The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 4, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, June 4, 1932
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Last Edition rnaz WEATHER FORECAST FOR JL MARYLAND: Partly cloudy tonijht and Sunday. Not much chan?? in temperature. TEN PAGES PEICE--TWO CENTS CLARK JURY OUT AT END OF 28TH HOUR ; VISIT COUNTY j Former Clerk To Montgomery Commissioners On Trial. CELEBRATION ON ilULY 4IH IS BEING NO REPORT OF FLYER SINCE 5 P. M. FRIDAY Rockvi3e, June *.--The jury in the abeaziemeEt charge agiir^st Berry E. Clark, former ci?rk to the lioelgomery Cxizr.r Commissioners, iras still out ai 2^ o'clock this afternoon, t-arecty- eight. hours alter Expected To Make Brief Stay at jo o-cia* Friday There During Coming Week As Guests. received the case NEW MAIN BUILDING OF LODGE SOON TO BE READY The defense rested its ca^e at 2-40 o'clock following testizaocy of the de- fes!aii*"s wife. Clark hiicseif "M r-x ' lake ihe stand in his own defense. | Allan M. Rirjehart, a photographer 1 for tie Washington Herald, -arho had j attempted » take a picture of tie j courtroom, a as fined S100 for contempt ; of court. His camera -a-as confiscated = for the term of ihe court. j Mrs. Clark lold a. story of financial i difficulties which have lasted th! . : Special Feature. Probably A Pageant. To Be Held During D3V J * OF FIREWORKS AT NIGHT i President's Assistant May Make j Visit There This Week-End. · ihe 28 years of their saarned life. She j Clark had never at. any time had any ; great amount of money besides his j salary and 5on» he -cade by doirig j extra work. · Mrs. Clark iasiifled lhac the only TB- j " i Bicentennial Commission And Mayor Munshower Outline Arrangements. | cation taken by her husband in years · The fatuous Amos "2" Andy of th*! Tras ihree days at Atlantic City. Be- i House markers and road xigza in | -radio. Pre«nan J. Gosden and CharSes cause of her invalid condition siie had | Frederick city and county ar* to be - , ,, ^ , r^^**lp^j r^\- I'ilVv to Presides; Hoover, about Prettyman. was unable to attend Che '. "" ,·_,,,,-" ^*-^=-!f TMii« w«t of Catoc- rHa! .s-JAe.. A ^x..~.^. one and one-half miles west of Catoc tin Furnace. 1 Secretary Richer, himself anxious to j begin the occupancy of the spacious near' mountain lodge, was sopins for an. op- j porrunity to visit the camp over this j ·week-end. Should today's developments j at Washington interfere with this trip, Mr. Richer hopes to have the pleasure of hearing "Amos and Andy in person" at the camp some time next week. If the- President's secretary, possiMy accompanied by oae or two guests, Tis- iis the camp this evening-, it will be for j the executive I committee of the tommLssiQri, assisted · '. by the Board of Aldermen. The ev^nt '. '· -ar:-! take the lorn; of a Washington ' ' ceJebration for July 4. details of which will be announced later. ! Approximately 325 members of the · | Washington Bicentennial Association. ! have been secure-;, and about S!3-": | taken into the ·treasury-. Practically all j · the road sisrns and house markers for i i places in Frederick city and county · 5 P. M. ON 39THCOMMENCEMENT AT HOOD OPENS WITH A L UMNA E MEE TING No Cause For Worry Unless ; Fiyer Is Not Sighted This Afternoon. Many Events Now Under Way Prior To Ending College Year. hymn. ' Fa'hrr Cracr," On S.;::;ay Rrita) Sunder- aft-.-r::-K:i at 3 : LEFT YESTERDAY ON HOP j · FOR HIS NATIVE WARSAW 11NNER GIVEN FRIDAY MEMBERS SENIOR CLASS o'c'. ori '. ,Men Attempted To Storm Round; house Of Pennsylvania R. R. To Get Transportation. A A G. O. *r.; ?.