The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1918
Page 6
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PAGK SIX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS W. V. MOROAN, EDITOR, j t&TABUSHEP 1874. Entered At the I'ustotrice In Hutchinson, Ken., tnr tranproi*rton through the mails ae eecobd-blnM matter. TELEPHONES. Business ortloo NO. 3 /.dvertliing Uopurtrjjcnt ...No. 1 Kdilonoi Kooina No. 401 Bocltty ittitor No. HI* TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Drill/ edition d*llvere*l by carrier (a Lay purl of Hutchinson, 10 ccnte a neck. fly mall, one year.... It .00 Uy mall, uu moiilha l.M lly :nall, Hues muntivi 1 Oil Vy uuUJ, one mouth » .40 With/ News, one year . .60 MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tim Associated Press la exclusively 011 tilled to lbs use for republication of all news credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper and alsj tin local news nul'llfthcd herein. All rights uf republication of siieclal despatches herein ore also reserved. The Sidlinger Drug Co. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS TetepTlone 11. No. 17 North Main street, Hutchinson • * • * * THE GARDENER, The man wliu doesn't ill) his bit ' is worlby of 1111 punton; nud ! frc! chi'Hty, I admit, when 1 survey my Kiudi'ii. 1 iilwnys baled lion- est toil, but wiir-llitm neods iin- nri'Sied me, un<l 1 cot down and ' tllli il the soil, ulLhoiiKh the stunt distressed me. And now, through Aulumn's golden hiizn, I view the ' gram* I've nourlslied, Die pro' duct or my toilsome days, the 1 plants that grow and flourished. ' My eockleburts are hirge and tall, ' they grow In rank profusion; my ' nclRunor views Uiein o'er Hie ' wall, and makes profnno allu- • slon. My sunriowers stand, ' some twelve feet high, majestic ' in their beauty, and turn their 1 faces to the sky a-s though It were ' a duty, lictwoen the t'oalliouse ' and Ihe shed where stiinds iny ' shorthorn heller, tile milkweed ' reiirn its stately head, and bows to ' every zephyr. Hull thistles shade 1 the fertile soil, and none of. you ' Is knowing how murh of hard and ' rarnp .ll toil it took to keep them 1 srowinp. My prunes and squash 1 and eabbiLRe died, but I have 1 enmpensatlon; my dandelions are ' my pride, the finest in the nn- 1 Hon! 1 stand and view my handl- » work with wholesome Hailsfac- ' I Inn. and how 1 loathe the slack- 1 ins shirk who took no proper ac' Hon! A man should raise enough ' of grrens to feed his own gross ' body, and 1 hough 1 rather slump• ed on beans, my jlmpson weeds • are gaudy— WALT MASON. . » * « * • » * * • THERE IS NO PEACE. In bis recent speerb to the main committee of the German reichstag von Hurtling, foreign minister, In speaking of the C.'rrmun desira for peace and for wlim the Allies and America have declared were the prop- per terms, said this: "Finally Ihere is the protection of small nations. Here wn can forthwith and without reserve, state that in this matter we have an entirely clear conscience." Ilf no other statement had been made Ibis one sentence, alone, should forever put the present Herman government