The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 13
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 13

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 13
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THE DAILY NZWS. FREDERICK, MD.. TBIDAY. JUNE 3. 1932. THlftTEEH Gambler's Throw tnj Eutact L. STXOPSIS? Rt~ixt slo-y a en ctrp:':«« Jerry c-:iaoat cxd h:3 fr'.^-.d. L'*n9ry Bci'.i's. stcrch ror t'-.t tidK-jc-s c" ^-r.~, \\'fni- ·r^?rrft c?:*i fjco ir^ri~*.*-^trn n-:I- ^loicjtres. /.t · .f;*c*"s cfwtct'-i*:'? : c? ?'· Xo Jtrr-j c-.d ."d :e-4 JIT of :·-; i In rCew Yorfc The affair had appealed to his imagination and be h^d read the article with interest. Mid-war -to the bottom of the first column he had come upon Jerry's | name. For:.v-Sve oiuiutes later his | roadster was rearing toward the j scene o£ action. Had the dispatch i told of Jerry's isjurr ia a Paris i L«raiv! he would hare sailed oa tie i nei: steadier. Jerry, the gay-hearted j war buddy of the 199:h Pursuit \ \V:ns. tie never-failing friend, was . the one man ;n the w;rld whoa j Ej^ory sever ure-I o: seeing. j The friendship between these two a:ea vrr:o had Sown. Joaght and i played together lay too deep tor I speech. It was something that each ] took as niuch lor granted as the Chapter 5 j ri:r-s and setting of the sua. "THEY'RE AFTER THE MONEY"! Emory stiSeaed in his seat, beat JERRVS eyes followed the line oJ! f2 -' over :hd cockpit wall acd Emory's rating arm. There. fy /.«r- /{«· AT er« o f f l ^ - . K i j p"y»;is return *-s t-^t :\f-r ' f ' - : f f c ^ T-';*? KC: c.:.-- :perhaps e':^'~t miles froa shore. thvinibed the focussing wheel ol bis binoculars. There, far to tha sosth- sst. was another airplane, tricg- ·were three ch:ii's-s:;e destroyers.! ing its way straight toward the ceo- .steaming eastward in a fan-shaped · ter of the encircled area. It was formation. Four or five minutes j we:! below his slowly-flying pSerse, later, off Southampton, another j forging along at an altitude of about could be seen, idling along a mile j 6ve thousand feet. Emory stared at or two off the beach. Eotweea East ; it, trying to distlasc'si its type and Hampton and An;2gansett they Sew j its markings. -' over a half-dozen coast guard boats.! With tea or twelve thousand feet The plane teas flying at its ceil-1 of space separating the two ships, lag, sisteen thousand feet. wSea Its ;:: was to be hoped that the other The man leaped from the lower wing of the plane into the rowboat. pilot would not notice the plane which tvas spying upon him. At last Emory's practiced eyes discerned the curious hook-nosed nn- derbody of an amphibian, s. type c* ship equally at home on or orer land and sea. Jerry, obeying an instinct acquired during the war, worked the biplane into a position between the sun and {be lower amphibian. Wt:Ie he was able to keep that strategic place he would be almost invisible to the Syers below. The strange pilot betrayed no uncertainty of purpose. Straight as a ballet he Sew toward the little rowboat anchored within the far-Sung circle of waiting vessels. The amphibian suddenly nosed and began a steep dire toward the surface. Jerry closed his throttle and pnl the biplane in a thin glide, "They're after the money!" he roared above the popping of the motor and the --histla of tiie wind through wires and struts. Emory nodded briefly, his bine eyes glittering with excitement. He focussed his glasses again upon the amphibian, which was now levelling oat for z. landing not thirty feet trorn the tossing boat. Small as was the toy-like plane be-eath them, Smory coald see a tiny blacs figure standing upon its lower wing as its pilot steered for the rowboaL The man leaped into the boat, reasaiaed there a moment, thea. as th amphibian turned slowly into the wind, he returned to the wing. Presently he was seated again ia the rear cockpit. The amphibian began to move through the water, leaving behind z. spear-shaped wake which contrasted -whitely against the b!se background of the sea. The wake ceased abruptly. Tas swiff-movius plane, now ia its natural element, backed in a wide, swinging arc toward the southwest and -pursued s ruler-straight course in the direc ticn whence it had appeare-3- Jerry whirled his plane aronnc Enl beaded after the amphibian, s':;I keeping within the bliDdiir ray= of the san. (Cspyriyht. Sisl saw tbe ligbthonse at Mon-[ ' tank point slide beneath their lower j wings. They gazed down in aston-! Ishmeat. Hidden on tns Gardiner's | bay sice of the point were To'ur more · picket boats and anotner' destroyer. 