The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, .THURSDAY. DECEMBER 4. 19.= THE HUTCHINSON NEWS Putilluttcil Dully hy Th« New. Oompan* W. V. MOROAN, EDITOR. ESTABLISHED 1872. rcmorKt RI tho Pomofflcn In fluteh- [ tnaon, Kanaas, for tranarruaalor. i thruufh tho inolta aa a,icon<l-ela,«» ; matter. ! TELEPHONE 4400 Urlvatr branch exchange; when ; operator anaw-frH, glva iifir.on do- J pariment wanted, j TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Flrit. aenontt and Third Zonta iiy mall, ort<j j ei. t 14 .0V rty mail, pit tnnnilia 2. on uted Iiy the religion and tho j bliins or Siiiliiiif/.to "ml the latter " | fought buck Willi varying r«u 'l uiius. ! j jllolh nations Mini both peoples : I | were ( IVITI hrotwi by tIn; Mohani- I inirilan million HIM ] ground beneath Mlit' cruelly of Ihe Alohnminodan j religion. 'I 'll,.' peoplo ot Egypt lie; oninn vli 'Miiil slaves and went nuch 1 for moro than a thousand yearn, i The people uf rltidan were i:'f enough away rroni the conquering Hal lull.-: of lilt' Xorth to escape nub- jaunt iou lint Hiulr own cm loins illOl chlliacl.-nMicS \ M-VO deproil- ivll Daily Thoughts Casting all your care upon him; for he caroth for you.— 5:7. Tn entry care to bed IK 1 O sleep Willi II pack on your buck. • .lliillliurloii. doeitn'l know Ho.' eirouinslallt 'OS : ml tlio iinli'. Iduals. ! Hut she thinks there arc (linen' when II. Is fnlr In bring public opltl- : Ion to one's nlil In trying lo curt; ' povorniui n! which I provided. Urn religion 1 11 < ' ll " (1 tlf f 11 " 1 *"' i cuts are prejudiced when they cor- " . ' . led them for fnnltB. Tlioy think When Ui« Kngllsa iiinio into! I'arwniR am unreasonable and ,, , , , . . ruullflnding and thin, other puoplu I'.gypt about filly years ago and , (| ,„„\ ni „,„ look over Die i.'Hpons!lit!ity of a] When tlioy crow older— these super government, 'bey fount! tho | came children—they will doubtless people of tin. upper Nile, thai is to ! ! "" k 1,l,l ' k »mi see that Ihclr par-j By mall, three nionlha I .ltl' By mall, one month. M> Fourth, fifth. Sixth, and Seventh /onea. By mall, ono vrar.| Ifl.ti" By mall, au nmath. ' By tnall. three nmtiiha MS 1 By mM], ono month .7* By eaiTler. per week. * -ll> Weekly New*, one year I ^ MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIATION. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATES PRESS Tho Aaau'-latrA I'reai Is MClnalvely •ntttlrtJ lo the iias for rci>ol)lii'atlon nf: ll«n .not ei iiin.;iit pushed lis troops WW'S ! '"' N»" Ihe Su.l..n. ' h AllTl «ht"7VKK 1 """ " f "" ! * (i ' r ''' ,Vnr '" 1V ""'" lI,e : I'eoI'le they have "ultimately come fltanalehea heteln tire alne reaerved yleal Klllillsh K.-lltirill tlordon was killed, |..-talili")ii'd a "orl u l' s-ov- -nit whloli .hey have sine'' niaililain.'d. *l'iu-> init ;lit. have lalo 'ii ;hi say, I lie .Sudan, tmtrieiidly and nn- [ iloKiroiitf of heinK expioiied hy an- 1 other eouitutriitt; raee. The Knu "ills know a llttlo ot what, thoy were tnlklii). aliout. Thoy will have taunt, to reall/.e: That Hie hahlt ot lUftorilurllmms | i.t always a handicap. j That jioiiil innniiors are the en- lr.;o lo the society uf iho kind of I to fan.. Tor. That elieapnoh.-i is not smart- f Sir Sidlinger Drug Co. j PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS. Tataonone ai. No. IT Nbrtli Main »traaL Hutchlnaftn. LOOKING AHEAD. # "I did no! wed sweet Dinah " Dtit .