftade. 2 gas masks, new type, French; 1 set French rockets ur .d ruses, i l ^cwis machine trun, 2 Lewis yun ma&i/.liio holders, ftdl; 1 piece artll'ei-y wheel I French mllrallcllae, 1 rumprt'SHed air humb thrower, aluminum base; and 1 eumprcssed ulr btanb Uu-owor on biped, 7 assorted gheite, 3 flying pigs, 1 lucr- tar for flying pigs, 2 aero botubs, 1 tier- mun rifle sttuul, 3 pear-shape^ grrnades, 7 egg: groiiaAlua, '& i>ineai >pte - grenades, and 1 short cyllpdrieol fc'renade. 1 French llauit) grenade, 3 long cylindrical Kreiuului, 1 American Tnfaiitry cquipmeitt "O", 1 1917 -Vmerjcau rtflc. 1 cartridge belt, 1 bayonet, 1 Colt machine gun, 1 Colt ffuji tripod, 2 muchine gun Uuit niounis, X ucrmaji rlfJe arid l Ucrutan bayonet. HOLMES WAS CONVICTED. LAMBORN SAYS: , , "Jim Shepard bought aotrio clears Jhero, Gave one to Pr. AJjtun. Dr. Manu liked it and came in for more. Shows you bow the good new»" la spreading and what mukes bustness so "good ut tho new Uunborn e:igar Compapy «toro at 3 North Main. 27-lt. ' Vaudeville at Itlverside Park Sunday. Four feature acts, Matinee uud two JsUowg HI «lghL Finney County Farmer and Ranchman Is Guilty. Wichita, Kaus., Sept. 27.— Joseph Uoimes, a Finney county farmer and I ranchman, was convicted in the feder- jal court here today of baying assisted in the robbery of the poetoffice at ! Pierceville, Kansas, January 28, 1918 'and sentenced to a year and a day in tho federal penitentiary and to pay a fine of riUO. Joseph Stolnhoff of St. Louis, Mo., who pleaded guilty in connection with tjie Pierceville robbery was lih'an a foAtr year sentence. The September term of coirrt was adjourned following the return of the vcrdlclB against Holmes and Steinhoff. ALU OVER IN THREE MINUTE8. Ford Car Was Stolen but Found Shortly Afterwards. Ijast.evening at 9:30 o'clock thieves took a Ford touring cor belonging to Hayes Drake wbloh, was ^stationed alppg tho parking at 008 North Main street. Mr. Prako heard the car start and rushed to the door in- time to see the thieves climbing into the par apj start off. Police were called /and the' thieve* wore pursued. So hot were the pursuers on the trail that (fee thieves abandoned Ibe car at tbe corner of Seventh and Poplar. When it was found a Jew eesonds later tho e»- been called tor as the day men knew nothing of it tin's morning. f ITEMS OF INTEREST '{JO RED CROSS WORKER^ An announcement which will be of particular interest to all members of the Junior Ited Cross and especially those who had any thing to do with the making of quilts, is that these quilts have been given to the Belgian Relief Committee and are now on their way to do their part in helping to warm the suffering Uelgian children. The executive committee decided that this was the best cout 'Be to persue and Mrs. Campbell, chairman of Ihe committee took the eleven quilts oVer to the packing rooms yesterday. ' "Since the Ited CroBs ruled that they could not accept quilts, we have just been keeping ours at the Junior headquarters, thinking that something would turn up whereby we could use them to a better, advantage," Mrs. Campbell explained. "And so when we heard oflthls call, we felt it would please the children to know they were really to be sent to borne iielgian children for whom they wbre made in the first place." There wasn't a more acceptable gift in the entire lot than these quilts and the committee in charge appreciated the Juniors gift. KHAKI BILLS Captain Allender Swlfl, u Xoraer Hutchinson boy, who recently was detailed to return to the United States from the battle front to act as instructor, has been assigned to Cornell University. He has been joined at ithica, N. Y„ by his wife and children. . ' » A postal cSrd received from C. Davis, formerly Rock Island commercial agent here but now in the transportation service of the Y. M. C. A. In France, tells Carl Richardson the following: "Hello all, am feeling fine. Seeing very interesting things In Pftrls. Saw an aeroplane battle yesterday. Weather flne.