The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 9, 1956 · Page 7
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 7

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 9, 1956
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

SoijUuuii MU!T€!V- By TOW MURRAY 'Mo<ic!ay, July 9, 1-93S ens Here lost Angels" Now Frustrated - REACTION AMONG Texas Aggie Exes to the ban ALL-STAR PILOT By Alan Mover hung on 3snr Bryants y was p;;.;;in to what's gone on out there on the west coast. They've nil-red each other in _um.i! the investigators j i-f. ov-n'ta' hsftfl' s'.tnrt wr-nririC si^n? to rtvoi<i investic'a- lion . . . a.nd th.'H n^trm not ai\vaya \\\,UK. One L-o.s An.i't'it-s \v"itcr. incensed over UCLA and A 4 *"? /Iff O K ||| J *%3 f Jf r.:ivio>\-n'.« uiiic worm series in sjvi un(].'.-\>-:iy Mmnhiy at . Soirhfrr! Cal beinr hmiled into the muck, blasted in his ™"' " - l "-' H ;I! , l<>rs unlti'O-. rlrKh in Ihc first iuvi- s-anic series. onm-. Tuesaay and Thurs- Hie a:y uoy.--. Forty-two of Jess Hill's prime football beef lost a year of eliribiiity along with two Jess Mortsnsen track fledglings. Tl/e Univt-isi'Ly of California, v he-her through fuciiity or ctherv/ise, ho::'t--.:i cm iis line to a jviitry (:ur the Vs'e.s*L Coast i ,s2o.uOO. rfl Of reason Cai wasn't handed any i'h. ::lso I'V AH-Sw :.-". v.-:U =f.rt Tr-.vis <nv;ii • ::s-:-vi :v;rii:;s: the Yimks. '*( All-S::ir o.iarli Mursh:^! i>;",-n tlie y.iini- with i'i;'i"r rt d!i\pr or Vim--- Yiiysrk •:>,; VOlNvr «-:!! .-.•,•;•[ -t ;;\> :•.;.:;•.• <;r.:y .i-i-ir.;: -:i at firs--. ..::•:•;.- S.v:y;: -,•!••:; op.:: :>i .^vniv.!: til Iil:' l.-lMfirl,! Will !>|- EUi;S :il;h i:i i->l'i. Kvcr;! Xiv in i 011- r. ::nil >ii;;c lia!i'r;;iir.t in ri;;!i!. sucn penalty. _-,; This brings up an interesting point. People in till? section have no idea hov,- burned up Los Angeles and the • local pros^ is over the siuuuion. ' They place the blame on the northei n Pacific Coast - (V Conference "have net's" whose jealousy brought them c: to squeal on the "big boys." ;n So what's iron:;:; happen when the P.ose Bowl. ?qizare!v in Los Afiji'elt'c. hs? ro choose one v-f the Northern "have p. net's" as its host team, according to the pact with the conference, to meet the Big-Ten rorirosc-ntnuvo? .Especially when both Los Angeles schools, UCLA and l Southern Cal, will continue to rip the "Yankees" with '" reckless abandon. cn They're gonna' keep playing the game at those two in schools, you know; r.vzv?.??. S.imrny ^rasters ran n vnry c-lo.?c ?eco:-.i v.-iih ,,1770. and John May V.-SF third with .375. or KiMinio Ch'.mon u"il! prol I'" ill :l! !"fl. I);!M- i>ili-:!i:' •C^kT. iillii citili.T Vcj'tL'l >tfvi' .Mi'Ai'cc in rijrht. "i? up v.-;th the bsK.injr ;!••:• Knst League v.