The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 7
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 7

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 7
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL.. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 12 BY I1AHKY GKAYSON NKA Sports Editor ]\TEW YORK--(NKA)--I'itlsbunjh's is the first club roster for 1948" *·* to hit the sports dc .ks. William A Meyer's intelligent face is on the cover, stressing the Impoitancf "f Hint veteran in UK- new scheme of things. ! Hank Grcenbcr?! had just be- · · T come the latent to critici/.c Ihe Pi- I : "' 111 - is one of tne faslest men in Robinson Signs Whether you need cx.ra «»h 'J fill "h° (ocl bin ' ' ' ° r m id.w«n»or expense* . . . . ot come in. We'll flladly e P TO 20 MONTHS REPAY nitc.s' deals with thc Brooklyn club when tin:; rcpoi tcr bumped into Gill Meyer Meyer doubts that Hill Cox is so accomplished an in'ielder a:, Henry Grcenbcrg contend?, out UK; new boss of the Buccaneers expicvse:, assurance lhat. no more player transactions will be consummated without his approval. r rilfs means thai Forbes Ku-ld is no longer a .spot whcie Branch Rickey can j;et live ones for dead THOS . D. GREGG G'jdja'.' 3" d R" i5lered Optcmclrist Second Floor Gregg Bldg. p k .. fs 72VV cr 2653 for Appointment M O N U M E N T S AND M A R K E R S OF LVEKLASTING BEAUTY AND MEMORY ADAMS M O N U M E N T CO. 202 East Poplar Phone 11SGR Thurmond Adams, Prop. All Ihc Mahatma of Montague Street can obtain now i:; lor ^competent operatives who still have Ic^s under them, arms swinging at their sides :nd at least some measure of their f u t u r e still in front of them. Meyer of the Yankee chain, you sec, knows a ballplayer when he sees one, too. Like a lot of other baseball men, llankus Pankus Grccnborg can't understand the Corsairs' front office including .shortstop Cox and southpaw Roe in the swap with the Brooks that brought pitchers Gregg and Lombard! and the an- rienl and honorable outfielder. Dixie Walker. "Cox." says Grccnberg, ''can be ."s Rood a shorts-top or third base- he majors and hits the ball far-, her than Reese. "Cox's only shortcoming is that ie suspects he is ill a good deal of the time, bul a winning combination no doubt will knock all thought of that out of his head. "Roe has everything, can be as great as a club, makes him." Greenberg. who spent a highly profitable, although rather unpleasant, 1947 season in Pitls- butgh. accentuates a point many people overlook entirely in ap- piaising the value of players. "It's the club that counts and wins," emphasizes the old Tiger home-run manufacturer "All you have lo do to fully realize this is recall members of winning Yankee combinations of thc past who were shipped elsewhere--men like Myril Hoag and catcher Joe Glenn. And members of .second-division and even basement outfits who came to the Yankees to stick out like ah electric sign--a fellow like Nick Ellen, for example. "It's much easier for all hands to give it the old college try when they are winning. · · _ · "That's the reason winning clubs make their own breaks." It's good to-see the. Pittsburgh club on the right track at last under Bill Meyer. IJy CARL 'iA. United Press Sports Writer Nl^W YORK. Feb. 12.--U.R) Jackie Robinson, who. played,wj_ distinction as the first negro in organized baseball, signed a contract with thc Urooklyn Dodgeis for 1948 on the birthday of.Abra- , ham'Lincoln, the Great Emanci- ' pator. . ,, i ' Robinson. sii and sincere, is a direct descendant of people whom Lincoln freed from slavery, although , many fans familiar wjtn the inner-workings of the Dodger organization suggest that he anu his team mates slill are subject to a broad form of servitude under i boss man, Branch. Rickey. . However. Robinson, the TOOKJC of the year last season, was expected to be paid around $15,000 * « · · · .. I. · +r» »*lrt LITTLE BEAVERS 1H05E,£f\OKe AttDHES ' ' ( '.