Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 25, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, July 25, 1961
Page 2
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Poye A K K A H S A S Tuesday, July 2t>, 'i 20 Per Gent of Time Used in Dreaming By -HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AI't-Tlii columnist might novcr krow he .-didn't open his mnil: Yoii mny Ihink you never clrefthv-rbut you do. Everyone spends up (o 20 per cent or more of his sleoping hours dreaming. If you have n high inlell Quotient, you dream morn. Some people mistaki'iih Ihink ri stigma is nlinclied to U'ini: j fingerprinted, but as n matter of j fact, only one in five of the i:>? \ million fingerprints in tho FBI • files belongs to a criminal or , crime suspect. Mow helpful are you around the house? A survey found ;r> per cent of husbands now assist their wives with chores ranging from shopping to bed-making and dishwashing. But about one in six j men resolutely proclaimed they i refused to do "women's work." Getting away from it all mny make your ulcer worse rather than better. Doctors have found many normally active men often become more tense when frustrated by enforced rest away from their work. Federal income taxes take more than seven times as much out of the average wage earner's dollar today than in ifl-ii. Gen. U.S. Grant was one of the least musical of U.S. presidents. "I know only two tunes." he once remarked dryly. "One of them is 'Yankee Doodle.' and the other isn't." Upcoming soon: A new printing ink which promises (o make newspapers smudge-proof. That could be one of the biggest boons to reading since the invention of the alphabet. Wisecrack of the week: "Ah. for the good old days." sighs Walter Slezak. "when the only kids who saved up to buy knives were Boy Scouts!" . The first "credit cards'" were probably rings worn by T3th century. German knights and en- crested with their family coat of owners as men of worth, billed them later for their charges so they wouldn't have to carry money on the robber-infested highways. The penalty for counterfeiting a family ring: Death. Pony Express riders—like air-, line pilots now—were among thejturo of U.S. civil defense Sterling elite of their day. They earned > V- Green discusses financial as- from $100 to S150 a month. p!us ; pects of the program as well as rations of bacon, beans and buf-jthe present hazard, the problem i it presents and the proposed start Causes Claims of Fires No. Per Cent Mcifcfies and Smoking 384,373 23.7% Electricity, Electrical Equipment 330,867 20.4 Lightning 196,297 12.1 Heat, Flames or Sparks 191,796 Defective Heating Units—• All Fuels Combined 162,739 Exposure 105,911 Defective or Overheated Chimneys, Flues, etc 59,402 Causes of Fires Claims No. Per Cent 11.8 10.1 6.5 3.7 Sparks from Bonfires, Rubbish, etc 47,841 3.0 Open Lights 35,872 2.2 Spontaneous fgnition 28,469 1.8 Incendiarism, Vandalism, etc. 15,341 0.9 Miscellaneous Causes 24,706 1.5 Known but not Otherwise Classified 37,053 2.3 Total 11,620,667 100.0% FIRE'S FEARFUL RECORD—Fire and lightning caused aggregate property loss in the United States of approximately $6.75 billion. 1953 through 1959, according to National Board of Fire Underwriters. News-Graphic, above, charts only those reported fires where it's been possible to determine the cause. Staggering though the loss may be, fire prevention authorities state that they believe fire prevention activities have held down the real loss as contrasted with the dollar loss, in which is reflected the inflationary factor on value of the dollar. Today's Big Historical Highlights EDITOR'S NOE—In this second of four articles on the pos- falo steak. It was Jonathan Swift who ob-1 toward a solution. served. "May you live all the days of your life." TODAY !N HISTORY l By HE ASSOCIAED PRESS | TcdryV highlight in history: | On ihi< c'ny in 186(i. the first U.S. ! Has made of domestic materials Uvas raised over the Capitol in •'Washington. D.C. Flags had pre- iviously been made of English ' bun! inc. On thi- date In it'iii. the London Co. public concern over civil defence ; Panted the Vriginia Colony a sharpening, officials think Con-1 written constitution, gress