The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 12, 1948 · Page 3
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 3

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 12, 1948
Page 3
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THE DAILY REGISTER, HAR1USBURG, £LL. t THURSDAY. FEBllUAHY 12, 1948 PAGE THREfc '-' -- Soda! ond Personal Items itainbow Circle Meets . With Mrs. Molly Disney Mrs. Ulnier Davis Tells Ol Church Seminar at I I J I I T I I T . * » 1 V « " ^ » ' . . P . . » . J \ ^ l l U i V I I C-CI1IJJIU1 41V A .'f-iuliir int'flinu of the K a i n - , Li'tfion Auxiliary Meeting bow circle of Muddy was held M a regular meeting Tuesday 11 Friday evening at Die home of evening ot the American Legion "-"·· " Auxiliary Mrs. Elmer Davis, wno WMmiVSBIi B W MHtaiw Friday evening ;u int.- HUIHU 01 evening ot the American Legion LBlwWft"" 1 ' *' '|Mrs. Molly Disney. Auxiliary Mrs. Elmer Davis, wno r l ; ncr«V Js Released During the busmesb meetinj' iiccenUy attended the Churchmen's « s Vi»r- uu .'· P; Fibre, Cell- members voted to contribute to , Washington Seminar as a repre- . Every M u t ,; w , Uu! March of Dimcj, The Bible I suitativo of toe Illinois Council World Trai!o Discuwl by IliKli School II. H. Unit "Our Share in World Trade," was the subject of the major lesson given at the most recent meeting of the High School Home Ui»- reau unit which was held at the home of Mrs. Will Stone. Mrs. Co/by and Mrs. Furman. The minor topic, "Utility Hooms," was by Mrs. Frieda Gates. Mem First Methodist W. S. C. S. Meeting at Wesley Center I meeting oJMbe W. S. was announced by Mrs. Morris for the afternoon, served refresh- given i)y mis. i'iieua uuiua. ««-!»· -fHQ general mceiniK oi.uie vv. o. bers responded to roll call by read-j c. S. of the First Methodist church ing verses from comic valentines., wa s held Wednesday at 2 p. m. at Diirin!{ a social hour under the Wesley Center, with Mrs.'A. F. supervision of Mrs. Boyd Langford, bingo was played and prizes .v I.-- i .... rfiornlnf'ii tiUi 'i*c . » i i i i w i "· ·'··»v.j. «..v- .,.^^ ^nuuivv ui ujv iiuuuio ^/wuu\.n Tou i' ft llt Ind-out «n day? ifnvo | C KSOII on Uio 18th Chapter of St. O f church Women, ol which she ' , Mi' !oV '"" 011 your biood»trciiK«j | lA ,| ;t . W j,.. rt . at | and discusM-d b . v j u vice-president, gave an inter:. »" luo .A vo - r . ry ; 1 ,?".,'t"» !i!.- dass. ' C M i n a summary of her visit there. ....o visited tne U ill- Security Council on e buccess, N. Y. admission to the V.V iii'""'·;·' 'Vworn-out. A low 1 () lt . Joliowjiu 1 ,: Mcsdatnes Lola 1 'lickets foi admission to the · '·''f". ',!!!'· ii'irect you in ' i « v « ;r »' i ooolev and daughter, 1'auJa: Mar- Security Council must be obtainco ac ;'o : '^V'' 1 ""- u ^H?on lacie or 'j-mna'Cirrier. Mary Bolog. Mildred in advance, and may be had by .·v.V-" ;-;J'."V l on 0 n»ddisc n 8c. s miu ,. Sally Grable. Huby Wiggins v riling to the United Council ot ' , - TM to I 1 ' . . ..,,.* m i i i t KOCD UD i . . - i . » . . . . f ^.,.,.***.* it/mn M ' . f i f k l f * i M i » y . i t xu/Mrtsiii \ ^K u ' l f f h Av**miP. sey. Mrs. Joe Horvalh and Mrs. Louis Kato. , ,, Mrs. Elizabeth Cozby and Mrs. Ownly Furman joined in present- inn the major lesson which dealt with some essential facts relevant to UK; goods and services the United States gets from other countries, what the United States sells to other countries, and how world trade affects the American standard of living. After the lesson a short True and False" test on "Our Share in World Trade," was conducted row, Mrs. ' Gales, and Mrs. Co/by. Kcfrcshments were .