The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on December 2, 1982 · Page 27
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 27

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1982
Page 27
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Discoloration Blamed On Algae Rv AMTWT.AMS! j . .._•_•_• ' Cx THE BAYTOWN SUN Thursday, December 2. 198? 3-D By ANDY LANG APNewtfeatures Q. — We have an asphalt shingle roof. In several places, there is a discoloration on the shingles that puzzles us. It is a kind of brown to black color and seems to be some kind of fungus growth. Can you tell us what it is and how we can get rid of it? A. — It is probably a discoloration caused by algae and can occur on almost any 'kind of roof. It usually takes place where there are warm, humid .conditions. However, the algae do not feed on the roofing material, so they do not affec£ the life expectancy of the roof. While the growth is difficult to remove from roofing surfaces, it may be cleaned \vith a diluted chlorine bleach solution,; Since this solution can be haz- ardous when carried onto a roof, it has to be handled with extreme care. If you decide to ignore the algae growth, it will do little else to your roof except to darken it somewhat. For those who live in areas of the country where warm, humid conditions encourage the growth- of algae and who contemplate reroofing, consider the use of algae- resistant asphalt shingles now available. Q. — The chain link fence that encloses our front yard has begun to rust in spots and is in need of a painting. Ts there anything special I should know about repairing it? A. — Yes. You should brush it with a stiff wire brush, especially where there are signs of rust or peeling. If you are in an area where the fence has been subjected to salt spray or chemical fumes, hose it down with fresh water and let it dry thoroughly. The rusted places should be covered with what is called a rusty metal primer. Wait at least 24 hours, then cover with a rust- inhibiting paint, which now comes in colors. Before you start work on the fence, cut down all weeds and long grass that might interfere with the surface preparation and painting. Q. — Following your advice, I placed polyethylene sheets on the dirt floor of the crawl space under our house. It seems to have stopped moisture from coming up from the ground and wetting the insulation that is under the floor, which was the cause of our original trou- ble. But now we have to make another decision and hope you can help us. The sides of the crawl space are enclosed, with vents in them to allow the passage of air. Those vents didn't help too much when the moisture was coming out of the ground, but now that this has been corrected, do we keep the vents open or closed during the cold weather? We have had conflicting opinions about this. The funny part is that these differing opinions come from two people who are in the business. A. — As a general rule, vents are left open to keep air passing under the floor of the space and thus moving out the dampness. When there is no dampness, the vents usually are closed as a heat- conserving measure. In your case, you'll have to make the decision yourself. If you are sure the' dampness has been eliminated, close the vents. If there is still dampness, keep them open, at least part of the time. Probably your best bet is to close them, then make regular checks to determine what is or is not happening. Nobody can give you positive advice unless he makes a personal inspection of the condition. (How to apply insulation is detailed in Andy Lang's booklet, "Save Money by Insulating," available by sending 50 cents and a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope to Know- How, P.O. Box 477, Huntington NY 11743. Questions of general interest will be answered in the column. Individual correspondence cannot be undertaken.) Don't wait until you really need a doctor to try to find one. Finding a doctor is the last thing you want to do when you're sick. But it's something you never think about when you're well. So with even a minor illness, many people end up at the hospital Emergency Department because they don't know a doctor to call. Emergency Departments will., of course, treat your common cold, but Emergency Departments are not meant to replace personal physicians or provide you with the same kinds of services. That's why Baytown Medical Center has developed the Physician Information Service. It's a way for new residents, and others without a personal physician, to easily locate a doctor in the specialty they need, convenient to their home or place of work. There is no charge for this service. Finding a personal physician before you're sick makes good sense for many reasons. The doctor can get to know you and. your medical history and you have the opportunity to talk with the physician to make sure you feel comfortable with him or her. Regular checkups can reveal hidden medical problems such as diabetes, .high blood pressure or anemia that often are present but have no symptoms. And should you become ill or have an accident, your physician will be better prepared to offer treatment with knowledge of your medical background. If you don't have a personal physician now, don't wait until you're sick to find one. Call the Physician Information Service offered by Baytown Medical Center at 420-6100 from 8 AM to 4:30 PM. Or fill out and mail the coupon provided. FILL OUT COUPON — THEN CLIP AND MAIL TO: PHYSICIAN INFORMATION SERVICE 1700 James Bowie Drive, Baytown, TX 77520 420-6100 Please send me the names of physicians in the specialty(ies) I have indicated below: D Family Practice D Obstetrics D General Surgery D Gynecology D Ear, nose, throat (PLEASE PRINT) n Internal Medicine D Orthopedics D Urology D Pediatrics D Other. (PLEASE SPECIFV) NAME HOME ADDRESS CITY HOME I'HONE ZIP The Physician Information Service is offered at no charge in the public interest by Baytown Medical Center. Ptiyslclan Information Service Is a service mark of Humana Inc. Baytown Medical Center 1700 James Bowie Drive, Baytown, TX 77520 420-6100 A nwtug* In ttw public IMHTMI horn tf» people H Beylown Medtcel Center. WORKING WOMEN The New Majority 16-19 20-24 25-54 All Women 16 and Older White Black Women SOURCE Bureau ol Labor Statistics NEA/Motlill Coal The influx into the labor force, one of the most significant population trends of the last decade, has profoundly changed the occupational profile of American women. More than half of all adult women (16 and older) are classified as working. In the prime job-holding age range — 20 to 54 — labor force participation exeeds two- thirds. Only among older women are the workers in a minority. ©19B2 Humana Inc. tadio /haek 1AL ^, - . s -"-f. '*"%"" ""•" "" —f---"\^ J ^^"'-- t : CHRISTMAS Cfcristmas Complete Hi-Fi Stereo ~iSystem at 25% Off! e y Realistic® Reg. Separate Items 529.80 1308° O. ® nil a- anooo •( • Realistic STA-730 AM/FM Receiver" • Two Nova®-5 Speaker Systems With 8" Woofer and 2" Tweeter in Genuine Walnut Veneer • LAB-130 Belt-Drive Automatic Turntable With $12.95 Realistic/ADC Cartridge and Dust Cover *27 watts per channel, minimum rms into 8 ohms from 20-20,000 Hz, with no more than 0.08% THDI AM/FM Digital Quartz Clock Radio—Save $ 10 Chronomatic®-228 by Realistic BBS B 39 95 Cut 2O° o Reg. 49.95 Great for travelers! "Beep'Vradio alarm, snooze button, and 3 /a" LCD with night light. #12-1535 Batteries extra Save 10—Personal Mini-Phone ET-100 by Radio Shack 25°/» Off Reg. 39.95 2995 Ready to Plug In! "Hangs up" on any flat surface! Auto-Redial, electronic ringer with Hi/ Lo/Off switch. FCC registered. White, #43-284. 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