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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, July 27, 1948
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m Jff "5s Htm, Frテつォテつォ*rkk, M*.. Tテつサc.-fajr, 27. IMS TM **** Dorothy Dix Say*: テつキt tte net oOc* at Frador- Washington Fantastic Financial Fish Story Daybook One of the chief gripes of women is that their husbands take so little interest in their homes. Wher- i Convention Hoop-La e\er a group of women *re gather- ] Colorf.I Backdrop For ed together for a taikfest to dis- j cuss the shortcomings of husbands.' Wallace's Ked Dilemma AMJ-t !テつォ-テつキテつキテつォ o* C-rojUtiq^; you can hear the bitter wail of By TR , S COF FIN Features EC A Loan To Iceland By PETER EJDSON NEA Cテつォrrespテつォndent JULY 2?. ISHテつサ テつォテつキテつサ'*"テつキ テつキテつキ テつキ Publicity And Crime over being married to men who won't dry the dinner dishes, or walk the baby, or mow 1 or paint the porch, or hang unless they are badgered into doing f j Washington. July 27-- NEA-I Loan business at Paul G. Hoflnoan's テつキ Economic Co-operation Adnunis- Phiiadelphja." July 27-- The Wai- trauon - . handling Marshall Plan derstandable. Out of the first gear's $5,000,000.000 appropriated by Congress, roughly $ , is for loans, and $4,000,000,000 for ! Know America Today's Anniversaries 1742--Nathaniel Greene. famed Rhode Island Revolutionary jen- ^ era!, 'dose to Washington" himself, "savior of the South." born Warwick, R. L Died near Savan- nab, Gテつォu. June 19 1736 Side Glances it. ter-fraternsty sing, all done in Yet the explanation is simple Technicolor interest has been enough. The average man *s do- Tbe , e , %c ', e bv the citation of five Bal- mestic-niinded. He. too. marries to and ." I,'/ r i o rsKiio the ECA countries wants to borrow lace convention was a strange com- njonev - *~ a ' 1 テつサ Kood. ] money if it can get it as an outright grass ' b;natjon of a camp meetui" the ' Announcement that the first re- gift. The British, for instance, are meeting of the Societv conduction loan of $2300.000 had ' said to be turning down all sug- Dollar Bills, and an in- ***? autfa(riz テつォl tar Iceland was * ' gestions that they borrow some ex-i plorer of America, "father o f descriptive antomology." born in! "~ -- -- --テつキ-*テつォ -- *テつキ*テつキ *.*^* -.-h.KiA4.ju. テつサ*: m ^t^uiviJnS (.**テつォ I;ACテつサ JN/VA . QW 5OHJC \* * * _ - * テつキ t j L'"l e P rematur *- " "** to cover j money for reconstruction, on what! 1テつー" J?.^ 1 ^ T^**^ ** d , en : i v turn$ . f a v *"TM 8 for violation Sテつォt a home. From the time he is a ads es ah m a n h haircu who テつサテつォ t . tt ,. J . L . ------ , . . -aeses w a n maj..ish haircuts Aho c a - 5JOO,000 to outfit a herring oil テつキ are described as -highiv moral y *WP. P^ Jl.500.000 for a grounds." ' r * flner " * nd otn テつォr modern- ; The argument is that, since the テつー^ he , Icelandic ftshin 8 to- I Bntah government hasn't been The loan hasn't been sign- able to sen-ice or repay aテつォvth-nz - - - - - テつキ テつキ - . . . . . . courager of of American talent! u - Conn - ______ Baltimore since 1939, and have no have ^ zy wj . h fcim doubt kept the Baltimore news- But the dream papers and radio stations a a stone Kelly". celebrated West-! ern army scout. California fruit, rancher, born at Geneva. N. Y.' Died Dec. I". 1928. 