Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
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Friday, April 3, 1942
Page 3
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PAGE SiX-r-fHE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbodc, Tcxos^Friday, April 3, 1942 Dial 4343 For The 'Avalanche-Journal Officti Majority Of House Members Favors Federal Sales Tax, Oklahbman iwo For Tax Cited (By The United Press). WASHINGTON, April 2.—Rep. Walter E. Disney, D., Okla., said today a survey of the House had convinced him that an overwhelming majority of members would vote for a sales tax ?• preference to greatly increased taxes. He cited two principal arguments for a sales levy—a hedge against inflation and 'the belief that there was no other way to raise the $7,000,000,000 needed without destroying important sources of income. He favored a graduated tax from low rates on necessities to high percentages on luxuries. >.--Disney is a member of the ways and means committee which is holding hearings on the 1942 tax bill. The Treasury opposes a sales levy and seeks to raise the needed war funds by higher income taxes. Slayer Of three Gets Life Term Oregon Solon Says House Made Mistake ; u Qerman An d French War Factories Hit SAILORS AT AGGIELAND FOR FIRST TIME ~ A new sight on the campus of Texas A. & M. is this—Bluejackets marching on the campus for the first time in the 60-year history of the school that has grown accustomed to the Army style military uniforms of its cadets. These Navy newcomers are to start training in radio technique. In Taking Recess WASHINGTON, April 2. (ff) — ! Representative Angell (R-Ore) told the House today he believed it made a mistake when it decided to take an unofficial recess until after , Easter to permit members to go \SpOtHght StOCKS . . Market Reports The Nation O.ver "There are so many far-reaching legislative programs now pending in the committees of the House which should have immediate consideration," Angel!, said, "that in my judgment the House erred in refusing to take up these urgent legislative matters having to do with the prosecution of the war." . He said he believed House leaders made a mistake when they decided that controversial matters should not be taken up during a two-week period. Shipping Surcharges On Gasoline Hiked . WASHINGTON, April 2. C/P>— A tanker rate of approximately ;'three cscts a gallon between Unit- ad States Gulf, Caribbean and North Atlantic ports was author- NEW YOHK, April 2 W—Salts, closing price ar.d net change of the fifteen raoEt active stocks today. Net Si>.'.» Close Chaaie Hupp Motors !9.™> *i -r V« 17.000 10,800 . S.-iOO 8.400 7 4CO 6.200 «,100 4.600 <.<00 4.200 4.100 4.MO 3.900 3.ICO Ntsh Kelv Gillette Hudson Mot Etudebaker Radio Packard Mot Cont Mot South Pac 1 Gen Motors „ Chrysler : Erie RR CT Xat Biscuit Detroit Edls Socony Vac .. Stock List.. NEW YORK. April I OP) Bales In 100's Ki?h 5V» 3 nv« 34 Ti 55T. S'.i At A Qlance .. today by the \Var Shipping administration. "This compares •with the : pre-war rate of about one cent a gallon. . • The War shiping administration authorized the following" surcharges, effective immediately: .-.