-. At 4 vVl« -r H«-:sry T. ' in ortjar. nvital Believed To Be Making About 100 Miles An Hour Across Ocean. Baccalaureate Service' Sunday And Closing Exercises Monday. MOUNTED OFFICERS SW!NG .^^·E i RIOT CLUBS TO HALT CROWD :^ xs ?-" ir.xi o '-» F M.t; ^r i :y P Ou J^»-.·;-:! J · F.-r:-.- The ix of Mood tx^tan '.o- ar.d Called the "mystery man of aviation" because of h:s reticence to discuss his nyin; plans. Stanislaus Haus- Xewark. X. J.. Polish-American air- | noor! perhaps man. is shown above as he posed before j us Halisrx'r sailed today the : route of hi?h ad\T.t'.:re-- thr airways .over the Atlintir from New York to Europe. Since 5 o'clock lost nsjht. e. s t . there I his been no worJS of his prozress. He had no wireless ar.i Belianca monoplane cii-irted its course. But the:-e was no worry. This after- he is unsighted or dsy lct Mu.*:.- f P.IV art;v T.. Sunday the ba-- ·*:;'. be hc'.i in Brxl- at !1 oVVx-ic. to be ' \v. H ·: B.-:-...«ri-.. M.r 400 In Maryland Given Free Lodging In Baltimore And Start For Capital. i cv»iari. r^jt-st *- .·n I5aVh NV'. In. L«cs- r.ta:::. SKfr.J Karg- \:: jjv b- f Sunday will be brjusht the only possibility d in the f*T ir.iys EL Henry, adelphia. to '.he *! of Titijpl.- L':::-.«r*:ty. Ph 1- Dip'.^ni.i'i tt.i: be pre*-n'.oJ clivs of 95 seniors. ·nt J-s-eph H A;p. , .-f tr.e Alumr.if AJWC:.I'.::; it 10 'o'clock. V.lo^ci by lun.-hi'ori in Co'o- :e:;tz Hall. At 2 o'clock the a' parade acros trse campus to Brodbcck to take p'.ac? and Cleveland. O . Jur.e 4 · AP' --Police ar.d »bou; ir.o b-n-.i.i mar .-hers ciafhed ::'. the Pi-:-.r.s\lvar.U Uatlrosd yards to- d.v.- -nheis the veterans made a futile at- to storm the roundhouse to obtain transportation io Washington. Or.f of the marchers was beaten into uru-onscuusrieis and several others fell before ;i rr-.arse by mounted police officers. s»ismg n-»t club'; from -".e saddle. The group of marchers numbered ' visited b" Washir.cton iiave been con- ! ' tracted for. it stated today, and '· 631.50 had bei-n ra-.M:d by May of the lodge, however, has been taken care of by Col. Harry S. Kimberly, a member of President Hoover's arrangement staff, -who has made a number of daily Tiiits, driving up from Washington." He was expected this afternoon.' Mr. Richey accompanied the Presi- j cent's party on the trip to the cam? near Rapidan, Va,. last week-end. Lodge Very Attractive. Tbe new lodge., ons of the four residences, at; t-he mountain camp, is the largest of the buildings, having an outside dimension of 50 by 35 fees, in addition to which is a large porch which projects over one of IK largest of the trout pools. "it was for the Presdent's use as a. fishing reservation that the mountain camp was first selected, President Hoover ed i» for the past camp is along the i ! indicated Hausner j special feature, "probably a pageant, and ia speaker. At nish; will be a fireworks PAuljANT ON rRlDAi liiuH 1 more elaborate than formerly and of a | '· patriotic nature, it was stated, follow- : ' j ing a. conference b-rtween members of ' Comencetnent exercises of the Em- \ ;v. e Washington Bicentennial Com- ! rnitsburg- High School will be-cfln Sunday j mission, including the Mayor. Local! with the baccalaureate service and wiil ; dubs .^rj organizations are expected i fn" «"1 £ -^^eT^i::, of ££ I TM* the S.OOOOn ,i um na- quota of the . and -us ^ done i..*- u.*... t*%- ---«.-..... w._ .... » ^ .-- .,, . . r · ·-··»- ^nr t n f e ^» v-ii vf step .--,r.^ .n front ·»; Al-jnmae H»ll a; 730 o.-l-vk. A br-»f rx-r.o,! »"." be cie^oti-d to al'.