The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 8
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?AGE EIGHT THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS. fHURSDAY, DEC!KM'HER A. 1924 late hour. Guests of tlio evotiltiR worn Minn Carrlo Humlston and Mr. T. J. Itlce. .;.> <*> Mrs. K. K. Mooro wan hostess yesterday afternoon to tlio Indies or tlio Daisy club at an Informal nicetlni? tit her homo, 123 Nor 111 Adams street. In tlio contorts that, worn lioM, tlio prizes went to Mrs. 1,. n. WheUotl, Mrs. Ellzabotli Whetstone mid Mrs. I,nura Bruce, Luncheon was served at. the C I OBU of the afternoon. .Mrs. Klrfcnhoth Whetstone «ill enterlaln tho club in two week 1 * ill her borne, »82l West Sherman street. WISE AND OTHERWISE By Mrs. \V. Y. Morgan. Call Telephone No. 4400 and ask for Society. litems lor thi.i department must be In by lU:f)0 a., m.) j Mrs. O. F. Snider •proeliled as hostess last evening at n surprise Mr. mid M M. Im\ Id 11. Co'i.'hii'.icr of ilLM Klevenih Ave. ur:-.i aniirnfn<e Hie ai'l'toai'iiini; tiiarrliu'.e of their daughter, Myiua in Mr. .lohn F. Springfield of Austin. Texas, Hie weddtni; to be near I lie midille of December. Conipliinenling her cousin, Mi**! Valerian lloekltolil, of .Newton, Miss I Fay Ityan eiiterlained this after- j noon wiilt an infornutl afternoon j tea at her home, tM.'; Seventh Ave. j •list. The afternoon \cas t^ient plityltiK bridge, and at five o'eloek, ten wan nerved. The Invjieil Kiie«t« Included: M.-S'iillil. - - \I;.1„ !!•, I.llrji^ l>. i:. I'Mllii,.- .Via C. I.. Nl. Ti ',1 A. ,\V. Mi'-s,— |le|-„lhy I lace. II,IU Hi],),]' (>,nHO. Klato-1 t-u.-tl.i 1.1 1-:.IBI ,• A.'-Ii. j M.-ui'-tn Iht'pli .v. Hi, ' '.iny J t- I'll < ii n\ !<-r ''Canada" wa-i tli»- subject <»; Hie program yeMrrday afternoon at the le^ni-ir n lil'U e:' the ilninesllc Krlence club, at the homo of .Mr:. William Martin, Ml Ave. II east. Tht 1 ladie.-i met a! one o'clock for luncheon, which was followed hill viicial hour. H• ill cail was anHW'T- ed uith IhiiUi.Mi iMiets and novelists, and was most Snteie-itine. iiiiriiiK the sliert hlisin«-ss meetlni:, the chili endorsed Mi."* Louise J'e' ninp- ton a> the Wheat (;irl. Current events were f;fven precodliij; the proeratn. Mrs. Knnna l';iie,e read the literary paper Tor ihe day, and her iinlijert wic "Canada ami Her He- sources." Mrs. 1'niKe spoke oT the hardsliips of pioneer daya in Cana- dn and of her rapid She toil'' a few statistics on the fisheries of Canada and of the -vast forces of which tliere are over -,o iu t,- iieren (Oill sianilinj:. The domestic f-cience paper was read by .Mrs. Jlrivus Sweet on tho subject of "Canadian Women Leaders and the Home Life of Canada." She named a nmnher of prominent. Canadian women and lidd somethint; of their live.-. tiue.sts of the club Included Mia. William (ihnrniley. and Mrs. Charleu Sweet. The cluh will meet in two weeks at the home of Mrs. Henry lliirtman, J 1!T West 1 Sstli street. Chapter III,, r. I". O met in regular session vesterdav afternoon at the home of Mrs. 1,. T. Child, -12(1 First Ave. and the time was. devoted to sewinu for the liny Nursery. The chapter spent *".'