The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on December 4, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 4, 1924
Page 2
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V\GV. TWO. Quality Groceries The Year'Round In Our Market CATFISH HALIBUT FRESH OYSTERS FRESH CHRISTMAS CANDIES AND NUTS LA CHOY Chinese Insructlent. for Chop Suey ITALIAN CHESTNUTS Fresh GOOD COUNTRY BUTTER 35c lb. BRUSSEL SPROUTS RUTABAGAS Phone 1500 7 South Main "Visit the Christmas Store" l ^GROCERY^M^KETj Divinity Students Hear Birth Control Advocate in Class New Haven, 1'onu.. Ii-'i-. i.— Surprise was manifest un the Yale campus lodaj* unions students find professors when announcement was made: that Mrs. llar- pnrel. Sanger, advocate <>f birth control had addressed SPfi students of the Yale divinity school Tuesday. After li'r address, ft is stated. step u wt'ri! tal;r j n by grad- uuie students to organize a. clays for discussion of tin? subject. An Invitation was extended to Mrs. Ranger to appear again. St.unrt Hanger, sou ot lira. Sanger. Is it member of the freshman class at. the divinity school. Radio Compass Is i Found of Service Washiimop. flee. ' -T>j.l:i of n 1 radio ship i—a;.".:'!! on the last voyage of the shipping board liner President I'ein .\ jjsivn proof of |i* great value t» nari-sa.- I liui. Tin. master <i? ihe I'rPMil'Mi' \ Pierre reported m tin- radio dlvls- 1 ion of I he board that win n his ship < was leaving Hon? Kong for .Shan- ' glial In typhoon weather lie lost I his- bearing.-* and was enabled lo' find the position of his -dilp through j * radio signal sciu out by ihe Pres.-'; idcnl Hove-, then in siitrn of the i i Ifcinlia llihi. The nif c>; III" vice then and on tho same trip saved the President Pierce 2t hour.*, the sklpf'-.- reported, and thus more, than paid for It* in54t .al. 1alli >n. COOLIDGE MAKES APPEAL IN FAVOR OF THE PRODUCER i (UMiiiiieil from Pane One) race and some of the results of the war lias not been pleasant for the fanner. "lint out of the flityttian expor- ienee Israel came the opportunity tor its ureal .-iTvjrn in world leadership. P was in those years that Moses cumo Into the world and Ihe Hebrew naliou was prepared for ihe profound I each destroying ourselTcs wa may help other*. Wo cannot hopn Indefinitely tn in.-ils.tlnn our country tin a specially r.ivoreil eninniuiiity, nn Isle ot contentment lined above the level of tho Average Maudiinls of humanity. Learn Lesson In War. "I know there HM » time when many among its believed til in was possible. Hut who ran now continue clinging lo such a faith. In view of the lesson which the war brotmht to us? W« ouuld not avoid Involvement in a war whose cnuses were chiefly alien to tn because wo had aotttcd them Mr ourselves long ai'o. How can wo hope to avoid our full share of responsibilities in connection with other world; problems, which. If they arc ovori to be solved, must be solved In nn atmosphere of peace ami pood will? Wo must be constantly ready to help both at home- am! abroad where our help Is desired and will be effective. "We have been a peculiarly fuv- onsl people. i'or that, wo owe a debt I bat. Is real and concrete, which we cannot repudiate, it. is our -wish to live in » world shall bo. at. peace. Hut w« can no more assure permanent and stable peace without, cooperation amoitit the nations. Hum we could assure vl" lory in war without allies omoiiK them. We know that. lh» way to assured and permanent peace is slow- and difficult We know that, no nut Inn en a travel that, way alone. Wo tried and we failed, ft is a way that can only travel In company with oilier* equally lculous for the same goal. Among those fellows of the road there must bo mutual uiidci'sUuilInK and mutual THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, French Prepared For An Uprising THURSDAY, DECEMBER 4, 1924 Madrid, I)e.r. 4.