4 Between the. point and Block is-j land could be seen several o* tie larger ram-chasing patrol craft, were drifting about, apparently ia designated position, await- i Jng the call to action. Jerry turned sharply orer the lighthouse and headed on a. south- easterly course bearing straight ont to sea. As he had anticipated, he 'soon saw an almost invisible white speck oti the water which represented, presumably, the rowboat in ·which a fortune in hundred dollar bills awaited the kidnapers. From their lofty seats Jerry and -Emory conld see that the authori- ·ties, acting in cooperation with, tae coast guard, had drawn a network J ships about the boat from which it would be almost impossible to escape, ret each of the guard ships .was so far away from the rowboat as to be invisible at sea leveL Jerry understood the strategy that was so evident frota above. The kid- j napsrs" speedboat would nndoubt- | | edly ba permitted to approach j the rowboat unhindered. Having grabbed the satchsi containing the money, the criminals would turn to j race for safety. But the chances of successfully eluding the cordon of 1 Tigilant ships seemed, from the a:r, to be s::ght indeed. ; Jerry hoped that he was flying sufficiently high to be unobserved.: Etrory studied the o-tlyiag ring j of ships, rejoicing in the tense ex-, :itement o; tie moment. What a i binge this might t::m out to be: He i vas content w:lh life again for the ' :irst time in months. Surfeited with ! hothouse attr.csphere of Xew I York night ciub life, he had turnec! ( | 'he key on his Gra--ercy park apart-! nient. For a ·a'jy.e. he fcd enjoyed i i the Quiet cairn cf the;ctoriaa j J bouse on Boacou street. Boston. Bt:t i j as nsua!, sli -.reeks of peace naa ; [whetted h.a appetite for adventure, i He iiaa picked up a two-day-old i spsper with the vague idea of i reading the sdvertisenier-ts cf ] round-tie worM cruises when his i eye had fal'-n -jpon the nrst-?a:r_ story of the F?cct:cul2r kidnapinga The bsys chas; the plans down t-s ccssi, tcnigrrow. boats fcUow- i-g fcsJ;w. But the kidnapers* is proved by new "outra Hollywood Gossip BY DAN THOMAS Hollywood. Ju;-e 3.--Stroll ng iRovwland' Doug'as Fairbauks. Jr Boi Miatgoa:rry aiii Ol!M*r _:ust back lrc=; a cruise '.hroush Mexican waters - - and all » full beards. . . :li«'i« 3iai-," a be- that the firs', t j shave must eat a gsxxi sized piect- .: ra-.v beef. . . . Coll«f*a Moore _r p .".urcs on '.he M-G-M lot a few ct them get It ... and oc- someone »:th real talent sa discovered . . Will Ropers anti Jimmy Glrason sinking ou: lor a game «.'£ polo. * * * Sea Struck Stars. Looks, as t:;ough ihc film Co! ·?.? \* so:cg in for xacliLiiix in a bis »a '.-u s-umnier . . . everyone »ho can itlorC ar.y*.hir.g from a rc» boa: ou up is £·".- ting sea s'.rurs . Dick Arler.. Cl^rVv r'arrrU a:.d T^y Girr.e: .tre a:r. -."..: th- I^d«*r;. . . ana then ut course tiit-re -'.re a ft-w !.ie Cecil B DeM;. ar.c J-js-sli M. Scheark »ho oun regular floating pjli.vs . . . but tike :·- par in :l:e -··ailirig or the boats. Marlcr.-- Dietrich ar-i Josff w:i S'.e:".- bfrg .a 4 big sucdle try.:^; :o ST.. ::vn out A si-i-:se ::s "Tr.e Blvrid \Y;us ' . '..ais. I* tae n'.ai niuth caused all ll'.f rump-s betweifii lhtrr:i ai:a the itust.o . . . Frances Dee plav:ng »ith her 2-year-old nephew . . . and apparen'iv haMng as mucfa fun as he . . . a small merclian: juariung up the pnre of ln» *h.