Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 44
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 44

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 44
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Page 44 article text (OCR)

^ Morning. April 9. 1975 Autoworker Force Foreseen DETROIT (AT) — Once u twill urintl out cars and trunks jnecca for job sei-ki'i-s, Detroit Jin the next decade with a A cool si. vie i<i v.vuv v its lint! ilehiil.s! No. l- with rholo-diiiila is Sizes s t« is. si/.o to, :; Jnist . . . 'I"'., y;u'd;; l.">-i ])his : , : s van! ui' con 1 .! : 1'tn- Mas trim. I'alii'rns available aii in- xizrs shown. TO ORDER, send 75(: for escii turn, plus 25t lor postage luntlling. SUE BURNETT lubboik AvolarKtu.Joutnal P. O- Bo. 5340 Chicago, III- 60660 Print Name, Mdrr-s with COQE, Stylo Number .ind Size. <'oii]iun for J'RKK I' icrn i:'. in i hi: 'T."i S)iri ZIP al- n M ; ..:i> :<i'i'tt. fc,r .Vfi. 1 r>!)i) AMVI'NI !'Hi:S IN .SI'.V.'ING. II. i' 1 ' !' nii'i' 'itit'tni'ni;; u )!.••.'('. :-.•;•>: ,:i /..Mi;V..s- /..',-;. Tins clKiniihiff Little Sim with HIT Kimbonnct. anil M'jifi'rinj;' i'ii!i niakos a ilarliny ai'!>l!f|Lk' <|uill for iht- girl's h.-d! X,i. ^, has iMtU-ru jik-ci 1 .-;; full <l n'i'rt.inns. TO OROfH, ssnd sat for each pal- tern, plus 15( for postage and handling. AMNE CAEiQT tuhbotk Avalontha-Jouinal f 0 Eo< 5340 Ch'rago, III. 606BD Print Name, Address with ZIP CODE and Style Number. Coupon j'oi- I'ltlCK P:\t- Irni is in ihe 1075 Needlework (>S-pa£« AI.UUM. Only SI ,'^T) a fopy. ALSO THCSE BOOKS AT St.CO EACH Plus ?So lor nostiiRe and handHnR. No. CM IB-BLUE RIBBDIt QUILTS. Ci>ii[;;nn :i«,t.t!.i luvely tjuilts. No. Q-M7--QUILTS ON PARflDE. Dirrctions for sixlctn quilts, flu. D-l IB-GRANDMOTHER'S FLOW- tn QillLIS. 10 Isscinalins quilts. Ho. Q-119- ftMERICA'S TMORUt flFGllilNS. A biautiful selection. smaller woi-k force, auto industry analysts believe. The R\K Four auto companies produced a record 12.B million vehicles in 197,'l anel employed a record 1.05 million men and women. Even if these com- pnnics return to 1973's recoi-d production, employment in the next decade will not rise above 1)75,00, according to a dozen experts working for the auto companies, banks and the United Auto Workers. I'entmncnt Leveling' Off "I. don't look for the peak employment of 1973 ever !o be reached again. I would say thorn's been a permanent leveling off." said John Kolozsi, an auto industry analyst with the Bank or America in San Fran,- ci.sco. Kolozsi and the others inter- viuwud believe that production at General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and American Motors will return to 12 million vehicles or 'moi-e by 1983, but employment will range between 1101),ul) and 975,000 —- a drop of 7 to 15 per cent from 1973. Publicly, the auto companies a<;ree that production will once ai;ain reach the 12 million level in tho ne.xt decade. The companies make no public predictions about future employment, however. 