The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 5
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON 1 NEWS. PAGE FIVE. HARVESTER CO. TO BUILD NOW Master Mechanic for Massey- Harris Co., Hero to Award Contract for New Home. PETTY OFFICER M. COOK. His Auto-Intoxication Had Nothing To Do With Volstead Mr. M. Cook of 1236 Pacific Street. Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I felt 'drunk' must of Ihc lime. My head was diz2y, 1 couldn't think dearly. 1 paid no attention to it until one day I dropped n coin and when I stooped to Ret it, J got so dizzy I Ml in the middle of the street and was almost run over. i| -later found out that the cause of 'tins condition was due to a sluggish iliver causing FAULTY INTESTINAL ELIMINATION (constipation), This was promptly and effectively overcome by a short course of Carter's Little Liver Pills. They were a life-saver in my case. My appetite has doubled, my dizziness has f one, and my pep 1 is great." Carter's iltle Liver' Pills have been recommended by druggists everywhere for S&ycars.., 25c a .package.; Thi! erection of the first si'ol Ion of Hut Musscy-llnrrls Harvester l'o. assembling and (ilslrlbullng plant hero will lio started very soon, accimliUK to A. M. I.ount, inuslc-r mechanic for tho firm, who In here from Toronto, I'iiuacla, to lot tho contract for tho erection ol! the buildltiK. "It will lio a nice .between the ('(instruction of th« Ijullilirijjr mill tho Hlilpplnsr of tins machinery which In to bo assembled hern onr- ly next sprlitR for use In tho harvest fields throughout tho southwestern section of tho country next, summer," explained Mr I.ount, who atnted thr.J lio hoped to linvn tho buildltiK completed by February 1. One Story Bulldinn. Tho first section of tho plant will ho oruolod on thu two anil ii half aero tract of ground facing ICasley street JiiHt sontli or tho Santa Ko tracks. Tho alto for the plant, was purchased about a monlh ago by tho. officials of tho company rriuit Fred Cramni. Tho. building, which I K to bo erected now, will liu SO by WO fn"i in dimensions with tho long side of tho aullflliig facing on Kasley street. It. will be a one-story frame structure, covered with metal. The roof will ho of the saw tooth typ» which allows tho most efficient means of lighting the building. A loading platform will he built on the side of the building facing tho Santa. Fo track, which will be SOU feet long. It will make It possible to load or unload six carloads of machinery at ono time. Consider Bids. Tho construction work will prob- What wHi this test ten you? W ILL It sar danger . , . foliar* ahead? Wilt it show yon that jour loss of imbuion, your loss of energy, of vitality, is duo to Anemia * , . blood it*rv»- tion? Unless the rich.rtd blood comes rushing back immediately after you have firmly pressed the fitah between band and thumb, it la a warning signul ... it mtana lack of vitalising, energising, strength* building blood. For thirty-two years, physicians bave prescribed Qude's Pepto- Mangan. Us rich Iron and manganese content is the sure way and the safe way to regain health. Your druggist has Gude's Pepto- Mangan In either liquid or tablet form. Gude's Tonic and Blood Enricher . Beauty ably bo lot to somo local contractor. Mr. I.ount Is considering the various bids which have boon submitted and may bo nblo to announce tomorrow who will construct the building. ."The officials of tho Mnnsoy- Harrls Harvester Co., are very anxious lo rush the now plant here to completion because most of tho business of tho company Is done during the summer mouths," declared Mr. I.ount. "If tho building could not bo erected In time to Inlto care of the firm's business In this territory next, summer. It would not ho built until later.'' EAST SALEM Next Sunday, Dec. 7th, is to be observed at. Kast Salem as (loldon llulo Sunday, by