— French authorl lies In Morocco tiro making propn rations, both military and eco r.oniic, to meet tiny possible actlvl tics in iltn Frrnrli «ono by the rebel chief. Abd-Kl-Krlm. according to dispatches from Haunt. The Kronen, It Is staled, are following inn movements ot Abd-Kl- Krlm with much attention and a flulit for Influence In being waged at present between agents of the rebel leader and native chlofs who are friendly to France. Mennwhllo French troops are fortifying the Kranco-Spanlah frou tier In Morocco. BIG PROSPERITY ERA FORECASTED BY SECY MELLON (Continued from Prfge One) lug and the great message that i ,lllln ami confidence. It is only it was lo bestow upon all mankind. • wlien lhesi> understandings have And my faith Is firm In the Con ; h "" n r °""i,o.i ... THE DAILY RECORD and Marriage Llcemei. Carl Seil'li, K-<tal w, T,n Hi ;llia Itodson, l-'iral a^e, Hvlvin Suite Fded In District Court. .Irani,; )•:. I.nwe \s, . N LW W JII ,lohn- Rf ,Ti . .oiiit le i|nieT. I i I !r. lien .H>."is empire Sforf^aprt enil Trll^l >'e.. snil lo oul 'l n 'l-" M.iiy MeAilarus vf. fieri net, I'll- li. .-air u- ,[viU: rill*. S'leli" I'. Il(.m .iid V". Arkansas \ailty ]..iad Co., Willi Ul uUift Utl -5. Births. r-r. p.ti.] Jlrs. (Urrv ):, n; liiifcl lUlli iilictl, i*en. ltv\:. 6. ll'.->I»il al. Deeds. A. t't.iiiti,. 1,1 l-.iiin 1'ieutjce, Ml -"' l-J-i-l" J?. mi. ,, \V;iii.-r in It. II. |t-'rKkiiTiip .t 0 a..riff .si-; 1 * :i;tOi-i ictlou thai, if we will lull, realize it, ihese years of trial anil distrer-s for the American Inrmrr will ri'P- rcsent oni> . lime of preparation for liis opporiunity to secure that recognition of bis importance, that need for economic equality, which vlll enable hlni to render u su­ premo service to himself and to [ his fellow men. No Local Food Shortage. I "All tho -trials ot depression which the farmer has suffered will not liavo been 'm fiin. if, as was the cube with Israel, they are able to colli ribule to tho world a new- ideal. I recosniio tbe necessity. If wo are to better the lot ot men, or large productivity and material thought, a new impulse, a new prosperity, ilut we cannot think In terms of that alone. We tin- w -1 tWI been reached ttntl the necessary assurances of that faith and con fedence have heeu given and re celled, that mankind will be ready niore effectively to consider Its eternal problems of social and econoai- i". adjustment. I can see in the tranquilIIy of Europe a benefit that will reach American Industry and agriculture. Greeted by Big Crowd (Hy The Associated Press) Chicago, Dec. 4. —President Coolidge arrived in Chicago at (1 a. m. today to visit and speak at the International livestock exposition and address a luncheon gathering ot the commercial club ot Chicago. Delegations representing the two organizations acting as hosts and Mrs. Coolttlge and their party met them at tho station, and escorted them to the tjrake hotel, where tho executive planned to hold sev i«del. at liracc _ ~ r-iuuuvu IU ouiu aev* It suppose that we are to be i eral conferences prior to the com- henefitted by great, production un-i eerclal club luncheon, scheduled less ihc