The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on August 9, 1959 · Page 31
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 31

Racine, Wisconsin
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Sunday, August 9, 1959
Page 31
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Olmedo Heads Four-Man Team for Davis Cup SAN FRANCISCO — (/P) — Three members of the U.S. Davis Cup team who brought back the famed tennis trophy from Australia last winter and one experienced newcomer were named today to defend the Cup in the challenge round at Forest Hills, N.Y., Aug. 28-30. They are Alex Olmedo, the one-man team from Peru who almost single-handedly beat the Australians; big Barry MacKay of Dayton, Ohio; 18-year-old Earl (Butch) Buchholz of St. Louis and Bernard (Tut) Bartzen of Dallas. The selections were announced by James B. Moffett of San Francisco, chairman of the Davis Cup Selection Committee. A fifth player will be chosen sometime prior to Aug. 18, Moffett said. Ron Hoimberg of Brooklyn, a member of the 1957 Davis Cup squad, was in line for the position until he lost to Buchholz in the Eastern Championships at South Orange, N.J. Thursday. Olmedo accounted for all three American points in the .32 victory over Australia in the challenge round last December, winning two singles matches and teaming with Ham Richard son in a doubles victory. MacKay was the other singles player against Australia. Buchholz, a team member, didn't get to play in the Cup matches but he turned in a series of sensational performances in Australia. Hawks * * * Homecoming Oct 8 KAOINC SVKDAT BVLtBTIN Aagnil •» IfSt ; yr ^lM* hVtt* • MILWAUKEE — (^»'— The St. Louis Hawks will return to their former home grounds the night of Oct. 8 when they meet the Philadelphia Warriprs in a National Basketball Assn. game in the Milwaukee Arena. The Hawks, none too suc- ces.sful in Milwaukee, have won the Western Division title the past three years and the national title two years ago. Wilt Chamberlain, famed Kansas star, will make his NBA debut with the Warriors. He played with the Harlem Globetrotters last season. MAT COACH DIES IOWA CITY —im— Harold M. (Mike) Howard, 75, wrestling coach at the University of Iowa for 30 years, died Saturday in an Iowa City hospital. Colts 16'Point Favorites in All-Star Grid Game Friday CHICAGO -(i^*— The champion Baltimore Colts of the National Football League will be at 16-point favorites against the pick of the 1958 collegiate crop in the 26th All- Star football game in Soldier Field Friday night. A throng of approximately 70,000 will pack the huge arena on the Lake Michigan shoreline for the colorful gridiron classic. The game will be broadcast and telecast nationally, via ABC at 8:30 p.m., CDT. The College All-Stars, after three weeks of preparation by former Cleveland Brown star quarterback Otto Graham, will be seeking a second consecutive triumph over pro football's top team. Last season, the Graham- coached Collegians jolted the Detroit Lions 3f5-19 for the eighth All-Star victory against 15 defeats and 2 ties. It was the first All-Star triumph since 1955. Pro-Wise Staff Graham is surrounded by a pro-wise staff, including Pete Pihos, Don Doll, Lou Saban, and Dick Stanfcl, all of whom know that speed, bulk and the quick long-gainer are needed to surprise the confident talented and poised pros. The 49-plnyer College squad already has been tested