Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 42
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 42

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 42
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Page 42 article text (OCR)

Joint Training Exercise Military Units Revealed --Wednesday Morning, April 9, 1975 CANNON AFB, N.M. (Spe- General John J. Hen- cial) nessey, Commander-in-chief of tho Unitocl States Readiness Command, has announced command assignments nnrt participating units for the joim train- .inw exercise Gallant Shield '75. scheduled April 16-24 at Fort Bliss, Tex. Cannon's 27th Tactical Fighter Wins will ho hosting the "accBrossor" airci'aft forrc during the cxeiTise, and will be providing supixtrt to tin-lien 1 control units to be stationed in tho Ft. Sumner and Artcsia ;ireas. Tiie , r )22nd Tactical Squadron at Cannon will fly 18 F-lllD.s as part of the aggressor force. OUu-r units • operating as ag- gro.s.sors from Cannon during tin- exercise will include the JWlli Taciical Fighter Group I rum Kelly AFB, Tex., which will fly IS F-lOOs; the 57th lighter Weapons \Vini< from. Nollls AFB, \cv.. flying six T-: 3Ss. the 35th Tactical Fi^Heri Wing from Gr-on?e AFB, Calif. ;| the ISSvd Tactical Control -irjuadnm from Fort norlgu, Iowa; and the 110th Tactical Control Sruiadron from the Al- cua Air Nalional Guard, Tenn, That Intriguing Word Game with a Chuckle — fdil.d by CLAY K. fOUAN — -. A Rearrange letters ol ths lour scrambled words below to form four iimplo words. Gen. will m Official Records/ Marriage JUc<;ns*» Mu'hncl SHirUnrc! NcnRlc VI. I.uWiock. ami l.oiln Kiivc TuyiDr. J3, Idulou. Muiik Wiii'der SJ. and Pamela serve as the exercise director,! has appointed U. Gen. Robert M. Shoemaker, commnndiiiR general, III Corps, to serve as the Joint Task Force Commander. Participating ground forces are from the HSHJCD COM's Army component, the U.S. Army Forces Command (FOH- COM) with headquarters at Fort McPherson. Ga. Maj. Gen. John Q, Heiiion, Olh Division Commander, will command iarmy forces for the exercise. Tnclifal fighter and reconnaissance units will be provided by Tactical Air Command, with Headquarters at Lanfjley Air Force Base. Va. The Air'Force component of USRKDCOM will he commanded by Maj. Gen. Larry M. Kill pack", deputy 12th I.CIIVM' IV,ut. lii. Iwth of Luiibuok. J.imes J. HllilMin. 35. and Leona Marie ]>i;i>.'iYua, :'l. }x,tii of LuMxX'k. Twmloiv Kobcii Doljkins, •!<). and. Burbar;: t;ii/.al>_lli ivilv. 37, both of Lub- Air Force Commander. 1 5 T A 2 F E H P A b T A S H C M C U A C E N R 0 C M 3 , >• , (» 7 We bought our daughter a whole new wardrobe for school, but she had to alter it so she'd look just right. She put on all the panls. f.» Q Complete the chuckle quoted by filling in the missing word you develop from step No. 3 below Q PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS v IN THESE SQUARES f\ UNSCRAMBtF LETTERS TO ^* GET ANSWER 1 1 3 4 S 6 7 "° 01 a[otp\ D 50uuu;v - SH3MSNV Jno |3noq Hobbs Bond Issue Support Pledged A-J CorresiKMMlcnt HOBBS, N.M.