Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 28, 1962 · Page 1
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 1

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
Page 1
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DALLAS, TEXAS A VS. COVP. Until Wire of Pret* Lake Charles American Press MRTLY to cfotrfy with scattered ihowert or rtttrtKfer- showert throngh Wednesday. High tAfay, 89; low tonight «. ettAftLES, LA,, TUESDAY, AtfdttSf 21, SS*2 18 PAGES NUMBER 25,074 DECOY OUT-FOXED—New York city patrolman Victor Ortiz, dazed from a blow on the head, talks with a f«llow officer as he awaits first aid In Central Park. Dressed as a woman, complete with orange toreador pants and other accoutrement, Ortiz was patrolling in the park acting as decoy in an anti-crime drive when someone clubbed him. In a struggle, his assailant made off with the officer's gun. (AP Wirephoto). Critics Rocking Boat, Davis Leader Claims BATON ROUGE (AP) — Rep. Risley Triche, one of Gov. Jimmie H. Davis' House floor leaders, accused administration critics Monday night of demogoguery and boat-rocking. The 16 lawmaker critics of Uie j IVgupnV administration, t h e Assumption difference rf~op"inion"with himseif" Hoover entered Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center Aug. 20 for a routine physical checkup. The hospital announced Monday that x-ray studies and laboratory tests had shown "evidence of a polypoid lesion in the upper pan of Mr. Hoover's large bowel." himself and then tries to convince i "I will quarrel, however, with IJ ' S Health has been unusually Quake Rocks Greece One Death Listed As Earth Tremors! i Level Some Homes ATHENS, Greece (AP)—A severe earthquake shook most of Greece for '20 seconds today, toppling homes in some areas. One death was reported. The quake here was accompanied by strong i tremors across southern Italy, where a quake last week took 20 lives. But no deaths were reported in Italy and j —— officials said initial checks i indicated the damage there \ was slight. Nine persons were Injured in Naples by falling as they rushed^ from their homes. Naples hospi-j lals said five other persons suffered shock or heart attacks. Hoover Rests After Major Surgery Today NEW YORK (AP) - Former President Herbert Hoover, 88, underwent an operation today for removal of an intestinal lesion. Hoover withstood the operation well and is resting satisfactorily, a spokesman at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center told newsmen. "We do not know at this time whether the lesion was malignant (cancerous) or not," the spokesman said. The operation look more than three hours. Hoover was in the operating room more than five From Patrai . Greece's third hours. j largest port, came word that a The lesion was. taken to a labo- ' Uimber ° f h ° mes were destr °y ed - ratory for examination. Results probably will not be announced before Wednesday. Hoover was wheeled into the operating room at 7:30 a.m. for removal of a polypoid lesion in the upper part of the large bowel. The growth was described as a type that generally is noncancer- JackiorvvtHe Cope On the Amalfi coast of Italy where Jacqueline Kennedy is vacationing, the quake was barely felt. The American First Lady was sightseeing in the Amalfi Cathedral and did not notice the disturbance. The Athens Seismological Service said the quake centered 65 miles southwest of Athens. That would put the epicenter at the town of Nafplion, in the eastern Peloponnesus. Reports reaching Athens from ancient Corinth said a 90-year-old man was killed in the collapse of his home. BY COMMISSION ous. others in the boat a storm is brew- j efforts to impugn the motives of ing. He told a meeting of the Baton Rouge Junior Chamber of Commerce he had no quarrel with the to have people who don't support the legislation being sponsored by these men," he said. Triche referred to recent remarks by Rep. Joe Cooper of DeSoto Parish, who acted as spokes- good for one of his age. His last extended stay in Columbia Presbyterian was in 1958 when his gall bladder was removed. Parish lawmaker said, reminded' the governor's administration O r! man . for t ' 1 . efr16 lawmak .frs '" ex- him of someone who rocks a boat with anyone else. i P"*?"?