against pro competition, having edged the Chicago Bears 7-6 In a game-type scrimmage Tuesday. The Bears, of course, can't quite match the Colts in heavy artillery. The All-Stars may get quite a lesson from the Unitas, fullback Alan Amcche, likes of quarterback Johnny WRJN WILL CARRY ALL-STAR GAME WJRN AM-FM Will broadcast the annual coliege all- star football game at 8:30 p.m. Friday. halfback Lenny Moore, and linemen Gene (Big Daddy) Lipscomb, Art Donovan, Gino Mar- chettl and Jim Parker. However, the Collegians are loaded with lads headed for the pro ranks, each anxious to make an outstanding showing against the Colts. They learned not to drop their guard and generally received a stiff postgraduate lesson against the Bears. Passing Is Key On the basis of the Bear scrimmage in Rennselaer, Ind., the All-Star attack may be hubbed around the passing of Utah's Lee Grosscup, the run ning of Notre Dame's Nick Pietrosante, scatback Elbert Dubenlon of Little Bluffton (Ohio), Houston's Don Brown, Pittsburgh's Dick Haley, and Cincinnati's *Joe Morrison. The All-Stat" touchdown against the Bears was scored by end Buddy Dial of Rice on a 33-yard pass from cirosscup. However, the Collegians also have fine receivers in ends Rich Kreitling of Illinois and Dave Sherer of Southern Methodist, and halfback Boyd Dowler of Colorado. It can be recalled, significantly, that last year (he All- Stars were held to only three yards rushing against the Lions. However, the Collegians engineered two electrifying touchdown pass plays and a r c c 0 r d - matching four field goals kicked by Bobby Joe Conrad. That may mean a busy evening of aerial shots by Gross cup, Bobby Newman of Washington State, Buddy Humphrey of Baylor and Michigan's Bob Ptacek, the All-Star quarterbacks. Depends on-Defense The game, though, probably will be decided by how well the hand-picked All-Star defensive unit can handle the huge, smooth Colts, and whether the offensive unit can execute blocking assignments. The All-Star staff, knowing it takes weight to move weight, has lined up a beefy array of linemen. Included are Mac Lewis of lov/a (290 pounds); Nick Mumley and Gene Sclaw- ski, both from Purdue and both 248; Frank Geremia of Notre Dame (245); Bob Reifsnyder of Navy (240); Mike ftabold of Indiana (240); Ken Beck of Western Illinois (235); Andy Cvercko of Northwestern (235); Francis O'Brien of Michigan State (235); and Maurice Scleicher of Penn State (235). Two All-Star defensive stand* outs, based on practice performances, may be halfback Billy Stacey of Mississippi State, first draft choice of the Chicago Cardinals; and Emil Karas, 220 tackle from Dayton. A player the Chicago Bears think may be a pro sleeper, 235-pound fullback John Adams of Los Angeles State, probably will miss action for the All-Stars. Adams, No. 4 Bear draft choice, was summoned to the west coast by illness in his family. Where to Go TODAY OLD TIMER8-Elmcr'.s vs. Club UOO, Roosevelt, 9:30; Elmer's vs. Bob's Bar, Roosevelt, 10;30; Lodge vs. Club 18, Douglas. 10:00. SENIOR BASEBALL—Allen'.<i vs. City Travelers, Douglas. 