men and women who j for 12:tj p. m. fnmlsli it are themselves bene-: zl'rnwds at the station gave fitted by li. We cannot neglect • President Coolldso a hearty wel- -, the human element in our affairs. > come. The weather man had ar; All tho cattle and grain, all the i ranged a more sombre welcome, i cotton and wool, nil the cloth and 1 however, a mixture ot rain and ! fteel. all the shoes and automobiles ! snow squalls, which with fog and | will be of small advantage to us: smalts blanketed the loop district i unless they contribute a more, as the party was ,,., rr n ,| ar . I abundant life to those, -who pro- i driven to the hotel, is t liccl-s : ducf them. Prosperity cannot he 1 - — J ' " "Fortunately, onr population has, 1 DEATHS AND FUNERALS 1 Williams .tnu suffered from any shortage of' 1 » v « : food in this country, but there has , Dies In California. '; heeu a (treat deal ot distress en- Mrs. Ella A. Davis, 67. the moth- dnrud by the people on the farm.' or of Clark Davis, Santa Fe divl- tiael Hi..; SK' I »!"<'. r'n -ii i '!-;iiiiin M HSH.-\ V .-.-t»T I'". trie! 1<>! ]•; ... iinl Hilil Hun hii.«tin $:t.n"'>. s. i •. s, lieu i.. c u r..,; or M:', i7-:;-fi Ji.mi. llumi i'.line r iu no n IL. r-l. 1.1. K,l-i Ulli nil lilS .lid nun niii.-uii ."i.i.ic. CONTINUE DEBATE ON "•' '"^ P' ! °P'e «" the farm. ! or of Clark Davis Santa Fe APPROPRIATIONS BILL ! ""• commercial and industrial side i sion freight agent'here died ^ !°, nation has been siring too < day night at San Bernardino,* Washington, Dec. I -Three more ; M1 " 1 '" thought lo wheat and hogs hours of .iteiieral debate on the iu., 1 " 1 ' 1 rtim - 1,1 'heir transportation terior ilepartturnt appropriation ,' a '"' '" ""dr prices, and nor enough lodav iu the 'no 'iRht to the men and women who bill was In order today iu the , „ house as It resumed consideration i " r( ' encased in agriculture, lo their of Ihe rlrst of the annual supply '. lv '-'!l'are and to their prosperity, bills. At. tho conclusion of general illf,cu»slou the hill will be. taken • - • v-~ » J 1 , i J-i not known here where she w-fi! for the i |,„ burl«d. ot our open ' Do yon w isli lo maintain ••!!..!•• Appeal for Farme'r. "We look heyund the quo- up under the five inlnuii wiih amendments In order. Itepresentative Cramion, Re pub- I !'"- r ' wn " t rewards we iietin, Mlclilgan, who is in charge j '." K '" ''"»o"r in xxi-hane of the bill Is seeking to complete I ''"rd-working live • ., . ! count rv 11,. . Mon- California, where she has been living with her son, Chas. L. Davis. Clark (Juvls received work of her ncrloits condition Monday morning and aft immediately for California. Mrs. Davis is survived by her sou, Clark Davis, of this city, and the son. Chas. b. Davis, at San Bernardino, and also hy ono sls- tlon plan as providing rt foundation ot economic recovery thoro. While declaring Improved conditions in T-;uropo meant benefits tf, the U^itt ed states, Mr. Mellon ar-ued that cheaper production and lower liv- Jng standards would force closer calculation here In world market selling. "Those countries (concerned with the reparation question) have already developed a new mental attitude and outlook, "the Treasury chief said, "and something ot the nkltimo Industrial vigor and thrift are returning. The effect of a more prosperous Bur- opo means the broadening of our markets and opportunities and t quickening of our economic devel opment. The situation in America looks more favorable for sound and orderly economic development than