11 Per Cent Cut Car and U-uck sales at the Big Four are running now at an annual rate of 8.6 million. Employment is 735,000 blue collar and white collar workers, down 30 per cent from W73. Company spokesmen say that 200,000 of the laid off workers will be recalled later _this year, but the remaining 115,000 jobs — 75,000 blue collar and 40,000 u-hite collar -- won't be refilled in the near future. That would be a IK'rmanont reduction in the work force of 11 per cent compared with 1973. The bleak outlook for future induslry employment is based on a number of factors, the industry analysts said in interview's. These include: Industry Trent's —Major strides in worker productivity, particularly more automation in the assembly plants. —Greater production of small cars, which require less manpower. —A permanent cutback in white collar workers because of declining profits. —A long-term slowdown in (lie rate of growth of automobile saics because of a declining birth rale and greater em- phasis on mass transportation. 'The analysts agree that the days are over when rural laborers from the South and white collar workers from anywhere can migrate to Detroit in search of a jobs in an ever-expanding industry. Midwest Migration "We're beginning to see signs of migration from the Midwest to the Southwest as skilled auto workers head to Tex-as to lake up positions with oil firms." suys David Eisenberg, a financial analyst in New York. "I see litlle (job) opportunity left in Detroit." Other analysts with a more bullish outlook predict industry employment could approach the 197?, level after 1983 if there is a dramatic increase in sales beyond the 1973 record. But a spokesman for Ford, which has eliminated 6,000 white collar jobs in the past year, says: "When you slim down, especially in terms cf your white collar force, you find you can get by with what you've got even if sales increase." Small Work Force Seen Rober M. Middlekauff, director of labor relations plannning for Ford says that less labor is required to build small cars, so increased small car sales, coupled with productivity gains, will tend to keep the companies' work forces relatively small. But Middlekauff adds that other factors, such as increased consumer demand for optional equipment and tougher emissions and -safety regulations that require special equipment on cars, could boost employment. Howard Young, a special consultant to President Leonard Woodcock of the United Auto Workers, concedes industry employment may remain depressed for a number of years. "There's a tendency to hold off on geting rid of people when sales drop," he says "And once you get rid of them, there's a tendency to hold off on getting them back. 1 ' Poor Prediction Record But he cautiously adds: "We have a poor record predicting four to five years down the way. We don't have the kind of outlook to factor in all these matters." He also says a permanent leveling off of car sales in the 1980s could push the auto industry into the mass transportation business, thus creating new jobs for UAW members. Outside financial analysts are doubtful. "Forget about mass transit," says Arvid Jouppi, an analyst n Detroit. "People still want personal transportation. In addition, looking well ahead, it will be more difficult to get mblic transportation than cars. So cars will continue to grow until we get out of our current mass transit mess," Heartline (EDITOR'S NOTE: lienrtllne Is a service for Senior (Ili/ens. Us inir. (io*» is to ans«'cr questions — fust. Cull