-^^S»^ m ^ \\mrn ,, barges by Former Coaih Ed McKfeevB B y . J O H N RIGGERS (Special to Register) JIarrisburg's annual Pow Wow will open tomorrow night with a South Six conference basketball DCCtCU 10 DC UU1U «l uunu «^AV»V«TM OVJULII 01 A w***'-» v-!»*.·*- .,««..««.,»-.. for 1948 which is nearly three i game between the local Bull Dogs times as much as, he earned from and thc league-leading Centralia Ihe dub in straight salary last Orphans. Last season, playing at first, the only position he had never .handled regularly, he became one ot tne great individual · factors in Brooklyn's drive to the,pennant. He was paid% apprpxixnately,,$5,500 although he made fau, .more thanL ^ that in vaudeville appearances and squa(1 in gifts .from fans wluch..includea Jn the past eight years the a luxury sedan that almost equal- Cenlralia team has been a stiff Regardless of winning or losing Ihe Cenlralia five has won Ihe loop crown for the second straight season, as a victory over Benton last week sewed up the title, while the second place Mt. Vernon Rams suffered defeat at the hands of the Harrisburg Led, his salary. . iiennanski Signs ,; Meanwhile, .the Dodgers sjgned Gene Hermanski,, who. is .expected to take-over Dixie Walker slight jiian as he wants to bo. The only j Owners who spend money like thing Pee Wee Rccrc has on him ' Frank E. McKinney and John W. is the pcisc that come-; with ex- ' Galbrcath deserve a full measure pcriencc. Cox has a remoikable of success. opponent for Ilarrisburg, since; \ Ihe Bull Dogs have whipped A. L., i Troul's Orphans .only two times, since 1940, eight complete sea-, sons. For Ihe first four years in ' the series Harrisburg failed to Complete Stock of "Washer and Radio Parts Prc~;t Service On Rcwlrs Robson Radio Electric Service 206 E. Pcpfor Fuller Brysfies Phone 678 1 hit .279 in *79 games Carl thriller757 to 55. This was t h e . onlv conference tilt Centralia lost, I j duty this year. US y.e«r. 'TTirrishnr" won Dodgers, also^re^ing.^^^^ 11 ^ joined other veterans, Petei e rice ser, Bruce Edwards, and Hugh land Record t to count Th-prheen the "Chukin' , -From h S, Okla., said the Cardina s g^^em » run v.-ould have to pay him moie lor while Coach SAN FRANCISCO. Feb. 12-- U.K--Newly appointed football coach Joe Kuharic today shrugged off "smear" charges against University of San Francisco athletic policies as an attempt by,former Coach Ed McKeever to "get even" after his welcome ran" out. Kuharich. who feuded and fussed wilh McKeever. as Ihe . handsome Texan's assistant last season, denied categorically McKeever's "while leller" accusa- lions lhat USF had imported players without regard for eligibility and had paid them "substantial salaries." He said McKeever's letter to USF Moderator Father Jerome Sullivan and Pacific Coast Confer- ience colleges and officials was a ""T more "substanlial funds." 18 Players in Clear ,»", . Copies of the . "Wjhite.,,,letter." were mailed to Pacific Coast Conference Commissioner. Vie Schmjdt and athletic, authorities ,at. Calj; fooiia, Stanford, St.. Mary's.,and Santa Clara. .San, Francisco is not a conference member .but is , seeking games with ( the "big ' U l ' time" schools, using N. C. A. A. eligibility standards. Father Sullivan after. checking school records, said 18 of the · -: players McKeever cited are "absolutely in the clear." IJe declared that USF never played with an ineligible player, that he had no. knowledge of "additional substanlial funds" being paid to athletes, and that the ,, cy ~~ - t L/«AU LVJ CllllJlt,l%*.3} M*IVi. V A l M b fc*»V deliberate attempt ,,tb , smear co n egc followed all N. C. A ISF athletics because of the!,._.,_n,, TM f iv r ,,\^ i USF athletics because of -- - . 