The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, AUGUST •, 1*34 THE PARIS HEWS, FACE Sell It Or Trade It With A Pans News Classifie CLASSIFIED AD Information Feed. Plant* *»« Seed All ~ M ID tb* oMic* of tk» 5f«w» aoi later tiao « p a* " publication. KATES P»ri» »•» »««*• »*r •or*. P»* word. *. 30c. h*r of « word* in Mt la * of aw *<** Contract r*t«« Otit-of-towo £i»6 *£» *J» p - error*: Tfc* rMpoo*it>i* tor tee«rr«ct ' to ord«r» r tor *y»bl« t» * -copy fcorh .* • '"Box eumber* ~t» (!**& • «.d* blind «.<iar»*»»«. ti* be«t lot«>r«*t» of car* *J«»* 1*1 O All Societies and <-&*S»ter OF No EASTE:RN STAR JPA.RJS 5O. B. S. n»«et* *v« B -„„ „_ Ttursiiay aigbia « S •ta. Visiting t=«rnbfers we'.cotned- M Canine-SSL VV. M. ilra. Dona Martin. S«c. PARIS 1X>DGLB NO. 37 A. F. «Lnd A- eoBStnaaicatJoas 2nd and -US acb tnontii 3:30 i>. cor<l!».ISy to^Md L a, G. Br^e^».tt. yt M. E. CHAFTJER NO, 45 R. A walcorrseA J. J EL P. H. G See. TAI/-ATKTTE COilMAXDifiRT NO. S Srat«~i» eoucla V^eaJass e»cb mootli T a- V»Kti=S S!r KL-tSsai^ c .icoinod. Baryl^D. Jotnaoa E- Br«a*ra«.a. rttcorCsr. KHJLLJD GBOTTO 34. O. V. P. =**>ics i*- Fridty iS 7:30 !>. tru Visitlns: 1=^:*^ J W. H*rrf. H C- Persona. S^c. E R- OBX>E» OF THE of Dixie Poultry Feeds Swe Nrff Stock F««d Field Se«<l — CaMen See* Poultry rcmedifta, Bulk Bird Seed. Bird Remedies and Supplies. Do* and Puppy Food Chigger Chaser. Guaranteed to Keep the Chl^ser* Orf HARRY BOOK »7 Grmod ATC. TcL «M Ure*tock for Sale AUCTION SALE—Monday. 13. 85 head good horses and mare*. 2 to 7 years old. «ood colors. 800 to 1200 pounds. n*>st!y broken, all fat. Sale starts 1:00-p. m., rain or shine. McAlester*s -14ve Stock Barn, rear 1301 Spruce St.. Texarkana. Tex. " ATT^NTIOX Tennesse* folk: Tennessee Damsons now ready, F- E- iJfis- Pbone 2403-J. Merchandise For Sale Household Furniture STARR piano. 2 piece llvlns room suit. Direct Action gas ranse. chiffonier and small table- 257 Pine Bluff. Wanted to Buy COURT C- A. Martin, judge New CAMS Flicd One case of delinquent child. Probate Court The will of AlUe Gaines Smith filed for ^probate. Court •Willie Maddox and Curtis Steward. charged with .statutory of- fens*. waived examSninj; trial be- for» Justice of the Peace J. A. Johnson and their bonds were set at $1.000 and $500. respectively. County Auto licenses Eckert Burton Construction company, Dallas. Chevrolet master j coupe. Floyd CoTln^ton. Speacerville and Jewell Dover, I^one Elm. Nevr Automobiles Registered "C. B. Snodgrass. -Plymouth sedan; Clark Hay ley. Chevrolet se| dan; Richard Klein. Plymouth Tisit Saaith have rets :o Trinity. ToTeas. Mrs. Charlie Parker of CmrtJi. age. Mo., 19 visi;in-i here. Will Bosinger and «oa Fi»y€ visited in Swink. Okla.. Sunday, coach: Homer Campbell. Plymouth , Carl ATjrt*"-»-n of 2>e=isoa -*i«lt» coach: Dr. TV. N. John. Chevrolet led here Sunday. { coupe; Melvin