The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 86
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May 10, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 86

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 86
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Page 86 article text (OCR)

r 100 Feet of Friendly Fence ^ Sfefcta. A-fltfi*. ^*.A > I^K U *UI^+*. • - - • I ROSE OF SHARON HEDGE I Delightful blossoms of red. white, or purple each summer in a lifetime fence of natural beauty. Rose of Sharon hedge -a practical, lovely frame for your landscape. These hardy shrubs will grow naturally to 5-10 ft. for an mformal privacy screen or can be trimmed for a neat colorful hed£ Nothing adds more of a sense of permanence and completeness "' ' I ofSh -, u- , Rose of Sharon Hedge will enhance your view. Lovelv all through the growing season. Rose of Sharon Bursts into briS bloom , n midsummer when little else is blooming and con" nSes to flower through fall. This old-time favorite will add a S deal to your property in terms of beauty and value Order todav MM T"? W U ' l ££ Shmb8 ' * nd *2:98 for 25 stt PfeL Jl ^ B< ?' ° r W 2 6 for W shrubs < 200 feet of hedge). Please add 50* to prepaid orders. Illinois residents please add 5% sales tax. If not completely satisfied with your shrubs simply return shipping label only for a full refund -you may keep th£ •••••••••Please Print Plainly MSBMMM FREE HOUSE OF WESLEY, NURSERY DIVISION! GIFT! i I |1, D,^770-1 22 6ll.«i. 9 tM, M I S e "a° hand' PlMSi sins' - IK* «f Stare* Shrubs. $_Jttil ••(loud. I some 5-year• ' ~ old- Colorado I Blue Spruce (a $2.00 What You Can Do About Your Nervous-Tension Headache What Causes It? Whatfe BestTbT&ke? Emotional stress causes most headaches. Tension (1) causes muscles to tighten (2) press on blood vessels, reduce blood supply and irritate nerves. This results in (3) more pain, more tension, more pressure on nerves. Your headache gets worse. What's best to take? Why not the strong pain-relief medication doctors recommend most , for headaches? You'll find it in Anacin'. Anacin is a special fortified formula that gives you twice as much of this soothing medication as the other leading extra strength tablet. 'In minutes Anacin . . . turns off pain so ... relaxes tense muscles . . . and lets circulation reestablish itself . . . helps pre' vent further irritation of nerves. Notice how fast Anacin breaks up your nervous headache—rets yoi/feel better all over. Another advantage of Anacin is that it doesn't leave you depressed, groggy. And it's gentle on the stomach. Next time take Anacin Tablets. PAGE I*-PES MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER—MAY 10. 1970 When Did You Last Help! a Neighbor ? (Continued from'-page 15) comeback with the existentialist movement. It has become even more respectable with the boost from Dr. Rollo May's new book, Love and WUL He says (much more profoundly than I am doing it here) that man has the enormous capacity of "intentionality" — ~~the "imaginative~^arficipation in the corning"day'si possibilites." That's a beautiful way of saying that I can .creatively influence my life, and can make tomorrow come out pretty close to the way that I want it to be. Here is an example: A young man said, "I just can't talk to my father. He is such' a hopelessly old-fashioned creature that he can only lecture me. I get so angry that I only want to hit him, or get out of his sight." How You May Have Acquired An Inferiority Complex That young man had a right to his feelings, but he was wrong in thinking that he faced an impossible job when trying to talk to his father. By deliberate effort, he first was able to have brief conversations. Then heJearned what things they did with each other that made the other see red — so they learned to preface a sentence with "now, here comes one of those topics that always ends the conversation." And gradually they got beyond the point where father only lectured, and son only^ook off. This is a true story, and when this young man was encouraged by me to believe that his own will power was a powerful tool at his disposal, he did indeed change the quality of the life in his home. 9. CHALLENGE YOUR INFERIORITY FEELINGS. When you were a child, you were small, and inferior. Your shortcomings as a child, however, do not accurately describe you as you are tody. It is your responsibility to yourself to correct your devalued self-image, because you keep yourself helpless by persisting in feeling inferior. All persons are different. Each person is able to do something better than someone else, and this provides a basis for healthy self-affirmation. How does one acquire an inferiority complex in the first place? The founder of the interpersonal school of psychiatry, Harry Stack Sullivan, had the best answer to that question I have found. He said we acquire a low opinion of ourselves—we leam to feel inferior — from the thousands of times in our childhood that we are called dumb or clumsy or foolish or immature by the big people around us. To acquire self-esteem and to get rid of unwarranted inferiority feelings is a matter of un-learning and re-learning. 10. ENJOY LITTLE THINGS EVERY DAY. George had a bad habit of always seeing what was out of Place m the living room when he came from work. The room may have looked great, but if he saw one piece of lint on the rug the whole room was^ spoiled for him. Such thinking is merely a bad habit, and can be replaced, by a conscious effort to focus on the joys of Ufe. "There Is Humor and Folly Everywhere You Look" .. ....Tr""7""^ ? w> " P la ? e .A nalf full glass of wajter before my patents and ask them to tell me what'they see. Some people will a «jsraa tttftffzsz zi punish themselves by their morose outlooks; the half full people uS, th f ° ptil " ist f-J he P^Ple who see the water, rather than the lack ofjt, get a lot more kick out of life. Get the grimness out of life. There is humor and folly every-" t« on 6 yo . u , lo ? k -. F °re^ple, it takes but a moment of thought to enjoy the basic silliness of the way that a man's suit coat and vest are made, And as for women's,*—*•-•— - • ^ **"" 11. GIVE DIRECT, PHYSICAL HELP TO OTHERS Do I really matter? Does my life count for anything? A lot of people have lost a sense of meaning in their lives because they can barely see the Results of their hard work. The good they Accomplish may be unknown_Qr_unseen_by-them.