The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 4, 1932
Page 2
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Twe THE DAILY KZWS, FBBDEBICK, MD, BATUSDAY, JUKE 4. 1938. Til If 1C Churches in JOSEPH: THE WORKER WEEKLY Sl'XPAX SCHOOL LES5OX AH Saints' Charcli. S?r. JXc-usliss Horff. rector. -:«- fr -=t church K*V* 1= t v--»-"^ c i £ m~ ~c"v C;TM~~r~:n and Mrrr.erj, 114 ri«un« -"il'-r. "30 o clack. Methodist ClupeL · Wat*r street, sear M A. R-idls-11. pastor 1 Smcay school. 2 ?. tc. ?reac--_rif services Sunday sn day nisht. 8 y. :=. St. Barnabas' Ch»p*L *T rc---slaiS K-c-ff. rectcr. i-trch /ci-col. 9 30 a. =- i Christian Science. ; - The CSrstiaa Science Group of FreJ- , I enrk itolss regular ser.ices every 6-^n- j i div reom-r^ at 11 a SB. In the lodse- j Lutheran Church- j rwra of Pithias Castle. Court ureet. ^ vies ---·'in Tavr- D D_ pas- The s-a'ect of ta» lMsor.-se.icon for S^r.clay Rev. '"Koly cor£, i: s. m. p. ~rr. M- - Ooi. va* Cte:y ca-Jse anS · Re¥ Text: Gen. 41:«6-57 The laternational I'nlform Sunday ' School LCBOOO for Jose 5. i * * * BY WM. E. GILROY, D. O. Editor of The ConcrrjaUvnaUst The treaaier, sc our CTxnmon eetuoate ! of soec. IB often distinguished, fross . che man of practical aSalrs arid from : tive worker. ; The distinction, however, is not ai- ' t-ogetoe-r -e.f rrarAed by a survey of , Church Of The Brethren, the 'o:s«ra?n*3 of jreat men. Th* great · Bowlus, pastor. i artists, »'h»ao »e talaJc o as dr*aai- j school. 9 30 a. m. ' ers. xere oftee niec whose e*pacXy : Braddock Lutheran Couch. K*r. H. C. Erdrnar, pastor. Sunday school, 1.33 p. m. Preachms. : 30 ? as. ML Hope Awmbt? Of Go*. Rev. H A. Nuuly. pastor Su2lay School, v) a. m Prsyer vervicr. T JO p. si. Preach-n? ton^h: by pastor. 7 90. 7 30 ' Creator ' Church scr.cvl. S 45 a. "Ho-y Should We ?rsy~ ' COUNTY CHURCHES i Worship. 10 3-3 a. a-. ; *e.-=xri subject. , !or work, and for persistent *pp::ca' f^s o' '.he Ages." GUde Reformed Charge. : Hv. Fran* A. Eoeesberger. pastor, i St. Jchs's Church. Woodsboro--Sun-.-- «u..-.-.' t 9 l* s m . tri chripe o. lass N":- -. Mrs Hirry Ar-.ders teacher.. - - -. M . .....A.l f* V t N /* v i. - . j jO a. rfi . un.o.i \* s*- Church Of God, Brunswick Charfft. Rer. WiUlini A. Herpich. pastor. Ixxeust %'alley--Bible school. 9.30 a. r. . preaching. 1030 a. m; C. E. 7.30 i m ; prayer and praise meeting. Thurs- !·»'. 8 ? ET. ; Children's Oiy I Sur.cav e-.-enlr-T. June 2«- Brjniirtei--Bible school. 10 a. m.; In patting their dream* tcto re»l- . izatlon. was as marked as their capacity , for dreamlns la every sphere of life, in art, poli- t.cs, ar.d business, there ha-.