outside the circle of c.ivill/.ed nations. As long as Belgium remains under the mailed list of the kaiser and his kind, just so long will the world refuse, absolutely, to make peitee or to sll al a peace table with a nation that upholds such rulers and such foreign ministers. you bo marred by making much o< BUch things. Doubtless 11 dia seem absurd lo tho daughter that, the mother shouldn't remember n lelephonc number she had called a hundred times. Dut tho fact remained Hint she didn't remember It. To fuss ovuT It dldh't change the rar.t, and did fret, her mother and make, things generally iinpleasniil. When these things come up (as Ihey inevitably do in everyone's life,) I sny to myself, "You know you can't do any good by fussing and you know you'll be sorry afterward If you. nre Irritable.' 1 And Bomellines I succeed In teaching myself wisdom And sometimes I don't. You Bet. From the Kngman l/eaderCourier: Our local IJeino< ratle contemporary, having read that the "South was in the saddle," and that the price of cotton had been allowed to soar to seven times its pre-war value, while tho price of Northern and Western wheat had been fixed, fatherly and beniganlly nilvises ns as follows: "The Civil War Is over. I<et's swat hard anybody I hat tries to resurrect any of It In a time like thlB with the purpose of making votes." To which we fully agree. The Civil War was finished long ago and Southern llppresentntlvcs and Senators In Congress should realize that the North Is In the war just as much as the South, or thnWest or the Mast. Yet of the til ITomniittees In the House, 12 are headed by Southern Democratic Chairmen. Of the 02 Democrats In the Senate, US are Southern men. Never In the history of this republic has the power of determining national imlleles ever been concentrated In the hands or a few men or monopolized by a lrmdful or states. The feeling and altitude on this subject of the Southern Democrats was expressed by Representative. Whit Martin of Louisiana on April 25 last when Speaker Clark was eonsld erlng being appointed to the vacant Missouri Scnatorship. In the New Orleans Item on that date Represent!! live Martin declared .that Speaker Clark should not resign his place In the lower House. He said: "It would virlunlly disorganize the House. Clark's probable successor as Speaker would be Claude Kltchin, and while Kltchln of North Carolina is Chairman of Wiiys and Means we have a Southern man In charge of Hie tariff. Then if Klteliin succeeds Champ Clark as Speaker. Kilchin's probable successor of Chairman of Ways and Means would be Henry T. Rainey of Illinois. I am not reflecting on Representative Rainey, but that means a Northern man controlling the tariff." Claude Kilehen, mentioned above, is the strongest man In the House, next, to Champ Clark. He is the floor leader of the Democratic membership. II was this Claude Kitchin who voted ngalnsl the declaration of war, and who said, after war was declared: "This is the North's war and we will let the North pay for It." Let's swat hurd these Congressmen who elect such men as their lenders In Congress. l*et's do away with any semblance of sectionalism. Let's elect Republican Congressmen who will do everything In their power to see that every part of Ihe country- does its full duty toward the war, and who will take ns their motto: "This is Civilization's war and we will make Germany pay for it." ..j. .j. .;, <:.