--This-is-called- alienation— a particularly severe 20th-century malaise, a disease common in our technological society. It is the-cry of the average person who is a little cog in a huge society. There is little alienation among the farmers who get together to harvest their neighbor's crop while he is sick in the hospital. I try-to get the same physical participation into my therapy groups now: when we are^trying to get through to Jane, and to reach her emotionally, sometimes I will ask every member of the group to touch the shoulder of that suffering young woman as they talk to her. Three years ago it wasn't respectable in psychology to do that, but now I can say that this direct, physical help has a lot more meaning .than words alone. Enjoy little things every day. Give direct, physical help to others, When last did you help push your neighbor's car when it was stuck in the snow, or hold the flashlight while he was trying to find the blown-out fuse ? 12. STRIVE FOR SELF-FULFILLMENT AT EVERY STAGE OF YOUR LIFE, The infant is fulfilled as he sucks a nipple, the 1-year-old as he walks, the 2-year-old as he shouts "no," the 16-year-old as he gets a date for the prom. In adult life there are equally fulfilling things to accomplish, although for most of us it takes more thought to figure out what they should be. Some needs are satisfied, and other needs arise, as one gets older. Picking up the pieces of one's unfulfilled hopes and dreams can make every stage of life a high adventure. With the Right Attitude You Will Find Great Rewards A person becomes uncomfortable with himself if he is not doing what he is suited for. Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true . . ." What he phrased poetically can now be described as an important psychological need, and is even one of the cliche's in 1970, "Do yojir own thing." What a man can be, he must be. This is tfhat self-fulfillment means. Each day can be an event filled with major and minor joys to be savored-if you will determine to focus on them • There you have my dozen guidelines for surviving the rat race. They aren't rules. They are really exercises in maturity, and they have grown from years of psychoanalytic practice. Some are "conserving," that is, they tell you to bang on to what you have. Some are "progressive," that is, they tell you to move beyond where you are. Not all apply to everyone. Choose those areas of your own special need. With regular exercise healthy personality traits are built into your psyche and become as natural for you as being right-handed, or speaking English. The newest approach to gaming and k health is to combine psycho- eeping your logical understanding with daily practice of healthy behavior. It can be a high adventure, with great rewards for everyone, n (Copyright 1770, Field Enterprise*, Inc.) "LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY" Long before Christ came upon the earth, men were resorting to 'prayer for divine help. Realizing the power of prayer, -the peopled Israel'prayedroften in appeal for God's blessings and in gratitude for His favors. Almost everyone, in fact, instinctively feels the need for prayer— especially in times of danger. It might seem, therefore, that everyone knows how to pray... that the form, language and objectives' of prayer are not important ... that God will listen as readily to the prayers of the un- religious as to those of the devout. Prayer, some will undoubtedly say, is prayer "and nobody need tell us how to pray." And yet the Apostles, watching as Jesus prayed, became aware for the first time of the mighty power of a proper prayer. They could see on the Savior's face as He prayed, the reflection of a great inner peace and refreshment. So they said to Jesus: "Lord, teach us to pray!" Arid Christ replied: "Pray thus...Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on" earth as it is m heaven, Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil." The words of the Lord's Prayer, of course, are enshrined in the hearts of Christians everywhere. Yet Christ, in giving us this most beautiful prayer of all, did not tell us to "pray this." What He said was: "Pray thus." He meant that we must pray with the realization that Godls" truly our Father .. . that His name shall be revered as no other . . . that His will is to be done here and hereafter... that we are to be truly sorry for our injustices to others, and forgrvidg of those who injure us ... and that we are to avoid sin. People who question the value of prayer will often say they have tried it and "it didn't work." They mean by this, of course, that God did not grant the things for which they prayed. With a better understanding of proper prayer, they would realize that an appeal for God's favor is only one of various kinds of prayer . . . and that God does not grant every favor we may think we need. •" Proper prayer is not merely a petition for blessings. It. is also ,an expression of our love, our devotion and .our gratitude to God ... a declaration of our acceptance of God as our Father, a submission of our wishes and our will to His wishes and will. The words of many beautiful prayers* are readily available in many forms and languages: But the important thing is to understand the true meaning of proper prayer. To help you we have prepared a special pamphlet on prayer. We will send you a free copy. It will be mailed immediately; nobody will call on you. Write for Pamphlet MG-59. FREE— Mail Coupon Today! ------ 1 M«cu» t»nd m» F,*» PompW.I •nfiffafc "t«» Ut fray" MG-59 Name- Address—_ City. -State. J\t KNIGHTS OF COLUmeUS RELIGIOUS INFORMATION BUREAU 3473 S.pUTH GRAND, ST. LOUIS, MO. 63118 Now...Plastic Cream Revolutionizes Denture Wearing For the first time, science now offers a unique pUrtic cream that bold. false teetb^both "uppers" and 2SF&. -« tfcVwnaw been held before It fortM m elastic awroWMM that octtMti* koldt turn towwOA «9d fin* " discovery foi daily nume-uaerflo Ji'J ifffewtri by .. Patent J8,003,$88. FUODSWT not only hold* dentures firmer, but it holds them more comfortably, too. It's so elastic you may bite harder, chew better, eat more naturally. You may even eat and enjoy apples, steak, and coro- on-tht^banin. TbespecUTpencil-pointdispenser leta you put FIXODBNT exactly where Ufa needed. Resists opting over and i «-- cation may Iast~ ._.. „_ ,_ Dentures that fit are esjentiaj to health. See your dentist regularly. Get easy-to-use FIXODBNT Denture Adhesive Cream at eQ drug counters. DES MOINES SUNDAY REGISTER-MAY 10, 1970-PAGE 17

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