1 bitter wrangling. ' "There are many misslatements in McKeevcr's lelter," Kuharich added. "He is hurting the boys more than he is hurting the school or me." Denies Smear Campaign At Chicago, McKeever said he didn't "want to keep this feud flaming, but I wrote the letter 'SO my position would be clear ! after 1 left." McKeever said it was "definite- .ly not true" he was attempting a smear campaign--"at least as far as the athletes arc concerned." purity code" rules. "That was a bone of conten- ·-- lion between us and may have had something to do with his leav- - ing to take the job with Ihe Chi- ? cago Rockels," he added. 7 Leclford Cubs to Meet Sunday 2 p. m. The Ledford Cub baseball players are asked to meet Sunday at 2 p. m. at Stalions grocery to discuss purchase of suits for the coming baseball season. j; s. It I* i: ». Ir s I* i A-sircSr JST E, - ~ ~s%^ : controversial letter shortly after fund report, domestic sources sup! ' he resigned at San Francisco to plied less than 15 per cent of the 'take over a highly-lucrative job | 757,000 tons of rubber consumed m One OL, the stran«-' as head coach of Ihe professional the United. States. Since Pearl Har- wm, ui/ i v. 0 i Tj-.-i.nt,. nf tv.o All.Ampri- bor. however, we have built up our vnmn nave LO P«» mm "»«» -- -- ·---- his southpaw pitching artistry, re- displayed a n * TM * " TM Z " ^ " V £ - . fte'^uit oTa'dairv tfuck accident .three coll ;??alin 0 g he had turned down his-teU «J knocking off ge Mt. Wr_ the ~ult o ^ .^ . n dam .|hen^p« first offer while playing uomn.oes non Kams on t ^^ ^ dairy company eligibility at the local fire station. - .uood ,. c h , i r t T in thc v . in Above, the 6-Ioot. 1-2 inch. 197 ;$^0 to _y ,,=_,,.,, /-,,* njHfliA . Leading Harrisburg n me \.m , mother Pirates Get Riddle 1 'NEW LOOK" IN MOTORCYCLES. This aluminum-plated, stream- 1 lined motorcycle is on display at the Milan Exposition in the Italian · or lowered by means of the handle Harrisburg in inu «... --;- -- ~»--^ h j mothcr iai» v.v-v ».- Xvor !hr HnmS V.'3S Bull U02 CCH- puui.u Ju.» "'The l.ig boy in the Cardinal ,£5^ Cummins who piled in I in the courtroom. office apparentlyjia^tj^d 4 rnuch; 21 '- points for thc evening. Cum- Rockets of the All-Ameri- domestic productive capacity to ap- athletes as having proximately 900,000 tons. Approxi- many as two or j mately three-fourths of all the, 6 ^j before transferring | cru( j e rubber consumed ,in the -presumably using all their j United states goes into tires 'and i: *y--and as receiving from . . $70 per month or even ! ii i. i i; is now onc of the top scor-; six h ing rack . I f * l * V ' V H * 1 * i 1 " ' " t " ' ' ~ * l^L* ' i ' l ^ - V J ' I V* i \y n» v» *.»-v* **j ··»^,*--.v ·-- -- -! being turned by a"mechanic. (Photo by NEA-Acme staff correspondenc i Julius Kumi.) -' Over The Fashion Palace iHCQME TAX SERVICE 0 S ^ J S S ' inquiry Press encies Fcb 12--»^E) up a standard of four classifica- ·'-^ . . . . . T , i _ _ » .~»J K«* ffmi i/\r»C UllH-t v'i'f"» « - « » - . - ,, time to devote to salary matters,^ said Brecheeri, obviously refe . r " n f j e 'rs in the aoutu o 1A , ..«·-.£, ----- , . t to former Postmaster. General Bob, od M0 tallies so f a r in confer- ^\ s ^ @ ^ by \ Hannegan. now owner of the club. iencc compe tition, his average be- j ,, ^ : 8 The Detroit Tigers signed uP' ! i n g slightly over 15 points per; infielder Eddie Mayo and o u t f i e l d - . . * , in thc n i ne tilts played. . er Walter (Hoot) Evers, the Pitts-1 | howing much improvement. , u Tj:^ofoc- lirnno'nt in Ditcher! ,_ ...v,or TJ.irri^hjir:? swai t "i · -31 en .mprovemc-n.. --· . LOS ANGELES. Fcb. 12.