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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Tuesday, July 27, 1948
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Today's News Today SEA FEATURE SERVICE A. P. LEASED WIRE AXD FEATURES Weather Forecast Con«,idcrable cloudiness and con- iniu«! -.·.arm and hu:md tonight ?nd Wcdne «iay w i t h a few scattered »howcrs and afternoon or evening thunderstorm. ·-". 6 VOL. LXV.--NO. 240. Press Run Today ' News " Post- -T.650 5.550 '. Total--16.200 FREDERICK. MD., TUESDAY. JULY 27: 1918. TKN PA(JES PRICE--THRKE CENTS ixtensive L epairsAt Hontevue Large Sum Being Spent To Modernize County Home; Will Cost About $35,000 Extensive improvements, which kvere originally designed to rnini- kiize the fire danger a: Mor,:evue Cat have been extended to the point where the building is being modernized, are r.earing completion, is 25-Year-Olth Truck Wreck Recording Device For Phone Thousands To Get First Call In Draft Washington. July 27 --Selective Service Director Lewis B. Hershey announced today that 25- year-old men will be drafted first. Other age groups will be taken in order of their registration, he said. Kert*iey mace the announcement after a coherence with members of the Sen;.te and House Armed Services commit tees. Hershey conferred for more than an hour with the members of the two committees. Blocks Rt. 40 Talks AtaiUlbl August 2 For Ail Hour Damage Of About §800 Caused By Accident Near Mallon's Harrisburg. Pa.. July 27 ·.1 --' The telephone company said it Forg-etful husbands and lovers wish- could not determine immediately . isg to recall precisely the sweet how many voice recorder will be nothings whispered into their ears available when the program gets soon will get some help from the under way. telephone company. One thins, the company made Starting August 2 a limited num- clear - however. ber of subscribers may obtain from Every regular telephone line to ;he Bell Telephone Company of which a voic , e recorder has been -ennsvlvania a little gadget of- connected will have attached also ciallv described as a "recorder ;h « l ° n « signal--which will emu a connector with an automatic tone "b^ep every 1- seconds. :he program, beginning with the 25-vear olds and working down _ lers, who authorized the improvements, said today that the minor fire at the T^T county almshouse Sunday could! 4 |j» 1 TT 1 not have spread to the entire build- ' _/VUlCCl JLllVOVS ing because new fire screens, now would have isolated any =ignal." Traffic on Route 40 was at a stand- By means of this device, any nill for over an hour this morning telephone user paying the $5 initial when a two-and-a-half-to.-. new charge and $2 monthly fee may Dodge pickup truck transporting have a permanent record of tele- . , another new Dodge panel truck and phone messages, processes m -he nr;i «x months of ^..^ aaother new two . ton truck Housewives. Of Visitors On August 9 Minimum Of 15,000 To 20.000 Expected Here For Key Stamp Ceremonies Asks Price Control ToCheckHighCosts Truman Also Wants Excess Profits Tax Back; Warns Of Depression will serve as a warning to all callers that their conversations j Fredwick is doiib , !!!!; up o _ are being recorded. August 9. Expecting a minimum of Without such a warning the , yooo w . Mtm V151tors herf . for lhe lirst-day issue of :::e ::s:io:sal commemorative Francs* ScoU Key warning, the except on the for instance, can Washington. Ju:y -7 .!·--Prcsi-- -Jens Truman today demanded J::n:Jei price control and an excess prof.te tax to help check the risine cosl of I:YI:SK and avert " another groat dcprcs:on.' A dcprc;T2o:. he sa:d. \tould *ci:t:le "she world's hope for a last- s without the warning I Postage stamp, food. hou«n, -«d upset in the highway on the first res t a^ured "that the shopping or- signal wa i be installed on private traffic demands m«t be met for hill west of Mallon's restaurant ders phoned to hubby at the of- lines for $1 a month. twice Fredcrlck s nosmal popula- The commissioners anticipate. when the full improvements , [are completed, they will have cos; . the county' in the neighborhood of S35.000. They pointed out that when bids _ were first asked on the installation j of fire doors, wiring and other im- j provements. the only bid received j was in the neighborhood of