The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 26, 1948 · Page 8
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 8

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 26, 1948
Page 8
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·VH* »wm Frederick. MA., Mon4»r. July »«. IMS Third Party Puts Blame On U. S., Russia Convention Halt Philadelphia, July ±5 .jp--America's boisterous new- Progressive Party wound up its convention tonight by boosting Henry Wallace on to at platform that says Russia and the United States share "joint responsibility"* for avoiding viar. The newly created, newly named party ended its convention as it began--on a note of song -Great Day The People March- jug'' delegates chanted and two o£ them danced oa the stage The convention V lengtny Sunday session added a few planks to the platform and picked permanent eff'cers for the patty For its Presidential candidate the party has Kenr A Wallace Its Vice Presidential nominee i^ Senator Glen Taylor of Idaho The two accepted in speeches Jat Then ;oda. delegate:- piled back iiuo Convention Hall to acopt a 7 000-word platforrr- By the tjrne they fsrushed th« rhore, a count showed onlv 351 of ;ome 3 240 delegates and alternate;, -till on the floor And 1-1 she sal- leries 1ST onlookers tayed w i t h them. The delegates nailed into the platform a statement that "Although we are critical of tt*e foreign policy of the United States, it is not our intension to give blanket endorsement to the foreign policy of any nation." There was a lone hot fight before the amendment went so she waste basket. The convention wa in it final session, trying to erect in final form the platform on \\hich Wallace will stand as its Presidential candidate. James Kayford of 'Wesuburke. V t . started the *-crap over whether the convention hou!d *ay. indirectly that the party is not backing Russian foreign policy Two other Vermont deleca'es joined in offering the amendment Hayford said he wasn't trying to bring a "red herrina" into the Droceedsngs. But he ^id the platform as it stood opens the party to the charge of condemning American foreign policy · en toto" w iih- out saying a word of criticism about the policy of any other nation. Somebody else in the Vermont section got up to declare that ir the platform "we endorse Soviet foreign policy 100 per cent and I don't support any foreign policy 100 per cent " Someone froir Pennsylvania «aid he favors 'friendship x^ith Russia but not blind friendship." Member^ of she platform committee said they thousht nothing was needed bev ond the language already approved v h'ch says Rus='3 and the United States must ·share responsibility for keeping the peace. And Carl Leon Edd\, of In- dianaoolis, protested that the Hayford amendment wa* an attempt at "appeasement" at appensing those vho can't be appeased While Kavford"^ amendment took a beatir.e the convention put into the platform a denunciation of · anti-Soviet hysteria as a ma-:k for monopolv. mlitarisrn and reaction " Delegate* went on recotd for erecting s ^truc'ure of u^sce through "ju^i enforcement noon individuals of world federal lav, T-acted b a v. orld federal legislature "* j Heavy Buying Is Held Cause Of Inflation , Washington. July 25 f--The big inflation trouble, the Commerce Departn-ent :a!i toda. J^ tha: buying demand has been growing -Ah^Ie production ha* stood still And, there's no i-arly hope, the Department said of production stnkuig a more evei balance \\ilh demand its re:narks on a ri-vi survey of current business, *ne department i-aid rrosl industries ha\e oeen at " maximum le\els cons:tte:it \sith a\ai!ab!e fac:lit;ei a-:d «upo; es of niater.ali part.cularly of *:ee^ !· acaed ' In t;.o«e area* v icr" '..-lore is iecwa for further e\p«;^ «:· ^uc:i as .