1862--May Irwin. noted actress. : rea h/ed Practically all women are mor.op Brooklyn, N. Y. Died Jan. 19 i 1934. ' ' Treasury's cur- Today In History 1789--The Department of State ere: :ed by Congress--first known as j es テつキ the Department of Foreign Af-' the テつォsi cl the State, a** * -TMテつォer wno decides on the hou^ and fur- Fo r the young and the politically to port every time they made a ' rent monlhfv av erage 7テつォirテつォr raTe 1739 issl-U-d to come before the Mary- テつォテつキテつォテつォ. TM* ~ テつサ rare that a huテつサbana inexperienced debates tfc:s was catch. Instead, they would be 'テつキ Th-s is now shghtlv under two per at. land Court of Appeals this fall. ha * テつキ? *テつキ?-*. aooul "r 11 "" 1 * テつー' THE brave adventure. The kids able to discharge their hauls to the cent. Marshall an countries テつキ the j The proposal has stirred up buter ad テつーTM ln *. hls horne ' Ma - v ^ men *テつォ Dt remarking over and over floating factory, which would re- dickering for loans have expec'ed ' fairs o^idoVfrom the count* news- テつ」 ould " k f. more "テつォテつォ*テつォ テつォテつォ ' h *'- again, "We're getting a rotten press duce the herring to oil at sea. to get this low rate. 186S-The first successful 4.t!ant. opposition irom me home$ 5{ .^^ cou , d make _ fev . But we exp?ct |? .. Thjs ^ ^ Then the fishing fleets could be re~ Bank'* Rate Varies With Risk VbTe successful Atlantic, papers. suggestions about them ' ' ' cco.e ,,_The purpose of the Baltimore -r^,, consider hov . ,,,,,_ meil "Supreme Court rules is obviously out o f the homes they pay so much to inテつサure * fair trial for anyone for. Three hooks in a closes and a But among the older and more cou *d iテつォe*テつサ remain at sea and fish ' on~the bank's usuaf term^ 1テつ」c-Im accused of crime by preventing the couple of drawers in a chiffoni-r experienced, thtrr- was a curious '"^Jonger periods of time. ; bank is required by law to make cable completed. ,aid b:tterly. bu! Kind of happily, fueled ind take on new supplies of. Since ECA loarr? are handled bv 1863^3%- " \-t ' of et It was all part of the adventure of food and water from the factory | Export-Import bank, however, a!! " ca-ie'rs pu' ^ u rh defying the conventional. ship stores. The fishing boats '. negotiations have been conducted 1 909-!v : He~ Wr " mail -d bv hour r " air. arrested . CCflt l-Hテつサ テつサY XCA SSWKC. OK.T.H. _fe__U *. MT. OFF. .7-27 Whi'e the object of the court is sharc P'テつォonal Belongings /,.,._ _____ .w.. --^ ,xテつサ^ m ,,テつォテつォ J once heard a man say confident New. Dealer, was sharp- filiation, early this year. The pro- . the money will be paid back Ex- inlv worthv and there must 1 w "-" c "=aiu a man say that th? tempered and shrewish. He put up '-J*^ 1 - oo!t ed good, to Ex-Im jbank. It J Im bank's interest rate therefore" H ~J r fo- adoatine un 8 r a*テつサSed desire of his life was to his arm to ward off blows before was a11 set to make the loan when . varies with the risk and runs from テつキ hテつォv* been good reason^ ioi テつ」 ' , . have a comb and brush that bテつー- he was hit. C. B. '"Beanie"' Bald- ECA was opened for business last' two to four per cent, them, the present citation S --テつー' A "* longed exclusively to him and win. formerly a shrewd and effi- April. i Prospective Marshal! Pian bor- the futility of the Courts el.ort tha . d ; {i|1 -, have . A . oln( . [ ii h a j r m C icnt politician v.-as touchy. Even Wanting to show results as soon ' rowers are now trying to beat Nearby newspapers and radio sta- u g ut he never go . it poor sou , Henry Wallace, who has always as , Possible. ECA suggebted that it down these interest rates. So far. tions, which are not under the And even when his wife was buv- s*テつォ-*mテつォl to look out over the crowd t a k e ov f r * h * loan to Iceland. All they have had no success, but this court's rules, conveyed the banned ing him his Christmas present an! through the mist to some sight . t!ie spade work that had been done ! is one of the prir.cip " info-mation into the community ' with his own money she never ueyond. v.