Mniulay through l-'rlil;i.v from y unlit 5 p.m. or write Hrnrllinc, H51I Xi.rlh Mnin St., Dayton, (>h)i> •iiHlj. Ucmemlicr Hcurtllno puy.s fur all rails on It* lull-Ire" nunihn _ 1-800-5I3.24SO. Any rt'lirodudion or me or tin! Elcarlllni! i'u"'hiT n-fflinnt writ- ton lu-rniissioit ol AValden Teaturea is Heurtline: 'My daughter Is drawing' sociii! security disabiil ty from her deceased father's Social security. If my daughter gets married, wi't she lose her benefits? Answer: If your daughter marries a man that is healthy and able to work, yes, she \vii. lose her check. GOO Hearilinc: Do you have to be any particular ttgc to be Heartlino pen-pal'.' — H.M. Answer : All of Heartline's services are for people 55 years ol' -age or older. o c e Hearlllne: Sly hwfbuml has a Prognrn information in 'U Nt-w Mexico Ht-pnrl .' i Farm Show •u CHS News (is AM America •i.l. Tilda) Stum >'•! Captain Kangaroo -- IH-bhie is pin in charge "' the Captain's I'lace while tin- Ciipiain IN shopping. 'i {'arrase.iletidiis i r - Sesame Street — Nu. 77N. ('oiikii- Monster Irics In trad. [);ivi(t. 'i IVmile I'laee — Net about Ltihb'Vk (iirls S nviijes «l .Arlhriljs /•'i.iiin- dalinn. ('•I .Ijick '.'«• TTOShow fl::iO n Wheel Ol Kortune '3 \oi For Women Only 1(1:1)0 s Klectric Company — No. al'l. !'ri/<- is olfcrcd Itir "Cmvpcrson ul the Year" Contest. Hi Hi^li Hollers I.U Now Vn'j SIT H !-fi I.ut:', Show it i l\u\\\ uoutt Squares M.I I.iivvOI Lit'.' :1& Hradv Hunch J CHS News Stor\ teller Annr I'cllm', ski entertains with African anil Turkish lolklales. in; Jackpot :ij. Young S l!i.'slk's< 128. I'assword Il:li0 .n, (think Chi-ck fu Scared f'"or T<i[ih:ri"u\\ P5 Splil Second J):5S ui, ,\iiC\f.vs 12:111) ;ir CclelirilySwi-ep'.i.ikes ,13 News, \Veatlu-r. Sporls '3S All My Children 1-:.'{() in Univ I'u .Surv iv t- A six As Tht U'orlitTiints IJ.e; I.el's .Make A T\ U (l kl\ (dj, is suppln r| h\ lh( N( ll!/W) HLick and \Vhil-.- Cr 1:1111 ii' Hays Ol Our Lives n.i Guiding Uijht i;c SIH.IIIHJ r'yraniid 1: : .\tt i v J luctors i'J Kdf-eOt Ni(;ht !•"> Big Showdoun -.''HI n Another World i.i 1 Price Is llijtlil ;ju (ieneral llosjiilal -.^l n .Mi-.lch liame • M I'ne I,ile I'o Live :i:llti '. Sesame St. (Uepeal ui " Snmersel u Tallletales ,'if Muin-v Mii/i' :i:J'l i'" Hevcrly liillhillies t»J .inker's \\'[M <™ A I1C A ft IT no on I'l.-nnrcak (JO "CyraiKi" .1 " si- i'' e r r e r voices animated siorv of French pnei-s^ordsman who fights iiijiiMice \Uiili- liolpinfi his Irii-iid win (lit' woman lie liiniM'll loves. 1.IHI "i Misteni^ers (Repeat of morniiif; Iclei-ast) 11 (iciiner \'\ le ij (iiiinbil !: in '- \i!la Atei-ri- (Repeal of mm'niot; trlecastl ''a Cartoon ('in us 1 '. • Kleclric- Co. llli-pf; nioniint; telc-casli '' l.ilias, Vos;a And iliU j •11 MIC News .ii CHS News :s AHC New:, ', 1'itlitirs — ''('ha rtofi-cn tin- cv 1 I 1.- '^: Nc'A S SiK.r(s '. lici'.k Heat -- "Her I he New York IT" Hrcmlnn (iill. Drama c lalks ahoul the nui>;a/ illosirious T>n years. II \V i 1 d K i nj;d o m 'I r.n els to tlie coa tie,i rt of Peru to sludv it (if You m-r, e at hy rilic ini-'s 0KTXT, PBS CBKCBD, NBC Iworks and loiai telev ision stations . (HI !tc|H-,ii l'n)i;rani. track the giant of the skies, the Andean condor. 