> for underwear and stocking!! for the little Tolks at this institution and devoted Iho. afternoon heniinn towels. The entire donation was presented lasd •« renins- The rogniar htisiness meeting' was held, followed by tho current event hour. Mrs. 1,. Triplet- Child minis, "Anpels K.ver Hrtptit and Fair" by Handel and "The l.tird" by Fiske aceompanied at the piano li'y Miss Nellie Carey. Miss Cnrey, tlit'ii favored the ladies -with a piano solo, "i'ollnclienolle'' by itacbuianiiioff. Tea Mas served at iho close of the meetiuf,'. tlueBts for the afternoon Included Mrs. A. II. Sntcr, Mrs. F. .1. Altewager, Mrs. Claude Huchnnan. Mrs.-. U Trlider Cho.i, .Mrs. M. II. lirown. Mrs. C. .V. I'avne I of Mr. and Mrs and Miss Nellie Carey. The next Ninth Ave. east meetins: will lie in two weeks with ! '" Mrs.. 1.. A. I'tiyne an hostess at the home of her mother. .Mrs. I'>. A. Moore, elf First. Ave. easl wa.-* a .-eeil-ano solo iiy Mrs. .lames Miistaiii who sana. "tipeii the tiates." hy Knapp. Mi-s. Hal Mi- Croty, a Kiiehi of the club, pre- si nted the first movement, from "I'athctiiiue Solicitu" by lleethoveu on the piano. Mrs. ,1, 1,. t'armack favored the ladies with ' Merceuse" Horn ' .luce- oyn" hy Codard witli Mrs. I,aura Heed V.'lgSJ playillR lb" violin ohliRato. -^lis.s (.ilaoys Holmes presented "I.e rapillou" hy Schumann, ill piano nolo. The closing nuniher was a piano solo, "Sprites of the (lien" hy Dennce played by Mrs. T. K. Foster. The next meetinix will he Dec. 17 with Mre. Henry '/.inn as leader. Mr*. I-:. .1. C.rnvc-r elitei tliined the niemhi'is of the New Century chili yesterday aitcrncon at a one o'clock luncheon at her Jioui", :P»H t'resceni Itoulevard. Yellow chrys- anllieuiums and yellow candles decorated the luncheon table, where Mm. 11. C. Hippie nud JllsR Helen Crovler pree'ided. Duriiij; ihu business lueetlni; which l'ullifwed luncheon, the club voted to Rive ?5 to the big Uroth- ers for Christmas charity. The program for Ihe afternoon was on "Children" and toll call was answered with "miikini; believe". Mrs. .1. C. Heberlii: had Ihu first paper, her subject belnir, "Today's School-Ulrl. Tomorrow's Mother". This was (splendid. Mrs. E. C. Carhart read a most interesting paper on "Community Mothering" which included charity work of tho heart as we]] as of tho mind and purse. The third paper was read hy Mrs. C. .1.1. l,udd on t'ne subject, "Our Children and Our Home". The club will meet In two weeks with Mrs. \Y. 1). Day as hostess at. one o'clock luncheon at her home, HIS F.ast 13th fiireet and the Christmas exchange of gifts will he held. The young ladles of Girl Scout Troop 1 met in regular session last evening in the Uirl Scout rooms In Convention hall. Merit badges were presented to Miss Ruth Meeee, Miss Until Hanks, Miss Josephine Uriant, Miss Thelina Meyer nnd Miss Dorothy Stallman. Sllvor stars for attendance Tvore presented to Miss "Edith Martin, Miss -Vita Brcmleweei, MtBS Ruth Meece, and Miss Winona Miller. This was the meeting of the troop with Miss Ida Mae Stuntz, captain, -whose marriage to Mr. Itobert Parr of Stratford, Texas •will be an event of the month. The young ladles presented her with a lovely piece of silver. Refreshments were served at, a late hour. refreshments were served. The yuum: ladle- will meet Dec. 20 for a Christmas meeting at. the home of Miss I'esuy lienho and Miss F.thel Ambrose, Hut) North Main street. Mrs. (leorge (loertzon presided as hostess yeslerday nfternOoii to ihe members of the Folka Dot club at her home. 7(>;i Seventh Ave. ia;o. Iiiiring the business meeting. Mrs. IKw.s Fry wno taken into the club mcniheivhlp. A tea towel shower was ^ivr-n .Mrs. Wade Jones on her birthday. In tho contest that was held, prizes- were won by Mrs. Frank Young mid Mrs. Wilson I Tile