-* been men ; of UEaglnacion who have made their i lives great and .significant by the work- · Joseph. »h^m we have studied in . the role of dr*anjer. occupies a coin- ' ar.d cffsccrs. _ »v e-.en-n;:. Mens Club outing 6.: Ssuble i ~"-:t. T^r.eyto-*T.. _ Speaker Rev K --. . tenninr-cn Ha;-cs. D. D . stertir.g in Ch-urcn of G-?d. Mt. Pleaunt Reformed K^enca. Reformed Ch-.^^ I ^fS^^^^ool. 1.30 Sev. Henr. _ O. «-«_«.. O- D , ? ^ ^.^ ,, 30 p ^ fc: «" . . _ .- _ M;. Pl"^ar.t--Ciiurch school. S.30 a. ^H^^r £:«*· T h , - : *«·-··* :***·-·*· **«m. 73 ° yulp.t ·»-·- b* fiU^c. by Chas. K. 2»ci- ( ?- ~pg,' a«ac.=s. Pa . a graduate of the · The-clogical Scniinary o! the Reform^ church The choir will £ln;. "How MrerarUle Circuit I'. B. Church. R*v B. F Blubau^b. pastor. M:ddlt'o»n-- Sunday school, 9.30 a. -. . -.-.-·.- ': -, - TM 0 i ai.. Joseph was an organizer, and organization, it should always be re- M3ur.ta.ns," by L'tica Reformed Charge. Rev. Se^-ard R. Kre^fie. minister. Z.on. Charles-, ill*--Worship. 9 a. M..-.--....i - '.'.' ,ri"-.:p. 9.15 a. m : Sun da- · .-.-.·-. 1015 a. !K : Senior CE.. 6 30 p. n-. . Intermediate C. E, Wed- r.tHiiy. 7 30 p. ni. Pleasant Wali--Sunday school. 1.30 j p n: : -*-orsr.:p. 2 30 p. rr. ; Sr.ior C j E. 7 30 p. rn. j fected without constant ;an be ef- ; Many of us -Aho ·xork ar? driven application ; ,y ihe necessity of tne hour It is ; a corr.rcor. th::i; ".5 find s;«n * * * · shcn a cri5i arises, but T Aho are r^.'.ier Joseph had to do his work in an 5 i a ck and uieff^c'.i\e 03 lor.s ai a cr^sii :i environment and atmosphere that far wav. Christian Endeavor News TOLD FOLKS SERVICE AT ! ; MYERSVILLE JDNE 12 BY GORDON P. PALMER. - Eightee/ith Observance To Be | Held Next Sunday. Tbe revival raeetug of the Ciurch of I ,-County Union Executive coauaitttee I -j-^ e eighteenth annual Old Folks' Day i was held last Thursday e^eninx at tiie'. service will be helc in the United j home of Miss Edna Smith, Woodiborro j Brethren church, Myersvilie. Re^. B. F. j The sustmer a«ivsues of the union Blubaugh. pastor, Sunday, June 12. and I n ere eiac-issed and plans for the cous- lively will be oa» of t=e largest attend- i ry comenuoa *.o be neld at Adamstoan. - ^ S n* ~i^s; ^i^restins churcn events n«li. Aged perso: .d. i of the Woocsboro society. ! anti Dir^ware are expected. The oldest j The atmis! moonlight excursion of * person in%"tei. Mrs ilinerva WCiaxs, ! the l^aryland Christian Endeavr · Charleston, W. Va., »ho is 107. is es- j Union win taie place on the night of petted to attend and -ake part us the I June 27. This is a boat trip on the j ser-rise. Ciarlts M. CuazEeskey. SUi- (bay on the big Wilson Lin-e Steircer. { co : City. 100. has also b?en aiviwd. -State of Delan-are" vhich wtl! carry j siare last year. Ezrra Baier, 100 years between three sad four thousand peo- j or age. of cear Harmony, and Mrs pie. The State Chr^ian Endeavor j Biirtner. 