Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on April 3, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1942
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

I' 1 ' PAGE FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE Lubbock, Texas, Pn'doy, April 3, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avalanche-Journal Offices By Margaret Turner •*• was written by J. L. Miller, a former newspaperman of Ozark, Ark. It has been published in vari- pus newspapers, appearing last year in W. J. Hooten's column in The El Paso- Times from which Mrs. C. E. Dean and Country Styles In Evidence At Barn Dance Given By Las Cresas Club a , . : . . — : 1 . , _ : ~~ Mrs. Lillion Butler Will Present Pupil Mrs. Lillian Butler will present a pupil, Charlotte Scoggin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Scoggin, in a piano i-ecital tonight at 8:30 o'clock in the Scoggin home, 2207 Sixteenth street. Miss Scoggin \vi"" Attendants Dress In Frocks, Overalls In a ballroom decorated in typical country style, Las Cresas club Today's Events .... entertained with a barn night from 9 . . . thoughtfully sent it to us. It is par- I be ..ssisted by Brentie Sue Thomp- ticularly fitting; for today, Good Friday. . . i »'. * * ; "At the time of thy crucifixion, the dogwood attained the size of |he oak and other forest trees. So ftrong and straight was the wood of it. that it was chosen for the timber of the Cross. To be thus |jsed for such a cruel purpose greatly distressed the tree, and •Jfesus. smiled upon it, sensed it, irid in His gentle pity for sorrow, • said to it: (."'Because o£ your great pity lor My- suffering- -I - make, you • his promise":' " . _• " " • * -" 'Never again shall the dogwood tree grow large enough to be used ;for a cross Henceforth it shall be plender and bent and twisted, and . its blossoms shall be in the form bf* a cross, two long petals and two short petals, and in the center pf the outer edge there will be nail i^.,I?fint§, 'bcpwn with rust and stain- efl \vlth~b'iood/.'AndiJn,.the center at the flower there '•wttt' image of the crown of thorns a'ncf 'all who see it. will remember it jwas upon a dogwood tree I was crucified, ana this tree shall not lie mutilated or destroyed, but ^cherished as a reminder of My death upon the Cross." -. i - — * » • '.7 Thanks to Mrs. Dean for send- "ing us this beautiful legend. i : * * * : ; BEAUTY AND MORALE -A .BEAUTIFUL skin is a symbol Jr?- of an American woman and now, more than ever,-beauty is the duty" of every woman. Beauty is ^uplifting 'not only io women but son. Her program will be as lows: Sonatina op. 5b, No. 2 (Kuhlow); Corrente, (Handel); Aliegretto <Haydn); Minuet in B flat <Mo- zarl); Minuet in G (Bach); The Actress (Guthrie); The Clock (Kullak); The Dance on the Lawn (Kullak); In the Meadow (Lichner); Fur Elise (Beethoven); Curious Story, (Heller); Worth While (Wilcox); The Ballet Dancer (Rol- suth); Slight Mistakes (Parker); In Arcadia (Brown); Dancing Shadows iRebe) and Elfin Frolic (Lemont). Five Guests Present For Meeting Of Club Five special guests were present for the Double Six forty-two club meeting Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Roscoe Webster, 2515 Twenty-third street. Guests were Mesdamcs N. L. Baugh, W. L. Joosteh, B. G. Chancy, J. W. .Chapman and J. J. Barham. "-'Members attending were Mesdames •'Ralph Moore, Florence Sanderson, Mark Day, C. O. Pendley, and Ben Noell. Mrs. L. Walthall, 2304 Twenty- sixth street, will be hostess for the club April 16. dance to 12 o'clock in Hotel Lubbock. Members and their escorts and guests came dressed in gingham frocks and overalls. Members and their escorts attending were Joan Hale, Ben Wells; Janet York, Bobby Eubanks; Virginia Bondurant, David Johnson; Jean Bardwell. J. C. Powell; Panze Butler, Hooper Stiles; Dolores Bizzell, Bill Bobb; Mary Louise Breedlove, Roland