may be induced at last to '< In i:01 - Antoine De La Mothe provide a vital ingredient—money, : Cadillac began the settlement of in big. quantities. " iDotoit. When mayors, governors and I In 13 " 3 ' English swimmer Mat- Money for Civil Defense Possibility By SERLING F. GREEN WASHINGTON (AP' - \Vith Crowd Hurls Protests to Parking Fee PHILADELPHIA (AP) - An angry, jeering crowd of 2,000 persons hurled rocks and eggs and shouted profanity at Mayor Richardson Dilworth Monday night as he tried to defend his controversial $40-a-year parking fee plan. Several persons reportedly were injured. including Councilman jGaetano P. Giordano, who oppos- 'es the plan. Giordano, a Democrat as is Dilworth represents the South Philadelphia district where the mayor wants to set up the experimental plan. He pleaded for the crowd to hear the mayor out. He suffered a cut eye when hit by either a rock or flying glass in the. s'chool auditorium where the mayor spoke. Some of the crowd smashed the rear window of a police car in which two boys who had been arrested were placed. Several persons smashed five windows of the car of Edward Lain, 21, a newsman for television station WRCV. All available highway patrol- local civil defense officials call !luw ^' o! ' i) clowned trying to, for "more vigorous federal lead- :SV> ' m tMC ''apids and whirlpool at j men were sent to reinforce 40 ership." it usually mean* they i Niagara Frills. N.Y. I regular officers who had been de- want Uncle Sam 'to put up the! In 1!MF| ' the first underwater j tailed to the meeting, money that over burdened city ltest of tnp Atomic bomb was made Dilworth. his wife standing by treasuries cannot provide. " ;°ff Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. him, declared that he was "going The Kennedy administration • In !r '-~' 2 - President ruman corn- has accepted the view that the nill!et i ^'- death sentence of Oscar i job is worth doing and that the Colazzo to life imprisonment— j _ "Down with Dilworth," shouted government must foot much of,'" 0 y- ars af' el ' Colazzo had tried'" the bill to get a national shelter I to a«a.=sinate Truman at the program going. ', Blair House in Washington. to say what I've come to say regardless of what you do." • "Down w the crowd. The mayor shouted himself hoarse and never did finish his ago, flood waters prepared text in which he defended his plan by saying that "the problem with which we are proposed start toward'a'To'lution! • C1 ' ei:t -' n ? at nearly 42 feet near j faced is the problem of the auto- The hazard: In a successful '" " ""''" ' ' ' ' ~"~ surprise nuclear assault by missiles and bombers. 70 "million Americans might be exposed to In three long sentences, here' Tor years is the threat, the problem it pre- < hc "'< n receding in the Kansas- sents, and the administration's'^" 0111 '' " Oklahoma area after " 'Cape Girardeau. ? Five years ago, floods in cen- tra! and southern Iran reportedly took 300 lives and made thou- mobile threatening to engulf our Protests have mounted since Dilworth announced his plan for an area covering 16 streets. Car owners would have to pay the fee death or disability by blast, radi- i ?amls ation and fallout, "while 'panic ! One • vear a =°' tne Warsaw Pact t confusion and hunger mi»ht be i~c-ommunits counterpart of Nato .to park their cars either on the " replaced its supreme Command-1 streets or in a municipal parking Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev. [lot. Parking is free in the area now, but prohibited on one side ol spread through much of the sur-: viving population. The problem: To save as m.