Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 8, 1975 · Page 38
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 38

Lubbock, Texas
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Tuesday, April 8, 1975
Page 38
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Page 38 article text (OCR)

IftA-UIEBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL—Wednssday Morning. April 9, 1975 Thieu Vows To Hold Sou th Viet HAPPY EX-ORPHAN-A year ago Vu Thi Hcin was a sickly, thin baby in a South Vietnamese orphanage. Today just two days short of her second birthday, she's a bright eyed bundle of energy at Warren and Joyce Cramer's home in Macedonia, Ohio, and her name has been changed to Heidi. Heidi became a member of the Cromer family last July after lengthy correspondence, $2,500 expense and voluminous paperwork required by the Naturalisation Service. _(AP Wircpholo) City Man Convicted In Cocaine Trial (Continued From Page One) turning Uic Judge Robert KuiJty verdict. C. Wright set sentencing proceedings to begin 111 is morning. Testifying in his own defense Tuesday morning, Tibbets admitted telling a codefendant, "That's an awful 'lot of drugs to be bringing into my home," but said he never possessed the cocaine and was merely trying 1 to help Ihc man break a hard drug habit. Tibbclts was near tears when !ic lold Ihc jury, "Lord knows, J have hnd a lot of problems 'Orphan Lift' Brings 291 To California TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE, Calif. (AP) — A chartered Overseas National Airways DC10 jetliner carrying 291 Vietnamese children arrived here Tuesday, the last of the major orphan airlifts ordered by President Ford. Hundreds of volunteers, eluding doctors, took charge of the children as they left the plane and headed by bus lo the fith Army Presidio orphan rc- cjcption center 45 miles away in JS.-m Francisco. Some 70 cscorls and medical personnel accompanied the children on the day-long flight from Saigon. There were 302 children originally aboard the flight, but. some were ieft in Honolulu for medical treatment (.luring a stopover there. 1,700 Airlifted More than 1,700 children have Mow boon airlifted from war- torn Saigon. Many have already been sent to new homes in the United States and other countries. Some have been hos- since this happened, but none of it had anything to cio with the use of illicit drugs." Arrested in Raid Tibbetts, 22, of 2101 34th St. No. 5. was arrested Jan. 12, 1974, by narcotics agents in a raid on his residence. Anothei man, Kenneth Eastwood, 21 of 2129-C 51st St., been convicted 5f cocaine possession in connec- .iou with, the raid and is serv- ng an eight-year probated sentence. In a morning session marked y lengthy conferences at the jcnch, Tibbctts called his wife, Ellen. t:> testify for him and (Continued From Page One) Thlcu to step down," said Father Dinh Binh Dinh of the predominantly Roman Catholic An- ticorruption Movement. "The bombing was the normal reaction of an angry soldier of any time," said one opposition politician hiding from he Thieu regime in a suburban church. "Most of the armed forces aro nngry wilh the president. No one can control their •caction when a man becomes angry, even if he wants to." Sapper and shelling attacks in South Vietnam hit military training installations 20 miles east of Saigon. Spokesmen said Tivc government troops wore killed and 28 wounded and that 12 Viet Cong u-cre killed. About 300 morlar rounds hit a ;overnmcnt post <15 miles cast of Saigon, followed by a grounc attack, spokesmen said. They listed nine Viet Cong killed and said the government side lost two men killed and two wounded. Barrages of artillery, rockets and mortars made up most ol the action reported in the Mekong Delta lo Ihe soulh of Sai gon. Communist side activity has picked up there this week in possible preparation for a major push on Saigon or to cu roads, seize control of land anc people and cut food supplies to the capital. Gen. Minh, the air force com mandcr, declared in his broad cast after the attack on the presidential palace that the air force is faithful to the "jus cause and opposes commu nism." He said a coup nov would only create chaos anc profit Ihc Communists. Gen. Cao Van Vien, chief o the joint general slaff, said UK bombing was an individual act He said the armed forces stil arc a "united and one-minded group with the mission of anti Communist and national salva lion." hen put himself ness chair. in the wil- .linistry statement broadcast )y Radio Hanoi charged the United States "abducted thousands of children and schemes o force millions of other Vietnamese to leave for the United Stales and a number of other