Hansen. Chevrolet! Leonard Jackson !s 111 Jtt coach-; J. B- Ward. Ford sedan; and i horne here. P.ohert Farquerherson. Chevrolet { $t**t-h*Im*t*d national guard«m*Q w«r« ru»h«d to Kehlcr, W^ia, th« model industrial community, to maintain p*ae* aft«r'«trtk*r» of th« Kohier company, a plumbing concern, «t»g«d a bloody riot. The troop*. M. L. Smiley. Paris. Ford fordor : C hown on parade, took ov«r th* dutita of 200 special deputy viilag* marsha!* who had attempted to main- sedan. Commercial Cars rw, p. Garrett, Paris. Ford cab pickup. i;TH. DISTRICT COTTKT George T- Araett. Judge Xew Cases Filed Opal V. Stocfcum vs \\ r i! Stockum, suit for divorce. J. T. Cole vs unknown heirs, suit to quiet title. Jacqueline S. Harris vs Jefferson J. Terry et al. foreclosure- Oil "Well Supply Company vs tain law and ord*r, (AtMciated Press sedan. Real Estate Transfers Midland Savings and Loan Company to O. E. Owens, five lots In Frisco addition. $1 and other con- i sideration: JL, J. Shu!! et ux to CG. Shull. Jr.. three Trac^s. 541i^: E. L." Sliss"et'.tss to Mrs. Hattie Evans," 6O acres, $1: CSocrstw cotin- ty to J. M- 3lorton et ux. three lots SI and. other consideration; Forest , Darrough et tnc to Frances and ! "William Harrison, section 34, | S-. C. Brxytra to C. I- Easi i lot in Bos^well, $5Q'0; TV. S. M< i ney to ,"tV"estem I^me and Chem!| cal Company and Homer S. E>us] lap, lots in Ft. Towson, ?1 and I other consideration- Bunch. Jack Stapletoa,. Knr::s StapletoTj and I^ester ton made a trip to 'Arkansas for load of peaches last Milbum. Drain and Brisscy. trans-Jselmeier. Harlingen and Geneva, [son, DeQueen. Ark.; Edmund Has- | \ Ake, I-ake Creek, Te±.: \V. H- Har- | and 3£rs. Florence Gibson. Gay; j rison and Ina Huth Daniels. Bras- j LIoyd Cody and Flora Earwood. (her: Jessie 3^ee Towers and Wan- j Huso - j, c . Mosel^y and Ha^el • della Ingle, Paris; Joseph A. eulah Taylor, Kiigore; HOPEWELL PARTY WELL ATTENDED crlpt of judgment. Anne E, Knox vs Earl Knox, suit for divorce. National Bank of Commerce <*}.„..,,- T n ^ A w « j"" 5 "- -- "" -«—^ — — - { HO PEWEI^L- — Good atten- Hugo vs G. W. Casey. replevin. } d « ila In = le - Pans: Joseph ^ HlU ! Gates. Bethel; Ben Selman, Export i dance ^ reported at a pa^y giv- Bane Reed YS Odessa Reed, »ult ; Beulah Taylor, Kilgore: I>ainel j aad Lee Moss> Bagwell; Harrison Jen-last week by Mr. and Mrs. Jack for divorce. . . j Sasser. Purceli and Irby Eart. ' C, H- \Voody vs Margaret H. j Vivien, I-a.; Arthur Woody, suit for divorce. 'Violet Holland. Boswell Marriage Licenses Issued j Johnson. Phoenrx. Ariz and tea M. \ Leila E. Hyde, Durant; John I,e- » JT.