The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 26, 1918 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

PAGE Ftm 1 I Don't Poison Baby. pORTT YEAES AGO almost every mother thought her child must have i ' PABEG0S10 or laudanum to make it Bleep. These drugs will produce ' tsloep, and A FEW DROPS TOO MAM will produce the SLEEP FROM WHICH THEBE IS NO WAKING. Many are the children who have been killed or whose health has been ruined for life by paregoric, laudanum and morphine, each, of which is a narcotic product of opium. Druggists are prohibited from soiling either of the narcotics named to children at aU, or to anybody without labelling them " poison." The definition of " narcotic " is! "A medicine which relieves -pain and produ ces sleep, but which in poisonous doses produces stupor> coma, convuU, dons and death. " The taste and smell of medicines containing opium are disguised, and BolcUiader the names of "Drops," "Cordials," "Soothing Syrups," etc. You. should not permit any medicine to be given to your children without you or your physician know of what it is composed. CA8T0RIA DOES NOT CONTAIN NARCOTICS, if it bears the signature of Ohas. H. Fletcher. , Letters from Prominent Physicians addressed toChas. H. Fletcher. T *** Dlnndalo, of Chicago, 111., says: "I UBO your Castorla and • ii w r n ii TTMIII Set Contents lSTIuid^iaohnl JiLConOL-3 1THI CENT. AVciGtaWerrcparatiaBt™ ill; mm fa Mi Iff mm- Thereby ProraoUniDttMtoS Cheerfulness MdlfcstContJ &id neither Optarri,MorpMnen«r Mineral. NOTMAHCOTK AtxStm A hdpf ul Remedy for. Constipation and Diarrliow and FevcrJshness aiut lOSS OFSHJEP resultin $ therefrom •inlnfefiCj'- Toe-Simile Signature «f Twr, CEKTAMI GOHPANE IVEWjyORlC. Dr. 3. W. uinsaaio, or Chicago, 111., advlso Its use in all families whom thero aro children." Dr. Alexander E. Mlntlo, of Cleveland, Ohio, ears: "I haw'frequently prescribed your Castorla and have found It a reliable and pleasant remedy for children." Dr. Agnes V. Swetlnnd, of Omaha, Nebr.'; aaya: "Your Caatoria is. the best remedy in the world for children and the only one I use and' recommend." • Dr. 3. A. McClellon, of Buffalo, N. Y„ pays: "I have frequently prescribed your Caatoria for children and always got good results. In fact I use Caatoria for my own children." Dr. J. W. Allen, of St. LOUIB, Mo., says: "I heartily endorse your Caa­ toria. I have frequently prescribed It in my medical practlco, and have always found it to do all that Is claimed for it" Dr. C. H. Gliddcn, of St. Paul, Minn., say3: "My experience as a practitioner with your Castorla has been highly latlsfactory, and I consider ill an excellent remedy for the young." Dr. H. D. TJcnner, of Philadelphia,-Pa., says: "I have' nsed your C«* tori a as a purgative in the cases of children for years post with tho most happy effect, and fully endorse it as a safe romedy." Dr. J. A. Boarman, of