Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 28, 1972 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 28, 1972
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 PAMPA OAKY N1WS PAMPA. TEX AS MthVEAR Wednesday, Junt 21, l»72 Worry Clinic ByGEORGE W. CRANE Pk.D.,M.D. Ivan ilnwi that miiy ytm| knbmdt twbeoMctMily fear that their wives may NOT get •regnant. The wlvei, however, mally tear that they will. S« read thli problem with care. And tend lor the "Pregnancy Booklet" when yoa with to bear a baby! CASE U-52I: Ivan K., aged 22, is engaged. "Dr. Crane," he began, "my family is Russian in background. "And my grandfather says in the old country, a girl who had borne a baby before marriage was often regarded more highly than a virgin. "For she had demonstrated her ability to get pregnant. "But here in America most women seem obsessed with a desire to avoid pregnancy, even after marriage. '•What happens to them if they later want children and then find that they cannot conceive? "Isn't this famous 'Pill' a great cause of mental problems, as well as possible medical dangers?" "PILL" VS. PREGNANCY Ivan is quite correct in saying the "Pill" causes many wives to become neurotic. Many college men who are cohabiting with girl classmates and even living with them in common-law marriage, routinely have their coed roommates employ the "Pill." "Dr. Crane," they have often casually remarked, "There can't be much danger from, the 'Pill'can there? "Otherwise, far more coeds would be dead on college campuses! "And if. by long shot odds, my girl friend should have a blood clot and die. that would be bad, I'll admit. "But she isn't my wife, you know, so I could easily pick up another coed to sleep with!" Lurking in the subconscious mind of the usual woman on the "Pill" are these vague fears: (1) Will the "Pill" shorten my life in some manner? (2) Will it prevent my becoming pregnant later on Information Editor's Note: The following article is reprinted by permission of the Perryton Herald. For years government agencies have been searching for a simple, inexpensive device that would give a reliable warning of an approaching tornado. Now a West Des Moines, Iowa, electronics researcher has come up with a way to use an ordinary television set to give the best advance warning of an approaching tornado. Newton Weller, the discoverer, says his system can tell you whether a thunderstorm is just another storm or if it contains a deadly tornado funnel. It can tell you whether to stay in bed or hunt cover. All you have to do is turn on your set, switch to Channel 13, use the brightness control to turn the screen black and then move the dial to Channel 2. Under these conditions, the set will pick up the electrical impulses of nearby lightning strokes and record them on the screen as bright horizontal flashes. The intensity and frequency of the flashes are indications of how severe the storm is. But as long as the screen shows only flashes, a storm is not a tornado. A tornado has its own specific type of lightning discharge and shows up on the screen as continuous bright light. Thus when the s reen is bright all over, it's time to head for shelter. It doesn't matter if there is a program on Channel 2; turning down the brightness (by means of a knob used for that purpose ) purpose) blacks it out. Weller claims he has used his method for three years and can detect a tornado within about half an hour warning but not so far as to pick up tornadoes that present no immediate danger. Popular Science magazine ran a story on the Weller method and says the method works. The system works because a tornado funnel is in effect a giant vacuum tube similar in to the tubes found in when I want a baby? (3) Would its use prior to pregnancy leave any medical ill effects when I do get pregnant, and thus produce a defective baby? In general, modern medics answer "No" to all of those questions. But there are exceptions, for medics often find unexpected ill effects later on, when the first impact with a new drug seems 100 per cent successful. It often takes an entire generation to be sure as to the possible dangerous side effects of new drugs or hormones. Young wives should have