-. an a Mrs. Uoyd Care bill. ' Harce Allen and Audrey John- ' Nelson, Lake Creek; Ford Wh.ea.ton L Fiore.'and Mrs. Seb Meyer. Kufe; Mrs- J. C. Gamblil and James University of California'* •«•>-;. -^ <^' ; o;- grlves to the nearly 200,000 consultatioas ; yearly. oat- inilus<ri) CDMPAV/ &b y Sart. Doilthi ^ sawj-er and Rosa. Xorris, Stapleion in honor of Miss Mary Fletcher and t " • Kannah who is visiting tere* frora rell: John A- ]*"**'- ~' D - ^ hlte - rfu ^°- aild | South Texas. . { ES Designed '^ M-.... fer LEr, 'ES HEADS. U^L. c . 3GNATURE airs E:T: Thimble Theatre, starring POPEYE Orders Are Orders ByE. C.SEGAR WILJL PAY CASH for a good used car. Nothing older than "23 model considered, and prefer light car- Must be a bargain. Ray Morse. Morse Bee I4ne Station, corner 19th and Grand Ave. Fnrnlshea Rooms 11 TWO furnished rooms, lighthouse- keeping- Phone ST. 41 South 23rd street. Unfurnished Rooms »5 E: A STERN STAK i m*-t* *tft 1*1 ofeacii rscottt. aod* Scotw W. », sec- Lost and Found THREE rooms and bath, private entrance. Phone 1474. Real Estate for Rent Apart moths for Rent *e MISTER MARCH ^ UJILL you S£e IP vou o\bA FJMD HIM? HE SHOULD „ xOiv ^F^ v-^-^r^^sss^^i^^^ O ^~^-? *>^\^r fff^^Js= 6i ?<:p='g*g*=5:n5j;E;|gs| **=-;o ;§s^;7* /y -41^^ Gordon LAX Ba-nic- Sara Basik- tackle- boi between . and First National, South i7 t - n . First National ? 5;30 ^ ^ TX\"O or three room furnished apartment. clos« in. Garage. 107 Phone 1022 after P- ; pair of black horn r|m- i ined glasses. Between 25th and' - Price- *ts. -Owner can get them ! FURNISHED apart ax New. office by paying for ad- j Phone 91&-VT, cool fcmished apartment. 212 ."2torth r ,-Z*tlt. - THE BUNGLE FAMILY ent paid- IX>ST: gasoline hose off truck t>e- j THREE ra :Pa.ris and Cfeicota- Return j ed Phone 1240. Gut* Relinisg- eonipauy and receive rooms and bath, farnish- tot FCRXISHED or ccfu apartment. 123 Bonham. Phone BOARI> -with papers clipped on n 2on.<5 of Plarsters Gia ,-^y placed in wronsr ca.r. leave at coanty asset's of- ror Reni i 5-ROO3.I HOUSE—Modera- s - Washington St. Tel. 1ST. 153 tic*. 5 RJH- Fum. Hm. and -S56J. This for T&at 11 lor hay. -T.V K. Dickson, I315-TT. N Phone A]SD PERSONALS " .._',. Wanted—Miscellaneous 12 •WAJSTTED^TO BUT—sisscine out-^ board motor, l^i cr 2 horse power. Mast be bargain. Address 'Motor." car* EL DORADO HASN' CALLED UP SINCE WE RETU-WED HAT YACHT TRJ» HAS KE? CSH I KNOW THAT A. AFFAIR JUS FINISHED US Hope for Peggy By HARRY J. TUTHILC ; ,CHAJ«5ED GP1NJOH Or HE SHOULD H^i/E ^f R£AO_1ZED THAT ^< i=3r. ONE OF US / OXSJD STAND OF TKXT UCX3P- THE-LGO? ON HIS OLD YXCKT WENT INTO, 1 ! I'M S_AD r/£ FCXJND THAT KAN M I -^ OUT BEFD=l£ SWETKtNG WGRSE r^osr MEN VVHQ H: THEIR MINDS WIT WEATHER ARE jCiTTfifl.-'ifv, v I ~L : ~si- : '.'r£f* r=f.?-&-[^3 tr '1:""i'''1 TUW SVE VE BOTH HAD i SUPPOSE; A UDT OF PEOPLE N( YOLK WOULD SAY IT W?sS SOUR GRAPES 1 CHA£K2S. lr_^ BSJT ?E£GY, AS SURE AS I STAND ^ KEH:? 