* differences with Davis i administration. Triche said Cooper was "subtracting apples from oranges" in claiming a 30 per cent increase in unclassified state workers. The Davis leader said civil service officials have been keeping a close check on the ratio of classified to unclassified personnel and Unclassified Help In State Totaled BATON ROUGE (AP) -About 2,600 unclassified workers are on itate payrolls, records of the Department of Civil Service showed Monday. Civil Service Director W. W. McDougall said his office makes periodic checks of all state payrolls and the last check showed that figure. Critics of Gov. Jimmie H. Davis' administration recently claimed there were 15,000 unclas- •ified stale workers. In answer to a question, McDougall said the only agencies excluded from his total were the offices of governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and state tax collector for the city of New Orleans, He added that state boards, including levee boards, are not included in the records. These departments, he said, are completely unclassified under the law, as are the boards. McDougall was asked if he could reconcile his 2,600 figure with U.S. Census reports showing 15,000 unclassified state workers. "I cannot reconcile any figures available in this office with the census figures," he said. Rep. Joe Cooper of DeSoto Parish, spokesman for 16 administration critics, said in a recent talk PRIVATE SCHOOL Lake Charles Christian Institute Registration Friday, August 31st. For Information Call GR 7-5361 or GR 7-7338 INVESTIGATIONS Free Consultations Martial Mailers, Personal lulury, Missing Persons, Surveillance. All mailers confidential. UNITED INVESTIGATION BUREAU 1806 Common Street Ph«n» H£ 0-50S7 Day or Night •V Heavy Rains Bring Scare over radio and television and in two news releases since then the 15,000 unclassed worker figure he quoted was gleaned from the 1960 federal census figures. Cooper cited the figures in blaming the governor for defeat of attempts to pass legislation to require a central listing of all state employes with civil service. Davis called Cooper's charges a fairy tale and he said he knew of no such census department figures. Cooper said the census figures try. have said there was no appreciable change during three administrations, No damage to the Acropolis or the Parthenon, the ancient rums on the hillside overlooking Athens, was apparent. The quake struck the Pelopon- nesus peninsula at 1:02 p.m. It was also recorded on the island of Crete and in southern Greece. Police said they were unable to get word on the extent of destruction and casualties because all communications south of Corinth were disrupted. Across the Adriatic, the trembling of the earth was felt in a belt from Bari, in the heel of the Italian Boot; to Naples, on the west coast. Thousands fled into the streets in panic. At Bari, damage apparently was limited to a few cracks in buildings and falling of two cornice stones. The shocks also were felt in Reggio Calabria, at the toe of the Boot, and across the Strait of; Messina at Messina, Sicily, an j area where a quake in 1908 killed 1100,000. (Earlier Story on Page 12) NEW ORLEANS (AP) — The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission today agreed to go along with federal restrictions on waterfowl hunting days and limits for the 1962 season. Tropical Storm Alma Brushes Carolina Coast HATTERAS. N.C. (AP)-Tropical storm Alma gave the North Carolina coast and Outer Banks a light brushoff today and moved northeastward along the Atlantic shore. The center of the feeble storm, described by the Miami Weather Bureau as poorly organized, was located in the vicinity of Capa Hatteras. N.C., at 8 a.m., moving northeastward at about 13 miles per hour. Maximum winds were estimated at 45 m.p.h. just east of the center with squalls of 30 to 40 m.p.h. extending some 200 miles in the eastern semicircle. The western half was described as relatively weak. The storm brought drenching rains and the Weather Bureau said these will occur in the coastal areas northwest and north of the center. No damage was reported. Cape Hatteras reported 5.2t inches of rain between 1 and 6 a.m. a period when the storm was centered southwest of there. Winds along the coast have generally been only between 30 and 40 m.p.h. However, Cape Hatteras reported winds from 35 tn 43 | m.p.h. i No flooding was reported. Tides ' were only a foot or two above , hunters are allowed a bonus bag normal. The prediction is for of two scaup. ! tides along the North Caro i ina and Coots: season the same as! extreme southeastern ducks, with a daily bag and pos- SEASON'S FIRST — Cross marks the general location of the Atlantic's first storm of ihe 1962 season, dubbed 'Alma.' The siorm packs top winds of 45 miles per hour. Small craft warnings are up from Manteo, N. C., io Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Wire- photo). Duck Season Set Nov. 30 session limit of six. Geese: Season begins at sunrise, Nov. 15, and ends at sunset, Jan. 13, 1963. The daily bag and 1 r\A C-l?ftC*C!1 *-VM llfntl trf ttfm —. C ...1.1^.1. Virginia coasts to range from one to three feet above normal. Gale warnings were displayed from Morehead City, N.C., to Cape Charles, Va., and the Weath- rpi . . iii — * o *-•— i v/auc v^iiai iv:a, va», aiiu iiic IT cam* The commission announced the i possession limit is five, of which er Bureau said small craft from following seasons