S34.000. This bid was rejected and. after Randallstown State Police substa- · lion, reported. The highway was ' reported open again to traffic at .11.45 o'clock. ! State Trooper B. C. Kammer| smith, who investigated, said that , the new trucks were being taken E ~ a r when the full improvements, Wp^ iVI r)|f)f-/yy to Baltimore by Bual Lee Wile completed, they will have cost.OCC _TJ.UIUIU , liamson, 26. of Stevenson Road, e county in the neighborhood of · Detroit for poss £ble shipment over- ...snoo " k _"P.j/.o T-jlL-e seas W hen the accident occurred. The trooper reported that the tie rod on the rear vehicle which xvas being towed came loose, causing it to swerve over the highway. The , driver was unable to control the : London. July 27 '.-P--A dsplo- t\vo-and-a-halfton pickup truck- negotiations, the commissioners en- matic official said today the Westan d it ran off the side of the high- iered into an agreement with era Powers have decided that their way striking a culvert and upset- Thomas^J. Crum to make the im- ambassadors will present personal- ting, irovements on a cost plus basis.! ly to Foreign Minister V. 31. Molo- ' Traffic ai that point was com- . · with an estimate that the cost would : tox' proposals for settling the Ber- pletely at a standstill for over an , Bbft around S20.000. All indications lin crisis. _ hour, the trooper said, for the first ' · are that the final cost for these im- W. Bedell Smith and Sir Maurice truck overturned completely in the thc Francis open near West Friendship, about 10.30 fice will be carried out down to' 3.11 customers will be required , I l o n o'clock, Herk James S. Hall, of the the last spool of thread. to release the telephone company I Taking the lead in feeding hun- And the swain forced to leave from the danger of libel or slander ' SO" stamp-collectors town for a few davs can leave be- in connection with the use of the Scott Ke liolel w l 1 lhrow hind a record of his love for his recorder. lls ««»« «in,n K room as well as sweetheart to consider in his ab- "Ye*, dear «beep' a pound of ll * coffee room, for all oay service sence. steak, a loaf of bread «beep." ' Larders will be doubly stocked for _ . ; ala carte service and quick turn- lee Molotov Face-To-Face Talks Planned With Russian Foreign Minister Network Of Treaties Is Beiii£ Built v_x r ,,. Russia An4 Her Satellites Talk About Aggression Berlin Pla Raised By Reds \ Substantial Increase In Force Is Being Made By Russians Berlin. July 27 i'.-Pi -- German The President coupled a rciterst- evl pica for po\\er to hold \\axc: :a line viith his price control recommendation And hc personally confronted tiie politically hostile 80th Congress with six other proposed brakes on spending--among them a re'turn to credit restrictions and standby rationing authority. "The Communists, both here and abroad, are counting on our present pro;.perUy turning into a depression." the Chief Executive dc- . clared. "They do not believe that we can -. --or will--put the brakes on high , prices. They are counting on an ' economic collapse :n this coun- j try." ' . That, he said, "would cut the . Joe Tinker Dies On 68th Birthday Washington. July 27 ;p--While assailing American support of press reports today said the Rus- Europe. Russia and her. sians are increasing- substantially European satellites are I the number of fighter planes, in- · over of diners. Other hotels and restaurants will do likewise, on a smaller scale. Already demand for overnight lodging of stamp servicers is heavy. In the leading hostelry, 'he largest rooms have been set aside to accom- , modate team* of servicers mailing i out first-day cancellations during ', ihe day. ' Traffic problems, to handle one ground from under the free nations ' of the largest crowds ever to de- . of Eur °P c -' ;cend on this city in a single day j JIr - Truman addressed 2 joint are being worked out by the State · meeting of the Senate and House : Police and the chief of the citv , O R the second day of the special i £ orc e. session he called in the heat of a l Every uniformed officer will be a : Presidential campaign year, walking information-bureau Dircc- ! *an f uace Restrained ^ ., ma iii n ,. j But his language was far more "of coliectionTnd location .f J ^strained than it xvas on his west, The ,- P So eI t ^ k building a tight network of treaties i eluding jets, stationed in their zone ""xifiarv Xub^taHonV wi'TbT'avaii* ! crn tou ranking diplomats of the three Wes-; was damaged only slightly. The ,,,,,:,,, ..,,Jl^«;»» ·· !