The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AUGUST f, 1*34 tm FARIS NEWS, Hugo Legion Post Elects Officers For Lock Sanders Poet Are Named On Tuesdav HUGO, Okla.—Officers for the ensuing year were elected at the regular meeting of Lock Sanders No. 59 Tuesday night at the American Legion hut. The new heads will be "installed the third Tuesday in August and will lay 1 plans for attending the state con- ; ventlon at Oklahoma City in Sep- j tember. Plans were made Tuesday nighL to mark every veteran's grave with a. cross similar to the ones used in Flanders during the war until permanent ..monuments can be obtained for every one In the county from the government. There are about 55 such graves in the county Bad Les oaJy a few of them have any kind of permanent marker. Employment of es-service men on various federal projects «a» discussed and the officers wer« authorize! to seek an '* available j project that would Improve or rebuild the present hut,. •with the aid of such funds. The folloisrin* officer* were named: Post commander. B i 11 "White; vice-commander.- John U*- sery; vice-commander. Milton May; vice-commander, Jess Gooding; adjutant, K- EL Carley; finance officer. Carson; histo- sian, Otis Henry, chaplain. W. JEL Schooler, and sergeant-at-amis. M. A. Ferguson. Executl\*e committee members are O. A.- Brewer. Roy Marshall. John Ussery. Joe Wolff and Harry Goldfedder. PERSONALS Mrs. Earl Pierce of Petty is a patient at the Lamar hospital. Mrs. Will Davis is visiting her sister. Mrs. J. H. Strickland, at 235 North'Fifteenth street- Cotton Price Jumps On Low Government Report WASHINGTON, — • Soarizsar cotton price* tpund th* covern- .ment *tlcldn« Thursday to its drastic control plan and moving to assist planters whose crops have been seriously injured by drouth. A forecast oC a 9.195,000-bate yield this year—th» lowest with one"" exception since 18S6—sent prices tip nearly $2.50 a. bale l\"ed- nesday. • The estimate wa* 1,265,251 bales under th« tax-exempt production permitted under the Baakhead control act. causing: a, question as The? «eemsd likely lo'get a. price than for many years. Prices rose to 1-4 cents '-.*.' pound for the first time since 193ft. This was expected to eaus* particular rejoicing in the old south, east of the Mississippi, where drouth dam- has been lightest and wh*r« the yield apparently im going to be better than average. 2.. They will receive about ?130.Q<M>,QOQ in rental, benefit and ""parity" pastnents from the government. Of this 534.S91.22S already has yone o»'t to 936.13$ farmers, 3. Farmers who harvest less to whether the act^—the nsost far- reaching experiment in compulsory curtailment ever tried in this i than their quota will be allowed to country—might not be abandoned, i sell tax-exemption certificate* they But Secretary Wallace said: do not need to growers whose pro"No. We are going ahead ful* j tiuction is above allotments. This steam with the Bankhead act." | is expected to help out the south- As for th» farm, situation in! west, where the blight of aridity general. Wallace said that because j is worst. .....•,.. of "the most, widespread drouth j Secretary Wallace ventured by 'far we have ever had "it, seems Sikely that for major agricultural Sir. and Mrs. Edward .Xonnent j „ have returned from a motor trip through IMissoiiri. 1 "* 8 *** foment will seek much 1<?ss cro ^ reduction next year. Varico«e Veins—Ulcers Make up your unind today tliat you are going to jjive your legs «chance, to get well. Xo operations nor injections are necessary, no enforced rest. This "simple Bnter- al<j Oil honse treatment per:aits you "to go a'bour your business as lisual—while it quickly heats ol<i cores, reduces swellings, stimulates circulation, and makes your lei;* 1 as good as new. No waiting for relief! You b«^gin to get it INSTAXTLT. Just follow the simple . direction—you are sure to be helped or money back Palace Drug Store and ^" druggists ever_j*where.