3:15; Danish Bro. vs. Taylor Ave., Bowl West, 3:15; Latin Stars vs. Dumorc, Lincoln, 3:15. JUNIOR BASEBALL—Lions vs. 1st Nn tioncl, Douglas, 1:00: Downtown Billiards vs. American Legion. Lincoln, 1:00; Cards vs. Don fc Dales, Roosevelt N., 1:00; Bruins vs. Western Prtg.. Bowl W., 1:00. MAJOR WHITE—Oster Mfg. vs. Taylor Ave.. Horllck, 8:30. crrV FASTPITCH TODRNAMENT — Finals >t Horllcic, 7:15. MONDAY CLASSIC SLOWPITCH—Eckert Ins. vs. Taylor Ave., Island, 7 :15; DcMark's vs. Taylor Ave.. Island, 8:30; DeMark's vs. City Auto, Lakeview, 7:15; Bob'-s v.s. City Auto. Lakeview, 8:30; Bob's vs. Moor- (lan's, Douglas, 7:15. f AMERICAN 8LOWPITCH—Prima Vera vs. College Inn. Douglas, 8:30; Konlcok Klub vs. Sand Bar, Knapp, 7 :15. NATIONAL SLOWPITCH—Eagle Hotel ys. D's Set. Mitchell, 7:15; DouKlas Bowl if. Lloyd WoHe, Roosevelt. 7:15; Mel's Tap vs. Post Office. Lathrop. 7:15. CHtJRCH PASTPITCH-Chrlstlan Reformed vs. 1st Evangelical, Roo.'irvelt, 8 :30; Grace Baptist vs. EUB, Mitchell, 8 :30; Calvary Memorial vs. Racine Bible. Lathrop, 8:30; Epiphany vs. Church of God, Knapp, 8:30. PAROCHIAL 5TH BASEBALL — Holy Name fi vs. St. Joseph 5, Mitchell. 5:45; Sacred Heart 5 vs. St. John 5, Lakeview, 4:45; St. Patrick 5 vs. St. Edward 5, Knapp, 5:45. PAROCHIAL 4-5 BASEBALL—St. Joseph 4 vs. St. Edward 4, Bowl E,. 5:45; Holy Name 4-5 vs. St. John 4, island, B:45; St. Stanislaus 4-5 vs. Holy Trinity Blues, Roosevelt, 5:45; St. Mary 4-5 vs. 81. Patrick 4, Lathrop, 5:45; St. Rose 4-5 vs. Sacred Heart 4. Douglas, 5:45. TUESDAY FEDERAL SLOWPITCH — F&F Lake- View vs. John's Tap, Douglas, 8:30; Jim's Bar vs. Clover Club. Mitchell, 6:00 & 7:15; Sportsman vs. Prima Vera, Lakeview, 7:15. CENTRAL SLOWPITCH—Fire Dept. vs. "Herbert's, Knapp, 8:30; Case-O-Mntlc vs. Oster, Knapp, 7:15; Mamco Corp. vs. C.W.A., Island, 8:30. INDUSTRIAL SLOWPITCH—Marl Gold Dairy vs. Amcr. Skein, Roosevelt. 7:15; Modfne Mfg. vs. Hamilton Beach No. 2, Bowl, 8:30; Motor Specialty vs. Hamilton Beach No, 2, Lathrop, 0:00; Motor Specialty vs. R. Ind. plant, Lathrop, 8:30; Dumore co. vs. Twin Disc, Bowl, 7:15. CHURCH SLOWPITCH—St. Mesrob vs. Grange Ave., Island, 7:15; Calvary Memorial vs. Racine Bible, Lathrop, 7 :15; 1st Presbyterian vs. Messiah Luth., Mitchell. 8:30. GIRLS CLASSIC — Merchants vs. Modlne Mfg., Lakeview, 8:30: Flamcttcs vs. Johnson Wax, Roosevelt, 8:30; Case Office vs. Western Prtg., Douglas, 7:15. JUNIOR OIRL8—Bobcats v.s. Luther- ettes, Knapp, 5'.45; SkyUners vs. Happy Homers. Roosevelt, 5:45. BRAVES NORTH BASEBALL — Wasps VS. Juniors, Island, 5:45; Jays vs. Ran- S srs, Lakeview, 6:45; Blazers vs. Demons, owl E., 6:45; Wizards vs. Jets, pouglas, 5:46. weDN ~isnAY BRA'VBB NORTH BASEBALL—Jays VS. Wasps, Lakeview, 5:48; Rangers vs. Blazers, Douglas, 5:45. BRAVES SOUTH BASEBALL—Cubs vs. Rumblers, Mitchell, 6:46; Comets vs. Panthers, Lathrop, 5:45; Wonders vs. Tigers, Roosevelt, 6:45; Mustangs vs. Falcons, Knapp, 5:45. MANOPACrURERS — Progrljssive vs. Baran'B, Mitchell, 7:15; Progressive vs. Hamilton Beach, Mitchell, 8:30; Young Radiator vs. Johnson Wax, Douglas, 7:15; Western Prtg, vs. Johnson Wax, Douglas, «:30. FACTORY SLOWPITCH—Oster No. 1 vs. UAW-CIO No. 688, Roosevelt, 8:30; Oster No, I vs. Wis, Gas, Roosevelt, 7:15; Webster Elec.^ vs. Journal-Tlmes. Lakeview, 1:15; Walker Office vs. Johnson Tower. Knapp, 7:16. COMMERCIAL SLOWPITCH — Police Dept. vs. Fire Dept., Lakeview, 8:30; Norb'a Lunch vs. Motor Coach, Lathrop, 7 :18: National Guard vs. Motor Coach, Lathrop, 8:30. CLASSIC FASTPITCH-Toddle Inn v.