-h," said William Jones'* D'HIde; "II, seemed to me RIIU * laiked loo inuel), and so 1 let. * l .i -r slide. (Ill, flic had white * and "wanllke ours, lier penile * eye'- were Me", mid for some * U\ oi- seviii y .-ar^ I ^as her * -tve.Mioari tnie. lier tiueenl.v * i .nviime iviii .uldinie. lier •* ir '-.-ses slioii" like «old: she * prut lied. ]>lI lied all the time, " on loidcs new and old. She * tvarhled unily like' a bird, the * swe .-loM tuvd iu town; i had * no eiianee lo say a word iiulil * my love ran down. And M > it * camo 1" me. odds fish. Hint. * ihis would never do; t\ loll 1 * «w;s married I lukhl v- i-h to '* talk . round or iwo. (lr lial'Iy 4 in in> ':oy < hair i ini ^lil tie- * sir" in snoo7e; 1 eouidn't. if * ni> love tv, • i c- ih";-" lo Kunl 'lo * all th" a. w.-. And :i sh" oio 'e " lie ^an ;o naj.. as n -TVous wo- * ' W "ii -till, oin- wedded liliss " would sink, a -nat:, our >;u:- v red health woa! I ^piii. A iiusy * wile wlio tali .i'tl ion nitieii all * ' ;Klp;enes^ \iould 'i !U '."r; and so ' ] -aid io Umall Dutch, "I'lie * »lul! i -i off. my d -'ar.' " I talk- * ' ed io icii .'ih and >!ie >aid. "1 t l lined ! nor Wil'.iani down ; * y in d no idea:. i tl bi^ iicai! - * • : li" .t n I, i!..• - 1 io.iii in lo ,\ a. It * ' .to. ild lie i i ir.ii! ii:i and ah-iird. " i I 'I'."'.]:-'!;!. if Me Iter,.- wed ami * dii .iln i'olildn '1 .-lie a woi-ti * ' or -e n '• 'lolii M. head " If * ra a!.- ani! ::M 'U U oiii 'l V. is. 1> * Suiiiin in [heir own rli:hl name, liii; as a political trick tloy dfi'lared it subject to Iho joint rule of Knyiand and Kpyiif, which of course nieiint i;iip!and, wliieh was al that time < unlrollina Ku-ypt. Since Hie World War Uie Htltisli Jtu',tTiiment. lias ulven some self rulo to tlm Knyptluns. lint not lo j feel about it, tlm people of the Sudan. The English soldiers nt Kliiirtouni are lliuti- sands of miles from a British warship, They are out on a limb, as H were, it will lie necessary for the Hrttish lu send more sol.lleis Ami a hundred oilier smji revolutionary discoveries. Hut sometimes when I he , children suddenly ceo thenu faults through eyes other than the parental, thoy can catch a ulimpse of how beautiful and uiidneiralilo they are at a time when such kntnvletli:" can he venlly helpful. And u parent might he justified in tryluR to JSIVH a child such a Slinipse ot the way other people Ihe well-known loRlon family—who hew the wood, carry tho water imd al - a the milim for Ihe parly are ehorlllni; Willi (;ieo. Ami, n» one of them and In order lo relievo everybody else of respomOlillity In i tho matter, we offer to eat all the troitiili! enRentlerutl hy tho action in Question. Nmiilntf could bo fairer than that. When, him .lune, we wroto of the rclillih ot Hie Konubllcitn Party in I'leveland and n)i))rovetl Us tloe- htruiion of prinell>lt'S as one on which every nulhetitlc Hcpubllf-nn roiilii stiinil, we saved an exeen- tion. Tile exception hltd lo do with tile iiiiiillly ot the regenoratotl party's Intestinal adetiuncy. That was a matter of conjecture and snevnlutlon. ii seems to have It, and we herewith write oft the exception. ~\\'o have a letter from Nicholas Vaehe] Undsay Inviting us to loin the new political party Just forrneil in .Spokane. Tlio ohjoct of tho pavly is to elect Hill White President in litis, and Its membership to tint« consists nt Mr. Undsay, Sioddnrd Kin is, columnist of the Spokane. Spnkesnian-llovlew, ami Mr. Stephen Graham ot Jxmdon, Entilanil. Tho parly is, ot course, in its Infancy and Is svtscoptlhlo to growth and development. Properly innnaited