«r n.TM,«nr ,,.-,,., n n w^riin auxmarj sub-stations wi.l be a\ail- rl ,. JM . ll , provements will be around this fig- · Peterson, the American and British center of the highway. The other ure. it was said, so the county was envoys to Russia, both attended a truck in the rear jiyas damaged to £ as t ern actually saved at least 512,000 by three-hour conference today of a great extent. this arrangement. - ranking diplomats of th The amount of saving effected zem Powers. I total amount of damage was esti- enabled the commissioners to pro- . ceed with some extra work, not in the agreed plan, the ambassadors of '. mately S800. document the texts of 22 compacts jbat plane forces at bases in West- i ,, ... t , . . , ^~ «w... ^.x,..,..,__-o «. ·" The driver was unir.jured and no sjgned b Moscow Or the Soviet lern Germanv. The most recent! Meanwhile, acceptances of mvi- wt in the nation - s charges were preferred, the troop- b j oc ^^ Others have ^^ll]. S. additions were 16 jet fighters \ tatlo . ns l ° , a . ttend the dual . cer . c -! The President did Joe Tinker State Department noted this I °' iSe^TeporYsTpieared 11 as the ', *TM« £ ~TM ^l^? 1 TM .* Bt Z*_TM convention The =nrormant_ said _that under ; ma_ted_by jhe trooper at approxi- . ^ ^"^52^"^* ^'^^ |^^n^lt^ti^el^7^ \ ^^r"^^^ g^SS the original plan. The plumbing . the U. S.. Britain and France will system has been virtually rebuilt.' present the views of their countries ivith Merhl F. Wachter doing the ' orally to Molotov on the Russian work. The cost of this work alone land blockade of Berlin and the Orlanda. Fla.. July 27 f.4»--Joe or in his acceptance Tinker of the double-play Tinker- national to-Evcrs-to-Chance baseball fame, died suddenly in » hospital today of respiratory trouble. Today was the 68th birthday of the famous old Chicago Cub short- Then he referred repeatedly to the Republican-controlled 80th Congress as one of the history. er said. Wrecking equipment of C0 rnpleted'or are in the making. | which reached Fuerstenfeldbruck ' ,. . . t" e commemorative ss- not spell out ' stop. Physicians only a few hours Charles Kline in Ellicott Citv was The roundup was made before i Sunday. the details of his price control pro: before had remarked how well he \\ (J£ jv m J.HC l,WiL Wi. LiA*. v-* \jt, rv a x v i x w «*i»«v» **-u-i_--^-~~-^ ---- J - A «_ J · !·* J +1. -- . . » * , - . v*~»uu^r ·· · «-«j ..»^v«»_ «^» will be around S10.000 to S12.000." question of talks on other German ^nt to the scene and uprighted the /Czechoslovakia and Romania sue and rededication of the Fran- gram Hc l c f t that a qucst i O n to be was. He died at 11.15 a. m. it was estimated. problems. , _ damaged Much flooring is being installed :n , This method, less formal than the halls and rooms which was not · another diplomatic note, is viewed : in the original proposal but will as offering greater leeway in get- , make a very substantial improve- ting an agreement. It avoids, in · TJ · ment to the" building, it was said, part at least, the risk of drawing J3Sll3tlSlS The contractor at present is work- another formal diplomatic rejec- Jt ing on the front porch which one ·' tion. official s»id~ was about to '"faU ' It was not disclosed whether the ; down." ! ambassadors would present the j If The entire building is being re- views individually or in a body. j ivired. another major, contribution! Smitfi tentatively is scheduled to the reducing of fire danger. This; to fly back to Moscow today or to- ' trucks, the trooper re- ilia i ed tneir "treaty of friendship. Soviet summer trucks were taken into C0 n ab oration and " mutual German reports also said large ! cis Scott . Kcy monument continue answered by an Administration bill He armv maneuvers " i . I to pour ln - ' ance" last week. assist- are taking place in the Russian Russia and AI-,zone, from the Baltic south to bania are expected to sign u p , Thuringia. The reports said much shortly, thereby increasing pressure i armor is involved, including big Latest government officials signi- '· tomorrow, intent to be here include: Al- But he should be was in a hospital here