-•Between U. S. r-C'i'Us (including ,Tampico) and North Atlantic ports 'from Miami to Montreal, 200 per cent of .the basic freight rate. -- Between ports in the Caribbean •«hd North Atlantic ports from Miami toMon'treal, 225 per cent. rf^Tfae current surcharge of-37 .1-2 per cent' has been in effect on ^voyages starting after February •15. V .The present.basic freight rate is 40 cents for 42-gailon barrels on gasoline . or kerosene from Port ^Arthur to N.e\v York. All tanker -fates are based on the gasoline late. -. . i -The increase in surcharges, the ' : WSA said, was based on lengthening of voyages due to new routines and new insurance rates of 6 per .' cent, effective yesterday. Am Can Am T and T Anaconda 5 34 30 AT SP 33 Aviation Corp . * Barnsdsll Oil 4 Chrysler 41 Cont Oil Del 20 curtlss Wright _ 20 Freeport Sulph —_ 1 Gen E!ec 18 Gen. Motors Greyhound Houston Oil 2 Int Harvester Mid Cont Pet 4 Packard - 62 Pan-Am Panhandle P and R '«?; 115 25Vi 35 si! 56 19 '.i 34V* 35 Penney Phillips Pet Radio Bears Roebuck Shell TJnion Oil Socony Vac Sou SO NJ Stone *nd Web 1 Tex Pac 2 Tex Co 8 Tex Gulf Prod 2 Tex Gulf Sulph 2 Tex Fac C and o— 2 US Rubber _„ S DS Steel 22 WET Tel 25 Low 60 55V4 IB''. 34V. U=!i 43 2V 49 33V 32V. 31»i 3U» 15'. 50V* 31 5'i 15V. 49>t 27'.i Close 60=; H61i S'k 55V. 19 Vi Va. 24 3*1-1 nv. 43 13 zv< 64 33 '.i 3 •49V. 7V 1IV 34'/. ion 32 3 IV. . 5*i IBV. 50V. NEW YOHK. April 2. STOCKS: Higher; blue chips revive. COTTON: Even; trade buying and mill price fixing. CHICAGO:— WHEAT: Lower; good crop pect, poor demand. CORN: About steady; next season supply expected to be smaller. HOGS: 15-20 higher; top $14; supply small. CATTLE: Steady to 25 lower on steers and yearlings; larger run than expected. Qrain. . Wall Street. . MODEST RALLY STAGED NSW YOHK. April J W) — The stock _;arket negotiated another modest rally today in which recently weak blue chips were the leaders. While modest fractions were the rule, scattered favorites added 2 or wore points. An assortment of fmall minus signs WEI In evidence at the close. Transfers amounted to 371,760 shares, largest since March 17. against 281.220 yesterday. The Associated Press average was up .3 of a point at 34.6, also tre best showing since mid-March. Low prices motors such as Studebater. P&ckaid and Hudson were relatively fast performers. The last-named edged Into new hifh ground lor the. ytar, along with Nash-Kelvinator. Rails had. difficulty in making the grade Stacks la front included du Font. Allied Chemical. J. C. Penney, Johns-Mahville U. S. Gypsum. American. Can,-Texas Co. U. S. Steel. Bethlehem.;'Chrysler, Genera Motors, American Telephone. Consolidated Edison, Sears Roebuck and Chesapeake and Ohio. A shade under water were Santa Pe Anaconda. Westlnghouse. Internationa Harvester, Glenn Martin and Youngsiowa Sheet. CHICAGO KErOET CHICAGO, April 2 (<P» — Wheat prices slumped more than a. cent a bushel at one stage today to th£ lowest quotations posted here since early last December, before Pearl Harbor. May contracts sold only •lightly above S1.24. Poor demand fcr Hour and the favorable crop prospect, promising to augment the nation's already burdening domestic surpus. of wheat, were principal factors in the fresh retreat. Wheat closed '.4-T« cent lower than yesterday. May $1.24 *.'t->.',, July $1.26'?<; corn V« "lowe'r to V« higher. Mar 88 V«-Vi. July 90 *i-^: oats unchanged to '.'» lower; soybeans !i-!i higher; rye 3i-',~ lower. FORT WORTH BETORT PORT WORTH. April 2 IT) — Wheit 'a. 1 so£t. red winter 1.34 s ,i-36 >i: No. 1 »rd. 1.26 =.i-23 3 ,i. Barley. J*"o. 2 nom 10-71- Sorghums No. 2 yellow mflo per 100 Ibs nom 1.12-18; No. 1 white kafir nom 1.10-14. Corn, shelled, No. 2 white S.OJ-03: No. 2 yelior 97-59. Oats No. 3 irA 65-66. (By The United Press) PONTIAC, Mich., April- 2. — Dominick l Piccone, 20-year-old ex- convict, was sentenced to life imprisonment today for killing three men to satisfy a long-standing grudge against one of them. The youthful killer pleaded guilty to murder charges before Judge H. RusseU Holland. "Anyone who has commilteed the crimes ycu have is not likely to profit by anything I might say to