-inv as possible—perhaps half of the 70 million in the prime danger zones—from the wind-borne radiation-laden dust which is called fallout and which might reach 75 to 80 per cent of the while land area; this would leave about 150 million Americans still alive to work and fight. er. Tiny Ozark Town Gets on the Map Weather Continued from Page One thundershowers through Wednesday. High today mid 80s to mid 90s, low tonight mid 60s to mid 70s, high Wednesday mid 80s to mid 90s. 1 LOUISIANA: Partly cloudy and warm through Wednesday with cattered mostly afternoon thun- lershosvers. Low tonight 70-76, ligh Wednesday 86-92. ARK REGIONAL FORECAS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS All sections: Partly cloudy and continue d warm and humid hrough Wednesday with isolated ifternoon or evening thundershowers. High today low, to mid 90s central, southeast and southwest, ligh 80s to low 90s northeast, high 80s to mid 90s northwest. .ow tonight low 70s central, mid 60s to low 70s northeast and northwest, high 60s to mid 70s southeast and southwest. THE WEAHER ELSEWHERE By THE ASSOCIAEiD PRESS High Low Pr. Albany, cloudy Albuquerque, clear Atlanta, clear Bismarck clear Boston, rain Buffalo, cloudy Ihicago, clear Cleveland clear Denver, cloudy Des Moines, clear Detroit, cloudy Fairbanks cloudy Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, cloudy Honolulu, cloudy Indianapolis clear Juneau, clear Kansas City, cloudy Los Angeles, cloudy Louisville cloudy Memphis, clear Miami, cloudy Milwaukee, clear the street. President Kennedy's recom- 1 ^-"••''• Commerce Department has Marine Freed in Race Case MEMPHIS (AP)—A young marine accused of tossing itching GASSVII.LE. Ark. (AP)— The j powder on the heads of two Negro Troublesome Crime Also Hereford Dies Increased at Age of 18 in Arkansas By NORMAN ROWLAND YUKON, Okla. (AP) — Gracly By GORDON BROWN , WASHINGTON 'APi — Serious the cow, a 1,200-pound Hereford j crime in Arkansas lu.'t year' in- who jumped through a 17 by 25',-i I creased about 4'- 2 per cunt over inch silo feed door into national 11)50, t'hn Federal Bureau; of In- prominence 12 years ago died ; vesliRation reported tocay. Monday not far from tbc silo > T^JS increase was considerably where she spent four confusing j | x .| 0 .w I he national increa.'.v- of 14.2 85 71 ..1 W (it) .. 87 68 .. 89 59 .. 86 74 T 82 71 .27 85 67 85 6fi .41 96 59 .. 85 64 .. 85 69 .65 77 52 .. 92 75 .. 88 59 .. 85 74 T 84 66 .02 73 47 .. 90 76 .. 81 66 .. 88 72 .23 89 72 .23 87 80 82 65 .01 Mpls. St. Paul, clear 83 GO New Orleans clear 89 73 .05 York, cloudy 91 76 .58 Oklahoma City, clear 92 72 Omaha, clear 89 68 Madelphia cloudy 'hoenix, clear Pittsburgh, cloudy Told Cubans to Hijack 5 More Planes NEW YORK (AP) - New York police said today they were told supporters of Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro planned to hijack five commercial planes here t.p- day and fly them to Havana. The plot was reported to the police by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It called for placing two gunmen aboard each of the five planes and divert them to Cuba. . .Police said the airlines involved were Eastern, National and Northeast. A gunman hijacked an Eastern Airlines plane Monday and forced the pilot at gunpoint to fly to Haana. Thirty-three passengers and five crewmen were aboard. Police said the FBI told them that members of the pro-Castro movement met Sunday'night here t the Casa Cuba and made plane or 10 men, all armed, to board airlines some time today ither here or in Tampa, Fla. The FBI also notified the Port f New York Authority, which perates airports here and the "'ivil Aeronautics Administration. days. Her owner, Bill Mach, said the 18-year' old cow "just got tired and died of old age." Mach found Grady dead in her corral on his ranch Monday night. Grady jumped into the silo on Washington's Birthday in 1949, after haying a hard lime giving birth to a calf which died. For the next four days, Grady paced inside the silo. John Randolph, Associated Press staff member at Oklahoma City at the .ime and now AP general exccu- .ivc for Asia, was one of the first reporters on the scene. From the time Randolph wrote 'hi diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped into the until Grady oox.ed her way out of her prison the 6-ycar old jovine held the natoin's attcn- ion. Before Grady was freed, Mach heard from folks in 45 states and several foreign countries. There were numerous suggesv lions including a block of advocates of greasing Grady so she could squirt through the opening once a little pressure was applied 'rom behind. The greasers won. Ralph Par- ridge, Denver Post farm editor, 'lew here and smeared the fidgety cow' with about 10 pounds of axle grease. A veterinarian gave her a sedative to calm her nerves. A lariat was looped around her de-horned head and manpower was supplied from behind. After a few minutes, Grady caught on, wiggled her hips a couple of times and squeezed through. Grady settled down, lived quietly afterwards and gave birth to several healthy calves. She also stayed away from silos. per cent. The FBI; report, based on reports by local police and sheriffs, showed that the number of serious crimes in Arkansas rose from 9.