uu all day service. Sunday school and preaching as nsuul In tho forenoon, at noon dinner will bo eaten In tho basement, consisting of soup and crackers, -11 > «_> difference in the cost of the ordinary Sunday dinner and this ono being given as a donation for tho sufferers in tho Near Kast, the Fnr East, India or wherever needed tho most. Kach family Is to bring enough soup, soup plates and crackers for their own family thereby eliminating all unnecessary troublo and worry. Following the dinner there will be a program of somo sort, at this writing (Tuesday) not yet decided upon, but no doubt It will ho very interesting. There will be a box and pie supper and a Christmas program at tlio Centennial school Friday night, Dec. 12th. -Mr. and Mrs. Ituy Ballard of Newton,-Mr. nud Mrs. Lewis Wilson of Hutchinson and Mr. and Mrs. Ken Ballard were entertained at the Chas. Queorfleld homo on Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. William l'lke and Mrs. Archio Kinzlo and son Theron Douglas, spent Friday with. Mrs. Alma Ringer. The regular quarterly business meeting of tho church will bo held Saturday, Dec. tlth at 1:30 P. m. Mrs. Ida Bishop has been having (inlto a serious time with a bad tooth. Cliff McOoftin was a Nlckerson visitor Saturday. Dr. Goodhue, Nlckerson's genial dentist, unit his wife, wero out to church al. Salem, Sunday morning. A Pilgrim Father's Program was rendered during the preaching hour at the church Sunday eve. ' j ning In honor of Thanksgiving. A Gleamv Mass of Hair ;, Wa "i "'f' 1 "" n , iUllcd corn for i Lee Bonnott Tuesday. . Mr. anil Mrs. Geo. Orlfflu and nitclia nnd wlfo and eon Olln of Nlckerson took In tho Mldlnnd show In Hutchinson Thursday night. Wm. Bishop Is now In McPherson. John Harnly and lady friend were down from McPherson and ! spent Thusday anil Friday at tho j YYiird Bishop homo. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. By Olive Robert* Barton. 35c "Dantlerine" docs Wonders for Any Girl's Hair Mrs. W. E. Dean Operation Avoided Blkluvrt, Kan.—"About two years ago I began to suffer so'with pain and BoronoBH in both sides, (oepe- fllally my right side,) that 1 was almost imable to do any housework- 1 was also very nervous. Doctors advised an operation, but this I wished to u,void if possible, so I wroto to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, describing my condition, and was advised to take Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and Irontle Tablets, and before I had finished ono bottle, of each 'I was feeling much better. I took seven bottles of tho 'Prescription' and two of tho 'lrontic Tablets' and filrlsI Try this'. When combing a -d dressing your hair, just moisten your hair brush with a little "fiandcrlne" and brush It through your hair. The ortoct Is startling! You can do your hair up immediately and it will appear twice as thick and heavy—a mass of gleamy | hair, sparkling with llfo and pes- i sesstng that Incomparable sonnet's, i freshness- and luxuriance. > While beautifying the hair "Dan- derlue" is also toning and stiiuulat : lug each single hair to grow thick, - long and strong. Hair stops fulling ' out and dandruff disappears, (let a bottle of delightful, refreshing i "Hauderino" at any drug or toilet counter and just seo how healthy and youthful your hair becomes QUART OF WATER children spent Thanksgiving with Mrs. Griffin's father,' Mr. French, at Partridge. Wm. Beck shelled corn Saturday Dan Ilingor doing the work, Mrs. Ringer accompanied him and spent tho day with Mrs. Beck. H. H. Kinger, D. II. Ringer and family, Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Ringer, I Chas. Ringer and family, all of Kast Salem, and Mrs. Mllo Hungerford of Hutchinson, spent Thanksgiving with l-'dgar Love and family near Partridge. Mr. Louis Peo- jile expects to leave soon to make their home lu Arizona. Mrs. Kvu