-col'.-ve i::-.K;in. and :h«i the ditler-T.'. clisses ai". sins Indiild- \ ·jal'.y The -*':;Ur5. in r.«ps ami so-*:;.' 5 . ·*.;; be arra:-.;e-3 in ;:·-· f-r:;-. of .1:1 H: the other c-issos. i:i *:site will oe , i;r.-".ipeJ ar~'.ir.d then:. { C'omnnrnrcment Exrrrises. ( Graduating exercises ·*'.'.: take place ; about JOO. part of the body of 1.000 men who earlier were quietly moved nut of the yard by several hundred police revrves. nftcr blockading the Pennsylvania main line during the nigh:. \Vlicn order was f! restored by- police and leaders of the main group of marchers the battalion was formed !n line and moved off toward Bedford their destination There, leaders notable service of j say. they will rpr.ew attempts to corn- Last month he t mandcrr a train. var;.v.u kinds at Breton, a: which point he is believed to *£^ A $^J^ the end ^ honored by the Hun^Han S ovem- I have pointed the nose of his orange- painted plane over the Atlantic. His destinatiun was Warsaw. Poland. of the meeting and reported as Urge a , rr.cnt w:th the Distinsaished Crou in j Braduatint; class this year as ever at a 1 recognition of his c-ntr;b-Jtion in the ! Offered By Senator Barbour At Request Of Secy. Mills. en in the school auditorium. Arvin . P. Jones is principal of the school. meerins of the Commission was Thursday night at. the Francis SIMILAR TO HOUSE MEASURE! Rev. ,T. T. Brown, of Tsaeytown. | Scotc Kev . hote | ^ discuss the Bicen- riU deliver the baccalaureate sermon ! te nnial project, at which time it was to the graduates Sunday evening at . reported te house ar.d road markers | 7.30 6'cloct The alumni banquet will j r*vnrmff.« nf wWrh .Tohn !=: TTprsh^v: commencement. He also rep5rtcd a ! '· fair enrollment at this time for n?xt ; year. He emphasized the importance j young penil Reports were made bv rar'.nis coni- niiltces of the association. Council Meet. The Council of the Hood College ! banque taie place Tuesday night at 8 O'CLOCK committee, of which John S. Hershey - chairman, had about completed ac-' keeping wi-,h the wooded setting. A j S-to^,''Sims. Ne^ Pryor; "Gone With Mary c. O tt. Mce-chairnon. wiil be i smairaniouat of interior work: remains i a . Handsomer Man. Car!»n. W el=on ; acUl3 g chairman, instead of Secretary! rt done. . If^L^ 01 "^^ 6 *:^ ^ iae ' of State David C. Winebrenner. m. Given LodRinsr In Baltimore. Baltimore. Jur.» -5 i'APi.--The 400 of education. j veterans of the World War who arrived To Award Elsie Muir I.oucks Priie. ' in Maryland yesterday er. route to ^ ___ _..^_ A feature of (-omnimoemtnt | Washingtor. to seek a cash bonus were of the Arnerirsn home and high schco'.'s : ' x -'-- be !!-.e awartiine of the Esie Muir j 5 :ren free lodging in Baltimore last attention to the care ar«i discip- 1 Louokis priw to "that, mwr.ber of the j night and early today transported to · line of young jxxple. -raduat'.n; class who. during her course j the edge of the city. i colles?. by word antl art. at work or j They slop-, in a recreation pier, wer* : play, in the classroom, social room, i ^-ven breakfast by the Salvation Arn-.y ::d at, all other school fur.ctians. has j md then were escorted by police oui ;xne most her s-rhoolmatcs to de- j of the city. Trucks were loaned by a j Alumnae Association met Friday nisht | vciop in the latt-er the noblest qualirkec i Ictal trucking concern. ·or^-h-.n^-f-. T.,^, 4 /API ThP art :" i In Alumnae Hal! and discussed matters · °f exalted womanhood.' This prize w^sungtora. Jane 4 .AP). ine aa- , A f h , D f ;_ p u(1 ntc Tn RP -° *» considered at this morning's an- ' is given annually, in the form of a Jewel, Capitol Limited Not Seuei ministration tetlef D£!I sponsored by . Annual AthletlC EV6ntS 10 B6- | Rugl m , ctin? R^resenUtives of the : by Rev. and Mrs. W. J. Muir In mem-[ JcTSfy city. N. J, June 4 (AP).Secretary Miiis of the Treasury was j . . r- · r» J A» O OH ! Kocd Clubs ?ave reports of their respec-i or.