-as troubled Tne great テつー-' the banjc was then d ne again ECA's loan business with impunitv picked anything out "for his own テつォテつーrment is. of course, tho Com- ^ y ,. t . he f.9^ f' aff ' , ,, ' Administratoj A serious question has been rais- Phonal benefit. i, wa , , l w a v i . テつォnum*t d.lemma The kids didn't Lettin* *uh Out Of Bag - taking off for e d テつォ to the validity of the code. ' something that b he a :K i the gidi * now anytlnn B about it. To them. .. Tn p n the jrtatistic* and reports ; to Paris, announced that ECA had inwmuch as it limits freedom of co "^ ft "^; speech and freedom of the press. A "テつーther reason why men are no: It is well that the rules be through- ly tested in the higher courts to. a n y _ ulhority in them The fir settle definitely this moot question. move that a i most _ verv voung テつォテつキ'? Whether or not there is need for [ makes Is to separatc テつキ hcr テつキ . . . rlotlng m radio engineers send long dash signals to Mars, j 940--Pan American Conference in i Havana adopt plan for joint oc- i "Let him sleep! If we wake him now. he might point out that this is a terrible picture, and I want to enjoy it!" ] leave in September on a severa!| テつキ months' trip to California ar Mexico. cupation in case any land in the! :vlrs - John . M - wiuiam s and , The International Convention of. Americas is transferred to Hitle'- ! J oun S s 00 - w "o nave been visiting . Lion's clubs is beir.g heki in New! omb Japs,!l er mo er - Mrs George W. Me- ; Vor.K this week. Those lron Fred-! Mr?. more enthusiastic over their hom is because they have so httie. in piercmK eyes and the sad face. But to Henry \ValIacc. "the Com- against' and the only specific project au- テつキ be destroyed. ' thorized. Denmark. Ireland and j Today's Birthdays J. Kemp Maples, son, Dallas, and Mr. and Mrs ^ , and daughter. Boston. Mass.. are, Summers and daughter Connie, of] ment of crime news here. =na it entertains, the guests are nearly j by the tireless mimeogrnph" ma-! thc !oan "asn't been signed. .. would be both untrue and unfair to j ? ^;' s ""tends, rarely her hus-, chines. Henry Wallace is in and i Ta * reas ons why the reconstruc- ; plus some S35テつォ.000.000 claim justification for hmmstring'ing j a ^ n| ^" jt the age^cies of communication on ' w ; fe - s { the puVucation of crime Jews, i the house _ n d who afe wclcomc , 0 ; he can't get out. And it all start- " tio:1 loan business hasn't been any j June-July money ,..,,., ^.^ only members of the j ed so innoテつォ-entlv: j better at ECA are perfectly un-I given awav in that period have the run of Months ago. Wallace, by a gen- j erous wave of his hand, accepted the decision of "Beanie" Baldwin 1 Vets Guide ! Doctor Savs: 000.000 in the next three months. Amorv years ago Houghton. board chair- the " There is too much of a , pay interminable visit? After h-. ln over-backward to aid those who , has tried it once and seen the resulI. i to run afoul of the law. Legal te.-hni- , the bravest man hesitates to shou ' caliiies aplenty are available--in ; even his own mother any attention the hired hands for free the organ- テつキ " fact, entirely too many in the tf;.es , All of which may go to show wh*- izers who brought in the crowds i . of the average layman. It is im-, so many married men take so liflテつサ and let Wallace run the show. It portant that no innocent person be interest in their homes punished, but it is also important ' R - lga ^" by . . ------ "テつキ^テつキテつキテつキテつキ--- .