Dltgcn and daughter, ) Anna, of Sterling, spent the : Thanksgiving vacation with Mr. ; and Mrs. .Ino. Lolling, i D. H. Ringer shelled for Percy ! Stuart Friday. Tho Frank KItclia family enter- tainotl at dinner Thanksgiving Day, Mrs. Martha Merrell and daughter Blanch of Alden. Mrs. Fred Cald well, and son, Bobby, of Alden and j Miss Florence Kitclm of llutchln- , son. Woodrow Iliti-ha spent. Thursday night and Friday with Raymond : Streoter iu Hutchinson. Raymond Trostlo was down I from McPherson over Sunday. The T>. II. Ringer family entertained at supper Wednesday evening, Frank Ritcha and wife and son Woodrow and Mrs. Robinson and daughter Jessie. Mrs. Frank Haas was also down from McPherson over Sunday. She and Mr. Haas wero out to church Sunday morning In a fine new Chevrolet coupe. Dan Ringer shelled for Chas. Sic- Gonlglo Monday. Mrs. Ringer assisted Sirs. -\lctionlgle_ with the dinner. Sir. and Mrs. Frank Rltcua and son Woodrow spout Sunday at the hospitable home of Simon Wagler In KnterpriHo township. Clinton llungerford of Hutchinson camo homo with Lloyd Ringer Thanksgiving evening and spent his vacation with him. Frank Rltoha and wife and Floyd <——mxfiQoeyM^wm •Way (Radio programs tor Friday. Dee. 5.) J\SAl,\ .Manlinltiin. Kan. (311) IJillO, tuning-ln, piniio sciNntnn; musical ri'udinjrs, "Nnlhin' hut l.ovc." "Vou'rii a Million. Slili>s from Nowhere Wlion \nu re .Tun „ Mile from Home." Clnr- trinln Vicuil Tt'trlck: lecture, "Shelter for C.ittlr," H. w. Klscr; initio uucs- thm box; lecture, "(treen Feed for Poultry," 1). J. Taylor; 1-.00, market rili'itstiena: l.'nllcge of the Air"; 7:20, I unlniT-iii iiropr.ini. music department: 7:"0, d'cun-i.', "I•hiMulsl ry of Symbolic Prints," <'. \v. (.'lover: 7:4.',, lecture, "Future or Uiiillo." K. IX. Lyon. Wll.U-', The Kansas Clly Star (-lit) MO-ltilo, radio trio; fi:5il-<!, niarket- Ki'ain, road report, weather forecast, time signal; 0-7. school of tha air, address, .story, lecture, second Nighthawk anniversary program. WJIB. Kansas city, Sweeney (111) 2-3, i-c-'iiiest day protiranv, *i-8, soprano solo, "II Boole" (in Italian) Ardltt, "Oh Hloep," I.emele, Mary Ann Anthony; vo<-nl dint, selections from "Pi- '-ates of t'enzeatii-e," Sullivan, Harris •'ronihold and Mary Ann Anthony; piano solo (a) "Prelude" (C sharp minor) Hnchmanlorf, (b) selected, Porniid .lohnstono; tenor solo, "Love ('anie Calling," Xamecnlk. "T Love a Little Cottage," O'llara, Harris From- hokl; rendUips. "HKf Perkins Toboggan Slide," ".Mrs. Jtarrigan at the shoe .Store," Miss Kinlly Davis; soprano solo, "The Last Uose of Suni- iner,"Fhuo, Mary Ann Anthony; tenor and soprano duet, "Oypay J,ovfl Song," Herbert. Miss Anthony and Mr. Krom- hokl; tenor solo, "Follow the Swallow," Henderson. ' WSB, Atlanta Journal (429) 8-9, Crescent club: I0;<B. program. WEE!, Boston (303) 0, Big Brother club; 6:30, musical; 7, quartette; a, program from WKAF; 9, musical. WOU, Buffalo (31'J) 7. concert; 9:30. daooe. WMAQ. Chicago News (447.5) 6. or- trnii; G;30, orchestra; s. Wide-awake Inh; b:39, musical goography; 9, program. WEBtf, Chicago (370) 7, orchestra; solos, entertainers; 11, orchestra. KYW, Chleai;o ((,30) 6;35, bedtime story; 7, concert: 7:30-11, speakers, revue; 11, NIghthawks, orgnnloBue. WLS, Chicago (315) 0:30. organ; 1:30, entertainers, uiiartette, farm prournm; 10, gleo ctub, orehoslra. VvTAM, Cleveland (350) 5. music. WFAA, Dallas News C47C) S:30-9:30, rccilal. WOC, Davenport (484) 7, Sandman; 7:20, lecture; S, musical. WWJ, Detroit News (317) 7:80, program, tioet. KNX, Hollywood (337) 8, music; S:4f,, motoriogue; 10, dance. WOS. Jetlerson City (410.9) 8, address; S:3'l. concert. Will!. Kansas City (411) 7-3. Pianist, leiinr* soprano. . ^ „ WPA1-', Kansas City Star (411) 8-7, address', slorv ladv; 8-9:15, orchestra; U:-tr,-l, XiKhlhawks. „ KII.1, Los Angelos Times (39D) 8:30, bedtime; 10, features: 12, orchestra. WHAS, Loulsvllto Times (400) 7:30- eoncert trio, solos, talk. W.MC. Jlemphls Commercial Appe»l (500) 8:30. concert: 11. midnight frolic. WCCO. SlliineRpolls-SL Paul (417) 30. Ircture; 9, musical. WJ»», Moosehcart (279) 7:16, novelty orchestra. ^ nn WN.I, Newark (233) 0:30-ll:a0. or- C ' WK AV ", New York (492) 8. story telling; (!