'abojt 93, Kee5y«ville. have Union has chartered this steamer and ( C ied. Both attended last year's service. ?re trying to fill it Kith^n En- j Mr. Baker taking part in the programs. jdeavorers for this excursion. We hope! A pirty of a;ed persons iron; Dixon. ;to lmv» a l^rjw gro-jp from Frederick i;^ TM«j t_ne tnp to Slers\:i:e last | cotiTity JP on this ex«?Mrsion. Any one \ear ^: ar- atitomioile and attended the I ^i^r^ted pl«ase co~raun.cate v.ith on-.-' scr\.?e. The oldest in the party ·. as j a; once. i SO years. i ' ! The first s^r^-Cc ^ill ber-- at 915 I Pleasant Hill ProErara. o'llsck and be in charge of Hev. S H. · The Voung People's Society, of s . :e ;; Che *-si ille. This serv::e ^rill be i Pleasant Hill, wi!! hold i-s regular y^^vjMd for Sunday school. The sec- monthly 3iW.^-.g Sunday nrght at 7.30 . c ., d se-r.K »i!; be in charge of toe o'clock. The pro?ra-n Trsll be given fcv ^ pas - o - ijev B F Blubaugh. children uid in the pUc* of a repirj- Q .^ ^ has the ^ a: . Children's Day exerc^es, and w^i be i . -« . 4B ' er;s - for the future he must ! thinks, for instance, of General f. S. Grant, ^ h GrGSS _ Braruwick: ciariner solo, a man Barely have had his labors challenged ; ha d a marvelo-is po ? er of c3 :-.cen:ra- I the« characteristics as a scan of afTairs . Edgar Marl , acC ora?an:ed by b ttia-e who ivere living mainly :n j tion and po.-vi^:en- y vlien .'a_-e to I H? coiild laok far ahead and plan and i Mehr!e 3,iaz: song by ihe children o! t Sunday school. 10 a. rr.. is Henry Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds is 96. !Sor.5." by beys: readme:. Lucille Corel. BorkittsvlHr Eeformed T-nro men both vet- and still vigorous. "Your L=nd and My Land." by ' 30 p. m. Mt. Vcru Trinity Southern Methpdist. Kev. Nat G. Bamhart. pastor. Chtircil school. 9 45 =.. .^- ·n----i-:p ·; a _ in; sermon by pastor; -A Remedy for Depression." nin? -K^rship. 730 o clock: sermon j "^Monday. 7-30 ? m.. tr.eetm.c local , 2 30 ?. m. cnurch board and 5te^iards at home John Rea, S Hist Third street. Thursdav. 7.30 p rn.. Ladies' Aid Society. i m ; CaV.cren's Day *er'.:ce. 10.30 ft. m.: rb!d Them Not." ;. E.. Wednesday.! nday school. 130 p p e f, r .r,i;i,_^ U ndav school. ^^ : 3 Q p. m. Edge-wood Church Of God. 9 30 a. R«v William Jacicson. pastor. 1 Sur.clay school. 10 a. ai. 1.30 p J Preachin? ser.'ice. 11.15 a ra. Children s Day program. 7 45 p. m. SIGNER OF DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE RESTS ! four bovs; reading Miss CaUiermc ^^ °- th * c '^ War and on : Bo:.-on: closing song. "God Be With . sides. ·Jfil! be presans and parttcipate i You -Tii: We Meet Again " and c"os- ! i . ihe prograni. One is Captain Sir.?1 ing aiispah. M. P. Charje. Rev. Oaert \V. Prince, pastor. j Catoctla--Sunday School. 2- P- m.: . worship. 