at any time since the war." Turning to tho purely domestic question ot a taxation policy, Mr. Mellon suggested that slnco the power lo lax was tho power to destroy, It seemed the advisable course to lay down a program for levying taxes that would permit commerce and industry to expand rather than to suck Its llteblood. lie reiterated his views, those which caused the bitter political battles of the last session ot Con gross, and called attention to rec' ommendatiotis from the "same ec onomlc viewpoint" hy two previous Secretaries of the Treasury, "both under another political ad ministration." Haps Tax-exempt securities Mr. Mellon again attacked the continued tesue of tax exempt securities a aa menace .saying that surely It will mean In the end continued heavy tax burdens for the states and municipalities. For the federal government, be said, it means that so loug as high surtax rates are effective, the possessors of large fortunes will continue to avoid the federal levy hy invst- meius In tax exempt paper. He renewed his recommendation for a constitutional, amendment limiting the issue of tax exempt obligations but suggested a more Immediate remedy in the form ot changes In surtax rates, as proposed a year ago by the Treasury. "A reasonable tax r.V.e will make elaborate, expensive methods ' 01 avoidance unprofitable." said Mr. Mellon. "A reasciable hate of tax -will make the administration of the tax laws more simple of accomplishment." the week. A program agreed "P on yesterday by Keptiblican lead, era in the house calls fur action on at lea• t liiree - MIPPA measures lie- lore ihe holiday recess. Initial Meeting of Big Brothers Called The life Ilroihers will mwi to toorrow cveiiinn in the parlors of the Kll.s club at r, o'clock lo ar- Kin '-'e for the annual ]V\n llroibers work, The survey will be. made vt-ry carefully ibis year ami with the assistance of Ihe Associated Charities the Hlg Urothers hope to be able to remember all the poor end needy of the city. II. W. Cliiibln Is president of ilie club. Kansas Woman Gains 15 Pounds! KARNAK Overcomes Long Standing Case of Stomach Trouble That Seemed Hopeless. ('iMiipk'U'ly rid tit' ii U 'UK «U;MI- frig curse of rituiuaeli tumble ami nFrvouHn^s and iv^Um-.. 10 did tVulth. wiih ;i uuiii of liriccu rtOUWle; In WiMght. hy Kiirmik. Mrs., J. B. TorniuisfiM. :i<i'J i;. I'uili Sr.. WttshiirK. Kan.-.. U.M - tliuii-nml:- of uthi.*r Hi"nti 1 fill K:ms,nn>. 6 la lv. 1 i ; tlitu hlio I* prou.l of lho unpm'tun- . lty to lol} others of flti.i nomltTi'ii! new treatment. Airs, Tonilirifimi says thru hor ill- goKtlve Bysrtin ju«L surmcil 10 have ytojiped work ami her stoiiKKh WIIK iu Hiu :h 11 Hour dyrfpepti^ coiHlitiiin ihut lmr L'ood did hfv moru hnnn than good. NVrvmis «n «As. SKJOPIOSH- jie **B, 11 jjHiKgish )lvt*r, :ini) a \\ i.>;ik ruiuinwo condition wrre OIIKM* WOH 'Iurt with whirl) siic to c.uUtund, *'My (.'as'' just st-cuu'd J)U]>uli.'> s und 1 I'l-lt M .» mi.-,, raid*- I Wlllll! JliliM 11> IM-rp^'C .( HU'ill," ."li': UiiLdaiuH. "I I'Utl llHVtrl' plilisi! Kiil'UUU enough fur restoring me to.hoiiltti and ltuppiiK -'riH iiMalu. IIV juf la s y s 1 o in w h i r h will mn irib ut P Imjh tn ih•.•(!• wi-li'ijre and dj your own. or tn pfrtidt, i.'Vfn imhitoii: tion.'illy. mcthvuU of lining huslnf-s i uiirhT wliirh thctr vanr. and di>*' irv.-M nfll ultimttwly ro.scift in the failure of \1n1r uwn fiicr^ps and i pru.-ptirhy'.' Von iinopl'.