-In a show of Hobbs' upcoming athletic complex the Hobbs City pledged to spend support for $2.8 million bond issue, Commission up to $100,000 for recreational facilities not included in the plan and to share in operational costs of a 25 meter swimming pool. Tho city's support would bo contingent on voter approval of the bonds on May 6. The city expressed support for the bond issue in a joint session with the Hobbs Board of Education. It agreed to put as much as $100,000 into such items as handball courts and to share jointly in the operation of the pool. The school lx>ard said its $28 •million in bonds would fund new, remodeled and updated facilities but would not include some of the recreational facilities, which both school students nnd Hobbs residents coukf utilize. R. N. Tydings, Hobbs superintendent of schools, estimates it will cost $20 per day to operate the proi>osed $500,000 swimming pool. Tydings isomted up the Hobbs High School Auditorium as a joint city-school venture that has benefited both government bodies. , After Mayor hearing the proposals, Nolan Brunson said, "The schools 'nave done an ex- girls gymnasium, cellent job on the facility study' and Ilobbsans will get more for their tax dollars by joining with the schools to make this a joint city-school program." The proposed swimming pool would he heated and covered fov year-around use. Also included in the proposed athletic complex is a $300,000 a student new field commons and a house. Tydings estimates the school would pay out the 1970 bond issue by July 15. Whereas the Ifl70 issue cost the taxpayer an average of H25 per $1.000 assessed valuation, the new bond issue would cost only $4.05 per SI,000, Tydings said. 1UCENTENNUL CLIMB KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) — Maybe you lie about your age-but The United States will mount a maybe with a little help from major Himalayan expedition VITA-GLOW you won't have to or early next year as part of its want to bicentennial celebrations. Nepal if you have dry skin which causes DO YOU LOOK OLDER THAN YOUR AGE? DO YOU WANT TO? said Monday it has granted permission to Stephen E. Johnson of Los Angeles to lead an American bicentennial Himalayan expedition to the Annapurna 1 peak daring the spring of 1976. JUST ARRIVED 5 YEAR Monterey Center 793-5521 ANNIVERSARY PLATE old looking hands and wrinkles in the face then ynu should try VITA- GLOW the Vitamin E Creme which can help smooth out those wrinkles Discover the secret benefit of VITA-GLOW E Crcme and Lotion yourself - Nn one will ever know except from its results and then Try VITA-GLOW today - the only thing you have to lose is your age! "ON SALE in Cosmetic Dept," HAV nnilP !902 PARKWAY DRIVE 763-5363 UAT UKUU 4404 19thStreet795-7104 - because it will be so gradual - they will think you always had beautiful skin. VITA-GLOW will work Us way into your skin and with its special ingredient (Vitamin E) and nature's help maintain the oi!