Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 40
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 40

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 40
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Page 40 article text (OCR)

Around ihe Loop Or. ami .Mrs. A. Lee Hew- III nf -1202 -18th St. had as guests thrii- daughter. Mr*. .iPff Hiirp of Foil Worth, and Ihoir son in law and fmuglUer, Mr. niitl .Mrs, Gene Phillips of Dallas, * * ¥ ^Ir. and Mrs. Aimm l.iicck of Temple were in l.ubbftck to visit Ihoir son and his family u-h<i are Mr. and .Mrs. ('Jury Lucck, Sieve, 7. nnd Trai'C.v, 5, of •1829 r.L'iul St. Y T * Mrs. Chirice Th-ntnu of Corpus Chris I i lias been tho guest of Mrs. .J.K. Cnii(lr ll y of '2?>20 Amhorsi Avr. Mrs. Donlon, a former l.tlhbock resuiriil, w;is here I in 1 the IT rent, wedding nf Mrs, Oindray's- grandson, Hiivld <'tt»i|>', to Ijiurie ilo Kcvvoll. * M * Mr. suul Mr*. ttml Hunsrn of liapid City, S.D., wore pucsl.s IMSI week of Ihoir sun and his family. Mr. mid Mrs. .liin Hanson and daughter. Lori, 5. nf 21 Oj Gfilh Place. •f * * T»r. am! .Mrs. Uusscll (i\--<- liinn and their children. Kyle and Amy, of Corpus Chri.sti were in Lubbock last, work visiting relative:-. They saw' .Mr.-;, (iraliam's father and brother, Marvin IMrr of '211!) 25lli St. and .Marvin Porr .Jr. of l.'!l)2 ."iUh St.; Mrs. Graluim's sister and family, the innit Hut- (ons of :>:;if) itfth -St.: Graham's parents. Mr. am! Mis. Q.A. (iraluim, Idal.'U Ihv.v.. and Gr.iliam's hnilli- prs niirl (heir families, the Kltoiisild (iruliunis of '.'.'.\r.\ n lib Si anrl the linrly (ira- liains of -UO-I 'JMvd -St. ¥ * * Jimmy Killinn, a stiuicnf Al. ReserlH, Calif., WHS IIPI'P with his family, (he Demi Killions of :!i::;', 54th SI and bis grandmother, Mrs. Lola Iain's en. * * * Mrs. furnl Kclflo of Houston was the guest, of Mrs, Y.T. Leiivt-rtiMi and her family of :M32 Gist. St. Mrs. Kettle is a former Lubhock resident. v M * Mrs. Kurt tva])Uinec-k of Columbus, Ohio, left Thursday alter A two week visit with her rtauglilpr's family. liie IH'lmar Krclibiels of •Hill) 3!si. Si. >• v * I''rod David Rii.sehkp, a snph.'morr IMT law ma.jnr in the M-hnril of business nt IhH T'niversily of Texas at An.-tin has been elected a senator reprr sen tins; his school. Rasrhkc. the son of Mr. nnd .Mrs. r'red C. Kusclike of 5:H3 Ave. T.. was gradual erl from Monterey High School in 1073. lie is .sn[>!in- more class president of the school of business at UT nnd n member of Delia Sigma Phi, an Honorary business fraternity. W ¥ * Mr. and Mrs. Don f'nprii- Itaver of 370-1 40th St. are I he erandpa rents of fr.vstsi- lyn Hnlnbec, born March 30 lo .Mr. am! Mrs. Hill Hoi- ubec nf San Angclo. Mrs. llnluhcc is Ihe lormer Pain ( opcnhaver. . * * Mrs. Kladia .Snldana of Rock Spring, who has cele hi at eel her 128th birthday. is visiting her son. An I on in S'lldana of 1512 30th St.. and h e r sTcal-grandriaughter. Mrs. David Roflriquez of TH1 30tli -St. and their families. * * * In attendance H( the Southwest. Regional Convention of The American Business Women's Association in Amarillo over the weekend were .Jinly I'osey, .Nancy Wood, Lorena Aslicrafl, Ruth Null. Jerlcne- Harper, Hetty Tipji.s, I.orine Hall, Iva Ellington, Miiry \Vilsnn, Margaret Adkins, Olcta Sursa and Nell Rnssrll, all of Ihe Golden Spread Chapter of ABU'A in Lubhock. Thf chapter won snvrral awards a I (he meeting. Mrs. I-'lorence M<( tain of Burkbumeii. is a guest this week of the P.A. Animnns of iCJ'J 20th Si. Mrs. Am mons and Mrs. McClain are sisters. * * * C.C. rcrr.vman of 2320 Slh St. rceeived word that his son-in-law and daughter, Mr. alul Mrs. Tx:e Kitetiens, have been transferred from Holland to Rieti, Italy. Kitchens is on special assignment for Texas Instruments. U'ilh tliem in Europe is their clauphlor, Sandra, lii. A son, A Jan. )S, is com- pleling