Nabors; Ruth Genelle Spikes, Billy Tucker. Others Members, Escorts Lela Gowin, Bob Buster; Ava Ruth Stangel, Clark Bondurant; Joyce Hackel, Frank Fite; Billie Wolford, Billy Bob Cardwell: Carol Kreuger, J. D. Milner; Ann Crenshaw, James Venable, Maryjo Turner, Everton Conwell; Sarah Jane Strange, Wesley Hamilton; Elizabeth Hurlbut, Davit 1 . Kilpatrick; Zay Powell, Wright Stubbs; Veida Ruth Stimson, Tom Hodges; Sue Standefer, Max Walthall. Temple Joyce McAfee, Lafayette McKsy; Olive Rankin, Billy Jo Chisley; Marilyn Clai.borne, George Ater; Wanda Jo Ribble Pete Waller; Norma Kelly, Buddy Beasley; Jean Carolyn Harvey, Billy Castevens; Dorothy Brown, Allan Stewart. Happy Hour Kcedle club 1 j>. m., Mrs. J. E. Walter. 2121 27th St., Mis. R. I. Bertram, iss!:tiKt hostess; covered dish lunch•on. Honoring Enlisted Men from Army School, B And PW Club Sponsors Dance At Hotel school. W. A. Hood, In honor of enlisted men from [the Lubbock Army Flying school, Red cross first aid course, sponsored •. the Lubbock Business and Pro- T: "-- f «5 tona \ Women's club sponsored a dance Wednesday night at the iilton hotel ballroom with over 50 soldiers, club members and Hub-Ettes, who were dancing artners, attending. . . Ross Edwards' orchestra furn- shed music for dancing and Alon Taylor arranged a floor show vhich consisted of numbers to be iven at the Junior Welfare ,eague musical revue, "Helz- 'alsq to men. ' In.- these eventful days, filled \yith. change '"and' uncertainty for. rrjahy of us, it is necessary that we :know that r there are certain truths =that will not change. A woman's 'care of her appearance because of Jier pride and fo.- the effect it will li'Ev'e oh the morale of her men folk is one' of these. Lucky the woman who knows that her neat Appearance .is a factor 1 to_ morale 'building! •'' ']'• Miss Mabel Cornelius, Frances •Denney traveling consultant, and a native of Texas, by the way, who. ~js visiting the toiletries department ;at • Hamphill-Wells company this • week, and the.wirter were discuss-- 'ing this thing the other c day. She sold on two essential'items of tment in every woman's daily uty care: the eyes and the neck, "company has a preparation is guaranteed to beautify a Tman's neck to .such an extent a't she could be vain about it. If )jou glance in ihe'inirror at what - : "-*your throat reveals you ' might •hurryjo the counter for a consul- Ration with Miss Cornelius. You'll : Jind us already there! y. - ... - * * * • Jj .vV IN THE MAIL D EAR Margaret Turner: ,. I haveijust read your article ,in 'this.-.mprning's paper in which ^QU said soldiers as a clans were reckless in their personal relation- ?Ehips.'Why" limit .this to soldiers '.who either "through choice or force are defending their country? Why ; wait uriiii Ja--rnan doiis a uniform . ,to call attention, to. a. fact -.true of all men in all-walks of "life? ,-•';'• ; . ; - --V. . -:. .V^f"?.' .";•" Perhaps you do notice such facts iiribre when a group of men is •'. ' 'camped on your doorstep -but let jne tell you there are no new tricks ,- ;;tp be learned;, some;of us. thought :of theni all long ago. I do ; not have a son in uniform, ,.ut it. I did-I certainly would re- •scrit~this -attitude toward our' boys v-.tfn arms. So far I have-riot been ?ivajble"to find any room in my heart . >£t±:.'"anything but-gratitude and ad- miraj£on. I believe. th°_>nav3rJty : of 'Amef jeans feel the same. Certain- 'ly alt'rno.thers of Americans. ^jn '• far aic.'