The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY flZWB, FEEPZBICX. JSP. FKIUAT, JOIfE S, 183Z. :EON ! OFFERED 1 IN IAL OF CUUKJ i i i Expenditures For Household Purposes Conceded In Rockville Trial. ! It's A Gift! PROSECUTION MAY REST CASE TODAY, IS BELIEF No Secrecy As To Account Maintained As Clerk To Board. RockvO. M u . June 2 --A second compromise bet* pen counsel tins irvorn- bezs:rert tr-a. :n Circu.: Coir', r-.-rr ' of Berry E Clark former Orfc to t h e , Board cf Mc-.!po=' ^T Co-ntv Commit- , Tfcis morr*.ii£ s asr^frent*!!! between courisel. together with a similar one j jEswrdar. hss e-imsr.'itec the necessity of caliins a toore or ssore of witnesses J and has resulted .3 the expectation i Clark late today j When trie bearing opened Uiis morning. State's Attorney Stedman Prescott called several representatives of Washington department stores and other business houses tn an effort to sho»- bow Ciark spent money he !s alleged ; to have embezzled from the county After John F. Pyle of Woodward \ Irotnrop, F. B Bureau and Thomas J CroreU. representnK a concern seizing ·raficial gas, had testified, however the defense announced it iras willing to concede Mr dark had paid theo- and many similar Household expenses ·with checks drawn on his personal bank account. Mr. Prescott then said that In view j of thfe stipulation it would not be j necessary to call a number of witnesses | he had subpoenaed to identify checks Presiding Judge Hammond Umer and his associates. Judges Robert Peter; and Arthur WlUard, limited the defense this morning in their examination, of J. Forest Walker, county treas- CONFEREES REACH LATE AGREEMENT ON REVENUE BILL HITS AT "IDEAL" PLAWK o . P . Cmn - t SMec Oa Probiktikm. All posslbility of imaedfete | House action. ' , { CaHed upon by President Hoarer OB Tuesday for additional taxes, the eon- j i Iere«s stritched out for every source ! of revenue available la th* House and , Washin - ton Juae 2 -Jouett Sfcaase. ' 'Senat* bJJ*. v-,.rTM n at 'the Densocrafcc national |«- {li * Democratic convention. : Th* incre«« in first-class postal raies elcutlw coasanttee today heaped r.d- j He said any plani. which would be the Senate and House was ac- ^^ upoQ Postaa5 , i . e , General Brown's Dually pleasing to Nicholas Murraj prediction that tS* Repuolican plank' Butler, the Anti-Saloon League. Sec on prohibition weald satisfy all sides . Borah and Eastern and Western and added: 1 would indeed be a -magical one" "If. as now seems probable, the Democrats come out for a referendum, 11. will be a real referendum." "Tn* 1932 campaign is no place tti.\ pussyfooters." said Shouse. who has proposed as permanent chairman R »as reported with some authority thai all the foreign tariff items--the import taxes on oil. coal copper and lumber--were kept :n the b^l. but the exac; rates were Measure Carries New Taxes To Balance Budget For U. S. For Next Year. MEETING LASK 131-2 HRS.; ^i= Wastegtoa. June 2 --Congressiona: | conferees made a bold drive complete the g^antic budget , revenue bill in the record-breaiiag time , I of one day's conference. i Recessing at 7 30 p. aa. for dinner. i'ie worrted but determined repress: ta- · t:v«s of tie Senate and House asserted · ENDS IN COMPLETE ACCORD *£« =· ** i May B« Ready For Signature Of , :h * !933 President By Late Saturday Night. They also gave emphatic notice that ; · · their bill would meet the demands of ! · j the administration for funds to balance ! : governmental budget. \ '. A tentative agreement was reached · i I early on th* high income- tax schedule' i provided by the Senate and endorsed ! · or President Hoover Ttiesday when ae | j i caEed upon the Senate for more funds ( : ' to preserve the American dollar against j : : attacks. ' _ record- . However, the conferees decided an- j ; : I' STICKLER SOLUTION STEALING HIS GOLDFISH Washington, Juae 5 --In breaking time, unequaled on Capitol' animously to withhold the final details HU! during the war days, congressional | of th * compromise revenue^bill ^ n '^'°- conferees tonight completed the bll- . " , " ,, TI « . - » « * * *·· -Ion-dollar revenue bill j -pv^ g--m drive tx finish the confer- Tne representatives of the Senate and ence led to prediction tontgn: that the Hous* reached complete agreement in · b.Uion-dollar iceasure- would ae ori th* 13 !