The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 26, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGK KHUN. THUS H tf TOHTNSON NEWS, EtttffiSDAY. aljSPTBMBfill 26, 1918, MOVING To No. 4 North Main M. WELCH, Jeweler 18 North Moln The Favorite Schiller Pianos and Player Pianos arc sold at 108 North Main Street. A lnMiitiful stock of now fresh goods. Fair Week they will be sold from the stoic at 1 OS North Main. Now is the lime to liny a Kehiller. The Superba Phonograph, plas s all disc records, none better. Phone 2431 J.H.HARPER Piano Man SPEAKING FRENCH Sergeant Vred rletiney Writes o! the Manner of (Jetting by in Conversation. Don't Suffer From Piles ITi-nmia IMIe Tr*«««i»M Now ontrM Krrf to Vtov* Willi It Will Do for Yott. 1 >yrnmld Mlc Treatment , plve» quick relief. Mops Itching, blccd- in«r or protruding plica, hemorrhoid* The Newest ond Most Benutlful SERVICE FLAG A IHUIKO of honor Khoulil tie rllsplurod In Ui* wl'i- Govr of MOTJ liutuo UiU hn* Bent » boy Into lh« Ann?. It ta your duty »ini i>rit lk-fir to limit oim of UIOBO iiiflUtnlad of honor In your window M) all mi) know tint a ftoliiter hu socio or la on his w &7 W Mil fur llt«rty. lliU BUTT ice (lis fs Oil 1U inches, made of dark frit with metal top and «1lk rmd. In thr eeu- lw of DID rod ftalii 1* a largo wlitlu ttsr; on it it a nouller one of blue; below iir* two sheik, thdf [mints mrf>llti< on & sMtifd of it in* ami strlp*« wltli flltlnc words "Ow There" pmtn!«l In dart bluo. Tell tho world tin haa KOHO arrow or about, lotto t>y c!l»fUj| n g •arvie* Dag, 11 or 3 lUtrt If d»»lr«ti. Sint Free and postpaid with a two-yaar tub* tcrlptlon to PeopU'i Popular Monthly, the leading mapatlna ol tho middle wnl. sand 50e today and eel thU iitlendid b»m» and story m*B*'lna tor two ytart, and th|i beautiful lervlea fill will be tent you prenald by return mall. Address Servlea 0»lt, liGi PEOPLE'S POPULAR MONTHLY, On Molnet, Iowa Cuticura Loveliness How lovely is tho natural skin kept clear, sweet and healthy by daily use of Cuticura Soap assisted, now and then, by touches o( the Ointment lo soften, soothe and heal the first signs of redness, roughness or irritation. Runpl* Ekeh rrf* by MkU AildrcAa po«t-<ftj-d: "CaUcar*, D,pt 3»A, B#tt«a." Sold eyerjwhwrm. So«p'.5e. Ointment 25 Mill &0c. Taleu/n JSe. A letter received I his morning from Sergeant Fred Henney to (ho Notts bunrh lolls for the "Latest news from Franco," lie gives n little Idea or the troubles of speaking it foreign language : "Somewhere Over There". Aug. 20. Dear News Hunch: j Many's Hie lime I've reported I ho hand concerts at 1'onvontlan Hall. | Here's some early morning copy about a com ort last, evening given by whtil I il still regard as a Hutchinson band— our regimental hand. The auditorium ] wan a thick pine forest on the side of a mountain. It wan just behind the lines, so close that the band and audience were within shell fire range and nnlt a rnn KI > of hills and (ho fores! concealed them from the enemy. The j audience wus made up wholly of soldiers, for there are no civilians around here, and it was a Kansas audience, nenriy every man lium the Sunflower State. Imagine If you can, enemy aeroplanes flying above this band concert, so high however that they could not recognize us. while cur antiaircraft Runs are banging away at them, breaking Into the rytlun of the music with their loud concussions, while the distant rumble of the heavy artillery Joined the lympa,i| or the band. Hut nobody was iieodlng the artillery, the shell fire or the planes. Theyr are too common here. There PrMmtd b Ccrialnlr Fin« Work, Such Wooden So Quickly. and such rectal troubles, In the privacy of your homo. 60 cents a box at all tlruKEinla. Take no substl- tuts. A single box often Is sufficient. Vrtr nnninle for Trlnl with booklet mailed freo In plain wrapper, if you send coupon below. FREE SAMPLE COUPON rriiAMin rmun COMHANV, Ml l'jtamld