The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
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Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 4
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MCE FOUR THE PAWS NEWS, THUISDAY. AUGUST * lt*4 The Paris Evening News <A3TD *ttK DUCXMJI *<MUt> PARIS, TEXAS Established Jnlr iO. !£•* NORTH TEXAS PUBLISHING OOMFAXY m* Second Class Mail Matter *t th* Po*t- •Cfie* *t Paris, Tejas. aader Act of Con*re«« March. 1ST?. Published Daily Except Saturday and Sunday New York Day by Day BY O. O. MdNTYRE N Ho wto Tortur* Your Wife SUBSCRIPTION RATES (Including Sundays) By Ma*i One Year . . ...................... *5-00 By Mail. Six Month* — . ................. *2-*0 By Carrier .............. Mail. One Month Per or *K to tfl* «»<M» b*iB* to * of Tb* S*wm « att*Dtloa of th »nb«crib«-» «bo make coir-p!a.lEt b«for» « p. »h«ir p*p«r» ««3t to tbetn from U» o«le«. o do oot ao »«=** O O, Mclntyre j% not r*s;>oj»albJb* for copy or &c? o=int*asSoaaJ otb*r £Jia.z» to correct *tun- Si to bronjcM to th*ir *t' ms« *co«l>t*<5 03 im« bMi* o! Its* t; IE A Model Election individuals. \TEW5?APESS, the same as IN- like to see iheir effons end in ^ The News is sreaily pleased with the resnn -fche election Tuesday which authorized -he suance of bonds for sewer improvement _ Paris. The Xews was sincere in its belie? t such an outcome was essential, botii xor purpose of securing: money to do the work and the psychological effect on the people. L EW YOBK, Aug. 9. —Tbe suaimer season has proved the continental idea of dining al j fresco has taken firm root. The sidewalk \ cafe is here to sray. More than 15 years ago, j uptown Bustanoby's, the place j of the moment, tried out pave- j ment tables and a ladies T bar.! They expired with a quick gur-! gle. j Other sporadic efforts died aborning. A long exception was j ;the terrasse of the Cafe Royal! j|on the Ghetto's Champs Eiy-j Isees. Second avenue, running f !?or IS years. The mid-town j pathfinder for the present] plethora was Chatham Walk. | The St- Moritz opened its re-} plica of the Cafe de la Paix- Another burgeon-! led at the Park Lane. ] I Now they are everywhere. The last blocks j I of Fifth avenue running into "Washington Arch 1 I in an awninged fling transplated from | j Moniparaasse. ~The Brevoort, No. 1, 5th ave- ; June, the 5th Avenue hotel, a corner drug store j I and several other buildings are open for pave- I 1 men* patrons. Each table is city taxed $10 ( i a year. I Ur? on Broadway, near the Winter Garden, j Bennie Ueberall has torn ou* several building j fronts to start the White Way fever. The} town has taken to leisurely sipping under can- j boo is a sudden dinner hour shower with sur- j prised waiters holding unpaid checks. } "Prince"-" Mike K-omanoff, pitchforked out j of the Ghetto to the trotown roar, was one of j £\ a I , g "f libations. The j th bantering brav- Nothing- deflates him and he submits to | , _„, , the easv scoffins: with rare grace so Ions as he | was no mass voting, no urging by com- } ^ ^ ^^ - ch€ck _ - vote demonstrated that the people did •OTTO thinking. Every man and woman who went to the polls knew exactly what their ballot meant and marked it as they had decided. amarolc and enjOT a ew , . iprisee -, sports initiees or inaindnais favorable to eitser side and arrive at a decision which they ex-lv^ -*? dearh to bowls of pop-corn that ,TT - v -i v-«- itreseoea bars £ence the moniser. It was a uressed at tse ballot box. . , . ,* , , , , . , Th, whole thine ^as in sharp contrast to-^rene boasme naa never purenased a ann^. the hurrali and confusion of the usual election, |Bm. so amiabie ana 307003 his trigger repartee TpcKprt charges are made £sc -sonalities enter into the ea it was just such an affair as all elections should ; be and leaves no sore soots nor ill feeling such .: .. ,, , ^^ •,,...