The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on January 14, 1962 · Page 33
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 33

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 14, 1962
Page 33
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Page 33 article text (OCR)

NFLs Most Valuable Has Mess, Guard Outy FORT RILEY, Kan. — i/P) —The temperature was neat zero. An icy north wind was whipping across this historic snow-covered military base, chilling the most hardy to the bone. Walking a lonely guard post on a nearly-deserted company street was the Army's most famed jeep driver, his uniform immaculate, his boots brightly polished, a carbine slung over one shoulder. Pfc. Paul Hornung, Green Bay Packer star halfback, and the most valuable player in the National Football League, probably considered practicing football at 12 degrees below zero, as he did once, a snap compared to this. Two days later, Hornung and five others slowly crawled out of their bunks in a two-story wooden barracks, built prior to World War II, at 4:30 a.m. Fifteen minutes later they were on their way to a mess hall for a regularly- assigned tour of kitchen police duty. Mops Floors On another day, around 7:15 a.m., you're likely to find Hornung and others in his platoon mopping floors around their bunks, or picking up cigaret butts outside the barracks. At 8 a.m. Hornung reports to the motor pool, checks out his jeep and reports back to his company area, on call Vv 'henever his platoon leader wants to go someplace. Outside the Army, the 6- foot-3, 210-pound Hornung has been called a lot of things: The former Notre Dame Golden Boy, a mixture of shyness and arrogance, the blond wonder, a handsome chunk of manhood, a lady-killer, perhaps a bit of a playboy. Here rapidly like to leave it St' that and be treated like any othei soldier, but he finds it hare to do. While one private might be getting skunked at mail call, Hornung is likely to pick up a batch of 40 fan letters. The telephone in the company orderly room jangles frequently during the day with calls for Hornung. Offer, Invitation His pockets are generally well stuffed with notes reminding him to call this party or that. Maybe it's somebody who wants an interview. Or an offer to endorse a product. Or an invitation to pick up another outstanding player award for the past football season. "He hasn't asked for anything and doesn't expect any favors," says the company commander, Capt. Melvin Heyn of Fargo, N.D., and in civilian life, a shop foreman in a garage. Lt. Duane Dinius of Bismarck, the platoon leader for whom Hornung drives the jeep, describes him as a "real fine boy, a normal every day fellow. I'd say he's an average G.I." From the enlisted men comes this almost universal comment: "He's just one of the gang." Has Obligation Although somewhat reticent about Army life, Hornung has this to say: "It is a hardship but like everybody else I have an obligation to the United States which is above everything else. You are much better off if you -Accept it and not sit around feeling sorry for yourself." He admittedly is disappointed he can't do more to capitalize financially on the big season he had, climaxed by the Packers' 37-0 playoff at Fort Riley he isj victory over the New York picking up another'Giants. He scored a record description: A good a regular guy. On this day, Hornung wasn't supposed to be on guard duty. After undergoing a daily treatment at the hospital for a pinched nerve in his neck, an injury suffered playing football in 1960, Hornung was scheduled to join his unit for an overnight training exercise. Has Other Ideas soldier,! 