The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 10, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Friday, August 10, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE TfS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA I —— - — ' " ' ' : ' r . "" 7 ~ ' • • inh tf Yo«r Fm N«wm U Not Y«* Porcfc By StlS o'Clock. C*tt Th* N*w* Offic* B*fm * o'Clock For Prompt Ddi*- 164 or 168. Fall Associated PreM Leased Wire Serrfee VOL. LXV* NO. 147- (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION PARIS, TEXAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 1934 EIGHT Bank Bandit Is Captured At Idabel Payroll Is Kept Up By Wa^er Haul Paris Supplies Necessary Water to Keep Deport Road Work Going 5O,OOO CALLOWS PER DAY ARE SHIPPED Hunter Denies Sales Tax Letter Arid Demands Photostatic Copy For Proof Elected Construction Company, By Expedient., Keeps 250 Men At Work . "VFater from Paris' tLake Crook— 5&.000 salmons of it daily—is giv- ins employment to 250 workers on Highway 49 in Deport, thanks to the wil'insn-ess of the Austin Road Company of !>a!la5 to pay tfc« cost. Wiien. tlie drouth continued unabated the state highway department grave the Austin company the privilege of stopping work until water could be secured. But rather than stop work and thereby end the weekly pay checks of the 250 "worker* the road company moved to secure water to go into the making of the concrete that is the essence of iheir work. Whereupon the city of Paris asrrced to furnish the company 1.- 0O8.0Q9 gallons of the -water for its "work and the Pa.ri» and Moun* Pleasant Railway secured an emer- .gency rate on liaulins of the water from the railroad commission. The Austin company purchased eight 10.000 Ballon cars for haul- ins the water to Deport. Now fi-re of these cars are being loaded «*t daily arid s»nt to 3>eport to koep \ up the nigh wa^Ti construction work, 1 : •"••**Efc*-.^ i city ' of "*Pa.ri» -was able to j • famislT the waier to th« road \ ^ company only because It aa* plenty j'~' to' last through any drtmtir arid I thus, throuch cooperation of Paris') the railroad commission and the •; construction company. 250 roen are \ going s-head -with their d.iily tasks l and drawing their weekly pay checks upon which they for a livelihood. Death Rides Across China As Water Supplies Fail BY 3IORJUS J. HJURBJtS Associated Press Foreign Staff SHANGHAI, iJP) —The horseman that is -death rode throughout ^hin*. Friday, gataerinji: t be harvest of thirst and starvation in the wake of a. searing drouth. From the prox'ince of Anhwei came an appeal ro the saiionaJ government for help. Five hundred thousand face starvation there, ihe message said. - . The drouth is described as on* of the -worst in centuries, one >* the worst la *, nation -wb-ire vasr treeless lands encourage droutii. Conditions are worst in Anhwei, in the heart of China, but Jther prox-inces are tjsc suffering severely. Almond eyes searching •-he skies for rain, hav-i been disappointed tnatiy times since June in Hun^n. Hupeh and Hcnan. in Shensi and Shang insc- Croj s have shr- 'j cd un^ltr t--ten h<=nt. Temperata- ~ in many c-egions have reached as high as 115 and 120 degrees—for -weeks at a time. Reports frotn various provinces tell similar tales of pitiful conditions. There Is iirt-e water in many districts and even less food, often scarce even in normal times. The govemmer-t aas attempted to alleviate the suffering but th« author-fries. uverwhe»rned -with demands, are almost helpless. "VTeather's . heaviest tribute -of lives within memory has been reported this sim»mer. .Locusts in many provinces have added to the peasants' tribulations. X,,w