The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 5
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OA1LI UEG1STBB. nAKMSBUUG. lU^TIIUUSIMY, K K U U U A U Y 12, IMS 'MOB. nvK Mother Keeps/-:. Sealed Caskefyoi jon in Livisig ioosu 'A'r'iTM'"-^ - (l ' .it it "onlv a mollnir ""' ""," . m l " whv'she tins kept tin- A Sl Sl't Snta,n,n« the body Must Win Electoral Votes in Large States To Elect President son Danish Airliner Crashes in Germany FRANKFURT, i-eb. 12-- By LYLE C. WILSON United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 12.--(l).R-Big states where the late FDH was a three or four time winnci I 1 u/\lM\.r uin , riMj. i£--u.r.(--' - ~ -- ... » i* - i A ,.i;,,,. fAi i ,, * . - a r e where the Republicans must A Danish Airlines C-47 tianporl pick up clcctoral J, oles this ycar if they arc to elect a president. .New York. Illinois and Califor- crashed north of Frankfurt today, when Herbert C. Hoover was the home office of the com- .1' 'f . slfl till* ini V^TF uvr " ul [ "' . ·|, U C'ilH-tRjIl pany in Copenhagen. It reported weather,. Uowi'vi-r. j|, :i t 17 passengers and four crew- rc-bunnl of 22 m(;n wcre a boaid. The first word i lo the company \vas that all the crewmen and eight passengers perished. All aboard were reported , to be Europeans. i;u i,, e -u much--to be home for Christ- f , x e f o o t mother, oM^nied ,,,; S . How could I go on with lo li " · i\\i\ vvlicrc* *iv i»i iv* ··-- .-) \% w; t v/i«» "-"·····-" ·----- - - - - - - ^ - ^ . . "' ' . , srhool--"'«l «aM4lil"t' r.ime to Mrs,. Brown and asked '""ho|,lav mrtl.' " aLout her plans. "I told them." "h" said "I suddenb s-hc said, "that Earl was to. remain ^ , ,"'u U n t let*'. home ""til spring I promised the ,rnicmucic(l iiini i» '\ f d _ o h tl!S kct wouldn't be opened." to me I-ail t l % i c c a '° ON VALENTINE'S DAY Present your loved one wiih K Enjoy the added value of full-fashioned, fin,t quality Njlons in current popular shades. Buy 'ejn by the box. DRESS SHOP 23, East Poplar St. ** v j», rHarrisburg, 111. i MEN Rev. Holland Ixmdon, pastor First Church of the Naza- rcnc of St. Louis. Mo., will speak tonight, on his recent evangelistic tour of England. Dr. London is among the ·world's greatest soul winners. In First Methodist church of Waco. Texas, he had 800 conversions. Republican candidate against Mr. Roosevelt but voted for FDU three times running thereafter. Michigan was with Mr. Roosevelt in 1932 and 1936 but for the late Wendell L. Willkic in 1940. Michigan returned to Mr. Roosevelt in 1944. These six are key states. Five of the six would just about guarantee the election of whoever got them and the electoral votes of just more than half of i them would be a nest egg of significant proportions. They will be bitter battle grounds this year. 26C Votes Necessary The substantial Republican trend indicated in congressional election returns after 1936 is not reflected so strongly in electoral votes. All four Republican candidates who ] ran for president against Mr. Roosevelt failed to get enough electoral votes among them to add up to a majority of the electoral college. The college majority necessary to nominate is a minimum of 266 electoral votes. Here is how the Republican candidates fared: Hoover 59; Alf M. Landon 8: Willkie 82: Dewey 99. That adds up to 248 electoral votes in four tries. But the popular vote returns tell a different story. In those figures the Republican trend indicated in congressional elections is pretty well supported by the popular vote for president. Here are the figures: ,, l Roosevelt Rep. Can. 1932 22,821,000 15,761.000 1936 27,476,000 16,679,000 1940 27,243,000 22,304,000 1944 25,602.000 22,006,000 Close Race By Dewey Mr. Roosevelt's pluralities were falling after his triumph of 1936. Here are the pluralities for all four elections: 7.060,000; 10,797,000; 4,939,000; 3,596,000. The popular vote for presidential candidates of both parties was off in 1944 compared with 1940. But even so, Dewey gave