for . promised later this week--perhaps a checkup on his diet and for treat- vin W. Hall, director of the U. S. did say the controls authorized for "scarce ment of a respiratory ailment. ·*-- "" ~ ' ~" JiiVV*-\ M V t R W f t l V * li»^iV« l\^l »V*«"-V- . , --. ., , _ _ . * 1 Bureau of Engraving and Printing: . commodities which basically affect 5. ram he scnt to Ca P lto1 Hl11 225 Already Are Registered At Hood S- R. Young, executive assistant essential industrial production or February. to the Postmaster General: John · the cost of living." That would He did not specify priority for M. Brcnnan. administrative aide to seem to mean things like steel and an * of the proposals, but * "score the Third Assistant Postmaster · meat. - card " made public at the White ,, officials ! General: James M. Bell, philatelic' Even before he spoke. GOP lead- House yesterday placed emphasis ' provides for mutual military sup- ' here said the Russians have posted agent Post Office Department, and ers made clear that Mr. Truman on anti-poll tax and anti-lynching i port in case either is "dragged into ' new warnings of maneuvers by ·, R- E." Fellers, superintendent Ci- could pin no real hope for action bills on which hearings already ! armed conflict" with an aggres- ; their fighters in the air corridors i vision of Stamps. i o n more than one or two minor j sive Germany or "with any other , traversed by British and American ! -- : against Marshal Tjto's Yugoslavia -Joseph Stalin III" tanks, and ; . in his quarrel with Moscow. strong air support. The tanks were ; The treaty between the new described as 62-ton monsters, per-! , Communist-run Czech regime and haps the heaviest in the world. ', Romania, like most of the others. · American Air Force ~' by directly or indirectly uniting ! transports flying over the Russian : " " Jand blockade. The Americans said i -_·-_. |-|ry|- J 1 -^ 1 ' is being done by the JModem Lignt: g O ,_ I) pQg^-gp ! Registration for the Maryland · w jth Germanv" ing Company. The old [ ^; ^ Qf $25C ha£ been posted , : Baptist Summer Assembly a n d . By the ternv; of Moscow's pro-: some Russian jets have been seen : Ji, «^^A - 4£^«L;r/?r · before Tvlagistrate Ed-ward J. Smith Training Tjnion conference wh lC h . pagaiu ja campaign that would ap-: in the5e corri dor s . but that most! A V T ' I I ^ ated. Some ne« fixtures «ere in- for ^^ rf £(Jwin Q Mack . , s being held on the campus of pear to include the United States, fighters sigiited were the more,' W i l l I ,011 till IIP £ ^ cd ' . . . . . . . . . . . lev. this citv-. uending grand jury- Hood College this week was ap- Britain and France because of their | conventional Yaks. I T T *** V^VJ.1 LJJ1IIC Tne roof of Jie bmlamg has been _;. ^ ;·,,,;,,,, « f r^^-,r,, = Hari proximately 225 early this morn- ; backine of a seoarate government Th*. ronn rt* o f the increasing ' t md dcv-mpoutmg *"" - f * h - --^ ' cnecK ln Ene amounl 01 »o at a ~'^~-~ _~""~ ~.-."~:"~~"7:'' *"^""*"" ". ""-': ,. . ^ Russian ogmer strength and of the | ' · check . service All of the roofs of the buildings at the almshouse. including the outbuildings, are being given a new coat of paint. A number of the halls inside the main building are being painted and there i* some possibility that ex-1 TO AgK QOCK VOTE tenor painting may take place. - Installation of the fire screens for the release of Edwin O. Mack- -*s being held on lev. this city, pending grand jury- Hood CoIIe g e thls action on a charge of passing a bad proximately 225 early this morn- ; backing of a separate government in the amount of S6 at a ' in £- ilrs - Moore C. Linkenhoker. . for "Western Germany. station here. Ivlackley is of Baltimore, the conference regis- Tne exchange of pledges among soviet "army maneuvers appeared ! bond in an appeal from i tran said persons^ interested^ in at- . the^Spyi« bloc_states^ has been jac- today iri the British-licensed news- j a 30-day jail term magistrate's court on and battery charge. } °5E an at two o clock on Monday ; m ^ s tate ^partment^aiso notea.