their babies early. And if you young wives find you can't get pregnant, then you will not need the "Pill." In a previously sterile wife who menstruates regularly and whose husband is not sterile, pregnancy can often be produced by use of the alkaline douche immediately prior to mating. Also, timing is essential, for there may be only a 6 to 12 hour interval in the entire month when a wife can conceive. So send for my booklet "Facts About Pregnancy," enclosing a long, stamped, return envelope, plus 25 cents. (Always write to Dr. Crane, Hopkins Bldg., Mellott, Indiana 47158, enclosing a long, stamped; addressed envelope and M cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of bis booklets.) Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Wednesday, June 28, the 180th day of 1972. There are 186 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1914, the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, Archduke Francis Ferdinand, was assassinated at Sara- jevo, Bosnia. It was the spark that set off World War I. On this date: In 1778, the Revolutionary War Battle of Monmouth, N.J., was fought. In 1902, the United States bought the uncompleted Panama Canal from France. In 1919, the Versailles Treaty was signed in France after the first World War. In 1941, in World War II, guerrilla warfare against the Nazis began in Yugoslavia. In 1944, a Republican National Convention in Chicago nominated New York Gov. Thomas E.Dewey for president. In 1945, in the Pacific war, the United States announced that the Philippine Island of Luzon had been retaken from the Japanese. Ten years ago: The U.N. General Assembly called on Britain to hold a constitutional conference to give adequate political representation to African people in Southern Rhodesia. Five years ago: King Hussein of Jordan met in Washington with President Lyndon B. Johnson to discuss the plight of Jordan ofter the six-day Middle East war. One year ago: The U.S. Supreme Court banned state aid for parochial schools as a violation of the Constitution's provision separating church and state. Today's birthdays: Composer Richard Rodgers is 70. New York Democratic Congressman William William F.Ryan is 50. Thought for today: Everyone thinks his own burden heavy- French proverb. on a TV set t about ss «*f*«Sreie». the closest «r««i*My broadcast by the &££,, fat**. Welter say». &M*r «kt**tb will not show the «»««fi h* added, and the T dftMwef* will not register TV Log 1:30 4-High Chaparral 7-1 Dream of Jeannie 10-Rollin' on the River i:M 7-The Super 10-Melba Moore and Clifton Davis 7:30 4-Columbo 7-Petticoat Junction l:« 7-Movie, "Mirage" 10-Look and Live Special I:M 4-Night Gallery 10-Mannix lt:M 4, ID-News, Weather, Sports 7 News, Weather, Hotline, Sports 1I:N 4-Johnny Carson 10-Movie, "Crooks and Coronets" 1I:M 7-Roiu Barrett 11:4$ 7-Perry Mason 11:45 7-Dick Cavett U:M 4-News 1<:M ID-News Coronado Center 669-7401 OUR 10OTH ANNIVERSARY YEAR BIG PRE-4TH TIRE SAVINGS \m OFF! WARDS POLYESTER AND FIBER GLASS ROAD TAMER Tough 4-ply polyester cord body for durability and a smooth thump-free ride. Two wide fiber glass belts stabilize the tread for long mileage, easy handling, and better resistance to puncture damage than many non- belted tires can provide. With Wards 40-month tread- wear expectancy. Hurry in now and save! V / THAO W1AI UMCTANCY loom* of nrloWo drMnf haNH ond rood cm4M<i» mtu •Mdi Urn are vMd, II li Inproctkol for MoMgomry Word, ond coKeUobly nltloodlng to ovr CMlomon. to ffMrwriM any IB*' dfic iKMikw of moult* or nlioi el trood WMr. Wo con, howovtr, Indicate the wear potential wo hove bv)H Into ovr llroi la lormt of torvlco in noneol family via. If a Mnrildo llro WOOD down lo Ihe tread wear Indl- colon durlaa. Ihe Tread Woof lipoc- loncy, Mantiomery Word win upon •roMntatlon of Iho tiro and evidence of dolt- of pmhaia roplaco Ihe tin for tho Ihen current prko lou Iho foNowmfl doNar oMowoncoi TrMtf Wow TrMMl WMrMt Prorated on 40,000 nlloi MKoi Driven 45 month 113.00 40moMh 10.00 3V §.00 M month 4.00 33monlh 3.00 JOmonlh 4.00 , 24manlh 3.00 1 ( month 2.00 Tread Woor Iipocloncy offer doai nal apply to rlroi mad commercially. 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