• %*> <y <v % <S> ON BULLYING. * «• * 0 «, 4) Hv lluih Cameron 10 i\> ;> ,#> ... (•» (•}• * f .. Dinighier, Irritably. "Mother you simply must remember thai telephone number." Mother, nervously. "Well, ] can't seem to. Was il 111 I ?" Daughter, crossly, "No it wasn't, It was u74. How can you forget thiol's so? •Why, you must have called I Inn up 11 thousand limes when you lived here." Mother, apologetically, "lint I've been away ijuite a v/bib-." Daughter, impulieiiily, "Well, go ahead ami call up anyway." While wailing to use a telephone booth. Hie oilier day, I was Ihe audience 10 ihe above conversation, between two people whom, as you. perceive, l Immediately decided were mother and daughter. (I'll leave It 10 you If they could have been anything else.) And as 1 listened I wondered why will sho-- and you and 1—bully people whom we love, that way? And especially over little things, things (hut dou'i matter, and things that our bullying doesu'l change In tile least. Keully It Is appalling when one thinks bow many of the things that wo scold and TUBS and nag about, belong In those classes. 1 know a tuuti whose wife has the nervous habit of saying just the opposite of what she means—"hot" when who. means "cold," "day" when Mho moans "night," etc. lie knows she has this habit, he knows it Is the 1 caul I uf advancing age and imrvous- neas, and probably incurable. In nlui'ty-uine cases out of u hundred, lie kuows what, she actually moans. And yet 1 never heard her mako a mislake In his presence that lie didn't either give a little sarcastic laugh'or clso ask crodsly, ''Do yqu mean so- and so?" Naturally the effect is not to trunqulUta iiur nerve* or juaka It any easier for her to say the right 1biu«. Nothing in the world can be mora foolish lhun to let your tranquility and the tranquility of Uiow about Abe Martin ORE THROAT or TontiUdi, ftr*!* with, warm islt 1 water then apply— J •^Vm t r nndWucunriii ICRS VAP0RUB v >V NEW riUCES 30* 60c, *t.26 "Talk oily all you plensc, but plvc IMC a little town whort* ovrn a cow kin pit hvt iiHmp in the' nrwMpnpor," said Miss Tawnry Applo, filay. War lias no terror* fur tli' fifty-year olo lady killer. The fnllowlnp riisijullii.-s uri rrpnrtt'd l»y llu- TIKImliIMMI'TIII uf tho Anu'i'ii'an l''xj« liiilotwiry l-'niL-fs: KilU'ii in .u'liun. ri:»; inisslnf,' In (union, wiuimlffl sovi'c'lv, 10; ilit-il fruru wuundi*, IX; woiiitiird, ilcgivu ujitleicrinliiL 'd. 1. To- ttil, liiK, KILLED IN ACTION: . Lieutenants; Miltmi A. Ma (Allows. Kiirlinurtf. jM.iss. Jiirn*;a A. Miwlfiy, cilenrids*', N. J. Sergeants: Di-niits .1. It.i.isic, Miuihuti, N. It. ClinrK-s 10. O.