=テつォ-- v-ummums^ , ..^ there anv chance {hat l wi]1 that the public realize that viola-' ^ ,, , ,, _ . *^PPCd their ov,a boys ,,, key . tc ca!Iedr these lettcrs ask I " i The answer i: r*(ow. Wallace and Baldwin and 3 t a l! Tugwell are cut off 'from their; . ,, ^._テつォ- Those who visited at the home of i man of the Corning Glass Works. Mr - and Mrs - Harry G. Cosgrave New York, born in Corning, 49 and ^ a mily, near Lily Pons, on Sun- no seen tne result. to no i d opeil {he door f t h e ' B v MAJOR THOMAS M VIAT i hesitates to show J Communists. They were to b e ' Wa^hSrTMSv 4-^SomJ ^t- EARLY TREATMENT OF her any attention the hired hands for free, the organ- テつキ JP テつォ po~r W " T T " ^"'-- - -iy go to show wh- izcrs w -ho brought in the crowds i v^r-m!" men take so liflテつサ and let \VaIlace run the shoxv. It .h' .-,,,:,' lomi * ' rfiti not work out that wav. When ' ^ dr.ft Bell Syndicate. I n c ) テつキ they organi/ed. the Communists ~, ,K years ago. day were: Mr. and Mrs. Russell POLIO INCREASES ' CHANCES OF CTTKE the writer's future in By EDAVIX P. JORDAN. M.D. Written for NEA Service Mrs. Edith Patch of Orono. j Feasle " ar -d son, of Washington: . Maine, entomologist and author!! Mr - ar t i Mrs - Lester Dixon and son. born in Worcester. Mass . 72 vears i テつー" -Arlington. Va.i Mrs. Edna Downs |and daughters, of Rockville: Mr Dr. John A. Hansen. Jr., has rテつォi turned to his home here for the! summer. Dr. Hansen is a member! of the faculty of the University of I Tennessee at Knoxville. and form-l erly taught in Frederick County | schools- Mr, and Mrs. Paul Burke and I tors of the law will receive their . DeMoIav BQYテつォ Book great deterrents to Stiff Opposition i Dr Douglas Horton. secretary of ^ nd Mrs - Cu rtis Holbruner and s children. Elizabeth Barbara Mar-1 i the General Council of the Congre- テつーf ugh i5 r : of w テつーodsboro: Mr. and i oa and Paul. Jr.. of Greenwich I jgational Christian Churches of thell'i^ 5 - Ealph Sigler and daughter, j Conn. and Mr Park W Loy of I | The proper treatment of polio- ! *T - S.. born in Brooklyn. X. Y.. 57 'テつキ Mj adletown; Mr. Harold Heffner, j Kager^town spent W e d n e s d a y ! practically none i myelitis requires as early a diag- years ago. j Jefierson: Miss Pauline Fogle, Mr. I afternoon with Mi=s Eleanor IVlJ ] nosis as possible. This is not al- S Dr. Gordon M. Fair, dean of the i a n a Irs - Clarence Fogle. Mr. j Lov. Thurmont Mr= Burke is - - - -- _ _ _ -i- ^ Creager. " ~ ' - - crime is the light of publicity. Many fear jail terms. ' fellow-warr'"-- テつォf テつォh- ^-o- v H P -,I テつキ First - if " ou are 2c vcars old ' ou -' , ways easy because the disease real- ; Harvard Graduate School of Engi- I ^. eo ?|5 T ,9 reager - aa - of ^"oodsbcro; j daughter of Mr. Loy and a niece The local DeMolay baseball team ' and out in"a""ro^t-テつサr!nn"テつォ-lr.,i テつォ. ! are automatically exempt. '- begins several days before there j neering. born in South Africa, 54 j -テつォr-テつォilliam Cosgrave. of Frederick.! o f Miss Lov. . , , t _ - t _ テつキ ^t***^* r 7 "* 2| * ** nJiitojiiyn \\ H i C I Ft. 1 "' f, ! - ( テつキ _ _ * A A - ' **-~^ テつキ_!-.テつサ-テつキ ^ !テつォテつキ-,-. ,, c i r . . * テつサ . 0.1 : -- _ テつサ tVT-TM on.^ ^\Tr-t- T.^l-_-. nr v テつキ*テつキ-テつサ--テつキ l -. --. ""_ r - it more than fines and swings into higher gear this xveek ! served for Communists and . It is also frequently with a pair of stiff games against noying screw-balls. The third Sccond - if - vou served 90 days or , are an ' S! g" s o f paralysis. Also the i years ago. party , more on useful in bringing to justice those top metropolitan competition in which started off with such frantic | HarDor and who flout the law. We should, i teen-age ball. :_,--,.