-"i cu'toi :e\;.!e curren: re- qu;resner:: oi^s and con- iii:ners na.o Kene'allv served a;ae ba-.s for t-t?aa; t/perat.ons t.'i the recent pcr.txi ' One of tse fe ·. except o;js !'hoe 1 ?, \\!w:e o-tajt hs- moved 'Three-Day Joint 'Conference Pl»nnetl The Department · Mews were as Pre^de-jt Tr jman s cSose aide 1 - worked on t.'U apf-i'jflalion progra:n Mr. Truman .- tw oeliver The President h.m^eU has hinted that the program v..'.: try getting demand tSoier oalar.ce with proauced of some uoodb by cuttir.j; dov i o". buying thiuugh rationing an accompamn^ent to price control The Commerce Department sa, 1 . deinar.c pre^sure^ grow ing as consumer income aKeady bo'stercd bv lower w i t h h o l d i n s taxet. has been furtner advancea b% impurt- as^t wago awa r i*- t!iat aHo exerted price pressure tnrwugh the'r effecli on cost-; It said w age settlements negotiated in June and July wil! give a further bw-t :o persona! income from the a".r.uai rate of S208 000.000000 recoidets .n Mav. la-it month for ·-.»uch ', cj-es have oeen obtained Further strength of demand aUo i^ being projected in Government spend me on cvoorls and defense ·-top--, w h i l e buvine«s concerns expect to maintain a r.isjh rate of spending on equipment and Despite rising price* consumer buying registered a pick-up in the April-June period that cut down stock* of good'* that had been accumulating somewhat in the hands of rctaiier 1 ; and wholesalers before then, the Department said. Helping to p cn-idc the money, it said w a s the sharp increase in cm- piovmcnt to a new record of over til 005 000 :n June It has been announced by Walter D. Bromley, secretary-treasurer of the Frederick Production Credit Association, and the Mat- lonal Farm Loan Association that 9 three-day joint conference of directors of both Associations will be held in the George Washington Hotel Winchester. Va . July 28 29 and 30 This is the first join* meeting of the directors to be held :n this section, and ideas and problems in connection %vith the improvement of the Farm Credit System in rendering service to farmers in this section will be dis- cusied. Other association directors to be represented include Clarksburg NFLA and PCA; Kcy- ser XFLA and Romaey PCA Staunton XFLA, and PCA. and Warrento-- NFLA and PCA In addition to Mr Bro:n!e\ the oth- cts attending from the Freder-tk asvociatio.-.s include S I- Hoke Westminster L'!\ses CHrjiSith 4th GaiThersburg Ra H Smith Frcd- erscK Howard U Quin-i Freder- .ck William J Hmei.. Brinklow V/i!lson Poole Sellman The Fredrrick Associations ser%'ice farmer^ in Frederick Carroll Washington and Montgomery counties and :n addition to extending credit for- farm purposes, are available to Sive aid to farmers in connection w ith their farming problems,, including improvements-, coiiierva- ·ion and marketing. The other association 5 : cover counties in Virginia arsd West Virginia [Youth Waves Shirt; [ Averts Train Wreck A youth, identified by Montgomery , County police only as "Adams. 1 * v.-as^ credited Saturday w ! th averting a ' triin-autoraohile crash at the Hal pine crossing near Rocjkville. Corpl. Kenneth Miller of the county police headqu-rters in Rockville *aid the car. operated by Mrs Patricia Mathews of Sprmg Lake Park, stalled on the tracks when she attempted to turn sharply off the crossing. While Mrs. Mathev.s went uear- by to call police, the jou'h r a n ' from the Iratrks. but the youth down the track wa\inj{ his under- Irft before oPiccrb could obtain shirt to stop an oncoming Balti- his full riaiie. more and Ohio freight train The -, train stopped several hundred feet BR."NNEK WILL FILED from the car. The v.-ill of the late Francis M County police pushed the car Biunner \vas filed Saturday v. it" of Wills Harr" D Rad- clitf for piobatu Contents oC the \vill and assets in the estate \\ere not revealed pending probate. The telescope tube of the 200- .nch telescope ii 55 feet long I TO-DAY'S \ \ I T and WISDOM KEYSTONE PAINTS TVTien the bfst rn«K ^o Httle whv rompromi^e on qualityTM Complete line exterior. Interior finishes. 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