•. t " - T j ^ = f il TJ32.T. ^"a Tfip " r "HIIia' r Oi il * or Tho l =rr>o~t !: ; TT* 1 "? as cenerallv follow the scramoles engendered), ~ a r7- ,,.-*- a -<~' — ?%^'^; p ,;^ "",5 , r, • - -:„„„--„„ : cars or tne jviarticiaue. Dovie s, Marloorough by xiie average election. ^ . - . Paris is to be congratulated on its decision The News feels a proper pride brousin: stien a result. and Con.sld.ine"s. They g-atnered at 4 la afternoon and h was genial ton eh and g-o until ih.e evening- lamps came on. The great story tellers of the era were jTinzer, Lnrin Cobb. Official would naturallv think that people en- m. Bulger. Bennold Wolfe. Kyrle Cobb Bulger Dave so be put on old clothes. let his beard . asd joined the breadlines in some of the e westers cte 1^* On his return to Washing-ton he said: "The snootiest people on earth are running the federal employment agencies. You ask them for a job and they &ti as if they are doing you a favor to take your application.. 5 ' Then ~hz added: "The relief people ~on"t listen to the jobless man, much less fight for fj?m t so he turns to the conimiimsT who offers sH sorts of things: but the unemployed won't listen to the communists if there is work in prospect. Pass through a crowd g-atnered sronud. 5. communist, orator £.HG whisper tuat there is prospect of a job at such and such a place and that crowd hikes tc ; r that place at | oaee and. leaves the orator without an auai- esce." If there is one place v.-h~re sympathy and ne^. It was Scamp who coined the phrases., "He can't take it.!", and "So What!'' Yet in the usual Broadway fashion they are claimed bv The fact is T nearly all slang is revival- There are few smart sayings that will not be found variants of something George Ade turned out in his in-mortal fables 30 years ago, Eustace, one of his small town mandolin players, had the *'Jitters/' Another character "was "sittiir pritt.y" and so on to the Custom Place drug cierk who clraw! | ?''i a lazv '"O. yeafc*"' "^*. E- Kou'tze. Jr.. uiider tbe nora de fantasie, Billy Baster, also spawned slang 25 years ago was :n "ear. sophisticated re-ne of the Tbinsuniaboos: rommy Manvllle never keeps a new automobile more than two months . . . Frazler Htint := Helen Seller's favorite story teller over for daughter .patience should be eshibitec. It is in the employment and relief offices. The employes there are drawing their pay from the very same ..source as the- applicants for aid or employment vask. to dra\v. and are no more entitled to it tfeac is the humblest applicant, until the latter is proved to be unworthy or not in need. To treat these applicants discourteously is unfair. Many of them, to be sure, are impostors, bat it is sot neeessarv to -cse curt words and ! . I show impatience ween replying to appeals and ^ * r&rD a Broacway co-<iinn : "O. O. Melntyre. Inquiries, . -Joseph 'v r . McEIee is a push- circuses . . . Jose Itarbe's j^oung al'wa.ys aceompainies him on concert Sai; Sebastian now has an Ernest Cafe - . . The late Victor Herbert iked French mustard with his breakfast eggs. . . "When George M- Cohan goes to the p'ay, e sits ;r. the ;as*: row. H. 2S DEPAKTCKE Chrisixaas ^as over. The small T7-^ e •wlilcii Sob D.