--- x. ~. . , ov~mr,f w t h I idealism has gone sour. The onlv j exempt. . Friday evening they tackle a pure -at-heart are the nice kids who ! Third, if you didn't serve those ' L?f^ restrictions that unduly limit the, f'TM" g Baltimore chapter DeMolay I open the doors and hang up the! 90 days', but did serve one year . . . . | team on the new high school dia- ' :ipns: handbng of news of criminal cases ; mond _ t flve o . c i ockb テつー ; SI B ns by press or radio. i Saturday they meet the highlv. T h i r , ,,.. . V5 .. _ touted Washington Robert Le~- f ,7 f ,5^ , ^'enettes-On in. Tragedy Of Soil Waste \ZStt^?r$^テつォ%TMテつア j sometime between Sept. 16. 1940, i and June 24. 1948. you are exempt. ;y people have the early j erful will. The mind is patient and s but never get any para- t prudent, capable of great concen- . air. and Mrs. John W. Bowers HI j Mr. and Mrs. Loren Austin Horoscope j ? nd tv -'テつー so^- Johnny and Paul, of j Detour, recentlv- returned from a I a person of sen- ! テつー r ? n ! O ."r 1 ' p' a 5 e spending the trip to Detroit. Mich., where they and a very pow- J- 6 ^? ~ vl ,r r ^ rs ~ alar y s '- Bowers. , were visiting with their son-in-law : "'^ aSt -r outh str eet- ; and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Dannv Miss Frances Boteler. formerly ' Maltagliati. - テつサ - --テつキ o~-~ "テつキ*_テつキ wufct*-- i ^*-^vテつサテつサテつサ*-テつサテつサ., ^.ut^b. .jr_._ テつォ_テつサi. ti ^CIL t.utn_.cii--テつキ _ e t _ - -. " lysis at all. ! tration and application. There is テつー f ^^ clty ' bas ret "TMed to Balti- Experience. judgment, and skill; self-restraint, _diplomacy and keen ! ?テつォテつォ ^-^^8 ~TMe time at nia delegation. The Providence, R. L. Journal, is, There is no admission charged nr;^, n - Kテつォ,-- T-^- i impressed by the plans for the' テつサVテつ」テつォ *""% TMd the gates are haired MSne^ta firmer ^th Maryland Conservation Field Day,' テつーP e " to the public. *" ' TTm Tl_i7* T - l n - - I*. August 18, when the Thrasher farm i near Jefferson, will be made to demonstrate modern met] prevent soil -wassテつサ. Editorially.' the paper tells of the proposed' _.. "face-lifting" to take place in a ' f" ITTy The DeJ.Iolay boys along with i loused palms . . The young former basis in Frederick. Items From The Columns the Kotei commander. Ocean city. Reunion And Dinner the New York . ; Cri ;-. -.;--_. ----- . - - c _xdecoxaied with daisie": the class ' and am training under j Is there a guaranteed i; allowance that I can , . , ' taking sweating f jce ot the sineer trying ' p ^ ig to the sogR- crowd on a - m i n i m u m enjoyed after 'n * Kenny; Thursda well were sary to our health are being wasted in a mad conspiracy between man and nature. Farm after farm is impoverished. The same ruinous forces which have, destroyed one great civilization after another dur- j ing the last 10.000 years are now; テつキworking their visible destruction t on America. "For the past 40 or 50 years a lew far-sighted individuals have been trying desperately to \\ arn us easy-going plunderers about -.vhat's taking place. At last -with the dramatic help of forest fires, ruinous floods, excellent and persistent education in agriculture and striking demonstrations liked the one on Xellie Thrasher's farm the country begins to awaken to the trage- ^ dy of -waste-" of Chand single day, terming it a "big con-, servation drama" designed