-n.xi, Long 'sUn-l, N. Y. (irii. H. KC-IT. K-AHt Oriimso, N. .1. Thus, J, 0'i;<>yU\ (.'DlunihiH. o Stanley I'Tuiu-id Stilltvan, I'tiitjaun, 1)1. lCnuwt Jilaniln. fiuylnrdsvlUe. furn. K:ul Irfifforly, J'^usiun, I'd. Wlllliuni H Mvl-iiuylilui, Sew Vurk, N. V. Corporals: Hud Amlrt'WH. KUtn, A In. Ross E. Bankson, Plains, Knn. .John J. Houth. iirnoklyu, :N*. Clannuo M. Kllluit, Ki. iJml^o, la. ri »-;rc« II. l-'lnwi-ra, i^oiix. In. 1,'url 1.. lliliibrunt, 1-tuena Vista, O. \V in. K. Mini* r*y, I A>Sa n, V,'. V; i. (.'harl(!B A. Snydor, Canurulaigua, N. T. Tom ('*. Httrto, IJcllinKliain. »"ush- Jnhn A. t'ruiiiii, Jr., Mt. Vnnw.n. N. Y. Willu'i 1 ('ruwdor, Hlrmlntt'H'uti, Ala. Miuiilci! Su'pliriiKon, Itt-d Oak, In, Mechanic: I'utrlck KtxiKtMr;, lionwoud, \V. Vu. Waflonen Ktbl \V. KimrkH, Hoadrlck, Oklu. Privates: . Alfred K, Itolllini'fitr. Jaiiinl.?.u, N. V, 'I'lifHims U. t'DiiiniundtT, llHriTttrd, Ata. Nitlhnn CNmjiui man, l'hlludoljihiu, I'll, llaxll li Oowcll. 'Mnriiviii, la. <h*nrt4ii (.'niiin, llnmklyii, is. Y. Ci'i-ll C'umiilitiK. Knife, I»IIIK I'llsfiii). I loiiukoii, N, .1. I'lvdo M. I'UHhntin. Cnuni-ll lilnfN, la. Ati«ir*'w DiM-fi", AWtlM .Sound, liiluitd. IMiilllp Ford. NVw Vork, N. V, KORIT iJlonn I'VMJntula, iirukon liow, N'.l). .Jnitn A. (Jalirlt'Unn, Aledlcliu* lint, Al- IJOI'IIL, (.'nil. Khnor A. Iloffmtui, Claiinda, la. U>r<:u (i. IIollitsttM', M.ipleUiii, lie .I)unun iluusriji, Iliiruu. S- U. ChtirU-s M". Hudson, i'lahitda. In. Wllltiun It. IIUIMI, Now York. N. Y. 1'iny 1>. IlytiM, Alid'ivrr, O. Hiuiry In^l*-, PinjudliiK Mill. Vu. Vonlfv Jtihnhon, \Vlllliurw|iuit, O, .TiLincs M. .loiua, l«:uU)£u, llid. Tony KuHhni), Itu-SPdalo, llid. .liimoM \V. Kohli. Oniuh.'i, Nob. Aduut KI*'((n't', Shiiiiundwah, l'n Alb»r( r.tiiTitifi 't, MUl C'ro.-tt, W. Vu. Kraiik N«MOIII. l.urunn Muovu. 1 'rovlnco Oi Tomni. Ablmiizl, Ualy. t'moar II. KOIIIH. Troy, Ala. Waller Noiuiinku, ORloHby. III. .laJii '-r* M- (llivn, On-hard Hill, <3a. HIMIIT N. (iittt.'iiUiirf, 1'Wwurd.svlllp, 111. Chai'los ('. Klhinllior, i^e^pnrl, pa. Ned 1). ItnKtTK, Winlornol, la. (iitbuMipo. Woarliainuzzu, Tciami; Abrus- zl. Italy. Wililo HrhMo. iM-nniaua. Iowa. liooiKo KiliulU, Hoililoiioin, I**. .lubn I-:. rtinidKia^s, WIlmliiKhui, (>. ^VlIllatll I/. HiiriiiT. JwifU'.isiPt* I.'D., Pa, Htr-frtn Ktuvmkijf, San FruncUco, Calif. <!nftfHcd Abritlr.iKi, Hoavoc 0'uHs, i 3 u. Wall or Arltiicki'i, Koytnnur, Hid. Keic ]I. Annil, Hoyattun, Win. I,nrlii Uia-tilti Asjbputl^h, l^ilcotoii, Ind Wlltlnjn l' 1 . Ait'lilnium, Ttimtiafivlllu, Ala, It 'Miian JkiiflhKic, Slu'iiundnah, Pa. (ituirufl K. Hotlv. Munhvlllo, N. Y- Huio W. Ilovdoh. M»inouKnh. W. Yn, WIIIUHI K. Kraillcy. Abbovillp, Alu. WlUlrtin /. Ittunuiivl, Alexandria, jnd. Murlon It. i-'ttrnnbol). (Irant, la. Cbnrli'it W. CapUnjETDr, Camby, lnd. J anion ITobfiCt ("arvt»r, Kdmoud, \V. Va. Howard Oouri**, Itipley. .0. Oeoi'Ke T C.'UIUHH, l/oxinulnn, Mo, Jliuno H. l)fniiwoy, Chicago, 111 Prcd Kkclmanii, Clevtland. O. JiuVftixJ Wtiott, Wilmott*?. ilt. Julm 12. KUIKI, Coronu. Ala. aTf&4ioUcQ OaUttil, Syracuac. N. V, I*onn Popcdoro Ooff, I'ilisburjsh, Pa. I'yril ,\. (IniliiKn, Knox I'lty, Ma Klnyd (.IraliHm. Hardonluirp;, N. Y. (ipnrKP K. tlmvpH. Hnxolbiiisi, Miw. Jacob Hnhlllaol. Jr.. KuMlrt, Nob, ArlnKion WlnfleW Kinney, niiiffliam- lon. N. Y. Kioti J. Uimphoro, Wbltphoro, N. Y. flav-.n Mind A. I*undiiii, Modford, Wis. John It. IJUIP. New York, X. Y. Lludscy LamitiiR, Mculah, Mn. Tod I ,iit 'kowskl, D.'innobroB, Xeb. MHIJI'ICO, Shenandoih. Pa. JftniON l>. Mo.Doiialfl, Uiilnfivltle. 