-2 hours on the measure, carrying President's desi for his signature by · the new taxes to balance the govern-| -he end of the week--making a n»n record in congressional fiscal legislation. i Meanwhile the Senate found difficulty on the national economy program, ·xhieh is to help the revenue bill balance the budget The provision for a WE'RE VERY SORRY That Saturday, June 4. will be the last dav of CABTY'S QfCOEPOB- ATIOK SALK ·**-«**,. We thank our old friends and our new one* for the patronage that made this SALE such a success. You'H fiad CARTY'S different and f always, you'll be welcome here . . . to see ... to shop. meat budget for next year. Through the day. in shirt sleeves, they worked while their senatorial col- agues struggled over the major items of the economy bill, which b to'aici the budget-balancing program, a 10 per cent reduction in pay for' all govern- one-year 10 per cent, cut in salaries o: ment workers Worried and almost exhajsied. . . . , . _, ,, East Choreh Mr«t Owner Asks Police , ' conferees Sef: the co.-nmittee room a: : - debate. all government workers provided sf.ur.bLng block and the day was a C. C. "Established 1868 Middletown Seniors Conduct Entire Program There. :COMMENCEMENT E V E N T S Tr.e ' ^-'i^ ("om the two 14 'rttct Protection. statement that they had reached a , Relief Program Presented. Washington. Jane 2 --Administration . . . . . . ; complete agreement assuring a bal- Poilce protec.ion for his goldfish has , arce o . r,. vcn . ae and expenditures for program for relief of the distress of been asked by Alvin Bopst. East Church j 1933 , !in » !no:ovme31 ,-as presented to Con- street, who says valuable specimens { ^teSs of the final form of the b"! ' - - of the finny brigade, which he raises In a pool in the yard of his home, have A R T Y Teltpboot 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK. MD. ere withheld to tne House tomorrow whi.e the Senate debated . submiss.on' whether to Cut government salaries noon, but it i Hep. Ha* ley. Republican. Oregon, !r- ~oldnsh have been taken from the pool When they first started to disappear. !is;i cranes sere blamed but the disap- urer. Clark's attorneys had attempted to examine Mr. Walier concerning two ebecfcs turned aver by Clark to hlin. With under-classmen. parents and friends looking on. :he Senior class ol Middle-town high school look port '.n i'^ final assemblv Thursdav afu-rnoon .n bot the court ruled out this testimony | the auditorium of the school which on. ti» ground the checks were not! was filled to capacity Occupy ^nt; tlie during the period of time cover- i stage in tne front of the audl'orium 'the fortv members of the praointinc ed by the indlctmentA. dark if on tral on one of 97 indict- ment» chargSng him with embezzling approximately $50.000 of county funds Th« sagie indictment aliases the etn- bezrlement ot $426. His actorneys. Barnard Welsh. Albert M. Bouic. Thomas L- J7a.wson and E. Barrett PrettTimn have informed the court tSKT expect to prove that all of Clark's official actions were known 10 his superiors aad thae his accounts were kept IB a manner which had received their approval. class, under the direction of MJSS Lorraine Thomas faculty member. nl:o has been their ad.-!sor thnmch S-vno- more. Junior and Senior Msr 1 ). conducted the entire program The auditorium was beautif' decorated for the affair Sweet peas tne class flower, hid be.^n placed abo'ii 'li*room under the direction of Mrs E L. Coblentz and pas!