ciuh will entertain the hus- j t w „ wevks hands Dec. lfi with a seven o'clock i Fourth Ave iliuiiei ai the honi" of Mrs. Ceorge 1 Clark, Till Seventh Ave. east party at her home, 408 West 14th street complimenting Mr. Snider on his birthday. The evening was spent playing cards, Hie prizes going to Mr. Harry hauning and Mr. Snider. Luncheon was served itt a late hour to Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. T. banning. Air. anil Mrs. W. lvewls, Miss Mattlo Belle Kellogg, Mr. Harry banning and Mr. .tamos l.annlng. Mrs. Tom CordhiRly entertained the members of the 8. P. U. 0. club yesterday afternoon at her home, llim Ave.-A eiuu. The afternoon was spent making a quilt for charity One contest xvas held in which .Mrs. .1. It. Adklson won the , prize. Luncheon was served at the lliley j ..[use of the afternoon. Mrs. W. P. tones will entertain the ,club In at her home, 2tti The members: of the Jolly Dozen cluh enjoyed an evening at "300" last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mclutire, 102 Ninth Ave. east. The prize, for high score was won by Mrs. John Crawford. At a late hour, a buffet supper was served to the club members and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Albert, Crecelius, Mr. and Mrs, Frank Dohb, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Howell. ..Mr. and Mrs. Flovd Partridge, Mrs. C. a Klllett of Itolla. The next meeting of the cluh will fce held. Dec. in at which time, the children of the members will have, u Christmas tree at tho home Melviu Mann. 101 Community singing of national hymns was enjoyed yesterdav afternoon by the ladles of the I'as't Presidents club at. the home of -Mrs. Martin Hoagland, 210 Fifth Ave. west. The assisting hostesses were Mrs. (Ileuii Pearson. Mrs, •'rod YVost and Mrs. .1. W. Snode. Uurlug tho short business meet. Mrs. Hugh Spangh.-r who "ill leave :,ooa to make her home in California was honored last evening, when Mrs. fieri. Snyder and Mrs, W. J. Scholl entertained with an informal evening of bridge at the Snyder residence, 127 Kast 17th street. The evening nas devoted to bridge, and when the cards were laid aside, rofresbmenta were served. The guests included the members of the Tasma Tid bridge club A musical program was presented yesterday afternoon at the regular meeting of the Double Six club at the home of Mrs. D. Vanatta, lil'4 North Plum street. Piano solos were given by .Mrs. Herbert Cnrr. Mrs. Clarence Miller and MI SH Kloise Yanatta. Miss Thelma McClure and Mis. Clarence Miller played a violin and piano duet. Refreshments w-ero served at five o'clock hy tho hostess, assisted by Mrs. W. W. Wade, Mrs. M. Westerhouse was the only guest. The hostes's for the cluh In two weeks will he announced later. Mrs. R. YY. Y'ance complimented the members of the Hellanthus cln< at. a onejo'clock luncheon yesterday afternoon at tho norabaugh-Wlley Tea Room, followed by an afternoon of. brltlgo at her home, 20S Tenth Ave, west. < The prizes were won by Mrs. E. ,T. WhAleu and Mrs. II. It. Heaps. The guests oi 1 the cluh were Mrs. L- C. MeyeriHng, Mrs. Jack Grant and Miss Wlnnlfred Manning. The hostess for the next meeting In two weeks will be announced later. Announcements' have been received here of the marriage of Miss Dolly Prickett to Mr. Oscar Yaught of Kdgar, Mont-, which took place \ at the home of her mother, Mrs.' t\ Prickett at Kdgar. Jlra. Vaught lived bore until a few years ago and attended s-chool here up until