The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 3
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 3
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THURSDAY. imCEM RKU 4. 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, PAGE THREE. SPORT NEWScf ANDUVIEWS ASK SANCTION OF BIG GAME Misiouri Will Seek Ratification of Missouri Valley Athletjc Officials. Kiinans Ciiy, Dec. 4.—Whether tho University ot Missouri cloven In to meul tli i ? University ot Soiiihcrn California timni on lite gridiron ChrlBtmiiH Day nt l<oa Angeles nrnbnbty will lw decldcil lioro Snlurday when athletic officials of Ihn Missouri Valley Con- t'eronco hold their Benil-iinininl mectlnR. Kopresniitativos of the various universities malting up tlio eoiifer- i .'iico will bo requested by Missouri authorities to sanction tbe proposed liilorscetlonal game. Whllo tlio conference regulations prohibit, the playing of post-season game:*, .Missouri hopes to have tbe ! rules set jmlile In this particular ljidtiiiu 'i?. Missouri will begin con- Stnirlton of a new stadium next, spring mill It is planned to lunrlnto Ine staillum I'uinl the Tiber's end of iho reieiiits at l.os AngeUii, tmmmmrnnKmmmmmmammammemmmmttme HE FANNING BEE HI Merlins Win First Round. Th" first, round,ot thn annual Y. .U. C. A. bowling tournament camo to a close last night Willi tlio Meriden Creamery team winner of the championship. The milk maids didn't lose a match. The lianUers and Die Abbott 1'lectrics I led for second. The second round will begin next Monday. The final standings: Ten Ml- W. t.. Mriiiii'it 7 t) llalik '.TS r. : AM.oil lUoell'lc 5 3 Allilo! sen -1 !. V. M. I'. A :i < Si-ivlre 2 S 11 . II . i*. r .t 1 ii :-::i:ni Ko 1 C Made a Record Score. The Meriden Creamery pin meu went on a rampage last, night and piled up a record team score in winning their bowling match from Iho Hankers In the Y. M. 0. A. i .ourniiiuenr. The team had a total of -SIS -in the :I0 frames and Cliumos ot the Meriden team set an Individual record with a score Tlio versatile Mr. Demiwoy Is to bo tho business manager for Kstellu Taylor, movln actress. AVIso Mr. Dempsey. He'll get pnlil Instead ot paying and paying and paying, as would have been the case had ho joined tho star In wedlock. -•-x— Incidentally, Kstello should profit greatly from the pact l( Dempsey Is as nsttilo In managing her affairs as he has been with Ills own. John Mcfiraw knows no end to punishment. Tho "UUlo Napoleon" vows he'll take a tour of South America next year, despite Iho frosty reception given thn (Hants and AVhlto Sox In Knropo on-their present excursion. —x— Baseball Is iinlte '"popular In Cuba and It therefore may he received with a kindlier feeling in South America. Th* chief obstacle to in foresting foreigners in Iho Amor- lean jiasllmo Is lack ot knowledge of tho fine points. Mo sport is Interesting where tho spectator docs not grasp tho n -rdinary rudiments at least But tho foreign spectators cannot possibly know less than sonio of tho seinl-regtilnr fannettes who attend games at fiann park. They can't ask worse questions than are frcjiittontly heard in tho local grandstand. John T.evi. star fullback for tho llaakell jntliiMtK, turned down a $1,000 offer for one game with a Cincinnati pro i earn because It would have made his Ineligible to compete In tho final game of the season, that between Haskell and Oklahoma Baptist college, next Saturday. There are some real sports left. Maybe John has some Oklahoma oil land. I.ovi becomes a professional as Ills college career ends this year. Ho will try out with tho New York A'ankees, --x— Alex (liuhnin. former Kansas amateur champ and now pro at one of the. Wichita clubs joined thn "hole In one" club the oilier dny when he sunk a 2S0-ynrd drive on the Meadow Lark course. Full-mount college at AVIch- ita should be well up among 'em in llie Kansas conferonco basketball raco this year. The hill school got Reynolds and Davis, two Wichita high school stars ot recent, years. Fairmount's team will ho mado up almost wholly of former Wichita st.nrs. Captain Klnver Is a . former Kingman player, so the Shocker's will have a team composed entirely of former Arkansas Valley league cagers. Along with Coach Art Knhler, Captain Harold Husscll ot the Lyons football suiiad is given much of the credit for Lyons' remarkable football record in tlio late season. Russell is credited with being tho headiest general the Lions ever had. lie Is n scrapper and never voluntarily iiults. Ho Is fast, a good broken field "runner aud on tlio defense a deadly tackle. AVIIhur Starr. ex-Iliitchlnson high school mainstay Is fairly certain to mako the K. V. basketball squad this year unless Dr. Allen has a lot better talent than wo suspect. Starr's work on tho basketball court while in high school here was not much loss brilliant than his grid play. With other football players, candidates tor the team at K. I.'