--vU.P. week wnen Harrisburg swamped j_A superior court jury has relusca Saniboro was fonvard Bill · to grant $75.725 damages asked Hot^BrowS who collected 17 tal-; b y a 13-year-old boy^vho charged. and the Cleveland Indians sis»«u H CS against the Foxes. Friday, , that his rapid gnnvtn was caused rookie strikeout star. Bill Kennedy. .,, ih ° Mt V ernon game,. Brov/n by a fall from a truck a lefty from the Scranton, Pf-. scored nine points lo bring his i The boy Edward J. Conrad^n. Aliners outfielder Hank Edwards, s th to 77, and Captain I d acci:sed t s lc silver Shield dairy j slated1 to be a first stringer, and -- - -- ~- - - -' er vvancx VJ-1.VJV.W/ -- . T - j i burgh Pirates brougnt in pitcher Elmer Riddle, the sorerarmed right bander picked up from Cmcinnali. and Ihe Cleveland Indians signed Ton its 6 p. rn. ; i- ·! i: nuuN i^uivuiw-, jjoutn oix.ioiai «.« '', "··" --".-- , nau accuscu Liiu on»v;i ^ni\.u v-».- | Fcb la-itjy up a sumuuiu ^ ««* «-- sia i«u w - - -ft stringer, and Djck vinson r an his loop scoring f negUgcIlcc His suit said he; resume its in- lions to be observed by sections catc her Hank Ruszkowski. who bat- lo 8 3 for the nine tills. |grcw 10 inches ar.d gamed oO ( (1 uirv carlv next weel into chars- of the government . The majority | J ed , 259 in 20 games late last - fa Won First Tilt ^ after ,.he_acc-Ken He now IHI c sr isS "to^i s s/^h^sss^ySj^ Keasler Rug Upholstery Cleaning 503 W. South St. Phone 859R Harrisburg Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Dealer ·PC- -t -v-s oisciy.--uu today, .partment. Army and N _ 7' «"n Ri»,v'pr Fx 0 ' Under thc proposals, mforma- . George H. Benaa. i».. u.. . n ^ department and agen- jsaid 'he had . asiU1 ^ UCC: : w1 ::. "". ' cv ·-- under certain, standards-1 House Executive Expcndiaiies c urn. fied as « top se . Committee Chairman Clare L. TMuiu u v "confidential." or Hoffman. R- Mich., mat the hear-. S lr «\ rictsccdC " ' Tho se designations, ings, postponed since last Np%. 14. . icstricieu. be resumed in a few days. H COLLECTIONS ?!«· fT» 5351 J 'C accsurls. wtes and bad *~.V5 *i{h LI We cclltct frcn arr/opc, any- »Vr:. i-i j,~». Xo collection, no charge! M. D. Ncslcr Collection Agency 302 E. Walnut Phone 113 i-Eds Resign Frbm Northwestern Humor Magazine EVANSTON, 111.,. Feb. ,12.- : Cenlralia Won. First Tilt K..^. -- --"---.· . ,,,,, Enterin* tonight's contest, Har- stands six feet, one-half mcncs and risburg leads Us opponents . in weighs 197 pounos. scoring 887 to 871. and fouling,', -- ---- J373 to 359. High point men for , [j |g V/ Qy / EqisaslJy fhn. "Rull Tio^ 5 ; ore Cumrnins ^ itn _ ^ ^ ^~~jt^ 251 ta?lies m Ihe 18 games. Fi«cb OT Grade 184. vinson H9, Jones 9J.Van- $ c h oo \ Cage Tourney derPluym '60, and Catlm 42. - ttarrisburfi suffered one of its Two Gallatm county_teams. Friday 6 p. m. -- Saturday 6 p. m. 14c and 40c MOfSINGER AND ROSE Bonds and Insurance 17!-s S. MAIN ST. Phone 655R ·w-41 V;v.irwr J. E. "Prte" Rose some respects, censorship ino£ ^mini'stratioiV put i _ - ricid than was imposed m wai .n ~TM* turol j. and without author- 'T ndcr ,1,0 propos,,s ,,, scUg ^ on'Wy^, MB^-jI J» up "minimum standards tor in., """rj* 1 . whcn its definitions MI' · » · · · · ;__;A»* r*r rnnnLiis ici*.ci »»*»v** *TM « ! curity :l information." the ** J ld V c TVoo strict- It has not re- Advisory . boarci o, the juu«t« nof ha any *. - u - .-,, , tho : r rpsio . period sealed thc doom 01 ine an d Equality nippea MU««;·" , said they submitted their resi.- P 0 TM 0for in this quarter Centralia lo 2L Kirby was high scorer nation to the university s Board ^og.