her senior year graduating In Miles City. Mont., in 1019, for some time she has been the cashier of the Edgar State bank. Mr. Y'aught Is a well known rancher. They will make their home in Edgar. Mrs. D. A. Nichols presided as hostess yesterday afternoon to the members of tho Columbine club at her home, 411 Third Ave. east. The afternoon was devoted to fancywork and contests. The club voted to hold a shower of groceries for a Christmas basket for a needy family. At five o'clock tho hostess served luncheon, assisted by Mrs. Emma Delzell. Mrs. John Humbert will entertain the oluh In two weeks at her home, 111 Kast lCth st reet. - •«/ .i, As president of the Spanish American War Veterans Auxiliary, Mrs. A. E, Noonan entertained last eveulng at her home, 412 Twelfth ave. west for tho officers «nd members: of the executive board. A social evening was enjoyed, at ihe close of Which refreshments were served. Those present were: ii.*. O. Pettieord Mr. and Mrs. .1. K. Foltz and Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Kirk entertained the members of their bridge club last evening at dinner at tho Bisonte hotel. Following dinner, the parts- went to tho Foltz home, 1500 North Main street, where the evening was spent playing bridge nnd dancing The prizes for tho evening were won hy Mrs. H. iK. MoLeod, Mrs. Paul tlnno, Mr. C. G. Rumpel and Mr. Pnul Gano. Mrs. Willis Kelly entertained tlio members of her bridge club yesterday afternoon at one o'clock luncheon at her home, 1S11 North Walnut street. The afternoon was devoted to cards. The guest* of tho club were Mrs. E. C. Aspey and Mrs. Ctiarles Jones. Mrs. H. G, "Welsh will entertain the club in two weeks nt her home, 10 West 22nd street. * * •*• An important meeting of the league of YVomen Voters will be held tomorrow afternoon in the Chamber of Commerce rooms. Moll call will be answered with current events, pertaining to the work: of this organization and the "president's message" will be discussed. There will also be spoclnl music. ^ .i, ..-> A called meeting of Uvedala cl.apter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will bo held, Saturday afternoon, Dec. 6'at the Y. W. C. A. rooms at the Y. M. C. A. at three-thirty o'clock. When I hear folks- a worryln', About the universe, And lellln' how things nsod to be, And how they're gettln' worse", I fold my bunds nnd wonder Why they do talk that way, And why they never stop to think, That high an' light of day, There Is u real Creator, With balance rod In hand To stlddy generations In every pan of land. And when things get too messy, For inorlals to control, He takes a hand at balancing And awlngs 'em back qnlto whole. Sometimes 'tis done by great heart ache. Sometimes 'tis done by pain. Sometimes hy grent catastrophe Sometimes In happy vein. But always He does manage To set the chaos right And when folks see what haB been done, They cross their f'lngerB tight, And set anoiit a tryin.' To do as they'd be done, But some one always slips a cog, Then another mess's begun. And life's peniluhim a swlngln', Becomes) unsflddy then, And the work of strlkln' balance Must all bo done again. And each new generation, Proceeds with hearts aghast. And chatter bout, what's happetilu', A; though 'twould be tho last To meet up with confusion. On this old world of ours. And I fold my hav.ds nnd wonder Why folk ne'er learn God's powors. something Ilka three thousand dollars per year. Can tho women of thin community do this? I'll nay wo caul What wo do for the civic club house wo do for ourselves and our community. It. ain't tho guns and armament Nor funds that wo can pay; But tho closo cooperation That, will make us win the day. It ain't the Individual Nor the nrmy a» ti whole: But the evorhiF.tfn' t,eamwork Of every bloomln' BOU I. MRS. KATE L. BROOKS. Let us put winter motor accessories on your chr—wo have them all. Phono 0'J. Rngland-Kiuset"v Motor Co. . 