and developed. It should enlist the support ot the literati and a Kooii many sentimentalists mm e.ntoltounllstB who are not In the 1 Horary trade. By 1928 it. ought lo poll "75,1)00 or 100,000 voles. Hut we cannot Join il, unti Mr. Puzzle a Day A man had a trlnngulnr field, each sldn being ot equal length. There- was an opening ot ench corner of the ouclonure. Ite wished to enlarge tho field to four times Its original area, still preserving Its reettinnulnr Bhape, and without moving any of the entrances (A, B, C) from their proscnt position. How did ho do It? Yesterday's nnawar: To find the difference ot Ihe st|iiares of n number, and the next number"below It. Dimply add those two numbers together! Thus: 1.13 plus 132 equals 2(15. I'M times 1118 equals 17,GS0; 13ii times 132 oquals 17,121. 17,tiSii less 17,424 leaves 2 nr.. Thus the same result is obtained by simple addition. CITY NURSES MADE 722 NOVEMBER CALLS The city nurses. MISB Ida Stunt?, and Miss Ot'leue Tlerlin, made 722 There are alfio times, my Letter Friend thlnlts, when a patent might, have a rittht lo shame a child In sheer self defense. "I have in mind," she writes, ''a Kirl who constantly sneered at her mother, and never ceased until her mother like a turnliiR worm, and lake complete possession of j gavo bur a. scncral overhauling In Hie .Sudan or KOI out of it entirely ' '"'"ctit of some or the girl's most , ,i , ,. ^,. P „ cherished companions." as soon as iiio h' r ivpll hs secure , ,, , , , , ... I I think one reels a sense ot sst- nc'.ual independence. : [ sfIu .tlon at tha't girl's • . • I pauce. The people of Sudan are not f. ro »' ™>\ f rieI '"" s . " anV f » ls * j t'viil' 1 !!! that the i\w\ cinhitr- oi Sudan ju'e civilize,! sufficiently lo have the j ni?sm , nt w ,,„. „ ol wlu , out (]lei ,. latest ImpniVfiiH-iits In inililary | curative effect. Let's hope said onuipmnnt. They lack in Ihe tie-j effect was lasting, velopuient ot modern aeleiie.j and • TI,<M ' e is 11 v 1,0,1 lo "hame l.iudsay will accept this as our | calls during the month ot Novem- flat refnsnl to h.coiiie involved in ' her. They nlso visited the South tho movement. We might,, ou the ' Hutchinson schools and 14 stu- scoro of long-standing friendship, I dents were excluded from school in ehiltl hy public reproof; is crui anil unjustifiable, and thl-re is a -time when it is momentarily harsh j but justifiable and healthful in the I iong run. they are llol, up to dale on civil governnuuH. They are several hundred y,,ars behind the limes ami are still looking upon slaveiy^ and ^-ur as being insepavahle from . human life, ltui they mnke pood ; soldiers when trained under etfi- | cienl officers mul riiry are good fichtini; mu, w-iUint: to Slitter and to die for their Kupei>.liiion and Iheir ijidepentienci.. ' They would not be so hard lo handle hv a civ' As a result of the action ot the iliz.-d government if IheV wero I *'™ ,Us caucus in kicking the l.a i . ; I-olletle insurgents downstairs and ,ecwe,. t„ a base trr-m which Ihe ; ,-„,„ „„. m . n! concern i* civlli7,.'