Mr. Roosevelt his hardest and closest race. Dewey's showing in 1944 coupled with his record as governor oi New York and the SOCKO manner in which he won re-election in 1946 are the pillars now of his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Dewey s 1946 margin over James M. Mead, Democratic candidate for governor, was nearly 700,000 votes. Women Must Watch Figures In U. I Capital By DOROTHY WILLIAMS United Press Staff Correspondent j WASHINGTON O I E -- C a p i t a l parties may be oh-so-smart, but even in these days of meatless wheatlcss entertaining, they ha\c their caloric pitfalls. Mrs Harry Truman, for instance", rcvca'led recently that she | had put on about 10 pounds since, entering the White House. Her daughter. Margaret -- back home for a rest-appears to be re-gaining some of the curves she lost during her recent concert tour , Margaret shares her mothers fcndness for sweets. She credits her temporary loss of lou; o i j weight" to giving up desserts and j candv in the interests of her ca-l reer.'(Shc says she sings better on a dinner of steak and baked potato.) A SlhSuS?SS a sweet tooth. Lady invcrchapcl the P«t *«g«£ ii-e-sizcd wife of the bruisn am currently is accepting Captured 'Army Prisoner Boasts Will Escape Again EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Feb. 12 U.i:--An escaped Army prisoner kc Piles Up In Ohio River CINCINNATI, 0.. Feb. 12--IU: ·A mountain of ice 30 feet high boasted today that if he is i etui n-1 piled up in the Ohio river 30 cd to the disciplinary bairacks at,miles upstream from here today, Tort Knox, Ky., he will escape building up pressure that U. S. again within two weeks. lArmy engineers said could bring Erva Wmgo, West Henton, 111. an ice avalanche sweeping down- fled from the stockade at Foil stream "at any moment." Knox on Jan. 4. He was being in the path o: such a sweep arc held there for return to the Leaven- tugboats, loaded barges, harbor I worth. Kan., military piison Ironi and club boats and many pleasure v.hich he escaped last May. cralt valued at hundreds of thou- City authorities held him foi sands of dollars. FBI agents as a fugitive from The now jam, building up at i«nrth niisnn :md !oi Xevillc, live miles below Dam 34 at Chilo, is replacing the jam the Lcavenworth piison and ioi Neville, live miles below Dam 34 interstate auto theft. ,,, _ : . . ; , ; ....!.._;..,, ', Last month, Wmgo escaped in abo\c Coney Island as the "key t Accept Applications For Boiler Room Fireman at Vtt Hospital It was announced today ,thot* applications arc being accepted; by the Executive Secretary, 4 Board of U. S. Civil Service Ex-* amincrs for the Veterans Admin-* istration Hospital, Marlon, . from! persons interested in obtaining t employment as Boiler Room Firc-j man. The entrance salary forj this position is $2020 per year.j Periodic increases arc provided j by law following each 12 months j of satisfactory service. Addition- j al compensation is provided for $ authorized overtime in excess o f $ the 40-hour week. Appointments', , a stolen car from a police ambash log" which may set millions of ?t Taylorville, 111. Police said pounds of ice into motion, cngin they fired about 40 shots at \Vingo ecrs said. become permanent upon comple-* i nicy imju uuuut -iv *?*»wvo HL ..i.. n v ecrs suiu. and a companion as they fled 'Ihe A spokesman for the engineers an auto was recovered later in Colo-' feat cd the ice might crash through 1 |tion of one ycar of satisfactory 3 ' service. . Applications must be filed with} the Executive Secretary, Board- incio. the Coney IbUmd gorge and then GIRL, 12, MARRIES MAN, 41. Forty-four-year-old J. C. Barker (left), husband of Betty Jo Bishop (right), 12, is being held m an co. W:ngo did not tcil of fleets hou. sweep into Cincinnati harbor. lie managed to escape from Ft ' At least lour towboats and 18 , of U. S. Civil Service Examiners j for the Veterans Administration,; I Marion. 