3 p. m. i ·A ^ School 9 30 a. m : ; Zlon Lutheran Church. Mlddletown. Rev. I, Ralph Tabor, pastor. Sunday school. 9.30 a. m Grace Reformed Church. RCT. 5 Seco: dSST^perintondcnt. Ciuldrcns Day, e ^-:v,o,n-«und,y Schoo! 930 a S ^; Cee ',^,«- wo - s -^ p w" consist of I m : Jur.lor C. E.. 1 30 p.- m t Senior C. a ^-J^V be rendered by the chil- E. 630 p. ra.: worship. 730 p m.: drcn c^f the children s ccpirtnKr.t of , prajor scr.':cc. the churcli sch'jol and will be gr.en ^i j the sanctuary rc?lnnins at approxt- | Special Church Meeting A special scr-.-ice w:l! b^ held Sun- ' day niKht at 8 o'clock, at the Woods- Worship. 1045 a. m.; jemon sub-i oora Lutheran church, under the aus- · ·ct. "A Keynote for Our Church." | p:ccs of the Sunday School. Sherman ! Luther League. Intcrascdiatc C. E. and i Pj-A-ell. suprr:nte:-.drr.t The youns IN OLD ST. ANN'S CRYPT Primary sent;. "Sunbeams." -\'elcoiric. j Betty Barrick: rcci r at:on. "If I were '· B.g." Henry Hilderbmnd: exercise. _ .-30 p. m. Jefferson Reformed Charce. £V. At-.SI: Conner. D. D. pastor. ! BurkltUTllle Lutheran Church. , Rev. H C Erdman. pastor. ! Bark:tts\i:ii--Suncljy school. 930 a. j "The Light of the World." class o f ! i m.: worship. - 0 4 5 a. rr..: sermon sub-i giris. Motion song, primary class: reci- I Ject. "He is Immortal." I tit:on. "A ChildrenV; Day Reflection." ! Knoxv:I'.e--Sunday school. 10 a. m.: ! Loretta Strine: cxerrisc, "Three Histor- A US 1.3 y«* 'ho --^tner" fcv Goun-xi; Christian Soldiers' by A?hford: "The; Shepherd Boy' by Vi".ls;r.. ' Scrf.e' oj ; Presbyterian Church. Rev Charles's. Wcn'.cr. D. D . pastor . Sunday school. 9.45 a. m. _ _ ! MomJ:; -Rorsl-.-.ti and serrr.or.. 11 o'clc-cVi. Mrs. sola E-.en^.c; sc-;cr 730 o'cloc E. Hr.'\3.d3 v.-.V. J.r.r.. ^ Ie ^,. .-- ^' y_.--? Soc:ety in roorr. c ; ; r . e ch~--.". Mcj-.ic.y at 3 p. rr.. ""\J^ef.n; of tne scssicn W-c-dr.-c^day at 7.30 ?. =. ir. c ";7;;-. /r ^;-°;: v ^... ^ vs its anr-uaT o'-T^.c ,v" the hccv cf Mr First Baptist Chorcb- . C Re:--.l TJMtcr. .^'r-:-^ 9 45 o clock. Vtica Lutheran Farish. ; S«-. F. R. Se.bel. paster. L"'\V-jrjh.p, 9 a m : Sunday ( =ch'Hi".. 10 .1. m B:-hcl--Sunday sclicol. 930 a rn.: · 10 JO a. rr.. Walvfrv.illc--Sunday school. 9 30 a m : Luther Lra;u? -s-orshlp ser"-ice. 530 p rr. . Braddw'i Lutheran reunion. ! June 15. Parish Brotr.crhood. Bethel. June IT. Monro\ia Church Of The Brethren. R?v E11.S Wa eon^r. pastor. Wo~-h.p wrrr.on. 11 a m : subject. "Exact fcr the Answer of 0:r Pr-.vcrs ' H-'M"..»". scrrr.rn. 7-55 p P.-. bj Rov B M Kor-fcr. \V. Va. Bethany Southern Methodist, Flint HilL R«v Nat G Ban-.hart. minister. 10 a rr. St. Paul s. Mycrsvf.le--Sunday school. | Continue Evangelistic Meetings. 9 30 a rr. ; J;:n.-»r C E.. 10 30 a. m : ; The tent meetings, ur.cior am?:cc-s of Intcm-.ediai* C E. 6 p m ; Senior C .Bethel Tabernacl? o: Fredor-.cV:. and E.. 6 30 p rn : worship. 