and limits. no more.than two can be white-!the North Carolina coast to Capo Ducks: Season begins at noon, r — L ~' Nov. 30, and ends at sunset, Dec. 24. The daily bag limit will be two, with not more than one mallard or black duck. The possession limit is four. In addition, fronted. Federal officials set the number of hunting days allowed in a state and the bag limits, while the state sets the date for the season. Pioneer Building Chimes Installed Music from the roof tops. That is what persons in the vicinity of downtown Lake Charles will hear beginning Wednesday esy of the Pioneer building and were installed on a trial basis without obligation to anyone. By installing the chimes atop A period of heavy thundershower activity through the Lake Charles-Sulphur area just before noon today brought at least one tornado scare. The U. S. Weather Bureau at the airport said, however, that i the reported funnel could have forces he said > been black clouds which di d in the last legisla-! foi , periods o[ seconds ove ™ lhe i u r>iirm*'if licfmtt: n . , opposed a ture to provide a central ifsting of unclassified personnel because they felt it would be an invasion of "the privacy to which even a state employe is entitled." As to a proposal to authorize investment of idle state funds, Triche said he opposed it primar- Sulphur area. "Some people got more rain than they have in the past month," a Weather Bureau spokesman said. The thundershower a c t i v ity moved through the area from southeast to northwest. The ra- :i i -iii, ., . auuuicaat iu uuiUIIWCSI, I11B ra- |ly because U would have the state darscope at the Weath fi in competition with private mdus-• K i, miia l «,„. .u. „„,,..:,...." ., j showed that the activity would ; continue for several hours today showed state employes rose from | He said he believed investment | S^ld not b^ Zn/ ^ 42,832 in October. 1960. to 47.463 nf S < n i 0 f,, n rf e h» it,. I™;.I«.M,. Q DUL ^°V W not be as klron g as ]t r 42,832 in October, I960, to 47,463 of state funds by the legislature |«- before noon in rtptnhnr 10K1 :„ »:,...• Ii \\dS> OClOie nOOll. in October, 1961. McDougall said there is "some difference in what the census bureau thinks a state employe is and ours," McDougall said his department makes its periodic checks on unclassified workers to determine if any has been hired who should be on civil service and to determine whether agencies have more than allowed by law. He said as of July 31 there were 34,660 classified workers on slate payrolls, a decrease of 609 from April 30, Since then more classified workers have been terminated by agencies seeking to bring payrolls in line with reduced 196263 budgets. is unconstitutional. Triche cited section 12, article f, of the state constitution as having a prohibition against investment of state funds. He said the proposed code of ethics bill defeated by the legislature was potentially dangerous. The bill, he said, would have created a "super - government" empowered to pass laws, exercise authority and pass judgment. He said it would have empowered the nine-man commission to fine and imprison persons without due process of law. Reds, Finns Sign Treaty on Usage Of Saiman Canal HELSINKI, Finland (AP) — A Soviet-Finnish agreement on future use of the Saiman Canal was initiated here Monday. The 30-mile long canal runs from Lake Saiman to the former Finnish town of Vigorg on the Finnish Gulf. About half of the distance is through Soviet territory. when musical chimes will be, the Pioneer building, the A of C heard from atop the Pioneer s <iid the projection would cover the largest possible area. building. The music will be produced by electronic means at 9 a.m., 12 noon and 4 p.m. daily for a two- week trial period. Known as the Norton Electronic Chimes, t h e music will be projected over a large area by a specially designed amplifier. The chimes are designed to provide the correct time of day with the famous Westminister peal and the striking of the hour. Following the striking of the hour, one ; Jerrence (Terry) Lee LeBlanc, •or two musical selections will be! three-year-old Lake Charles boy Three-Year-Old Child Dies of Auto Injuries May. N.J., should remain in port. Weather-wise residents along the North Carolina coast shrugged off the storm, the season's first Atlantic-spawned tropical storm. At Atlantic Beach, on the Outer Banks opposite Morehead City, winds were reported from 10 to 15 miles per hour with gusts up to 33 miles per hour. Pressure Area In Gulf Stable, Weathermen Say NEW ORLEANS (AP) - The Weather Bureau said today a lo\v pressure area in the western Gulf of Mexico has given no sign of I intensification. A spokesman said the area was part of an easterly wave, common this time of year, which has been under observation the past few days as it moved across tho Golf. lected to provide