Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on April 14, 1977 · Page 14
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 14

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1977
Page 14
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Page M CSR Economist Newspapers, Wednesday, April 13.1977 Commentary The Public Forum We repeat, let's end the confusion over -Memorial day The state will be spared its usu- ; al Memorial holiday confusion ' this year only because May 30 * faUs on the last Monday of the month. The federal government , - and all other states observe Mem- ;:T4rial day on the last Monday hi J^Iay. Illinois observes the holiday :%T6n May 30, whatever day of the : week on which it occurs. The two ' coincide this year, but unless ^something is done in Springfield *»PRie confusion will reign again w«next year. TT To be sure, a bill to permanently eliminate this confusion was in- Sntroduced but has already been rejected by the House executive committee. If this means that any action to bring Illinois in line with the rest of the nation is dead for this session, it is sad indeed. We hope not and trust that some public spirit^ed legislator will find a way to ·resurrect this bill so it can be Considered by the full legislature and passed. We have nothing but admiration for veterans and the organizations that represent them, but they are ng when they oppose this Thange and the legislators are **"TMwrong when they consider pres- ,§ure brought by a few so-called jeaders of veterans organizations ^as representative of the veterans tror the public at large. We point t^his out because most, if not the tpnly opposition to the change --Homes from this source. If it is disrespectful to the war 5*Uead to change the date from /iMay 30 to the last Monday in May £3hen why has every other state in SJthe union--as pointed out by-the TlUinois State Chamber of Com- _J"Tnerce--seen fit to approve the change? We cannot believe that -Veterans groups in all of the other '^States are so unmindful of their obligations that they would not effectively oppose the change, nor that the lawmakers in those states would be callous in their attitude toward those who have given their lives for their country. It must be that they agree it is possible to honor these heroes equally well on the last Monday of the month as it is to pay tribute to them on the 30th, whatever day it falls. We consider Illinois far above any of the other states in every respect, of course, but the difference is not so great that we should be the only one to be out of step. The only argument against adopting the last Monday is that more people will travel because of the assured three-day weekend and thus be less likely to participate in patriotic observances of the day. This has not proven the case in past years when Illinois has kept to the May 30 date while the rest of the nation has followed the last Monday. Patriotic functions attract their usual attendance, the size of the crowd depending upon conditions surrounding the event. And some will always take advantage of the holiday to make a quickie trip. There are enough people to go around so that every activity will receive attention. The right to have a Memorial day is one of the things for which our servicemen fought and the very fact that it is so designated is a tribute to them. We are sure everyone, no matter how they observe Memorial day, is aware of this and deeply appreciative. This can be expressed in a parade and public speeches by many, but it can be felt inwardly by everyone whether they are in a line of march or in a boat trying to catch a big one. Mourns HB 57 defeat -- In Springfield on March 10 the legisla- t!£ Jtors of phe Veteran's Affairs ^Registration and Education committee decided that --you, a mere citizen, were not to be trusted --to decide for yourself whether HB 57 Non*X Solicitation Areas act is good for the survival of your community or not One representative from Winnetka would have the homeowner, place "No Trespassing" signs alongside the "Welcome" mat so that if anyone ignores it you can hire a lawyer to sue him/her in court! Mr. Wall (23-R) could not be found all Economist Newspapers Msb *t ikr Acrr Mr. tar (I) Coml ExKftnrc; (I) UMwtal mtmm plUt kj -, ' Ncm^f* per ClwlfM Adirrlh- nrt aftmhtey n«H«l MMxtal *«*ri«l«L mi*. In *»ul «·· V Ikr tinrt 4n flir trrWWI tatt On*. Brace Sagan, publisher Southlown Economist Jv*«wmliil, Inf. J*UT Bmn M H.» \ Itnlm 0*1*. rktmeWom Suburbanite Economist rtm *·«« »flmn««! In Ow Iw day--at his office, in legislature session, or at a committee meeting, buc he showed up at this committee hearing to vote "no" as the represencative of the 23rd district's interests (Gage Park-Bridgeport)! Mr. McAvoy is