7 30 ? m : Chi!- ; conducted by the pastor. M^=s Erslys D dr*-n's Dav 5?r.-.ce. June 12. 1030 a. m i Becker, and Evangelist Betty Bfylor o! : St Jol'.n's. Church Rill--Sunday ' Washington, closed in Mt. Pleasant last i school. 9 a. rr. : Scr.-.or C E. 7 30 p m : Sunday night and began again on Fri- ] Holy c-^nnnun-.or.. June 12 9 a rn. '.day r.:c;ht in Walkers-lie. On Sunday! St Mark'5. Wc-l.'sv.lle--Sunday school, evening there are two services, one ir. ] 9 3 0 a m : Torsh-.p -Aith Holy Corr.rr.un- '. the Tabernacle on West Ninth street, · on 10 30 a m. i and or.e :n the :«r.t. the pastor and MLss ' i Bey lor. -A ho is assi5t:n; \v;th the sum- er. Gresncastle. a Union veteran, and the other General Hooks, Winchester, Tonng People's .Meetinj a Confederate veteran and friend of The Young People's S:=et-.- of the'. General Lee. _ Bdgea-ocd Church of God irdl hold a i AU persons ^ho are 90 or over «iu i Children's Day S er,"M Sunday night a: 1 ac presented Trlfa bouquets. Four per- 1 7.45 o'clock. The foUo^lng orogram 111!'' ^ns frcxn Hagersto^n who are over 90 be recitation. Lavcre Shoemaker: exercise. 80 and over. ' The Sunday School Fleet, by four boys: ! The committee in charge o! the ser- recitation. Richard Masser: readinz i vices is Cyrus F. Fljjk. chairman; Ciara Gonso: recitation. Eugene Stup: i George T Toms. Oliver M. Srr.ouje. exercise. "Through A Rose Wreathed' Elaier Harp. Calv-n Ling. R^na E.d- Wiridow." by Lena Schultz a=c twelve , ridse and Columbus Haupt. The Washchildren: recitation. Mane Blank: read- ! L-.gton county committee is D. Horner ing. Carletta Hiiderbrand: recitation. 1 Haymer. caairma-: Paul L- Smith. · Grace Fres. exercise. "The Garland of ! Clifford V. Harbauia. Harry Smith and ! Gratitude." Mrs. John Shoemaker aad ] Henry Reynolds. Other members of the j ten girls: recitation. Evelyn Schultz: j committee are C. inomas Summers. i vocal solo. Eva Schaltz: recitation, i this city; Claude H. Barrack, Woods- i Evelyn Stupp: recitation, Pauline Mas- ; boro: Austin Feaga. near this city, and | ser. oSering exercise by Ei elyn Stupp ' Hubert Barnes. Monrovia, and Dora Kline. Address: Harry Hi!-d- '. Lua:h -ii: be served by the congre- erbrar.d. sor.g by choir. · jaiiQa at the church a!»r the services. I Manor Lutheran rastorat*. Mar.---r--Sunday school. 9 a. m : by Ro\. J R Maurer. 10a.m. Fo;r.t c-f school. 9 a rn : proachins. 2 p m. Do,:'r*--Sundsy school. 9 a rr. : Children* Dav wr.tco. 7 p. ni St. Ann's Episcopal church, in the cen: schedule. preach;nj simultaneously ;nct in. the Brcr.x. New York. :s one cf the city's most famous places of | | ! and every ni^ht next -neck a: 7.45 p worship . . . Le'.v.s Morris, one of .ne ^tsricrs of the Declaration of Ince- · gi m FoiloTi:r.g the ir.eetir.c; in Walkers- pendence. ^ buried there. j |=| -. ille. the ter.t will be erected at Key ' ' Mar * i^ ' if Sunday, June 5th, at \l Jhe Evan « e | ica | Lutheran Church | ter of a t-er.emersi d-s- ·, =" O : = KEY. AMOS 30HX TRAVEK. D. D. Pastor Revival Meeting. 