a few moments of inspiration by the hearing of familiar melodies. Downtown areas in many cities over the nation have installed the chimes. The Norton company pro- The agreement is for a lease on j posed the installation in Lake the Soviet part of the canal for i Charles after it learned of the played. The music played is se-1 w ' 10 was struck by a car Sunday afternoon, died Monday at 11 p.m. 50 years. Until the end of the Russo-Finnish war in 1944 the entire canal belonged to Finland, Catholic Schools Set Opening Dates downtown development program of the Association of Commerce. in a Beaumont, Texas, hospital. He is the son of Mrs. Delores LeBlanc of 1704 Second street in Lake Charles and of Lawrence LeBlanc of Big Lake. The boy was hit by a car onj State Highway 27 south of Hack-; berry Sunday afternoon. He was; taken to West Calcasieu-Cam- i BY OWNER 3 Bedroom Brick, IV) both Home In University Place. Paneled Den. Air conditioners. Must »ell or least ini- mediately. Leaving town. 631 JEFFERSON ORV CLEANING SALE Wed., Thurs., Frl., Sal Soils end Plain Dresses 99c Pants and Skirts 3 tor $| , Fr «e Pick-Up and Delivery Minimum Bundle il.?o C.O D. VARSITY CLEANERS 341' Crlenwlch Blvd. GR 7-3771 ACME CLEANERS 2200 Ryan St. HE J-2I7I E.O.M. CLEARANCE! BEAUTIFUL COTTONS 3 Yds. for $1 Reduced From Stock V O L P E ' S — 416 Broad Thursday Hours: 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. ONE HOUR MARTINIZING DRY CLEANING SALE Tues., Wed., Thurs., Aug. 28, Z», 30 Any Trousers, Sweotcrs. or Plain Skirts 3 FREE MOTH PROOFING Four Convenient Mgrtlnlzina Location} Pioneer Building Soulhqate Shopping Center Grelnwlch Stooping City Westpolnt Shopping Center Orientation dates and opening dates have been announced for Catholic schools in Calcasieu parish. Landry high school will hold orientation for seventh and eighth grade students on Thursday. High school students are to report for orientation Friday. The first regular school day will be September 4. St. Charles academy will begin classes Thursday for elementary students and Friday for high school students. Our Lady Queen of Heaven school plans a half-day of classes for first graders Thursday. FOOTBALL FANS OUR ANNUAL SCHEDULES NOW AVAILABLE Pan 1 * imurance Agency "Your loco) • Indeoendent Mutual /u ,t.J n « s . uranc> A O«"«" 04 • Ulh St. Room 1 Grades one through five, plus kindergarten, will have a half-day of school Friday. The first full day of school begins September 4. St. Margaret's school will be' gin classes September 4. Sacred Heart elementary and high school classes begin September 4. Immaculate Heart of Mary school meets the same day. About 194 students in grades one through five are expected in Immaculate Heart's second year of school. In Sulphur, Our Lady's school will begin classes Thursday. St. Joseph's school jn Vinton starts school the same day. DISCOUNT PRICES New Soork Plugs 5»c 0(1 Filters 30 r t Off Cor Mais io.v? Full length front — All colors. SWIFT SERVICE AUTO SUPPLIES, INC. 1031 Rvijn - s,«i. -W I - Hg J-3M4 The A of C said the chimes were installed through the < Mrs. Stone Dies; Rites Wednesday Funeral services for Mrs. Pearl Adams Stone, 79, wife of Robert R. Stone, prominent Lake Charles attorney, will be held at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd. Rev Robert L. Crandall, rector, will officiate. Burial will be in Gruccland cemetery. The family has requested that no flowers be sent but that gifts be made to the Memorial Fund of the Church of the Good Shepherd. Mrs. Stone died Monday afternoon at a Houston, Texas, hospital. The body is at the Hixson funeral home in Lake Charles. Survivors are her husband; one daughter, Mrs. Marvin W. Crowe of Houston: one sister, Mrs. Blanche Jarreau of Alexandria: one brother, Jack W. Adams of San Antonio, Texas; and six grandchildren. Sulphur ° 2 p.m. accident and later trans- "'ferred to St. Elizabeth's hospital in Beaumont. Police said the boy lias s u f- fered a skull fracture. He was said to have run from tall weeds at the roadside about four miles south of Hackberry, into the path of an oncoming car. No charges were filed against the driver of the car. The body is at Hixson funeral home where funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Hixson south chapel. Burial is to be in Graceland cemetery. Survivors include his father and mother; one sister, Deborah Lynn of Lake Charles; and a grand- i mother, Mrs. Leona Stutes, of; Lake Charles. GET MORE FOR YOUR MONEYI BUY AT DISCOUNT PRICES STUDENT'S DESKS Walnut or Mahogany 5-Pc.-DINETTES with extensions INNERSPRING MATTRESS UNITED FURNITURE DISTRIBUTORS Enterprise HE 6-3029 $38.00 $16.88 FINAL CLOSEOUTS Factory Rebuilt Sleeper 489.95 J ,i ton Air Conditioner J59.W 2-pc. Bedroom Suite $49.95 2-DC. Llvlna Room Sulla $39.95 7-DC. 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