^ language newspaper. Die have been held. i points in his message. · As he said he would, the Chief ' The Chief Executive hit hardest Executive also asked the special at the rising cost of living. But he session for: left off by saying that another cry- 1. A new displaced persons bill ir.g need is for more and cheaper to provide for the admission of imposed in i tending the conference activities '. companied by numefous denuncia- p ape " r Telegraf and in British mili- an assault' continued to arrive. Registration ' tions of "American imperalism," f iary government's official German i began at two o'clock on Monday the State Department also noted. language newsoaoer Die Welt. !i Heavy Rain Fell Here Last Night housing. · So he called again for passage of the Taft-Ellender-Wagner bill to some 400.000 of Europe's war refugees into this country during the next four years, instead of · began at two o'clock on Monday | the State Department also noted. i afternoon. Rev. William C. Royal, pastor Heavy showers, accompanying a meet the "acute" housing shortage. 202.000 in two years as provided in "This is the bill we need." he a bill passed at the last session. He 5aid. "We need it now, not a year asketi that Congress wipe out "discriminations" in the current law. He has said it would operate tin- fairly against Jewish and Catholic from now." addition to selective price- light thunderstorm, drenched the wa ^ c . controls and a return to the Paris. July 27 ?P-- Premier ; Andre Marie planned tooay-to press .,, ...^ ,,,_.,,,,.. ,,.. ...^ ,,---,,.._... . . . included the placing^ of concrete for a quick vote of confideric e for i^ile airs. P.-E. Berry, is the con- \ tn « contracting states, slabs under and over the screens j,j s nexv iy formed cabinet to off- vention president. The director o f : at each floor to effectively cut off , set atta cks from the extreme left ! the conference is R. L. Berghauser. the spread of flames. I and r ; e ht. Members of the board, who visit- ; I ed Montevue yesterday, also in; 3IARKET SLOW Rpected Emergency Hospital where . Xew York. July 27 jp--The stock ; In generaL all the post-war trea- AIl f ed authorities had no comment city and most sections of the coun : wartime excess profits tax at a rate displaced persons. of , ties followed an identical pattern. The officia i Sovie t newspaper. ' l' again overnight and the V.'eather hc dld not disclose, the Prcsiaent 2. A Federal aid-to-education --+^n IT **·»«. fj-wll j-viT-i no" r\rtr*r+t t^l^ve- ' _ . . __. _ _ . - ' i^ . _ - _» _. _ _ . - . . . -e-L-*»j^ f^f\t\**i"«ce i t r \ ~ nt 11 the Vi'rst Baptist church! ihis city! , stressing the following principles: | TaegHch"e"Ru7i'dschau"sougnt*today ' Bureau said more thunderstorms asked Concrcss to: is the president of the assembly : 1 - Close .collaboration between , w discredit the British-American were possible today and tomorrow. Six Other Thm E s Asked . . .. . _ , -, ».,,,,,, . M =,, m «, . questions of Baltimore- . , ^, Course, in the Sunday School and . a n s f a ^ n c w e d blockade-busting air shuttle by new tactic. Seizing upon the weekend crash of a food-laden American C-47 in bill to provide S300.000.000 annually to states for education. 3. Approval of a S65.000.000 loan for the construction of a permanent United Nations headquarters :n Training "Union were held this G errn anv or'anv many improvements have also been market dawdled along a narrow morning, from 8 until 11.25 o'clock, threatening the independence jiimij *ni£*A. v xw_*ii«_**Lo :*cii.^ oi^w w»sc»j l l i d l t v c t \J-tZ W U.1CU d.AVll^ 5 i;a**.v*-v . . , , , . c * » ^ l . . made, including enlargement of the price road todav while Wall Street Me mDers o. the Sunaay Scnool . or territorial integrity of the sign- ^* ^ ' " -- _ f^f. t ,T4-~- 11-A T C* ^^ftmi-mrtt? rt.' f s e n _ nursery. The hospital, they said, awaited delivery of the President's is now fully qualified to receive j message to Congress- State funds to supplement the coun- ; ty expenditure- Extended Forecast Soviet Troops Concentrated faculty are J. P. Edmunds. Nash- , ers ville. Tenn.: Dr. W. J. Crowder. su- 4. Agreement not to conclude- perintendent of Missions for Mary- ! any alliances or to take part in land Baptist: Dr. L. T. Gibson, pas- ; any coalition directed against the tor of the Brantly Baptist church, other signers. Baltimore: James R. Rowles. Sr.. , 5. Strengthening of political ca American It claimed "numerous Germans were injured when the C-47 struck a house. The Russian censor slipped, however, for all other Russian-controlled papers printed what