- of their daashler. Elsie Winifred j The superintendents offlce of the Bal- iiKroduced in the Senate today by Sen- i QIH At Fair GrOlindS At y.OU. i t . ve c ;,jbs. all of «hich have shown j Muir. of the class of 19'.:. ! timore and Ohio Railroad, said "sev- ato- Ba-bour Repabii'-an New Jersey i ! prozress durL-.g the year. Contributions \ President Joseph H. Apple will pre- {p ra : hundred" bonus marchers gath- Th *·''! ·*' «im"ar"to"*he"o-e "-ev ' ''·*** bo:h the a:umnae and endowment j sent this prize and will also confer the : ered in -in orderly manner at the sta- iously introduced in the House by Representative Hawiey, Republican. Oregon. Barbour said he presented the measure as the request of Secretary Mills on behalf of the administration. In DflVO TA TXtfl? D X D T ' ' unds °' tnc college abo were report- [ degrees upon the members of the grad- j tlon here today and were taken in a D U l O 1U InlUj l A u l |ed. Miss Edith Tnomas. of Washington, j uatinj claw. The complete order of j passenger train outside many respects new measure was similar to the Barbour relief bill introduced May 23. president of the association, presided, Those attending were: Miss Thomas. Edith DeChant Tatem. Haddon- of . i events, in -'tiding the special program of w hcre thry were unleaded. Thp- office tne re was no trouble or disturb- n-.ujic that has beon arrsrsge-d. is as foliows: Preiud?. Trio. Opus 16. S. ! . . acid. N. J.. first vire-pres:d?nt: Mrs. i Jadossohn. violin, rloloncc'.lo. and pi- | This 5tatctncnt was brought out in ' The lli'n annual Track and Field .-Bret wiil be held Monday at the Frederick Fair grounds under the direction of ! Grace Seitz Landauer. this city, second ' anofortet academic procession. "Marchc j a denial of a report from Washington the Frederick County Board of Edu- | vice-president: Mrs. Mary Bobs Schnef- j ~ cation and the Maryland Playground · f er .Philadelphia, treasurer: Miss Kath- i _ . . Athletic League. About the same num- ! r ine Dutrow. this city, acting jecretary: I cation, soprano solo. "Aria. Thou Love- j j^j ant j were IS ADOPTED BY THE HOUSE George Gingell and Arthur Sder, ac- I participate in the commencement ex-1 companist. Mrs. W. C. Shuff ; "The j erciies ,, S; . O!af college, and next ! . June 4 f AP^ new $1,118.500.000 revenue bill neared final ] ^ The new bill would amend the Re- ; ber of pupils are entered this year as j ^j^j Mary Grace Helfenstein. this city. construction Finance Corporation act. j last. It was learned from Prof. Albert j executive secretary: Mrs. Aires Con to provide additional employment j L. Leary. principal of the Frederick j Dutrow and Miss Mirgaret. R. Motter. through the cortKructioti of economic 1 High School, who tabulated the entries, j jojs c ity: Mrs. Ade Edmunds Lev- enactment today with adoption of the conference report br the House. Next the Senate must act; and then the con- dress." William Smith: "The Raven." i to Minnesota wnere he will \ projects. i Officials for the m?et were announced : erings. Philadelphia: Mr?. Hel'n y Mrs. Bjoriee. They will ihe corporation would be authorized 1 ttjday by acting County Superintendent , Q'Boyle Kamme. York: Mrs. EsteMc their home st. Albert Lee.: 7 O make loa^s to states, municipalities. ; of Education James C. Biehl as follows: ! Raster Har'.rnan. N'ew Kensineton. Pa.. i public agencies, such as authorities or i Mayor Elmer Munshower. Ros-cDe Brown. | representatives of the Alumnae M « · t C " " " * " ? ^^^^^ ' **«·"·**« Cti,Cii\. K^S. Ou'.kl *i dU^u\S. ti.