4-lt * * <?' * <i> * »4>4M»*4H*-'!H*VSM >#tst ^t-<^*INW^ I Are'ntWeAU : Susceptible ? t Arent we all pleased with shotts that Flatter Our Feet ? { /. Miller :: shoes are v strikingly I beautiful Black Satin Low Spanish heel— $11.00 South Hutchinson 7110111011181 church bnznnr and supper,' Friday Dec. ii. Public invited. 4.-11 26 N. Main 26 N. Main •> THE NEED OF A BIG S WOMAN'S CIVIC CLUB It is a far cry from the first YVoman's club, the Sorosls of New York City, to tho club movement of today, with a membership of nearly five hundred thousand women. 1 can recall the talk nt the amazed men folks of that day, after reading their current Issues of the New York Tribune and other city papers at the audacity of some of tho leaders of that movemcut, nnd their dire prophecies as to the outcome If all women ventured to take <ip with that fad. But their presentiments and forebodings failed as the. movement for a broader visioued woman world swept into existence. All of which is a preliminary to what I want to say as regards the new club house presented to the women of this city by Mr. Emerson Carey. The membership committee have secured the names of less than ope thousand members. The small fee asked for membership and the. customary rental fee of the different clubs are all the moneys so far iu sight for the upkeep of this fine property which will consume FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Silk Hosiery Full Fashioned throuout. Elastic Lisle Top*. Double Sole and High Spliced Heel! In All the Newest Shades Specially Priced $1.35. The United Millinery Co. 22 North Main St. (Continued on Page S.) I Keep tn mind the bazaar of tho •'irst M. E. Church Ladies' Aid, Dec. 5th. A fine place to buy Xmas gifts. Splendid chicken dinner served at 1.1:80 to 5:30. l-3t. Ladies of First Christian church will hold rumniuge sale, Saturday. 6th, 14 West Sherman. I-L't L T Be tho Shop-O-Bcope—use your head, not your feet and make this the merriest Xmas ever. tt tflg, Mrs. Mary Cornish, past presi- of which Mrs. Spnngler Is a mem- dent of the Women's Hellef Corp | nt Rochester, Minn, wan taken into | the club membership. The annual election of officers was also held at this lime. Mrs. R. A. Campbell is the new piesiil.'nt; Mrs. W. II. ' Warden, vice president and Mrs.: Emma Hughes, seoretary-trcasun her. Additional guests were -Mrs. C, 11. Schooley and Mrs. Ralph Souders. Prizes for the evening were won by .Mrs. . red Alkire, Mrs. Spangler and Mrs. Schooley. Mrs. Alfred Rowland was hostess Nineteen members answered to j ; v «' 1,l ' r ' l ' l >; a«orm«.ii to the mem- roll call. In the contest that was ! "' r8 M, ' rr - V Matr " ns '- lu " '"- Mcsiliimr-s— Ilessi-: .Menree Hi.-" Vo HKilKi I' Loin Houston Mae J.'oylo Sadie lli-uwn l>nra Orifm-i .lonriie Inilinrd Mary llesslor t,.