- 10 compared to with 18 po ints as Ridgway scored of Publications, after they r ^ere,maae P ^ thc bcals ^ ^ ^^^ j lllls B nnk-1 given a choice of malang drasUc ^ ^ Wag HJgh le ... s J3 points £or ^quality was changes in the magazine 01 . c - j ^.^ ^ ^ ^ half-time Har- high in thc other game -n The Daily Register. 20c DR. D. A. LEHMAN EYE, tAR, NOSE, THROAT Glasses Fitted 203 North Vine Street Suite 4--Harrisburg Hospital GOODRICH. TIRES n:er. Truck, Tractor HARRISBURG 'HUE BATTERY 205 E. Poplar Terms 1741U Insurance Harker Wiley INSURANCE AGENCY COUNTY CREDIT BUREAU CREDIT REPORTS INVESTIGATIONS COLLECTION SERVICE Huilding phone 678 I i SEE John B. Owen, J. P. J' 1 = S. Main Phone 655W '«'Slate, or Drivers' License, w , Deeds o r Mortgages. IVOJWE 7/OC By Williams THOUGHT SOMEBODY HAP BEEN TELLIN' YOU FULL KM 1 THAWIM OUT TO 5VV/ILLTH I 1 GARAGE i Mler a rest at nalt-timc nai- iiign in i i risburg took the floor trailing 40 MlK jdy week i'to 19. The third canto was all play th( i Bull Dogs with the boys OL l ur- . h j rd p i z - - s an d Carrier Mills will thc consolation game for i 17-20. me iniiu vut".« ·--~ -- piav mi; \.uiio*/««.v.^.- c----- tBull DO"S with the boys of Pur- ( h . ; ,: d placc al 6 :30 p. m. Friday 'pie and White hitting thc hoop and lhc championsmp lilt will with 18 tallies while thc hosts slarl al 7:4 5. could collect only six The score Both R ; dgtt . ay an d Equality, re- · at thc conclusion of this perioa Uess o£ who w ins Friday., will ; i found, Harrisburg behind only 46.- lhp dc . school regional j I to 37, then in the final quarter mccl at Johnston city next week . ithe Bull Dogs came witmn fi\c ^ wilh Harris burg Eldorado '.points of Centralia onl to ha ; c McLcans boro. seeded teams., ie Orphans finally pull ahc«d -^ rccional wi n be played Fco. , 'and w i n decisively. . ' ' " " " " i High point man for Harris- buVg was Cummins with 20 tallies while Fred Schhctman and jjSy Wilson paced lhc Orphans :r of tonight's visi- il^£ s S^is?$ -cg^-s. s«« «~ ]Scc- t. oppo"cnt.= is ItaOjjhan ?lling h!; ,,,,, Bi ? _ ; dctoL, ; center. 'pulling Following i"« K«"" v »·"···»-·"';-- j;:i.:i * « · " » ; ··..".-" -.-. ,,,- ipow \Vow"shows am| _cnlcrtain- 5Cho]aMica iiy rr.ol^n^c for inc. 'mcnts will begin at 5:15. second i-cmo^cr. 1 Last vcars Pow Wow tilt saw o ,, lcr );orn v.i 1 ,', 1.£- :-hlc jo play ^HarrLbur- invite the West Franks sl 0!llo S:M c si Columbus. I f o r t R ^ Birds, with the. local '£ SnUJ , (] v, MHCC the *cc- , ·ffvc winning 34 lo 30 Price of om! , cnic ,; cr (!c o not -^J wm the game will be 25c for adults n ^ xl j ionda v. Hov.oxcr. 3 c will and IOC for students. m iss the 1;,M thror wnicre _^-- -- Barnes n^nir.vt i iinu.i. .vit»t «- ·Truck Driver Fined cn^d ^TM r ^^ Mid thc For Working Overtime }lart r n g s deal in they pl Now Showing Kclurn Showing STARRING TYRONE POWER ^INDA DARNELL · i i - -- - --*m**m***~*^ ^ Friday 6 p. m. -- Saturday 1 :30 p. m. Double Feature -- 12c and 35c W overtime. cfrer» tx:c Matzlce a dri\cr for sn cr:ce t.iir.cs or.(J 'Iowa Citv la., iirm planed ?iJiity ii rc season. 'to a charge of puttin? '« "*TM -l hoi:rs ovcrlin-.e in l^o \vhilc in\- Minn«.ola's i«x^crn-,s 'ing between Iowa City and Chic vo. ^^ lhc .,.,,-.,,, c ported IT, XOTICE: c cr ial ".irnfile and not reporting it _* »|«^ ir.itr- ... ,,.. ., ff ^ eK-'.^rrr- slate """ Thc on overtime ; safety measure. **. Blwcen Iowa City and CIHC.VO. r lhc , . c ,,.,, c ro: c , r -cd it, XOTICE . c cria l "jSrnfile Girl" *M ^ *TM" not reporting U »o .ho Ir.ttr- ^^ ^ s ce ,^ f for so-^ncrn fcl an( , on v^m^v al 1:30 and *:4- 1«. n. showr, at all ihows Friday ^T IN FW SPA PERI JEWS PA PER I

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