banditry It on :hc incr IF-J us farmers turn te pillage t«. nsure their lives- . Governor's Race Crows Bitter As Tax Plank Is Debated BY FETTX R. McKXlGHT Associated Press Staff Writer Xew and bitter accusations came out of both camp* Thursday Ei^ht as James V. AUred and Tom F- Hunter, th* two Wichita Fall* candidates "for rhe Texas yoverrior»hip j in the second Democratic pilihary. | plunged deeper into torrid cam-1 paign speeches front stamps at AM- i lene and San Aiigelo. j Allred, youthful attorney ten er-i a!, continued to flannt «. zrsizneo- i graphed document which fee said j Hunter had circulated in favor of ; a general sales tax. f Hunter as vigorously denied his j support o* the tax and announced 1 in a San .lUigelo speech that he had i demanded a. photostatic copy of j tb<» letter. President, Back At Desk, | Accomplice finds Pressing Problems j QJ Officers' Killer Taken Roosevelt Returns to Whit e House After Sea Vaca- ; tion; Will Plunge Into Drouth and Labor Trou- I ble Problems i (&) —Presidsjni- . than were among the officials pre- i Robert CllSter, Search. F«MT Roosevelt, tanned and invigorated j sent. from his 13,000 miles of business- ! Embraced within the scope of j pleasure travels, returned to the \^- *^ent questons confronting i •white, house Friday to grapple I the execuri-ve are the widespread Whom T e*\ tr* w n °™ Le€l to Death.. Jailed with a. host of new deal problems. !" an<i devastating drouth, labor TAKES NEW SLANT naries incident to 'the 1925 ! «• TTT^ i> i arms conference and many ; iUan »* "O X>es«ed ilieludi ^ : | -fc^ At Farm" House Be- Chicago- Several thousand persons were at Union Station to greet him aft- | ^~ er an absence of 41 days on his i Reciprocal tariff ne^utations. ; trip to outlying: posessions and his { unemployment relief plans for: Jieved Desperado journey across the United States ! nex t year, government financing- j from the west coast- j monetary 'problems, and last Secretaries Hull and Worgen- not least, political matters. Cnsif"- n-f (above) has [ elected vice-president of the j American Dental association, ac- ] He read a telegram t.o { cording to -word received here Minn., holding LlthoujErh { his audience -arnica he said had | Friday from Minneapolis, been dispatched to A. S. Goodloe | where the association is j of A.bileae, where Allred. was { its annual convention. j Three Li And Murder Price Is Paid Three Days; Dr. McMillan Dies Suddenly Wi^attlejAt His Home Pound Tojoa Fish i Pioneer Physician of La- Pulls 58 Ton Yacht ! mar Stricken Just Be- 2OO Miles i fore IVoon Fridav speajtins- It said. "Please get photostatic copy of letter that Allred claims he has. over my signature committing for the sales tax. Take, photographer and demand opportnnity to take photostatie copy. If more than one | pa^e, demand all pages." | And then he launched into an j intensive relief program which he i planned to put in fore* if elected 1 srovemor. ...... . ." •-' ) "The peop™ o£ Texas might, well | understand that continued terrific ] drouth can baz pat at $r-eat ft [ cial strain upon the Texas and fed- J tral governments. Crop failure is * fust adding to the list of destitute, i "" I These people, along with the ttn- j i employed and the others *nffer- i • -iKtf zrwist., ,ruch. a.£d~as is ne<c- ; P* 2 -^ •] essaxy to f-avoid b.unffer and suffer--I j ing during the coming months. | j "The ; directors of relief 'should ; { abstain absolutely from the play- I t 5 Dr. Thielen was unable to attend the convention, this honor was besto-.ved on him because of service hs has rendered to the organ- isation and because of the high I esteem in which he is held by the j dental profession throughout the i United States. BY 1>AXJE HARRISOX f would be opened. The governor. OSSENING. (T?)