* Unsell, Lcntz, chairman, presiding. The opening son« was "Take Time to lie Holv." after which Herschcl Clinc. who was delegate lo the Youth Conference in Cleve- bv the I l»nd. gave the highlights of the * . I ,, ..d I _ .* !«r« .* .« · n tf ·v^/\tTl fWl t*C f l U Skaygs, who expressed u desire for total membership of the organization. In charge of the afternoon program was Mrs. J. C. Gasaway, who introduced Mrs. Harry Woolcott,. Mrs! Woolcott pave the devotion, the topic of which was Japan, and was followed by Mrs. L.,N. Davenport, who sang "Oh, Master of the in attendance. i», informing should be lhe i hity. During mcnts of pie and coffee. · mi.." ami .HIM in. H...I.I m i ni.ii**^*^ , The Daily Register. 20e a wee'.., by carrier boy. Wakinif World." She was accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Harry How To Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your lalse teeth annoy ancS Rccd - - - - - - - - - - (embarrass b y slipping, dropping o r The' lesson. "Christian Highways Tjjj£ lin |· whcn you eat - ^ Ug ~ -°-' a business meeting, ........ ,, which was opened with prayer by Lynn Nave. :i junior in the Col-1 Mrs Coral Schwartz, aTM ouncc - legc of Journalism at the Univer-'ment was made that Mrs. Frank .r , . . . . . , . ,,,! ,,, ci.,,,,,1. *,,,! Mi-f (\ I, Travis nave sity of Illinois, has returned to school after spending a week's vacation here with his parents, Mr. SkaKgs and Mrs. C. L. Travis been appointed members of the official board of the church. The forthcoming Red Cross drive JLIIK lussun, v-miMiun «ignwuya igjjj? j us » sprinkle a little FAS- rs, Kay Durham. ^ (non^dTpowde?'holds false Members were rerninded of Fn- teeth more {lrmly and morc com- day, Feb.. 13, the World Day of Prayer, and were asked to attend services. fortably. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture FOIlowing the program, members I breath). Get FASTEETH today of the Lydia Division, hostesses'at any drug store. M .it-MUiy v*"-- i /',, A ,,, ·'..n nil cui «jnilov/ '"hcttlo't sold. Cct c. , , · -tore. CSC Tonic oocra- - a - m -' anti cndeu at 9:bu p. rpc-ovpr. A viui to congress was inciudeo t o r e - '" t«»c Mhcauie, togeihtr win. an ip.spcciion of the capitol build- :ng, Congressional library, Arling- i lon cemetery, and the lamoui The Daily Register, 20c a week, Washington cathedral where the ..^ ...*tm* K A V _. .. -. -- * n » n n r\f rtHV\Ol* \ V O p l ( l bv carrier boy. .»' because you suffer distress from ^·""^"-ui--^'e- '-^ "»i^!M?SS: s ''-. 1 ( ·".,£ju\ cranky, rc-a- '. a X 'V ;,"..!·' ·· i «' i » , ti " ic ?' j ^"* *}"' y~''.'o ,^d P to'*r"lie^c *** 1 -'·'.f f re'fVnt, mcUlcnl test »t PTM^ !.,;..,_:' ii:v ^ l ';'';\Vny"don't you ".: i'i".iil try it ·"""·""' ays? u ·"' V . n ' i:tt-rliie sedative ^ u .-, " . n one Taken rogMUrly- Plnkham's Com-^ tOl*ll(i i l C i JJA OX* l i d Vl|-' * * ·V-.ii:i»t f-uch aistrcbs. Iti also J. ·j'ri'.il stomachic touic! " M'IK: Or you inny 1" (rr '·] "'. A t " · · - - " ^ with jililnl trim. COMPOUND » . U ^ l l J I l Q V U i l V X M V * . * ' ^ - - -- name ot a veteran of either World War I or II, either living or dead, mav be inscrioed on tne Koll 01 Honor within the Patriots 'irans- cept. Legislative matters under discussion were tne European reliei i iirogram, universal military tram- in" and the Marshall Flan. Mrs. U u \'is read a list of organizations winch are opposed lo universal military training, together with a ha ol ihose who are for it- i n pse ''opposed are representatives ot a 1 number ol educational groups, re- liUiouis, groups, and larm ami la- L-'i groups. ! yrs. Davis gave a detailed des- '·riipuon ol tne United Nations,! iSu-untv council chamber, pictur- 'ir.'