&.& put TIP ami Marsta. had helpers liini trim, 'as a surprise." -was a. little worru And, Marsha, realized vrakins- tbit ii -was mornins o* tbe twentv- eignth c-f December. That Bob i"ELs going", that day. "Well! She sat up in ber bed. She had over-slept she saw; she had been restless during: the night, -wakened constantly to lie vrake- fuj for Ions. Sob soing at noon on a tra.:r. that would carry h.:ra south to th* border an<; across It. People were kidnapped in ilezico; eren people as big and as strong as Bob, she supposed- lie must be care'ui. She must nsk him to be very caref*:. And to tell her Trhere she could nnd 3, reap of Mexico in the library. Per haps he'd have time to marlt it. He had promised to -sr're them He tapped on her door; "Coir.e in." she called. He entered, cres^- ed the room ar ; d with a "May 1^*" settled on the edge of the bed. "If anything charges here. you"! •wire. ^on*t you?" he ask*d- rr^ay. in March at the latest- I think I car. hurry rr,y part of Sc throasrh before th^r,. IxJrd, I hate g-oir,^: But can't let th"?m <5o^*Tj."* "I k-ow: FIT co e-erythSng I car, asd exactly as I thlr.k y^u'd v,"JtT!t it done." "Frr; COTT; f ortabl** etiotig''h ahc-ut that." he sa!d wlowly. "Ton'r* gentler and mor* ^r.d than I car* all my tryinr. sorry I aver- From the filet & The Paris Mor* faff News thirteen year9 *0o TUESDAY, AUGUST 8, 1921 Tru«k farmers from east of Paris reported I p*&nats «rsd sweet potatoes were in ex-1 shape and promised good crops. The Masocie picnic ar.d barbecy-e si Wade f papers,—Dallas NVws. Park was attended by an estimated three j tjbots$«2jd people. A delegation from IpOF way broujfbt six Candida .Faris au^ "Wildly lodge did tbe work, ac<3Ung i tkre* E, E. Crow of WoodlaaS brou^fet a ' Aouzty to wjffgje one's ears say, as ones i natural Reservist claims, be a mosetiiar trick | I inherited from remote ancestors, but the I clinatior; to ke^p them to I to be no older thai- siodern polities. i Science 31oB.itor. i "I'm glad von did. I I:srht beneath the door. *'f ^ T *y* ^~a<r* s o&d «lffht.* "AT;d did yo'J too?" It doesn't matrer. TO T J'!! write rr.* aibout thlrigTs.' "Regularly. *.nd as cfter, as yos a w-reV. 1? that's not too "Oh. no. I'd do that any^ray." He "rose. "Toy rncrt not—•'.*• | ssxio-asly. "Promise me you won't: Get any help you nred. I Marsha. Tv'ni yon promise rr.^ you .11 jf*-t al! th* h*1?> you n*««2?" **T<»«. I do* yoe anythtns Professor Moley is going; to stop e icea is to send them ose of the&e Moley i long-distance calls—acd charge it to- tbe kid-|*ven. «h« wouM t TH_ >? _ •*.• S V«n«r %* rrt'tf'Hf 1< haiever sh» was sot, she wax ! sport. And selfish, as his moth- i er said. 1 He had. come upon her -with. | Sartholorne'w. plannins 3- Itinch- i eon thaz -srould tempt his m other j to ea.i. He knew she had asked j old friends o* his mother's to come in to tea that afternoon. Thw leave-taking: •with her was not all a masquerade zor him - - . but Marsha need not know that. He kissed her c*ice: again; his amis tightened. He ha<i forgotten his mother; then r»inen;beriii5 her, and that the "display" had been enough, he let Marsha go. See stood at the door -with Mrs- Powers as he stepped into the motor. Ke sav,- Marsha's arm around his mother: Marsha -waved at him. a jaunty little figure -with chin high: but just before the motor door was closed, she ran down the steps and after he had put bis hand into , hers which she'd he fe't her kiss \ stretched on it. "Fil do ^jerything — everythini; for her — and f*r you!" h*- beard- He had not even thanked b«r. he realized, riding away. He looked down at Ills big. browned hand f that she had kissed, and suddenly j he held it to his lips. She mattered terribly and !y to him and she always would. she Trtio had married him to show another man tna-t he had not hurt her - - - who admitted tiiia ... who had Jcissed this other man . . . who Ii*<l — who — He na.