-i;ii" a ..".777 f^r.;w KISS* LEA6UE Y/Oti Q OF //, / BUT ' Teen Cubs Play Brave i **» By BILL HARTMAN Sun Sports Staff tense Senior League battle at G Williams, Tiger second-baseman P.m. with the Optimist Giants is leading with an average of .413 First-half Junior League mectin " th e EIlc s Dodsers in the Steve McWilliams is running a Chiuni..iun Lion Cubs meet" the sec °»d game. close second with a ,H7 average Murray Foreman, Lions Cuhs and Joe Renteria is third with a f° e "! ld h »seni a ji, is currently mark of .387. leading the Junior 'Icen Age Averages are compiled with League in hitting;. He has an players having at least 20 tim^s at average of .583. He is the only bat. " Kiwanis Braves at 6 p in to open the week's Optimist Teen- Acre bnwhall action at Oiler Park ' and Hollaway Tigers open with a In the Senior League Johnny R ay Bracibury- (D)"l! 33 H 424 Vcrnon Olney (G) ... 34 13 .382 Don Ward (D) ...... 34 13 .382 Jimmy Steed (B) .... 34 11 .370 Jimmy Epperson (E) 33 H .357 Gordon Jennings (C) 33 1.1 .333 Bernard Lorncr (B) ..34 11 .324 David Alford (C) ____ 2G 8 .308 Senior Lenejiip " AH H Avg. Who will it be— the sprinklers pitcher and batter, but you never Johnny Williams (T) 30 13 .433 the duckers? This will be the can tell what the unredictable Steve McWilliams (I) 24- 10 .-117 In Crosby's LL Action or the duckcrs? This will be the can tell what the unpredictable question facing- Crosby baseball Methodists will turn up next. The Jo< : Rentcria (T) ,11 12 .337 son Crosby t'rnc is 7 n " m V-V -^ P '. , , , .u ii'l .1 r'lttli^ic; ^iPn m in nn inP «- i.u. i-ipu,, s seem in oc ine Cze -, k most likely to win, v/nat with being the league's leading team, besides holdine; the league leading Johnny Santana (I> • 27 S .296 The Catholics will meet the Johnny Fraizer (T) . 32 n .281 ;zeck Moravians in the second Happy Bauman (Y) . 29 S .27(5 game. . - — _... American League All-Stars Stow Power At Piate Frisco Paper On The Mick « afionals ounf Un *.». "ilng Larr >' Wiggins will pitch for the Baptists and Kennie Lostak will be on the mound for the Methodists. Russell Sansan for the Czeck Moravians and Eddie Chapman for the Catholics will face each other in the second game. Wiggins is currently the leagues leading pitcher with a 4-0 record, followed by Sanson, 3-2; Chapman, 3-3: and Lostak, 0-4. The league's five top batters are Johnny White, of the Baptists, batting- 750; Larry Wiggins, „ .BrirK PaKf I & ***''**•* *'•>*"* l^ av\p SX3S HEADLINE IN_ the San Francisco Call-Bulletin blared. "Ruth Finally Catches Up With Mantle." One of those, predicting Bobby Morrow would upset Duke's Dave Sime prior to the NCAA meet at Berkeiev was the. Call-Bulletin's Jack McDonald. About the recruiting :r;ess on the- west coast, one Los Angeles sports writer claims. "UCLA ;p.av not field a team of any kind in the Conference next fail if the ruling lathers don't modify their penslties against the Brains.'' Ernie Shelton. Southern Cal's great high-Jumper, who fell into the sawdust ai the Los Angeles Coliseum sobbing man-sized tears over not making the United States Olvm" pic team, thinks all high-jumpers are .screw-boils. "Sooner or later they become pressure-happv." he insists. ' '•",'.'/'iiY"' ''-''' I " : :'^"' '•''". '.'" What will Ernie do. now that his iireioni dr^m of an vi(:;'.:,iv''\;vp,''''\siire\v™:-; 1 ''"«uvi.hv Olympic gold-intdai has aon« by rhe boaids' 1 lie's cmiltiiiL: '• ; :-i' li -' i'.i-.-i"..--.--i.i iis- "i.;;^! '10" HOW CAN I RETIRE WITH AN INCOMc? Consult a man with a flppendable plan —then start it. S5 "y rx!Tf:r> PRES? " ! ' n( E!! - ? ^-l^-voj- V.y l-'TIKD DOWX I'liitoU 1'rc'ss Spod Wriler The Ameiicau Lcasuc's All- „ .. . , , t . ,,, , T« ^,. ~i& Mil C* 4 '• * . « Sliu-s ncxcd their mu.