^ Racine etamnlng. Island, 8:30; Jacobsen vs. Racine Stamping, Island, 7:15; Von Bchrader vs. Fergus, Knapp, 8:30. CADET-PAROCHIAL A-B BASEBALL— 81. Rita vs. St. Patrick. Bowl W., 5:45, THIIRSDAY MAJOR WHITE — Von Schiarter vs. Oster, Douglas, 8:30; Jai -'obsen vs. Prima Vera, Mitchell, 8:30; Racine Stamping vs. Taylor Ave.. Lakeview, 8:30; Chalet Bar vs. Western Prig., Roosevelt, 7:15; Chalet Bar vs, Chct & Max, Roosevelt, 8:30, MAJOR BLUE—Standard Dealers vs. In-Sink-Eralor, Island, 7:15: Johnson Wax vs. Dustlrs, Lakeview, 7:16; Natale's vs. In-8ink-Erator, Island, 8:30. MAJOR GREEN—No. Main Superettes vs. Modlne Mfg., Lathrop, 7:15; Lake Park vs. Case Tcrraload'rs, Mitchell, 7 :18; Ben 's Bar vs. EpsUon, Lathrop, 8 :30; Thrifty Mao vs. In-Slnk-Erator No. a, Douglas, 7:15. CADET-PAROCHIAL A-B BASEBALL- Bt. Joseph 8th vs. Sacred Heart 8th, Bowl W ,r 5:45. PAROCHIAL 6TH BASEBALL—St. Ed- Ward 6th vs. St. John 6th, Lathrop, 6:45; St. Joseph flth vs. Holy Name 6tn, Douglas, 6:46; St. Rita 6th vs. St. Rose 6th, Lakeview, 5:45; Holy Trinity Whites 6 vs. St. Patrick 8. Island, 5:45; St. fltantslaus « vs, St. Mary 6, Mitchell, 5:45. FRIDAY CLASSIC FASTPITCH — Jacobsen vs. Fergus, Roosevelt, 7:15 & 8:30. PAROCHIAL 6TH GRADE—St. Edward i vs, St. Joseph 6, Roosevelt, 6:48. SATURDAY CADET-PAROCHIAL A-B BASEBALL— Danish Bro, vs. Holy Trinity, Roosevelt 8., 9:30; Holy Name vs, St. John 7lh, Roosevelt N., 9:30; Sacred Heart 8 vs, Bacred Heart 7, Lincoln, 9:30; St. Rita vs. St, Stanislaus, Lakeview, 9:30; St. Patrick vs. Saints, Bowl E., 9:30; St, Joseph 8 vs. St. John 8, Douglas, 9:30. _ SENIOR BASEBALL—Club Lathrop vs. Danish Bro., Douglnx, 1^00: industrial Motori VI. Taylor Ave,, Douglas, 3:16, Melik Team Wins at RCC, Club Match Goes 26 Holes Beau Melik fired Saturday's! only sub-par round, a 71 at Racine Country Club to lead his team to a winning 290 in the August Sweepstakes while at Meadowbrook Country Club in the opening rounds of club championship play 10 matches —one a 26-hole marathon— ended with a 1-up difference between players. The August Sweepstakes at RCC, a four-man team handi cap event, found Melik with a 71-0-71, George Gillett Jr. 82- 4-78, Bud Stoffel 77-5-72 and Ken Olson 74-5-69 for a 290. Runners-up with a 298 were Herman Lynch (77-5-72), Russ McMahon (79-6-73), Rex Cap well (79-4-75) and George Wheary III (84-6-78). In first round play for club championship Melik defeated Ken Olson 2 and 1 and Stoffel turned back George Gillett Jr. 6 and 4. Close play in Meadowbrook Country Club's opening round of club championship play found 10 of 15 matches going to the wire with a I up edge. Longest match of the day was in Class C where Dr. Don J. Gramza went 26 holes before besting Art Simonsen 1 up. Close in Class A All Class A matches ended with the same edge, Ray Kuefler defeating Legs Meisner, Bob Silver over Jerry Tonne, Lowell Katt over Harold Knuth after 19 holes, Ray Boehm over Roy Hall, Joe Hillmer over Howie Taylor Barbers W/c/en Lead Taylor Avenue Barbers widened their lead in the Senior Baseball circuit Saturday by beating the Latin Stars 4-1 while Danish Brotherhood wedged into second place by squeaking past Allen"s Merchandising 4-3. The Barbers' Augie Elzinga allowed two hits and a run in the first frame then scattered four more hits in as many innings for the win. Four double plays by the Barbers, three involving Ken Witkofski, helped hold the Stars in check. Dave Lampman tripled and had a two run homer to spark the five-hit Taylor attack. L. Margues of the Stars doubled and scored on U. Moreno'^ single for their only tally. Elzinga now has a 6-0 record for the