Kansas City, Mo., says: "Your Castorla 1B a splendid remedy for children, known the world over. I usa it in my practlco and haro no hesitancy la recommending it for the complaints of infant* and children.'' Dr. J. J. Mackey, ofBrooklyn, N. Y., says: "I consider your Castorla an excellent preparation for children, being compoccd of reliable modlclnoa and pleasant to tuo taste. A good remody for all disturbances of the digestive organs." , GENUINE CASTORIA ALWAYS • Boara the Signature " In Use For Over 30 Years The Kind You Have Always Bought THl CINTAUH COM FANV, NlfwYOUK CI' QUESTIONNAIRES MAILED OUT Go to First Ten Per Cent of Men Between '<Ages< of 18 and 31 Years Who Registered September 12th Qtieatlonnitlres mnllM to thcae rtifirls- Imiits September 26, lalS. 3:0.1— Wiitliun Allen Weber, 821 5th oast. ' —Jo&eph John Brown, 702 "th east. 32CG—lluy Chi Islciwon, 801 N. Warnut 32(77—itobert Lee J-^ludordale, 037 C rn-st. 32i>8—Andres Clvarlcs Dlpon, 1000 0th cost. 3209—Tlrynn Wm. Jennlnga Hoffman, MS N. Main. 3270—Klbcrt J. AUenread, 221 8th west. 3271—Emhur Vlilier Smith, 1110 N. Muln. 3272—Slurry Washington Vosbere, 211 7th west. 3273—William Trunk nines, in 6lh west. 32 -74— nalph Dewey Gamble, 101 41h west. 3275-Zlba Vlcker Yeat-er, 417 N. llnill- 80n. 32Sf,—Mnx If, Rodriguez. 230 tth 'west. 32EC—John Worrel, 717 .S\ Monroe. 3287—Jftmea Joseph FltKgerald, 113 Cth weal. 32SS—James Hen Coslello, 113 5lli west. 32Sa -c'lau«le Harfell. 324 N. Muln. 3290— Thomas >"ranklln Amrine, elty. 3291— .lease C. Stroup, 301 0th west. 3292—Gordon Raymond rk'art*. 120 4th east. 3293—Arthur Ward West. 307 Bth west.- 32S4—John Griffith. 400 blk. 4th wrjjt. 3300—Piuilel Edwun] Arnold, 415 4th eaat 3301—Sherman Cruson. 316 N. Logan 3302—Joseph Henry Matehelh, Kills Home. » 3303—Theodore Edward llliriey, 530 1st east. 3304—Chris Joseph Zerger, 939 4 th east. 3305—Kollelgh Homer Morton, 219 2nd east. 3M6—Bryan Oakley Swafford, Elks Home. — I 3307— Allan Campbell King, 704 3rd east. 3308—Olenn Rddle, .101 4th east. 3309—Fred Williajni Camp, 407 3rd cast. 3313—Carl Herry Coen, 1523 2nd. east. 3311—Albert Robert -Roberts, 207 2nd oast. 3312—Charles Clinton Truster, 722 3rd east. 3313—Thomas Arthur Fee. 511 41h #asl. 3311—Ralph William Crlffeth, 619 2nd east. 33iri--O(;0rge John Ciorlrrts. OOK 3rd cast. 3310-Cleorge John I'Jwald. 31S N. Kurd. 3317—Artie William Taylor, 514 2nd east. 331S—Arthur I.evl Forbes. 702 2nd cast. 3319—Frank Orant Alges. XT 4th east. 3320—Joseph Illbbs Miller, 309 4th east. 3321— Hurry 8. Wcngor. 315'4lh east. 3322—Grover Cleveland Jones, 825 3rd oast. 3323—Corner John Roberts, .117 N. 1 .ogun. 3324—Inland Cook, 614 2nd east. 5 th 3325—CTrtrles Marlon Lowe, 600 Shd east. 3326— Dolph William Ilascrman, 522 2nd east. 8327—Walter Bay ScWon, 1209 3rd east. 3328— Virgil Orvellllgjarm, 227 3rd CMt. : ^ 3329—Nelsoc Van nnhtler Ilorton, 413 4th east. 3330—Andernon nrown, 410 2nd east. 3331—Adolph ltenr>- Kline, 417 4th east. 3332 -Fred French Burns. 