19 points and was voted the game's outstanding player. But he adds: "1 feel very lucky. All I have to do is look around me. Some of these guys served two or three years and then were recalled. Many are married and have kids. I'm not married and don't have those responsibilities to worry about." As a PFC, Hornung nets But 1st Sgt. Alexander about $99 a month, "The Ohlhauser of Linton, N.D., hardest $99 I ever earned." had other ideas: Hornung!With a football salary of a and several others who had hospital appointments that day and the next were ordered to stay behind and pull guard duty. Hornung, a reservist, is assigned to the 896th Float iSridge Co., a National Guard outfit from Bismarck and Linton, N.D. He was recalled last fall during the Berlin crisis. When Hornung arrived Nov. 14 in the midst of the Packers' championship season, he said simply: "I'm glad to be here." He would Omit Catholic Consolations LA CROSSE — (JP) —Consolation games will be omitted at six of the eight 1962 regional Catholic high school basketball t o u r n aments, it was announced Saturday by Steve Pavela, La Crosse, executive secretary of the Wisconsin Catholic Interscholastic Athletic Assn. '. Only the regional tournament committees at Wisconsin Rapids Assumption and iOshkosh Lourdes voted to continue the consolation round. : The WCIA Board of Control gave tournament committees the option to exclude consolation games on a one- year trial basis. • The starting dates for regional tournaments this year are: Feb. 20, Oshkosh, Milwaukee Marquette and kenosha St. Joseph; Feb. 21, f*4ilwaukee Pius XI; Feb. 23, Marinette Catholic Central, Wisconsin Rapids and Eau Claire Regis; and Feb. 24, La Crosse Aquinas. Finals will he played at Wisconsin Rapids Feb. 24 and at other regional sites Feb, 25. ' The 33d annual State Catholic Championship Tournament will be held March 2, 3 and 4 at the Milwaukee Arena. The tournament schedule will include consolation games. ; Pavela said Madison Edgewood has been assigned to the La Crosse regional this yeaj. reported $17,500 per year and income from our sources such as endorsements and personal appearances, Hornung probably has been making $25,000 a year. Can't Foul Up "He seems sort of cocky at times," said one member of Hornung's unit. "If I were in his boots I'll bet I'd be even more cocky. But, I don't know, jhe's got his problems. If he ever fouled up in the Army you would never hear the last of it." A World War II veteran noted a picture of Hornung in the paper. He spotted an unbuttoned pocket on Hornung's fatigue uniform and fired in Uhis letter to the Fort Riley commanding general: "Pfc. Paul Hornung may be the most valuable player in the National Football League but he is far from being a first class soldier. As I recall my old Army days, the saying went like this: 'Soldier do you want this button?' Then the button was snapped off and you replaced it." Lt. Col. Stewart A. Real and Captain Richard Lamb, public information officers, laid some objections were received when Hornung left the •)ost on weekends to play football. Some Complaints Most of the complaints, however, came when Hornung could not play. He missed two of the Packers' last five regularly-scheduled games. "Every football fan of this nation," one letter said, "owes you a vote of thanks for allowing him to play in the championship game." Hornung was free to play on Sundays, provided he did not miss any training or special duty. These same pass privileges were accorded others in his unit. Hornung could leave the post about noon on Saturdays and was required to be back by midnight Sunday. Many other football stars now in the service at other posts did likewise. "We can't win," said one officer. "If a chef from the Waldorf Astoria joins the Army and you don't make a cook out of him you hear all sorts o'f howls. "But if you let a football player play football or assign him to the athletic department, then they say you are giving him preferential treatment." Didn't Ask For It The duties of a jeep driver may sound like a soft touch, Hornung didn't ask for it. He was assigned it. Hornung served six months in the Army at Fort Knox, Ky., in 1957. There he took his basic training and an eight-weeks course as a clerk-typist, then was put in charge of the company's athletic program. Since then Hornung has been reclassified as a jeep driver. He doesn't know why. "I guess they needed some jeep drivers," he said with a Igrin. His recall drew considerable publicity. He underwent two physical examinations before being declared fit for Army service. He