<l srrown tease; na^i sank back, spent- H« rnu*z not let himself brood aboct It. Ko dotrbt she h*<j been with Tarletos ti«tt day -when. *ne lied, about being at her dentist's. Ix>rtS, how he trostftd faer! Oa The Day's Dial All hours Central Standard Time P. M, S:00 CBS Kate Smith; >TBC. Rudy Vallee's orch. 6:3& CBS L«iih Stevens' Harmonies; Melodies Komantique- 1:00 C3S Freddie H*nkera orch,; X3C Capt. Henry's Sfeotr Boat. 7:30 CBS Tito Guisar. orch.; NBC Goldman 3acd Concert. S:00 CBS Forty-five Minutes in Hollywood: NBC Paul "Whiteman's orch. S:*S CBS The Playboys, 5:00 CBS Vera Van. contralto: X3C Frank Buck, adventures. 3:15 CBS Ferde Groin's orch. NBC Gene and Gl*na. 9:30 CBS Johnny Johnson's yrc'n. 5:4S CBS Henry Buss**s or- 10:00 CBS Joe Keichnis.n*« orchestra: NBC Milwaukee Symphony orch. 10:30 CBS Enoch light's or- rheatra; NBC Dancing fet th« Fwin Cities. 11:00 CBS Freddie Hanker* :>rca.; NKC Clyde Xucas* ores. better tfea.ii th« bt«t of women he he with h«r finish a «ve£ kaown. Kls v«.ryin» r«s- of Jier. the changing emotion* that thi« sisule. ha<s helped to wftscr Mm oat. It be couitl only get away from th«usiit ol fc«r- He tsu«t writ*; n«r, o* cotirao . . . tii* mart ot l«uem iroca wbsch she could reaiL blt»- to his osotber. Sufficiently »ectli»eEtal to s*.Us£y his z&otner. but not tJi» letttais lie would writ* to >lar*ha. it eh* wer* «Ji he lutd one* dreamed her to i>c. He haul oot *poken vO her of ih« ittt*re; their cece*sary tender- nesss, b«t «fae wouM She understood *. out w^ord«- Heaven*, the fea<i clmyp to hiin. coodbye to blai, In a, curious waty. For «. *hak«n »econ<l he *elt her «.^ain in hie arrna; hi* che«k aya4n»t h*r». "And that waty, nsa<ln«««!" he remlnd6« bUn- «e!f, He tried to think ot the ravine a.cro*« which W» bride* wotiW cre*p, but It w»* navies*, «.n<l only *. ;«w rcontli* before, hie aiw&ys ot>^>e<I his wish, <To B< Continued) that left Our wife is more dissatisfied than tver j potiM tarn*^ to to fe« rijpftt wh<sr« you T> you COITJ* back*"* *b* dividend <l*y«. we'll Ul«A '*««rlouR book" is ose tlxat uses 125,000 PHOB« y««Jf_ «y. *K«UO. *r« you words to ««y something- that coiiJd b« said in nS?^|MANY ATTEND _.._ j BIRTHDAY MEET happy, o! new sweetp&utoes to F^r« aod »old] ORe paragnTpb.—San Francisco Chronicle, tfcem for $2.50 the bushel. • * * 1 on th* ro»d north o£ P*ns j As for framing a giant Federal relief bill to the city p*vi&f [ for furoera, it mtist be 4oue without fr*namf _ j tite re«t of th« popu!«tiorL—Wwhington Po«, ^ C*ncret«' _ •frt* e&«R|»ki«d atid lln* Itet offl> Boh, I otn't hear, A lit- lou<J«rr, !>!*»»«, r and minute*, you know? Ke *«nil*<!; For * Bob. mr« yoo for *bout 10 her Into hi* to b*r«. CHICOTA- -~ About 1 r * frl*nd» r*5*tlv«» of John Mmt«r gathered ftt hl« hom* Sunday to c«l*- brat* hl« tfird birth«5*.y. Mr. and of Forest Chap*!. A numb«r of p«opl* from out of the community of Gotbel T*mpl*ton &n<3 wlf« City *r« vt«itinr here, and Ralph Arm- ACDtBI^C CBS STATION* KStOX. St. Ixrai* ............ I. Wtt anrtli* ...... ----- . -*tS TfO ACO1BIJS IHIC A t>»n«» ........ ,.» _____ *«o WBAP. Ft Worth ____ ....... *9S ClRCtniut! ..... , ...... T93 S«fl Antonio .......... 1.1*5 born in Franklin county and came to Texas in 1S3S. crossing Red river in January that y«ajr and settling on the present site of Clarksville, hla being one. of the tbr«« first families there. Being: persuaded that a better location was .a little further west, two years aft- erwsjrds he moved to what became lAmar county a little later and bought or traded for *20 acres of the Andrew Ward survey between •where now is Petty and .Noble. He began farming there and .spent the remainder of his life tbere. beinf a leading citizen and helping: organize the first Methodist church in that section. He died in 1S75. Samuel Orton*s wife vras Harriet Humphreys who lived to b« 75 years old and died some years after her husband. Before their d*ath the parents gave their son. Benjamin Orton. 160 acres of the homestead to which he later added by purchase, and he too was for years a successful farmer ii» that section. Benjamin was born in Tennessee and -was eight years old when his parents came to Clarfcs- ville. When Sam Bell Maxey was orsranisinsr the Xinth Texas regiment Benjamin Ortcn joined it and served through the vrar. being In BACKWARD GLANCES IT A, W. ItETOXE On* of the really early-day •*!tiers in La mar county "waa Samu«l B» Ortoa. a th« battle* at BMloh. And oth«r adjacent ensaeements, then in th* Kentucky cacopaisn Tuaader B.rajjt, and after the reoisanizatioa of.tfc* army under Hood wa* in th* Tennessee campaign. Hi» comman* -was later ordered to the"Gulf coavt and surrendered "at old Spaniali Fort, after which Mr, Orton r4- itimed to his, farm and r«*um«d his part of the work of roaldiut A state out,of what remained of T«JC- a» after the four years conflict. Benjamin Orton was a arm«r who practiced diversification aa4 so he raised cattle jtnd dealt -*x- tensively in live stock. He married rather late in life, hi* wife being: Mis» Temperauace Btidd. daurht«r of I>3Ln!el Budd and a native ot HM- nois. Benjamin Ortoa aluraya paid high tribute to hie mother and to ( her influence ascribed hi» «UCC«M —the success that conies to a man of right principles of sympathy for his fellow man and of correct lining: habits. He -would recall with much emotion the teaching «h* grave him and his brothers and sister at the home fireside because church and school privii«c«s were few in.'those days, and the example she set them, of industry, frugality and piety. She was a typical plon- ?<?er mother and one of those .whose 1 children delight to honor their ' parents. FARMER StTFFERS j AMBIA GETS FIRST PAINFUL INJURY! BALE OF COTTO!* GAKRETTS BLUFF. — T. B. Palmer was painfully injured last week T^rhen he fell from a load of hay and stuck a pitchfork in his arm. E- F. HarrelL of Paris made a religious talk at the Baptist church Sunday ev«ains- JToyce Fisher is vLstsing her srandperents in Dallas. Wayne Brown of Houston is -visiting- here. iir. and Mrs. .!•. JL- Reid entertained youngr people of this community with a party Saturday eve- nisg. Refreshments tvere served. Several from here are attending the revival at Belk. SHOWER GIVEN AT DEPORT TUESDAY BEPORT. — About 120 attended a miscellaneous shower given at the horn* of Mrs, Stanley 3eH here Tuesday in honor of Mrs, Raakin D. B»li. formerly Miss Rvtth M. MTirnb«rIy, Hostesses w?er« Mrs. Stanley Bell, Mrs. Calvin MSI- 2er. ^In?. i,yaa Bratcher- and Sirs. Kenneth 3am«rtt, GW^SLS were received by Mrs. BelL ilrs. Sanders .TESTitRberly.