The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 7
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jphmSDAY. DECEMBER 4, 1924 $ THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE SEVEV- FEWER IDLE MEN THAN YEAR AGO (let Gr«at Amount of New Work Now, However—Corn Huskers Not in Demand. I^ieal demand for corn huskerB lias fallen oft sthco Thanksgiving according to reports received .from •the Knnsas Frco Employment bu- »nn, A few laborers aro going «rorth tp fill Iho demand for men. tingle farm lielp by the month Is still in demand with wngns ranging from ?30 to $35 a month. "Thoro I B not much work right now," says H. W. Chnbln,. agent, "but It is to be noted thnt the number of unemployed is not ns groat as it wus lust yenr at tills time." ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTER'S NOTE BOOK Them's no doubt about It—the Shup-o-Hrnpe In ho tlmo i ml money Haver of this busy.season. tt. Getting Up Nights Can Be Stopped thnt ynu can bo rid of this Btmngth Mtpnlitt; nllment, hnvn nmco pop, he fn:n from burning isennntion, p ;i .n \n Kmin.i, bii^hnrho anil wrakrcfH I'll acini yrMi Walttor'ci I'rostato Siiuctfto frco it 11 »I postpaid umlnr plain wrapper. Nn ohtiRftllon. No cost. If 11 nui'ca your prostMt* filiuul tvoubto, yo\i ran r«puv tho favor by telling yuur friends —If not, tho loan la mine. Simply Bend mo ymir namo ami prove that you run iwi 10 yenr* younger Hiit I l»n rM «f prostate tremble, t, B. WALKER, 2327 Gateway Station, Kansas City, Mo. "DIAMOND DYES" COLOR THINGS NEW; Beauiiiui homo dyeing and tinting is guaranteed w i t h Diamond Dyes. J list, dip In cold water to tint soft, delicate, shades, or boll to dyo rich, perma- ncnt colors. l-;nch ' 15-cont package contains directions so simple any woman can dye or tint lingerie, silks, ribbons, skirls, waists, drosses, coats, stockings, sweaters, draperies, (over- liiB4. ' anglngs, everything now. iluy "Diamond Dyes"—no other kind—and toll your druggist wheth- or the material you wis) to color Is wool or sir-, or whe-her It Is linen, cotton, or mixed goods. "Club House Turned Over," was the headline announcing tho re- reiving of their new clubhouse by the Women's Civic Center club of Hutchinson. "Probably tho prank of some belated Hallowe'en gang," observes the callous lterormntory Herald, —x— Doc Smith, out nt tho Reformatory, asked a new arrival what he was In for. "For having one wife too many." replied tho Inmate. "I don't know yet whelher ho had more than one," observed Doo. ' —x-A tola! of 0,100 Inmates have been -roglstorod on tho books at tho State Iteforinntory, and checked Into that Institution since It WSH established. Tho last, arrival was No. (i-ttin. There are 16'J Inmates there now. Judge V, h. Martin and Sydney J. Hoy, of linnnlhal, Mo., the two speakers nt the Chamber of Commerce luncheon yesterday were seatod together at the speakers' table Casual chat during the luncheon developed that both used to work on the same farm near Ursa. Mo., although nt differunt times. "Wo both pitched hay back of the church on the same, laud," said tho Judge. —x— ^•liiire "nones" Hays, recentl; elected justice of the peace in Uii- reka township, Rico county, says ho Is ready for dispensing law now. He received four pounds of law In tho form of a now statute book this week. "I've got a great law library." he remarked. "It consists of two copies of the statutes, a Montgomery-Ward catalogue, 'Every Man His Own Veterinarian' and 'Three Weeks.' Let those who want justice come on. I'm prepared." They're getting ready up at the Chamber of Commerce luncheons for the approaching state poultry show. They're learning a now song. It goes by the tuno of "it Ain't Oolu' to llain No Mo'". OUR BOARDING HOUSE New Way to Quickly Stop Worst Cough T X romarK -Tblo neir and simple method for treating- a COUK I L glv*» ai -llcf with the Ural duaos and tiaual- Jy brcak3 a seven* cough lu 24 tours. The treatment I K li&sed on th« lnoscrlpiion known aH I>r, JClng 'a New Discovery fop Cough!'