countries." Denial By Ky —More than 20 left-wing Labor legislators in Britain called on Ihe government of Prime Minisler Harold Wilson to rec- ognise the Viet Cong's Provisional Revolutionary Government in Soulh Vietnam. The motion signed by the lawmak- ers also urged Wilson lo dis- socialc Britain from all efforts to preserve "the odious regime" of President Thicu in Saigon. —In Tokyo, visiting Romanian President Nicolae Ccau- sc'scu and Japanese Prime Min- ister Takeo Mike issued a com- munique calling for implementation of the Paris agreement on Vietnam to ensure a lasting peace in Indochina. —Indonesia's foreign minister, Adam Malik, was reported by Jidda radio on his arrival in Saudi Arabia as saying that) Cambodian President Lon Noli will visit Hanoi "within yf days!" Lon Nol is now in Indonesia, on his way lo Hawajij for medical treatment. MaliK' gave no details on what he plans to do in Hanoi. PHNOM PENH, Cambodia AP) — Battles raged in the enter of a key provincial town vest of Phnom Penh on Tuesday as Premier Long Boret re- urned from a reported meeting FAVORABLE GREETINGS—A gray-haired volunteer, acting like a typical grandmother, and a Vietnamese orphan struck a favorable relationship at Travis Air Force Base, Cali- fornia Tuesday as another large plane load of young war refugees arrived in the United States. Hereafter the orphans will be arriving a(. a slower pace. C AP Wirephoto) Constitution Changes Okayed Court-appointed "consultant" fiyron Chappell was seated at the defense table with Tibbctts and the two conferred frcquont- but Tibb:tt.s continued to conduct the case. After being warned of her right against, self-incrimination, Mrs. Tibbelt-s testified that Eastwood had arrived at the residence shortly before the officers, carrying the paper bag containing the drugs. She said he went to the bedroom immediately on his arrival and Tib- bctls went to the bedroom only about three minutes before the officers arrived. She said she had never known her husband to use hard drugs but admitted on cross examination t!,at both s)ie and her husband had smoked marijuana. Ha!) No Itletv After first refusing t:> answer a question on why Eastwood had brought the drugs to the trailer. Mrs. Tibbctts said she had no idea why Eastwood brought the drugs. Tibbclls testified thai, lie had worked in a rehabilitation program in Vietnam and was trying to help Eastwood kick a hard drug habit. He said he had just gone to the bedroom to order Eastwood from his home when the officers entered the room. His "testimony contradicted Dial of three agents ivho testified they entered the bedroom pitatizcd for treatment of vari- !to f!ml Tibbctts and Eastwood <>us medical disorders and j Reeling beside the bed, some have been sent to in- .stiuuions in American, Canada and Great Britain. Meanwhile, an outpouring of public concern over the or- cocainc with a knife in a plate. Tibbctts said he was standing with his back to the door when Ihc officers entered and said he had never touched the plate. Irish then asked about the nhiins resulted in a continuing j cOn nict in testimony. flood of queries lo adoption and weifarc agencies. And there was some criticism both in the United States atid abroad of the babylift program. inundated Wilh Calls A spokesman for Ihe adoption unit of Ihe Massachusetts Welfare Department said public and private agencies in that state have been inundated with more than 3.000 calls from families offering foster homes to the Vietnamese and Cambodian children. "We had to stop taking calls from families after requests rnauhed 300 over the last five days. We just don't know the status of further immigration of Vietnamese orphans," said Ag- ncw Erickson, a caseworker for the Catholic Charitable Bureau. Although no official word has come from Saigon authorities on the number of children who will be pc"mitted lo leave in future airlifts, several American citizens and organizations were continuing plans lo evacuate more youngsters. Planes Ready Robert Macaulcy, an airlift organizer from New Canaan, Conn., said: "We're stymied to get any more out because of Saigon. We have three airplanes that can go on very short notice" — a Y07 and 747 in Guam and another plane in Atlanta, Ga. Macauley IMi.stakc Claimed "I'm not saying the officers ierl," Tibbctts replied, "but Jicre has been a mistake somewhere and it is not mine." After Tibbells' testimony, [rish put on Department of said he has received offers for the use of mil- Jtary aircraft and has already got tho money for additional Friends for All Boulder, Colo. Children, in Gerald Howard, the third officer involved in 1he raid. How- ird backed up the testimony of two other