1**1*. Frank Mlllor, Uavonport, 1R. Wllllatn l*. Miller. Klliiiffton, Conn. Kenneth li Mooie, lllnomffeltl, IJL Millard M. MiM)rc, Sniidunky, O. Joseph Nathanlrl Munay, TikioUvllle, S. C. Amw Andrew Jackson Myers, JeanuHo. Pa. IVank M. U'Tlrlun. youlh Fm-Qn, X. D. Marl H. Pain, Pt-quoncek, (*niui. ' .lames Ilfiibon Sanniol. AVoodford, Va, " .Utioe.^ Huotore, llmoklyn, X. Y. Hamld Shacffer, Ktitrni t*akr. Lawrence J. Schauer, Phlltlpsburg, Kan, ltnrK"! I.- Sln:nfer, fb.iusoo, 1,11. Uovd fc-lveb*, Sunbtii'v. O. Wtlldim I. Sliced l.udfjit, X. <'. MjM-t'ii, It. iShcnard, Humiluin, O. WllllHin W. Shepard. ('ariirslo. OUla. Ualpb StiijnbaiiKh. Pnlln (Miiirch. Va. Xoimand IJjivliI Stuohcll. lliadford. Pa. l.oultt SnofJK, OHhko*ih, Wis. Penal X .Suitor. Putlierland. Va. Julius Seaman, ridltlniore, Md- William Amos Scekford. Rtrinley, Va. Jamrs I'. Smith, Jefferson, la. Hownrd Snulh, Mtissonn, la. John W, WioiMlnno. PattonsburR. Mo. DIED FROM WOUNDS: Sergeant: Clarence H. Chatneld. Cabto. O. Corporals; Poler Conllnl, Tula, Sa.-s.srni, Italy. Howatd EI. I'm kev, PlTWadeljihiH, Pa. Privates: John l.ovy, I3ronkIyp. X. Y. Joseph Polit.o. Philadelphia, pa. John F. Richardson, n, F. D. 6, Parsons, Kan. TollKjt Joseph Snipes, (vermeil, Mo. Kurnmi D. Strlbllnjr, roiunihla. S. O. Fiank CJillen, Port Rimer, Ind. Harry J. H earl I or, ltWnorton, Pa. Carl Raymoiicl Keller, ConnerNVllle, ind, liefnard Levin. Urooklyn, X. Y. AlexHiider Looser, \ilttst O ran BO, N. J. John II. Maicelle, Cecil, Pa. Emlle Sommerla, R. F, D, 2, Box 66, Leavenworth, Kan. John C- Spooner, Slionnan Mill.'*, Me. Volpo M. Stewart, Hrookville, Ma. William Sirovlimkl, Bridgeport, Conn. WOUNDED SEVERELY: * Privates: John J, Itoyle. pittHbiirsh. Pn. FMd Itctweg?, Beltrainl, Miun. Raymond .1. lioll, KOIOHI Lake, Minn. Rnberi P. Humphrey, Alexander L'lly, Ala. * CzLstu w Kaialtoivski, Sera nton, P^i. Frank 11. Kennedy, Seattle, Wiuth. Fort-Mt (.I. Monk, lleurb-y, Miss. David Lj Hobertsoii. Republic-, Wash. Ernest «.* Wntxl. llaiivllle. Mo. Dell Wosjilhife', WK RnpldH. Mioli. WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Degree Undetermined) Itoy llobUoii, (llrmlnBhani, Mich. MISSING IN ACTION: Corporals: Albert P.. Keeeh, York, Pa. ltu &4t 'll 1. Kocher, Lanoa.sler, O. Privates: Hurry Davis, llellowis Kalln. Vl. Ijorn D. Dilmiirs, Kluilra, N. Y. Ivarl Uiiifee, parkin. Ark. Albert U Hlutt. Clalrvllle, Mo. Kdward Howard, Hwanton, O. Floyd K- Miwser, J J ortland, Mich. Ilanery J. PatLcnden, Hartford, Conn. James Tola, New York, X. Y. Victor K. MMhlly, St. Ixmis, Mo. Lawrence n. Miller, Plnnufttnine, T .a. Miiton «. MIMcr. St. LodU, Mo. rtrlicB." Moore, Cleveland. O. l.eatcr \V* .Molltns, Pagmia Springs, Colo. tlnlph R. Mimpel, Spokane, Wnfih, Jaino« V t . CMtenH, Ibnnett. Colo, I'erry 8. Piiffp, Clark, Ky. AHMTI S. Pomeroy, Toledo, O. l'Yanrls Probcrt. ChlejtKn, 111. .Innied J. W. Qdllter. CnleaRo. III. ChnrlM K. Suller, Ntitehe*. Mian. Frank Tuckiir, Milwaukee. Win. Martin U Welch, CiUuieester, Mnaa. DIED OP WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: Sergeants r Krwln Danrotd, Quakrr City, O. OeorBi: SutherlMml, no nddrews given. Corporal: wis Wflftamau. Wundlawn. 