'K To Tell The Truth '.28' Jimmy Dean ":((() KedinR Good — Dic'k Cavett hosts health series I'fir adults which presents information in major areas alfi.-ciing physical well- tieinj;. <" Little HOUSL- On The Prairie (ID I,aura hiis a iTiish on a hoy who .seem.s to favor Mary. iu Tony Orlando & Dawn — Guests: Ted Knight, Georgia ICnRfl, Hank Aaron. i2fl Thai's My Mama (R) Cliititn turns down Mania's offer lo introduce him lo a churf.-h-going youn;; lady tnini Baltimore till he sees IKIW pri-uy she. is. i::ill iii ElchindThc Lines 28 A lit' Movie: ".Siory of 1'retty Hoy Kloyd" (1974| IH) Martin Sheen. Kim I>arl)\, Kllcn Cor by. 'ikiahoma farm hoy heronu-s enmeshed in lite of crime and he comes a iiutorious hank robber of the i-arlv :ti)'s. ^H'l i Theatre In America (H) ".Monkey. .Monkey, Dottle "I lieer. [low Many Mmikey.s JJavc We Here?'' I'' r o m Cincinnati's Playhouse this play by actress, songwriter, playwright Marsha Sheiness is a psychological drama ahout an unusual medical experiment and features an almost exclusively female cast. in Movin' On IH) .Janet l-ei(,>n guests. Well-to-do ar- list decides to make Sonny her lilth and turn him from trucking to painting. Day and time change ©KLBK, CBS GDKMCC,ABC Television Log o KOSA CM ANN n, 1—I) T:C;fl CJ3H Mewl 2:: li :,i b.^ii ;. KriniMr<'<i •• 'i^ -f 0:0! .lokrr's Wild •. „ jj '.t ::'0 Clainbii .-'. r,,. , is'iiw.-^cr u :. .;. •',' II.' :,.l ixwc nl I,:lc ' ";, ,', II.'O'I Vt>iiiL'.r.f,ll,-s,- I-.'Q i'. World' 'I-iirni "^,'r I'M Culcllnc LI. • .,, ' \ 2:00 V f,::t:,n Ncns KMOSt I'HANNKI, 0—MONAHAJTS \li-iJi]iMl:n, .luiil .'i. IK, T:.-:fi r,lf|-My Life 2:01) (ivn Hospital 2:3) On,' I.iro ^:L<J I.ovfl Am. Stjr. 3:30 MIC Spc. 4:;i(l I'.Tn'l Bixjnc 5:SO A \'.C- NViTS r,:CO Now* (i::i!| T'-ll Truth 7::iO M',C ,\fovfe •>.''(i "in- 1-Jlllot in:00 News lf):M> ABC Spell. :fVl J I.lUi:iiK '::.(> Li U'.il'.cis !•" 'V '.r west .Ml i:r;:,!y ;;niu.-h :l^ I'l' -word w N'v ri!i].ir"n •'II M"' c H -4 •00 N-.vlvv.r-clj KVTl CIIANNET< lYi'ilni-.Mlny, B:20 Kintiercartcn CMS .N'cws 7:I.T New Zoo 7:-l."j Cirio-ins >* '•!! K^snmo St. 9:00 Dennis !I:.'W Munslorg 10:00 Honiin 1(1:JO Hrnily Bunch n ;00 P,lc sw orrf 11:30 Sulli Kccox) ]•: "i. "ivi 32:30 Mnki^Di-fl) 1 '00 NOW'V««''C KM1II 7 — April 8, rS7.> 1:"0 Glrl-My Mfc V:00 G< n. Iloipn.-i; 2::« Ono I,ifc 3:00 Pyramid •1:00 ABC Spc. 5:M I), Vnn Dyke 5:30 ADC New* fi:00 News fi:30 Toll-Tnith T:,'fl ARC Mnvio 0:00 Doc Elliot 10:00 News 10:J5 P. Mason II -15 APiC Socls. and is subject to change. is for this dale only. l>?! Cannon (H) Stefanie Powers guests. Cannon tries to convince former call girl to become (he lure to trap her ex-vice boss. 9:00 oji f.ucas Tanner — Jose Feliciano, Mitch Vogel, Andrew Duggan guest. Parent reacts bitterly to Tanner's alleged modelling in his relationship with his sun. Time change is for this date only. IU Manhunter (R) Dave and group ol' townsfolk stand off assault by gang leader and his men determined to free Barrett's prisoner. 128 Harelta — Tony begins (o suspect the modern day Robin Hood striking his neighborhood is actually his good and hard-working retarded friend. Burl Young guests. fl:M (sj Hugs In Your Home And Yard — "Lawn and Turf Insects" 111:01) (sj Woman (Repeat of Tuesday! 