hospitalized following hip surgerY, which means that the residents of district K do not have his representa- 'tion in this legislature session. Mr. Vitek of district 23 assured us in person that be would vote for the bill, and he wanted us to be sure that the voters knew how he stood. However, he dramatically asked to be excused minutes before the vote for a check up at the nurses station. He did cake time before be left to declare that his constituents knew how he felt about this bill. He did not vote. The Non-Solicitation Areas act was not allowed out of this committee. These legislators pretend not to understand the effects of the unethical real estate peddlers bounding homeowners to seU their bouses on the rapid resegregation of a community. It isn't just one bouse for sale, it is an entire community. Well-off liberals in their high rises keep peddlers at arm's length by a switchboard and a doorman. Why can't that same right belong po the lower income homeowners. The real estate fast buck artists use any means-.relining. mortgage bankers, FHA/VA, panic talk, and racial prejudice to line their pockets. A leading national newspaper. The Wall Street.Journal (March 2. 1977) is more perceptive of the Southwest area's real estate situation than our own elected representatives. No wonder a Nazi group can endure in an area that gets no redress from legitimate sources. No homeowner can afford the time, legal costs and frustrations of the years it takes for a court case. We are asking for a community "No Trespassing" act-non- soticitation. It would only affect a precinct that voted by 51 per cent that they needed it Real estate practices in Chicago are getting the city. Why is it so impossible for the community people to obtain any control over their community. EMILY THOMAS 6918 S. Maplcwood I Social security Q. I was !· a bad accMeM «* Later day a*i (be doctor says it win be April *r May before 1 can retain to work. CM 1 get social secirity? A. Social security cannot pay benefits for temporary disability. Social security disability benefits are paid to eligible workers and their families if the worker is severely disabled and not experted to be able to do any substantial work for a year OT more. OUT joins tax protest April 15 Since the beginning of the year political leaders have been suggesting that the American people must be willing to make a number of sacrifices in the future if we are to solve what they consider some of the serious problems that beset our nation Congress has just demonstrated their "sincerity" and their "great courage" by approving an unprecedented 35 per cent pay raise for themselves without anyone even voting for it. This is the sort of hypocrisy that is destroying the faith of many of our people in our elected officials. This pay raise will benefit roughly 22,000 civil service personnel, cabinet officials. congressional representatives and judicial posts--all at a cost of approximately $38,000,000 per year to the American taxpayer. For example, Supreme court Justices will now be receiving $77,000 a year, a $4,500 increase per year. Members of Congress will be getting $57,500 a year, an increase from $44,600. Judges will be receiving from $62,000 to $65,000 a year. Nearly every member of Congress has admitted that the majority of his or her constituency was opposed to such increases and there is probably little that can be done to change this law. But Congress should be rebuked and highly criticized for this 'in- HELLO, MR.A//XCW, I'M DAVID FROST. HELLO, MR. FROST I'M INNOCENT, The Lighter Side SOON? THE RAINS ARE SOFTLY falling... Spring is in the air...But nothing else shows it There's no sign anywhere...! haven't heard a robin...He musCnot be in song...Poor little thing is just 'afraid that there is something wrong ..With all the Winter's cold and snow, I hope that he kept warm, away from all the winds that blew, awav from Winter's storm.-.Soon we'll hear his song again, and know that all is right .Then the buds of Springtime will peek out gay and bright JESSIE M. WILLIAMS USELESS EFFORTS NOBODY CAN STOP A WHIRLWIND from going makes discordant, whirring sounds all of the while it 'makes its rounds in an addled welter...Nobody can stop a whirlwind from going hel- ter-skelter--Despite a reason or a cause, there is no use to make it pause, when it ignores a shelter. REMELDA GIBSON Mirror on the Wall Mirror, mirror, tell the truth Is there still a part of youth in that lined and furrowed face? Is there left exciting quest? Then, mirror, here is my request: Let me see that bit of grace. LELA C. WHITE Drotth THAT LIQUID FOIL, THAT prickly mirror's shine has trapped the sun, the marrow of its track: a knife Made poised to cut a septic line across the land once loam-enriched