1'a. Privates: Call F, ltnudo, lx)ul«vllie. Ky. Honjnmln fi. Cultltm. tlltURuw, Mont. Wllllotn R. Kunkcl, Lone Kountaln, Va. Klrhntd MaK'-refUw, Orand Uaplds, Mlrh. John Mon((jantery. Chelsea, fin. f.n-\-nl <*'. gualln. Daviilnon, Okla. Jarob W. Spake, Dallas, Texaa. Herman 11. Vonillahn. Hrnoklyii, X. Y. WOUNDED IN ACTION; (Severely) Privates: Frederick J. I.ttiim. tirovrport. O. Paul A. Puller, Puller, 'Venn. Don C. llellnn, ltoyls, Ala. Oscar L. Jone .i, I'nlotniiU'. Mo. K. Meyuater, Ilirnilnpham, ' Mlrh. t Fred W. Roustfey, DarlliiBlon. Md. I MISSING IN ACTION: , Privates: • Frank 13. Chalk. 622 E. 13th St., Wleh- ' Ita. Kan. Richard AV. Cos. St. l.oui(*. Mn. Wlwln C. Hartley. Cnldwell, O. .Walter R. Ntible, Clevelatid, O. Lawrence T, Ralslon, Wlueltnc Mo. " Evtui P. Wills, Honne Torre, Mo, $1.00 Way. Mcti's siilta or overcoats cleaned and pressed $1.00. K. K. Clallup, 4'1'J N. Main. Phono 9G1. Mon. Tliurs. 13-tf Our Line of Defense It 13 a moment of tense nerves— ready to slip out of the trench at the jforri of command—and at the enemy. Our men on the firing line are physically fit fur military service hccauBa only about one man cut of five was chosen to endure the hardships of this fearful war. But we must not bo content with 20 per cent, in physical health of our American youth. Wo cannot afford to lose four men but of five because of physical unfitness. Such weaknesses can be cured. Many times the kidneys are lo blame. If the kidneys arc clogged with toxic poisons you suffer from stiffness in tho knees in the inonitnB on arising, your Joints seem "rusty," you may have rheumatic pains, pain in Ihe back, stiff neck, headaches, sometimes swollen feet, or neuralgic pains —all due to uric acid* or toxic poisons. Btored in the blood and which should bo swept out. | Then procure nt your nearest drug 'store Anurlc '(double slroniuh). The cost is CO cents. This An-urlc drives ihe uric acid out ' Send Dr. Pierce, TnT.ilids' Hotel, Ruffalo, N. Y., 10c for trial package. MARINE CASUALTY LIST The follow!nK casualties are reported by th« Commanding General of tho American Expeditionary Force*: Killed In ac.Uun.. 4.1; died oC wouirda received In action, 11; wounded in action, severely, 6; missing In action, ii. Total. 06. KILLED IN ACTION: Sergeants: Harry Uownem, Montrose, P, K. Island, Can. Robert D. Johnaon. Fort Thomas, Ky. Charles S. Klchardttoii, Urbantm, Va. Corporals: Albert 12. PiUlilt, Hlettln. Wlfi. William F. Kfthl, Lancaster, Pa. Doutfla-s K. Law, Cecilia. Ky. Gordon MeC. Mercer, DemopuliM, Ala. Privates: John R Adams, Saluiuville, O. Itert neJoher, Kot-hfater. N. Y. Harold W, Helunan, Towwer City, N. D. Walter H. RerKur. Maderla, O. Charlea H Uoeitcln'r. CinrlniMtl, O. Dudley It. Uraniley, Middlesex. N. C. Dar-ii'll D. ('linRan, Willow SprJiiR^, Mo. Albert r* CrotifrihiMK. New 'irlraui, l*a, Joseph