[-s Id act. j cxpresseil hy those who htiv ON SECOND THOUGHT Iiy .lay E. House in the Philadelphia Public ledger overlook tho tact that Mr. White Is not n nepubllcnn. We cannot brook his uttor disregard ot the mandate ot the sacred primary law. Here Is a law In the accouchement ot which .Mr. While officiated as parent, attending physician and wet nurse. It is a law designed to relievo the people of their chains, hut ono which probably' never would have been passed had not Mr. White made them conscious of their fetters. Yon see. they didn't know they were in chains until ho told them about it. And the first time be gets u candidate for Governor shot from under him he goes out and kicks the law in the face. A letter from Ralph Mlnghnm is innsr.ribed on the stationery ot the Adolphus Motel, Dallas. Tex. It purports to have been written on a .Santa 1'e train, describes a turkey dinner eaten in Xewton, Kau., and IK postmarked "Kansas City." This merely is to advise Jlr. Bingham that it he is setting himself up in competition wtii Strick Gil- lllnnd, his performance Is unimpressive. as being subject to scarlet fever ot whlrh there aro many cases. Uo- cnl calls made chiefly for the care of tubercular patleuts amounted to 25 for adults and 20 tor children. EFFECTIVE MEANS OF REDUCING FAT Jit-ro la nn r*xirnorillnary iiictHoil of iTiluelng weight—extraordinary 1> P- cftiis*' no starvntkm tlleta or violent o xi' reives ' nro neciissmry. Marmoln, Prescription Tablets uro made e'xactlj In nccordance with the famoua atnr- moln I'roacrlptlon, Th«y reduce you MPjulily Biid easily, with no 111 rjffocts. Procure-thorn from your druggist nt one dollar for a hox or send price direct to the MRnnola Company, General Motors Butldlnff, Detroit, Mini Once V .MI start talcinf? thnso tablets and losing your Jatnesa, you will happy ajfaln. 1 LOOKING BACKWARD (Prm «M rum *t Th* Ntwtt^ FIFTY YEAR9>AQO IN 1874 Select gatherings were In vogue at. some of which dancing and cards were enjoyed and at others select reading ami criticism of authors was Indulged In. A call wu« minlo that einh municipal district appoint, throe members ot n committee to canvuss their territory and ascertain who were needy, ' FORTY YEARS AGO IN 1884 At the Catholic Pair at the Alwood building. •'• Kratiss of Sedgwick won the hanging lamp donated by ted. Slldlnger and Susie Roach oC Castletou the plush chair- Many other prl7 .es wore given. Mrs, II. .1. Ruddy was president ot the society. THIRTY YEARS AGO IN 189s Ralph Easley, former editor of tho News had retired from tho editorial force or the Chicago Inter- Ocean. Mayor Frank Vincent was offering a ten dollar reward for the capture and conviction oT any one caught stealing in town The Old Seniors curd club was entertained by Mr and Mrs. \j. A. lleobe and tho prizes won by airs. Dr. Brown, Mrs. II. II. Updorgrnph, J. C. Brown and .1. L, Penney. TWENTY YEARS AGO IN 1904 Mrs. tr. H. Parker ot Cripple Creek. Colo, was here visiting her parents, Kev. and .Mrs. C. il llogers, A heavy wot snow wag covering the entire western Part of the State stolen from his garage had been found at West Mineral, Ivan. Tho friends ot llernlce llradeon celebrated her birthday with a surprise, party. MEETS 8ATURDAY FARM BUREAU The community vico-presldonts ot Iho Ueno County Farm Bureau will bold a meeting on the third floor of tlio court hotisu nt 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon. They will select seven now members ot Ihe executive board ot the organization and will draw up n cminly program of activities In the Farm Bureau for the coming year. DO YOU GET UP WITH A LAME BACK? - , > Have You Rheumatism, Kidney, Liver ot Bladder Trouble? TEN YEARS AGO IN 1914 W. S. Kerr of Sixth avenue received word that his automobile Pain or dull ache In tho hack Is often evidence ot kidney trouble, it. Is Nature's timely warning to show you that the track of health Is not clear. Danger