^'Ca ^Ji · .iii* »'^* ij-n.^i ,»*»*.*-».» j .- L . . »--^-_ r,_ -- , . . j.;^; CitTii bU.. » U- Ui ^ l l ~ £\l ti**i.**l» f*.~*yv ^-an f^-- P "SS r - ^. cao l as : CDZ '^: i Additional asembers of the Bicen- ,'to private corpora-tiona for the financing . Au^ist T. Brust. Amon Burgee. Casper '. cla ..; 0 - on the Ho-3d collecc board of for ta zn-oK act and t nen the con- n . an _ enables Hoke: judges: Mrs. M. ' bin goes io President Hoover j a Tjgnj^ood^ Dr . j D Dana, ae v . j Romaine." Charles Gounod, violin, vio- that a croup of veterans had stopped loncello. trumpet and pianoforte: invo- ; ~j^ Baltimore and O!i:o Capitol Lim- to Washington ly Bird." from oprra "Pear! of Brazil." j cn ^g tra^, Darid. Mrs. Ruby Potter: commence- j RaUroad officials said there had been mcnt address. "The Obligations of Cit- J .sonie delay du«^to cifBctilties in hand- isen^nip." President Charles E. Beury. j ;^-,g. tj, e railroad equipment, but th»t LL. D.. Temple University. Philadelphia , r _ Q at ;enipt Siad bec-n made by the vet- Pa.; conferring of decrees. President Joseph H. Apple: instrumental trio. "On Wines of Sor-.z." Felix Mendelssohn: announcemcnti. recessional. i eraris ^ board the train. ng- -a *-*-- k-- »W* 1 approval f\** -- i-- o o, a .^va Slartinsborg Cuts Salaries. A five percent, cut in salaries and j p-g^gj;*, wages lor all city employes of Martins- | --. ! E. L. Higbee. Prizes gives, by the Sen- i j ior class: 55, S2.50. SI. Winners will be I judged -upon, presentation, memory and i selection. "Tbe Builders." a pageant, will be 5 S. ·les W. Louah. John S. Renn. sr R. Rice. Mrs. C. E. Sch^la- i knecht, Francis F. Seeser. wniiam M. ; Storm. Mrs. F. 3. Stef-lc, Mrs. E. Selcl- ': of new construction or the replacement Df antiquated equipment. b . u "^l. W - J a " ^ , 0r ? ered , ThUI i a :'.^! i as'the'annual coin^encesnVn't; eWrcies. i n^.^the City Council of that place, eftective j The pr , at once to begin the new Sscal year, j The cut aSects ail persors from the mayor, policemen. Sremen. janitor ana other -K-orkers. By ii the city budge: will Mis Helen i Elmer E. Dison. Mrs. active Buesine. Mrs. Wiiiis Fisher. E. Ciine. Jr.. Her.ry R. Coates. Ham- | ciroctorsr Mrs. Julia Ol?wine Bresslor. ilton Derr. Lewis R. Dertzbau?h. Archie | Altoona. Pa.: Mrs. Iva Keller Conrad. These projects must be designed, un; Fisher. John W. Grove. Roberv G:ove. .. Hagcrstown: Mrs. Jean Bar?t-lt Wire' der terras of the bill, to provide 1m- '· Chester Helsey. John W. Holler. Charles ' ^3^1. Hanover: '-Siss Margaret Brian. : mediate employment for a substantial ! E. Hudson. Guy K. Motter. P.. Bruce . La ncas ; e r; Mr?. Gladys Walrk v.":llard. j number of persons. j Murdoch. Charles A. Opel. Jr.. Paul I. i Baidw.r.. L. I.: Miss Ann Tisin;er. Phil' The loans would be subject, to the ; Payne. Jacob Schmidt. Herbert Schroe- ; 3 delphir.: Mrs Mab»l Whit! sarae limitation placed on present loans ! rler. Dorsey Shipley. K. R. Shoemaker. | n , 3I! _ Holding. Pa : Mrs. Margaret Canwr- , of :-» Recsr^tmction Cc-rporstton and Dr. 3. O. Thomas. David C. Winebren- ; on Bowers. Sh.T.andoa':-. Valley: Miss , they -could be mace for only five years. : ner. m. and Robert L. Warfield. | j,^;-^^. Ksawar.. Curnoeriand. repre: · i The meet will begin at 9.30 o'cloci. ; ,;.,,,.