season. Out-hit 11-8, Danish Brotherhood scored three runs in the ninth on two errors, one by pitcher Bill Mahnke, to win. Mahnke had fanned 11 and walked only two. Able, Pauls and Mahnke each had two hits for the losers. Art Wells and Merle Henry two each for the winners. Chuck Bauer singled home the two winning runs in the ninth. Dave Kizewic was the winning pitcher on an 11- hitter. Traveler Bats Hot City Travelers hammered out 15 hits for a 9-3 win over Industrial Motors, Ted Thomas had a homer. Major Allgood a double and triple, Don King three singles and N, Brye three singles to lead the Travelers, Bill Dyess limited the Motors to six hits for the win. The one-two teams in the Cadet -Parochial A-B loop staged a thriller as St. Joseph 8th remained undefeated in handing rtie Saints tlieir second loss of the campaign, 1-0. Don Parr was the star for St. Joe's, homering for the only run of the game and pitching four hit ball. He walked only one. In the fifth Nelson of the Saints led off with a triple and Neu walked and stole second. Paar then fanned the next three men to kill off the .Saints' best threat. Dave Krause of the Saints lost a tough two-hitter, fanning 17 and walking three. St, Mary's won their second Muni Baseball SEMOK HASEBALL W L! T. Ave. Barb, 12 1 Dan. Hrolh 9'a 2'j Allen Merch. 10 5 City Travelers 8 8 Results Saturday DanLsli Brotherhood 4. Allen's Mer- chandlslnu 3 City Travelers 9, Industrial Motors 3 Taylor Ave. Barber.s 4. Latin Stars 1 CADET-PAKOCIIIAL A-B W LI W I. St. Joseph 8lh 8 01 Holy Name 3 4 W L Dumore 7 S Latin Stars 5 V -j 1 'b Club Lathrop 4 9 Indus. Motors 2 13 Pacers 0 8 Saints • aVi 2'3 at. John 7th Sac. Heart 8th 7 1 St. Mary Dun. Broth. 7'/a 2',i Sac. Heart 7th St. Patrick 0 3 St. Joseph 7th St. John 8th 5 3 81. Rita , Hnly Trinity B 4 91. Stanislaus SI, Edward 4 51 KrsuliH Hsturday St. .I08cuh 8th 1, Siilnts 0 DiviUsh Brotherhood 13. St Rita 3 St. Mary 8, St. John 7lh 7 St, Edward 12, Sacred Heart 7th 2 Sacred Heart 8th 9, St. Stanislaus 0 iforfciti St. John 8th 4, Holy Trinity I Blaesing Enters Bowling Tourney Racine's Elmer Blaesing will compete Aug, 15 in the fifth annual Maxie Kosof World Endurance Classic at the Paramount Bowl in Ogden, Utah. Men and women bowlers will roll 20 consecutive games across as many lanes with handicaps computed upon two thirds of 220. The men's handicap pays $2,000 first place and a guar anteed $1,000 for the next 19 places. Entries will be open until the start of the final squad firing on Aug. 24. of the year, edging Si. John 7th 8-7. Dennis Kisley pitched a four hitter and Kisley and Tom Sanders each belted homers. Sacred Heart 8th took a 7-0 forfeit from St. Stanislaus. St. John won over Holy Trinity 4-1 with Dan Brown firing a four hitter and Ricky Jackson losing a six-hitter. St. Edward blasted Sacred Heart 7th 12-2 as Brian Haertel pitched two hit ball, fanning 10. Ron Szczepanski homered and singled ii) two official trips to bat for the winners. Danish Brotherhood belted out 15 hits for a 13-3 win over St. Rita's with Tom Sura winning an eight-hitter. Sura, Dan Sura and Gary Ludvigsen each hit three safties, one of Dan's being a three-run homer. F. Bodnar collected two of St. Rita's eight hits. Grove to Issue Grid Equipment Coach Ralph Lehman an nounced Saturday that equip ment will be issued Monday for sophomore, junior and senior candidates for the 1959 Union Grove High School