—Salvatore An-1 however, declined to interfere. toiiio—"his house was always full ] Shs had said they -would have bi cope anS gtrrts" — is finally j to carry her: that she could not avenged- } go the snort tray from her cell to First to pay Thursday night for i the death-room on foot- Two his. murder was his wife. Anna, j guards picked her np and took a i Then came the surly Sam Faracci; ) few steps. She struggled down f association's f and finally Vincent Saetta. death.-1 then, and walked the rest of the j speaker of the beau" convention in Chicasro which was j house galian attended by dentis:s from all over [ tifnl lie. the world. Dr. Thielen was honor- | Before midnight struck they ec by being asked to give a clinic ! were dead. New York had ex- way, a bit defiantly, drawing on a reserve o? nerve which doctors had said she did not have. •Beslde- her were the guards and i Okla. — Hob«rt ister. of Cisco, Texas against: whom a federal charge of ba.n& robbery in connection with t2t& j holdup of a national, bank at ! Xaples. Te^as, now is pending^ was | taken into custody Friday niorrr- i ing at J. M. Scott's totirist camp i in northern edge of Idabel, Wife | Custer -was Sadie Lreonard of | Broken Bo^v. allegecly aJsdtrcte^t ! by Custer some time ago- .No ! charges feaci been filed against j either Custer or the girl Friday i morning. Custer. officers were informed ;ad been staying in the/ Oak Tfin ozr.munlty. in miles northwest of dsbel. with the girl prior to tli» aia.1 wounding of Deputy Saeriff and Constable S. 22:c of the Paris 'Rotary | "T">rtals ol mercy^ which' tne -COUIT 1 -Sijs sat do^m ,in tee... cha?,r. Th. . " ' . 1 of last resort had spoken of only !: ~— ^_ _ —- _ — .— f two days ago s.s ser only hspe. I Se« CHAIH. Page 2. CoL 3, depend f I^FVERPOOU N. S.. v-5*}—A bat-: Qr. j. for nearly three -days and night* I ..^^^-.•j D. Mciiniari, pioneer ot Lamar county, died Lovers Held For Murder ing of politics is an that every dollar famished is from the citisens* pockets," At Abilene Allred accepted the See HUNTS R. Page -. CoL T 1 said to be the longest on record, j Although suffering a broken the tuna weighed TS2 pounds. This | lejr February ^ 5 of t*ris year. Dr. j beat by 12 pounds the local record-| McMillan had recovered suffi- | breaker caught off here a few j ciently to attend to nls practice 'years ago by Zane Gn?:--. the nov-: as well as his extensive farming State Charge? Woman and i eU !5 • interests in the county- He had Paramour Poisoned, Burned Husband Howeli an<5 sex-eral coo'spanions j returned from a visit to one of j took turns at the lirse in a rousrh | his farrrxs s^>cth of the cisy only f sea and -were near exhaustion at j a sfeort time before his death. { the end of the thrilling combat. \ Funeral survives: tvill be held Bam Burns At Brookston S14,OOO Loss Suffered When Smiley Hay Bam Is Destroved (Babe Ruth to !Trade Trend sHeat Quit Diamond Still Strong ere the the home nc^r Ont*rvIM«. j Thur ^ day _ ^ h ^ n lhe fL , fe was ^ f . Sheriff Loe Thompson said Mrs. : f^j. After the catch the Thalia 3>avi<3 Sa.lsh«rry. S3. and Ibb Bases."