-n:i Cubbid:<e tJ-'Ssi? Tomilh Jlita C'rals Oraee ."enroll Lottie Andrew* Jt.iv Dav Alibis Matthews Ituth l.tonen Mr, and Mrs. Ray Sovereign en- 1 tertalued the member* of tho 1 Twin Six club last evening at j their home, 51S Eighth Avo. west, i During the business meeting, plans I were made for a Christinas dluner ! to be held Dec. 20, the place to be announced later. The eveulng was spent playing bridge, the trophies going to Mrs. Homer Hull and Mr. T. J. Rice. Refreshments were served at a Buy the Girl a New Pair of Oxfords On Bargain Tab!* All Slzm All Colon, 14 NO. MAIN HOSIERY It's time to have us DRY CLEAN press and repair your FALL CLOTHES use the phone or mail. Model TaiuidrV DRY CLEANER* •Hm «*M*al W.1WT kW .H> M0NC44 Normandy See the New Reed & Barton Pattern in Silver it is beautiful. 26 and 44 piece sets , not expensive. Guarantee that means something. The Zinn Jewelry & Optical Co. THE HOUSE OF QUALITY For 34 Years Henry Zlnn J BO. P. 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Tito niriiilieis i,;' i lie Kensin^i-ii; club eiijiMcd a social meetinc i • s- lerday afternoon at the home ot .Mrs. W. .1. O'lliilloran. U'H Seventh Ave. oust. A .short lnt*uieHH meeting was followed lo informal hour wit ii fancy work and contests The piines were |>n-,fineil In Mrs. Arthur Lynn and Mrs. Jacob Moe- eer. Luncheon \va» served at the close of the Micetlng hy Hie bos-less, assisted hy Mrs. J. C. Harmon nnd Mrs. Pat Brady. Mr.;, llarinon and Miss Helen l-'o.-u-r were the only KtieMs. The club will have a ('.hi Isiinaij puily lu two »•«•>• s* with .Mr*. H. W. J' as hosic.-s lit her loom-, 705 Third Ave. east. her home north of Hutchinson. _ f'lans were made for ihe Christ- j—; 1 nuci tiox to In.- opened at the next i un-i'Miiii. Iu Iho contests thai J" weie held, Mrs. A. P. Warren and i — Mrs. I. II. HUick won the prizes, j — Mrs. Mary Williams was the only \ i (inei'.t of the cluh. At four o'clock, j =2 iho hostess served refreshments, In two weeks, Mrs. Frank ltincle '; —will entertain the elub at her conn- tr\ home. ^ Mrs. (.'. II. Morton presided a<< IS hostess yeslerday afternoon to the ' — members of the Dowknot club at 'ISS her home, lout Ave. It east. The 'ss afternoon was rpeut informally ' with music and ciuitcsts, the i-—- prUes liein.'.; awarded lo Mrs. rhar ; ~g les Seareey. Mrs. Mac Hoffman. I Mm. Okol llrauer and Mrs. Kloyil 'S Colby. Luncheon was sewed at zzz five o'clock. Mrs. Denzil Lowe was S taken Into iho club as a new- mem- her. Guests of the club were Mtv. , z^z 1.. Knhns. Mrs. Joy Morton and —• .Mrs. Ok. I Itraner. Iu two week-. ,as Mis. 1 (arolil Painter will can•I'tain 35 Ihe chili a! ner homo. 1,', Cart ltith , in. oireei. JJr Mrs. L. A. Broutihioji entertained ! ,rr: One of Ihe most delightful pro- ] tlio monilicr« of her bridge eluiiisss THE PARMAK A great advancement in radio engineering. Reproduces loudly far-off stations, and so simple a child can operate it. DRY CELL BATTERIES Not an extra to buy. One tube does the work of two. One of these will make an ideal Christmas gift for the entire family. PRICED VERY REASONABLE ftranlH of tin- year was presented yesttirday afternoon at the reptile.!' uioeliUM. of 'he Apollo cluh In Ihe Jenkins and Son .Music -IOIC. There was :i very lino ul.teUilaiice. Mrs.'j. A. Myers was tho leader. Th« Hisl number on tho program last ovenlnt! at. the home of h sifter, Mlsn Cora Sam-lie, Hij .North Maple ttreet. The prize for hUh score of ihe,—- I'VutiliiK was von by Miss Itirdnie rs: Phone 3250 Allison and fur low score by Allss as,,,, mi Alice Slockham. At a late hour, 5JIIUlillllllllllllll J. C. 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