- moisture balance for you to look your youngest. Use VITA-GLOW at night so it c;m do its work while you sleep and then in the morning as a protective makeup base. JI Hover nsierwoort. H'J. nncl -6. bolh of Hoblu. N..M. LI-SILT Gb'im Ellison. 51 nr.d Irene I.'->i- ;,fnr, 5'J, ho'.h of I.uhlwk. Simlos Aria Cuellar, 2S and Kefutfia Venn Avnlns, 3R. Imth of i,ubt],u'k. Lubbock Courts I.rilliOCK fOl NTV (111 HT ICiiilrirU 1.. MUIM. .rmUc rrcsiilintf In Ihe fstiite of tin? l;iu i Sjutm^l II ]x-o .Ir.. njiiilk-niiD.Q by Kvyilyn .M. Leo. |nill-|»On,lCi]l L'U'tMIIJ-l\. to jnoblik' Uill. hi tin- ('Mate oj tlui taio Kirharil o. I'n.-e. :i|.]>li<-alnin by CIlriKm K. Kricc, iniK-pi'mliiiit cxri-uuir. tu priilmie will. In I IK- ,'Stati' nf Iho lull- Michael sea- VHIH'. aui4ll-.iti')[| by hiimthy SfHVonC, intU-IM'IHl,':il C\OC-mii\, tO lm,l>!llf Will roivjv <'onir-.vr-i.iw NO. i KitNln If. lloriftckcr, .Inil^r I'lrvi'llne CnivciMiy Ilospilul. IlK'.. auaii'st Billy If. Mr.rsl-'i. Mm on account. Ijimn-,ly llo.-jiitiil Inn,. Ok'aiiiMl Jerry 1*. .r<»!in>,jjj. Milt fin account Umver.Mty >{o>i>iinl. Inc.. against Ralph colu. suil on urcounl. University Hospital, Inc., .itfninsl Jac'k i, siut on tu-count. University Hospital, Inc., as/>mst Will- tur IX .7rir,:sim. sillt on accocri! University Ilospilnl. Inf.. aKmnst Ruby L. Bailey and Jnmi'S C. Bnllcy, suit on areouat. Umverasily Hospital Inc.. nriKidrmt Wnndn I_ H rooks and Donald a. lU-iwks. Miit nrt acx-omit. {•Ol'XT tOl'HT-ATI.AU' Nf) ". 'I'hiirna.'i 5,. ClJntim, .|IH|£*» 1'rc^lilinK l-'rn.i- ,^,'ijlnns Joe lioniero bull for (ifiniages fainoi. l'riv;i>iiy Hospital Inc., asainst Urcnlft K. Hcuines sun on IUHC. Julio Hernandez and ^^l^ry Hernnndci mrninnt Llndoll Oilell Willlnnn ,-iiul Frod r 1 ": 1 .'^ Martinc,'.. MIII for pcr.-unii! iniu- I IV ~ I'.nben W. riunliain affainst rounty of lAilmock. suit for i}?^'.^^!^! iiijunps 1'iiUiiUi ."-'(ii' Hutilr.i and Dwayii-.- Kil- varl Unnk>. ,^uit for divorce. l"'iinld Kian.-i» TIMMT mirt Kajva I'Uaini.' l r u^'.-L', suit for divorce. V!M> lUSTIlirT COl'liT . Ili-j licriTi, JmlKc Vrisiflnw AJIII inin 1- iiiau A'oolfv anil Humid D, \\Vnilcy, sun fnr divorce. M:illi.- n.>;i Havis -anil K<hran! Karl I 'avis, sun fur iliYorcc. [/ l it>lioct: National 1'ank a«ams' Mor- •-luill Hall Mi'OmnimPn. suit on tujte. SilTII DISTICKT COl'HT Howard C. Tlnvlson ..Tudifc Pti-shlinc T'.xelt Andorson affniusl Anitiican K,v. ; :omy inMiranc'e Co.. suit to set atiilc - SAFEWAY Henry It.