«l shades of crepe paper were hung tastefully about The members of the graduating c«vw made a splendid appearance, the boy 3 It -was brought out yesterday that no; entirely in white and the r-r'-s in v h!te ·eorecy sarrounded the account Clark maintained as Three county clerk of the board, officials--Mr. Walker. skirts with pas'el-colored s-sea'ers Two first grade children. Dons Iferi and Dorothy Adams litt'.e sisters of tvio members of she Senior class act^d as pages and anno-onced the xaricus n:m- Shesiff Richard A. Lansdale and JOMPA B. Pyies, former sheriff--admitted they had received a number of checks from ' bers on 'he program. CSark drawn on this account ] The assembly opened with a -aelc-ime In response to a question by Barnard |«nt by the Seniors, durlnt: mh.rh :he\ Welsh, defense a-ttomey. Walker saU j exhibited cards be-innc the !ot,-er.ns he regularly compared all cash ledgers i "The Seniors Welcome E\ervon-" Ar,of the county treasurer's office with J nouncernent of the class officer? class those of Clark's office. flower, clvis motto and class en ors. "Why were these comparisons; ' a ' as rnade by Atlee Smith, member of made?" Welsh asked i ril srraduatjne class The cfflcvrs ar^ ·To make the books airree." the wit- President HeVr. CoVen". -. .re-r-rv:- c«n replied. ' dent. Roland LuU. jecrttarv Ruth Coanse: for the defendant sought to I Bow'.us. arid treasurer. Esth-r W ' -xrd show whether these comparisons ever; Pncticallv the en-ire class tc«k par. revealed a shortage in Ciarfc's accounts. '^ B^-ne '"e class hbtorv reir-ir: or- b« the prosecuton objected w tha i in e various exeni-s duraic the past f H.r line of Cj'jest-o=ing on tne ground thit'^TM 13 A s ° ; " 1 'Asleep in -he Dcrp any facts periaimr.R to the resuita of'*** rendered bv Robert Fir'-c after the examinations should be sho-s-n by v -hich the class prcrriecv «·?_·; p-.\. n b~. Introduction of -he books themselves Florence B'.'jbauch A class ^ne v..-.^ This objection «as '-^tainod by the rendered bv the srndwes n-d ".ic C'-LS.V court will reci'ed bv Doro'r'i Re-xk- Mr. Walker said h had received R Original Song Rendered. greaj manv checks drawr. on th? -^ onE'.nal sone c n-tx-Nei bv 'h- "Berrj- E. Clark, clerk." account, but Sencors. tvas -x: I- ^-ns ci.-ect- that durine the per^xi from Jar.uarv «* to '""* tochers, pirer.ts. a-.d ..'..ur.r.. 1930. to Februarv 16 1931. he had re- -!r " h °^ ^ ?r?? for * sch HAr ~ -'" (!? - ce'-red only $1535 from the cour."^ president of the M.acKe-.-^r. L. or* share of 5raa-hlse tax refur.d? c '- ub - '-'--- Pr-wr.tod med.ut to tre v.c- The cctirt p"nrJted ih»- defense to . show bv exammins Walker that Clirk had paid ever arce sums of monev to the cotsry trecsarer £-~-jig the pc"iJd covered by Use ' Dtirmc the cav Jne prosecution Introduced testirno-y to show Clars hac rece:ved a sreat deal of rr.or:ev from refunds or. frar.rhise 'axes refurds for th« care cf in=sr.e patients sheriffs fees I- = rl^Ljiiec thi; z '.·"r. .us -r:. rs Vii) «v». p i r t in A con-| te.'i .sjK.-j.ortd In Uie club, iir.ohing J 'he v.-ituii of an e.isay on the sub-! loot lint, i can B#sr- Impro\e the j Cumnvjr-.i'}' The \x!nnjig cssav ^asi -,\r.t'"n 'o-. Helen Coblen'z and she j n-roi\ i,'. S5 .p. ?.jld is n. prize Second , r'ao- \M i.' 'o IXi'-j h*. Reedcr. ^.^o rc- re '.fcl a b'k ' HorbTt DaM5 pruicipal of the lush | .ch ^1 t.^rn prwienieci .eUers to mem- i rs o? 'he Senior class. '.\lx h^d' rf prer* r.t*si t!i* high school In athletic ' e^ntests Eighteen rcceued the co\et- i vi ' M " Mi* Cobk-ntj; presented Mr. j % \ i ' h a cliss p.cltire which w i l l ' be htmc in the school Miss Thomaj v-v. C~.e ri-ciplent of a beautiful boskel ' vf fio^ers fro^ the sen'ors. as a token of their appreciation for her assistance in a:-a!ns tiicm throuch the past three ve^n; The a-vmoly closed wi h a ' A* tl-.e ro-irUision of the assembh tlv faciil'v of tie school en'erta nsd t'.'° sen'.or^ pirer.ts and patrons at a ea in tne solioo! Decorations -aero '."".(· \ ind Rreen Mb;s Manor. E^olf ·· me e r."rr:rs jvstructor. had ch-irKe of th" '-'a and r«ured. together w . t h Miss V;~in..i Gr-3ff. commercial in' t n r t o - Me-, brrs of the home cro- T'-.e «en'o- prom :n the form of a 5':i!prr c 1- *i~c tr'-T. by the ,v:n!or rbss · h ' j . i r of wji'.f^r cliss. ·»"»!! b" ir "1-e school a'..tL.