football team. Lehman said they would start giving out gear at 7 p.m Monday at the high school Freshman candidates will re port after school starts. First practice will be scheduled later in the week. JUNIOR GOLF KING PALO ALTO. Calif, — m — Spokane's sturdy Larry Lee brought the National Junior Golf Championship to the Pa cific Northwest Saturday by beating Michael J. McMahon, Atlanta, 2 up in the finals of the 12th Annual Teen-age Classic. Holmdohl and Tony Potman over Jack Nelson. In Class AB, Dr. Frank DeMark beat Kermit Petersen 2 and I and Bill Buffham downed Dr. William Madden 6 and 5. In Class B, Brad Pettibone shaded Stan Gorsky 1 up while Dave Lonergan set down Dick Andersen 2 and I. Other Class C results were Dr. Henry Barina over Don Miner 1 up. Bob Schliesman over Phil Fellner 3 and 2, Don Olsen over Mill Verheyen 1 up and Hank Lang over Roy Poulsen 2 up. Individual scores Saturday were: Registrations are now being taken for the Shoop Park Jun ior Tournament which starts Aug. 17. Registrations are in two divisions, under 16 and the 16-18 year group. Meadowbroiik—73 Leroy May, 74 Herb Kolcskc, 76 Ray Kueflcr, 77 Lefj.s Meisner, Paul Witt, Paul IliKniscl. 78 Jo Hillmer, Jack Demnsey. 79 Howie Holm dohl, Larry Durancl. Haclne Country Club—71 Beau Melik, 72 Tom Modlne, 74 Ken Olsim, 75 Ur. Warren WllllamHon, 77 Herman Lynch, Bud Stoffel, 79 Rex Capwell. HUSH McMahon. Johnson Park—72 John Salerno, 74 Herman OsterberK, 75 Prank Romano. 77 Julius Kovach, H. Uuppel. Dick Conner. 78 Tom KucltlnK. Hill Soren.-son, Elmer Htacey, Prank Biinll, Itiiy Venturlnl. Olla Olson, John Matlchek, 79 Al Iluppel, Don Petersen, Bob Madscn, John Mcslch, Dick VttiiUyke. Shoop Park—34 Jack Schlestle, 3ft Jack Schlestle, 37 Al Spenrt, Jack Schlestle. John Vocke i3i, 38 BUI Nelson, 39 Connie Exiier, Harold Hllscher. YMCA Baseball A1 «>NI)AV 9:00 a m. — Soulliern A.isoc - Crackers vs. Lookouts iKainout xame uf July 1.1 9:00 a.m. — Southern Assoc. — Pelicans Vs.. Volunteeri, (Ponv Stadium. Halnout game ot July I i 5:15 p.m. — Pony l.eakue ~ Senators vs Redlegs (Ralnout game ot Aug, 3i. 5:15 p.m. — Llridlc LeaRue — olants vs. Braves (Ralnout game of May 22.) TUEMDAV 9:00 a.m. — Pacific Coast — Ralners vs. Bees iRalmiut game of July 23.) 9:00 a.m. — Pacific Coast -- Padres vs. Solons I Pony Stadium, Ralnout game of July 30.) 6:15 p.m — American Assoc — Senators vs. Buffs (Halnout game ot May 28.1 5:16 p m, — American Assoc. vs. Indians iPony Stadium, game of July IB.i WCDNKKDAV 9:00 a.m. — Boullicrn Assoc. elers vs. Pelicans (Ralnout game. of July 29.) 9:00 a.m. — Southern As.soc. — Chicks vs. Volunteers (Pony Stadium, Ralnout game of July 29.) 5:16 p.m. — LIddle League — Athletics vs. Giants (Tie game of June 24.) 5:15 p.m. — LIddle League — Tigers vs. Cardinals (Ponv Stadium. Ralnout game of July 18.) TIIUKHDAV 9:00 a.m. — Pacific Coast — Beavers vs. Mountlet (Ralnout gamo of July 30 .1 9:00 a.m. — Pacific Coast — Bolons vs. Ralners (Pony Stadium. Ralnout game of July 30 .1 6:15 a.m. — Pony League — Athletics vs. Cardinals (Ralnout game of June 20.) 5:16 p.m. — American As.soc. — Colonels V8, Buffs (Ralnout game of July 23.) FRIDAY 5:16 p.m. — LI(Jdle League — Phillies vs. Tigers (Ralnout game of June 37.) 