*] returned to port here. ar old farnve-r. had signed Irom the rate that fish j two daughters. Mis { tin. and Miss Mary McMillan of j : Paris, member of Paris his;h school I .93 Inch Reported In Paris, Little In Surrounding Area Breaking a drouth of almost TWO months, rain amounting to .93 inches fell in Paris and immediate vicinity about 5 o'clock Thursday afternoon. Although tie down*! lx>ss of approximately J14.000 [ f°^ r «^« during about a half- j. i .nour. there was little -water on £ V | dirt streets, most of it being soak! M. L. Smiley when the barn and ! ed ^^ ^ ir f ^ !1 - T ' i „ | contents burned at Srookston Ruth McM2l-| aboat , o-^oefe. Fs reme n i the Doesn't Know Wnat Fntnre Business Fails to Slump Hold*. Slugger Tells j Even In Face of Strikes, Newsmen ; Drouth BOSTON. (5=)—Babe Kuth. ;any years the kingpin NBXV-YORK. sousht by the officers slror-ermra try -BohasEtra. The left the Oak Hill cot&imntirjr . . r I Sunday cl^ht. Meantime the hunt for BofcaiL-~ non -*-as intensified in ars v area. abct:i: 12 miles east of!.. j -^here a tnan ans-w-ering t>i-a ae- j scription of Bohannon came to- a j farm house about S o'clock: Friday i niominsr and beg-ged ~£Zs breakfast. i Residents of the farm hcnse tioti- ; fied officers here azid they vrcnt : imniediately to the scene. i C-ster. who ^vas said to have ! come to tlie tourist caisp az -which, J he -WES arrested Thursday ui^ht bc-ct 9 o'clock, -^-as not armed" *i o~~ base- : stril - 5 holdin S^ 40 P er ce " r s.bove i e rs. His automobile h ,. . • :he 15S3 Tow. sai<3 tlie weekly ; doTrn iri .?.-> ^ ed j^^- i, »njec-. Duns , & 5^^-^- trade revteTV i =nd fce had 5p _ e t<? t as to to his bars and hay stored ic i was suffered Friday morning ins v —.trade vol^.-e j an g offered no resistance to offic- had broken bottoms town to have eciate future j -ricay, "in spite of the worst ; repairs made, officers said. "He. \vith the statement, 'Tm definitely I drouth in the nation's history, the | ^as arrested by Constable "Elmo throuch as a regular slayer at the : ^P^^^ 1 ^ <^ strikes." and an un- j S—eet. former constable Amos , ~ . . " ., i favorable foreign situation. Busi- • Tavlor deputies sheriff Robert end of this sesson, •. . t . . ..->" ; ness sentin^ent. tzie review acaed. lives and Matt Whisenhirnt and This he told a newspaperman as i ^hifted suddenly into a more cheer- j Texas officers- he lounged in his hotel room be- • fu! attitude during the week. } Ouster's fore Friday's game against the Red i "Most of the hesitancy which trom >- him by the sheriff sJti<J thst ch-trsrc t»are<J for filinsr. The statements ss;d berr>'- mother of two children. | Jr m were on thr«*e years o3d an<5 the other } by a crew oi months o!d. and Bsiss met j last S*t'-rday an<3 Claimed to kill Salsb^rry t<* leave a frTt path to their raarirasre- The w«-re rre- | s«-:hr»ad | Tons:, and » "S-oursce hickory rod. I Another. Ke -was that Mrs. i Mrs. Howell and Thomas Kowell. j Honey «rcv» and i reported at Clarksville. 3>etro:t. Deport. Pattonviile, Paris central station. inciud~ j^rdstown. Holland. Boston and Chief Jodie Moss and «ve j?^*^-^^^^Jd^^ "- iVi ^r5 of tlie dei>artment went f ', " k " x ' i " ^.j-«. i-o ^i-c. a^j. ^ , " , . i electrical storrn. Vv'ind aceomt?ariv- one of the station s= pump- '. ,.. , ,. ^"-x.-^.i, , , - j- j t i'&S the storm here d:c. seme dam- asd put down .jtne -lames a-nd]^, _. ___. _ , ^ * A "" ~~ *^ ~rees. ^.e-ephone Roxton trer-e blo-wn and Bonham. reported. „ ! asre to sisrns and " T ~ i prevented the spread of flames to ; ,. educated graduated at in I Mrs*. Satebfrry"* siat«?m«nt said that ah* israve h«r husband the car»5U!< Thursday niphu teUins him it contained medScin*. She said hf <35r<3 soon aftrrw.trds. N^iRh- bvr* veer*- a?:ract<-d to the Sals- b«rry horn* hours latfr by flames of th« burnSne home. Sa.1." 1 berry's charr«<J body was r*rnov< i <J from th* debris aftrr th* fir« h«d been *r. extremely fine ! cambia county. Florida, and came } ^joining bams. l!ne. 550 yards j » T«ns Sn ISM with his widowed j ^^ ^^^ _^ partially cc . ,.„, ^-^^ _.