'By XEA ?fr\ice. O.a S: ! church of the Moms family, and many , Ep-scopa".' of the d!sur.g;:ish?d bearers of that' tenenifsit r^rr.e ;.« in !',, crvpt. Arr.or=5 them are The revival meet UK of the Church cf 'fect.rr. of the Br?r_\. New York, r.n.- Judge Lewis Morns. Sret governor of · -g - W--:hrr- of Monrovia will besnn been broucrir bac't :r.-.-- the l.rr.el-rrht . New Jerwy: J.:d?e Robert Hunter Mor- = G H 3r-.t!-. 7 3^ c'cl-v'i. A G-s-'.'.: be r.-.-:r. "c." Chnrth Of The Brethren. Trinity Krformrd Church. Adamstoirn. ' He- Kr.r-.oy S Sr.ue. paster. S'lnd^v ^cli^^.. 9 15 a rr. -,Yor*:-.:p, l ^ T - O a rr.. I-.-crT.rdiate C. E. 7 3? p m. Jurinr C E. Saturday. : p. m. w ri."- "prav«r'tr.5 Trusrsdar eveninc. ! :nc. Rev. and Mrs. B M. Rollirus. Key- dependence. If* i- the crypt of til- ' 73-3 o'c'ock Ru-h Free leader. · scr. W. Va. will be ilv evar.?e'_sta. church. A ; -.c-xbstor.e ir. rneur Morris. ..... . as placed or. hi- i.-.ree : .cars szo t ns puo;-C scarxn Febr-i-.r.- by trio Wasii- children :n the Bronx erected a rr.onu- . Bungalows Now Go Modern C'r--=- M^s.orary 7 3C o'clock; ser- ?rsy«r r-r.c. s.o.e it-·-:·-. Vn:ied Brethren. ·=.- · O V.V ? Zu-=-- nvtor Ch--ircr. 7 - 3 T T ~ C.-~ircr. D^r Service W:rr.T-r. c Jefferson Lutheran Parish. j ?.-^-. G--or;e K Sci'.cr. paster. t S: LtiN-T--W-r--.-.-o. 9 a tr. : church j sc-r-cl i r .1 - ] St Paul's--Cr.-rcr. Svios^ 31s a ni: ; s.-r.= -. .1. 13 15 a n-.. ! Mt 3-or.-- Cr.urc.1 school. 9 3? a. ra. I Woods boro-Edsewood Church Of God. | K.;-. Wtl.iarr. Jsc'ss-cn. t?ist-~r. j 1 E-Ii'-'C-Dd- 3-~cay 5choe'.. 9 33 a re : ' S p rr. Mt rica'ans M. F,. Chnrrh. He'. T W l/'-.rl. r?-^-^T Cl-.-ircr: .--"-.--·"- ? S 1 " 1 a tr- ' ~"" J ^ a. rr =-----. ^r. tr/rrrw D* ' ^r«.~ .3. 7 30 t? A-'.;«: PC.:'-? ' XTiuon Gospel Tc^r-r;"pe:c.:3 scrr.ce. 5 3C Lathfrar. Chartr. Bcthe! Tabernacle. t .trect. r.ear i^ Sv£-~ D Bec^r. pa 3 n^rar. o-rxr.r-?rc.:r- "Wcrsr--c; ar.i CTt~_r.:*r. 1 1 3 m i"-inre.--t^: ;·:-".:c. 73? ? tn. --^-"TF; I^»« *** -^ ^ =; X = ^ s y t = s i : ^ d r- iricton Ko.trh-5 chr.p'er cf t-'.e D;u;h- men: to L-:v.-is Mcrns ne'.r th^Church' icrs of the Americir. Rcvol-itton ;T.rd fence. Ii is estimated mat ir.ore, Wr.ilo the church r*elf is ·-nlr 91 -hr.n 1.000 persons visit the old church j j years old. .-.- histor.ccl 3i-K"^'.t.' ns :; ev^ry day. i i tacit much .'inner In 1670 tr.e spot. Rev. E"ard Cii£.r.cs H'^isel'.. present' a, i bv\rd ?.Ir.rr-.?. -f a long Lr.e ros'-ns place i:~ p?tr.c-ts. s-ldiers and . gi of dKui=u- 5 "--.