to of Thc X ews, July 27, 1S9S, "arouse Americans to an apprecia- テつキ tion of the terrific toll of precious' MESSRS. ELMER S. FAKRNEY ' soil which water and wind take 1 atld J - Murray Brish left this annually from our land" It concludes -with these words-. p ec t to make a double cent "The figures are staggering. Hun- the first day and a century each Wobbhes " ance is increased to make up the respirator or iron lung. Of course, three'of' fc'm'embers^TlrV^Lou^e' ? ^^ BiSer Ringer ' Helen dreds of thousands of irreplaceable day thereafter " . . . . . duTerence. this is a serious complication, but st^ne M-s Wul'ne' Bowlus and and ^ IiSS Jean Saund ers. Southern ' ilarsh!nan Hudy. Frederick: Fran- acres are washed away every year. THE STATEMENTS OF THE FIVE Fauv Pas--Norman Thomas, the However, the guaranteed mini- TMany recover completely, often Mrs.' Mary" Ramsburs. acted as Mar * land Ices Kehne Stroup. Lugenia Horine trees, grasslands, rr.inerals neces-, national banks of Frederick show skilled veteran of hundreds of mu:T ' w テつー ul d count for nothing i f , without any permanent paralysis judges total combined resources as of rouch-and-tumble debates, gently; " our allowance plus wages equal, at a". T h o s e playgrounds receiving July 14 of S3.S96.4S7 and de- pulled Henry Wallace to the edge a f much^as. or more than, the pay i A person who has an acute ill- awards were: Playground with C posits, subject ' " ~" ~ '"" J '"" S2.609.02S. THE PRESIDENT J TORS of the Bicy, about decided Athletic Park with night racing this O*!- CclTS- 3rC l3VO_*cHji v iテつサllprc5ot.*O "-- " テつォ - * . テつォ . * テつォ - ~-j-^j-テつォテつォv %-テつキ*. *\.'テつサ *-テつォテつサf J--'cテつサテつサ~ "x^"^' _* * i vテつォ* * -テつサii ^. \j. ii *!_テつキ . JLji ".v-- -- テつキ.-w.テつォ^*.テつサ.テつサv-*t*. \.'i cti; i \ SJLJIIO^* --------テつォ--テつサ--..- ^jv* w テつォテつサ_テつキ ^.w. A. ^i, ijt. ii,cr tJpifj*-**-- * * *Viテつォ * ** c* T ^ I ~ ~ - --*"T-i but owing to the approaching ver Pest rcrice. Mass- "Do you think the myelitis has already been rr.uch ' vas a tie_ between Washington j--?' TlT?^ _ l ~ *. !rrle . o: t-ol ..iaiore s j -ispurg. close of the season the plan u i i l be abandoned next year -*iテつア*. L*OL/1S jtvLINテつ」. ****_.^テつォn - ij^.t - --テつキ -- -- - ^ - -- -- _ -- _ -- ^ grocer, had three mammoth Pecpse"* While other renorter .-at hardly adequate these days" early .テつォymotoms This doe= not t " lra watermelons on exhibition at bac k fascina'-eri. tne tall Thomas Congress has already voted an rnciin ^terrible fear over every mi- were pu^lec or: 'VVa'Iace !-.kc a ! on tanner increase but a very small one. nor ! '' p ess- Even \\hen there tsy White and Mary Louise arr, Harmon Field. his store Ths calted Dewey. Watch And Spray melons Sampson Sch'ey and attracted rr.uch attention !R JULIUS L O C H N E R spenairis; h;-. \acation with sister in York Pa CASES CALLED T -, A non-suport case ir: which Pres- / WGniY IGdrS ton R. Geisler. Washington pike. vrzs charged with faihng to provide Local "cnm "rom Thc Columns for the support of a minor child. Of Thc Xew ' s - Jalr 27 - ^^S. was continued by Magistrate Man- , CONTRACT yop TTJT rrx- nel M. Weinberg in Peoples Court ^.O^TRACi FOR THs, CON- ard an u-.ruiy be.-s^' Before Starting September, your monthly a he around :-.on ca-es throuch W.V.lncc had put compensation will be S60 a month of indigestion and rrc^t headac'ies SI'RPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY Or: Sunday. Ju3y 25. Mr. and Mrs. record a.- :a-.rr:ns: the A g!sr.ce the future doesn't hav テつー T -テつー connection with th^.t dis- Charl es M Myers, daughters Joan ro:.