-^C. M. Davis, Jjeut. Pee Mickey, pi last year's %ifU trohool faculty, was seriously in­ jured'in it tear gas bomb explosion at ihe arsenal at Perth Amboy, N. J., ii recovering. He was . picked up' fcf dead ocd it. was (eared he would Itwe his right «rm and leg-tnit the specialists think they will save but leg and all hut bis hand. He will be in the Are Yon Getting Your CLEANING AND PRESSING Done as It should be done? If not call 1783 and give us a trlaL We will please you, National Dry Cleaners 3 North Main Gas for War Indnsteries Weather Report Kansas—Fnlr ond warmer tonight antf Saturday. In ftome parte of tli•» country last winter, ncrordlnu to Mr. lluttiri'ok. ttto i'YtlfiHl l-'ut.'I AdmlnlMrutlcm adoptM tho policy tluil thv- iIunH'sth* tiHiTx of tiiiiuriU wort* io l>« fnvuiwl over jiil inrfiHtrial ennsua^r*. In «omr Ittstuncfs KHH compflnict fnrnlPhHl 1 ncliifttrtat niamifiu'ltin ts of esuenUiii war pnuHicta IWHI thette f«t*torii'.** wen? ably to rontlnup prodttotlim wlifn those ilrpcitdunt iii'on coal and nil for fuel were compelled to shut down or lo run Intermittently. There in tt dlsrnssltm KOIIIR on nt the present lime n» to how the deinuiid tlo- voniiiiii winter of industrial mmntrnt-turlnp iff CRHI ntional war product*) is to he fulfilled with proper amount* of fui'l. Oas eompanleu are Involved In this dlHcti««lon. MKNilTA JiATL'llAl, OAS COMPANY. TIRES-TIRES-TIRES Portage Daisy Tread Tires ===5000 Miles = Datable Tires—New Process of Making. Firestone Band Retreads; Mohawk Band Retreads; Plain Rubber Retreads; Factory Second Tires. All kinds Practical Vulcanizing. All Our Work Guaranteed. WICHITA DOUBLE TIRE CO. 205 South Main Hutchinson; Kansas IF WE SUGCEST TO-DAY YOU'LL INSIST TO-MORROW Saturday Special Regular 40c Box of Superior. SODA CRACKERS SATURDAY ONLY 35c All Procurable Fruits and VcgL -tables ALFORD BROS. GROCERY & MARKET Phone 1780 500 4th East HELP SCHOOL HERE. Money Raised at Nazarene Conven- alon to Aid Holiness College. An uducAtiomU annivprsary was held at tho Naisarene assembly yesterday afternoon. The needs of education and especially Christian education'-were presented by members of the faculty of the Nazarene Uible school and academy and by General Superintendent Williams. The needs of the Bible school here were given as a little over S800 which was raised on the assembly floor .to care lor Immediate needs. This afternoon was held the anniversary of the rescue and orphantfge homes. There are two rescue homes on ihe district, one at Wichita and one at Kansas City. INTO RED CROSS WORK. J. CdBigger Has Been Called to Wash™- Ington, D. C. J. C. Bigger received al call yesterday Jrom tho national headquarters of the Ited Crop at Washington, D. C, requesting his services for some work connected with the American lied Cross. Mr. Bigger has agreed to accept the call and. expects to leave probably the middle of'next month. UNVARYING to a pinch of salt— an ounce of flour! Modern Bread "at all Grocers who care" - Ho does not Know in just what department he will work but will do whatever he can to- help^ wltj) tho work. KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS. Claude Smith Fell Forty Feet, but Received No Injuries. Claude Smith, an employe of tbo Soda Ash plant fell last night from the top of a big bin containing soda ash and fell in such a manner as to knock him unconscious. Smith was taken to the hospital where be stayed over nights but today is all right and will work tonight as usual. A broad collar BonieUmes runs into a sash that Mee in the back. The Inexorable Finger of Time Points Out the - Super Durability of THE OLD RELIABLE Kurtzmanii Piano v That .satisfyiug full richness of toue and that-alluring response, is not a .quality of a few years, but of a .lifetime. Measured by visible chant), tonal beauty, sympathetic action and durability, the Kurtzraann is a .wonderful- example of economy. - v /( ' n It is overflowing value at A low price. • << See and try the Kurtzmann upright for 1 ,#35<>*and conpare it with #45o pianos elsewhere. .» > 1 . 'Call or write, CARI r. ume HUTCHINSON, HAS;

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