and Mack; now paled by drouth that carves those measureless plains grown bald where thinning grass is stubble-scarce. Black grazing canters, cattle flavor pain where dust roles out a water's shrinking course by tracing bony ridges; ribs on land suggest livestock as specters at death's feast The bankrupt stockmen, playing desperate hands of cards, now double-trumped by bankers east of Wall Street throwing us the blind man's sand of pity. Having none, they cry, "Clear out!" There are no profits gained from wasteful drouth. JAN BREVET STAR SPLENDOR WHEN BEJEWELED STARS APPEAR--Stars that splendor night..Earth's enraptured audience marvels at the sight--For their beauty is unique, radiantly g]earaing...Gloriously sanctified with gold spangles streaming..,Stars that twinkle in the murk calm the earthborn fears that lurk. LYDIA 0, JACKSON Courage Discouragements are dark clouds. Hiding the sun from view, But courage is the rainbow, A bridge of hope so true; Overcoming many a failure, Gmng strength to begin anew! HILDURSOLBERG ANY FLOWER AND GARDEN show is like a nursery catalogue in three dimensional presentation. The recently staged one at McComiclc Place was no exception. Such gardens are so ideal, they almost discourage the average garden dabbler. Every blade of grass in* the lawn stands at the ready. There are no bad spots. No dandelion dares lift a sunny and golden bead. Crabgrass is a no-no. Only a pure perfection cot by the garden path. Indeed, the only flaw hi the whole is that some pebbles used for decoration are kicked onto the walkway, and may present a small hazard to the unwary pedestrian. Another is where, service lines cross the way, mounded with protective tape and perhaps artificial turf. No scrap of paper is caught among the shrubbery. Not even a gum wrapper mars the setting. Flower plantings raise their gorgeous blooms from rich, moist loam. No weed dares intrude here, either. The fragrance is instant Spring, a mingling of scents-tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, roses. Unreal as a dream, and pleasant to the dreamer. Reality breaks just beyond, however. Even in the visual serenity of the gardens comes audible intrusion., .sounds from the sales booths which enclose the garden section like a wall. Here is a reminder of window washing chores touched off by demonstration of a device to make the job less irksome. Comfortable shoes to make walking garden ways more pleasant. Cheese and sausage and wine for the hunqry and thirsty gardener. Seeds and bulbs and garden gadgets. Pesticides that should keep the home garden as perfect as the show ones. Automatic garage doors. Electronic organs. Food blenders. Jewelry, All the accouterments for gracious living. If the gardener is to have results as perfect as show ones, be will have little time to indulge the gracious amenities, or be too physically exhausted to enjoy them. The flower and garden show is enchantment, but the revolving door which exits one to the street again is the entrance back to the "real and earnest" _ H. M. L. Ask your IRS Q. H«w tag sbMdd I keep tax records that 1 wed to prepare tax retires In pre- vfeis years? A. That depends on the type of records you have. Records that support items of income or deductions should be kept until the statute of limitations for the tax return expires. Usually you may discard these records three years from the date the return was Sled or two years from the date the tax was paid, whichever comes later. Yon should also retain sales slips, invoices, receipts, canceled checks and other documents which support records of income and deductions. You should keep indefinitely those records relating to the basis of property. These records wffl be nsefnl when you acquire «ew or replacement property. For example, if you buy a boose, you should keep aH records about the property and any improvements yon make. If you later sen the bouse, you win need these records to figure your adjusted basis in the house and the capital gains tax on any profit you realize. Yon should also keep indefinitely a copy of tax returns yon have filed because they may be helpful in filing future returns. For more information, see IRS Publication 552, Recordkeeping Requirements and a Guide to Tax Publications, available al IRS offices. Q. ta a iwsrt J* irtervfew a cwmpwy paM we mm tut «y travel txpeuu than 1 actually spent Dv I tare to nynt Ike excess amwwt as toc*me? A. Yes. The compensation yon receive from a prospective employer for job interviews is income to yon if the amount yon received is greater than the amount you spent Yon nmst report as income the amount by which your compensation exceeded your actual expenses. ethical maneuver. The Organization of United Taxpayers will be doing just