IHJc, Marshall, Mich. Kindly MrM mo ft Free namplff of fyraiuld Ello Treatment, to itUlu wrapper. Name.. Street. CltT... wore men in this audience who had Liberty Loaf More than conforms to rules cf Food Administration USE IT I "There's a Moral Reason" IT'S A MODERN PRODUCT SAVE FUEL BY USING Monarch Weather Strips en yuiir home. No obligation to show you. G. T. BRONLEEWE 120 1-lth West Phone 523 ALFALFA SEED l'or Fall Planting$6.50 to $ 12.00 per Bushel All eenliul Kansas grown. Non- irriuiited — wnle for sattiples. YOUNG'S SEED HOUSE Hutchinson. Runs. MRS. WRAV TELLS HER FillENDS WHAT lllilitillM OID. M Tound It lo lie lixcellenl," ' Says Well known Hutchinson Woman. Mrs. Ilattle tt'ray, 211 K. Kits! .Steel, one of our besi known and most highly resp.-clod rcsldentd of Jluicliinsoii, Kans., is so «cll pli -ust -il with thi} Orisnluno treaiuunit and what it has ilcme lor her that she Biijs she is simply telling all her Irlcnds alioul It, no mailer where uhe mi cii, thein. I.iac ninny other ladles of refinement, Mis. W 'ruy shrinks m<ni puhll- city, bill she says Urgatoite is be- jtind a ili.iuhi a splendid tiVHtiiiem, ami thut she feels ii her duly to lei other snlicring wiiiunii know about it. "J have )ia,| gall stone troubles lor years," said Mrs. W'ray. "I tR-euied in ha\e no appeiiie at all, ittul I was nervous and up-set alnioat nil ilh time. "I i.asn'i what you'll call sick, that Is, I Hasn't down in bed, hut I felt m bud and sluggish and heuvy from morning till night, and I was so weal; I never felt like 1 could do any of my duties about Hie house. My food didn't agree with ine always, it never io give me the pro|.er i:oui Ifihun in. "The doctors told me that my only salvation lay In an operation and my t nerul condition was so had ihat 1 was losing flesh ami felt like I would have lo give up sooner or later If jomolhlng wasn't done. I finally made up my mind to try Orgalone and I didn't finish the second hot- lie before 1 found my tippeiite had Improved and 1 was gradually getting stronger mid hetier. I'm gaining in weight every day. 1 didn't feel weak and run down like I did and 1 am Just foeliuu belter every day. J recommended Orgnloiw treatmwit for I lmve found U to be excellent, b'luce |t has done me so much good J tint continually telling some one about It-' . Oigatoue is not » so-called iialeut or secrei ruinudy but u now solontlf- 1« treaimtiit cot^luluiug no alcohol-ur other stimulating drugs aud Is sold in Hutchinson exclusively at A. aud A. Ui'UK"Co., Out of town customers are , being supplied all cli»r«"« prepaid ' upon laeeipt of price 11.25 per bottle or six bottle* for |fi .S5.—(4JverU »e- ;not enjoyed a band concert for a long liy>r ,.,„ ,-,„ lU , u . cUvP tM jusl 5urm i s od. i time, men who have been iu the . Yuii'ru from the pluce where 1 long to be 'trenches, or off on scout details or in Vour smiling face sct-ms io say io me : lonely signal posts on the mountain Vou ',™ ln ' ro ,'aisi" y la '" I " _my su "" y • observallon posts. They stood under Ton Im ., eun u be? the pine trees, crowding about the CHORUS. ! ti-m.l tnv,.,-il l.nn.l,-, rl (1 f il,.,m liut..n Arc . vou from KunsiLs'.' 1 say from Kansas jD.ind, seie ,U humliiil of them, listen- Wl ,.- ri , llu . sunflowers grow us tall aa the ,mg attractively, enjoying the music to trees': | the limit. When the program was Are you from Kansas? Hurrah for ^over they refused to let the band slop. W hexe"'tho -wind and dust always blow. "Play Hill Khaki' a French soldier Are you from wichlia, Hutchinson or called out. and the band finallv struck WelllnEiowii. :up "Khaki Hill," which the Kansas h «S iboys always greet with a cheer. Then' Kansas; : I there wore more cheers when the Cause I'm rroim Kansas loo. j band hit up "Over There" and all [Joined In the chorus, shouting the | closing words with force— and they I really meant it—"and we won't come jhnnie till it's over, over