32* 1st east. 3333—John Carroll Dinwiddle, 60S 3rd east. 3334—Kenneth Crotiso Agee, 815 2nd east. 33J*-W1]|rom Wesley Aim, ;is Ith ea-nt. 3333—John "Vernon Ross. 726 3rd east. 3337—John Dewie Hartman, 328 2nd easU 3338—Fred Floyd GaeHH-rry, CIS 2nd east. 3339—Thomas Monroe Green, 110 N. Severance. 3340—Jov Morion, 219 2nd enilt. 3311— Thomas .Wesley Treslie, 224 2nd. east, 3342—Lester Eugene Haugh, 937 2nd east. 3313—Ulrus Ellsworth Anthony, 729 2nd cast. 3341—Ijoren nurnell t'artildge, 321 1st r:nst. 3345— William-Arden Reed, !>00 1st nasi. 3340—UldeU Edison Tliirtinan, 328 ind cast. * 3317— Raymond Mearl Margin, 714 -st 1st. 3348—Jiwnes Jesse IJalley. 420 2nd east. 3349—Hubert William Sullivan, 518 2nd eust. .1350—l'crry Spencer Johnson, 927 2nd. cast. 3351—Dlt'lght Ross Olaslaln, 114! N. Elm. 11352—Charles Uovclly ,\v..l, 214 1st oustnl, .'1351—Kalell Sterling BrucKcu, 41S 2ml isl. 3354—Joseph Edward Gray, 800 3rd cast. :i;lfif,—James Osmond Adams, 221 2nd cast. 3:i5*i—TClvln Flecmnn, 10CO 3rd c:ist. 3357—'UrtJ'd DollglllB While. 914 1st cast. :i:ir>B—Robert Burl Hosli-ttler, 312 3id east. 3120—William Fred Clinpln, 21 nih west. • 3421—Arthur Simon EVIUIS , 213 7th west. 3122—Charles Hal llenn"lt. 23 Bth west. 3123—Fay Leenoir Beard, 1U7 5th wisl. ."(•121—Ralph George Swurthuur. 221 5th west. fc :il2o—Andy Archie Macfarlund, 700 N. Mttnroe. 3420—Ijconla Prather Inwards, 19 Sth west. 3427—Elmer Morris Brownlee, 20916 X. Main. 3(28—Rlrhard Waldon. 310 4th west 3429—Frank Agusta Sanltc-m, 515 west. 344S—I'oarl Benton Ball, 101 west lllh. 34(9—Will Kitchener Ititiuuii. 00'J N. Jackson. 34S.O—Slcillo Muclas. Mexican Camp. 3IS7—Pedro .Uernndoz, Mexican Curup. 11488—Jose Castora, Mexican Camp. 3|S9— Anlonlo Iliu-ver. Mexican Camp. 3490—Jacob-Allison. 407V4 N. Main. 3490—r^wls Willard Howe. 412 5th east. 349^—Francisco Pereo, Mexican Camp. 3497—Elevdora Hernandez, city. 3498—.lose Hcrrndu, 4th west. 3499—Melvln Deforest Shell, 423 N. Monroe. .".512— Jacob Cornelius Rcelcr. Hulilcr. 3513—Jacob Suwatfcky Rtity.l-.lff. Knhier. 3514—Abrahiun Jacob Pauls, Rt. 4, Ionian. 3510—Henry Dick Ratxlnff, Rt. 2, Buhler. 35111—Nick Pletrlck Esen. Rubier. 3517 — Peter Peter ltllller, Uuhlcr. 351S— J11r .nl) Reiuer Hubert. Hulili-r. 3519—Abraham Toews Rc/rlcr, Puliler. 3520—Henry Peter Nickel. Huhlcr. ' .1621— Henry Peler Adrian, Rt. 2. Buliler. 3522—David Martens Scliroeder 111 trill 11. 35W—Frank Harms L, 3524—Abraham Jacob Thicssea, .1525—Peter Balzer Martens, Iniiian. 3520—Jacob Gerlmde Elip, Rubier. 3527—Georjre Huller, TJuhler. 3528—John William Siemens. Rubier, 3529—Isaac Thiessen, Rl. 4. Inman. 3630—John Pefer Haulafr, Ht. I, Buhler. :B;H —John Dyck Ratzlnff. Rt. 2, Rubier. 3632 — l.a/avet(e TSlsimlnper, Ruhler. 3G33—Abraham David Hclu-ocder, Rubier 3534—Jacxib Palzkowsky. Rt. 2, Huhlcr. 