·,,,, -- nf Wes'Trs M?.--.-"and club" THREE ARE HELD IN RACE i o r * cz ^- of rair ' ^ " M h?:d June 3 _ ! and"\Ls'?ea- Li:i-:«. york. p». In the latter event. However, .eacr.era - Ac"o-d = n; to a r.istom which has b»en TRACK DOPE INVESTIGATION \^ d s«=:ed to telephone ih- «·«»: of- '·· See in the mominz to learn d--nn:tc:y if a the meet has been postponed. O r (^j- s Games w-.U be held ir. the morning march, from ·.Ta." Roz?. Shakespeare's i vjrw TO Anil 10 NOT GUILTY TO Trial Of Lindbergh Hoax For June 27. To Forestall Train Seizure. Can-ton. O.. June 4 (AP).--Peun"Henry ; jyi-.-ania railroad detectives and a squad j of Stark county detectives armed with i tear gas guns were rushed ;p an icing ; plant on the Pennsylvania right of way \ today to forestall announced att-cmpts of 82 bonus marchers to board an east bound freight train. '· The veterans, all of Canton, were encamped alonj the railroad. Their leader Mid they ^ould board the first freight train to stop at the icini station. Set ' JCL Baltimc-re. Jur.e 4 li±ri;r:hy iavestisation AP*.-of sale = a=d f«ar£ narcotic ager.ts today rested three men a^d seized ; quantity of narcotics. : The men arrested were William Man. der?. 42. of Chicago, a jockey of a ; decade ago and recer ; t".y of a small stable: Edward J. Mack. 30. of "!.,,,-: : track eT-err-3 will occur. IP. fi-ld antl tile 'sviys for many r,-ars. President and Mr?. Joseph H. Aptjle gtav-= a dinner for member* of the scn.-'r rlass on Frirtsy e-.---r.:r.g; at T o'clock ir. President Apple acred as ar.d mtrod'ic-ei "· anoti? ivents alone there are 6:3 boys entered. ' c:ij . s ,.-..., o: .~^.r«- m.-ijor p^itisiu- Flrsilr.ston. N J. June 4 AP.-Johr. H-j-jr.ej Curtis entered a plea of ir.r hirr. lith hinner:r.; c^ot:ire of the kidr.ap-rr.ur^rer of t'r.e Linrlbergh baby. Trial r-:3.^ set f^r J-:r,'- 27 as i-jon as the pica -si-; er.tered. Curt:.*, wj-.o pleaded not rjilt" Honse To Vote On Bonus. Washmzton. Jur.e ·» iAP.--Cash b-c--- U5 acivc-cat^ tsday secured the 145 signatures necessary to force a H^usc vote Mosday. June 13. or. the S2.000.000.000 ! The classes : field dod?e include: Boys" ball, volley 3r-ei ball. hit. ba:i. O!!*:P oreariizjtions cur.n; the year n« dinner was interspersed by sons? .--,-;-- *-t a dark blue suit. He -. ele race. Sas race, block rac-c relay ; d v ec: ^ ' br ' . he . 0 .j^ leader and 'mt^lra: -"-^n:?-! T.tir.-ly :;nconc.cmed and there s -t*s; aviawr. Welcon Snar^t drill i ,^TMTM , - and Lady of May and their Court." in- ! -members of drill. Helen Prydr. Anra i 2S^ ^^ 1 eluded repr-csentations of Robin nood; Keilholtz. Be--ha Kimball. Mar=-j--"t* -11"?''' .^'^f' °_^, and his --.erry tine Indians. tl«i White. Joseph Fkez Ri.--3.-c Zacharij "~ C X -- ta "^' · -- early Arncricacs. the early sellers ar.d i as, Howard" Kirwan. Mi"ard Sr'ul- ; ^"^'-P 3 --'"071 -" 1 "- 2 P'"'""^ '?" '"* *'* the Maypole car-K-rs.' Muse -as ftsr- j Tableau n*. Red Cross S-jrse. Dorotbv ;-^^- "~ csr.vjrr.err- bU4S. nishsd by the Frederick High School | Bsllirsger; Sc-b* Mar-.- ^mh"- ~ "»ra-" ' hand. " """ i'er by domestic and n-.ers on their elec- Electricitv sold by c-ed . In th" gro-;p and : pecdled f--r him. tnat t.-ie other two ' entries .ast. year :r, .r.e ...-= a..a an. Margaret Reaver: Toto. William ' ! SKi:!-:: iete, Greta Keilhc-ltz: Tableau Seek Escaping Ijunaie. V. Teacher. Marjarei Kimball ouoil. Local officers have been asked to look Paul Ohl-er: song R=-: =^--i- \;a-i" for Richard^HuH. 23. wro escapee from : Gir-gell: Taolea-j VI. Ar^eVc-f " ? " Bonds Scnre Advances. New York. Jur.e 4 'A?.