- Jjrs. Frank BelL Mrs, Russie >I- Wiaabsrly and Mrs- iflH- *r. Miss H-ester Ferpuson of ET Paso and Mrs. Ch»st»r Shields of l*aris -were amons th^ out of tow-u quests. Miss Robbie Re«d and Mi's? Rath J>ff!is are visitiiiE: in Dallas and AMBIA, — The first bale of cotton 10 be picked In this community •was gathered from the field of A. A. Haroblin. Monday, Gurney Pool and. family went t» Kago Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Fool's sister, -who ica« aoeidentally kUled, ilrs. Jeanie Rose -who is *eriou»~ ly ill at the home of her »oc R. C. Rose, is unimproved. The Methodist revival -wilt b«^ Sisi Thursday niglit. Att*, 3, conducted by the pastor, Rev. Beaklna of Eo-wland. Mr. asd 3Irs. Frank ~W. Jackson and son of Paris spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mr*. Jame» Powell, both families going to Ft., Towson Sunday for an outing. FAMSTN BAPTISTS WILL HOLD MEET j BOXHAM. — According to tfc« f Rev. S. R. Smith, pastor of th« ) First Baptist church here. *nd f moderator of the Fanuin County ! Missionary Baptist association, the • association, will meet jand Thursday of this week with i Indian Creek Baptist church, four i miles west of Ij«oaard. The associm- | tion is made up of forty charches. {aJJ in Fannla county, and th» to- I ta,l membership re&chec nearly 1 5.000. Reports •R-JJl be heard from | revival naeetlsss and other church Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Arj and children have returned to tbeir home !rs l>al!as atrer a. v!5li here. Mr. and Sfrs. Kujarti Jef'tis hav« r*rcrne<5 from a visit to Wichita Falls. j State leaders of the denomina.- i tlon -will be In attendinc* and wilt ' : be on the program, togrether -with 1 pastors and others. I Saminer enroilmeat la \ camps for hoys end srirls wa* re• ported to b» 15 per cent above last year. strong- of Paris were married Saturday night. They wJII make their hom% in Paris. Mr*. Corrine Pianjifal *nd Dean Caxpeater are vj»;tlsg: *n Clatren- don. The Hcv. J. R. Johnson and the Rev. Ott Brook* are conducting a revival at May's Pr»!ri*. R*y V«s:fi«rburs5r is visJtinjc t» Okla. T- Frterson pitching both Chieota. def*at*s* Belk baseball ntn* ThuriwJay 19 to 7 and Reno Sfctnrday, 7 to S. Chicoi*. win play Reno "VtrednewiUty *t Reno Maxey S«turd*y at th« continued drouth, the aprJngnr »oath of Chtcota. continue to How «t«a<!{!y. Amusement* LOOKING FOR TROUBLE Spencer Trwey. J*ek O«klc Corurtancc OnnunliuCM AT THE PLAZA CATHERINE THE GREAT * K3tx*fc*th ftercrwr ATTHELAMAR MORNING GLORY AT THE GRAND DIME DAT TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS I. Book of tb» Bibl* 5, Gro"f* <Ilrn 10. Sa5*c'.oiijs 1*. Usaysine^- Solution of Yestertfay 1 * Purrle 18. I>, OUcosrteous 20, ,rtinib!*d type 23. Circular tedicstor 55. MyswsU 25, Siarti«3< coin 27. £9, N'a.dv* csetals il. Act of *eUJag 25. BtUet of trood to of «. 37. of rS. Vfater from tb* Ciocds 30. Cwttist tod 32. LJk« 53. Is India, a nativ* 34. Eat awxy bit by bit 18. Tows to Franc* s*. Ccrrupr *0. Money ex- O. Trial «". Pi«rc« 41. 45. order or 5-jcc» MoMrtec caro) S3. JCIad of fruit M. R»c«pi»ri* fcsr DOWN 1. Eatraac* 2. Giv5«« a pointed SO. Medicinal 1ISS- of ««. Phsrml Hor*« Action ftt law 70. Boy 72. S'oto of tls* *c%!* J, Bon* i. Catch of f, Sbe«? or 5< Proootsn ftnscilon

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