Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 9, 1968 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1968
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

PAOfe A-6 ItOOSlB ALTON EVENING TUESDAY, JULV 9, 1968 By Bob Wetef APARTMENT 3-6 By Alex Kotzky tHIS WILL BE YOUR SUITE WHILE WE'RE HERE IN NEW VDRK, EPEN.' .WHY DON'T YOU FRESHEN UP/ l'LL w 06 SACK IN AM HOUR F ~ " " PRESS CONFERENCE.' BY THE WAY, RICK STRONG. WAS SUPP05EP TO HAVE MET YOU AT THE AIRPORT WITH WE—BUT HE SOT TIED UP/ HE WIIL BE HERE FOR THE PRESS CONFERENCE, HOWEVER/ £* "4 ^RICKSTRONS — THE MOVIE STAR? YES—AND, PRESS REtEASE WILL STATE THAT RICK MET >t>U IN EUROPE — PEMANPED THAT 6ISANTIC SISN YOU UP AS HIS CO-STAR IN HIS NEW PICTURE 'THE BRIEF'.' Jfe 7= I'VE NEVER MET HIM- THE WIZARD OF ID V Parker and Hart FLASH GORDON THERE'S NO DOUBT OF IT, 7ARKDV/ NIMOR'S THE LIVING IMASEOFTHE STATUE.. IF IT REALLY WAS A STATUE... THAT I SAW ARGENTINA/ By Dan Barry HE'S HAP TO HAVE A THOROUGH SECURITY CHECK/MAYBE WE'D BETTER DOUBLE-CHECK IT/ ...IN CHARGE OF OUR SATELLITE PEFENSE ANP HE SHOWS UP AS A TOP SCIENTIST.... AMP MY WOPPS AAV FIPST SA'-BV GIMME! MOM SAVES ALL MY ou? THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith *=h 7-9 WutojttB Sar Sjudicttt, 1 JEFF COBB , .WAITINGUNTIL AN 1 ARMED GUARD PASSES BELOW JEFF DECIDES TO QUIT HIS LEAFY REFUSE. — BUT SECONDS AFTER HE VENTURES OUT ON A LIMB. PROFESSOR PHUMBLE PURINGTHE WAR OF IBI2.. GIVE THAT UTTUE LACY 2.5 POLUARS! Bill Yates DONALD DUCK _ weuu WHAT DID SHB OOP SHB KICKBO VOUP SHB SNRAKED ooeeoNE THAT y SH KARBN DftiWSON.'ISOCKEO you? /"©AVE VOU (A JUDO CHOPP THAN THAT AND THAT tell Mf By Peter Hoffman By Walt Disney By A. LEOKUM Where Did the First Pirates Operate? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20-volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. You must include your Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Stephanie Haymes, 8, San Diego, Calif. The answer to this question might well be: wherever man first traveled by sea! The first nation in the world to have a navy was Phoenicia, and there were pirates attacking her! ships. The early Greeks practiced piracy on a large scale, and the [booty they captured used to be sold openly in the marketplace. Later on, when Athens became a naval power, she was able to make travel in the Aegean safe. But when she became less powerful, piracy sprang up again. During Roman times, the Mediterranean Sea was infested with pirates. Some of them became so strong and rich that they set up foritfied towns and strongholds along the coast. When Julius Caesar was a young man he was captured by such pirates and held for ransom in 78 B.C. But the Roman Empire did manage to provide protection for shipping in the Mediterranean for about 250 years. During the Middle Ages, the Barbary corsairs of North Africa began to attack shipping and raid the shorelines. of Europe. Since they were Muslim, there was a religious hatred against Christians combined with their piracy. During the Crusades, these pirates sold many Chris tian pilgrims into captivity. In northern Europe, the Vikings were great explorers. But they combined raiding with their explorations during the 8th, 9th, and 10 centuries. And in the Far East, there were various kinds of pirates or sea rovers from