you," the judge said. "Therefore I have no comment." Released March 17 Thus, less' than 48 hours after he.began his cold-blooded killings Piccone was ordered to return to the Southern Prison at Jackson from which he was released March 17 after serving 3 1-2 years for assaulting-a Highland Park, Mich., school teacher. Sentence came swiftly after Piccone had related calmly and indifferently ho\v he killed three Michigan farmers—one for revenge and two others • "because they got in my way" and held another hostage during an unsuccessful 30-hour flight to avoid capture. Describes Slayings Piccone said in the county jail and described in detail to Sheriff Spencer Howarth and Prosecutor Charles Wilson his two-day crime wave which ended with his arrest by state troopers early today near Otisville. With Piccone when his commandeered automobile was forced, off the highway was Roy Thorpe, 56 friend of. two of the slain men who had been kidnaped and anc held as hostage during Piccone's . NEW YORK CURB Am Cyan B Is 31!i ; Cities Service __ 1 js.i, Eagle Pich : 1 7}i El Bond and Sh __ II 1!« Gulf Oil 2 2S Humbls Oil 2 50 Lone Star Gas 24 . 6\\ 30V4 I'.t 1 6V, ', SENTENCED FOR HOLDUP .FORT WORTH, April 2. CU.PJ— For nine years Gus Hudak, 43, led a law-abiding life at Long Island. ;K. Y. . ' ... ; Today he was en route to the state, penitentiary to serve a 10-year sentence lor allegedly parti- .cipatfng .in a holdup here nearly "10 years .ago. •."." A district court jury found him ".guilty after deliberating 35 min'. utes yesterday. Cotton .. Produce.« KANSAS CITY REPORT KANSAS CITY, April 3 (fl—Poultry and produce: ' Eggs. 24 '.i-27 ',i: hens. 13-21; springers, -2* '/i. Rest unchanged. CHICAGO REPORT CHICAGO. April 2 IT) — Butter firm; creamery, 90 score 35 '.i; other prices unchanged. Eggs unsettled: current receipts 26 •?;. storage -packed firsts 30; other'prices unchanged. Poultry live, Irregular; 39 trucks; hens, over, 5 Ibs 21. 5 Ibs dovn 25, Leghorn hens 21; broilers, I 1 '? IDS and down, colored !3. Plymouth Hoct 24, White Rock 23'.i; springs. 4 Ibs up, colored 27, Plymouth Rock 19, White Rock 29; under 4 Ibs colored I3'.b. Plymouth Roct 2SVi. White Roclc "25: bareback chickens -12.-roosters-S5Vi. Leghorn roosters 14V-: ducks, 4',^ Ibs up. colored 23, white H. small, colored 22. white 22; geese, 12 Ibs down 19. over 12 Ibs IS: turkeys, tomi. old. JO. youn? 23. hens 2S; capons, 7 Ibs up 30, randzr 1 IbJ 30 slips 27. iBy The Associated Preist LONDON, April 2.—Back again over the suburbs of Paris and into north and northwest Germany, the RAF blasted early today at the Matford works, pre-war Ford factory at Poissy and at the Reich's railroad network which is pouring munitions toward the Russian front Fifteen bombers were missing from these far-ranging raids, interpreted authoritatively here as primarily blows to assist Russia. The Paris factories are "reported turning out vehicles for the'Ger- mans in the East and the German railroads are strained to the utmost in transporting supplies for sring offensive action against the ed Armies. Unusually Heavy Loss It was the RAF's biggest Joss in single night since the Nov. 7 raid n Berlin in which 37 British ilanes were destroyed, and it was bove the average of 10 to 12 vhich the RAF feels it can afford o Jose in one night at the present cale" of operations. Bright moonlight aided the at- ackers and the German night ighters alike. Latest reports from Vichy said hat fairly heavy damage was caused at Poissy, with the Mat lord factory the chief target The Trench reported that one British plane was shot down in flames at nearby Marly, with three members of the crew killed and one made