The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 5
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 5

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 5
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THUM0AT. AUGUST f. 1«M Siarify9ant Is Given Club TW PARIS NEWS, - "You may teed a man for a. hundred yeara and leave him in A wor»e condition than when you flrtt befaii to help him if you fail to imbue Mm with the proper conception of Ms relations to the world at large," declared Envoy F- In an address before the Lions club Thursday. Envoy Lange pointed out tne dangers of the present relict system whereby men and -women are rapidly coming to the conclusion that the government owes -them a living and that there is no disgrace in accepting public char- *ty. In tliis connection Mr. I-ange iold how the Salvation Army as an organization is trying - TO .bring those unfortunates wtooca they are assisting to a realization of their obligation to the world, and making of them worth while citizens. Through their men's social centers they are attempting to keep men in some worthwhile employment, enabling Thera to pay their way until some outside work for which they are fitted may be found for them. •* In reviewing some of the work of the Salvation Army Mr. Larsge stressed especially the work that is done for unfortunate girls .through their home in San Antonio. He told of how these girls FIGHTS Last Night By the Associated Press CINCINNATI. — Moon MuUUns, 125, Viccennes. Had., outpointed Johnny Alba. 12S. Cincinnati. CIO). Carl Knowles, 16S%. gavafiAah. Ga.. knocked out Smoiey Maggard, 173, Dayton, Ky., (?>. W1KONA.V.Minn.—Jack Gibbons, 160. St. Paul, outpointed Mel Coleman. 162, St Paul, (6). Frankie Kouba, 139, Winona, outpointed Pat Chilifone, 135, St. Paul. <«). Babe Herman. 133. St. Paul, stopped Ixou Gans, 135, Minneapolis, (3). Deal (Continued Prom Pag« On*) security and happiness of a free society." As for party alignments he remarked significantly: "Your two senators, both old friends, of mine, and many others have worked with m» in maintaining excellent co-operation between the executive »:>., legislative branches of th.« government-'* Senator Robert 2>i. i^aFoilette Republican independent and sponsor of the new state political party, is up for re-election. F. Ryan Duffy, Democrat, is the other senator from Wisconsin. elected in 1932. are taken care of during the period \ xhe president emphasized that: they are in the home and how the Salvation Army through its representative* make every effort to -»tart them over in an honorable •way and ho-w in practically every case the girls talve their place in the community and live respectable and worth while lives. Other phases of the -work include- juvenile tfellnqusncy, the operation of two homes for women and children and meals and lodstay for transients aiid other forms of assistance designed to make better citizens out , of those who may according to the maxim of the Salvation Army be dowa but never out. •The-'musical program under the direction of Mrs. Troy C. Thomp- «oa consisted of a number of violin dcets by Mrs. James Sheffield and ifi«» Kellie Bess Cr> Jeff Cunninsrham was program chairman and in the absence of "President Joe "Wunsch, Vic* President ThoTsas J-ostiss presided. "These high purposes rrnist be accompanied by co-operation among those charged by the people -with the duties of government. I afn grlad to be in a state from -which I have greatly drawn in setting up the permanent and temporary agencies of government," As he spoke of the friends of the "new deal." the president talked oat also about the opponents. "In one year and five months," he said, **the people of the Unit-, ed States have received at least a partial answer to their demands for action. "But action may be delayed by two types of individuals. "^Flrst. there is the man -whose objectives are -wholly right and wholly progress!ve but who declined