hiph scrool in J'i- ehardson. Mrs, Kitchens is Ihe former .Mary Belle ferryman. Mr. and Mrs. I..O. llof- slellcr nf U'hittier, Calif., are visitinc with -Mrs. I-luf- steltcr's cousin. Miss Oorn- Ihy Rylander of 1SOS Mih St., and Mrs. fJ.M. Sandy of 2n03 28th St. The Hofslotters have been traveling in South Te.xas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. AMERICA'S FAVORITE! FOR QUICKER EASIER DUSTING Wipe OOOBU '*(4ifD DUST CLOTH One SPOTLIGHT ON... MiW-Talenled Student Earns Explorer Award PACK 2-B. I.UBBOCK, TKXAS \VKDNKSDAY, Al'RIL 9, 1975 ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers: My aunt who is R(; >'ears old and lives in a nursing h.inie was robbed last week. The lovely robe she re- reived for Christmas, two Wiles of cologne., her new niphtie, an old wristwatch and a plain sold wedding hand wore stolen when she had lo spend a couple class in Ihe infirmary. How low can a person get? What is this world coming to when someone would stcfl) from an old lady vvdo has so little? Please print my letter and tell me what you think about, this. - Plain Disgusted. DKAK P.O.: It's sickeninu;. Hut every day thousands of people are ripped off bv unconscionable, sub-human, cra/y loons who prey on the helpless. Rceonllv I read I bat a 27-year-old cerebral palsy victim had his wheelchair stolen. Your aunt, and others who live in institutions, should have one drawer with a lock on it. This might help reduce the stealing, but. the bij; question is -- what can we do about our sick soeiely? * ¥ * Dear Ann Landers: I'm IS. a senior in hiRli school, and am considered a fairlv intelligent, well-balanced girl. I've always thought of myself as mature and able 'to make gcx)ri decisions, t am now faced with a problem that is testing these qualities. f should be floating on Cloud Nine. I'm in love with a Ki'eat RU.V. Doug has dated loads of girls but last week he told me he's mine -- all mine! The problem: He is my first cousin. How do I explain this to my family? If Dfiug and I should decide to'marry in a few years, eould we have normal children? Please tell me, Ann. I'm --- On Needles And Pins DKAR NKfCDLES: If both you and Done are healthy arid there are no illnesses, such as epilepsy, diabetes or blood problems in either your family or his, the chances for having normal children are good. Some states will not permit first cousins to marry, however. Check with a lawyer and find out about yours. As for your parents, they will probably be pleased if Douglas is all you say he is. Moreover, chances for in-law trouble should be vastly reduced since both sets will he an aunt and an uncle! Dear Ann Landers: Here's ono you've never ha-,; before. My husband and I were married 25 years. Harvey moved out several months ago and we will be divorced eventually, but, because of financial problems it won't be for a while yet. Harvey fancies himself quite a swinger and wants a vaseetomy. (When we were married, the old-fashioned methods were good enough.I Here's the rub. The surgeon won't perform the operation without my signature. Part of me says Harvey is the one with the problem and I shouldn't be sanctioning his new lifestyle by making things easier for him. Another part of me says the world will not b e any better off if Harvey has more children. Also, fatherhood could create additional money problems which we don't, need. Ann, you're so good at cutting through to tde heart of the pi'oblem. Please help me decide. 1 want to be fair. _ Undecided In Detroit D!-;AR Dl^t,': This is Harvey's problem. Don't allow him to make it yours. Tell the swinger that not all doctors insist on the wife's signature before they will do a va- seetomy and that he should scout around and fine one who doesn't. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of The Lubbock Avalandie-Jornal. P. O Box •l!)l. Lubbock, Tc.x., 79408, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. WIN AT BRIDGE Overbidflers Musi Play Well NORTH A T h 2 V 7 5 3 » J 0 54 A A Q9 \Vi;ST EAST Aid!) A Q J ri :i V K 10 ! V .1 9 8 i « Q K 3 « K 7 2 AJ1087K A43 SOUTH (D) A A K 8 \ V ,S Q 6 * A 108 A K 52 Both vulnerable U'ost North iSoulb P. is y NT. 2N.T. I 'd S.S Opening lead — J A South was one entry short. He did lake a successful diamond finesse but HIM I gave him only Iwo diamond tricks and the combination of the bad spade break and (be unfortunate position of the king of hearts left him one trick short. Do you see how South could and should have played the hand? At trick one he should have played dummy's ace of clubs and dropped his king under it. That play would have left him with two more entries (o dummy and the means to score three diamond tricks. Of course, if East had shown up with the in of clubs Smith would have looked rather silly. But those are the things that are sent to try men's souls. by OSWALD i JAMKs .IA- COUV Ry O.u:ild \- rlnmes .farohy "If you insist on opening 20-point. two notrumps, you ought, to [earn how lo play the dummy," remarked .North. "What. could f have done?" replied South. "West made a brilliant, defensive play and upset my applecart." South won the club lead with dummy's queen and decided that is best chance for nine tricks would be lo collect three diamonds. So he led a low diamond and stuck in his If). West won and shifted to the 10 of spades. .South won and led his deuce of clubs with every intention nf creating an ex- Ira entry \« dummy by finessing Ihe nine. Unfortunately, for thai, plan West. played his 10 spot, nnd The bidding has been; 9 West North East South 3* -5 A Pass 2* Pass Pass 3 A Pass Pass 5 + Pass ? You, South, hold: A K Q 9 6 5 V A 2 «K43*Q87 What clo you do now? A — Rid five beam. Your parlncr is working his way toward a slam. Show him your ace of hearts. TODAV'S QlIKSTlOX You bid five hearts and your partner bids six no- trump. What do you do now? Answer Tomnrnnv LLANO ESTACADO The next, unit game for the Llan 0 Kslacado Bridce Unit, will be at 8 p.m. April IS in the Bridge Center. The winners for the Friday unit club tournament are: first, Frank Poindexter and Joe Silver of New York City; second. Mrs. Martin Harbison and Mrs. T.L. Leach; third, Mrs. W.R. Anthony and Mrs. Jess Gurley of Tahoka. QUEKNS AND KINGS Airs. Tom Claiborne and Mrs. J.P. Haliburton were north-south winners Friday in the Monterey Queens and Kimrs Bridge Club game in the Bridge Center. Placing second were Mrs. Georye Maslovar and Mrs A.C. Webb. Mrs. \\M-J. MI- and Mrs. VAV. Woodson placed I hied. Last-west winners were Gary Powell and Bob Smith. Second place winners were Mrs. ,Iudson Clements and Mrs. Ted Watts. Mrs. Claude Porter and Mrs. Howard Hoffman placed third. The group will meet again at 1 p.m. April ,18 in the Bridge Center. There will be no game this week, KKTAIN FRESHNKSS Apple growers suggest keeping apples in closed plastic bags in your refrigerator to retain maximum flavor and crispness BY PAT HKNRV Family jf exv » Slatf "I want to find out - •" Anoul spelunking and white water canoeing. About art and philosophy. About people, what and how Iliey Ihink, about "the relation of that one heartbeat with millions of other heats. Ihe chains that link each life with another." Karmen H o p k i n s has spent her IS years learning, "seeking out every bit. of information available" in school (she has a <1.0 grade r.