-!)0(i in 195!) to 10.:!fj5 in 19GO.The increase in the rate of these crimes per 100.000 inhabitants was froir. 558.9 iiv 1959 to 579 7 in 19GO. Serious crime, under FBI defini- ! lions, includes murder and non| negligent manslaughter, forcible burglary, lareer/y and auto theft In Arkansas there were increases in five- categories, — forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and larceny over $")0. Murder and non-negligent manslaughter and auto theft decreased. FF totals two years it; Arkansas were: Murder and non-negligent manslaughter 184 in J959 and 154 in 19CO; foi'cibln rape 139 and 150;; robbery 440 awl 447: aggravated assault 910 and 1.013: burglary 4,091 and 4,893: larceny 2.593 and 2,!161; auto theft 943 and 831. The FBI reported that larger cities in Arkansas reported serious crimes in I960 as follows: Little Rock: criminal homicide 03; forcible I'ape 5: robbery 79; aggravated assault. 2!!: burglary 909: larceny-theft 2.193, and auto theft 214. Fort Smith — 5; h 8: 32; 231; 077. (auto theft figures not complete). North Little Rock — 8, 2, 59, 29, 329, 795; 101. El Dorado — 5 4; 4; 100; 114; 233; 10. Hot Springs — 4 1 ;18; 0; 303; 551; 53. Pine Bluff. -- C; 2 19 36 203 390; 54. Hope Star Published every woekday afternom STAR PUBLISHING CO. Mr*. C. t. Palmer, President Alex. H. Woshbqrn, Secy-Treat. at the Star Building • Star et Hape 1899; Press 192? Consolidated January 18, 192* 211-14 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Mex. H. Wosfcburn, Editor & Publl{~> Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Oonnl Pnrkcr, Advertising Mqr. C. M. (Pod) Roger, Jr., Circ'l. Mar. George W. Hosmer, Mech. Supt. Entered at second class matter e trm Poit Office at Hope, Arkonsot under the Act of March 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of ' Circulations Subscription Rates (payable in advance) By carrier in Hope and neighborinf Per week ................... ............ $ ^*» One month ........................... 1»<I Per year ................................... 13.61 By mail in Hempstnod, Nevada LaFayette, Howard and Miller Counties — One month ........................... $ -8! Three monthi ................ Six month* 3.5* One year All other mall — Three monthi ........................ 3.9( Six months ........................... 7.81 Ono year ........... - .................. 15.64 Nafl Advertls'ng Representative Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 1602 Sterfc.li Bldg. Memphis 2, Tenn.; SOS Texai Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42nd St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2. Dkkj. Member of Tho Associated Presii The Associated Press L enlill&d exclusively to tho use for republicatiofi of all the local news printed in thn as well tv all AP ne« V newspaper, dispatches. In its natural habitat the newborn lobster has one cnancc in a million of reaching maturity. But when hatched in a hatchery the odds are reduced to one in a hundred. Beautiful Dyed-To-Match S K I R T S and C SWEATS RS By Koret of Calif, and Jo Collins — Put Yours On LayAway Today — THE FASHION SHOPPE 103 W. 2nd in Hope mended solution: \Vith some $200 put lhis Ozark Mountain sit-in demonstrators was freed of a disorderly conduct charge in million to be provided on top of to - n " n 'he map by granting it [City Court Monday. the $JOO million already asked to ^' e 'Dion's first project under I Five witnesses testified start surveying, marking and im- j tnc ' nf "-'' Area Redevelopment Act. proving potential shelters in ex- whose single paved isting apartment houses, office ' • str< " fct j - s L "- s - Highway 62, will buildings, schools dormitories. factories and warehouses to install shelters in new and old fed- !01 ' a eral structures and to match !:v -' ;b ' ? et a federal loan of 531,000 and -rant of $120000 to help pay system vital to a new Tte grant that Charles W. Morgan III, 18, of the Memphis N'aval Air Station, did not throw the powder. . Another white man forfeited $26 when he failed to appear in court. Robert Potter, 30, was accused of state and local fund- for .