3535—Henry Rernhard Gej-brand, Buhler. i . ' 3536—John Albert Edlger. Rt. 1, Rubier. .1537—John Jacob Wlcns. Rl. 2. Ruhler. - 3538— Henry John Voth, Ruhler. 3539—Charles Bruce linker, Rl. 4, cllv. 3540—Henry Abraham Martens, Ruhler. 354 1—David Buhler Bartel, Rt. 1, Buhler. 3642—John Peler Siemens, Buhler. 3543—George Dick Rulzlaff, Rt. 2, Ruhler. 3514—Henry Harry Flaming. Buhler. 3546—Cornelius Penner, Ruhler. 3640—Klass Wall, Buhler. 3647—Peter Hanry Junzen, Rt. 2, Ruhler. :tfi48—Nick Malzar Martens, Ruhler. 3549—Peter Frorik .N'aehltgal, Rt. 1. Buhler. .1550—Peter Dick Sehroeder, Rubier. 3651—Adolf Frlesen, lit. 1. Buhler. 3662—Ren Siemens, Rt. 4. Inman. 3553—William Nathan Martens, Ruhler. 3554 — Leouai*d Ferdinand Gotddurk, Rt. 2, Ruhler. 3555-Frank Welns nirf 'J, Buhler. 3650—.Herman Ilnrlch, Rl. 2. Ruhler. 3657—Cn.rl George Heidcbrecht. Ruhler. 3558—Peter Reuben !.ange, Buhler. 3559—Arthur Cornelius Froese, Buhler. 3500—David Tobias Dicks, Rt. 1, Ruhler. 35A1—Poti'i' Frank Dick. Rt. 2, Huhlcr. 35S2—Gerhard Nachtlgal, Rt. 2, Buhler. 36B3—Jonathan Adolph ITIe.bert, Buhler. 3504—Abraham Martens Fchdran, Buhler. r Rt. 4, Buhler. Buhler. lit. 4, lit. 1, Don't Overlook Childrcn'i Embroidery Class, from 10 to 11 Saturday Morning Tomorrow Morning, Friday Begins Another Very Important Remnant Sale New Short Lengths Offered at Exactly Considering: the Present Prices on Domestics This is a Good • Opportunity to Save. HALF- PRICE Desirable Lengths in Wool Materials for Skirts, Combination Dresses, Children's Dresses and Silks for Trimmings, etc Remnants of Remnants of Remnants of Muslins Sheetings Long Cloths Tubings Outings Silkolines Wool Goods Silks Linings Ginghams Calicoes Nainsook Embroideries Lace Insertioos Lace Edges Dress Trimmings Ribbons Flouncings Remnants in The Drapery Section of Nets Marquisettes Voiles Madras Rep Consider What the Half-Price Means and Arrange to Take Advantage of the Savings. Sale Opens at 8 O'clock. vDFTY GOODS' • CTO.:-;'. 1 Sale Opens at 8 O'clock. 353C— John Peters, Huhler. :>5GC— UUher OUs Uric-key, Rt, 1, Box Gl. IJuhJrr. .3f.fi7—iMlward llatataff, Rt. 2, Buhler. HytiS—John Wall, Huhlcr. :i509—John Dick HnlKlnff, IU. 2. Buhler. 3570—Samuel MeKlnley lUedebrecht, Buhlor, Rt. 1. 3571—John Jacob Sawat-zky, Buhler. :i501--Loula Dou«las McUord, U'JQ eust .Sherman. i James T^alle Si«*rrlst, 820 B east. Clyde Woodell Totten, Tl'S First east. :)fi!)( —GeorKO Ilariand Cramro, 719 Ave, A »*»st. 35i*6~AncelJ IDihvartl Sleaver, C23— 7th eaat. 3r»:tG—Glaudo Ajicll ItandaJl, 624 Sherr man nasi. S597—Itudy Ilelbuer Snyder, 115 S. Severance. 35!>R—John I^CHIIG Dawes, 610 B east. j58a _KrcU WaJLer iUiw-uutii, 1208 east B. 3000—William Alfred Deliuio, C31 eaat 3rd. 3S01—Elmer Bert Swanaon, 914 TuplaJ". Poplar. .-MJO;'—James Kdward Wells, 70C N, Walnut.' 