there." And then the hand hit up "O Johnny u," which revived memories of cold mornings al Doniphan last winter for It was to that tune that we were routed out at reveille every morning. And there were more memories of Doniphan It was nway bark in old 'IS f left old Kansas pastures green. Hoc, but 1 yt;trn, long to return, back to the hay and old wheat fields, That year the Germans got their defeat Proving the fact that tlte Allies beat, We surely whipped them; you bet we licked them . And inudtr 'em like tt, too. Stayed With eand. Well, the band concert continued as long as the bandsmen could see Die music and then they played in the when 'the stirring "Sound Off" was ; dark, while tile soldiers sang familiar struck up—the march to which our , songs. The concert closed with "The regiment marched in review time after : Marseillaise," and all stood at. atttm- tirue. And what a shout there was! Hon while the Krench national air when the band led off with "A Hot ; was played. Time" and how that Kansas crow d , "When we get heme again"—that's sang it. "Take us over the top with i m the mind of everybody. We folks that and we'll go across tho Rhine," a: here think" this war is just about over, corporal declared. And, oh yes. I, Kvcrywhere you find that feeling, must tell you about our Kansas song. ! The boche Is on the run and there is One of the band men, Stiffelbach. ot 1 a strong feeling of victory, of confl- Wellington, has been singing, "Are | donee Ilia*' we'll keep him going. You l-'rom Dixie" with the band and ."When we cross the Hhin?," "when he was called on to sing It—it's a t we march into Berlin"—that's iho favorite with (he men. He sprung a j way tho talk goes. Nobody wants parody instead, and it hits made a peace here—no peace until the Boche great hit. Here are the words: It j Is rompletiily whipped "nnd we'll not is sung to the familiar "Are You From ' come hack 'till It's ovtfr, over hero" Jesse Laagford AUCTIONEER Sept- 21 —A. 0. Temple, 2 miles cast, IVj north of Saxinan. Sept. 2l>—(.'. I). Clark, 12 miles south and 2 miles west of Itaymond. Oct. 1—Mr. llowman, 2 miles, south and 4 miles east of Arlington. Oct. 10- J. H. King, 4 miles north, '.<_. mile west of Abbyville. Oct. 3-nave 10. Bride, Z 'A miles wosi of Lyons. Oct. 13—(Jeo. Haymond, 4 miles west, l'/i south of I'retly Prairie. Oct. !«—I. S. Van Ordstrand, 2\b miles west, south of Haven. Oct. 17 .1. Y. Devine, 4 miles north, 1 Vj east of Mickerson. Fifty head of white race steers and SO head white face heifers, weight 400 His,, for sale at my corral. Dales can he arranged at any time by calling my office phone, Niekerson 2'J at my expense. Jesse Lengford Our packing and moving service is everything that the most exuding could desire If you want your home's furnishings moved SAl-'KIA', call 838 unit entrust the work to us. UNION TRANSFER and STORAGE CO. Phone 838 15-17 Second W, Dixie tune: Hello there stranger, how do you dn? There is somethlni,- I'd like to say lo you You're recognized, but don't be surprised, as the song goes. Hut when we do get back home again there'll be a lot of changes, or additions, to the language of the good THIN, NERVOUS PEOPLE NEED B1TR0-PH0SPHATE pKi-rRlGHT EVERY WRONG RIGHTED Tb* hum* of Hatt Schalfiiar 4s Mars cloth* Men's Overcoats Autumn, 1918 \\7"HAT a man buys this season to supply his personal requirements in clothes i9 largely a concern between himself and his own conscience. But whether he buys little or much, both patriotism and self-interest insist in strongest terms, that, above all others considerations, he should secure the kind of clothes which he will know beforehand will wear. Now the value of clothes can be measured only in terms of service rendered, and on this basis there is no man, young man or youth in civilian life in all Hutchinson today, we believe, who can afford to ignore the present position of this men's store in the