111., not later than Feb.? KPOX but said he would break barges \\ere trapped yesterday 18. (left) husband of Betty Jo jaisnop U'ignu, iz, is neing nciu in an KPOX but sam ne woum UI-LMK oargcs \\ere irappca yebiuiuay -- -- ----- Anniston Alabama iail on" charges of peijury and conspiracy after out of the stockade there \\Ulnn when ice broke loose yesterday at ice jam at New Richmond and ; the coup'e were married last Fndav. (NBA Telephoto) u»e weeks if Ii" were returned iChilo. 0. The ice crashed into an kamc to a ha7c. i on Flour 25 Lbs. $1.79 Hard Wheat 25 Lbs. .97 AH Pumosc Flour 25 Lbs. Family Tested Flour 25 Lbs. o Libby's Homogeni/eil mi , 3 Jars I Balf Farmer Jones .T Lb. Jar ilcv. London . Hear Him !erfgh! f Only, at the Church of ihe Nazarene, 1:30 p. m. or. the proteins and skipping the sweets in an effort to shed the SIN pounds she has added since her arrival here last fall. Thc Chilc-born hostess of tnc Bnlish embassy confided thai she started dictins because of a recent Incident. While dancing with Sen J. William Fulbnght, D., Ark. .she, discovered she had burst on a new strapless cvc-i . fillet* IOVr-o'. «n con- denied \ecc:able so-p 3 tablespoon* »«ter 2 teaspoons flour Kcv. K. V. Jackson, Evangelist well known throughout southern Illinois will preach each night, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A Holiness Rally Sunday afternoon at 2 p. m. Rev. Jackson is one of nation's best preachers. Kcv. and Mrs, Jackson arc talented singers and musicians. Scd from the floor and! got a maid to sew me into m and fruits. Stuffed Fish Slices Broatlrnit: February U. 1918 3 cups '/- in. b««d 2 tablcipooni melted cubes (2 dtryf old) shoncr.mfi '/. cup Pet M.!k 2 lb». S«h J!K« or 1 tablespoon crated onion 1 teaspoon salt y* teaspoon crated lemon rind 1 tablespoon lesion juice Turn on oven; sc: ac moderately slow (350° F.). Mix together bread cubes, milk, onion, salt, lemon rind and juice and shortening. Put halt of ash in center of greased shallow baking pan. Cover fish with brc.ici mixture. Top with rest of fiih. Cover with mixture of soup and V* cup -vstcr. Bake about 35 min., or until fiih is tender. Stir into sauce a mixture or flour and remaining tables?, of water. Bake 5 min. longer, or until sauce is thickened. Serve from baking c:.l. Make* 4 servings. *Halibut. codfish, haddock, hake, etc., can be used. -Lilly Brand Pink No. 2 Can 49c ces on Meats Armour's Star 25c Lean Boston Bull Ib. 49c No. 2 Can 35c El aiorro Crushed No. 2',-i .Can Armour's Star . Ib. 75c Armour's Dexter, Ib. 65c Loin Roast. Small. Lean 39c Dining Car Mince Meat Qt Jar 39c Fraxiers 14 Oz. Ib. 53c Choice Beef Boiling Beef Choice Cuts Ib. 39c Ib. 49c Tomato Catsup 19c Del 3Iontc 1 Lb. Jar Ham Preserves 27c Radio Standard No. 2 Can fomaloes a . . 15c Brown Valley No. 2 Cans--2 For Fresh Ground Pork Lb. Tcndcri7cd Armour's Star. Half or Whole. Lb. *d Hi Lb. Sugar Cured Bacon Squares 39c All Popular Brands Lb. )!eomorgorine43c USE P E T M U K I N A l l Y O U R C O O K I M C Palmolivc--Keg. Si/c 10c: Bath Size 15c Golden Hour 1 Lb. 39c: 3 Lb. Bag 9 O *ir* B » 2 ffi? PET MILK FISH, Cod Fillets Pound Condensed Vegetable SOUP. Heinz, can 360 Si/.e LEMONS, Dozen :9c 5c 5e 9c Large Size Box Super Suds . 39c For Fine Laundry Large Box 35c Crystal White Laundry 3 Bars Soap . . . 29c Woolcotfs (nslal Meoi » 10 Lb. BaU Scolties--200 Couut Facial Tissues 15c Dawn Fresh Pieces and Stems; 2 oz. 14c; 4 oz. Mushrooms . 23c Trend Duffs 14 07. Pks. Hot Roll Msx 27e Bordcn's InMnnl S Oz. Pks. Chocolete Mix 23c Hi-Ho i Lb. Bo\ Bulter Crackers lc Deal--2 Lg. Boxes Powder 35c Fresh Salted 1 Lb. Bag 29c Oriental 3 Oz. Pkg. hredded Cocoanul . 19c S Oz. Box Seker's Cocoo 20c · « ^ T . 4 *u v *\T*MI PLAN NOW, NOT TO MISS A SERVICE Cor.'Main and O'Gara SPAPLRl Northern Grown COKKLEK Winesaps or Red Delicious Hox $2.75 Tomatoes APPLES 3 Ibs. 25c 10 Ibs. P c . COFFEE California Pascal 3 Doz. Si^ 1-Lb. Jar 2-Lb. Jar Extra amounts of salt taken dur- ' place the arnourrts '

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