agents that Tibbells was kneeling by tho bed when they entered. On cross examination Tiblxstts asked. "Did you know at that lime that the woman who answered Ihc door (Mrs. Tibbctts) the district attorney's daughter?" Irish objected to the question on the basis of relevancy and said tho question was a mis- statcmcnl of fact. Wright sus taincd Ihe objection. Former Premier Nguyen Cao Ky, a former commander o the air force and one of the leaders of the political forces in Saigon demanding that Thieu step down, denied that he was involved in the attack. Ky said he favored an orderly change of leadership but not a coup. A spokeman for the Viet -ong delegation to the Joint Military Commission in Saigon said the bombing proved Thicu "is detested by everyone, even by his own officers" and soldiers." The Viet Cong also broadcast elaborate instructions for Sai;on government pilots and navy men wanting to defect. The broadcast outlined detailed steps for identification and procedures for entry into air or navy installations now held b> the Communist-led side. A number of nations and individuals were -mounting efforts to help the two feuding Vietnamese camps, ranging from money and supplies lo a group of ex-soldiers reported training in Australia and New Zealand. South Korea decided to send South Vietnam $4.1 million worth of relief supplies and an unspecified number of air sea transports to evacuate refugees. Japan said it was extending $2.07 million as initial emergency aid for refugees. Viet €ong Aid Hanoi's official news agency said Sweden was sending the Viet, Cong food and medicine worth about $2 million and that Finland was sending $400,000 as aid to people "in the newly lib- crated areas of South Vietnam." A new Roman Catholic relief organization in Paris — Vietnam Fraternity S.O.S. — announced it was sending a planeload of medical supplies to areas of South Vietnam cap- lured by Communist-led forces. The Rev. Nguyen Dinh Thi said the supplies, provided by Vietnamese living in Paris, would be flowTi to Lao:;, where arrangements would be marie to transport them to Da Nang. In Australia and New Zealand, about 100 men were reported training to go lo South Vietnam and fight alongside the government troops in hopes of helping reverse the tide of the war. Among them was Clark Titman, a U.S. Marine in World War H who is now a naturalized New Zcalander. A spokesman in Sydney said the group is training at various secret locations. In other Indochina developments: —North Vietnam accused the Ford administration of "using force to evacuate people from South Vietnam." The Foreign (Continued From rage One) noon, said he supported submission of the proposed new constitution to the voters. "I believe that the legislature, having recently sat as a constitutional convention, is uniquely qualified to present a new constitution to the people. Certainly I do not agree with everything in this document. But I think the people of Texas deserve the opportunity to vole on it," said Briscoc, who was call, failed in an effort to preserve Ihe existing judicial system, then attempted through a series of unsuccessful amendments to water down the new judiciary article. The article would merge the Texas Supreme Court and the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals into a single supreme court, with power to administer r the entire judicial system, including redistribution of cases j business of coming up here cv among lower courts to level out ! cry session and creating nev "You go to making a bureau out of the judiciary and you are going to have a Gestapo in the state of Texas," Heatly growled. Rep. Woody Denson, D-Hous ton, said the article would no impair existing rights anc would benefit the public by has tcning justice and saving mon cy"It will mean Ihc end of this of civil appeals criminal juris-j stitulion, who had said in ad widely criticized for not taking caseloads. It also would give (courts," Denson said. a leadership role during the j the present intermediate courts Sponsors of the new con convention. The most prolonged and leatcd debate was over the educalion and judiciary articles. Rep. W. S. Heatly, D-Padu- diction. Another provision would give the state the right lo appeal acquittals in criminal cases in which a slate law was [held unconstitutional. Police Say Woman Sought Really Man (Continued from Pago One) he switches costumes from male to female and back again. But, at least we know his real identity. "He isn't dangerous, except to your wallet," Driscoll said. Driscoll said Michael, a native of Florida, jumped ly.nd in March. 