to co-operate or even to discuss methods of arriving at the objectives because he insists on his own raethods and nobody elses. "The other type to which I re- AT 75 Hn S FATHER OF TWINS (Continued From Page One) «old stock will be one 10 three. exact amount will depend on tin? variations ia the gold stock which now exceeds $7.000,000.000. la giving this order, congress gave the president authority to take over domestic silver stocics at a. price of 50 cents an ounce. Thai i» whajt the president -did Thursday. The coinage value of silver is $2.2929 an ounce. That means one ounce o* silver will he coined into *!,292 ia silver dollar*. But since congress held the price to hair a dollar, the treasury is not pay'njr the coinage valse. It keeps for the government Si 8-25 per j cent of the $1.2929 azsd pays the j silver holder the remainder—50.01 1 cents. I "The soverament'ic "share" is held in the vaults. The rest of the silver is coined into silver dollars. It will snake just encash dollars to pay for the silver taken in by the nationalization, so the cost to j the government is nothing-. For some time the government has been buying newly mined silver, paying the miner 64=4 cents an ounce and keeping the other half of the 11.29 for its share. The president's order doesn't change this process and miners will con- j inue to receive 64 -£ cents. Shots (Continued rrorn Page was in the house ia Thl« proud father I* 75-year-otd Charles A. H entity, whose twin sons were born In Memphis, Term. Each weighed seven pounds at birth. Hie mother is 37 years old. The couple, married in 1923, has four ether . children, the oldest 10 years and the youngest 15 months, (Associated ' youss J Press Photo) *-* '"' * ati of Houston. Visitors Included J- C- Terrill of j fer is the individual who demands Miss Margaret Hooka | SO ine message of the people of the ] United Staies that -will restore ~~~ | what he calls "confidence.** """""'hen TAX CX->UJECTED 11 hear this I can not help btrt X. {£*) — The grov- \ remember the pleas made by the erxtment collected $184,923.535 in 1 •royerarrjeut and certain types of alcoholic beverage taxes in the first f eo-ca!!ed "big business'" all seven months of legalized liquor. 1 tiircush the years 1930. 133l7 and IS32 that the ' paly ' thing lacking In the United States xras confidence." And thus, *Mr. Roosevelt j declared out here in "a. state des- NOLDEN AUTO WORKS Has Moved To 9O Clmrfcrrffle St. W« invite you to visit ua In oar ne-tv iocAtioa, We will to feature asto top and. Jxxly aad other similar work, and will in addition hacdlft Sinclair products as •well as tires and batteries. Telephone 457 enough to imply that he -would i ~ z I tined for extraordinary ] menu" his principles for the future. "In the great national movement that c-c'minated in 1932.** I which regulate business he said, "people joined Tvith en- utility could henc»<o»th i thusiasn:. They lent hand and j anv rate r» Fruit Peddler Refuses To Vacate Postoffice Site It will no less a personage than President Roosevelt to r«- 5 on the site of this town's" new post- * to con ~ abduction of a recently and the sheriff a *-s companions were inves- isg- this crime when the deputy and constable were wound- i ed. I Ail tliree went to the house and i called for "Jones." The m a a < identified now as Bohannon told ! thera they couid ^et information i about the man they sought at a house some distance from the one ia which he had been residing. Sheriff Stewart left to make ln- Tiiry. THien At least. move J. XV. Roman. 62 year old swer to pleaSi mrez-Ls and cajoling fruit and vegetable vendor, from f cf thos* -arfeo sought to ; »* «-*-.?