. the council table designed m norsc«hoe. with each representa- I t i v on Hie council occupying a place marked with the name ol his country. The council was at Iv.ork on a proposal to hold "Children's Assembly" at United .\uions headquarters in a United ,, , Nations Appeal for cbilorcn which \\ill be launched on Feb. 29 foi ,tiv purpose ol raising funds tor 'he L 1 N. A. C. campaign. . ' ' * T n t - |,-iu-',am Tuesday evening included a "biography of Abraham Lii-coln, given bi James O Neil, and a piano solo. ;' Fro VTM £nu" . ...... · b y jiiss isorma Jean DOJ O las. The concluding selection was a vocal solo by^ Mrs. C. \\. Whit lev who sang "My Kind of Peop.e. "Hostesses at the meeting were Mr*. John Schwartz and Mis. Ar- jiur Moore. During the evening tofi-eshments were served by a committee composed of Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Schwartz, Mrs. Laura Button, yrs. Velma Gwaltney. and Mi*., Connie Martin. j D. . F- W. Club Meets j At Schnierle's Cafe ! The Harrisburg Business and Professional Women's club held U - February meeting Tuesday at tchnicrle's cafe. Dinner was sei%- ·:,, l; G D m to n members and ?hrS bests' The tables were " decorated in keepms v.ith the Valentine theme An invitation to the Feu. _ 10 as IB* j 1C*U v»i **·' bcrs were asked s-o that a large in tne u - ,; ., ; n f 0 rir.ation or. *3$*toSg%*^ SURPRISE! SURPRISE! This darling drcsscr-upr« ':;. Syd Junior is-cleverly ost in Rayon Butcher Linen! And m year "round colors--Black or Red or Gray! The beautiful swinging skirt is topped by a figure-filtering short-slccvcd bodice . . · ind bugle-bead trimmed for just that touch of sparkle: Sizes 7-15. '"'* fiuftgi/u f DISTINCTIVE / FEMININE APPAREL See the NEW LOOK from MYRONS at the HTHS Style Show Friday Evening. ioycd Dr. B. E. MontSPijW^J*^ D . A. Lchmaj «crc loc fcccivc in the class ^ast^U." of Markcd chap-' Funeral Services Friday 2 p. m- For A- W. Hausser K^.JohnJgug.^^SS"^. Tin the church ccmc- church ... . . it will 1'C in / sister. Flying lo MnsJc Since lie Wrights' fl^J- music for band*. 1 y and Satu f ^ . ,^ ·,. ^ . «· * - - /^ar-^--^ , l_ -A"a^* -, \^%P /%"'**$·'£ i 45 Gauge 30 Denier Sheer Nylons V 0' Pure Silk Full Fashioned Bleached I Soft finish, full yard [wide. Dollar Day special. anaireagpn*^'"f "i"^TM"" r *'"'"' 1! 'Cannon" Turkish Size 15x27 First quality, new light y, shades. Sizes Sy 2 to 11. l Reg. 79c value. I "Sweet'' Sue ''·* Nylon Irregulars Regular $1.69 « \ Values Pair Sizes 8i/ 2 to 10 NYLON LOVELIES Gossamer sheer and shapely to flatter legs and enhance sprins costumes. / Newest Shades Special for Dollar Day Only Pastel Shades 29c Values for I Double thread big thirsty solid white Turkish TOWELS ^ B T "'»Viii *"" Size 20x40 for 'JJS'Wk^ ., ./ 69c s Values $ Day Value Scoop Rayon and Cotton Values Up to 79c Size 62x90 Regular ^ ^ §1.98 Values Dollar Day Special I Cotton printed cloths, laun Idcrcd. ready for use. Men's and Boys' Steevdess AH Wool Infants' White V Si/es rair U'» to S. White Elk Uppers leather Soles Fool Form Last Values up to S2.49 Pair Regular SI. 1)8 "Values Assorted Colors Tan. nine, Brown, Wine. Small. Medium and Large Sizes Value up to 79c for PANTIES, STEP-INS, BLOOMERS Regular arid Extra Sizes Special for Dollar Day Only Women's Rayon Jersey Half SLIPS Regular $1.69 Values In Tearose, White or JBlack Assorted Sizes, Special for Dollar D;ay, Choice Values Up to 79c f: HOUSE SHOE SPECIALS Women's Felt, Leatherette and Fabric House Shoes. Values up to $1.98. Dollar Da? Pair , hour, vv will be! noi oc reopened. J Hniisscr was preceded in by two brothers and one .1 slruir.cmai solos, not to ... . several dozen World War II popu-i) lar songs. ' DOLlfiB SPAPFRf SPAPFRf

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