. \ou take Just one t<»asi«nnnful tind hold It In your throat for J 5 or 20 noc- niidji before nwalluwtms, without following with water, Tho prescription has a rionbln nrllon. It not Drily Miuthea and heal* aoroiiPHs ami Irritation, but it quick]*- loosena i-iiHl romoves the phk-gni and enn- Kusllou which or© Mm tllrvct, citus* «>f the coughing-. People hava been iihttmiflhtd liow quickly tho enuj*h- Jmc stopped with thl?i n«w truiii- IIHMI I , and tho wholo COUK H comli- Ikm xjoes In a very whort time*. Tho prescript ion la for coughs, colds, hoaracneaB, hrouctiltis, lipaf.rniMllc croup, etc. Jt Is oxcellent lor children as woll as Kvownupa—• no harmful drugs, J3conorni <Ml, too, us tho dose is only wio tcanpoonfuW At all good drugglsta. .Ask for DBiiSHjC'S CoTjchS Here's the way the hymn starts out: There'll black hens and there's red hens And hens with yellow lege; Thcre'a while Leghorns and Plymouth Itooks, Gut they Hit lay tht asm* kind of OBITS. Chorua. But ah* ain't gon-na lay no mo', no mo', She nln't pon-na lay no mo*. 1 tnil yell, If you don't feed 'er up .Sho ain't gon-na lay no ino', Itnlph Young, who sells chicken feed, thought so much of the song that he • Insisted on the crowd singing It several times ysoterday. And John Starr, who was loading, made him sing It as a solo. Cheap advertising at that. —x— The new Dale Itoftl at Coffey- villo costing half a million dollars, Is named afler ('apt. Henry Dale, who recruited a volunteer company In Corfeyvlllc nnd lost his life In battle in the Argonne, in the :tnth division. Capt. Dnlo waH a son of Capt. Henry Hale, formerly of Ash Valley, In Pawnee county. Fred Study, a commercial traveler who makes this territory regularly, tells this one: He registered at. a Croat. Pond hotel. "Do you want a room with a bath?" tha clerk inquired. "The hath is not necessary," Study replied. Whereupon a bellboy was summoned to carry Study's luggage to a room. The clerk handed the bellboy a passkey and a monkey- wrench. On entering a room Study found he hud been assigned ono with n bath, but the management -was taking no chances of losing. Tho bellboy entered the bathroom and shut off the water with a monkey wrench. Dr. C. R. PhllPps, a Pratt physician who has been In Vienna for sovernl months taking a course in surgery, writes thnt Vienna Is rap- Idly recovering from her war-time prostration. "One of the hospitals in which I have done work has a capacity of 10,000 beds," ha said. "Thorn are other largo ones, too, Hut thoy don't feed people over hero as well as they do at homo." VoU ARE TO ACf IK) THE CV\R \9 T MA ,9 &J1fcWTAirlME*rf VOlLL BE SHAKESPEARE'S ""311UOS CAE9AR *!v I HAVE THE LIMES ALL' TVPEvimTfEkJ VtoR REHEARSAL-! -~-YoO MA3bR,MLL BE3ULii»<£ CAESAR,~ CLVDE VdlLL ACT AS CASIO'S,—- MACK A <5 "BRUTUS, — AKJ /D BUS-TfeR UIILL VORTRAV MARCUS AlJToiJlUS By ~So\ra. S MI95 CHURCH I wta E O ACT I THE ROLE OF CAESAR WITH THE HATURAL D\Gkl\TV OV A MlffHTV R0^AAVJ, EGAD'. TITLE V=> CASeiUG, EH2- THAT iJAME SOUkJ-DS LIKE I TAVfETW' PART OF A PULLMAN I'M BRUTUS.'..) HE'GTH' PRf^cTcALJ TokTER V0HO <5fABS CAESAR! AS MARC AUTOKiV, I WAKE & •SPEECH WITH TH' CRACK; "LEUD MS VdOR EARS* -ITrlliJK IT WOULU BE BETTER To PASS ^1 May Robson is Author of Her Newest Success Billie Kline Wins Store Word Contest "I Cured My Rupture" Thus Siilrt Capt. Coillno, After Doe. iora Satd "Operation the Only Hope" HI, Discovery and Book Sent Free i'atUain lOuftlngB MistixiU'-il a tuul ? UmMc> runture that ^inn k,-pt lilm »r,lrhltp ..n for ycurn. He tried doctor after doctor and U-UHH attrr truwB. No ftttult^l Finally, lie watt uxtmretl tha.t no mtii .t submit to operalivio. Ily did not. tie cured himself liiHtead. Colllmrs' great dlwcovery Is mailed free to all people who are ruptured. If you will send tho coupon tielow you ran test It on your own c:u»e. Thin costs you nothing and you are sure to be benefited. Ko mail the conpuu now. Hilly Kline of 104 West 17th street, won the fine big coaster wagon givon by the Rorabaugh- Wiley store for getting tho largest number of words out of "Cadet- Holsery." Tho contest opened Nov. 22 nnd closed Inst Saturday, tt was held for all the little folks. Billy had !I71 words out ot the combination word, which was the largest number handed in