., Starr is resting but expects to report before tho Christmas holidays. Kansas should have a great basketball team this year. A good nucleus of letter men remains and among tho sophomores who will report will bo Zubor, Proudflt and Schmidt, three of the Kansas City, Kas., boys who won Iho national high school championship two years ago. They played on the team which nosed out, Hutchinson's greatest basketball team In an extra period gamo for tho Kansas championship in the stato tournament nt Lawrence. McMullen to Meet a Denver Battler The individual scores: Meriden ot 1171. ' 'liumns ,!,>liri.sntl ....>-.' .Wbion '''•>•< roller tui Tiffany "'in Total ...isIS Bankers. l..uvii *Vi tloi'lrcu w> V.-inunvoer ^-1 Li.v.-Mu;a •»! lltiiir <•>» Q^fNUl CRACKED / liw 1 .By JOE WILLIAMS Tntnl Now Dempsey Will Manage Business Affairs of Estelle l,s Angeles. Dec. 4—Jack Dempsey, heavyweight, boxing champion hotel ruau and motion picture nc- lor, yesterday added another voca- lion to the string ot activities which ho hopes will keep him busy between now and his next fight. He became business manager for Kstello Taylor, film actress, to .vhom he has frequently been reported engaged. So, at least, it was announced by Miss Taylor's press agent, who quoted the actrosa as saying: "H is a great reliof to have some one to turn to, for, frankly, 1 am a very poor business manager." Tho announcement also quoted Deinpaey to the effect that ho can't glvn out any information about their reported engagement, but might bo able to "in two or three weeks." Estes Is Winner In Tournament Final A. AV. Estes was winner over D. I). Taylor In the final match of the first flight of the (iiandvlew llolf club's November handicap tournament. Estes won In tho last match I and 2. Each had a handicap ot lli . Members of the Orandview club plan to invade Lyons Sunday for i team match with tho Lyons golf •lab. A good turn-out Is expected tor tho trip. Lelivelt to Pilot St. Joseph Team St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. i.— .lack lelivelt, manager ot tlio Tulsa Western League baseball club the last several years, has boon signed by the owners of. tho St. Joseph Western League club to manage, ihe St. Joseph club during the 1U25 -.eason. Lelivelt brought a pennant to Tulsa in I'J'J'J and •» considered ono ot tho most capablo managers, us well as best first baseman in tho league. ST, TERESA'S CAGERS DEFEAT THE ALUMNI. SI. Teresa's Catholjo high school basketball loam defeated a toam composed ot alumni Inst night In a game pn the Y. M. C. A. court, to 2:1. Tho score: St. Tiresa C'ruleliNold rf Salmon If Waller c Santsror g Atabor K llouso g Totals 7 <> 0 Oj 0 0 in a Alumni .McCains if M. Salmon It ItUI'KCSS c Weher K Iiedrt g Dryden e Totals Kft 4 II) 0 0 1 1 t 3 0 1 0 0 6 IS Shop-o-Seope will snow you a lot of things you never knew about Xmas shopping. it, i 1 ALL-AMERICANS NO. 3 , (FIGHTING) WILLlli THE WALRUS: Who refrained from boasting that he hud onco shaken the band of a guy who knew ono ot tho principles in the wind-up, » • # DU.MI1 DAN' Ft.AX.WF.ED: AVho, in introducing his meal ticket to the sporting editor, neglected to add that he was thn "best kid in tho world at his weight, bar none." « • » COL. SIMON L, COBWEBS: Who saw Sullivan and Kllraln tight and yet admits right now that Dempsey could have murdered either of them. * * * ONE-EYED CONKUX: Who crashed the gate at the big fight of tho year and then asked newspaper men not to .mention it In tho papers. * « • SPIDKR AVEI1II: Celebrated rol'oroe who flew in tho teeth of custom by refusing to wear a pair of white flannels in the ring. WISECRACKING HENXY: Who failed to pipe up, "You're wanted on the telephone, O 'Brien." when O'Brien found himself being punched all over tbe ring. • « » CANNON BALL CHASE: Distinguished reformer who confided privately that he had nothing against boxing hut Just must keep his nanio in tho headlines. + * * 5NAFHY SIMHLfc I UN! Who, though knocked out by some ot the game's worst lighten, never smiles Idiotically at the fans after taking a clout on tho whiskers. • » * MIKE McTlGHT: Who explains his refusal to defend the title on the ground that he is not anxious to go back to work in tho boiler factory. • • # RED THE ANNOUNCER: AVho eliminated all formality and spoke his truo feelings to the crowd as follows, "Say, hoobs, the next bout is between a couplo of clowns and if it bores you stiff don't say you weren 't warned." Dodge City, Dec- 4.