prisoner. Anli-Aircraft Aciive Paris anti-aircraft defenses were active during the alert, from 4 to 5:30 a. m., and bombs were report- region of Boulogne-Sur-Mer Wednesday afternoon during the RAF bombardment of the channel coast. TRAFFIC TOLL MOUHTS DALLAS, April2. W.ft)—Dallas county's 1942 traffic death toll rose to 21 today. Mildred Campbell, 31, was the 21st traffic victim. She was killec in a collision last night. Earlier Wednesday William Mathis, 28, and his wife were killed in an automobile-train crash. The collisions injured ten, four -seriously. TOWNSFOLK SURPRISED HAVILAND, Kas., April 2. VP) —Mrs. Mae Warner, who admits to more than 70 years, recently has been riding a bicycle around town. The townsfolk were surprised. She has been so busy shingling her house, they don't know how she found time to learn to ride. Scrap Price Not! To Be Increased IBV The AK.'ocJatrd Pressi WASHINGTON, April 2.—The Office of Price Administration declared formally today that price ceilings on scrap metal would not be increased and that "there will be no profit in hoarding." The agency made public a letter from Price Administrator Leon Henderson to LessinR J. Rosenwald, chief of the WPB Industrial Conservation bureau, outlining OPA's position with regard to campaigns to salvage scrap and adding: "I can. not .envision any American withholding this vital war material for the seiiish purpose o£ speculating on the possibility of higher prices in the future." WPB currently is concentrating on a drive to collect supplies of scrap now lying idle in barns and farm yards throughout the rural areas. Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! FOUR - HUHT IN CRASH MANCHESTER, N. H. r April 2. Pj—Returning for mechanical adjustments after starting on a routine flight to Mitchel Field, N. Y., a light army bomber crashed today at Grenier field, injuring its four occupants. Army public relations officers at the field said the injured included Lieut.-Col. Talma W. Imlay, Galve-ston, Tex. t and Lieut. Lloyd A. Walker, Hunginton Park, ; Buy A Defense Bond TODAY! Calif., who suffered bruises abrasions ar.u STARTER IS HERE' NEW ORLEANS FUTURES NEW ORLEA.VS. ipril 2 («—Pre-fao!iday covering sad trade buying advanced cotton futures here today and the market closed to 5 to 10 points net higher. High Low Close May 10.52 19.4" 19.48-50 July 19.68 3B.63 19.65-66 Oct. 20.02 19.DB 20.00 Dec. 20.05 20.00 20.05 Jan. 20.06B March — '. 20.H 20.09 2ft.llB B—Bid. fiE\V TOEK REPORT NEW YOHK. April 2 M>> — Cotton futures prices roce 35 to 60 cents a bale today in a session msrked by further active buying for account of mills in connection with price fixing. "•' Some outside speculative demand asserted itstlt in the late trading a s cotton circles studied reports of a. prosptctive agricultural labor shortage. Added to this were stories that farm work in seme rations of the cotton belt .was being delayed by too much »oil moisture. There was some profesiiona.1 liquidation in anticipation of the Good Friday recess. Such sellers were also Influenced by the market's recent ctmb to'M-yeir highs. High Low Last May 19.50 July 19.62 Oct. 19.79 Dec. -. 19.32 Jan. . 18.73 Of fid al Records .» Marriage Licenses George W. Arthur. 22, and Miss Effle Austin. 20, both at Lubbock. Golden G. Bader, 33. of Lubboct Army Plying school, and Miss Zoya Stephen-, 20. of Uttlefield. . 'G'enn Bentley, 22, and Mis* Charleen Fay Daniels, 19, both of Lubbock. 19.