^tfio ' TTviiyrt^ioea •: women, like men, are merely a repetition of their ancestors. Some of them use their heads and some of them . are the taking variety, grabbing everything in sight with no thought for the future; how fortunate for us all this type is the exception and not the .rule. I cm the mother of some of these mod- ern'youths who cause some folks to lose so much sleep and am very much in earnest .when I say that I have 'never seen any work 'o'f God's creation that I admire more. They are a great improvement over their parents. Stop nd think, then ask yourself H you would not consider it a privilege to be the mother of one, even though he might wear a uniform. Speak in generalities if you must, but try at least to give credit where credit is due. I think it is a mistake to refer to people as a class; certainly it is wrong to pnint out any small group of men and say what they do as a class. There are just as many different kinds of soldiers as there are kinds of people. A Mother. ' « * * D EAR Mother: .Thanks for your letter wriich" seemV'tCPbe filled with •'. paradoxes. If- you'll go back and read what we-wrote'on the soldiers' morals you'll note that we did not say soldiers were.reck- less in. their'personal relationships. What we 'wrote . was a quotation and plainly indicated from Henry M. Grant, director of. the family relations center in San. Francisco, who cerfaihly knows more about the subject'than eiher you or this writer. We- quoted Mr. Grant as saying that one of the misfortunes of war Pledges and tending were their escorts at- Mary Langford, Buddy Crites; Mary Ann Dykes, Bobby Carr; Dorothy Watson, Bill Pool. -Members of Los Duenos Minotaur and Zavalo clubs were guests. Las- Cresas alumnae and their .escorts also attended. Jolly EiRht Forty-Two club, J p. m., Mrs. George Kinyon. 1S2S 30tb St. I Woman's auxiliary cf Locust Street chapel, 2 p. m., chapel. First Baptist W. M. S., 1 to 5 p. !n.. Singer Sewing Machine company. Red Cross sewing. East Side Bible Study cltss. I p. m., Mrs. J. G. Hufstedler, 1608 Ave. E., Mrs. W. C. Hcnly, teacher. Hojnemakers class of First Baptist church, 12:4S p. m., acti\lt!es center. Ace-Trey Forty-Tvro club. 3:1B p. m., Mrs. Lewis Titum, 1637 17th St. 4? club. 3 p. m., Mn. Jf. O. Kelly. 2218 15th St. Pidelis Culture ciub, 3:15 p. m., Mr*. C. J. Norton, 3320 21st SI., Mrs. J. H. Hardberger, co-hostess. La Docena club, 3.30 p. a., Mr*. K. O. Urguetie. 21H 26th St. Unit I of the AA"W Child Development group. 3 p. m., F. K. Friend home, 2005 Bdwy: Mesdames Thord Dockray and H. C. Bruckner, hostesses. Red Cross first aid course, sponsored by Georsa R. Bean P-TA; 7:30 to 9:30 p. m., school: J. J. Moore. Instructor. Red Cross first aid course, sponsored by Roscoe Wilson P-TA: 3:15 to 5:35 p m., school; Mrs. Ivy Savage, instructor. First aii course, sponsored by K. Carr P-TA. 3:15 p. m., room 110. school ilton Greer, instructor. Recreation Bridge club, 2:JO p. m., Mrs E. Carter. 2612 23rd St. is .the "general loosening, of personal morals; If .you don't agree, that finding the soldier healthy recreation in Enlisted Men At Base Invited To Attend Center Activities An invitation is being extended to enlisted men at the Lubbock Army Flying school who are Methodists, to call by the Student cemcr ; located at 2405 Thirteenth street, at any time for games and fellowship hours. The center is sponsored by the First Methodist, the Asbury Methodist and St. John's Methodist churches. On Thursday nights an open house is held especially for enlisted men. Personal invitations are extended to at least-20 men and in addition, the chaplain a' the base chooses five or six men whom he considers deserving. Th< party is financed by the student, through their Community Servici committee. :-.,-' : . Anotheri. feature, v a Student Fp rum, is rieTd on Wedri'e'sclay nights Soldiers attending church service who wish to go home with mem bers for Sunday dinner sign en. bulletin board. Church secretaries give out those names to intereste families. ' Rev. and Mrs. Cecil R. Matthew are hosts at the center. The cent er has a piano, a. radio, a recor player, a pingpong -table, 15 q 20 table games and two bicycle which -are may be rented at an time for a. small sum. This information was sent oti by the supervisor of the Defense