-=c"cs Sunday f^Pft, battm, ? 667; Walter Bal voro<:l"'lo 1 boat'Vnc NatLnaT'Leame patting 500; and Sammy Pate, R U'lO H. !'.!-.l.i-.liSKN wants to play and Manager CHSPV \ n Tuesday's classic. Czek Moravians, batting 500. United 1'n-^s .S[«ji'is Ki'iior Stcnsol of ilic Yankeos. also ill- With~Tpcl Wilii"ams and Al Kn- Johnny White is leading the WASHINGTON iUPi— Tlio N.i- rcctin,? the AL All-Stars, will give Hue showing the wav, the AL's league in home runs with three. ' tional League enun'.ed on a well- him every chaive. ci gi,t s tartf°rs had a' composite "~ rc.stoi.1 p':ta'n:ng- .siai";" lo.i.-iy to briii^' The National League cncoim- record of 26 hits in 52 tries for it home a winner I'.irain in Tucs- if red • unexpected complications a .500 average in Sundaj''s games. day's msjor !c:i:;uo Ail-Sin r classic whon pilc-her Bob Friend of the The eight NL starters, meanwhile, at GriffnVi Stadi'iivi. Pitlsljuvgh Pirates was sent to his collected only five hits in 27 tries Tho Xaiior.r.l h;t.-- v,-"n fi 1 ,'" of the hotel room hi New York to re"t for n .185 average. l.i.-; sir; clashes: wi;h ;hr Amc-ricnn followinj; treatment for an ab- Williams knocked in four runs for Insurance Coumel Representing AMERICAN GENERAL LIFE Jlrt B. Trxas 1'hono 2S3t w T-xr.s liiv JO. 'i';!•:• ii::? '10'.'-, b ;:. -"-.:;L r ls:-3^ wo!-c assured Lcisruc. The betting oOds around scesaec; throat. Friend reported to with a homer, double and single ,i ih» fir-s;^ lein.i ;or ji-,p sportin?; ypot? ii>i;;y favored the Giant-Pirate dotibleheadcr feel- in toe fii-st g-ame and drove in ?agiio Ail-Sior game the Am.:?;i t -:iiF ihi:? time at (i-fi. ing ill ::nd Dr. Anthony Paiei mo. the LuOOth run of his career in (•von ihor,;:h In!,' d'?vfiopinenls the Giant foam phy.sii.-ian ex;im- ihe nightcap as the Boston Red ^•••;' : ' !1 " | tl,!- !-;ic.? y,:.,;.;ii(:,;j io n"i;-...;:; y r-!- : ::.i-.i in inod him. Inncrd hi? Ihront and Sox downed the Baltimore Orioles. s (;; -J'-iv i! 11". 1 is thrjs-.: tissues to al Ic^.n f-vcn iiisiriinl.'d liir.i to t;!i:e it erj.-y. man Mickey Vcrnon had two hits I "-;' ;: ''-' '-'" i ' 1::1 d.i'.i; iiiii:;oy.'..7-']' Wali.'r Alstnn "f tho in six trio." and drove in three In -Sunday's earnes. live of the •= N ' 1 ' sti'-'nd also \v;;:;n't loo chippc'' runs while Baltimore's George •\ir,"'>i'-.-;>' lj-.:-i-,- A'!-Ft'-r ; ' ; 'out the National Lexeme'." Iwme Kell went foui'-for-eight and drove dox. lit- due~;;'t dv a irance." They're sayir' Don Zirniner. smp.xh^d in th<; fr=ce with a H?.i Jeffcoat pitch as the Dodgers bnttlcrf Cincinnati before a nationwide television audience coupla' weeks ago. will be out for the season. He ha5 s badly fractured cheek bone and a s-'.-v.-rx-iv eraied face. WeeJcen-d Sporfs Summery- ' R _ 3 K'.'.-j'ir'iti;.-; shows Da fin Ih" Ar.V"'! i'nn. Olh^r iiiir-'ir-'-.-: hr'vr 1 novf ^fvi 1 - tm:ni!:ir record? 'nut both 'I.-.!:'! 1 )-!- arvl Fo"d ;,rc wril res;"- ? .-'.:id :MV si'a^nnfd jjcrformefis i 11 I!T> bi;r >-hcw. Rdber:-. wlio i.-'.ir :-<"-'.!;• has ;,n :vin r"con.! t ! r:i in-:lir:.