matter of clothes, hats, shirts and other furnishings. The men's occasion of Autumn, 1918, is punctuated by a demonstration of this position. Here are clothes which we have gathered from the best sources, tailored from especially chosen and tested fabrics, made by the most skilled tailors, from specifications which could not help but result in the best appearing, best wearing clothes that good woolens and skilled tailoring could produce. Present assortments of new fall and winter overcoats and suits, offer assurance of satisfactory selections NOW. Styles are true to type for men, young men and youths of all proportions, in fabric, pattern and styles to suit the physical individuality and personal choice of men particular about the clothes they wear. And what we are in position to say regarding our clothes for men, young men, and youths, we can say as emphatically about our display of hats, shirts, gloves hosiery, sweaters, underwear and furnishings. Guaranteed to Put on Firm, Healthy Flesh and to Increase Strength, Vigor and Nerve Force. Weak, thin people •-•-men or women— ! ore nearly always nervous wrecks; ihux j ctiiiuliidlvi'lv proving that thinness, weak- f ncss, debility uud nriiraathriila tire ul- I most invarlahly due to n*trve starvation. I Km-d your nerves and ail thca« symptoms I dUi> to nervu uiurvultcm will disappear. | Imminent specialists :staU< that thu bent ; nnrv-i! (ocd ia an oruunk* phonphatt' known among druggists UH Hitru-Phosphate, n 1 IIvi - grain tablet of which should he j tuk»-n witli each uieaf. i'.eing a fienulne nervy (milder and not a mlmulnnt or • hahfi-fMi'imng drus* Hiiro-l-'hurtphait, oan i b»- safel/ taken by the weakest und most j delicate sufforpr. and the results follow iny \m use ore often simply astonishing. Weal; Un-d poople regain strength and vigor; thinness and angularity givu^wuy to plumpnr-tss and curves; alc-op returns io the sleepless; confidence and eheer- iuJne,*:» replete de-bility an<J gloom; dull eyes bceorntf bright, qnd pale sunken fhteks regain ihp pink glow of lielth. Hiiro-phosphate, the tisc of which Is inexpensive, n\no wonderfully promotes the assimilation of food, so much so that rmuty people report marked gains ul weight In a few weeks, CAt.vr ION':-—Although hllro-phosphats Is unsurpassed, for relieving nervousness, nirt-piessru'Sd tmd general waaknt^s, it should not. owing to its romnrkubie flesh- growing properties, bo used by anyone wln> does not dealro to put on Hush. Last Time Today ' NORMATALMADGE •—IN— "BY RIGHT OF PURCHASE" -AND — "THE GEEZER OF BERLIN" TOMORROW and SATURDAY JUNE ELVIDGEyIN "The Power and Glory" MONDAY amd TUESDAY "BERLIN VIA AMERICA" old Lf. S. A. You'll hear "foot sweet." and "boo-koos" and "no toon" and a lot of new wordfiv Here are some ot tho every day conversation ot the soldier here In the trenches; and Its American equivalent: "Tray-bon"—"Very good;" "d—n fine." "Wec-wpe—"You betcha;" "sure thing." "Toot sweet"—"Right away quick;" "I'ronto."- "Boo-koos"—Heaps of It," "Ziz-zag"—"Drunk;" "Jagged." "Bon"—-Hood. "O. 1C" Bo-jooi"—t'.ood morning. "Howdy." "Vin roogo"—lied likker. "Allay"—Get out of here. "Get h—1 out to Morgan lias been nominated. The Kansas boys think a world ot Morgan. Many of them asked me whether I have heard the result aud have expressed the wish that our good friend has been nominated and that we t?an vote for him. 1 will never forget wliat Mr. Morgan and the News has done for the soldiers and for me personally. God bless you all. 1 hope we may all be home again "boosting her up" for a bigger and bettor IKansas and Hutchinson. Just tiow we have another job on hand, but we're going to finish it and "we won't come home till it's over, over there." PllBD, S. A. T. C. AT WASHBURN. Sook"—Sugar. "So compro"—"Don't understand;'Is Now Open for Law Students to "Drm't get you." Register for Term "Alatnent"—Match. , The Students Army Training And so