-.lsei inl un i|i\rjrcD. ana Dremia FEATURED THIS WEEK WEXFORD CRYSTAL by Anchor Hocking On-the Rocks Strvtag TURBOT FILLETS Greenland Turbot SUPER SAVER FURE PORK SAUSAGE r BACON-SAUSAGE Smok-A-Roma Bacon Safeway Sausage 2-lb. pkg. S 2 37 SUPER SAVER FRYER PARTS Fresh Cut - Mixed Parts 3 Breast Quarters with Back 3 Leg Quarters with Back 3 Extra Wings ,, 3 Giblets IE ... OSCAR MAYER MEATS ... Sliced Bacon tb. S P 2 Link Sausage tb.M" Ham Steak tb. S 2 8 ' BEEF JERKY Smoked Sausage Smokie Links I Hot Links S8 '.r; 1 S]69 12 •«' SI 39 p.,, I Sliced Bacon Beef Franks Variety Pack 85' PICK of CHICK ihJ9* Fryer Breasts Fryer Drumsticks Fryer Livers lInlM'rt r. bright. Judije Vrrstdinc Kami !). t-cntl anil Slut-en A. St-ott. Miit lor involve. Annii; CD znles- YelRara ami Rufus Vcl- KaM .soil fo:- divorce. HUTU DISTKKT < OCHT ^Mlllani It. Mmver. .Tuil^e 1'resirintf Awjcm'ec! Supply C.i . li:o., affninsi 1'avid £>chulle.. Milt on note, SUMIII Lop Barnes and Oral Ifarlaml I'nnie>. .suit for divoivc. A'lriin Jack iloms Jr. anil Mnvis Zl'iuifi .Morris, suit for divorce. IHvonvs Oranted .Tni> ^ Aimel RrtlriRiie.: imd soyhl Almn .!••••!(' Ami Mnyiiiin) nl'.d William Stan- lev M:<MIUI-,I. Kiiluinl J. .Mnincz and A'li-Hn Muni- lie/. I ^. r "i,n Miimi,'! I:.imo> .-iiul Ijnda ^r,1|•ic I IMij.-a K. Foity nnr Jncciuolvn Kelly. I ^.' Iviii ^[a^^inez and RicJianl Mnrtuic;. i USD A FOODS! AM GLADLY ACCEPTED! Prices Effective Thru Saturday, April 12, 1975 Soft Drinks Mayonnaise Mayonnaise 3 °' $100 Bold I Kiall Brtfld Tomato Sauce Picante Sauce Catsup ', £,"770 Preserves ITSSZZ Grape Jelly ^ Bathroom Tissue '730 Kleenex £": Paper Towels Kleenex Warranty Deeds ", in I! .Inhr.ny f'i..l>ir«. lo .MII anil wnv. Lot 3S:', Ti. rMlard nmi wnv m Krniu'tli i T:i;v- I'nii'in-n ,i >i win', w 5:1' 01 E :<T i l.-:t \-'. nik. ,;. riiiti,>r Artiln. ! r:ir:in:. \ini NTf>iT In [:u'hjr.f J i y\:--fr. ].,,t I'.i'n. Mi'K.nic IVrh AfMn. ' .''''till K .\-.,'IU ;.:itl \vi'o to \V:ini!ii .lenn I.•iii,'. Lot f*'. i;ci,!ai OoMvioiv A.Mr.. A.tiircv f;. l{(ievc.< ar,<i wiiV lo 1V,mn~- ' U Pn<X' .'.nil wil'o. l-ut lltl. (maker III- A'ldi-'. KiMinei^i A ?nlu,;i In Joe k". l-'letrlior l.<it ir.. P.Ik, ii. siidi'il Aildn. ,Mini-.v. ! .lini Hoj-lon lo .Mbt'jln I H ,'i!;/r;;jj(v i*i\<\\ wife. W 50' Lot 10. E 50' I.ol 11. lilk I 'J'.J. \\'QTes Svibd. r, t M Meohnnii'al to llomr-r (\ llurlc- :-<M. Lot 14. Blk. 1. rilili St. •.!,•,! /uidn HE Griffitli. Trustee, to .^itirlair Po-.v- e!l and wlfp. Loi 7. Polomr.c I'ark A<ldri. ; .NY.rninn Ha.-lrt.< !o l^r.iinlcl Al C.Khlrn and '.vifo, [^ot -no F.irrar Ksthie-i Ad,in Flick Mo.