—Farmer Jake Spahn of Henver is to be the opponent of Elmer McMullen, D^dgo City welterweight, tomorrow ulght 011 the Elks Athletic club boxing card at. tho Roeson Theater. McMullen was to have gone to AVIchl- ta Falls, Texas, this week but his bout thero was postponed u week, and bo Is lo appear in tho 10-round main event here. Spahn Is one of the loading welters In Denver and is Baid to be a scrapper against whom McMullen must show hb stuff if ho is to emerge on lop. McMullen has had some especially hard bouts tbe past few weeks, and the one tomorrow night promises to bo ono of the same calibre. TURON Miss Mary Kllson ot Partridge was hero over tho week end with her father E. F. Kitsoti who is quite sick from a slight stroke of paralysis. Mrs, Edos Shivo and daughter A'lrglnia were Hutchinson shoppers Friday. Mrs. Lloyd Holes and children spent tho week end with her sister Mrs. Jones and family at Alexander, 'Kansas. Carl Simon and friend of Manhattan spent. Thanksgiving with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Philip Simon. Mrs. Cora McMurry and son Alford returned home from Hutchinson AVednoBdny. Mrs. O. H. Dlckhut spent Thanksgiving at Newton with her sister Mrs. Struby and Mr. Struby. Miss Effle AVatson Bpent the week end in Wichita. Among tlio latest mumps victims aro Junior Cray, Clayton Hnlfln, Thelma Koeppol, Helen Jones, Mr. Osker Damon and Henry Jones. Ralph Jones was a Wichita visitor Wednesday. Mr and Mrs. S. H. AVnlker entertained Loralne Cox and family of Wichita for Thanksgiving. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Colglazler and (laughter Daisy visited Thanksgiving Day with Roy Tlllory and family at Sylvia. s Miss Virginia Taylor of Wichita spout the week end with her parents; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Taylor. John Folks Jr. had as Thanksgiving guests Mr. and Mrs. AV. H. Fulks aud family ot Langdon. The Friday Club met Friday with Mrs. Glen AV right. Mr. aud Mrs. A. U. Geesllng and family took in tho foot ball game at Kingman Thursday. Hubert Forney ^arrived AVednes- ONE PASS STARR FAILED TO GRAB; IT WON TITLE FOR MISSOURI TIGER The Gift Desired! Lounsfii IJERE'S an art! * * cle of appavt that almost cverj man Avants in hi wardrobe and in thi man's Store i3 sue! a selection, AV i t'. such a wide ra:r of prices, that choi is practically t. limited. Home Coat.: $20 to $35 Bath Robes, $7.50 to $15 Holeproof Hocc for Men and Women of the pass from Whiteman with .layliawkera unsuccessfully Tho game was played a -week ago today t ,s is the. p.ay thai, gave the Missouri too ca .i .ilwimship Missouri Valley. Walsh of the Tiger* H seen taking a forward •ith Wilbur Starr, Hutchinson boy who was playing in the hacki'leld for the Kansas attempting to spoil It. Columbia, Mo. Starr in his four years with Hutchinson high school was probably the best player the gold and blue ever had for breaking up forward passes and seldom failed wliero stopping a flip was humanly possible. He had an uncanny knack ot being in the way of a pass and charged fear'essly in to intercept tbe oval. day from K. U. for a short vacation visit with his nitron)s Mr. and Mrs. tt. I'.'. Forney. James Cray of Lawrence came AVednesday for a week end visit with home folks. Junior Hinds of Pratt spent the week end with his grand mother Mrs. D. I-I. Hinds. Mrs Gladys Hinds of Pratt vis­ ited relatives and friends hero last week. Lawson Watson who is nltendlng school lu Wichita is visiting his mother, Mrs. Sarah AVatson and other relatives this week. Mr. and Airs. Wade Mat-polo of Dodgo City aud Mr. nml Mrs llert Dlckhut of Cullisnu visited friends here Sunday. GRANT The Lou Tliode, Herman Thode and Nycum famlllos motored up to the cotton field Sunday. This community was shocked by the sudden death of Joe Stafford, Friday. Opal Swarens spent the vacation with homo folks. Paul Richardson and family ate Thanksgiving dinner with Kincade's in Great Bend. Alma Hedgecock spent tbe week end with Helen Timbers of Sterling. Will Morris had as Sunday dinner guests, Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Slntler ot Hutchinson, Mr. and Mrs. Wins. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Reed Slmpklns ami son. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hamilton and son, Mr. and Mrs. AVilber Douahu and daughter. They will have no school at returned home with him lor a AO the illness of tho toucher, Mablo Hobbs, who has un attack of the flu. Mr.'and Mrs. Dan Pratt and children of Lewis spent from Wednesday till Sunday with her parents, Air. and Mrs. McFurland. Mr. and Mrs. Davie Gregg and baby, who came AVednesday from Foiica City, Okl-d., to visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Gregg and oilier relatives, returned home Sunday. Ills sistor Hazel, returned hime with him for a 10 dny Visit. Mr. and Airs. .Murray Redbum and son and Opal Hoffman and baby from Hoisington spent Thauksgiviug with Dick Hoffman's. Dick returned homo Friday with Murray for a few days visit with Roy and A'lolot stayed with his mother. There will be a ladles Farm Bureau, meeting with Eva Shuler AVednesday afternoon. lAlrs. iKickler and children nte Thanksgiving dinner with her parents near Hurrlon nnd while A'ictor fell In tho haymow nnd brolte his arm, it was a bad splinter break and he has to stay at the hospital this week. Rev. Duncan ot Jfackiivllle who came for the Stafford funeral spent Monday night and Tuesday wit Thorp's. Ho and Tbarpff ate supper .Monday evening wit Bart- holds. Bodio McKee and family ate Sunday dinner with his pnrontu, Perry McKee's in Hutchinson. There will bo a Fayn Bureau meeting and program at the Valley school house Friday ovening December 5. Every ono Invited. Don't miss this it's going to bo something extra. BIS TEN COLLEGES ARRANGE SCHEDULES Chicago, Doc. 4.—Foot ball coachey aud athletic directors of the AVestern Conference and other midwest schools, were gathering here today to arrange next year's games- Meetings' will bo held tomorrow aud Saturday, with the final sessions devoted to baseball, track and field and wrestling slates. A shawl collar ot gold brocaded ribbon makes an attractive finish for a dark gown. In answering advertisements, please mention tho News-Herald. LUGGAGE An exceptionally targe assortment of Gladstones, Traveling Bags, English Kits and Briefcases. 8 Ideal Xmas Gift* and the prices are reasonable. THE HUTCHINSON OFFICE SUPPLY AND PRINTING COMPANY Phone 127. 408-410 N Ma' Headquarters for Athletic Goods and School Supplies'. Again HUDSON - ESSEX Reduce Pric Give Hosiery .For ;i Christina.- jjift that is satisfactory in every respect we >titlesi a imx of J'lioenix hose. We liaA'C jttsl. received a com plele shipment <<i I 'hoe nix hose for hidie .i ii all colors and st vie.-- € f t. Ml Let us 3how them to yen. $1.00 to $2.50 At Prompt Attention Given to Mall Orders Have You Noticed Our i^S/fp^^f Windows? The Arch-Preserver St.ire. Effective Nov2tnber 26 ESSEX COACH 895 HUDSON COACH *I345 Hudson 5 Pass Sedan Now $1795 Hudson 7 Pass. Sedan Now $1875 All Prices Freight and Tax Extra. "World's Greatest Values" Everyone Says It — Sales Prove It The world's greatest automobile values are now- priced below all comparison. They are the finest Hudson-Essex cars ever built. Such price reductions are possible because they are the largest selling 6 -cylinder closed cars in the world. HUTCHINSON MOTOR CAR CO. Distributors Hudson and Essex Cars. Phone271. ,vy, , v 104-106-108 Second West.! SUPERFINE AND SUPERSTRONG — _ _ _ Economical—Because They Are Everlasting! fONCRETK (una improvements end I'IIC yearly expense of replacing nnd repairing. Once constructed, tliey are everluslititsly permanent. And whether you build hog wallows, fence po-its, foundations feeding lloors, or any other improvement, you will Unci that you cm build better and more economically with Ash Grove Cement. Ground extra line, A-4i Grove Cement IH super-strong and much more durable than ordinary cement. And because of iu uniform high quality, you can absolutely rely on every sack for fineness, strength and economy! Consult your Ash Grove Dealer now! Aho ««/.- him. or irr/tr. Jur " l'rr»>n;trnt lirynirxoiitin: inn.i" (tndot'r other helpful ASHGROl ASH GROVE LIME a PORTLAND CEMENT CO. KANSAS CITY M1SSOUJU A'^iMlUTr-- NEWS lllli

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