1%2 after b:ing charged in connexion "with a swindle. He's been running loose ever since." Michael has also used the aliases Jerry Barrett. Mike Moran, Mike Morgan, William. Tracy Parker and William Richard Raines, police said. Michael, perhaps as a clever joke to provide clues, may have purposely chosen the alias Carmichael by linking his "car" occupation with his real name. Describing himself as a widosv with five adopted children, he received nationwide attention last year with plans to construct a three-wheel car for under 52,000 that would get 70 miles per gallon. "Mrs. Carmichael" said she was a former race driver and automobile engineer. The company set up offices in the Los Angeles area but the California attorney general's office obtained injunctions barring the firm from operating in that state. California, authorities said the firm had insufficient capital to back up its stock. The 200-pound Michael, dressed in a red wig and giving 1L -,^^u ^-^^ »* ..,«.»-...>.-,.,the appearance of a somewhat raucous, tough-talking dame, her county delegations now. A moved his comnanv to«ni fr> Dallas . , _ ' .. ,__r__ _.i., vance that the judiciary arlicl was one of their big worries hugged each other as Speaker Bill Clayton announced the ar tide had passed. 106-37. Clayton earlier had departed from protocol by asserting from the podium his wish tha the constitution go to the vot ers. "The chair will exercise the privilege that has not been c.x ercised thus far in this session and will use his (voting) ma chine and will be voting in Ihc affirmative for this document,' he said to scattered applause. Quick Passage The single section of the rcso lution that contained the cxecu live, legislative and separation of powers articles passed 121 19, so swiftly that some observers were taken by surprise. Key provisions of the legisla live article provide annual law making sessions of 140 days in odd-numbered years and days in even-numbered year instead of meeting once cvcr> two years. Legislators, by a pe lition of three-fifths of th membership of each chamber could call themselves into spe cial session to override a govcr nor's veto. After 1081, all legislators would come from single-member dislricts; some still are elected at-large as multi-mem- Cambodian Rebels Fight Near Capital Senator Vows Support For Local Groups (Continued From Page One) come," Hance said. The senator said he will not support a proposal to set interest rate ceilings on loans at 36 per cent. A filibuster, or long debate over the proposal can be expected, he said. None of the county officials who have criticized SPAG aoard members' action to move •he association offices \vere present at the meeting prior to Hance's speech. SPAG president Carolyn Jordan cast the deciding vote to move the SPAG offices to 1611 Ave. M during the board meeting. A tie vote was cast by the board members on locating the offices at the Terrace Shopping Center or the Avenue M facility. Three Lubbock County officials said the move from the "downtown business core 1 ' ol Lubbock is only one of several reasons for their supporting a withdrawal from the association. Lubbock County Judge Rodrick Shaw, the only Lubbock County official at the meeting, voted in favor of lo eating the SPAG offices at the Avenue M location. vith Khmer Rouge leaders and declared, "We will never sur- • render.'" " i7 Field reports said rebels slammed more than 400 shells ' nto Kompong Speu 30 miles '"> 'rom Phnom Penh, killing an estimated 100 people. The re- •. Doris said one rebel group pushed into the market area rom the east while another ;roup was attacking positions northwest of town. Village Burned The Communist-led insurgents attacked and burned a* German-funded refugee village 1 three miles northwest of Kom- pong Spcu, and a number of villagers were killed or ab : ducted, according lo the reports. Refugees and wounded sol- " diers evacuated by helicopter'^ said Kompong Speu, once the western anchor of the greater . Phnom Penh defense zone, was 1 isolated three weeks ago when insurgents cut Highway 4 linking the town to Phnorn Penh. > . Long Borcl laughed at reports that he had met with the . Khmer Rouge in Bangkok, nei- ' thcr confirming nor denying . them. Thai Foreign Minister, • Chartichai Choonhavan said Long Boret spent four houts Monday night "with a party ot- thc other side concerning peace . talks." In an interview Tuesday, the premier said, "We have 'to rci ' sist and strengthen our internal, front by mobilizing all our. energy." Meets Ambassador ,-' Then he went to a cabinet- meeting to discuss measures to reform the army and increase recruitment. U.S. Ambassador John Gunther Dean met with the premier for 45 minutes, re- Major projects approved for portedly discussing