Signals. If these danger signals are unheeded more serious .results nro suro to follow; kidney trouble In its worst form may stenl upon you. Thousands ot people hnvo testified that the mild nnd immediate effect ot Swamp-Root. Ihe great kidney, liver and bladder medicine is soon realized—that it stands the highest for Its remarkable curative ettect in the most distressing eases. If you need a medicine, you should have the best. Lame Back. Lame back is only one of many symptoms of kidney trouble. Other symptoms showing that you may need Swamp-Root are, being sub­ ject to embarrassing and froquem bladder troubles day nnd night Irritation, netllmont, etc. Lack of control, smarting, urli aeid, rheumatism, bloating, may be loss of flesh, sallow complexion. Prevalency of Kidney Disease. .Most people do not realize the nlnrmlng lueronso and remnrknble prevalency ot kidney disease. Whllo kidney dlaordors are among the most common dlsonses thai prevail, thoy are often the last recognized by patients, (who content themselves with doctoring the ef fects, while' the original disease constantly undermines the system Regular medium and large si:'.' bottles at all drug stores. .Dun't uiuko any mistake, but i" member iho name, Xh\ Kilmers Swninp-llool, and Mie address, lUnghamton, N. Y., "vhlcli you will find on every bottle. SPECIAL NOTE —You may obtain a sample size bottle ot Swamp .Root by enclosing ten cents to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghiuntou, N. Y. This gives you tho opportunity to prove tho remarknhle merit, ot this medicine. They wil! nlso send you it book ot valuable Information, con tnlning many of tho thousands" of graterul letters received from men and women who say they found Swamp-Root to be Just tho remedy needed in kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of Swamp-Root are so well known Hint our readers are advisod to send for u sample size bottle. 'Address Ilv. Kilmer & Co., Hlnghamlon, N'. V. When writing be sure and mention this paper. T|... Nil mountains . tribmiu'ir River nnd . . mal the imes tint of the ned by many j . Sudan, as it : a-1 I IV. OtV. lii.'O'.'' .".-Ir.l r„ U.l ic". now. Hi,. aiieaii. 1 wouldn't urc criutl- U .\!.T MASHN. SUDAN Pii'l,.- •n i a,- ,i- o tn. D Il- liicm o f Agi­ i-iiUioa. of 1 I.' ill ted ri;;':.'- le, lit .-ii iro II ill • govern- •jnei.i i! [lentil- to a Kha rioiiiii. in Sudan. ., -iip iiy .,! eed of" a crass winch W.'l- . lie. - - iiliy grown in thai 'ounlry and ', lliell t> as bc- licv.-ii lo lie aihilU •tl lo pait.i ot lb" 1 nit' .1 : talc \ .-her" a deficit in H"- r -iiil'. ii .-.a. : 'iltl- lime- ev l'":-ii l" "S".li-1, -; a: ." v. in tl I-, ll '-W IIIH or ih- :tre : "i ,i ,o III II" eritl 'r if! Kiiri.u.r 111! l III-, lilli" llllillCI i >o Hint Hi: tun v alt f.'"l e l'-er to Sudan Wilt 11 ii- l- I.I III:, tiail e in (tie day':, ii v ... ' 'II IIIO- ol I ^ il i. : al! imnuin: II- "1 nn:; > \Vl« n it , : • memo! • ilia We - M I'l , ,e -jiir to sc.o; li'-e- 1 a: . CI -1 b .-i.ii .i.-ii. v-.'hi" r„ S,!U; Pl -Olllpl .1 hi Hie il­ lliile,- in i-;-.. r-i. Slli!;. it is no ia l-.'i ypt : ad ii-'. ei' wit.- ill *•:-'.'.]> ; a a;, ileue liian ill" Viii-.-d Slate i .i in V.c o. In an- good of tile Republican party at. heart. Arthur Krishnno is openly condiinnatory. Old I'nele Ccor-e W. Xorris, wiio lacked the coiir- dois Kgypi. a land which promises ! aye openly to boll President Cool- ^reat production tvli.