— j Adv. Small Virginia Early is seriously wil ^ malaria fever at her home. V>"est Brame street. Mrs. E. D. Oden. of Direct route 2. is reported to be doing nicely at the I-amar hospital fol major operation. There are three possible ways whereby cotton farmers may collect on the 1934 crop. of M. £i- Adams, of 4S West Sherman, underwent an operation at the Sanitarium of Paris, returned Thursday to her home. Mrs, Haywood Carpenter and daughter, Amia Leta. of Hugo, are visiting the Misses Cecil "Williams and Marietta English. Miss Helen Porter of Honey Mrs. Joseph H. Moss left Thursday morcins for Norfolk, Ya~. to join her husband who now is stationed there at the U. S, Naval Air Base. *'rough g-uess** that the value . a of the certificates would be between ?15 and ?20 per bale. There was a slight -possibility, he .indicated, that the government itself might buy certificates, but he emphaszed no such plan was under discussion vet. MISSING CLOTHING BT Members of the police depart- i men;: Thursday morning: had .recovered two suits of clothes and two dresses stolen from the home | of J. R. McLemore. president of j Paris Junior college, -during the | recent absence of Mr, and Mrs.. Mc; L-emore, who spent the summer in Grove, route 3. who is i!! with ty- Mrs. C- K. Parker and neice, ! Columbia University. >Cew ifork. phoid fever at the Lamar hospital Gloria Parker, of Carthage, IVXo., j Patrolmen Gilbert" Streety aud is reported to be much improved- \ are ! lives. visiting friends and reia- Miss Cathryne Adams, daughter Friday and Saturday Only Waterman's New Deal T ** is $1.50 New StTle Fotmuun Pen Written lifetime Guarantee With Each Pen two days only we will jcive you oae of the 2Sew Style Fonntain Pens FREE witto each purchase of o=e package of "Waterman Blades for 49c and TJois coupon. Limit i! sets to a customer- AvAT3EK>lAX*S New Blades are made of the Finest Swe<lisf> Stec!. Holloiv Gronnd. \Taterman Blades are made 1 to-fit all types of safety razors including Gem Micro- maric. MAlTj ORDERS 5c EXTRA WILLIAMS-BURGESS 13 Lamai- Avenue Telephone 347 Ben White located the.stolen dealer's deles in a second hand store in Paris Thursday Mrs. John Rushing, of 25-i Con- • within a few hours after Mrs. Mc- nor street, has been removed to jljernore reported the loss to.head- the home of her mother. Mrs. John } quarters. They .expect to- locate the Crews, 112 South Eleventh street, j remainder of the missing articles after an operation at the Saaitar- j before the day is ended, ium. I • More Cattle To Be Bought Onlv Condemned Animals WU1 Be Taken For Few Da>» FORT WORTH. (#>-—Buying of condemned cattle in all Texas emergency drouth relief counties is to be resumed at once, according to instructions issued here Thursday by George. W. Barnes of Colte^s Station. ;-«-si$tant state drouth relief director. Only condemned cattle will be bought, however, until the congestion which, halted all buying several days ago is relieved. Barnes said it is likery to be" next we^k before buying of other animals will be started again. Inspectors and appraisers wil 1 bandle cattle which are in the most distressed .condition, cattle that might die-before the general buying is resumed. JBames pointed out. If an animal, in need of food and water, dies before the stocJr- man sells it to the government, he sets no pay for it. . , . "Resumption of the purchase of condemned cattle," Barnes said, "*will mean the saving of thon- -sands of dollars to Texas cattlemen within the *ne±t f«w days. The government has been buying approximately 30.060 head of cattle a day in Taxas and about 15.000 of these are condemned." Inspectors and appraisers will visit farrus later to buy other cat- Lie. Although this means extra, work for them. It is • necessary to provide relief at onc« -for owners of many distressed cattle. Barnes j pointed out. Hunter (Continued From Page One) DEPENDS O:N 1 Mr. and Mrs. -Walter Baird and ! I^OXDOX, (5=)—American i family returned from Stephenville, ! &™isl>. business associates .of the {where they went last Sundav to I t ^° men conceraed agreed Thurs- i attend a. family reunion, at which, j day , **** ^&«her Douglas Fair- I about'50 