--A further substantial rei:oratisn of c"-;~£i values brt'ij?ht th--* weeii in the ?'cnn- ties market to a close today, stc-c-rs p-jshce! -ip I to n-:Kr« than 4 points for Plan Alnmni Event. " ?-r_s are beir.5 arranjed f-.r 3 prc- rrarn f r the 3-ij'o Ki~h Sc' Alurr.r: banq-je. at the Eber. Hotjje. Bra.'cock Hei?hw. Jur.e ;S. Harr.rr.c.nd Clarr SECOND BAND CONCERT PROGRAM 'WEDNESDAY girls' aames. and of 400 g:rls at 'he school." 300 are trying fc-r osd"s. Mor*bore from Freder^s H:-h S--"r.r«". are er.terea .r. 'he ficli ar.i evr.^s GROCER KILLS WIFE AND IS THEN SLAIN BY POLICE --A xr£ by various rr.err.bers i Those who spoke in-luied Roc-nr.a · Fahniey. fS:\~f of Heri'.d. Ohl-er. a tr.embt-7 '·'. Tot::hsion- ?'-aff. Gret- Jar.ire Ar-n-'-r. of : Y. W. C. A : Cl»r" W.r.:am5. r-'^'--*"- of th" Athletic a.v=-r.3t.;-r.: 7«.xr7 I.T:IS» Mrv?r. e-d:-tr ·:' E" :-c ar.d Grey and . tjreVcVr-.t of K^-for-.f E-or-Orary S-T.-'-'T: "?.Iirl--.r. G-:ber. pres.i.---; of Glee club; Ar.r.e Dil-r-rtl~. ?r«i-:;r.t tf Marior.- Or. falr,t smile on hi.* face as he :c-o:-:od d.r-v-ilT at the judzo. Ke waived :eat!ln; of the .r.dictmT.t ar.d wis re- rn?.r.3-?d t3 jail in lieu of bail. As soon a5 the br:ef tjroroedinss -»ere ; rr^r.c^-d t^ :-.! to ^wai' T nil. H^- r.od- Sanday. ^nrl-iv ni-m.r.? a- '.'. o":.'--i: th*- -iri-vr .=-?rrr.jr. ^.11 bo delivered R:v. H-er.r L righ-t forearm, the dsscript-ion statei. - ____- _, ^ Traffic Charees. _____ Charged ith operatin-;" a license." H. Glenn ?«ich?.y. Inc.. crposited SIO collateral fr-r a r.esrir.j: in Police Cotnt wnight. Fretitrici: G. Kr^se. TA-ashina:»n, D. C.. ce- Precipitatior. for 24 hours etidir-g at . P«^ «'-0 on a charge of having r.o THE WEATHER TODAY best lereX fa-.Mr.z :.- neld in try lato a? they c:d y^^xrdar. Stcrlir.s; car-Its eas^a or.---.shth of a c»r.t t S c 6 9 ' - . Thrj jp-onc con-ert by -.he First, Seiisers bar.c - .11 b^ e:v*r. Wen- B^k^r Pars a m tosar-- none. ^re^-v-.avo-. June to date-- sane. Xorrrial Jt: resrlstraiiDr.. tr-:.-.:ghi by State E - ? - Q'-ar.dt. R. Decser. a r^ ^t*-!. pUred Si co'.latcral fr OfSrsr is; ?.t a inches: actual. June, ^931--^inchel ] parkin?, on a charge brought by C.ty Excess ir. 1932 precipitation to Jur.c . Officer Murray. 1--5.99 inches. i To Meet at Bmnvwirk. Tr.e ar-t-al Sunda- -hol cc-r.ven- Eld?r*r.ip c-f the Cliurch ::" G--G. -.-.'.'. be helc in "ili-e Cr.ur,-h r-i Goc. ·T .' IS High temperature yastercay--85. High temperarare a year a?o--87. bow ten-.peraturs last r.ishl--50. TJOW terr.pera'tire a year a?o--54. Sun .sets Uxliv--7 33 p. '.r. Sun y-.--^ t jniot~r--7---4 44 A m. Moon r..-i. tini.j: r.-A -- 5.14 s m. Moon seis tomorrow--9.18 p. ai. i Brlaogroorr.: Now that we are , are expected to attcr.-. ', riec. perl-.pps I might, venture v pom; i · ] out just or.c or two of your defects. j Bride: Don't bother, dear. I'm qtiile | aware of them. I~. wa.5 thos-? defects i mt;ch bet-ter rn.m vhan you are.--An- J BrnriTwirk Honsc Sold. ; Tr." house ?.r.5 lots of Marshal! Jar- . ' -.'15 .-!t.B-;n..-5i.-V: n-er-/ pt:r--r..uec at, A ; : -r S^oO. Jj'.ir. I.. Putrji »a* auc- The pr^-- arr. . rvfarcr. : · Fort E2v-.c-n." Seitz. Serrr.ade: "A N^ht -r. Ju-.e " Kir.g. Novelty: "The Or.)-.- Tune Th-- 3ar.£ 0uld Play VTau'-'Auld Lar.? Syr.e" ". Hayes. Patrx: "Amerirar. " Mfa-ham. Pooular tune: Cjaar L-ivo Sor.f." March: "Pasadena Day." V*.*- sella. Overture: '-Vanessa."' St. Cljir. March: '"Ar.sxerir.? Liberty's Ca':." rorrrrs T".-.e S'ar Sangl.-d Bar.r.f-r " -"P-A*"- "* 1r * jr^n^r.-- '3*^'"" ~" -".nC^*^ ri-S X - i - ·*£* - · · --."