U.S. aid. the SPAG area during the afternoon meeting included a project exceeding 515 million lo fund a .solar energy plant in Crosbyton, about 5115,000 to expand mass transportation programs for the elderly and handicapped in the SPAG region and establishing a resource, conservation and development program in six SPAG counties. and the diplomatic implications* of Long Boret's travels. Long Borct left eight days ago with President Lon No], who was pressured into seeking- exile abroad. Lou Nol has ex-pressed hope his absence will help make peace talks possible.. Meanwhile, about 1,000 Cambodian university students andr tcachcrs met and called for the government to step down and be replaced by an elected committee to negotiate an end to... the war. Insurgents fired 22 rockets, into the airport, Phnom Penh's jnnly link to the outside world Policeman Meels Erring 'Robber' PHILADELPHIA (AP> -- A for" food and ~siippHoV.'"Rcports would-be bank robber handed a said five persons were wound- teller a scribbled note Tuesday cd. which she couldn't read, so he The U.S. ammunition airlift switched In Plan B and an-|from Thailand continued. Thenoiinccd: "I am a bank rob- rice lift from Saigon airport. bcl '-" was suspended after ,1 South Donald D'Ambrosio who wasjVictnamcsc fighter pilot made standing in line next lo him an- a bomb and rocket attack on nounccd: "I am a policeman." the presidential palace in Sai- The off-duty cop was in plain'!gon, but it was expected to re- clothes but carrying his service Jsumc Wednesday. President revolver, and took the man into i Nguyen Van Thieu escaped in- custody. jury in Ihc palace attack. House Members Keep Election 4 Low Profile^ moved his company team to Dallas. Local news media were flooded with news releases saying the company planned to hire 9.000 people and produce 88,000 cars, known as the Rcvetle, the first year. "I didn't build this car to serve humanity. Or in save fuel or the economy although that may be a side benefit I did it to make the biggest automobile company in the world. And I don't give a hoot what people 1hink of me as long as they buy my cars," "Mrs. Carmichael" said in an interview. "Mrs. Carmichael" told an interviewer she put 55,000 to $15,000 a day into the business and "where I get it is nobody's business." But local authorities launched a quick probe resulting in the conspiracy charges. The publicity blitz hardly dad begun before the company was shut down and corporate officers flcti. Deputies went lo "Mrs. Carmichaol's" North Dallas home but found it empty save for a "friend" who said she didn't know where Mrs. Carmichael had gone with her "adopted" children. Asst. Dist. Atty. Jon Sparling has a scraplxwk filled with color photographs taken of the miniskirted "Mrs. Carmichael" at a party. "It could be a m;m," Sparling said with a smile a few months ago, "but, I don't know. We'll see." salary commission would recommend legislative pay levels. The executive article empowers the governor to manage the expenditure of state funds, including shifting money from agencies with excessive budgets to those that need more funds. It also gives each state agency, except colleges, 10-year life spans, renewable by the legislature. Representatives approved the voting rights section, 113-31. A transition section would grant ex-convicts full voting rights unless they are on parole or probation or incarcerated. The legislature could again restrict such rights, however, by a law passed after July 31. Convicted felons now must obtain a district court order to regain their right to vote after their release from slate supervision. AUSTIN, Tex. (AP) — Texas House members are in the midst of a "low profile campaign" for the April 22 special election in hopes that opponents of their proposed pay raises wili not be attracted to the polls. Senators say Ihey want no part of such a campaign. ''Get those people out to vote who will support the amendment," said four pages of instructions distributed to all 150 representatives. "Keep the others home. To do this, a 'low profile campaign' should be run. That means not much press, public- tiy or public speaking, but a lot of personal contact." Committee Formed Rep. Ben Bynum, D-Amarillo, distrubuted the "Strategy for the April 22 Vote" saying it was the result of a recent meeting of about 15 to 20 House members who formed an "ad hoc committee" in support of the proposed constitution Scooter (Continued From Papn One) curacy, Scooter simply enjoys rubber band shooting. "She hit me right in the face one lime," Gingery said. The Gingerys first noticed their sandy-haired.lerrier had a passion for rubber bands about six months ago. "She knows