members of the family I banK£ - Sr - returns from the Si| viera. to America or England "ail | j depends on how fast Joe Schneck ] ~» in att-ndan-e I Mr. and Mrs. I. F. Cowley and I family have gone to "Galveston on I a vacation trip. They -will go also I to 'West Tersas aad >Tew Mexico before, their return here in about j 10 days. ••{ As earl" -fjt 1S24 negroes managed by colouy ot Free Joe" *en joyed complete freedom only 12 nnles frOTa market. the Memphis slave POSTPOXE WORKERS MEET - According- to the Kev. J. Roby Ward, the Baptist "K^orkers 'meeting -will sot be held Tuesday at •Garreti's Bluff, as previously announced, because of the absence of. several pastors who are away holding meetings. • The ce^t meetinsr -will nounced at a later date. l>c an- more NonSkid Milage? You put it too 10W for the general sales tas. "I was among the first In th=stats to oppose the ^general sales tax. never did oppose it when it was up for passage- He waited to -see what the general trend of opinion was ana teen followed it, as he always does- x x s i I sever committed for a general sales-tax by word> Jimmie has by Ms silence acquiesced in its suoport in its£esT zorm." ; i Even as Hunter spoke. AllreS I told a crowd at "astland, on the j fringe-, of West Texas, that "Tom { Hunter favors a. general sales ±ax r j irb:ch ainounts to a ^ELS on pover- [ ty." 3e added that he was -"unalterably opposed" to the sales tax. The vigorous young attorney general clutched s. document, in. his iiand and said "In. bis nla.iform. Hunter talks about what he calls 'a blended tar." Whar does he mean by a. blended taz" He i .a sales tax. and I can prove it-* :j *In a. Hillsboro speech he s a opposed the- sales tax before ive commartees. T charge that he not only did not oppose it, but thai he- favored it at trie las; regular session of the legislature. I have proof with me."* He waved-the -document. ~bicb ha said was a. copy of a. mimeographed statement Eunter distributed last year, listing his argu- jnents before tije house committee oar re^enc© anc taxation wrren trie sales tax earns up. Previojisly -at Coma-ncbe «n!tc Delyeon. Allred's speeches had been Interrupted by hecklers. The attorney general invited them to Interrogate him on any mazier they desired. State Senator Walter Woodward Invaded \v oocivilie. the lionie» of Clvds Smith, in lits P EOPLE who bought the amazing new **G-3" AH- Weather when we first announced 43% more non-skid mileage are coming back now — pointing proudly to their speedometers and saying— "You didn't claim half enough! This tire is far better than you promised! It's beaten any non-skid mileage we ever saw before — and still going strong!*' How soon can we sell yon this husky tire—with broader, Batter, heavier tread — and with 16£ more non-skid blocks in the tread centei —and patented Goodyear Supcr- twist in every ply? When you buy any tire—you certainly want the **G-3 because you can get all its extra safety — all its extra non-skid mileage at no extra cost. the attorney general's post- He L>limei2te<i Smith for the clean told his fellow townsmen that "you have in Clyde Smith a man of whom Texas is going TO hear of in a-" big- way some of these days."' He promised to protect incependen: msrchanis "against a~y illega.! by the b:.=: chains." Later at Beaumont he crirlctre-i his opponent for his "new found love fc-r Smith." At Gicdir.srs, V^in-am McCraw of £>sJIa'.s. Wood Bird's opponent. zo?d his audience thai Woodward resorting :o the same old bag of political tricks." He charged that at attacks anew because he kno^-<; he will never overe-err.-? my firs-' primary lead. K? is showing a:: Sn=: politic-iart."* 5 i TO CONTINUE B ANTL.BKS. Ok'a.. — Baseba!! ; fans of Antlers, although ciisap- j pointed by the failure of the | Mountaineers to cornc thrcagrh In { the district tourrtitrr.crt with Hujro. | ard soin^: ahead with r* t^am to 'represent The- to^n in as r.isny saiidtoc ^aines as possiMe tJ:i;:I the cios« of the season. McCLAIN'S Service Station Ro*d S«rvic* t Phone 255 Willtr* the Husky Goodyear Speedway at these low prices SIXE 4.50x21 4.75x19 5.00x19 5.25x21 PRICE $4.90 $5.20 $5.55 $6-20 $6.8O AKK rS ! COXSTANTINE. Algeria. «,^— TnUl;ary airplanes circled cc-rszar^t- ly over a •w-id« area about Constantino Thursday follo-winj: reports trouble b»tweers Ara"c« and Jews wa» bre«. 