that on April IS. We will be joining the National Taxpayers Union of Washington, D.C., who Is coordinating a "Tax Protest" in several large cities throughout the country simultaneously, including Los Angeles, Trenton, N.J., Chicago and New York city.'Over 300 anti-tax groups will participate^ nationwide. The demonstration will take place at the Main U.S. Post Office in downtown Chicago from 6 p.m. until 12 midnight. J. E. ROCHE, M.D. President Principal's job takes longer The principals of 'the Chicago public schools, who function-under the critical eyes of the citizens of the city, believed that these citizens were well aware of all the duties of a school principal, as most persons had some contact with the principal while they were in school. Apparently, however, some persons may believe the publicity being presented by another employe group. Apparently, the citizens are not aware of the expanded role the principals now play to administer all' the educational and social services roles thrust upon the school. It must be emphasized that the school principal is the only administrative person in a school (1.2 per cent of all employes). All others are teachers whose concerns are limited to a single classroom or staff members who have only specific and limited responsibili ties. All the work of all these people must be coordinated and supervised. The leadership role of the school princi pal could hardly be accomplished in ten months even 15 years ago when it encompassed only educational activities. Now this leadership role has expanded to include social services,, nutrition, health and physical plant. In order to administer and supervise a school effectively a principal must work a longer day and a longer year than the teachers and other persons being supervised. Both the work day and work year were expanded to enable the princi pal to fulfill the demands the citizens, the teacher organizations and the federal and state governments have thrust Upon them It is a disservice to children to say that one principal, responsible for education, health and welfare of thousands' of child ren and hundreds of teachers and other staff, for seeing that teachers teach properly and for wise expenditures of {hundreds of thousands of dollars can be confined to the same hours and days as teachers. SAMUEL L. DOLN1CK President Chicago Principals Assoc. 'Heat detector prevents fire I have a two-story bouse. Approximately six months ago I put in my house two smoke and heat detectors, one on che main floor in the hallway and the second an the stairway. One night recently my wife and I were watching TV when the one downseairs started to beep. Neither of us could smell or see anything, we drought it was a false alarm until I started checking ehe house. I found the clothes washer motor smoldering in the utilicy room. Had I not found this it could very well have started a fire burning and caugbe the house afire. These detectors cost an average of $39. It is a very wise thing, they should be in 'every home or aparcment. Sometime it could and would save lives. MARTIN G. VnJMEK Firefighcer/paramedic Bridgeview Fire Dept. t Government control In the Soviet Union, along with all else, the utilities ate government controlled. In Nazi Germany utilities were controlled by the state under the title "National Socialism." We now see the state proposing to control utilities. Under what guise shall this be--"energy control." Socialism is socialism under any name. Controls by the government are being foisted upon Americans daily. When will the American people exercise "legislator control"? Thomas Jefferson stated, "Any government big enough to give an that you need is big enough to take all that you have." The fact is that if the government would discontinue perverting the free enterprise system and destroying both the working American and the American businessman--we would nave no need to worry about paying our utilities. A perfect example of our legislator's concern for Us constituents in this day of government created inflation is the healthy salary increase (a 92 per cent increase since 190). Have any other Americans been that fortunate; you, bet not These are the people who claim they are trying to represent you and me. Hah. DOLORES WOODS Chicago Bidge Death sentence for rape The VS. Supreme court is being asked to decide this question: Should rape be punishable by death? By all means, the answer is yes. And any prowler, burglar, kOler, caught in your borne at night should be immediately shot, and the owner given a reward of A'SPAPFRI TWnk of an the money we win save by not supporting these "bums" fa idle security hi our expensive jails. JOHN DILLON Oak Lawn *FWSPAPFRl

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