^_ Smiley told Fire ( ^While all truck and garden in 7S*5. For m & n y I Chi ~ f MOSS: - ] crops in this viriniry are :oo bsdly prnrt!c-?d medicine in * ^* r - Smiley said SOO tons of hay | damasred by drouth tc be helped, | the south part of I^'snar county j <wr * a stored ** * h « bar = which, at | ^he rain will put soi- in good coa- I while at B^r^town and I ?«**=* market prices. ^ould j dition for pluming fail gardens. ..j,,^.., pj.^j.j. brltig $12.000. Th* additional ! «:th ra;ns Sn other sections of He had* ^.In 1 S2.000 represented the ap-prc>xi- |'^« county- reported light, little re- the Thalin. 20. manned • medicine I years, h* OIT, ACT! Vm- OFF AUSTIX. t^—O'l activity drop- P«-d off sharply jn July, the Texas ! cians of the exiting-. sos. "I really don't know what the --lure holds for me: time alone •K-ili tell." he continued "I TsroufS iiKe to remain in ths game as 3. manager and perhaps do a little pinch hitting on Saturdays and would help the gate. 'Tnere is nothing I would like better tha_n to finish my career in Boston where- I started. I would like to wind up this season by playing on a. championship Yankee el-b and getting- :n:o the world series. That would be s. fitting climax ro my career as a. reg-ular.** j has been in evidence sinc^ the bei rinning- or the third quarter." it | continued, "is expected to be d:si pelled i>y the president's spe^d'nsr ' of relief expenditures, particularly Cor the drouth stricken areas and ( Lama- county 5ail being held in at Paris on a. s-rowfng cut of the Xaples ink robbery. ha.ving been .trans- Arrest of Custer at the tourist can-:p. trade Friday morning about .9:45 o'clock. ^re~w out of the iden- some icrmal announcement re- | Uficatioa of tbs j., rl bv ^^ ^-_ cardiixs; the administration s inten- i 5<>ri aroun/? - he camp. Th* sari's t:on 01^ rna.-ving a strong s-nring to : ra ther had been yearcaiair for lier the right. „_ . , . i some time, inev were said revised estimates of fa:! trade i hoe _ re ^; s , ered " ar . aer ai2 are almost -uniformly in an upward [ -, ar -, e a: the tourist camp, direction, with indications that i ^ ~ "" ' ' a " " last year's volume will be exceeded i iiJ " ~ an Who ^^^ liis b ^ea^and that profits wi" be more S en- j l^ Sr at the farm house C * st o€ era I. as the retailers have had the ; iv ' Railroad commission .reported FrI- j makinc his home in Farts for ! mat€ CO!:t of Tne y*»ars prir»r Time Ripe To Use Federal Housing Help, Says Chief rc>xi- I**** county- reported li^ht. little The hay f ^ e * frons drouth is expectec in the barn had been contracted 1 re ^^ i ^- Due ~o I for by the government. Mr. Smiley I «*tr*ine!y d~-. I said, but the deal had not been 5 caught in ponds, tanks, and cis- | consummated. Ke was expect ins: j teril! s. Farmers throughout the j to close the transaction Saturday, j county report a scarcity o f water. j he told Chief Moss. f ^^»y are hsvins: to haul water I for drinkinsr and livestock. The rain here Thursday after- expected to RELIEF WORKERS irrc-und being-; vrater was' j advantage of steadier I markets this stinrnier i injr their merchandise.' whO;esaie ; TO FIGHT AUSTIN. £,•?) — Adam Johnson. Texas relief director. Friday auth- FIRE THREE REOAMATIOIS LOANS ARE GRANTED Bed River county to use "-^-AXA. ~tor Moms t-het>pard Mrs. Sas*»b*rrj' and Raits wore arrested later at Rajcs" farm hoine. miles AW ay Pari Chief Moss" men laid $00 feet f of hose sr. one line from th« purr-.?- I er. which drew -warer from a pool j near the bam, to combat tb* s flames. Chief Moss said the rain Thursday noon was the first of any consequence since June 1C. There was a Issrht fall of rain, amounting- to hie RED RIVER COUNTS t FARMER IS SUICIDE! BY JAMES A. Fettera! Honslnj? Administrator — j WASHINGTON. «V—It CI-ARKSVILJLS,—Jack Arnold. [ :< > emphasize the fact that the Urn* :. of Th«- Cherry >x>!