'rsgr at several points. Thirty-six Arabs, arr^ed •«••.:>. sbOT- sra^'?. ^"•ere arre^tevl as they sought to ^nter Con?Z3itine in 3i::cr!?o- DKIXKIXG WATEK CAV1XESS- Several in th:s comtrtanity are ajrr-cst out o* stock -water arsd many are haulins; JiCjgr Trat*r frorrs Paris. Most of corn h«rc wiTI "hardly be tr satherin^ artd cotton is at about one-half a normal yield. Mrs. L.-ee Armstrong: of l^ittl« KocV, Ark., has returned frcwt a visit fct-r*-. Mr. aud Mrn. Janies P. of I*tttl« Rock are visitir.s: { Mrsu I* A. tX>tson and son of vijsitfd here Monday. Koek xnoumatn. near ! A»h«vlll«, N. C, fffiw its from tt» cliff ot pure \»rhit** I wrwreir »Jw*v»» to the 3TUB. FINAL Clearance The "Boss" Ha* Gone To Market To Buy New FALL MERCHANDISE Before leaving he left orders to sel« EVERY PJECE OF-SUMMER GOODS W« are taking faim at his word -\YHJEX THE CATS AWAY THE MICE VCTLjL PXiAT* .... We may be fired for pricing tl»5* merchandise at sucb amazingly low prices But our loss is jronr sain Ocr shelves must be entirely empty of summer merchandise There are bargains for the entire family. Sensational SALE c=to Solid Color Linen*, Novelty Piques, Handkerchief Linen* •e-^-/. \ iU 1 49 c yd. i! All fas: colors and a yard ivide . . a color and pattern for the most discriniiaatiDg l>srson.. They are "summer fabrics'* .. so out they gol FINAL CLEARANCE Summer Sheer DRESSES Yards For . . 49* Actual $1.95 Values ^Prints ., dots . . florals . . a.!! colors . . most all sizes but stanmer !s almost gone so out they g-o! SPECIAL CLOSE OUT 14 ONLY SILK DRESSES Vatoes to $10.95 SATURDAY MORNING ONLY Mostly solid colors. Sizes 14 to 20. A rare bargain -- - -Come take them away! New Shipment 3O Dozen Pair SILK HOSIERY Full fasidorLe-3 . . Pure silk French heel .... Ail nsw fall shades . . Perfect shape. The qrsaiizy that you would e^- pect to pay T9c for. Basement Sale SENSATIONAL SALE WATER COLOR WINDOW SHADES (Secondsj (Complete With Fixtures) Assorted colors. wictr-s 3-nd lengths, but a real bargain thai you Trill be quick to recognize. only 1? Gczers to go a.; this pric-sl Mers's ^-Hardware" Brand } >rea> Blue and Grey i-ine grrade cloth In bc-tli prints and solids. Couie and s st ' e ^ 'We don't want Piques and Seersuckers 2 Yards For .. 49^ All solid colors In most aoy shHce tnat you conld for Priced for a clearance: Extra! Extra! SUMMER SHEERS Yards For i ard Trid?: Fast Colors I Voiles! Batiste! .Oimitiesr • They must g-ol A rare" bar^ain! 'ihey are stire to §:o is 3. bj~ "55-a.Tl Special Sale CURTAINS Real 9Sc Valuej Ps-nels and ruffled cn .... :he panels are ecm bei^e ---- the curtains ars dotted on backgrounds of ^reen. blue. orchid, pink and ecru. These ^ron't last O'ALLS K'ti= de^i-n . low-back ?!! mad* for ?icker. Field 11 Cham bray Work Shirts 49 All sizes, we!! made a. rea.1 barsra;". Men"? "Fa«oo Sol* 1 " i-I-?a» for Kit 5 on HOSE %Ve've so'd hundreds ot dozens of these s.T*.>3 t???T ^r^s st:'« sroJns: strorss; . , A!! ».iz?s . . pret:y colors. Out They Go! 24 Only Children's DRESSES Sizes 3 to 1C Scout Shoes SJ/39 ade :c> stard xhe ous:best of tvear. Ail Women's Broa«ic!otb SLIPS cxosr: OIT: BOYS Sport Shirts ST r^-^ 1 ^ £ n d Tan Special Purchase Sale "Women"? i *I J ace .K.uit"* $1.95 Valoe, All sizes and colors! Something: ne~w! "We bought 19 coren of these .... jess the thins: ro "perk up" yoisr late Men r s Fine Grade Work Pantat "Blue Beauty/' "Khaki" and "Gambler Stripe" .... 6ur!r to stand the "s;aff' . . "97? sizes 5 Fast Coknr Suntmer Slxscr DRESSES A'! colors . . . all sizes smartJy irta-Ie . . last tirv.e at rhis V>tv rriec. 47c 25 Mostly sheers. Stylishly matJe . . A real bargain that xvi',1 not last lon^- Childrcn's T>ept. Repeat Sale Kid- ar«oU . . . ChlWren's IVpt

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