\'eragc in Lnbbock High School) and activities such jis scouting. A new door opens for Karmen this week, in New York City Thursday and Friday, she and nine other young people will receive the National Exploration Discusses Sick Society ON NEW THRESHOLD — Karmen Hopkins, Lubbock High School senior, will spend four weeks this summer in a field expedition program which may influence her career choice in Ihe area of biology. The work is a part of the National Exploration Award which she will receive Thursday in New York City. She is in Washington, D.C., today at the Nalioinal _Kvpiorer_Pre,sidcnts Congress. (Staff Photo) You are cordially invited lo our AFTER EASTER SALE SAVE 2 5 % ON LARGE SELECTIONS OF NATIONALLY ADVERTISED LADIES FASHIONS Take Advantage of this extra special savings event! • DRESSES •PANT & PAJAMA SUITS • SPORTSWEAR • PANTS • & MORE SKIBELL'S Sunshine Square 50th & Salem Downtown 1116 Broadway K a recipe calls for ap plrs. remember thai nne pound of apples equals Hirer cups of cubed, diced, or shredder! apples. «*SO«*1 OU>'- 600 PAIRS Buffalo Sandals OPEN THURS. TIL 8 P.M. or Natural Low or High Wcilge.s Something special ^Hf Nationally Advertised The Perfect Sleeper Super Firm MATTRESS AND WATCHING FOUNDATION ONE HALF PRICE •FULLY GUARANTEED .pREE DELIVERY "TERMS •TWIN •FULL •QUEEN •KING SLEEP CENTER 4202 - 50th - 797-5300 "Next To New Brookshir* Inn' Award from the Hoy Scouts of America, the Explorers Club and TRW Inc., a lech- nieal instruments company. As part of the award, she will work in a four-week field expedition this summer in the area of her choice, gcner;il biology or marine biology. Three of the 10 students will receive eollejje scholarships F r i d a y. Karnien wants to lake a premcdieal course at Massaehusetts Jn- stitute of Technology or Austin College. Earlier Uu'.s week, Karmen is attending the National Explorer Presidents Congress in Washington, D.C. Other Lubbock representatives at the congress are Carol Snyder, Post S06 president and Manuel Saiaxar. Couneil Explorers Presidents Association chairman, Post 827. Mrs. Ellen Snyder is contingent leader. Karmen's parents arc Mr. and Mrs. Denxol H. Hopkins of :UOO 25th St. From her molher, an artist, she says she has learned an appreciation for physical details; from her father, a farmer, an understanding of nature. Karmen 'likes to be with people. She thinks she gets more done with a crowd of people around her. But she does not want to practice medicine. Her ultimate goal as a doetor is to study the mind, not psychology, but the physiology of the brain. "I want to learn how lhat big gray mass functions. 1 ' Karmen realizes that her interests might branch off into other fields. That is a natural result of the "continual learning'' life style that she envisions for herself. "Sometimes, I think I'd like to be a professional student, but that's unrealis- tic-." Karmen is a collector -insects, rocks, stamps "not on a serious basis, but for variety and beauly" and she is an athlete, participating in archery, skiing, bowling, golf. She writes poetry; her "In America" won a second-place rating in a National Cultural Arts Exhibit in 1972. She has served as president of the Y-Tcens Intercity Council and of the LHS Y-Tcens, vice president of the LHS Spanish Club and a member of the National Honor Society. In Girl Scout work since childhood, Karmen has been, president of the Explorer (Medical) post 815 and vice president of Kxplorcr (High Adventure i Post SOfi. Cou/itesies K10LLY COOK Mrs. Wendell Wilks of •1507 22nd Place honored Kelly Cook with a bridal shower Monday night in her home. Special guests were the bride-elect's mother, Mrs. Art Cook, and Mrs. Ralph Kennedy, mother of the prospective bridegroom, Randy Kcnnerly. The couple will be married April 19 in Ford Ch;rp- el, First Baptist Church. 40th SUE DUNCAN NOW IN PROGRESS, PERRIN'S DRAPERY EVENT LABOR AND LINING INCLUDED 60" or Longer The Most Fabulous Selection Of Drapery Piece Goods In Stock In West Texas and Up to M.95 ALSO FASHION BEDSPREADS AND PILLOWS Bring Along Your Measurements LENGTH WIDTH M*PMira frwn IM of red to W«t point drap«ii« will touch to 9*1 Ungth. ru I* PERRIlfS BEDSPREADS 2S20 . 34th Street

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