other German pap'ers have said is the ~ in The showers raised the month's 3 - R«tore consumer credit con- total to approximately three and trols--such as those which specified a third inches, of which over iwo down payments and the time in and a half inches has fallen in the which installment purchases had to New York City. , be paid off. 4. -Senate ratification of the in- 2. Arm the Federal Reserve tcniational wheat agreement. Board with more power to regulate 5. Restoration of S56.000.000 "inflationary bank credit." trimmed from proposed appropria- 3. Grant him power to reculatc tions at the last session for power speculation on the commodity ex- and reclamation projects. recorder the rainfall as .58 of an inch. It started with light showers before nine o'clock and rained quite heavily at times until midnight. A broken tree i:ir:b struck the main line of the Potomac Edison Company to Boyds and put the circuit out of commission for about an hour. No other trouble was reported and. although there was changes. 6. A "more equitable and real- 4. Grant him power to impose al- istic" pay bill for Federal employes. location and inventory control over "scarce commodities which basically affect essential production or She cost of living." the same term , i Wednesday and again about Sun- Tabernacle Baptist Mission. Balti- 6. Agreement to carry out tne ' . . c j.- eht _,, s ~ * Off To Tokyo Istanbul. Turkey. July 27 .;?*-Istanbul newspapers said today heavy Soviet military forces have been concentrated along Yugoslavia's frontier ·with Romania. The papers. Cumhurivet and La 3 inches with Republique. quoted travelers as showers varying considerably. saying 22 Russian air divisions now _. are concentrated in Romania. These divisions, the papers add^ed. are divided into two groups. : vone of which is poised toward j Yugoslavia, the other southward ' toward the Mediterranean. Bombers were reported to be carrying out exercises nightly. The papers said other forces are being moved into Bulgaria. A high Turkish intelligence officer told newsmen he hsd heard nothing of these moves. Another infofn:ed source said some movement might be soing on pin Romania, but not on the scale "reported in the two papers. ; day. Warm and humid Wednesday, more. cooler Thursday becoming warmer xhe training course classes which treaty in the spirit of the United . Nations charter. : Errant Husband Now lightning, no occurred here. The weather observer said :ool air which -.vas reported moving east yesterday had "broken ur" actual storm nc llfcci for h i s P rice control pro- least 50 per cent" _ , . ^ ..,«,,,* r ««. n *u A .- *ered m manj repec.* from other tion as a whole will average 1 3-staff Geor2ia: y LTS _ j. c. Ledbetter. ln of Cumberland: Mrs. Harry Rosser. Lexinston Park: Mrs. Jesse R- Dr. Crowder. ih the noted. Kite. Kagerstown: James R. Rowles. Sr.. Mrs. David -1-11 1 1 - 1 * rr. Baltimore: Rev., B. F. Tobacco Apllicis Agaill adultry day for wife Rev. fornication, hoped a reconcilation v.-ith left D. A. -vas expected the to!a . v - Jt was 89 yesterday. Carolina. Martin. 45. and The heavv- showers put one more dent in farm operation?. There arc oc u?c d at all." posal. 5, Strengthen controls over rent with adequate appropriations for enforcement to prevent "further unwarranted rent increases."' 6. Give him standby power to ration "tho=c few products in short supply \vh:ch vitally affect the health and welfare." He said lhat unles? further shortage* occur. authority "might not have to Fire In Apartment i Routs 12 Persons Baltimore. July 27 3»--Twelve persons f.ed to safety early today when fire swept an apariinent building in northeast Baltimore. Firemen said the blaze apparently started in a first-floor apart- ifVient and quickly spread through 'the three-story brick structure. All but one tenant. J. Carroll Moore, made their way out of the building. He climbed onto a porch roof and was carried down by firemen. ' C. Dorr. ; Bragg, iwstor of the Upper Cross Found 111 3Iarvland Roads Baptist cnurcfa. The Marj-land ' Baptist Pastors' College Park. July 27 '.?--Tobac- tectives said lhe two had lived to- '-"re content o r _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ »i _ _ _ . » - f · ··.- . f f*if*ri 1 C V T C l T l t T Conference i* being held todav co aphids are bad enough, but look gether as rasa and wife since March - - 1 947. Miss Chandler. 