5:15 p.m. — LIddle League — Yankees vs. Olants (Pony Stadium. Ralnout game of July 18 .1 —Journal-Times Photos Ed Nelson, champion of Racine Lawn Bowling Club, prepared to deliver ball, left, in Central Division singles playoffs at Lincoln Park Saturday. At right, tournament director John Deist measured distances for defending champion William Miller, left, of Gary, Ind., and Nelson. Purpose in lawn bowling is to place your shots as close as possible to a small ball called the Jack. Short Sets Pace in Lawn Bowling Judy Janes Sets Mark — Bears Ralnout Trav- TITLE TO SUPERIOR WAUSAU —m— The Super ior Americans Saturday won the Wisconsin Little League baseball championship by de feating Milwaukee North Shore 4-3. John Short of the Detroit. Mich,, Westside Lawn Bowling Club posted three victories here Saturday in the opening rounds of the Central Division Lawn Bowling singles playoffs at Lincoln Field, The tournament is hosted by the Racine Lawn Bowling Club, Short defeated Richard Hauswald of Lakesidp LBC, Chicago 21-17 in his opening round; edged Ed Jackson of the Milwaukee LBC 21-18, then defeated Manuel Cutler of Milwaukee's Sherman Park LBC 22-11. to move into the final day's round of play. The tourney is a double elimination event with a second defeat dropping them out. Cutler disposed of defending champion William Miller of the Gary (Ind.) LBC 22-13 Saturday after Miller had set down David Evans of Moline (III.) LBC 22-16 in the opening round and Racine's Edward Nelson 21-15. , Cutler won his opening game 21-12 over William Morrison of Columbus Park LBC, of Maywood, 111. Other first round results had Ed Jackson of Milwaukee LBC defeating Robert Savage of Chicago LBC 22-14, Short defeating Hauswald 21 17 and Miller taking Nelson 21-15. Nelson came back to drop Morrison from the tourney in the second round of play 22-16, Today Nelson will meet Savage, who eliminated Hauswald Saturday 21-15. Otl»ers who were eliminated were Evans, loser of a close 21-20 game to Hauswald and Jackson who bowed to Miller 2I-E. Sunday's schedule will find Nelson paired with Savage and Cutler with Miller, The winners of those two games then meet, with the victor in this game meeting Short. Thirteen-year-old Judy Janes of the Racine Girls Swimming Club smashed a slate and national record for the 200 meter breaststroke Saturday at Gordon i'ark, Milwaukee in the State Women's Outdoor Championship swim meet. In all, Racine swimmers set two new state records in winning three championships to give Racine 56 points and (he lead in the meet at the halfway point. The meet continues today. Miss Janes plowed the 200 meters with a breaststroke in 3:20.3, four seconds under the former state mark and nearly a full second below the national record for the 13-14 ago group set by Becky Collins of Indiana. «Tho Collins girl also holds two world championships in her age group for the butterfly stroke. Mark by Dodge The second state record set Saturday was by Racine's Elsie Dodge, who clipped 1.8 .seconds off the old mark in winning the 200 meter back stroke in 3:06.7. The third championship was in the 400 meter in dividual medley won by Judy Janes. Sue Birkholz placed second in the event. Sue Birkholz also picked up a third and Martha Evans a fifth in the 400 meter freestyle event. In the 200 meter breaststroke won by Miss Janes, Pat Miner was fourth, Carol Angel fifth and Martha Evans sixth. Second In Relay In the 200 meter back stroke, won by Elsie Dodge, Sally Rimkus took fifth and in the 400 meter individual medley won by Miss Janes, Sue Birkholz was second. Best