-4r>, soprano: 7, program; 7:J0, Navv lianft orchestra. Wi-IN, New \'ork (300) C, orchestra; 8:30, dance; 9, fashion chats: 9:30. music; 10;30. orchestra; 11, Parody ' ;Il WJ7., New York (435) «-7. mttm- blu; 7. Wall St. .louriial review; 7:10, talk; 9:30. orchestra. WOIt, Newark (40S) 6, trio; 8:15. sporty. , , KUO, Oakland (312) 0, orchestra; 7:30. girls' halt hour. WAAW, Omaha (288) 8-9, sonf- hits. WDAIl, rhlladellihla (393) 8:30, talk; 7:30, orchestra; 8:30, recital; 9:0... J '\vob. Philadelphia (509) 8:30, orchestra: 7:23, concert; 8:30. recital; li-IC. reellal; 9:30, orchestra. u'i'AK, l'ittshurgli U82) 8:30, L-neii- Kavhee; 7, special; 7:30. music. K(!\V, Portland (492) 7, children; 10. lecture; 12:30, Hoot Owls. KPO, San Francisco (423) 8:.i0, or- C '\VG1'' Schenectady (3S0) 8:45, choir. | address; 9:30. dance. KFQX, Seattle (23S) ?. reports: 9, liedtime; 10. music; 12. dance WlfZ. SprlnKfleld (337) 8:05. hrd- tlme; 6:15. book review; 8:.10, o talk; 9, announced; 10, Philharmonic trio; 10:30, orchestra. KSD. St. Ixiuis Post Dispatch (.-IS) S, concert. BETTER THAN WHISKEY FOR COLDS AND FLU Tlie sensation of the d ug trade j Is Asplronal, tho two-mlnutn cold ] and cough reliever, authoritatively | guaranteed by the laboratories; ! tested, approved and most en- your hand. :.ake tin- diini-. at one sw:tll--,w nn,l call for y-->'ir nionei back In two minutes if you cinno' feci the d!^li-o.--;in^ jtvmnmuiit i»( your cold fading a-c:iy like s thuslnstlcally endorsed by tho dream, within tho time limit. Iion'l Til'' lllili ll'o '.'diOi'iiM llllllll'. i ill i-ili'.'ll'lllhllilllllll^llllll i.;,'liiiiiliii!li;i; , i | B!ii | i | !l!iii- 1 highest authorities, and proclaimed ! by Hi.! peoplo as ten times as quick i nnd effective as whiskey, rock anil ' rye, or any other cold and cough j remedy they have over tried. ; All drug stor s are siipj)li<--l with tho wonderful elixir, so all you ; have to do Is to step Into Hie iic .n' est drug store, hand tho clerk half lie bashful, for nil line,: yon anil rvped. yo\\ to trv 1" Everybody's (loin.: It. Take the remainder of the boll:.homo to your wife nnd children for Aspironal is by far th,' s .-ifc--: and most, effective, the easiest to lake and tho tnosi acr-cabie eoM and cough remedy for iliilrlron s "I saw some ships go sailing by, One summer day In the morning.'' "What Is the next riddle?" asked tho Twins when the Riddle Lady had stopped to think for a few minutes. "Now I have ono," she said nt last. "It's not ft hard one. You should bo able to guess It. in about two minutes." So she began; "I saw some ships go sailing by, One summer's day In tho morning, And what do you think thoy looked like then? Some looked like monks—some looked like men, But no two wore alike—there wero ten times ten. That summer's day in the morning- "These ships -were sailing the deep blue sky. That summer'e day In the morning, t One was a gnome In a tasselled cap, One was a bear In a hunter's trap, And ono waB a kitten Just having a nap, i That summer's day In the morning. "I lay In tho clover and watched them go That summer's day In the morning, Ono was a goose shedding tufts ot down, Ono was a rollicking circus-clown, And one was all chimneys like London Town, That summer's day in tho morning, i'Now what do you think theUe ships could he? That i watchod that summer morning, Changing their shapes with each passing breeze, Turning from houses and people to treen, As fluffy as elder-down, busy as bees, On