unit of the Works Projects administration. lever Kraft Klub -las Lunch arm Meet Fun Night Will Be Held At Center Recreational leaders from St. rohn's Methodist church will direct a Fun night at the community center, Sixth street, and Avenue B, tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock. Children irom 5 to 1.2 years of age are invited to attend WPA recerational leaders who will assist are J. H. Barnett and Mesdames Fairy Holt and H. A Beaty. Dun-Popped," hers April 17. . In "Kick" houtin,? Those in the "kick" routine were <lrs. Bill Coker and Misses Bar- iara Hale, Sylva Wheelock, Merle Leftwich, Jean Bardwel), Ann -renshaw, Willella Nelson, Maiyo Turner, Mary Louise Breed- ow, June Leftwich, Joan Hale, Alice Arm Woolsey, Janet York and Marianna Nail. Miss Barbara Hale ' danced a ;pecialty number . and Misses Yvonno Westmoreland and Betty ^Ihea Caldwell gave a tap rou- irie. The committee on arrangements was made up of Mrs. Roy J. Watson, chairman," and Miss Ella May "Butler, Mesdames Lotie Hilton, Fred Higbee, Letha Massie, Ethel .JCeenum,.- Ben -F Maxey and Floe Swensbri?-'*'^'• ." Lieut R. W. Beyers^ education and recreational director at .the base, assisted in arrangements. Punch and cookies were served. Cookies left over were to be sent to the American Legion homo for the jar at the recreation cey- ter and to' Mrs. Mllam's orphj age. Easter Motif Feature Of .1941 Club Meeting An Easter motif was featured a the 1941 Needle club meetin Thursday afternoon with Mrs Meritt Clark, 2511 Twenty-sixth street. Members present were Mes dames J. A. Jackson, Bill Davis, G L. Douglas, J. O. Pope, Weston Pettey, Thelton Hamilton anc Palmer Sime. "ANNE FORD'S MORE ?,•** * ~ V SUITS ARRIVE Another shipment of these pretty blacks re- cinved in Thursday Express. Tailored or dress maker styles, plain or satin trims. Reds and pastels also shown. Sies 10's to "20's. A i) Relief for Miseries Put 3-purpoj nostril. It (f branes, (2) (S)helpscrca fa-tro-nol up each ^shrjnks swollen mem- ^otttss irritation, and ged nasal passages.- yifVC Follow complete di rections In folder. VATRONOL r^l Following a 1 o'clock luncheon t the Mexican Inn, Thursday members of the Klever Kraft Klub met with Mrs. A. L. Scoggin for Red Cross sewing.- Attending were Mesdames F. G. Campbell, A. S. Meinecke, C. N. Wood, James Samson, W. E. Humphries, A. B. Brown, Gordon Flenniken, A. N. Gamble, C. R. Hurmence, C. M. Chandler, Clay Thompson and J. C. Reynolds. Mrs. Wood will be hostess April 16. Baptist Mary Martha Class Has Social For a business and social meeting members of the First Baptist Mary Martha class met Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Moss, 2221 Sixth street. Mrs. J. A. Pirtle was co-hostess. Mrs. W. D. Biggers, social chairman, was in charge.of the meeting. Mrs. S. It. McKinnon's resignation of the presidency was accepted and Mrs. Pirtle was chosen to fill the unexpired term. Mrs. H. R. Laubhan gave a devotion, and Mrs. W. H. Trice, teacher, gave a reading. The Easter motif was featured in the refreshments. Ten members \vere present. SUIT. .. ? S Very Simuiar to Picture in Black 100% Wool 32.95 m Jgoes no girH^should marry until •she "can see Security ahead. Too >bad we can not "tell .them so. But his leisure'.timeiis-a vital .one,- why do you account for the USO centers and recreational centers scattered abroad throughout the land? Those who have studied th'e social upsets caused by war realize that one bf the 'biggest problems the- morale, officers have to cope with in the average soldier is his "I won't be here long .so what difference does it make what I do" attitude. That's why families "are urged to invite the boys into their homes for Sunday dinner or to play bridge or radio; to give them a home away from home and show them that our country is unified and no matter where their" Home is, whether it be Portland, Oregon