Racine showing in the relay events was by the A team of Judy Janes, Martha Evans, Elsie Dodge and Sue Birkholz which came in second. The B team of Kathy Newell, Pat Modine. Laurie Janes and Mary Jo Postorino placed fourth in the event. Al the end of Saturday's racing, Racine led with 56 points, Lawrence was second with 41. Then came Green Bay 23. Whitefish Bay 13, Nicolet II, Waukesha 5 and Janosvillc 5. The Racine team this year has won the invitational Nicolet swim meet and were age- group champions at the Whitefish Bay State meet. —Journal-Tlmea Photo NO-HIT HURLER — Hank Kuiper, veteran fastpitch hurlcr who toils for Christian Reformed in the Church League on Monday nights, recently hurled two consecutive no-hit games. Internationals Win in Tourney The Racine YMCA Liddlel Senators with Jim Martin add- League Internationals made short work of Evergreen Park No. I of Chicago in Thillen's Stadium there Saturday blasting them I2-I in three innings. Rules at the park automatically end any game when one team gets 10 runs ahead in any inning from the third on. Mike Crane allowed one hit in the three frames, Lcnay Pinager had three and Joel Mikulecky and Karl Rudat each were two for two. In Y American division Liddie Loop play the Yankees scored lone runs in the eighth and ninth frames to beat the Athletics 4-3. Jim Hunnicutt singled in the tie-breaker in the top of the ninth. Gary Bo sak fired one hit ball for four and a third innings, fanning nine to get the win. Jim Han- .sen of the Yanks hit three for four. Dan Hiott of the losers also was three for four. In All Star play the Ameri can Association stars downed the Pacific Coast stars 5-3. Bill Green was the winning hurler with reliefer Steve Gardner fanning the last two batters to save his win. Al Rognerud led the losers with three for four at the plate. Malko and Bock led the winners with two hits each. Pirates Take Two In Pony League play the Pirates took a twin bill, blanking the Senators 5-0 and edging the Athletics 2-1. Harvey Hillard pitched two-hit ball, fanning 10 In the win over the ing a homer. Gene Biesack got the win over the Athletics, fanning 15 and allowing six hits. Gene Hansen homered for the Pirates and Martin drove in the winning run. Ed Mullen of the A's also homered. 1 n American Association play the Eagles blasted the Colonels 12-2 back of Ted Anzalone's three-hit, 10 strikeout chucking. Bob Marcardo hit three for four with five RBIs, one a bases loaded double. Roger Cipov also was three for four for the winners at the plate. YMCA Standings I.II)DLi: LEAQUe National Amtrlcan W L Uravcs a 2 R»d Sox Cubs 1 4 Yankees Uodgeri 6 0 White Sox UlHIlts 3 4 Athletlc« Cardinals a 6 Tigers Orioles Phillies 3 < Tigers Orioles AMDKICAN / kSBOCIATION eastern WMttrn W L Saints t a Bear* Senators 6 3 cats Indians 3 6 Cardinal! Colonels a a Buffs Millers 2 « Sagles I8SOCMTI0N SOVTHEKN Sagles I8SOCMTI0N W L Pirates 9 1 Cardlnali Redlegg 6 3 Stinatort Athletics 6 3 Indians PACIFIC COAS* W L Mountles 8 1 Rainlera Padres 5 1 Solans Beavers 4 4 Bees PONV LKAGDI W L Crackers 6 a Chloks Lookouts 6 3 Traveler* Volunteers 4 4 Pelicans W L B 9 6 » 6 • 4 S \ \ 11 3 4 a • 2 3 a COACH OF THE YEAR TUCSON, Ariz. — C« — Toby Greene, who guided Oklahoma State University to the 1958 collegiate world seriei championship, has been named 1959 baseball coach o( the yew*

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