out ot Iho 100 lists that, wero given In. Tho next largest number, which was very close, was that of l.ucile King, ot 22-1 Klghth ava, west who had DOR, Kobortii Kouthworth ot 715 Ave. A east; had 9-1-1 and Virginia Piatt of S25 West Sherman street had IIIS. The contest was In charge of Mrs. If. Stout, head ot the hosiery department at Itorabaugh-Wlley's and tho coaster was donated by the Philadelphia hosiery company, LERADO Phil Mauck's aro trying to get the best of a new Ford ear. Del Davis' were Sunday visitors at Oscar Keller's Sunday. L. Brown's sale last Tuesday drew a largo crowd and prices were fair in general. The cows sold well, i A series of revival meetings will Quick Relief for Rheumatics begin at the church this Monday night with the pastor, Rev. T. H. Lent, In charge and will continue for two weeks with tha exception of Saturday night, to which all are invited to coma and will be welcome at 7:30 p. m. Mr/ John Colo and wife of Oklahoma wero hero last week visiting Mr. Colo's brothers and Bisters, leaving for their homo from Barley Cole's Friday morning. Tho Odd Fellow-Rebekah homecoming drew a full house Thanksgiving night which listened to a nice program nnd absorbed a fine lunch ot pie, cake, sandwiches, bananas and coffee. A general good tlmo was had. The community pulled a surprise Saturday night on Mr. nnd Mrs. L. Brown, who will leave for southern Texas tho first ot the week for.the winter. V. V. Lee was a Hutchinson fis- tlor Saturday. O. K. Koller, who fell from a tree a few nocks ago. Is ablo to be out and around some but not able for any work yet. J. M. White is New Santa Fe Yardmaster J. M. White is the new Santa Fe yardmasler In Hutchinson. He hns Just been promoted from the Puebio yards and will soon move his family hero from that city. He is ready tor tlte big job here as the work in the Pueblo yards Is not a light task. J. F. Carter, former yardmaster here, has been promoted to be transportation inspector on the Colorado division and will soon move to Pueblo to make his head- iiunrtitrs. It is a deserved promotion. May Robson, In the moat artistic production she has over bad, will appear at the Midland on Monday next In hor new play, "Something Tells Me" written by Mies Robson. Kvery one Is singing Its praises. , "Something Tells Me" Is decidedly a Robson play, full ot fun and good common sense and a plot which Is a novelty ns it delves Into^the theoretical side of psychics. Miss Robson as "Jane Meredith" is giving the theatre patrons a wonderful delineation of a woman, whoso sudden wealth la causing hor all sorts of trouble, and by having her own way in everything ndds fuel to tha flames and It takes three acts to get things back to a normal state. Augustus Pitou, Inc., are presenting Miss Robson in a beautiful production with an excellently TRAFFIC TIPS FOR MOTORISTS lected from tho city traffic ordinances.) Poplar street from the north ... of FrurtU avenue to 1.7th street and Adams street from the north lino of Fifth avenue t<> l.tii street are traffic, ways. Vehicles entering or crossing • -liber of those streets aro required to i - j a full rtop. well balanced cast. The seat sale npenod at tho Midland this morning. Pussy willow printed In large and colorful figures Is a popular material for tunic blouses. One egg will thicken a cup ot milk for cup custards. Ride 13 blocks 25c. Yellow Cab. Phone 86. 2-T-T-Sat.-«t FREE TREATMENT COUPON. Capt. ft". A. Oolllnns. In,-. ttnx lVJ-tt. Waicrtown, N. Y. rieano si-nil me One Week's Teat Trt.-iunient tor Itm-lure. Till* 1,-st ts to l,-i !