«munity i ^ or the property owner tx> start his Another and equally important r«a."orj why moiSerniza:ion plans should b» put into effect on commercial, industrial, and resides- tial structures now i> that every j t?5 * srass day that obsolescene is allowed tc ) s P rsa <3 rapidly. continue tnear.s added costs to the • The fire department fought the property owner. - j Maure naore than four hours b?- Th*r<? ar* many bu:Sdinsrs rapidly | for* returning to the station, { four inches in the nearins? th* point where they are; . „ „, $ <-,* Farjnin nonh of h*r«% d!e<! of gunshot at hJ» hom* about 10:30 Thursday morolnjr. H« front porch «*>f HJS hojn« wh<?r» *.h* ~ wer« inflicted w tb a j Ju»tlc« of Th* *'t,nc« ] Hinder, who he'd R« Inooest, ret*»ned » verdfct vf sv". „-•*«. Mr. Thompson, Tcho ntd bwn in IIJ health for ^me t'n>\ i?> STirylveJ by hi* widow F«n«raJ not bct-n anno«n-_o<!. modernization work is—now. HV UNREVEALED JAIL flv* >>* BOAKI> AXTI.ERS. Okla.—The county e<lu*H»«Uon hoard, composed of W. B. Womnck. chairman. v \ M. \Vi»}rh, .member. Jit In \ thta w^-k to <wi»«Hj5fr the t^rnon*! Woptrty i*x«* of the county*. withovst value Tb.e processes of 1 /-r^-v/^cr n>¥7T7 <i*ter;oratsori continue day in and i vrv/OSE GREEK. MA^t *r* many »our.d reasons j day out but ar**r in winter 1 why this is true. In the first place. | t^.an in summer. A building that « thtfr-s ar** mar.y typ^fi of repair i *:;*! r<ay be restored to fcood con-1 ' ~~~~ work that should b* completed be- ; d.tson If repairs are started now * GOOSK CREEK. Tex.. {.^P — n or* th* arr}v*j of cold weath#r. j n)Jsh:. if nesrl^ctrd jus: a little! An ""revealed jail Friday held a I might enumerate; among: these Icivs^r be s«o far ^on* that it would ' 3*-year-oId Goose Creek father as th* prot*^:tlon of plumbing: to pro- j rot *>*• worth tryinjc to save. j officers continued Snvestisations vent frfresjnir; the prot^ctScn of j It is not aniiss. to remind the' into the ir.ysterious death of palnttns: . -i>rop<»r:y owner that the very first j Charles Cox, a 1 "-year-old h^atins: system for effi- | s:vr,» of decay should be rh* signal | boy who was found serv!c«; repairing: A leaky i for tmrt^dinte action. Therefore, eral days, though an lawns and shn:bberj--will be benefitted, Bonham reported a rainfall of northeast part the j-;p\ s**;$1,500 of its monthly allotment -c ' aior * Moms ^fi«??ArcL has been employ 50 me- to fi ? ht a foiw * adv:s * d fro:ss his ^Vashinsnon o*fire ragins north of ClarksviHe, \ f:ce that the Reconstruction Fi- Crews from a civilian coaserva- ! nanc ; > Corporation had authorized tion corps camp near Bon ham \ ~~ nave been unable to check the ad- ; vance of toward pine for- | irr •?sts near the Red River. Johnson stiplated tha employed for fichtinc t? r r:csy morning was alone, officers were ; nforrned. leadltig- to 'he belief that if it wer-** Sohartr non he had,separated from th-e IS year old boj- he forced to accompany him when he fled the shack :n the Oak Hit! comnnunity in wMch he shot down th* officers Apparently Boharnon still is traveling on foot as no reports r>C stolen automobiles have been re- reJvcd nor have any crimes bee^t reported that rr.i^ht be lasd to him. should be rolls. recrcited from rcTief county. stsce June 1-. first rain i Fivers Recover From Trans Atlantic Flight Rattlesnake Poison Likely To Outdo Parson's Faith Oil, .\LT.O\V.\BTJE BTGKER KIL.GORE. Tex.. (.