- of coin: metre, you p'-opU- of ihr oily, arc sin inif^nO purr of the lift* ot U'-TI' cult nn 1 . Ml' thi: life df ihv luuiuiy. •"riits s;iMit- ]triniiple t*to l It-* 1 rial ion rill i|» 111 m in a 1 he d iff rv- ' nir tiittinits, \\> 1'.'innot uxptrf, In lll<' loilV .-(Mil's*: of f'VUlH.«. tn Miuill- t.iin our i-uiinu-y on ;i pcniiancnt ; \t , vf\ itf jri -ntM-al wi 'IlhehiK fur ' tiljovr. 1 that or other peoples. Kvt>n 'if we. could hop" to aeenmpli.sli It. if would hrins; us litile suti^tiictlon if our prosperity iniift he K^inod and held jit the CIIMI of .-ufrorln^ of •wilier-. In fit-/ (on*; of nf- t'nirr- and in a woiiu ^lilrii lias U Me .mit' litile iniu'i' th!in a j?r*>at )!I -I L ;I I 1 HM 'linod. oil t' com IU Oil sej]-e ijiu.-t. 1 ell u-~. if otir .^tdf-iiifotviifc il'ul not, that our prosperity, our ad- v.iDceineiil, our portion of KOO (1 iortiine. jnusL hii^'dy dopi.-nd upon Died in California. I Hodae City, Dec. 4.—Wort! has Ix-pn received of the death of Mrs. Sarah C. Tonley, So. formerly of DodKo City, at San Diego, Cat.'She was tho mother of Mrs. \\\ j. FH Z . herald, ndv of California. The body U bcintj brought, here, and tUo funeral will be held hore tomorrow afternoon. j Paris Witnesses Communism Show MM. Letha Pertonett Mrs. Letha Personett, wife ot, lloKiird J'ersouett. S23 Avenue c j cast, died ibis morning ut 'J:45 lifter a year's illness. She leaves her husband but no children. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made. PICKED UP AROUND TOWN .mule tJityn, formerly with J. I-;. Itennetts .fe Co., ivill leave ^..nday for Dalian, Texaa, where she has accepted u position. - •—<-—* i'iei "e"" > 11 v. Hrib.'s. ern|ilov«a at the iho share that shall be allotted to I ,j„ rK . | s |.„„| r „„ n ,| | lmn ,„ h„ H r0 . our neiehbors. i lunied with his family from a. two Stand or Fall Tooether. ' weeks motor trip ihroliKh points "At the last, those of us who are i |„ Arkui:•:.-.. parliii-rs in the •-upreiiHi service. of bulldiim and lieiterliic our civ-; For Colds, Grip or Influenia. ilizaiion. musi to up or down, must : :imI tt Vrovenl.atlve, take Ltua- -lieceed or fail, together. In our , ,| v? UHOMO QUIMNI3 TAI.1UBTS. on.- eoniiuiin enterprise. ; A enfe and Proven Ilemedv. Tho box "I would mil hav" you mistake: hears the signature at E. W. nil meaning. I sliould never ad-1 drove. 110c. voonte the .i.iicrii'iee of any part \ of our [ 11 o .pelily In e. t MP • ' vapue hotic [hat In follou 'hiff in- discriuiinaie iinpuNr^ of kindil- I 'lU'lu help -omc ulio are iBy The Associated I ^riis -s) Paris, Dec. 4. —The French extremists seized upon the arrival in Paris today of Leonid Krassln, the first soviet ambassador to France as the occasion for inaugurating an intensified campaign for communism in this country. Tho demonstrators started by giving the Moscow- representative such a reception as 'no other ambassador ever received In Van's and followed It up immediately with tho announcement that "Ihe world revolution has reached Paris,!' and that "the French revolutionists will now show they aro able to do quite as well as their Russian comrades." The police, who had allowed the manifestation to proceed without interference Intervened after Communist Deputy Jacques Dorlot had hurled those 1 words from the balcony of the communists headquarter* tr> a column ot soma 3,- OuO enthusiasts who were following Orasain's motor car from the railway station to the embassy. The police cut the procession in two and ended the demonstration which had bcirutt to take on a threatening aspect. Something new In collar designs shows a narrow hand collar, that resolves into a single rever on one side. In wiu '.e Condi Nor iioul.t I peitdeuoe and I do no; boliev, ion :,eoi oiiiveUcs. .iio-finee our imlc- frcoilojii of action, thai we are strong enough, or that any people over iwi .i strong enough [o accuiiipllsh tiny penuanenl good In the world through tho indiscriminations mere, unor^anl/.ed, undirected erosily. We cm only help thus who will help themselves, in any other rule. I am convinced, would lie ili.