27. shapely and Miss Lois Chandler were bour*! 3t:11 sorr ' c ficlds vvhere v -'h«:at ha= over to Fulton Cowntv Crimina: not occn inrcsncd. County Agent Court yesterday in a tear-filled Herir --~ R - Snoemaker said, and preliminary healing after citv de- comom:ng continue? in spots. Mo:s.--. _ r Vt .j, ca « being mar- as a result of she "nc President asked authoritv io limit v, ase ;:icrcafes only where :hey -«o-j!d "force a break in a price ceiling" Even in this in- /. A bill raising the present 40- cent minimum wage to "at least 75 cents an hour." 8. Legislation increasing "by at the benefits under the o^d-age retirement provisions of the Social Security law. He said the age at which women can receive benefits should be lowered from 65 to 60 years, and he again asked extension of coverage to srouos not now included. The President took note of the GO? cry of "politics" that went tip in response to his special session call. "High prices." he said, "are not taking "lime off" for the election. "High prices are not wailing until the next .session of the Congress. ' High prices arc gelling worse. . through Friday morning with two what an expert says you should oeriods each day. This morning fight them with: ' from 9.50 until 10 35 o'clock. Rev. Tetraethylpyrophosphate. Mr. Royal sooke on "The Pastor T. L. Bissell. University of Maryand Hi- Soiritual L5fe." -vhile Rev. land extension entomologist who W. C. Wood, pastor of College Ave- reminds Southern Maryland tobac- nue Baoti" church :n Anr.apolis. co growers aphids are on the ioose . =toke on "The Pastor and His Vis- again, refers to the insecticide as r 'Z yesterday itation." from "1130 until 12.25 lfcl - ketcd is \vet weather Mr. Shoemaker said the corn - t - ri *-".-.J" 35 ?* 1 :- ana --OD !ook-= ve- :: -ood a' n-^c- lowering of living standards rec-haired. once studied missionary --op lOOf.s \e... ,.ooa a. p,ese:v-- ^ ._".,,.,,,, .,,,,. ,, x .. r ^_. work with Martin during th- 20 out :s - UB ^ cct :; «amaae from the years he served as pastor in a Bap- b eetie and borer The beetle _ r * l . j . _ _ _ » . « _ » T _ » _ TM _ _ · _ - 1 _ _ stance zn exception would be made Thev are celtins wo~se every day. "We cannot aford to wait for the next Congress to act." Ke said the cost of living ":s now higher than ever before in our luster:- ." the increases were "essential to remedy hardship, to correct ir.- cquJtics or to prevent an aciuai list church in Greenville. S C. been at :ts v.-orn late:-,- In the c::v. Present at the preliminary hear- at 5 ; a . si - '";- :h swarm? of in.=ects iiwres, Divorces ·-vere ilartirfs w:fe and nis son. W. T. Martin, a huskv , · week --ith classes scheduled from of tobacco plants. " 9.50 until 12.15 o'clock. The Worn- A P* ids 3ast ? esr cost «me fairn- ar.V- Missionary Union conference ers 20 per cent of their crop. Bissell will be held -oday Through t riday sasd ; from 1.30 until ?.]S o'clock. Mem- _ - _ . _ ,, bers of the Union faculty are Miss. UeCflS KeCOrdCtt JTOr a, S' Sales Of Properties i Lucille McKinney. Atlanta. Ga. Deeds were recorded in the ro?e weeping from audience and to;d Judge attacking shrubbery, trees and corn patches. Mr. Shoemaker sa:d there ·.vas some aerial spraying 32a;n«t the beet;e over the weekend He- said the second borer brood is no.x laying its eggs on the corn !eavc c and should be hatching very «VrJ- Contcndins thst ir.dustry nas boo.-ted pr:ce in many recent CPSCS -'.here profit margins were "ad- cq-jatc" *n absorb the increased !abor co~'.? the President added »-, T ,.« ;-.». i , /- · Ri5:ns v.age. and rising r.and- Each bllOW Might Gaill arc? of living, based on increased productivity and a fair distribution of ;nco-ne i? the American way. Non-inflationary can ar.d should made by "This girl had been going after ARRESTS DOCKETED him for two years. Kc was a fine Two arrests xvere docketed over- man and a f:ner preacher until she night by city police. Thev vere. ruined him. Ail I ever syk is for v .