-·* "/· T.I.'-TT--,-- a sho-?-'in in a barric-ar./xi fceir--on: -ind g-.j.-.r. D. D . ·','. ?.Ier.-r.. ?. The J-'r.r, S. T'.~ir.:r.:, r-^.de ?- ol C.i-rrh of r.e V.-..:f son. Tr.e --f" 28. bled to c---a-:; -si_h a 7. ho 1.1 at ·/.e cradtiatin-: ciis.-. The indictn-.-T-.t rr..-.r;"d that be ^il- f-ul'.y ca-.e fal. 5 ^ .nformation "for th a 7-':rto.'e cf prrvrr.'.r.i: and hindering" arrf.^t -·' "he- li.dr.aptxr; I: r'::"-:i 'hat r.- 5 -rtravd It is .-.-.a\- -f irr.s^in.-iry r.^;-::3:.c-n frr return cf tr.r murdered b?.by -sith "force and 3rrr.~." Thi -Tri? jncirr.~tv»d. ho-*"" .-. --. to be rr.-"-r-:".- rjstcrr.ary lexal phr?.5fOl---c7 and r.~-t f ir.dira'o any b""_rf Curt.*; had actually csrnc-d out h-i h--a- by phyc.?.-.: f-^r.-e 3-nd threat rather than br d^cf-:t Food Soon Exhansted. WajhiSiton. June 4 iAP'.--Dr. Lutlt- *r \v. H'^ichjlcerfer. cliairtnaa of the Board of District of Columbia Cosunis- sioners. .said today that if the food runs out before June 3 the veterans ^13 be advised to leave. He added the veterans already had practised to depart on that d.ite. St'rplainin? there wc-uld be no "rc-ujii .stuff." he sa:i tl-.ev · s-xply -sill be *d- v.?d thit the L)^~:--. oar: r.o longer -^-.iPply th^m ~ith fctxi 3nd shelter." 7 Approximate::.- 1 2M -·: the marchers ar--* beirr ;ar-d f;-r br the poli's- ar-d about S53 remains for this purpose. Enrampment Elccls. Palestine Er:c3rr.pai?r.:. Xo. :-l. I. O. O. F. hXd its rer.ilar rr.j-ctin? on ?n- i?.v ev;^ T.-ith :ho ohi-t-f r-.-stnacch. leslis D. -.Va-hter. pris.cinc. T~.n fsl- jo-atn? otTt^ers :^r th* ensuing t«rm '·ere e:-:-:t?d: Chief ?atriar:h. Si-ire d TV. VariFcsssjn: hish priest. Wtn. Edward Gannon; =»rn:?r -warden. Le~ W. Mob- oha rea.h.r-5 a r.O5p:"3". Nf .sthoors t ·"._ pi';'.ice r.:, a ".Vorld War -.e'eran "nsc been j?3'.o-- of "he attfr.tnn paid her bv other Pre'.-;d.- Sena 'A in A Va;--r. "er.delr- ;o.-.n. Con ST. .-to niaevo':- Ar.dant* Father." Go ;.-.-i: :.-.-, --at. or .nstr.i- mer.tal. Tr.o. Op-i- S2. F.rrt %:ov-:rr.rr.t. GETS 521,500 INSURANCE: MAN SOON ROBBED OF IT On :\ior.daT eve- Weather Ootlook Coming Wsatb^r o.;t-lc^k f"7 the wex-k :x-; Mor.dav :- N^rt:-. anC Micdl" Atlantic .=tate«: Pr^oab'.y sli^w^rs ar.d sr.t'.x-". ' Great _- Jehc-vih. -.'.IP Lcd." S:'.-. :'.y-rt. Scr.pttire reaiir.;. j Gloria Pa*ri. Grc.'.torex: pray;r. An Oie j i c?c.:er r.-t-ar t.-e cxu'. .;: bc?; of j :o H-"oi. voris by Hoer.r.a F_hrr-.ey '32. !! week and Rr.ow.-rs quite ^cneraily ab-.'ji rr.tisic '"" ?':r.a..-r. Rr.oais '32. H.xxi Coli ; T.iur.-djy. Nfjrioratr-Ir 7.1:31 early part ?e "Iv-.r ar.ii sen-.-ir ;lii--: c' r.'.rr.r.. day. to graci-^atei Dy Prc^.der.t Apple, col- csi'.ly. rjOnC'-^n. 5Cv. *j i"e 4 Bik^r. of Manch-s-«r. was I-.e'.d tip ar.c rr.hbe-ci o." S2i 50° .n cash .-r. 'a rose s.-iicl t.hey had no cl-:-es to tr.r ::r.'ity r.f thr^ t."-"-^ ho-lcl-up rr.en. The Tiyofx-rr occurred -Jhile B.iker , with his wife. vii. c mct-vlr.c home from 1 I..-.:i,--v.i;e -i'r.-ro i^ :.»; Otvr to cc!ct 2i 5f-0 ir. i;r.i:i; e 0:1 h.-. uho.e- 55i' e"v-ery company fcoruea re- ] ber.* of K.r.r Daria Loije. Xo. 50. will v^it 1.::. Morlali Lodce. Xo. 32. Oar- sprtr.- Tr.ise ir.tendiric tc- ro v.ll meet .v. tr.» hall s: 6 SO o'clor'-t. T.-.e trip wd Glad Circle lai Circle SundaT s.:JK of h:-:h Mrs. Kenrr K. C. pt;x teacher, with their f^rr.ilies were erter- tA.rsed at. the horn* cf Mr. \a-J Mrs. Djn:«=l F--Jt, r.«-«r M-;Ka:s on Weiaes- w.v c:,.Tvr-:fed of Mrs Fout, Mrs. V.'i:- Waciitcr ar.d Mrs. MarUs 'R'aciter.

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