that lovely summer morning." "I know! "We know!" cried everybody. Indeed, there was such a noise that the Riddle Lady had to cover her ears. "Well, what?" she laughed. "Clouds?" shouted all the Mother Goose people. "Oh, dear:" sighed the Riddle Lady. "I Just kuew I havo mado it too easy. Now let mo see what I cau do about a prize for everybody?" "Everyhody guessed It, so why don't you make ono prtzo do for the whole crowd?" said Nancy, who was a smart little girl. "But what kind of a prize would that be?" aflked tho Riddle Lady. "Ask another riddlo," laughed Nancy. Tho Riddle Lady laughed, too. "Do you like them as well as that?" she asked. "Oh, don't wo Just!" eald Jack and JUL "We like thorn all to pieces." "Well, then," said the Riddle Lady, "here Is a little short one. 'What word contains every letter'?" "Goodness!" romarked tha Ten O'clock Scholar to the Wise Man, "It must bo un-con-stl-tu-tlon-al- ity." "No," said tho Wise Man, "it must be iu-eom-pre-hen-si-bll-ity." Well they guessed nil tha long bard words In tho dictionary, but It was none of them, "Give up?" asked the Riddle Lady. "Yes!" shouted everybody. "Alphabet," said the Riddle Lady. "My, my! What dummies you are," said Jack Sprutt. "Anybody might have known that." (To Be Continued.) (Copyright, iriiU. NEA Service, inc.) dollar for a bottle of Asplronal well as adults. Quickest relief for and tell bint to serve you two tea- catarrhal croup and children'- spoonsfulls. With your watch ,n choking up at night. ladv - Youth Loses Liberty. Sheriff E. C. Lepper of Meade was here today to get Hugh Gallagher, an Inniato at the reformatory, who has been given a parole. Dizzy? Sick? You're Bilious! Take a Laxative I Headachy ? Breath Bad? Stomach Sour? Clean the Bowels! SAY "BAYER ASPIRIN" and INSIST! 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Tho moment you feel a dull ache j in the kidneys, or your back hurts, or it tho urlno is cloudy, offensive, full of sediment, irregular ot passage or attended by a sensation of scalding, begin drinking a quart of water eaclt day, also get about four ounces of Jad Salts from any pharmacy; take a tablespoonful In a glass of water before breakfast, ami lu u few days your kidneys may act fine. This famous salts Is mado from the acid ot stapes and lemon ]itle», combined with lithla, and has been used for years to flush and stimulate tho kidneys; also to help nett- IrulizQ tho acids In tho system, so they no longer causo irritation, thus often relieving bladder weakness. Jud Salts Is inexpensive; makes a dollghtful efforvoscenl llfhln- wator drink which everyone should lake now and then to help keep the kidneys clean and active and tho blood pure, thereby often avoiding serious kidney complications. Hy Pleasant as Lemonade Our first. Heno county league! basketball game will be played on ; December 19. Our coach is trylnn j to arrnnKe. a practice game for this week end. The niembors of the Debate team havo been given their positions. Paul Dobbin, Mario Pru- heim, and Victor Btlhler are on tho negative aide. Glen Voran, Ruth Young and Sewell Voran are on the affirmative side. The first debate will he January IS. The assembly program given by tha seniors last Wednesday, was enjoyed by all who attended. R. II. Hocknday has charge of this week's chapel. The Seniors are very well pleased with tho attendance of the first number on their lecture course. Tho honor roll for the last six weeks Is as follows: Alma Drolte, Kills French, l-tylen Clrnber, Virgil Siebert, Rennes Lundry, Ermine Murphy, Marie Prehiem, and Sow- all Voran. Of these, Helen Graber has the highest average. For Constipation, Biliousness, Headache A Perfect Cycle Many Contribute to Tuberculois Fund Ptiro Epsom S-ilts has no equal lu medicine for con s 11 p a Hon, biliousness, sick headauho. Doctors and nurses depend upon it !