where they (the rubber hands) come from, loo," Mrs. Gingery said. "I'll go out to pick up the paper and she'll stick with me. She won't leave me alone until I give her the rubber band. Then she's off." "She shoots red ones better than green ones," Gingery added. Ingrid, De Niro Win In Support (Continued Vrom I'ngn One) this year's event. The crowd was glamorous and less freaky than in recent years. The outdoors audience shrilled their acclaim for such arrivals as John Wayne and Raqucl Welch and Jack Nicholson. There were a few drizzles, and academy officials used dozens of umbrellas to shield the glamorous arrivals. It seemed to be a night of nostalgia as well as achievement, with 3,200 members of the Music Center audience rising to salute two-time winner Ingrid Bergman in her presentation of a special award lo Jean Renoir. The ailing French director was not present for the ceremonies, but Miss Bergman directed her comments to him: "Thank you, Renoir, we love you, Jean." The searing docurnenlary of the Vietnam war, "Hearts and Minds," was awarded the Oscar as best documentary feature. Producer Bert Schneider read a telegram from Ambassador Dinh Da Thi. chief of the Viet Cong delegation to the Paris political talks. "Please transmit to all our friends in America our rccogni- lion of all that they have done on behalf of peace and for Ihe application of the Paris Ac- cords on Vietnam," the telegram said. Other early awards included: Animated Short — "Closed Mondays." Live Aclion Short — "One- Eyed Men Are Kings." Documentary Short — "Don't." Art Direction H." "Godfather — "The Cinematography Towering Inferno" Editing — "The Towering Inferno." Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award - - Arthur B. Krim, actor and pasl president of the Motion Picture Academy. Other major awards: Sound —- "Earthquake." Original Dramatic Score — "The Godfather, Part II," Nino Rola and Carmine Coppola. Honorary Award — Howard Hawks, prcsenlcd by John Wayne. Scoring of original song score and-or adaplation — "The Great Gatsby," adapted by Nelson Riddle. Costume Design — "The Great Gatsby." A massive effort also was mounted to protect Hollywood's biggest party of the year from intruders such as last year's slroakcr. Some 130 city police, sheriff's deputies and studio security guards were deployed in and around the gleaming white pa- villion to handle crowds and keep pranksters out. Each officer was shown a photograph of the Los Angeles advertising man who last year raced naked across the stage as David Niven was attempting a speech. Less publicized was an incident during the previous year's Oscars. A young man, wearing a $300 tuxedo purchased with a stolen credit card, managed to enter the proceedings without a ticket and ended up in the finale, standing next lo Jane Fonda and joining in song. Louisiana has more than 7,300 miles of navigable waterways. amendment that would raise' legislators' salaries from $'100 to SGOO a month. Rcpresenlalives were urged" by Bynum to say Ihcir salaries would be "adjusted" not "in-" A spokesman for LI. Gov. Bill.' Hobby said there was no sucU organization in the Senate and said he had heard no talk of a ' "low profile campaign." Hobby, was scheduled to make several' television tapes to be used the weekend before the election to r urge voter participation. Rural Vote Kycrf "Although the press, as a general rule, will not be called' upon to stir up the muddy \va- ters of this issue, Ihe smaller rural newspapers might be pre-'"' vailed upon to favorably editorialize on the amendment," said the instructions given rcpresen- talivcs. "It is felt a friendly call from the local legislator oV- a acquaintance would be • the best tactic. A favorable ru- ,- ral vole can make the differ- [ ence." i Each legislator was asked to-' write a letter to at least 100 of his personal supporters and ask for their vote. "Adjust" Expenses The proposed amcndmenL approved earlier this session by • the legislators, also would "ad-.,, just" Iheir personal daily ex- r < penses during sessions from S12,. • to $30 a day and "adjust" travel -. pay from 10 lo 16 cents a mile. '',The second amendment on the April 22 ballot would revise provisions of slate and local retirement systems for teachers,,, and slate employes and let the-' state contribute up to 10 per--', cent of an individual's pay, in-,' slcad of Ihe present 6 per cent,, -, A final reminder on the In-/ struclions sent House members , was the advice to vote ab- ( ' scntee, since they will be in session on lhat Tuesday. It said: ,,. "If we forget to vole, how-,, can we expect others to re- r , member?" '.-

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