the earliest times. Why did men become pirates? There were many reasons of course. Some took to piracy because they were already outlaws, and this seemed an easy way to make money. There was also less chance of capture, and a kind of freer life. Some men became pirates because they were no longer needed as seamen when wars ended. In some cases, it was just a matter of hard times and they couldn't find work. Today piracy is practically- extinct. But many people are still looking for buried pirate treasure. Actually, there is very little evidence that such buried treasure exists. The pirates usually divided their booty and spent it quickly. FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. Why is a thief called a jailbird? 2. When is a wall like a fish? 3. What is the favorite fruit of history? • Answers 1 Because he has been a robin (robbin 1 ). 2. When it is scaled. 3. Dates. HOW MANY? FNIRKNAL FRONEFESJ GNOTWINHAS How many names of animals can you make from these letters? Use them in any order, but only as often as they appear in the boxes. Can you make at least 10 names of animals? See- tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Mary Rossi, 12, Waterbury, Conn. KERtt* DRAWE 1 CAN SEE YOU'RE PKftTV IrllM MR. FW6NO«SWSK vou wome BE.., WltH THAt Flftfr.. AN0 THE COST 6F RAISING QUAO RUPLET5/ By Crelg Flessel DAVID CRANE /AND UNTIL OUT OF THIS House/ THE BERRYS Carl Gnibert HOLD ON 1U.ASK MY HUSBAND- SOMETHING PRACTICAL WOULD BE NICE PETER, WHAT WOULD BE A PRACTICAL PRESENT FOR_A^ HUSBAND ON HIS FIRSTJ ANNIVERSARY^; WOULDNT HAVE TO TAKE OFF WHEN HE WASHES DISHES AND DIAPERS.' HOW ABOUT A WELL HOW ABOUT IT? I'M WAITING/ FORGET ITT) HENRY By Carl Anderson Telegraph Want Ads Pack Power! True Life Adventures . SENTL.H SEX Ciy 1968 "Walt Diiney Productions World Rights Referred IF ONE SHE MAVFUi-l- ANOTHETSfe TA11-. DUlritoUd by Klnr Ftituru SrndluU. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE CROSSWORD river 48. Frail 60. Seed covering 1 61. Hebrew measure 62. Swab 63. Depend 54. Ponder 55. Abstract being: VERTICAL 1. Youth g-oddesg HORIZONTAL <1. Expiates 1. Surround tR. African «. Shine 8. Scott 12. Hebrew priest 13. To anger 14. Garden • tool 15. Large handkerchiefs (var.) 17. So be It 18. Landed property 19. Attempt 21. Married 22. Artist'* stand* 26. Rants 29. Snoop 30. Voluma (abbr.) 31. Currier and 32. Merriment 33. Great: comb, form 34. Lettuce 35. Footed vase 36. Renovate 37. Whole 39. A color 40. Cravat 2. Notes in Guide's scale 3. Aromatic herb 4. Rasps 5. Covered the Inside 6. Palm leaf (var.) 7. Cowboy movie 8. Strong:, low carU 9. Male .sheep 10. Piece out Answer to yesterday's puzzle. KH3 cisa raocan iRIEIGlUlLlAITlol Average tlmo al lolotlo*: H mlnutei. 11. Lair 16. American vice- president 20. Beam 23. Equal 24. Theater comfort 25. Cabbage salad 26. Cereal grain 27. The Bard of 2«. To clolhe 29. Play on words J2. Liberty 33. A. wine 35. Swiss canton 36. Withdraw 3S. Country i* Europe 39. Chest sounds 42. Title 43. English school 44. Serpent Heard 45. Sailor 46. Exist 47. Nettling 49. Australian bird IB 31 34 3V 50 'JIB 16 10 I 8 14 n 33 21 30 42 52 $"5" IO 24 43 11 1-9 KOKA-LIKOKA HKOMI B K fc A M K • KOMI, .... y'» Oryptoqulp! ANCIDNT UNICORN HAP ONI to im tuny r««tur«» i

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