-n Irrigation ! idge and tho grace to vote for him, and »e .oniric agriculture are pro-i'? highly Indignant. The New i \ork World Is learfiil, and, gosh, vi.i.-d. ih-- mini-rai ri 'souicc.-t am ; ll(UV u )( jr ils f ,.., rs V"!-v ::r"at. and would add In the I Wi re icaiiZed: In l ':!i-;. Hie Rcpuh- w"„iih , u ih,. countrv if IheV were i "''"n wing of ih" Si -nntc has won .-„ I.,,-,,:..,I .:- IO ii" al-, -il.'e livi ,! "' disapproval of vir.ually .-very, . ; hodv hitherto ,:ic;i!.-eil in ihe work modern transport, lu fail, .-uiliia , ,,, i,,,,,,.,,,,^. ., t i,|(,-, between Ihe I.- a L 'l-.'iit opportunity which Its 1 seventh nod eiahtii ribs or the nvii i p|.. are not able to grasp ; Republican Parly. ai pn-M-ni and wlili-h the Kntilish i ,, , „ , , r; , , ; Rut us Ucpitulicans—members of w li'iuj. to all .'Utpfr 1 itill. it I will tun he sri ,'as> a tasii as is the * simjiuHtmn oi Kgypt and even : mmmmmmmm ^^ mmmmmammm ^ mmm iliai. isi civinc ihe suiierior race a lot of trouble and proinisluir more. So remember Sudan, Hi., place Ih" Sudan L ':a.-- came froui. and a l-'M 1 '-oUIlt'-.- uflll leal Iw'Oilie wl ,iiii e ,i !i I;-,,-,,- a real future, ei- ih .-r on ii:-; own or under some '•ll-iiu^ iiiiiid. W. V. MORCAN. The last letter wo had from Slriek was written on the letter stationery nt tho Washington Hotel. Seattle. H was inclosed in an envelope from ihe Cluypool, in Indianapolis. It bad hen written in -ioplin, Mil., nnd mailed Iroin Providence, il. 1. The b-iter was on Ihe desk when we came to the office. Very shortly thereafter tve had r. telephone call from Siriek. lie wanted us to come lo luncheon with him in Philadelphia. Very long, tight, narrow sleeves are seen in nfionioim nnd dinner g'lwnt of itus.'ian insoirar.oii. Sla-Ued effects are also si en. Remember Die Shop-o-Seope whenever you think of Xmas: shopping, tf. Ride VI blocks 25c. Yellow- Can. Phone 8«. '.'-T- n "-Sut.-3t RED PEPPERS END RHEUMATIC PAIN IN FEW MINUTES When you are suffering with rheumatism so you can hardly get around Just try Red Pepper Rub, and you will have the quickest relief known. Nothing has such concentrated, penetrating heat as red peppers. Instant relief. Just as soon as you apply Red Pepper Rub you feel the tingling heat. In three minutes It warms the sore spot through and through. Frees the blood circulation, breaks up the congestion— and the old rheumatism torture Is gone, . Rowles R al Pepper Hub. made from red peppers, costs, iittl.. at "any drug store, (let a jar at once. Osa it tor lumbago, neuritis, backache, stiff neck, s.ore muscles, colds in chest. Almost instant relief awaits yon. lie sure io get the genuine, with the name Rowles on each package. ^C(W • THE/MISSISSIPPI mom WITHOUT LOSS OF A DAY Panama Limited Service Ihe Duo -ART KEPPRODUCING PIANO C.fUl Hint tllr l >Iit. tauu-il t.. I • tin.; '•-•! i;pr> i'.' i*. (• t : !ir- II-.: ;; .. «) y i ii'.; smith' Sudan, ii N a n-'I.Ji- l /tir <'.'t *i':-]> :o Ah\r-iijit:i. '!ic nitty i.,*a[ iunfpt'n't'M.f natf-in hi Al': , :i , :i. It. is the i-.'.'iiin i'ni!;i \,hiil! th-- ,iti- clyiit Ki.;> ,u ilivv,- fjii 'tr .-iup- jilit^ n] ••o|.| : I;: M • ! , r, iron and lupi 'i'- - I« ^ :u • • i ,i: iifi.'- Jitni .-f I 'l Din w hi 'j ]• I'M"- aim i-n:- frahis and nt lit r pi'.'i, -itjiis f.i.uH'" ; \YRP- tiil.i'd in lari -'-i- i|nantiil.'.s io lll-'llit' :-|'i','!ld ii and displa;. nut iilily Tor i ic |a uj-lf .<!' tfujt .iind K.nypi, inti 1» M ' :ln- '••juiui'i'- <.f ih:- Ntv!" l-:a-«. "v'l.t ;i liai. u bftl-'i- pnivpi 'vr lor th«.