1.11 ,ii, ;2a, News, Weather, -Sports 10:30 :i i, Tonight Show - McLean Stevenson is RUCSJ host. UJi CHS Late Movie: "Traveling Executioner" (1970) (H) Stacy Reach. Sly carnival showman earns grisly living with portable electric chair which he takes from prison to prison. '28; Wide World Special — "Who's News" John Lindsay hosts James Brady -MfilhaTollii-er. 12:01) ;i.ij Tomorrow — Graham Kerr, the Galloping Gourmet, and cookbook autlior,fames Beard guest. Ci.Jj News, Weather, Sports 1:00 IB News, Weather, Sporls Radio Marions NKTWOllK STATIONS KDAV (/UiC) 580 Khz KKNI1 (NIK!) 1MO Kill Ki-'vci (CHS) ",an K\H 7:W B'liO !) .:o 10 0(1 10:30 11 oa U::iO 11:05 ui-oo 1:00 1:30 3:00 Today Dlnnll .le»i»irdy Wizard ll'wd ri'is. Jiit-kpol '.I. ;-.Mtni..\M) 3:0n .-umrr.sol ^ .'00 Anily Criffith ^.31) .^-. ir I'ri-k r,-.;'.ti NIK: N^WI i'.'00 NWH 6::10 mullConsii. ;DO i Kr.NT OIANNKI. 4 — AMARIMA Hr-!rn".il:iy. April 9, 1075 Conlnct .'(On A .Mnlrli 8:00 Nllf: Jtovle Dnys-Our r.lve»in:^n Nuws Doclon M M TonlKhl Annllici- !W<1 K:?,S> 'ft>mc,:m\r 0-00 ' Ir'ch 2:01' Another World 2:TO How-S'tirvlve "•"0 Vriv;ii:p Sr'.W N1IC New* R:00 News 7:00 Oin'sc «:"<) N'nC Movie Ti.tfl News 111:311 J ^nrson 12:01 Tomorrow KFDA OH ANNR. t» - AMAR1TJX) Wrrilli-itilny, April 9, |»75 R:"0 Amnnllo Col. 2:.TO Mnlch Gnm» 7:00 CCS New.? :t:00 Tnttl.-tnlfa S:tid c. K.inunnio 3:.W Unwltched 9:00 .Inker's Wl'd -1:00 Dusty 9:30 OamWt 4:30 That Olrl lO.OO Now-SVc U S:OI Tmlh iHimeo. 16:^.0 t.ovo of !.l(c 5:30 r:BS Newl 10 :M CIJS New. 6-0(1 NWS 11:00 YnunfMtMtlrtt 6.-.10 WdnfjUJn* 11:30 Syarph-Tmnr ?:no Konnv-Cher 12:00 NWH S:CO Cnnnoa .2 :in'.---ld Tumi ?i:00 KoJnk 1:00 r.iilrllniz L.t 10:00 NWB ,}:W c<llt|1 "' Night 10:30 ODS Morlt "~> I'rlcc-!>.l KM fjcwi KI.IIH (MIC) 1.1)0 Khl Kl.l.t, (TS.N) MM) Kill NO.V NETWORK ST/.TIOMS I 1^0 Kill H.SKI, 050 Kill FM KI.KK 01 9I^, Mlu Kl.r.L FM 08.3 Mill KO1I.M I--SI 91.1 MIH KSKr. FSI 03.1 Mlu KTra int.l Mh>. KTXT FM Ol.D .^^l^ KWfiO lOI M.5 Mill KIM, FM M,3 Mlu ANNIVERSARY PARIS (UPI) _ Pari Charles t!o GnuUc Airpor observed its first annlversarj on March 33. The new facilitj has already accommodate, more than two million A! France passengers and is sti] expanding. iervlce connected disability. He is classified 40 per cent disabled by VA. If lie goes to the mspital I've lieard his check is inr.reuseil. Is tbis true? —I.P. Answer: True, if he is hospitalized more than 21 days, his disability rating would be chan-ed to 100 per cent .which would increase his pension. . O • « Heartliue: How much of my income goes Into my refinement? 1 am a U.S. Civil Service employee. —E.V. Answer: 7 per cent. o Q e Heurtline: My wife passed away two months ago and I am itiJl receiving Iier social seouri- .y checks. Am I allowed to keep them? —J.P.K. Answer: No, you should take them to your nearest social security office and get a receipt. Any overpayment made by social security will have to be laid back when discovered. RESTAURANT Traditional HOC music Strolling /Vor/enos Woman Given Pro-Tern Mayor Post A-J Correspondent BIG SPRING—Big Spring has its first woman mayor pro-tern despite objections from a fellow feminist. She is Mrs. Floyd (Polly) Mays, selected by her fellow councilmen Tuesday morning. Mrs. Mays replaces Eddie Acri, who remains on the council. When the change was announced