- »»iieja us -was ajjout TO Roman's an- ! yards atvay Bohaanort fired on his stand under a. mesouite tree t removed ia order that work on the! and first. then . Sheriff Stewart heard the shots both to restore confidence. of them I -vrrote identical} federal '•building way. Claiming nis rijrhts "as a free j ajio. started back to the house, might gex Bohannon fired five or sis times at the sheriff, who leturned the answers; '"What "would you. likejborri American citizen." Roman ro have me say?" Prom one of them I have received no reply at ell six weeks later. I tak« it that he is still wondering how swer. The ether man -wrote me frankly that in his judgment the way to restore confidence was ignored a written rsiaoval order handed him by Alex Mood of Fort assistant United States at- lot belongs to the people I liave its macH right on It as rae to declare" that all supervision \ by all forms of government, federal and state, over forms of s for] anybody "until the proper a-athori- ision ties teli me to £^~- -off-" human activity called business should be forthwith abolished. Roman explained that the "proper authority"' "would be President^ ' * fire. Both missed their Bohannon tijen flee on. -ft forcing an IS boy to r old barefoot accompany him in ais --'S^i~ Snerjif Stewart ministered to the -.vounded men, called Ifia'be! for help and thea took up the j Pursuit of Sonaunon an<i tb*» ' and the youth he had forced to aceom- pan- hinx. Roosevelt. And Homan sits by his potatoes^ *•? Eight t~vro yri*?T» a_n- = ig tHe descriptions of the \ ?an- I escaped convict and his ccmpan- "In other words, he TVZIS frank I a PP-&s. aad string beans, adamant | road tracks through Wrlsrht f'rv ^ his refusal to leave, despite | about eight miles' from °>^ ~~~* ! repeal all laws, state or natioxial. -that a charge] pleas o* contractors, persons vrho desire ne-w structure, volc« to the common cause, irre- I spectiv* of many older political traditions. They sav.- the dawn of a new day. They were on the march: they were coining back into the possession of their own home Jand." It sounded to some like the call political alignment. It state where that the railroads couM go back to rebates and other secret* agreements; that the processors of food _. ] commerce, J,3' the United States g-ovemrsi-ent. ja-mployefi } where the shooting occurred. Thev , sire work on tha | had not beer, seen acain Tbur*dav ! the chamber of j morning, the sheriff's office "~ad~ • representatives of s vis^d. " ~ i Hood lie woiild attempt to e Roman to vacate his spot Thursday morning a o'clock two carloads o- left Icabei for R'n^Ic at 3:30 officers : • stuffs could disregard all rules of j "*" ithout Ponging into litigation | northwest part a=d of S c-od fai that the i unresulated wild-cat banking of a ceatury ago could be palmed off that -nro-aid consume much time. | county, ^bere the youth abducted" Susiness and civic leaders con- ^y red an appeal directly to Pre- for a •was -delivered In such is going on. president said. "I received rwo-iet-1 Uoth an<5 the ters from important men. both of pleading that I say some- n the public: -bat stock manipu-1 ^^ Roosevelt to get Hon:a.r. to Jation tvhich caused panics and .enriched insiders could Notice To Piano Owners Our factory man will be here the rest the rest of this '.veek for tuning voic- " ing and adjusting psanos. WE GUARANTEE HIS WORK IN EVERY RESPECT Henry P, Mayer Music House A ro-w of vegetable stands on TONIGHT—— LI HO CHANG As Long As Men Believe In Ghosts They Will Appear PCCIAL SHOW II P. M. On 1**c Screen -SISTERS THE SKIN OX THK SCKEEX "GLAMOUR" AN EDNA FERBEK STORY CONSTANCE CUMMINGS — PAUL LUKAS CATHERINE THE GREAT Do-ugla* F»irbank« r Jr. Efiaib«tli BtTtii« Worn** of Fifty Ixnrcw THE 'La*t Round-Up" or Bord«r 1 V«tiirin« tlw Son* move. sro un- i Roman has Tnade this proposi- checked. In fact, if \ve were to! tion: Ir a contract Is signed t »i*ten to him. the old Is.'w- of the cla-w -would reitm once rnore. "My friends, tne people of the! United States will not restore that j winiams street, one side of the ancient order, ihere is no Jack | federal site, enjoyed their usual of confidence ca ths part of [ business, meanwhile, as their ov.