- fit- tnry tluMJi luis K ^ypt, lur it W, )u- raltid I D }}<• I he ^ ii'at i-ununnt iiii (•(inH -r oi''iiM'.i^i Afrita, an.i ...» ptufplc aro muri- liouiosriicfMi^ thail :ti«' !h'' fnliahitiiuiy alunj; ill*' JOWL*!' NHi Hmi.".hi,v KPt'iiKinu, ii \\c titU-* the map nf Afi'Icfi and iruuo lire i»*rrl- fory on cirhfr side of the Nllu for the nvst thuvisitml milos, wo may Call tluit land K ^ypt. Tlie u«x* tJioiiy.inil uillcu is Kudan. Tlion* .'we UI'H«.MI,H hutwei'u iho;in coun- trju.s, it^ ituleod lU'Vu un> »n mid OB except t\\a Thu Kgyp* lor couturies fought the Ntt- LETTING THE PUBLIC HELP DISCIPLINE. li> Itiitli ('anujrun, sh.nnhii: a tuiid hy puhJU- vpiM.;!"' : SdiiM- >\»:a^u I ini-iml.'ti in ; rhifi coliiiiKi a lit Hi: wtnry of tlio : nii'iiu-f wiio • Iminefi ln-r f-on Iiy j wa.niini; t!i<' si.-uiit imintor of the i I 'my'ri win >•! (nulls in I ho hoy's : j.n's^iH-i:. 1 f< 'I. at Him' that the • iin.'iii'-i* u;i' nnwurr.Jht<-dly rriiei and : )ia f in.-n-ad of uiakiit-.; lnT ! i\ :'-!i;,mci! of hl> lauh.- sin. 1 "null uuiUf him vry rc^ntt'ul toward her. and with <ood n-a-on. 1 al.-n ftdi ili;.t Ihiii woMld h* 1 tlu : in f-ny s.i-a atu-inpi to ^haino a i'hi:,l (.nt tn' Ul> \.-M\\. A l^'it,.;' i 'Y,r ;id i,-.,w,' with -Vnd 1 thii,;. well •*' 11 - doonn't atl.'mpi u, :i uv- Ciini; ahout thai piini .Mii .ii- o' ;t s,.. U i' jtistify Ih" nio'.htT. lu-.'au .M' nho Have Shapely Feet Unmarred by BUNIONS ? Kishinll HIHl t-ait.ll I i ;t'i •<!•- in.iuil Unit f-.-i fit >'iiut- ;> into Ho- o.onlv )-uioi' - t'f i .uJaiy, Tlivr.i mu..! )* liumji tu iiinr ^hni" ' !••• i -rid i',ti-l;iiii; diitu't Ul'.a-t'l CUIlll"! I 4 litUlUil ai. imiifi'i'^.u') ;ii.a ii.i i. I-'.-IOU •. Ynu I 'ltii r-'iii,.., i',.-in «iul»dtl>-, hnrtitli.-:-.-'!'. I U ti:'..ltllj Willi 111.* Il.-H i vc!ui;.t m-ivt.nt. Pedo- dyiii*. I 'ctlmlyni- *t«p.H i*«j T = aiinu.-i jiK'tatitly, o.vnWtu s J ihn iii.xfJKurfitK hutup. una ^ roll.\-fs lUo f>\vulUm I'UrniiH. srllAMloil. SENT ON TRIAL X W h ariiiiot to **ml yon u »«iv Su!v--nt C"f V«'-u u. 11 y iiMi-U .Mil',- and ,.ay "I tunit \n My PMUIK'." 'I'II'TC is no ol.H|4ath-tK You Can Have CHRISTMAS SWusic in Tour Home range of music at in I KAY LABORATORIES, Dopt. A-76& tint M. l.aSallN St.. r.hlcann. III. W iTM the Duo-Art you have all tin.: wide your instant command—classic, popular, salon. Tic recognized masters ot each await your pleasure to play for you as if they were feci fit_your piano in your own living-'room. Tiiat is why the D > .-Art is an ideal Christmas present. It is a thing of beauty and oi quality, of .supreme and lasting joy. MEWKlhfS ii- ..jun Main. hUiOHINSuN. B ECAUSE oi the growing popularity of the "beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Illinois Central will improve the service and quicken the time, effective December 1st. The famous Panama Limited leaving St. Louis 3:50 P. M., provides through sleeping'car service. Arriving Gulf port 11:55 A. M., next Morning. Immediate connection" same station—special service for Biloxi, Ar. 12:45 P. M., and Pass Christian, Ar. 12:45 P. M. Fastest time to Qulf Coast.' From St. Louis to Biloxi by 6 ] A hours; to Gulfport by hours; to Pass Christian by 7 hours. Here Today—Play Tomorrow; Our Mississippi Gulf Coast Booklet tells about it. Write for it. H. J. Biesterfelck, Traveling Passenger Agent Illinois Central Railroad 437 Railway Exchange Building, 7th and Walnut Streets Kan'sas City, Mo. (374-128 Illinois Central THE ROAD OF TRAVEL LUXURY

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