-lcy Home; to Ttnymond !. <"]I;IM: anil wife. Lot 3i:i, I'arrar E-uiles .vl'ln. ' : !x?e Ooodmnn oatl wife to Frank Her- n-rn Lot ii, Blk. 1. l!nr]c,.)n and ('Khoni Addn .l.U. (^.nimlf)' anrl n-u'e, <i, Johnnie Lou ' Ijillnifslcy. Tiai't IS. James Sillxl. A.11. T^'le ant! uii> to C\nliiii\ ^-.vint 1 1:reiver, 1.01 ;, is, \\YMover His. 1 A-iiin. Vei'non \V. Kile Jr lo Mnrr.i;"] ile (mil-i ;.. n .. pr-rrv- Hen], 2-Acte Tr:i< I. :,']•; -1 x.'t IS. !ilk. I)-fi, A.P.. Klli.^ lo I'.V. Smilll, 1M Ti. Blk. 1. i-:ili.< Addn. T:<lbl>^• \r. cnimptfjn and wife lo Oon- ni.' .Veil Medloy antl \itli*. Lot iUfi. f'an- K'l'irr C. Vjiync and \Mfe 'o RoRcr V. THIS COUPON IS WORTH..... towards the purchase of a box of TUNA A HELPER ^ , One Coupon Per Customer • . Redeemable Only At Safnway C33613 Cou P° n Expires Sat.. April 12, 1975 AMA HOMESTYLE Skylark Brand 24-oz. Loaf LIQUID Dish Detergent DAWN 22-oz. Botl. English Muffins Paper Plates £,"' 450 pkfi ysc ELLIS Hot and Spicy TAMAUS 14.75-oz. Can Aluminum Foil Dog Food 100 OFF LABEL Laundry Detergent 49-oz. Box '160 Charcoal Detergent White Magic Bleach '790 Tea Bags Instant Tea 990 T.^-c Moore nnd wife to Italoh i wile, \Jil IT. Hlk. 1 W) Artrtn. L. Iffen an.l lover H>,-, J,'i>j:i\c J. Beach ant] wife to .Tiimcs C'. and vnfr. Loi L'.ifp. Qunki:r ill.-. i,v Madi>on Earl Jr. and u*ife to' Kirkc-v nean Oitnnincham and wife. K i iw J.ot i:;. Blk. 7. RoiKri Neill Hts, ] n.!l> .1. York to fkiortfe .Madivm Kor! i Jr an.-l wife. I/A !i)l. Quaker Htji. Aildn. I'rtian Fiene\(ul A^enc>' to Plains Coop- rr;inve Oil -Mill. IM 1. BIX. '•'•'•'. r<vnna<li> I ,Mi'!n. i !'.<pli!v.- nay to Richard L. Slminhicr niu' wife. Tract ?., :M7:i-Arre Trat s\V , «i, seci. :;:;. ttik. n. Til nlas A. N'oble and wife to iKiclley :-[rain nnd wife, I^t '.'. FMk. s:i. Ointon I'tjitcri Bnnkei s T.ifc insurance C'u. to Jluuh Preston, Part of Lot IS, Hlk. 1. SEWER-ROOTER SERVICE We sotitfy where others foil "LADY CALL BRADY" Air conditioning. Plumbing & Heating Repairs BRADY PLUMBING MATING COOtING 744-7303 3)9 4403 AVI. H EASYFIXIN' FROZEN FOODS FRESH DAIRY PRODUCTS ORANGE JUICE STRAWBERRIES 12-oz. C<m 39C Ice Cream Broccoli Spears Com c u i Spinach ! Spinach *\ 1 s ! ^•e-oz. • WF Cans • Pkg. FRENCH c,r ( 99' £,"•410 p,;:'250 X..r 250 Com On Cob Com Rhubarb Com On Cob Ice Cream 'C790 ill " 980 ^850 Sand.,(hi 1? tl Sna^ Slor 99c JHH Pkgs. Weight Watchers t; Wattles riZn Coffee Cake £: Egg Noodles I"', J>J—-,— Totmn'i CUttu I \<£JLQ Succr S.ivni »V" 890 «," 670 BRIGHT £ EARLY Imitation Orange Drink 12-oz.I Can ICE MILK Lucerne gal. Cm. Limeade B«l-Air 4 ,0, $100 Cans • EVERYDAY low PRICE' teV^J BUTTER Mrs. Wright's Sweet or Buttermilk Pkg. Yogurt «'," Onion Dip >'Margarine Margarine Gouda Cheese BISCUITS 1 8-oz. Cans Flaky Biscuits Danish Rolls Cinnamon Rolls Eggs G""; Ute Line £"*' Coldbrook Solid 1 6-02. Pkg. CHEISt Safeway Amerfcan 12-oz. Pkg.

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