-^ Jlannels . . tliat's vi;;s: 2:-. early i;ege of ho; »-a'.her des. * * * Golf And Tennis. Nobody seems to feel like »ori-E£ these days . . except those who haven", jaos . . . Mack Sennett and Attdr C'.** going out lor a game of golf . . . uh:le Richard Barthe!c*ss and Bill PO-.V..-!: taie tun* ofl for some :e!ir.:s . . . :: seems that a swimming pool really would be more in order. . Hard* Al- br^ht !ook'j-.g too darn comfortable in a linen sui: . . . that. iraSSc top viljo calls nearly e 1 . error.? :n to«n by :i.i:i:e Donald Cook jus* out of the luv-p:U!l . . . and going to lunch with E^alyn Knapp . . . she certainly was a g-xxi one to give him sympathy while !u was laid irp . . . hav:r.jt spent plenty of ·'.mo in hospitals herself . . Viv.enr.e Osbome coming in froc: the beach fo- a day. OPERATE ON BABY , Nrn-Boru Infant^ Apprudlx 1$ Kemvxed By Sur;e«ns. Sow York. June _' OHuuls ^f tic \ t Htxli'j. s..d Bi\*k n Mi- -:i liid 5x«-:i ^-lc- r. a;: tufaiit j::- v.o.k-hiJ I"..'. ·:···.,- rx- i-.j_ ar.d rl'.;.?.- c_injs who v ' v - . i - \ « v - . A. ^TIOUS .".«·?...» 'n'.v l\i:'.'i t::c a.»-::...\ cxx"ds.-d ?.:i ici- \v ::ie i «s:».tal .: in The Ne\s. DANCE HOLLYWOOD BALLROOM FKtUtKH R. MI. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 8 ' GREGORY MCTOR Kl'COKDIXG OKI. 1 U S 1 K V i New » r k tv l.o botl ^ la\vr»tr" "Ihr KJJC of » N»tion" Admission 50c NO DANGER OF WAR LORETTTA VOCXG don's kno-.v what they're going :o cio with her. Norma Snearer siriing out for Malibu for a good rest a'ter finishins "Strange Interlude" . . . this hot weather certa:nly is chasing everyone down to the mov:? playground . . . looks as though I will have to spend cons.derable time down there myself this summer it I really want to keep up on what's happening. 4f * ~ Sally's New Home. Sally Eilers looking over the new Beveriy Kiiis home Hoo-t Gibson bought for her as a reconcilmt-on present . . . that's a bad precedent for Hoot to set . . . too many girls might begin to figure iha; it pays to leave their husbands. . . . Minna O".iibel out dancing with Jiniiuy Dunn . . . and I-T.e Dunne getting ready for a trip to N"w York 2nd a n.ce vacation "a-tli her -·.us'ca.ncL . . . X-cretta Young and Sally Blane on a shopping tour. TK"ith school ibcut to let f-ut for the summer vacation our studies may be able to pick up some nev.- talent . . . many of the Ho'lywood school girls al--ays' flock to the studios to ge'. extra work during the summer months Jap Premier Sees Tare In Fatune W i t h Soriet Rusia. Tokyo, Japan. June 2 -- There is absolutely no danger of *£r between Japar. and So\iet Ru=s;a. Viscount Makato Saito declared today in one of his first statements on foreign policy s.r.ce he assumed the premiership last week "The Japanese government has stated repeatedly that no danger of war with the Sov; v »; Ur.ion exists." said the pre- m:er. who also presides over the fjr- eign office. The vjcount accuse-d ' a consicerable and influential section of American ar.d European opinion" of being too hasty in criticising Japan's course in Mac- churia and Shanghai and huited thai possibilities might impel- the Tokyo jovcrnment, to withdraw from the Leog-je of Nations. On the subject of Russian relations the premier declared that "the attitude 01 the gv»rriiii.-_.ji. icjatfctm? a3surs in Manchuria has been perfectly correct and ae only wish that the Sovie;, go-.crnment migri; in a v.-3y repose such a further message of confidence in Japanese stnceritv as would enable the Soviet Union to discontinue all concentration of troops in tl:e Far ', Bfest." Tuesday, June 7th 3 P. M. and 8 P. M. The World's Greatest Trained Animal Show of Its Kind Under One Big Top FEVrt'KIXO. 'Freckles" (Hoo) Ray KIO M O V I E SI \R FORM VI L\ \ l l l l l O I K i.'.NQ AND 28 OTHER ACTS. Center And Madison Sts. Follow the Crowd ADMISSION: Children. 20c; Adults 3th:. Recent soundings have disro'-ered a depth of 24.000 feet, or nearly five miles, in the Carribbean Sea. WARNER BROS. 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