It. Dcyon, Tuoliiinine, Calif. lOrneat A. Krlekson, Deldenville. Wia, Fletcher I.. Parity, Haneroft, Xeb. William &1. fJarrull. I-Mlth, Teun. Henry O. llHlvorsen. ChleaRo, HI. Wlllliiru ft. Ilurjwr, HuiriaburK, III. Conrad h Jolumon, Mityylllr, N, 1). George C, Johnson, MueUegtM), Mich. MamitH Jntuiaon, St- L^iula, Mo. Otto KatihOiHlte, Cleveland, O, AVIIIiiun J, Kehoe, Spokane, Wwli. Charlea U. Kellpy, Fh' Wa»h.. Gcnriru P. KotallVf, Ashley. I»a. M'illiani J, Mithrer, l^iliodulphla, Pa. •WATHESA, KAHS .—"Anuric Tablet; are surely fine They relieved the pain and weakness in my back within .a few days after J began using them The one pactagi' re I i c v e d me. have felt fine i; that respect eve since. I live on ; farm and worl every day. Am ; man CO years ol age. Had beci troubled with kidneys for about ten years."—H. A. CORPONJER , Route 4. PROFESSIONAL GAUDS PHYSICIAN*. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited to Office Treatment af Chronic^ Diseases Examination and Dlaajuoala Pra*. Itt West Flrat St.. Hutchlnaon. Kanae* When Women Get together these days they talk about the cost of living, MODERN BREAD helps solve the problem, A TEXAS WONDER Gtl&SS? tnany miles has the Pony Traveled Take a look at him in the window—where he is advertising Pony Stockings for children and Wayne Knit Hose lor Grown-ups. An)' little boy or girl tinder 12 years of age is eligible to guess- Write your name tuid address oil a piece of paper and hand it to lady at the Hosiery counter. The oue coining nearest to the number of miles will receive a present of $S.OO in Gold*. Let Us Show You How Easily, Quickly, Economically We Can Please You in the Style of A Hat You Like This work wc nr,c featuring; many new models In somltlresa Hals with fur and ostrich trimming, fnncy ribbon effects and brocaded fabrics. In colors of taupe, navy, brown and sapphire! i° fascinating droop shapes. Many dross hnls are shown for tho first time; extremely large models; suitable to wear with the tailor suit and neckpiece. OUR MILLINERY WORK ROOM will design to your order a beautiful neck pteue and bag to match the hat you select—which are now so much in vogue.- Many pretty hats arc hero at $9.95, $12.50, and $15.00 Others at $4.95, $5.95, and $7.50 A Hat for every taste at the price you wlBh to pay. The New SUITS Styles which will distinguish the wearer because of their tailored perfection and splendid fuhrlcs. Practical street stilts, characterized by plaits, tailored ' stitching, clever pockets and collar effects in attractive styles tailored to give lasting satisfaction. The character of these Btyles is more appreciated when one remembers the usefulness tho times demand of a suit. SUITS at Semi-lnilored Suils of wool serge—with Tuxedo collar or _ _ _ _ silk plush—the back of coal lias pleats on each side to waist 00 liUe ' Sklr ' ° f COat is CUt W ' th sraceful flare an(l Ul ° SUITS at $37.50 belt of self material Is finished with two bucklos. Smart Suils of wool poplin. Coat made, with three box pleats down back; the collar Is of self material which fastens up in military style or can be worn