or Portland, Maine, or Pensacola, Fla.., or El Paso they are part of a whole—rthe great Amcrica/i family. Ceremony Is Read In Parlors Of Church In a ceremony read in the parlors of the Asbury Methodist church Wednesday night at'7:30 o'clock, Miss Frances Ballard of Lubbock and Joseph N. Thibault of California, who is stationed at the Lubbock Army Flying school, were united in marriage. Rev. W. E. Peterson, pastor, officiated. Cooper H-D Club Will Meet With Mrs. Brown The Cooper Home Demonstration club will meet Wednesday, April 8, in the home of Mrs. L. C. Brown, home food supply damon- ' str'ator. fgfSH FUKY.FUrailFJL PHEMIW CMCKIIIS &3&1 Get the delicious goolkJs and fine quality you enjoy Crackers, in every type^f biscui' you buy. Look for the red Nabisco Sea! on the package. ' BAKED BY NABISCO NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY «^r ^S*^-' Up To $5.00 HATS SPECIAL 2 98 *a%b I^Vvl "^-^ /(.\ For Friday and Saturday we" ^ '* ' ' offer a special selected group of f lower trimmed or ; tailored' Hals in all wanted •'-.. colors at 2.93. "- . W If? \. •:&- -Jf .:'>'/ Selected Group BETTER HATS •m. Christian Church Is Host With Egg Hunt The nursery department of the)| First Christian church was honor- [ ed with an Ea'ifar egg hunt Thursday afternoon at the-church. Those attending were Do Sue Mathus, Dixie Ann , Si Gary Coffee, Donnie Weeks, J*auJa Sue Kuykendall, Sandra ~Kjf? Hut, to, Glenda Sue Lacey, D<* Hunt, Sue Ann Hunt, Clark yood, jr. and Juanita Wood. Hats that, formerly sold . from 5.95 to 19.50. Selected group for Friday and Saturday at ... !0%off a » \?, t, m H6®^< & 7C/J <To REiieve distress froifHONTHLY^ FEMALE WEAKNESS] L'B Vegetable montlOyJ II eve Try Lydla E. P!n Compound to help pain ,wlUi its-wea>c;__ —due to monthly functional turbances. It helps build up r tancc against such distress of "dlffl-* cult days." Follow latel directions.' if a -V^ ir ^T W : i;/l 1 fa utwv i \ Specials That Will Lead The For Friday, Saturday amjfisf Monday Hots . . . one groups . / Broad brimmed mid-surn^rcr straws LSI.53 Others in Straws and F«ncs_£ .__1__51.00 $1.29 Value Scarfs 4 $1.29. Value Costum*Jewnlry_.$1.00 Hosiery — ^ M- $1.00 Wrap Around T Two 59c Handkchie .Take-Elevator lo Second Floor $1.00 ' ns :_$I.OO jt\sl efs $1.00 t\l/ PRE-EASTEK SAlJyBN DRESSES One Group of Silk Crepes, dark colors, Formerly to $29.05 How $5=99 NEW SPRING DRESSES One Group from $13.S5 Io .$29.95 v .20% Reduclion \*S\ HE VOGUE •s& Buy Defense Stamps H' |pur Juvenile department is the largest and most "lomplete on the South Plains. Demand the right pe shoe for your child. We pledge you this |lore WILL fit your child correctly in Boll Par- shoes for EASTER. Shoes for sport, party "" .play at JONES-ROBERTS SHOE STORE, y WM; ^si J*ss^ or flfiifent, leather.. BroJ^fi Calf tary $345 / •^&\^ ,WK*hsV;Aiid Tan Tan'mnff %ige__ •-,-^iViy}:^' '' White And Patent Leather- Si^sifV;'. £:>£',.'-is-; Other Styles in Poll Tarrott Shoes $l,9S in $3.95 Accnrding to Size VEAY SPECIAL |§95 24J| to 29,95 Values W This^fcup of new Spring Dresses are <9ft or two piece styles, solid coloifland -prints. Every one an extraTO'dinary value, so shop early ... EXTRA SPECIAL Street and Evening Dresses This group of about 15 Evening "Dresses and about 25 street Dresses formerly sold from 12.95 to 59-95. Priced exceptionally low for quick clearance ... Myrick I ' « Bldg. **' UU50CK5 STYU fGS WCfilt Dial 9061 Buy A Defense Bond Today, Qm&($^ Shoe Store X-Ray Fitting MAIt, Of record of Mako u=f. ED VROMPTI. V: We have a - permanent »ize who has parc'.izjcd ^iccs from thii slorc. (^ Ar "y/\n AK-^S- -*^ d^L-S 7* ^ §>o>a ^ >C!^w^>Vl.t t*-sX< S SoJL B-^r~- ; cr - V5-X"J V _.,".-" -.'•."'•• - - • "-'. tl^ - ^~-> ^-^ ''•'••'• 'v"; 1 ^'- -'' VM. ^t," ^ver>vl« o^a S-tVt-S IS03 Broadway. Phone 9521 v-sjr. :~; ';:

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