-.a.-!er jur us and iio reasia •. misfortune those iihom «e Mligill SeeU l.o :,...,Ve. till UlC t r band, I am profoundly pressed with ihe lacl that riruclnii: of modern socieiy is n.r seniially a unity, destined to stand of I gen- I i, l ii im- the «..u . .•<.„<, IIJUIII. II » jiiKi. : — a iiiiny, llfst I tn stall! amazing how wonderful (his now i or to fall such, it is our fi„ Ifauhl,.,,,, Mllll,, Iu " '• ln ,i„ ^.,.1 . . 111 treatment roally Is." Try Kiirmik yoursell'! And re- niPinlinr Karnnk Pills are an af aoiltlul and vitally iiiipuriiiin pan of Ihe Karimu ii-eaiineui. espi.e-i ally If ooiislipuioil Kilrliak is sold ill 11 ulchlnsoli. cxclUBlrely by A .t A Drug Cumin! in Arlington, exclusively by QiW'm i>nif Stove, ItiUB and our privilege :lmt In tin present esig.-nry ive ar- in a pos ili'-n lo lake ,, L .,, l ,. |1 llllness ai,,l li-uleisbip. and ''• ' iselves ami h others |r ii.- .Ijiv,.,, ,. r, raising, in Un.. hroades; way, Hie standards of huniuu welfare everywhere. Wo must seek lo find Hnd iu l,e "•' ">•.", irorv iu tiuu mm II M" Pi«y a part wlwroby, w .tiiQuil^ Coaster Wagons IN ALL SIZES —Steel and Wood Bodies —Roller Bearing —At the Lowest Prices A Comparison Will Convince You Our Motto: Quality First, then Price—and the Price la Right! HOSKINS& YOUNG HARDWARE—TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3752 22 We»t First They Welk Saturday Sale of Ma Ma Dolls They Talk $2.50 VALUES -i; indies 1u«l,, very prettily diessed with Checkered Rompers, Bonnet, Shoes and Stockings. The Biggest Doii you ever bought cat this Little Price. Don t Delay-Quantity Limited. Like cut 1 About the Best Value in the way.of Gift Hosiery we have ever been fortunate enough to offer, is A Sale of Womens' Silk Hose SATURDAY They are Full Fashion IVayne Knit $2 Black Silk HOSE With Peakette Heel, At The Pair - - - . A 20-inch Heavy Weight Silk Boot and fine lisle top. The hose on sale are what are known as "The First Run of the Loom"—with the very slightest imperfections which will not affect their wear and can scarcely be noticed. Just 300 pair in the lot. Black only. On sale Saturday morning—while they last—One Dollar a Pair. $1 SATURDAY only - - For the WAYNE MILLS $2.00, run of the loom, SILK HOSE. It Xmas means a Hat, choose it from this lovely collection Pattern Hats Values to $12.50, for $5.00 There is the greatest variety in models and style of trimmings—So that you will be very likely to find somewhere among them just the model you want—And the price Less Than Half —for High Class Fashionable Hats. New Winter Coats 100 Coats on Sale New arrivals—Note very carefully the reasonable prices for which they are being sold. , $9.95, $15, $25 A Superb Assortment of Stylish and Beautiful Dresses—Silk and Wool Fresh from New York and priced at— #9.95 Come sec them—The sight of such pretty Dresses pru-ed so reasonably—will mure.than repay vim for* your time. You're, "welcome, whether VO'II bnv or not— -The Curtis Store Co.!

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