open. The belt, turn back cuffs and collar are finished with tailored stitching and buttons. The skirt Is shirred in back with belt and has flat patch pockets with flaps. Tho Texas Wonder for kidney and Wad dor troubles, glavol, dtutietefl, weak and lame buik rheumatism and Irreiumrltics of the kidneys and bladder In both men and women. If nut sold by your drugslat, will lie sent by mall on rccorst of J1.2&. One small bottle is two months' treatment, and often cures. Bend~for sworn testimonials. Dr. K .W. Hall, 3926 Olive St., St. Louis, Mo., Sold by druggists.— Adv. Open Nights Till 9:00 O'clock We ulso keep open from 9 to 12 Sunday Mornings Gold Crowns as low as - - $3.85 Plates - $4.00 up. Repair Broken Plates SMYSER BBNTAL CO. Over American N»U«n»l Bank. tadie; in Attendance =THE CURTIS STORE CO.= McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Hall. TESTING EYES AND riTTINO SPECTACLE8 It our specialty. Prices reaionahlt; accurate service. SHIPMAN BROS. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359, AUTO DIRECTORY AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114116 Sherman St East Auto Supplies, Tools and Oarag. Equipment. Distributors: Boseh, Connecticut, Atwater, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rlnos. Phone 3000. Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office with Dr. Louise P. nichmoid, Suite 621 rtorabaugh-wtley Building, Phone 2C5SW. -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"— THE PERU VanZandt ^ DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First East REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West Phone 243 WICHITA Arnold Auto Co* Marmon Haynes--Dodge Brother* Phone 2707 Automobiles HUTCHINSON Zi E»»t Flr»t 8t j% A in 1? —"The Most Beautiful TAllJEi car in America" The Salt City Motor Car Co. 123 Sherman East Also Studebaker Parti and Service Electric Battery & Repair Co. QISTRIPUTORB ^ILURD ST0RA0E BATTERIES " U M( | ky «7 per Cant of All M*nufa«tvr«rf .LARQMT BATTERY RRPAIR ITATI9N |N »^N»A«,_ 10S ehertnao Cast. ftm* W— FRPP INWWTI9N OF ANY •ATTf «Y AT ANY TIKI Directory of the Elevator aervloe dar ana nujfct.- ARCHITECTS MANN A QEROW Reome 7J1-M. Phone Jiss,' ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-at-Low ' COt H.-W. Iildtr, . DENTISTS ITJTJSIIEST DinlleL Suite 812-H. Phone WW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS •ull* ill. • (pedal Attention to eye, Ear, NPM and Throat. • Qtaite* Accurately • Fitted. Ui. Ktu Uundell Ur, W. H. ilunfl.a ORS. MUNDELL, Bull* ill H.-W. mat Phone 0. A. 0LASDCL PHYSICIAN ANp SURGCON Suite 111. Office Phone Mia. . Rea. Phone tMa, DR. LOUISE F. RICHMOND, Suite 121.: Office Phone 8052W. Retttfence UI2R G. A, CHICKERINO, Phyeiwan-.urfeon. Hat, Tel. W'W^,^ jJJ 'M t «*- "l»W- 0R, A, G. BEALL Physician and Surgeon Special Attention to tflagnoala,' Boom Ml rbonw. Office »3»»W. Roe, m\ Dr. H. D. ST6RRETT Fractioe limited to EVe, ear, nose and throat. Room (VI BWiUwvaib'Wiley BWg, Fho'no ||»»." REAL ESTATE ANP INSURANCE; l.e««* .a. a «n<{a, rc-'.v 1 naani (jr. : ' »*•»» |»:-

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