*«r.'im tonic it goal was accomplished 1135 power for Sen Watson. Indiana, the Republi- , corporation to make other loans, which can leader, and Sen. Harrison. Miss:s- 7.oald increase emp.oyment. . . , s.ppi. the Democrat'.: tax leader. io»n- Their introdu;tion came a; the same pearances became jo regular that this eJ Ln ,, ai3 ^^^ . We h^/j^,. ;jBe M secreur-, siOi and Hurley -e, *", *tT^ - t^ed^- anced the budge: 3t » 3!u: « 1 T " '«« :e3tif:.uig before the Senate and ^.'. e '.l!~^5^ I. ."i-^ff-. 5 3 ' at no i Ur.der-Secretary Ballantine. of the House committees that Democratic pro- Treasurv. and a corps of legislative pasals for oublic construction programs. clerks, worked on in'o tne nigr.t sure- , financed by oorcl issues, were nr-soursc nisrizins tne re\ised bill and patting ar.i tcoti'.d give only a ne;l-5i"Dle m- :t into shape for introduction to the ' crease -- JQ3S House · -- ees that leaders had hopes of me compromise bill getting to the Wh.te House · for the signature of President Hoover ] ov Saturday night or early next ·seek ' ANNOUNCING the arrival of the 1932 appeared at the Bopst Is of the opinion that small boys are making off with tne fish He raises them for commercial purposes and they are \alued at 55 a pair Sergt on he la the fatare **** aS.ertlsteg pa-, o: t is 11 dividends Bradley Swim Suits at Hendrickson's Visit News-Post. The Jefferson Women's Club vts.lcd' at the latest the News-Post on Thursday. May 26 j The bill will oe submitted ir the Miss Mar 1 .' Esther Tull. ^ho took them j House tomo-row and ml. be taien up through the building explained to them | on Saturday It must be accepted or how the paper vias made The club j rejected witaout amendment So com-; then went to the Court House Park. I plex are its provisions that it LS ualiie- \\here they he'.d a short business meet- ' ly a printed draft of the revised measure a'.g " 1^.11 be ready before late tomorrow, thus FLYINC; AXTS ·TERMITES' Ca^ss S41.000 000 CO dani2gr »na--i'.:T -o irood ·atrar'c :n Husaes acd Buildi^ss. Guaraa:eed Treatnz^si. V"icai.=» Ccnewsary--Free tsspecr'.or: ! TERM I NIX CO. OF MD., Inc : Phone 65 7 9 Z Patr:cS St. bacral i er\ice :;···(·: a ~ "n I i.tlvrari chu-ch S'lnda^ e\T nt ""'h Rc\ B F. Blub'..12.' M\ "^\ I't~ c": ennp the sermon Co:r- ·r*TC":nc"t ev rci'es wil! be held !:-. MoT-'rul H"i" Wtxinesdav evening .1:10 ·i · I x o Ji t!v fo-ni of a paccant 1 .i- ir.'.: ' c'x^ piiv wi'i be be'.d r.e\ "i v.t"^" i\ c'' fr..**c Granted Divorce- Mr.- J .'.a A Creamer. tf New Midi'. -. ,.; vr. crar.'ec an absolute d.- · --c- :."-T. r.--r l "^sb»r.vl. \Vlnfleld T C - \ i - - o- th* C:r--..- Ciurt fsr Fred- ·- ~ i "v A'«····. Y Bennett rep re- 'er.' "3 Mrs Creager Capital's Tribute To War Dead CTHV proper- T by Clari cf cherts ^h; St^-» con'erds -e! ns-i 5ec*.r*x5 a "a-rc r;*.rrb^- o' *1~.?"* '1 -' *·*--. r 3r tease '·/. '.-.*? T2i.-r ar.~. srt ^ "^5 ^:- checks wre c-TMrxx-.-f: in tie »cc^c-* j he! as cxr I: -s-?-s a^o j was drawr. e TTI^I tie nesses t3 pr: to each c v .^»s=.~ -M" rsll j-.r T; .;- CATTLEMEN ELECT Madison W^ Jjne 2 --tr L M . j Thcmpsoc ?.IonUose, Pi-, 1-55. re- f elected =r2s.£»r.-, of the Holsteja-.. | AssC'C^'.on of Arr.erica at tne ' naticnal c-crent-c-n Jer» tocay cin- i cm?o «£.- se,'ted for '.'» 1933 coriver.- tton J. H He 3 o -; :.:.dd\ ^a-n Md J. H. Retasbers Named A ice President Of National A W.'n tV 'o-.--'i aaoSs;roj'- "ice --c ·. i-e---)-fc£:o?r - to succeed 3f nc ce..\^'ec · c p i. S. Warier, Orange, Va. i me Sylvan Theater, .M*v e war A SALE OF Fine Printed Cotton Pongee FAST COLORS than i h i r t \ lovelr patlerrs to ^elrv: from. Th s cloth lias a lovely s Ik lik-^ fiu- i^ii--am! i« ol" -.ti'Ticit-nt'y 1 jrhr H^-.STP.I fnr summer 15c yd. 40 Inch Printed Voiles A r - r a e i i v e patter-jig. 19c yd. Suggest As Gifts To The Graduate , Hand Beaded Imported Dress ! Bags $1.00 , Fabric Gloves at Sl.OO Kid Gloves at 81.95 and $2.95 ' New Costume Jewelry at 50c and $1 Attractive TJnderthings at Si and up Compacts, Powders, Perfumes Summer Bags at $1.00 and S1.95 ! New Scarfs ' Lace, Mesh or Chiffon Hosiery in the i new shades ·' New Handkerchiefs at 25c and 35c A New 5 Year Diary :er. that can be Ixzc s srsace* 49c each Leatherette cover, that can be I?ciei ·snth a key. 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