-heltcrs 1n '' l: -' Kl - fi Monday. in local public building. With such a concentration of shelter zones across the countrv it would be possible to proti-d virtually the entire population..- c: those cities which are spared from actual nuclear blasts, officials believe. A preliminary sur- 0;,r-B;ix Shirt Co. is build- plant here to em- was an- j throwing coffee into a Negro demonstrator's face during a sit-in at another downtown store! from a four-county j and two antique sh M of vey indicates, for instance, that ''^ ' Kansas City Mo., could be made tilffc< relatviely safe from fallout with- j out any new construction. still more federal and local do! manufacture of| ils peop i e are ret j re d. Its $25-million an-| .- But we , fe d , e ^ i.M payro.l will give the areas| dayi - sajd Mayor Halfy Jowett _ i~-in;; c-i'unomy a vital boost. ^Q a re tLred (i.-is-vilk-'s population is 233 and Metn minister. "Now we've got •,,, . , . . ^ section consists of what it takes to d <, velop our i ^ stores, a post jiff ice and gjv e our young people j at home where they belong." The town is in Baxter County This implies that stocks of food l«rv The President said that his ; in the north-central section of the and medical supplies would be on bud^t rrqu.-.ts "will increase j state 20 miles south of the Mis hand. Providing them will take i ,-harply in subsequent years." jsouri border. 88 71 1.39 101 79 83 66 1.20 85 68 .02 75 66 94 63 95 M 66153 3 ortland, Me. rain 'ortland Ore., clear pid City clear rlichmond, clear 3t. Louis, rain Salt Lake City, cloudy 96 75 San Diego clear 77 67 5an Francisco, clear 63 M M Seattle, cloudy 71 57 Tampa clear 96 M Washington clear 93 74 'M-Missing; -Trace) Trouble in Africa SALISBURY Southern Rhodesia 'APi— Policemen rode all Im... in industrial Bulawayo and troop? stood by throughout Southern Ithn desia today as Africans started t strike that was successful in some industries but only partially so in numerous others. A general strike waj c«lled by African political extremists in th» <ovtrnm»m- ICERTIFICATE! u Hrs. Thursday 3 P. M. TO 5 P. M. ONLY! Bring this certificate and 1.79 plus tax and receive a LADIES' Sterling Silver or 10-kr. Gold Filled Ring, set with a i/2-kt. KIMBERLY DIAMOND REPRODUCTION CRYSTAL CLEAR FLASHING with RAINBOW FIRE. If set in genuine diamonds these rings would cost $100 to $200. COMPARE, see if you can tell the difference. Also available: YELLOW. MOUNTINGS 10-kt. GOLD FILLED MATCHING WEDDING SETS in Miracle Mountings — Clusters —- H f> Dinner Rings — Pearl Rings Princess Rings — Children's Rings 1.79 up. ELE-CATCHING PRINCESS RING, SHOWN AT RIGHT WITH KIMBERLY DIAMOND REPRODUCTIONS — SPECIAL 449 MEM'S RINGS 3.00. • Illustrations Shewn for Comparison • (OX DRUG CO. HOPE, ARK. ICERTIFICATE! SAVE NOW! JOIN THE Trade Parade to Rambler! Newest, sportiest, lowest-priceit U.S. convertible, Rambles Amtritan, aboit. Join the Trad* Ptrtdp to Rambler ... »nd MV* big? With Ramblers selling at a record clip, your Rambler dealer has a deal you can't afford to miss. Get top dollar for your old car ... go home far happier in a Rambler. Sedans, convertibles, station wagons, all with Rambler Excellence, all priced to move! Now ... at the Trade Parade! Rambler American Custom j-Door Sedan spon»or«d referendum Wednesday on the new constitution for Southern Rhodefia. AMERICA'S LOWEST PRICE Monthly payments loi Rambler American Deluxe 2 Sedan ba^ed on rmiiujlactufur''.. suggested delivered price al lactoty ($1847;, wilh V, down payment, 36- month contract with normal carrying charges, fodeial taxes paid. Optional equipment, tianlpoiUllon, iiliui- MONTH sncu, state and local taxes, if any, extra. OONT FOLLOW THE LEADER.. DRIVE IT! RAMBICR-WORID STANDARD OF COMPACT CAR EXCELLENCE THE TRADING POST, 315 East Third St., Hop0, Ark.

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