had been taking treatments for a pinched nerve injury prior to entering the Army. He asked if the treatments could be continued in the service. Permission was granted. The normal training day for iHornung and his unit ends at j5:30 p.m. In his spare time he goes to movies, writes letters, plays some cards and hopes to play some basketball this winter on a company team. Goes to Steak House On most nights when not jon duty, he and a couple of buddies hop into his 1959 Cadillac convertible and drive to nearby Manhattan for a steak dinner. "I haven't got anything against Army food," says Hornung, tongue in cheek. "It's wonderful — you can either gain weight on it or lose weight." He's lost 10 pounds. As Hornung put on his civilian clothes one night recently and headed out the door, only three soldiers were left in the barracks. "You know I 've heard Paul has signed a contract with some motor car dealer and he'll get a new car every five years," said one, a bit wistfully. "Yeh, but do you know what?" asked another with a big laugh. "He's got to CQme back to this place every night and crawl into a G.I. bed just like the rest of us." First Time He's Played Guard —AP WIrophoto ^ SCHEDULE IN RACIN RACINE SUND.\Y BULLETIN Jan. 14, 1962 SdC. 3, Page S Elgin Baylor to Join West for Tuesday's All-Star Tilt TODAY , JUNIOR CYO~iAl Douglaiil—Saci -Pd 1 Heart vs. Si. 1:20; St. Jcseph vs Hol.v Trinity. 4.20; St. John v-s. SI Lucy, 3;20; St. EUward vs. St. Mary. 2:20. MAJOR ORANGE—Johnson Vets vs Johnson Jubilees. Douglas. 8:40. MAJOR GREEN — (At Douglasl _ Paper Doll vs. Case Eagles, 7:40; Oster vs. Taylor Ave. Bar, 6:40. MONDAY LAKESHORE CLASSIC—Lcnnlc's vs, Ken-Crete, Kenosha High School, 7:30. i Wells v.s, Tirabassl, Kenosha High School, 8:30. MAJOR WHITE - (At PooH— Mlri- lown Foods vs. S&L Foods, 7:40: Sportsmen vs. DeMark's Jets. 6:40; Frank & Ann vs. Prima Vera, 8 40. MAJOR ORANGE —lAt Douglasi — Hud's Pure Oil vs. Johnson Waxdale. 7:40; Massey-Perguson vs. Dumore Co., 8:40; Emmanuel Luth. vs. Slybcrg Eng.. 6:40. PAROCHIAL GIRLS 7TH—(At Pooli —St. Rose vs St. Lucy, S., 4:45; Holy Trinity vs. St. Edward Gold. N., 4; St Edward Deuces vs. St. John, N., 4:45; St. Mary vs. St. Joseph, S., 4. TUESDAY LAKESHORE CLASSIC — Knight- Barry vs. Tirabassl (Kenosha Wash. Jr. High Schooli 7:30; DeMark's vs. Lcnnle's (Kenosha Wash. Jr. High Sehooli 8:30 PAROCHIAL GIRLS 7TH — Sacred Heart vs. St. Patrick, Douglas S., 4:45. PAROCHIAL GIRLS 8TH—St. Rose vs. Holy Trinity, Lnkevlew, 4; St. Lucy vs. St. Edward Blues, Douglas N., 4:45; Holy Name vs, St. E(3ward Whites. Lakevlew. 4:45; Si, John Reds vs, SI Joseph, Douglas S,. 4; St. John Blues vs St. Patrick. Douglas N., 5:30; St. Mary vs. Sacred Hcarl, Douglas N., 4. CHURCH DARTBALL—(At 7:30 — EUB at 2d Presbyterian; Grange Ave, at Resurrection, Bethania at Grace jLutheran. JR. GIRLS ••GOLD"-(At Park Hlghl —Whiz Kids vs. Rotter's Regiment, W.. 8:30; Pantherettes vs, W.W.FM.'s, W , 7:45; Basket Belles vs. Freckle Crew. W.. 7. JR. GIRLS SILVER—(At Park Hlghl —Red Sox vs. What Nots, E., 7:45, Little Leaches vs. Basketeers, E , 7. JR. GIRLS "WHITE-GREEN" — (At Pool Gvmi -Sinkers vs. Demons. N,. 17:45: Coolies vs. Jokers, N., 7: Chipmunks vs. Saints, N, 8:30; Runarounds vs, Jeans. S. 7,45. Cats vs. Lues. S,, 7 CADET CYO - (At McKlnley^ SI Stainslnus v^, Holy Name, 8:20, Sacred Heart v.s, St John, 7 30; St. Patrick vs. Holy Trinity. 6 40. WKD.SK.SDAY CADET CVO (At Douglas N < - SI Rose vs. St, Edward. 7:30; St, Stanislaus V6, St, John, 6:40, JR, GIRLS •GOLD"—Odds & Ends vs. Freckle Crew, Pool S., 7. JR. GIRLS "SILVER"—Top Cats vs. Basketeers, Pool S., 6:15. GIRLS CLASSIC-(At Pool Gymi- Perfetto's vs. John.son Klear, 7:50, Johnson Wax vs. Dexter's, 8:60. MEN'S VOLLEYBALI^-(At Douglasi — Nielsen Iron Works vs. Young Chrls- Itlan Workers. 6:40. Marl Gold Dairy ,v,s. MygattK Corners. 