>':'cause no other laxative acts- so perfectly, so harmlessly oh tho bowels. It never gripes or overacts. "Epsonudo Salts" is pure Epsom Salts made pleasant with the fruit tastes like sparkling lemonade and costs only a few cents at any Returns from the mailed Christmas seals have been coining In all week at the Y. M. C. A., where they are checked up. Up to this time between two and three hundred dollars have been received and all envelopes have not been returned or checked up. A great number of the stamps has been returned as they were sent and u few havo come In, according lo A. A. Remington, minus several stamps wiluoti any money iu return. Slides ure being shown at the theatres all week and tho Hi-fi. K. girls uro distributing advertising matter around town to call attention lo the sale ot tho tuberculosis seals. ^Viioiiot-a rasctwi. I,oi,l.itloslll«rooatorit«i}>U« i luiStlwiteracUiritw*" Castoria llltrrtyrwrnolWlM" 1 '*" Clw-tirutotMaiviB'ltCjttMt ndl»rOoiiim.Moc*li« , ~ Mineral. Noj N AKCOTIC /^Marier"'*™* '*''w w Constipation^ biatrw** toss OF S LEF-C all mentis have your physician ex- i drug store. Try it* "Esponade amine your kidneys at least twice j Sails" is guaranteed by the Araer- 11 VOfir. 1 Inn*. ICrtcmt* \DDnnlnllnn a year. I lean Epsom Association. Flva Over Quota. The flvo sales people who went over their quota In the recent aales contest held between employees ot Rorabaugh-Wlley's were Mrs. lies- sle Mavry, Miss Hazel Brooks, Carl Wilson, Clark Wilson and T. .1. Dillon. MOTHER! 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The workers trained for their job; the special equipment, made and adjusted to yield the highest degree of effectiveness—all are factors in standardizing the product. But, standardization is without avail if there is any interruption in the operation of the highly speciaJized manufacturing equipment. With expensive, high-powered machinery idle. " interest charges and plant depreciation would c;.-t up not only all the profit, but a consider?...;portion of the invested capital. The refineries of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) must work as nearly full time as possible if they are to show a.profit at the end of tho year. One of the major problems confronting this Company is to keep its refineries in continuous operation. Through uninterrupted operation the Management of the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is able to pursue its constructive labor policy which promotes harmony among its workers. This policy pays dividends to the Company and to the consumer. Skilled workers cannot bo replaced " readily. Many of the Standard Oil workers are trained from youth for special tasks. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) is a leader in the refining of specialized petroleum products. Its ideals of service embrace an efficient system of manufacture and an effective system of distribution. Because the fact is generally recognized that its products are standardized and held strictly to the standard set, the Standard Oil Company (Indiana) ' has been able to develop a wide and stable market which absorbs the products this Company's high-powered refineries—its skilled labor—and its scientific management can manufacture. This makes for a "twelve month" work year, which otherwise would be strictly seasonal. The Standard Oil Company (Indiana) has specialized its operating facilities to such a point as to complete a perfect economic cycle; in which low costs depend upon a wide market and a wide market depends upon reasonable prices. A perfect economic cycle—standardization—and maximum service—go hand in hand. Standard Oil Company (Indiana) General Office: Standard Oil Building 910 So. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 3605 Read the Classified Ads in The News-Hcraiu

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