-n - tho^e businessmen, farmers and J crs agreed to move, too. but axr^it- worksrs -who clearly read the signs j ed word from Romas, of times. Sound economic im-j provement cornts from the ini- j proved conditions of the -whole j population jtnd not a small frac-1 don thereof, j Officers belie^-ed they mis make for the ho e ° relatives. "Later ing- another carload of I«ft for an unannounced ] start the building in 30 days after} tion to aid in the hnnt. j he evacuates, he will move: if the ! Every avaiia&Ie peace • vrork is not started in SO days, he ( k""- McCurtaia. couatv i his place back, ( pressed Into action " is 5 the boy's morn- officers i ] Sflver * .those •who £*J£T> Or.e> 'or Bohaauon. hunt I! are rhe gcnman cj?«ir co-trorkers. Ev=rv is this vicinity is ben irsarcied and every railway station and train is being- watched fc- possible trace of tie seaman and his companion ss ST im ""faced i ; possemen press the search. The -posses-en are reasonably; t^-e gtinma.n still is oa <*oot Ji there have be«n no reports i re-export and Tlie crtsde metal. area operation to' practical and the end of the useless bickerins: ar^d sectional thinking- of the past. Confidence is returning to the manufacturers who. In over- lelming- numbers, are comparing the black iisk of today with the red ink of many years the Tvorkers wh«* have has been buv" s:!x-cr in the markets of the ur.aer authority of the silver pur- | Thtirsday irTorn'n'- the Ksarder of vchitten «T>^ -moth. JlcL/J ^\^Q— timates have placed it around ir-e,- | ounces. be filed. for a atioa: to the n-ten and whose willing hands found work and who have b^cn from starvation by grox-e-nnier.t re- no by; to| The treasury holds approximate- ! ^P^ 11 *^ Statement achieved | iy ounc«? of silver ac-1 From Foreism Connt under the national recovery ad-1 quired from other source*, and she j w ^';r" v^tjuzit rolsistration rights for which they new order win brlrjs: ia. official J AL-^rjTX c-"P T»«- s^e-*»-»^ said at i least 45.000,000 ounces {««*•. office ^Thur«!av *^, now iield in .depositories recog- for the first time, a carr.pslgn n.zed by the excharigcs on which 1 P*nse the metal is traded. j foreigrs From now on manufacturers cs- | Roy T>. Jackson. s-Sth judicial S of i th* fa*r »n<I e j .ncer* bankers and ) t* and business men. big] Ii::i«. who now, for the first find government co-oj>*rat- nsr with th*>m in new attempts to , .*:rr>^ ! <3ays obtaininsr extradition :o Interference would be : Culberson county of a murder sus>- . ^_, tlst wjr *y of I«sritbr.ate irt- i P*ct. It was ser=t by air mail Aug. dustrial -osre, « «st S and arrived todar. Senator Thomas said that from stark threat of foreclosure and to h« jrmall Investors arsd saver* of h<* n»t!on. who, for the first time, rightly b«l!eve that their saving-* «re secure. These are the elements thaf make f<»r confldenci* in the r«- «re. This KO^ernTne^t Intends no njury to honrst business. The w* follow 1n se*k5njr »o- Ma! justice do not in »<Jd!n£ to prosTf>ertry take from one A monetary stock the tion to another. In this tno<3- rn world, the spreading- out of pportunity ouffht not to consist >f robblnj? Peter to pay Paul. We re concerned with more than mere subtraction and addition. We are concerned -with the multipiipa- Jon oC wealth throujrh co-opera' tiv« action—wealth an the government need to purchs** a of silver fo m*«t the T»UO which I n*» be«n s*t by congress. He contended *he i^.portnnc? of ™r m0 7 trM *** «*c^*»»t!on of i Policy th*t we r ,«e4 silver to ^t \ to^r *o!d as money." "It Is a declaration there is not ! -rh rold in th« world to sathjfv i demands for money." Thomas to FROST CAR Jf, T. W"f-i— XVitJt her clothJnit In fliun«». Mrs. 8*r- 4S. was hurled, from a motor car early T"ftwn*da,r after two men had kidnap** her »on»e time be~ for*. **Jim V«nt» Me to Stay Young .,,'** So many of csy friends are lcma<; themselves get old before they're forty. 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