-k .;c.- the arch- br:nz a hint of any more action of case at a!! ^ cr.em ; csj^i the Corr.rr.-.sT.sts to be this kind It's my guess Congress .nea re cr.ars;eo: badse \\ Carers rocm Hen-y some lessons 'テつキ irere テつキテつサ ere vharn looks cx- w:テつサi not raise compensation arty t w o of the New Party higher. back of :e still had Question from E Gisbe Sy^ and Connie, of Creagerstown. Mi - * a ~Q ^Irs Samuel Myers. Jr.. of Note Dr. Jordan -.5 to Tar -"oivr.. Rex- and Mrs Samuel" ar.?\\er individual question-; frc-r, ^- ^* ers - cf LeGcre. motored *o reader? Ho%\ ever, esch day he \v:ll :he home of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie j S. Evansville, arisw(: " テつー"e of the r-ost frcx=uentlv Too テつォT ?.".ci son Allan, at Braddock. i Mrs. Tobery is the youn-est caugh- j ter of Rev. and Mrs. Myers There j , they had pre-arranged to have a Ind テつキ ' There's been talk about cut- aSlteo questions in this column. ANSWERS: this mornin; Collateral forfeitures were made by Cuefik Haddah. Washington. William M. McKee. Bala. Pa . James E. Moore, Wash.ngton. Don- a5d T. Birdzeil. Washington: Anthony Kane. Jr., Pittsburgh Pa : Robert L. Samp. McKeesport. Pa.: Mark Anthony. Carnegie. Pa.: William A. White. Jr.. Washington: Benton McFarland. Winchester. Ya. Bernard Raskin. Hagerstown. Byron T. Hariey. Hagerstown: Leon Wright. Grand Rapids, Mich., all exceeding 50 and forfeiting S1I.45 STRUCTION of a bridge over MARKET PRICES Catoctin Creek between Middle- Wheat bu tov. n and Myersvil-e \\-a: ax\ard- Bar'cj. hu. eci to the M J. Grove Line Cc-m- Corn, bbi pany for SI2.450 by ti.e S.--te Roads Commission FORMER COUNCILMAN KARRY * IlC WcatllCr C. Allgire and Albert Orrison are the candidates for Major :n the Brtin^v k election Auc 6 Mayor Jacob K. ?Ioier is r.ot ^.eeking reelection. GENE TUNNEY RETAINED THE heavyweight title by defeating special section may be that few ex- e DST Precip'tation for C-J hours ending at S a rr t,xi?y--^3 .if ar. inch P"cc.p"a - -c-r ,7 % . \ to date---." 30 .r.CP.cs Normal July prec.pitat:in. 3 97 inches: actual, July 1947-- to tell Quest.on from W. W. F. Mea- cioi\.^ or Dasi. Ya When is tne Federal government coins to wrong of room and saw the birthday cake coir,i"on for :n the center of the tabie u:th -5P n: but candle* or. st. Rev. Mr Myers re- i.vthir.c ceived many nice gifts from h:f テつキテつキ\ife and children When Japan's FAMILY DINNER d :n the 1.^0= and 193*. mativ a bonus, to World War II veter?ns ' テつーf t?1e co-intry 5 oid MK turned to rpyo'i Nothing positi be done But who was heid OR Mrs William i ay. Dm- ' Mrs. i Among the Japanese, eel meat テつォs been regarded as a tonic テつォI*iatt ^tuaiffler lueituda. i round-by-round report. MR AND MR. SHERMAN pending f mac slisntly cl-Midy on V i r g i n i a terminal leave pay?" will re- | clear on Man land side a: Just abou). but not quite turn today. v Knoxvtl Spokane., Da-n. Poto- Wash テつキ 1^ u too late to app! for ' I f ^ o u I I were discharged before Sept. 1, or you may miss the boat '.republics in the world, covers 175 1 of 5,000. 1946. your apphcatio-i mus-t be pos'- ' marked before m i d n i g h t . Sept. 1 ' 1948 Don t w ait till the last second ' AT" V f l l l rVt a tT rvi i c p + V - i - i V ^ r t - i * f Mrs. Tniman Mav. Mr. and Mrs. Ruth. Mr. and Airs. John Shipley and ctu'dren Dolly and Jimmy. ?.Irテつォ Flfnence Shipley nnd Mull i n i x Bennett of Sykesvillc' Charles Poole of Thurmont M ? n a i d Mar^hall w a s ielected toastmaster at _ ! _ _ .1

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