300^— George Ilavvley, 500 west 5th. 3t>0 .'i—DL 'Iflus .Salazcu', west 'Ith. KIO—WUlliun Vo.tov Mero, 108 west 5Uu —CriMi'Mclo llornanilcz, I'ml west. 3CK1—Murk 'Hxito Morn. 3rd wiist. 3tfM—William Pen-y Thornnacm, 24 west 5 th. 361 &—Arcadia Hernandez, Mexican Cujnp. iiCIO— n «berl v\nderBon Wrlsht, -109 North Van Buren. KU1S—Kred Kasselman, 11 we «t 5th. 3li^2—Joat- M. tJrhano, Mexican Colony. 3CJ3—Jose Ijoon, Mexican Camp. 3G24—Manuel llernandes:, Mexican Curnp. —Vlconta Romlnez, Mexican C^itmp. Sfi'iO—CJuadjUupH Humlntt!, Mexican Camp. Children Want Bread n dozen times a day. Give them MODERN BREAD 100% PURE 3027— Scforlno Onbbrera, Mexican Cumri. J02k—Pruncteco llernaxidt-i, Mexican Caitii). IlG ^a— SUnnn Dluz, Aloxlcati Cfunn. .•Hi.lO-l.ula VIPBTU. Mi -xlcnn Curnp. :i631—Uircinso Martlnvz. Alexlcnn Camp. .in:r„'—itjLkMitin odlllo, MCXU-JUL (^amp. Sl.a.l— Pedro 1-opez, Mexican Camp. JII31—MlKuel tlrluj, Mexican Clmui. mr,~ Juun MaoTua, Mexican Camp No. 1 JI13C— Uulo Went. IA-C Chllwood. 1^7 17th ^» 1 MIGHTY PURCHASE SALE $ $ $ $ FOR YOU iwgx^ Of the Hub StOCk Of Fall This unparalleled opportunity should be grasped by all who need or are gT^^ w M.XUU Jwviv w jqti g oing tQ need C i othin g and Furnishings. Such prices in times like these would ^vf AtiH Winter CI OTHTWr ordinarily be impossible. Our Mighty Purchase Sale is the golden chance for gnu Ttimci K/LtVj A XXIIH\T you to save. Act at once. Don't wait. Supply all your needs. MEN'S SUITS All $15.00 Suits, Mighty Purchase Sale Price A11 $17.50 Suits,' Mighty Purchase Sale Price , All $20.00 Suits, Mighty Purchase Sale Price All $22.50 Suits, Mighty Purchase Sale Price ... • , All $25.00 Suits, Mighty Purchase Sale Price '. ... All $30.00 Suits, Mighty Purchase Sale Price $12,95 $13.95 $15.95 $17.95 $19.95 $22.95 SHOES! SHOES! A big line of Shoes' of all descriptions. All sizes. From $2.98 up. SALE OPENED SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, REMEMBER THE DATE. BUY NOW Men's and Young Mens' Oyercoats $12.95 $13,95 All $15.00 Overcoats, Mighty Purchase Male, going at All $17.50 Overcoats, Mighty Purchase Sale, going at All $20,00 Overcoats, Mighty Purchase Sale, , ^15 95 going at ^ IUIUJ Raincoats! Raincoats! Greatest Bargains ever offered, descriptions. Men's and Women's of all Men's Odd Pants One big lot of Khaki Pants, • Mighty Purchase Sale Price, Men's Pants from $1.95 and up. Furnishings For Men and Boys One lot of Undeiwcar, Union Suits and 2-piece Garments 98c Up One big lot of Undershirts and Drawers. /98c each Boys' Suits A big line of Boys' Suits from ?4.95 and up. One big lot of Shirts, some with collars attached and detached, $1.19 and up, Lyok for the BIG RID, WHITE * AND BLUE SIGN, SAMPLE CLOTHING CO. 19 South Main Sole Agents For W. L. Douglas Shoes "J. D. Practman has bought Hub Clothing Stock Come One, Come All, and Save Now, Don't Delay. 1

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