5OTH =HERE fK C2_AD, MOW. YOU _ DIDN'T MARKS' f r4 ' * J-OVt. TO t^U THAT MAN. IfeL^M ^rfkJ° J^ 51 ARISTOCRATIC KR.EL. DORADQ, TOO. f!Al THE ONES W* KEEP TH4 UR3-S D1VDS. ff) i ff I A itomobllesi lot Sale CHEVROLET CABRIOLET A,'"*29 model, ha* i:ew Tuscan T»a paint 3ob. rcro new tires. and-is R real bjtrjrati; at SI 65. S« It At Mor»e Bee line Station Grand Avc. at !»«*-. Tel. SO» Mattress and Ra« RcsjovatJni: TOU CAN HAVE YOUR MATTRESS RENOVATED Ow Tftr Fa^y raynxrut Plunl One I>ay S<*rrtc«r Pari» "M»ttres» &: Awrubag Co. SO W. Shermao Plwine 37O Financial CHARLES PRICE Phone &3S & \Vf» l. Insnranc* GALBRfeATH. DEXVEHSE AND PROCK Genera! insrumnc* T'i'Jep'ionc 25" To AUTOMOBILE LOANS GENERAL INSURANCE Kn.H»cH. Oliver * POWDERLT. — C. N. Dyer and family of Moron. "Wyo.. are visiting Clacd Haselwood aj^d fasiily here. iliss Ophelia Frederick recently nt an appendicitis operation at a Paris hospiTJil- 31 rs. L.*e Sa^fel is ill at her home here. Miss Altha Edwards of Dallas and Mrs- G«rri* Bowen of Ft. 'Worth visited here last -week. Miss Frances Gordon returned with ezn for a visit- Floyd Aaher of Ft- Tc-svsozi is x-5sitingr here. Ralph Payne and family are vis- itinc !rr Missourt. Cochr»r. has gone to Kil- arsd GIadexrat«»r oa DIANA DANE ROXTON WOIA3V GIVEN DINNER — Mrs. Ellen r*nce -sraa treated to a surprise birthday dinner at her house here Sunday. Guc*ts incieded Sir. and Mrs. CaJviu Breche«ix of Cooper, MY. asd Mrs. Otha Jones mnd C. \V, Lawrenco of Paris, I>iffl« Jones and Jasnily and Roy Jones and family of Kijsrh, Mark Jones» and family and Kur5c -Jones and family of Roxton. Mr. and Mr». Sh«Itoa McAaais ieft Sunday for a'trir* to \Tashlns:- ton. D. C. Mrs. Marcus Goajrh. Miss Alice Eowen sr.d Mr. and Mrs. Wtgrht Man««« v!»!t*d Jit I*!tt!« Rcnrk the f'.rst of the -week. Mrs. Moselle Denton of St. I>ouis is visiting here. M«lvln En»ey and Floyd Taylor of Spur are viAftinjr here this week. Roy Jjattfnjor^ an<J Roy Horton hax-* been !n Dallas th»r last weok. Mr, and Mrs. Tom ^"at!«on have r«tumed from a trip to Nashville. Ar*. M»rc«» Got^ch rt'iui in the first of the week. Livestock and S j;rRl'i - lover -•'< v '<?tl—5*>c p«-r bu«h*l, un.^r Sulitvan. C;ivln«!w». Texan, and Brook** 'wa*;on yard, whJ<-h irrows a* tall «s Calift»rnis**» r^Uwooj tr^*s *n«l «** which att*tln**a h**l«hl of h of OC«MI- WHOOPING COUGH AT PAIGES CHAPEL PAIGETS c»»«* of r*»port«><l community- om^n of th^ community canning fmU and v^jf^ta Mr. and Mm. A. M. Pasre Quan^h are vl*lttnic h*re» Rnwsi<»n WllHams »nd fsimJly and Mr. and Mrs, C. L. Youn* and Mi Ztnnte. Smith of BalUn*«r vimll- cd h«r* Sunday. Will Foreman an4 family of Roxton visited h«rr<? Sunday. Mr, *nd Mrs, P vivited *t Chlcata l»«t w««k. cough hav<» th* children of of Misnev. TAKE. HH CrriK' A\ N=T<. TO CAL-L.. \ SO I MAY ££T- A J & 'B\- 7 THCC3^- t ^Srrr\^;' A ^o5 KAV= HtM STUFF=Orr"^- '-^^^ vj- OR. p^7 A KJCS ^iJ b HOMER HOOPEE Just Business, That's Afl SCORCHY SMITH A Problem CAM* CASE EXi^?T T«5 .\1O5T Of *

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