^—The^en- cineerins department of the East Texas division of the railroad commission announced Friday tha.t th* ! allowable daily production in th<? 5*rv-anor. and reclamatu-n district j Sa5 . r Texas oil field was mor<* than No. '.. ?ar. Patririo coanry. S9J.OOO. j 7.000 barrels greater than origin- j ally calculate-* be-cau«<« of a • I in p^•>te^t!al data. Santa Maria water control and ;. provernen: district. Cameron ; ; county. No, 4. $51.000: Hidalsro: •nen ! ^"^ter control and improvement I fire ' district No. 5. S502.300: and con-? rcof: nec«»!«ary or downspouts. »n*i and fl*»hlnjr; ln»t*Hinc storm and doors, wfjuth proper insulation; cleantnsr and sHjehij? that draw. There ar«» ?; «t».te.i In which th* Jnnuary temperature av«*rws:*!« SO Th* po»nt t am t am sure, be r<sid- wtthout th* need of into mor« or wtil, purely e* a matter of £Ood bosi- nsfjw and good manasfment—th* tin-st* to Mart your modernization work is now. SiiU another point is that property owners are being: offered on- usual cooperation from the govern^ m«nt at this tirn« and the:-« could not b« a more favorable tsme for th* property ow«er to borrow mon*-y for improvement than now. a rafter Tuesday. in a sarisinx: lumber yard The man taken into custody after he had }e<J a fn*nd to a spot younsr Cox's clothtns was found, was whisked away from county C to jail officers <!*- and his man" i» the father -of An II-, y^«r-oM Goose Cr«j*k youth. Cnarl*s was c»»d only In bathing »uix >-hen found. SYLVA. N". C. (jPI—A Holiness arm. preacher, Albert Twester. near ; for t I death from a rattlesnake's b:te h* received in a demonstration to his fiock that "the faithful are im- w«. h ttw «„« tos M « <„. .r^r^c™:* "*" o LONDON, ;.^.—After a sound Viight's sleep Leonard Re:d and James R. Aylinjr app-sared fully I recovered Friday frc^m their ra- S flight over ih* Atlantic, in I Kis faith was strong, but for th^ nsosaent. pain was stronger, peratur* Tsester sprang from th« pulpit. 1 - WEATHER Th* la tinues ro clouds. Their futur* plans were unde- anr a e God." the >,,,., ^. . , cided. Th* two landed at H«wton take care of it airdrome late Thursday, bavins mountain preacher cried. "Ke will approximately 3.700 of the < (5.500 miles from Ontario so Baghdad, their goal. Sine* th*ir dream cf breaking *,e cli«anc-<a flight record has shattered. U was assumed and Ayl{n..«r would not continue on to and Asia Minor, preacher, who claimed h* could underjco arty torture witiioat injurj- because of his faith, stood in his pulpit Sunday night, held alofft the rattlesnake and called ap- on the eonsreyation to witness that th* r«ptii« could not hurc hint. Twice the »nak**» head flashed. ,Twic* it* sank into Tecater*» ran to th* church yard and ro T ied, agonized, in the grass. He retrained composure, but had t» be carried "to his cabin near h*re. Ke would permit no medi- c:rje, no doctor. Today feis arm had swollen until the skin burst. His back and neck puffed, and his swollen tongue- almost filled his moutn. A littJ* food from a spoon, but no medicine was still his diet. Te*ster i» 35 y«ars old. Kis wlf* died some yea;rs ajto after a. illnes» during which sha. too. de- \ day. of compensation con><>rat-?. "With the t*m- Thurs*lay reachingr IDS which is equal to th« highest mark of the season, «. rain of -93 »r-ch brought relief to parched "awns. tr»*s and shrubbery. Parisians enjoyed a. cool night Thursday for the first ttsn* In weeks. Temperatures Thursday ranged from 74 to J.ftf degrees. OK r~4 HO..MA r Pa rtly ctotMty Frktoj ntg-ht and Saturday. E.1ST TEXAS: Pmrtly chnMly. ^csttere<t showers in portion Friday cllned. usiatanc*. Jf.t«ht to mottcraie OR the CKMUK.

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