Mrs. Mary Thomas, who was attending the session as an observer, objected to the change. Mrs. Thomas pointed out that Acri was not present at the meeting and said she believed the position of mayor pro-tern should not be changed until after next year's city elections. The woman was reassured by Mayor Wade Choate that Acri knew about the reorganization of the council before leaving town. Acri had been attending a meeting on the proposed state utilities commission in Austin. Acri was named to the post tion in 1973. The city adopted a new charter last year, at which time mayoral candidates coulc announce for the position for the first time. Acri was renamed to the 'mayor pro-tern post at the time. FESTIVAL of G.OSPEL ^ MUSIC 4PRIU9 PALM ROOM Pining And Darning Iim.-Frj.-Sat. Frivol* Party t lonqwt rixilitici Music By Jimmy tlofcfey For r«trvoti«n5 Coll 7W-J7M *.r.o.B. 3.5 Your Choice of SondwicK, B«ant, Potato Sdad, Appk Cobbler and Drink oo.xM.95 ?3ia-50th H e .Ipprrcutt Your HuiiMru! 79t-7479< flAMf AV9 PAJNun&A H OPEN LATE •«) & Av«. Q WEEKDAY — IUNCHES, TOO!! m swHii • Tut': ir H Multipli it ' COMPLETE TUES. THRU FRI. ONLY CHICKEN FRIED STEAK...Served Vi/ith Baked Potato or French Fries...Tossed Green Salad,,.French Dressing Cream Gravy & HOMEMADE ROILS RESTAURANT Highway 795-3481 « THE FINEST IN MEXICAN CUISJNE - PRIME STEAKS — 'SEAFOOD* 1 Ml. NORTH OF COUNTRY CtUB — ESCONMDO CANYON s SUNDAY HOURS 11:30 AM-9:00 PM CONTINUOUS SERVICE Special Children's Menu SHRIMP HARVEST ALL YOU CAN EAT! WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY BOILED FRESH GULF SHRIMP COCKTAIL SAUCE AND CRACKERS U-PEEL 'EM $4.25 PER PERSON COORS BEER-60 OZ PITCHER $2.50 OUR FAMOUS FROZEN MARGARITAS $1.00 SORRY, NO CARRY OUTS ON THIS SPECIAL Rewrvation Deik: Hours: *f. 5PM -rz.-»eittf» W«*.-Sal. 5:'30 PM Y 11 AM 761-5189 Sun IMnAMopii PROUDLY PRESENTS THE FANTASTIC "CAWV MOUNTAIN" APRIL 7 THRU 12 -KATWIM- M6M RECOWIN6 STAR SAMI JO 2 NIGHTS ONLY— APRIL 8 ft 9 TICKETS AVAILABLE AT BOUNCES PRIVATE CU» (1 HIUE WEST OF LOOT OH LE*U*W ftft.) % 797-M40 OPEN 4PM TO « AM U01-19TII CAU 864-4213 FOR RESERVATIONS HASLOFT DXNNCR NOW PLAYING IN JEANS KERR'S BROADWAY HIT COMEDY "FINISHING TOUCHES" OUR NEW LOWER PRICES ARE: MONBAY-THURSOAY.... J 7.25in FRIDAY 8 SATURDAY ...... '8.50^ H a v e a European Adventure with your West Texas friends and Call or write fftrifrnercsry and brochure Downtown, 763-1901 South Plain* Mall, 795-5521 Planning a Convention or Sales Meeting, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding Reception Or Just a Weekend of Relaxation? ...Let us help. Convention & Banquet Sales Located in Lobby Phone 797-3241 'Elegant' COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS S ATMOSPHERE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE, AND WE TAKE PAINS TO ASSURE THAT MEALS ARE PLEASANT, SOCIAL OCCASIONS...SPECIAL1ZING .IN STEAKS AND SEAFOOD! INDIANA AVE. AND LOOP 28* FOR 2 PERFORMANCES ONLY 'Scheherazade ' BELLY DANCING will be performing 18:45 and 10:45 .. Mar. 28 & 291 and April 4 and S /Vouj Featuring... I W^W VlTntvll^C wW^^H MP OUESTOft • COVERCHARGE • OPEN 3 PM . 2 AM • DANCING STARTS 9:00 PM • HAPPY HOUR S<00-A:30pm (AU DRINKS >A PRfCf)

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