« 19.57 19.73 19.75 18.76 19.53 19.50 1S.62 15.79 19.82 19.34N 19.93 March ________ 19.93 Middling spot 21.23N up 9. N— Nominal. . .: . AVERAGE PRICE NEW ORLEANS. April 2 n»>— The average price of middling J5-I5tlis-inch cotton today at ten designated Southern spot market* was 8 points higher at 30.33 cents a pound; average for the past 30 market dav s 19.5S; middling Tiths-lnch ar£ri£e 19.89. Lubbock Courts OOTH DISTRICT E. L. ritU, Jndze Presiding ' Lester A. Paris against Dal ton Holt and others, to try title and damages. COUNTY G. V. Tjirdue. Judrt Presidinr Commercial -Credit corporation against J. D. Thames, suit on debt, and foreclos- •Buildlng Permits C. A. BtstKlc'i. owner and contractor, to repair residence at 2423 Twenty-first street. WOO. L. Mllstead, owner and contractor, tc epair fire damage at rear of 70S Avenue •C, $150. W. B. Trotter, owner and contractor, to •pair garage at rear of 1602 Twenty-third treet, S100. Avinger Lumber company, owner and ontractor, to move building outside city limits. 900-mile futile drive to avoid capture. Piccone, released from southern state prison only two weeks ago after serving a full 3 1-2 -year term for felonious assault of a Highlant Park, Mich., school teacher," saic he shot and killed Cassius Barber 71, and his cousin, Romaine C Poter, 75, near Oxford, Mich., an Carl Mackenzie, 40, Jackson coun ty farmer. Wanted To Settle Grudge "The only one I really had grudge against was Barber," sai Piccone. "I wanted to get even | with him ever since the days when I worked at his farm. I killed Poter because he tried to take the gun away from me. I shot "this other guy (Mackenzie) because he tried to get our license number." Piccone's capacity for hate was no surprise to authorities at the time of his arrest on the assault charge three years ago he threatened to "get" the officers who arrested him. Even while at southern prison .the youth Jiad...written, letters threatening to "get even" with the prosecutor and the judge who sent him to prison on the assault .charge. He was equally frank in his confession of.the three murders. Planned To "Shoot It Out" State Trooper Joseph Godlek- ski, who with Roy Perkins captured the killer, said Piccone had planned to "shoot it out" with anyone who stood in the way. "Piccone didn't know we were trailing him until we flashed our spotlight through his rear window", Godlewski said. "Thorpe got excited and frightened. Piccone told us the only reason he didn't shoot was 'on account of cd dropped in several western and northwestern Paris outskirts. It also was learned today, a Vichy dispatch said,, that at least 40 persons were killed, including 14 children, and 72 wounded in the • • • For Health Drink Pasteurized Grade A Milk:-— The ENERGY FOOD GRADE 'A' Pasteurized Milk Try t bright your gioves ai of drama, against of your Spring "Victory Color") Hinscn slip stitched ancH bright color to color in high note shades Choose new rayon— Here's i your costume, lift you blithely into Spring. Livestock .» KAXSAS CIXr-KEPOKr KANSAS CITY, April 3 1*1 — <USD,l) — Hogs 1,600; mcsUy 10-15 hilher than Weda-sday's "average; top I3.8S to *li; tood to choice 170-300 ibs 13.70-13.85; S05TS 13.10-13.45. Cattle 3,300; calves, salable SCO; total 15D: fed iLesrs and yearlings fairly active, steady to 15 higher, cans scarce, ctron;; bulls, vealers and calves' mostly steady. stoclcers and feeders unchanged: choice around 1.000 Ib j-earlin; iteerx 14.50; choice -lisJnt, liters 14.25; 2 loads strictly good to'~cho!cf -6. month fed around t,375 Ib Missouri iuferx-.14J)0; medium e.nd good grade steers'DjSOii choice yearling heifevs 13.40; other . gbocfito^ciroice heiteis - '''- . 