-ccl An-cr.C2:-t , ."tatesnier.. but .t hr-- r.ow become es- _ sgji tate In 1P41. G^u-crr.cir ?vl--rr_==. p.^- ' Iti th- densely populated forc^n- ^| -·-"r r.-..l'3id b.:i'd.r had :'·» c'^rrh l-:m area. St Ann's preaches a ecu-' jjj! HOLY coin 11 A. II. and T.30 P. Church School. John S. Renu. superintendent !1 9.45A.M. Departments and Classes for Every Age Luther Leagues. Senior. Intermediate and Junior 6.1-5 P. M. orrr.i-r Ar.r.e Car.- Ran:l"Jh rr..r.£-s from -hcr."e v e earr.e ar.a Imk- ==i .r.z them "^ all the b-'tttr things of H! ·c.-- post, dear to the heart of everj · g! For rr?r.y y-c - -- 01 -··-,· r ;---!T -o--.-.-Woodbine __ _ ne Jur.o -i. -- - r e 3-crre't Cnlt , ; _ ; r.- the hcrr.e oi Em-«t G.isr.c". , _ - .11 ". ;th -s-'r.oopir.c ccurh. cut rsr.rc at tltis tirr.e -- V_5.tors at the l-.^n-.s of Mr. and As±-jry Mull::-.t\ cr. "Wednesday :vSr ---.orr^ss Vesti-T's ar.d son snd xr? M-ry Hart mar: 2nd dauer.tcr. Vis- r 5ht. .-.. Mr ar.-c ..Jrs William Oils, all ol = f-.n-'ral C-tor_=" "?. s-i Ncrrrsr. Orle ar.d lliSc g :. Mr-. r?.fy S"r.."r-. re" H;r. H.irtrn;r_ S-l irr.c-rc |p --Thf P.-T. A. cf tlie W vdb.r.s 5chc-o. g 1 r ,...c.r.r. ? Da" S^r-.cfs. ;-ur-lf 'O Tar-tyt-ciT.. fcr Field 3ay. is; - -2 ' Sa't-rciy g. Mr= C---r-- A \v..l..'.r --Mr Ar.3 M" Hs~- W. Siller ar.d g --The MT- -51 ,=;-.:c= hfld at Vs. g V^rrx--. C - . - v . , ~ - ; r x S-.rcU" Mv --M.-.ry frirn her? ;he M-5- = --Mr. .-.-.-. llr. ,\-- ; .',-..-= Sr .= ·,,---.« -f -;-.s ? O S -f A .--.--·· at ' = sr-t'.- M : a.. - '.-. ' . , c..- .rTV. M 2 V.'.---'c.d, Ms;, S'"'. , ^ , S-..r.d.-.- . "-: · 1 --Mr. rr.d · Bilr.rr-rf. -A W ?..--.* r Common Cents Thrift in small amounts is the first rule of success in saving. A dollar is merely a multiplication of cents. Ten cents saved daily amount to $36.50 in one year's time. How many cents can you save easily every day? Why not start a savings account today? m\ S«ventlt Day Adveutists. S'JTicia- -vt-n-r.i, 7 45 Pyti^r. C..--.C. Cctrt street; sus;ect. d. -Tr.e P.- -- - Fcnicl .r. tit? " ' ' ' " ' Thormor.t V. B. Charge. Se-. H E. Krone, r v v r . m ixerf.'iti--"A'c.rc.-...' s ^ a ~ · s .00' ? 3 ^ a rr. -r . ·--S 1.-3.1- scl.c-V.. 930 --... . 101.' j rr. C E. r cr a .-r:-\r." Tr.? Jp.r.'.l * a.r - ro^i t-te r.~c r-..-. . l^sos i-rcc".v -o ·-»"* f he pers^la T^"^ rr..iv be glassed ir, fM'-irr .nd usod the Tir.'cr aro-:r.d Th? ext.r:;-~ -^ of \4h.,-t ashed -"r i.ri ?V TV--C a comer wvh fa:r..t-^-. «·" s-cts ^f a '..irce t-\ble Tli? cv of v;-.s h-/,Lo has N--n cs- t . r r i ^ l r - ;v-\.:rv ,- '. '- r r. Iv - ( -r S3 0'0 S'-o.V. ^v; -".G. - '..v 1 -^:-. .,~"o' --~» RXand --Thf rr.t.'lcd v^.(... t";- T pro- ^l-.-T.r.ry is unshed c..-t.; if ".·i»": ^r.c. ntatrrn" 3:-cl Mr? 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