on. Yes, the language will Corps has heon Introduced into-tho be considerably revised when this rou tino of work at Washburn College army goto home. And I'm fearful a t Xopoka. This announcement has that It will not be altogether for the.boon recently made by Albert .1. better. There's a lot of new, and , Harno, dean of the college who receiv- more or less vivid cuss wordB injed a telegram a few days ago from vogue here now. There are a few of us—the chaplain, myself, and one or two others who still call It "doggone" ami "darn," bttt we're almost as much in Uie minority as those who don't draw tobacco when Tobacco Issuo Day comes,- twice a week. I'm the only man in ono outfit who don't use tobacco, I draw mine regularly and swap It for chocolato when I gel a chance. We issue either smoking, chewing or cigarettes twice a week— ten cents worth lo each man each lltue I issued to our battalion yenter. day 3S4 ten cent packages of Prince Albert, •150 ten cent packages of Hull Durham and 1C8 plugs of Horseshoo. Never supposed I'd ho u tobacco salesman, did you? The French issue wine and tho British, rum, but Uncle Sam doesn't put out any liquor and I'm glad of It. I wish I didn't have lo fool with the tobacco, not that I dislike to handle it, but It Is such a nuisance, We have to bo BO careful and got every man. his full share or there's trouble and one package short means grief. Mentions Company C. I mentioned some time ago, I think, about Dr. Klrkpatrlok, one of Iteno eounty'm moa, who Is a medical officer with us, being officially mentioned in the orders of (he day for gal- lautry under fire. Several other officers in the 1st battalllou have been also honored. Cuptalu Perkins, who commands Co. C, wa$ mentioned for bravery in leading' tils men in a charge over the top and his company —which comos largely from Great Bend—was likewise mentioned, 'nhat company made a gallant dash over the lop through tho wir* entanglements, and did sony? fins work. Tltey volunteered for the 1 Uurius ejptqjt, 13a <;h man painted a white band on his hel-, met to distinguish themselves, aftbr dark- It baa become a company emblem now and iu regarded as a mark of honor In that organisation. It had been nearly three weeks since the primary a,u<) I haven't heard, bow It came out. We all hope Mr. the government requesting that such a course be Instituted. Any law student between the ages of IS and 45 who has been registered In the draft und who has completed high school work or its equivalent, may present himself lor registration at this law school on or before October and be inducled Jnlo-tho S. O. T. C. After ho has boon Inducted he will be housed, fed, clothed at. government expense. He will receive medical attention free, his tuition Is free nnd all the time will be the rato of $30 a month. • '•-t ! ' \i\i;!•'.. HOME COMING SERVICE. First Christian Church Will Observs Beginning of Calender Year. The Kirst Christian church is planning on a big Home Coming service on October Cth. This day is the beginning of the calender year of tho church and the slogan for the Sunday school which it is hoped will ho realized is "Seven Hundred and Fifty Sunday School Scholars." It Is hoped to have every seat in the church occupied during the morning preaching service and tho pastor, flev. Harvey II. Smith Is preparing a special sermon for I lie day. Automobiles will be furnished those who have no other means of, getting to tho church und uro unable to walk. Notice I. O. O. F. Kucampmont, all Patriarchs requested to bo present at tho mooting Thursday evening, Sept. 26. Wo are reorganizing the teams to start our degreo work for iho coming winter. Come arid heip us. F. C. Cary, captain. 25 -2t The Vesta Battury uses Poro-Hard plates. Hill-Howard Co. 21-3t Patriotism and Pleasure go hand in hand when you save wheat by eating rim»«»¥fifffAiiuiviiwi

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