20 acres of E '.i of section 53. block P, Ivabboct and Hocfcley county, J4.500. H. 1*. Bobo and -wife to L. F- Hudgens. orth portion'oflots 1 and 3. bock 98 and iE corner of block 93 of Overton addition SJO. ; . ' AJvIs Gravas and -Rife to Miss Bonile Johnson. S 15 feet and N 10 feet of lot 13. block 2 of Pickett and Penny addition. $69. SEE YOUR LOCAL FEED DEALER OR The Standard SViiiiin Company . 32.00-13.00; medium to 3.73; cutler. to common grades i.SI; add sausage bulls up to 8.7$; cutter. to common grades COTS 7.50-8.50; ndd saa- bulls up to 9.75; goad to choice ers 1S.50-H.50; few 15.00: load medium red and roan feeders .10.60. Sheep 8,100: opening sales lainbs steady; tarly top fed Iambs 13.00: others 11.51?11.75; extreme weight kinds down^arrt to 11.55; sood to choice trucked-in ni- ll.SO. FORT TTOETH REPORT FORT WORTH. April 3 W>— (USD At — Csttle 2.000; caltcs voo: moderately aetirc end fully steady in .all classes cattle ar.d caivcs. Most common ar.d medium bee sicirs and ytarliags S.CO-IO.50, good fed steers and jcarlinKs 11.00-12.00. choio kind aca-ce, cub yearlings to 13.31, one he»d H.10; oeef cows 7.50-9.00, and cutters 5.CO-7.25; bullj 7.00-S 25 ftt head 9.JO; slaughter calves 9.00-1250 ' cull 7.00-es. good . stoclcer steer calves ' 11. sO 12.50, choice scarce at 13.0(1 upward. Hogs 2,500: opening 10-15 higher, -do? g^Ics j.s-w higher than Wednesday "Wl£e: J«p 1.185: good and choio 280 flW*«;!y 13.60-75. l»l-« pi ice soor^ljichoice 160-175 Ib 12.85-13 SS p?<*fnc ro^J^hf^dF > 35 hither, in the old fellow.' He apparently felt sorry for Thorpe.." Thorpe's excitement gave police an opportunity to close in on Piccone and. seize him without gunplay. Mackenzie, the "other guy" whom >Piccone admitted killing, •was a-Concord justice of the peace ahd..-"'schqol board member. He found Thorpe's car in his woodlot near.'-Concord Wednesday night and. was shot four times when he question Piccone regard- ing'his presence there. " COtLEEN Sjoo Stephens' "Your Department Stora" 903-307 Broadway n » , * - - , Hotel Host Is Lost % C. H. Rotfscrs. owner Mid contractor, to •, . r« epair attic in residence at 2311 Twenty- I \fy\ hnOUt HlS DOOK. BUFFALO, N. Y., April 2. (Fill Peter Gust Ecpnomou, host at ifth street, S500. Warranty Deeds W. T. Lucas ard life to J. St. Ayeri. Russia is making extensive plans for increasing its sugar beet acreage in the Central Asiatic republics this year. 13.25 do^rn, few 13.50: sleeker pfgs steady, 11.00 do-sTi. Sheep 3.200: early rales all classes stcadj-.- medium and 3cod spring iambs 30.00-11.CO, shorn lamas 3.35-9.00. shorn yearlings 8.25. shorn 2-year-old wethers 7,25, shorn feeder lambs carrying a fat «trd-8-ff 0.-25. ' the Park Lane hotel, doesn't find and party reservation book soon, he is afraid "something" is going to happen. For without the book, which disappeared from his banquet rooms, Ecpnomou doesn't know how many reservations have been made, how j many waiters to have on hand or what dishes to prepare. Through newspaper advertisements he is asking his patrons: If you-have any reservations with us or kcown of anyone that has, please call us." S12.95 Sigiiet r S3.95 1503 4th St. Lubbock Phones LD 12 or 5571 DR. j.. B. &PSQRKLE DENTIST ' . 307'Myrick Buildms Texas Phone 6531 YELIQW VARIOUS FORMS FEMININE USE MARS HAUEK DRUG SIORl Announcing OPENING OF OFFICE BY . SAM H Physiccn & Surgeon 401 LUBBOCK NATIONAL BANK BLDG. Phone 2-26SZ Residence' Phono 2-3545 Mcllhaney Dairy Products ON SALE AT YOUR GROCERS Calling All Property Owners For "DEFENSE HOUSING" REPAIR and pay out of income BUILDERS LUMBER CO. HOW IS THE TIME TO SAVE MONEY TYPEWRITERS TO BUY DEFENSE STAMPS W. P. B. hat released restri«Jon« on/renlal of used Typewrite^' THE BAKER Printing And Offic* Equipment Lubbock, Texai. ^ ,v ..- t ---.'••;•; ,1

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