>s Hire." l)een the- Kl. : ; tr;i'!'-r in fivi. 1 '•!" li: ;i WE HAVE MOVED FROM 116 N. MAINONE BLOCK SOUTH TO NO. 6 N. MAIN SAME SIDE OF THE STREET MAIMS PAWN SHOP with modern truck features *V * ^ ^.'- , Kf£? ! ^^ ' ix th r - WHEN YOO THINK Or FENCE THr.VK 01 THAD P. FENELON BAYTOWN'S OLDEST FENCE DEALER Featuring Anchor Chain Link- Redwood Fence, and Rustic V/cod Fence fo Meet Your Every Need HUNDREDS OF ANCHOR BUILT FENCES IN USE IN EAYTOV/N AREA. ii n.M- x<, M<,,-,. ;,, M.-iw 'fh.- i;>-si I-<T>,-,. CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE THAD P. FEHELON Arnericnns ii; !lin Tfl. r »! i r ,'uiu-. C.r-nl'.r i:i':-!dc.-r M;. •',("'• Mnnt'p of ih>: Ynn!;of.!.'--. who led I'T? Ai'-Kti 1 " Iv'loUn" in 'h^ pill of th,: ir-r^in 1 :- f;m.". 5-till figured to bo oi'.ly ;i rwri-'i'Ti'.:' nrrrfo^mn! 1 be-'-;":?;':: of his hirnr k r :cc. He plsiyod i'i-.-e in- nirj'rs Suiidriv in New Yfisk's t; i- nmnh ovi;r the Sonnlnrs llpi",» n«d w::.s slow and ;iwkwnnJ. But IK. Standings . . ."".- 111.'. n I'i money I'ifrlicrs T;-r-rf. rr-inin ;<t For extra comfort, extra safety, extra performance, today's IN'THRKATIONAT, '(.rucks arc loaded with modern features to give you snore truck for your money. 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Av*., I'horip S2X3 NV'Vf to Uninson Tlic-ntrc P»«,.iil-'nn Offif-f: 2ft? l^avt Shaw Avc., f'honc Ollnnd a-360< Across from IjOnf'a Th^atr* Av I I V.I I Arr, Pony '" ' ' hi-: i2rr!) 57 J-.d'iii.' Fur;"; /i!i.'iir,:-'tc na'i •v'<;." :;r f.-rs ;,;•; Hi!; C;,i.-; : i,., r r v.-il.' b" .Jcrrv F ro.\y ;.) ; ;.\<, TC:HM I ! ^ "' • • 1 i.-:,':. r: ... I'-'i <",',>•> 1 :', '-•-'-•I', -t ••on v,-:i; pltci i'-rni'.- Duijon ri';-;;T; for J.!'i 5'i.- J^ri^p.; jii'. •'.!.. V'i; .STA.Vtil.V w 4 . 2 1 0 1 '''' Tno<if|:ty's ('>'\\ncf '•'-'•''\ CAii-.S!' •- " at W;i.'-'l)in;;1.on.'i •'••>; TKXAS r.v..u:i:K Hill TV-urn \V T, IVf. GTi T r. ' T. ' r >1 "*! fj'-ft (;^ if'.ii 1 "'!'! ."' 'i3 G?1 .I 1 'i, j.\, r ( worih fi2 r.fl .r>si r, ' '!• *~ r* p ADtonio 41 'i 7 -'500 1 7 '; Ti'.'.<"». 1| ^n ./.,')<; 1!? ) Siirfvfport .'ifl -/) •}'J3 Ui •.--'in -n r,2 ,ir"> i r > S Oki--t Oily S't ".n .S37 2S'i 3 Sunday's Uf'suMs i NVxf To Ciiiilin''ss NEW YOI-.K ir:i', l';.:,-r;ictl!'-.. . rfi-'.- KOI! of fi.-(.•, if.';k n biibiile Iwih 5iii:vi;iy, wh'.-n :Vir.''i'-ori" [fj-jj(-«.i ;i liquid f;)(-ari.<--'T i,-, rrv: fonn'.'tin -'it II'".' hu.vo of his "iiiJc'i st:iIN': in Itock'Sffilr-r Center" Phiz.-), ?,, Khrovewrt fi. F'.rl V.'orlh f,. Uousl/.n 5. Okl.-ihorrw City 2. Austin 1. Tills:;. S. f-/!>i "Antonio 7. r>'!'il'i.- r;t Hous'on. Fort W<»rfh .'if Shrcvftporl. Tiik:>. ;»t Austin. Oil la horn.' 1 Citv at Pan Antonin. slruction, a strong truck chassis, bis- .surc-stop brakes, many other features. For extra performance, a modern low- Come on in and see for yourself how a new INTERNATIONAL Truck will save you the BIG money on your job. Your trade-in ma/ cover the down payment. Convenient terms arranged. INTERNATIONAL* TRUCKS *Avoiloblft on mosl INTCRNATIONAl Truci ir.ociali All-Truck Built to save you * the BJG money! Kemp & Tony's Equipment Company 1300 NORTH MAIN

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