>'KKI\ 1 will eommetico w.sittK It at once. N.'iiuo A.IUt. Town ECZEMA ON NECK D ARMS Local Druggists Sell Rheuma on Money-Back Plan. If yuu suffer from torturing rheumatic pains, Kwollen, twisted joints, and suffer intensely because your system Is full ot uric, acid, that dangerous poison that makes tbous-' ands helpless and kills thousands years before their time, then you need Rhouma, and need It now. Stnrt taking it today; In 24 hours it will begin to act on kidneys, liver, stomach nnd blood, and you can sincerely Aclnlm: "flood riddance to bad rubbish." Many people, the moat skeptical ot skeptics right In this city and In tho country hereabouts, bless tho day when A & A Drug Co., and other good druggists offered Hheu- mu to the afflicted nt a small prlc* and guu-nntcod money refunded If not saustled. If you have rheumatism get a bottle of Rheuma today | TREASURER'S OFFICE RAKIN' IN THE COIN For About Ton Years. In Watery Blisters. Cuticura Heals. " 1 was troubled with eczema for about ten years. My neck and arms would break out with watery* blisteis that itched and burned. {My clothing aggravated the break* ing out until I could not test at night. " I read an advertisement for Cu­ ticura Soap and Ointment and sent j for a free sample. After using it I purchased more and J was com- j pletely healed, after using two cakeB of Cuticura Soap and two boxes of Cuticura Ointment," (Signed) Mrs M. V. Harris, Scircleville, Ind. Cuticura Soap to cleanse and purity, Cuticura Ointment to soothe and heal and Cuticura Talcum to powder and sweeten ate ideal for daily toilet purposes. llMBlairmtirlbU. Address: "OnUcttf* LttHt- jyttpf ^.SMiplge.OiptnientlftiTideae.TtlpijmTBfa. I fMV* Tr j our new Slwlns Slick. BnBMSStBM . ws«M We Operate An Exclusive Family Wash and Flat Work Laundry Our entire* attention is devoted to the care of your Clothing and Quality Work. Dry Wash with Flat Pieces Ironed, or Wet Wash. Phone 2255 HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY County Treasurer Frnnk Lewis und his assistants are. very busily engaged iu making out tax receipts for the firsj. half of the yenr. A total of 2,316 receipts have boon made out slnco November 1 and over three times that mauy will be given out before December 21. Taxpayers aro urged to bring the legal identification of thoir properly with them when they pay lheir taxes iu order to facilitate, the work of preparing tha receipt. Slinp-o-Scnpo will make the buying of X'tnas pros-cuts for others as much fun as opening your own on Xm.tii shopping. tf. Reinhardt Shop Newly Equipped The customers of the Fl»lnhavdt barber shop on Sherman east are finding themselves in entirely new surroundings. Mr. Itelnhnrdt has placed in his shop a beautiful and complete sot. of furniture, from mirrors and ehairs to the table* • and the ^malier equipment. New decorations have been added to go witli (lie, furnishings and the Reinhardt shop is one of tho finest, ton- sorlal places In tho city or the state. Mr. Reinhardt has been In his j present location for so many years f that tiie memory of man' runne:l:| not to the eontrnrv. He lias in- j ways kept in mind the desirability • of pleasant surroundings for those whom he serves. Ills latest arrangements are in line with his ambition to have a shop which his customers will appreciate ami of which the community will he proud. TSoxed Jewelry (jzfts HELP SOLVR THE Christmas Tresent Troblem >» y ^y^ innumerable variety ^— of p retry be .ids, rings, bracelets, pins, and pearls. And all beautifully cased. There are also barrcttes and bracelets for the miss, and knives and cuff links and the like for the man. Solve your question with \ useful gift that will surely be appreciated. An extremely popular priced piece of jewelry is alwajs of .service. . 11 i'/rtph-te Miortmcttt im ittsy our ins tort i<.». Priced 59c to $8 .50 G0OCHS BEST Best /, You / Can / Buy/ Whether you say "Merry Christmas" with a letter or a pres- "AsTr ent, say it with a ^ Waterman's —a pen that writes a perfect letter and makes a perfect gift. M ADE in different sized holders for different sized hands; different pen points for different fetyles of writing. May be had from $2.50 to $50, depending upon sire and decoration. Every pen is as perfect as a pen can be made. Models illustrated arc made with our special feature, gold flexible lip-band. Holders red, mottled and black. Sell for$4, $5.50 and $6.50, accordingtosize. "W Look for thb Ghow-card and Waterman's Pen, on display in merchants' window,. 50,000 reliable merchants sell them. i'Twa/TV Ccrm{w»vvj. 129' So. Sl;ite Stre»t. Chicago. New York, [lesion. San Francisco, M .J n 111;..:

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