7.30; Latin Stars vs. Untouchables, 8:20. THURSDAY LAKESHORE CLASSIC—Club 42 vs, Knight-Barry, Douglas, 7:40. TRIPLE A — DeMark vs. Western Prtg., McKlnlcy, 7, Charlies Puza vs iFlatlron, Mitchell, 6:40; D's Set vs Acme Die Cast., Mitchell, 8:40. MAJOR RED—WIgley Redl-Mlx vs. Panthers. Douglas, 6:40; Jacobsen MIg vs. 6th St. Bus., McKlnley, 8; Johnson Tower vs. Taylor Ave. Bar, Jerslad- MAJ'OR BLUE-(At HorllckI-Modlne Mfg. vs. No. Main Super, 6:40; Clover No. 2 vs. Eckert Ins.. 7:40; Fergus Construction vs. Dustirs, 8:40. MAJOR GREEN --(At Pooll— Paper Doll vs. Duane's. 7:40; Osier vs, Rondone's, 8:40, Taylor Ave. vs. Case Eagles. 6:40. MAJOR PURPLE — Misfits vs, In- Slnk-Erator, Mitchell, 7:40; Clover No. !l v.s, Parlse Barbers. Jerstad-Ag., B, J, jl. Case vs. Western Prtg., Douglas, (i.40 .SATURDAY PAROCHIAL BOYS 8TH-(At Doug­ lasi—St. Rose vs. Sacred Heart, N, 9:45; Holy Name vs. St, Patrick, N,, 11:15; Holy Trinity vs. St. John. N,, 10:30; St. Edward Gold vs. 81. Mary. S. 9:45; St. Edward Maroons vs. St. Stanislaus, S., 10:30. PAROCHIAL BOYS 7TH—St. Mary vs St. Patrick, Lakevlew, 8; St. John Blues vs. Holy Trinity Gold, Lakevlew, 9:45; Holy Name vs. Sacred Heart, Lakevlew, 10:30; Holy Trinity Green vs. St. Stanislaus, Lakevlew, 11:16; St. Rose vs. St. Joseph. Douglas S., 9; St. Edward Gold vs. St, Edward Maroons, Douglas 8., 11:15. PAROCHIAL BOYS 8TH—Holy Name vs. St. Mary. Racine St., 9:30; Holy Trinity vs. St. Edward Gold. Racine St., 10 16; St. Rose vs. St. Joseph, Pool N., 9; St. John Reds vs. St. Patrick. Pool 3,, 9; SI, John Blues vs. Sacred Heart, Pool S., 11:15 PAROCHIAL BOYS 5TH—(At PooU — St. John Reds vs. St, Joseph, N.. 9:45; St. Edward Maroons vs. St, Mary, N., 10:30; Holy Name vs. St. Patrick, N,, 11:15: St. Rose vs. Sacred Heart. S., 9:45; St. Edward Gold vs. St. John Blues, 8., 10:30. ST. LOUIS — (/P) —The news that Los Angeles' Elgin Baylor will be playing on an Army pass made the West a slight favorite in the 12th annual National Basketball! Association All-Star game Tuesday against an East team loaded with champion' Boston Celtics players. Baylor's presence should' guarantee a near-sellout, crowd of about 13,000 at St .i Louis area. The West team is led by veteran St. Louis Hawks standout Bob Pettit, holder of various All-Star scoring and rebounding records. Advance sale for the game has been excellent. The East team was forced to shift personnel, Al Costello; of the Syracuse Nats won'tj be able to play because of a| fractured wrist. His place was taken by speedy Sam Jones of the Celtics. This means Red Auerbach, Boston headman who will coach the East for the si.xlh straight year, will be able to put four Celtics in the floor at one time, with Bob Cousy, Bill Russell and Tom Heinsohn on the squad. Auerbach has a 3-2 record in Ail-Star play. He will try to even matters for the last he likes it that way, as long as it stays within bounds, the Fred Schaus of the Lakers West's 151-133 romp year at Syracuse. Red is certain to be target of jibes from partisan!will coach the West. Baylor St. Louis fans—but he admitSiand Pettit will team with — I Chicago rookie Walt Bellamy Name Flynn Head of TV Committ-ee on the frontline with the 'Lakers' Jerry West and Cincinnati's Oscar Robertson on the backline. CHICAGO - .^1 - Wil- ^^.^^^^^^ ^j,^ ham J. Flynn of B.xston C oi-^,^^^^^,^^,^;^ Philadelphia, lege was named rhairman of Rj^^^ie Guerin of New York the 1962 NCAA television .„^^, ^^^^^^ Schayes of committee Saturday. ,Syracuse will be the East Asa Bushncll of the F.a.slern starters. College .Mhlctic Conference was named secretary and program director. The committee will meet in New York Jan, 23-24 lo complete framing of plans for 1962-63, '3.00 RENTS A CAR OR TRUCK FOR TWO HOURS AND TEN MILES DIAL ME 2-5103 MERCHANTS DELIVERY TRUCK RENTAL, Inc. 1215 Srote St. ALL STANDARD MAKES ELECTRIC SHAVERS REPAIRED • CLEANED • OILED • ADJUSTED All work done and guaranteed liy experienced worl<men using Genuine Factory Parts. PROMPT SERVICE Racine Shaver Center Hazlett Barbers 416-6th St. ME 7-1161 Hornung's Newest Type "Siwrts Car" —AP Wlrephoto NOW EARN INTEREST on 12-month Savings Certificates of *1,000 or more SAFETY . .. Insured To $10,000 By The Federal Deposil IiiNiirauee Corp. SERVICES . . . Only Your Full Servlee Itnnk Can Oiler NORTH SIDE

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