-i;h charges. Francis J Fox. East her to leave him aior.e and him to Seventh street, reckles* driving. stav at home." Marriases and divorces each showed a slisht gain in Frederick wace increases county during the first six months continue to be of this car as compared to the free co!'ect:\e bargain- fame period in 1947. records of the Cierk of the Court's office disclosed Tne number of marriage licenses increased from 670 to 693 and the number of divorces granted Increased from 56 to 62. June "\ as the true ''month of Eieht-roint Procram A« for h;s entire clcht-poirtt cost of ! program. Mr. Tr-umar: called it a "balanced " way to attack high prices All eiaht points, he said, are "necessary to check rising Lewis Hurst. East South street, dis- prices and safeguard our economy brides." its 169 licenses far out- tnen toid turbing the peace Lieut. Dorsey against the danger of depression." stripping any other month from . - 1 , 1 , , - ^ _ - , , *T*r~1_ * J l . - » « - i - · ~ - -rr f · _- d X « * « i « ^ » - *-»·«- uaiiji'^t V i V.S_^A f c ^ O . W . * . v.^i ^ U U t i l S ; r t l i ^ UitlC-l i i i l ^ l i f c i t «. i Vlt' A recreation period has been clerks office for the sale of several Juage,White that Martin was reaay summoned the parties to hearings. ~A?idc from hi? refe:ence to Com- the marital point of view. June also LED PARADE The Drum and Bugle Corps of the Francis Scott Key,Post. American j Legion, upon invitation from the j firemen of Hamilton. Va.. led their j tinnual parade held on Monday evening. The local corps did not compete lor any prizes. i Li.-Gen. Triton H. V,"aiker, above, will take over command of the Eighth Army in Japan, succeeding LT.-Gen. Robert L. EicheToerger. who is slated for reiii client. General Walker was commander of tha 20th Corps of the Third Army in Frsnc3 and more recently commanded tne F i f t h Avmy, with headauarters at Cnicago. ! scheduled for the afternoons from properties. } 2.15 until 5.30 o'clock under the Ixlr. and Mr?. Maxie A. Hill have [ direction of Miss Virginia Atkin- sold to Mr. and Mrs. James K. · son. of Baltimore. The vespers Smith a property on the north side ! service at 6.15 o'clock this evening of 14th street, consideration being ; will be in charge of Rev. Paul H. in lhe neighborhood of S13.500. ac| Tharo. pastor of the Pimlico Bap- cording to revenue stamp.*. to leave with his family for Greenville, if he were released, ".he son :nterrupted with. ' I don'i know whether that's true or not" mun;sts here and abroad counting - ia j ;he most divorces--CO. ,,., ,, ,, J| r/v / o ( rC f on an American depression. Mr Truman made no direct reference Other months, v. ith marriage given first and divorces second- ARRESTED HERE Charged in a Montgomery county EriF. Pa.. July 27 T'--Master Sgt. V:ncen Pctro^ki. father of three children needed a hou^e to this country'? strained relations January 101 and 11. February Ru«.a But hc did assert that: · I n thc.-e tense days, \\hen our and 9. March 109 and 6. April 113 and 10. May 102 and 6 ! tist church. Baltimore. The worship] Mr. and Mrs. Preston B. Roop warrant with failing to pay a taxi The sergeant, wno is rcciuiting strength is beme tested all over the I in !.'ie chapel at 7.30 o'clock will have sold to Mr. and Mrs. George bill there Charles Higgles. Freder- . for the Army, started to "seir Earl i feature a message from Dr. Merrill ~ ! D. Moore, of Nashville. Tenn. At F. Revelle and wife a tract of jck. was arrested Hst night by Lieut. . Easton. 23. on the Army. Easton about 65 acr*-s and improvements i Dorse and turned over to Mont- live-room puureil on nientiuited li j 8.45 o'clock tonight. mis.-ion/ry ' on the road leading from the ! gomery county authorities for house. Petro.-ki really i sound pictures fixim the B s p f i f t Frederick-Emmit-burg road to Ap- :trial Local officers said thr charge ! the sieam. Foi-"ier! Mission Board w i l l be '· nlr's chinch in Thurmont d i ^ i r i c t , ' w a s pnlered under a special Moni- Now K-".ton i c in !hf Army. And i^h'-iun. i c"n'ic(ei-aion being around $6,000. , yjmerv county law. iTc''-p'-ki h a ^ his iou. c e. :he c' FACES TERM Cleveland. July 27 ..^ -- Fired Police Lieutenant Ernet L. Molnar tutla.v faced a possible- piiac." sen- paragraph in hi« 3.000-word tence of one to 80 years for acc-Tt' to "uree upon Conare's" ins SRO 000 in bribc^ from convict- it -o-.-rsisl civil rights pro- , cd policy racketeers. world, it would be reckless folly if we failed to art against inflation." The Pre.-.idrnt deVOted Olil.V EWSPAPERl

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