The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 11
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Page 11 article text (OCR)

THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD., FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 1932. ZLEVKf PRINCESS RAHME HA1DAR AT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Damascus Native To Give Programs Coming Week. spectators' ccn\ eauon tickets be sold ratier than tustrilw.ed free to the fortunate. * * * Is * pity the man iriio o«n*xi ta* about politics Tttaittag straaye · beifello»£ didn't -\e io s«* Homer S. Ornasiags cf Connecticut, one of the (chief Roos*velt boosters, u^tructed to i vot« for Alfred E. Smith and Jouett " Shous* of Kansas, head and tie uninstruct*d-delegat* -nstructed :o wt* for Franklin D. Flour Distributed, He Tells Hoover isUeu upon William W M\ers. Satu:da allotuoou --Mr and Mrs Philip "Ihrilt. Washington, spent the week-end »ilh Mr j and Mr*. William T Dclawter and on , Sunday, in Cvja^pany with Mrs Dela»ter , and' r front o f j is no»mg the cross- , ·aord puzzle and kindred pastimes com- ole-tely out of the picture these days in j Washington! one Republican among the j Senate regulars, whose name is icr.o»-n from coast to coast, already has tr.ed j out on his friends more than faestT ' proposed planks on proniDitton Texas SiiM The South Texas may ha\e soae Republican in , 1SCS. out :f anyone doubts thai it still . belongs to the Old South t him read the pronouncement of 5S. H. Wolfe of Dallas: "Without any personal ambi- 1 :son. but in response to many requests. · · · I asn casting myself on the hearts 'of trie people as a candidate for go\er- sor" j S?eak_ng of :ze art of using political · , "lanjiridse." oaserre th* fioTing cad- j ence of the follo«in?r resolution adopted . ov the Young Democrats of Tulsa. j Okla.: "We resent the eleven years of Pr-ncsss Rahs-.e Ka.dar. authority oa Pa'es-.-r.iaii :r---jgh: ar.a prr'.^r cj ;ne people of :"e Ho'y Land. »:L! prexrr: 1 : in :.-·- ccrr_i.£ ·« *vk a of programs :r. Freccrui. --^ir.? her iosie Ia=d 25 uie ~e :.n? The appearances vJJ oe a-, the Frs'. Bapr_si ch'-rch, as rollers' S^ r.:sh:. a irt'-.a!. · Cr.der Svr- _ar. S;~es ' Monday r.:gh;. drEnia'^i'.ion of ihe =:ory, "The Hec^r.g of Naarnsr; the Ijeper " Tuesday night, rr.ovins p-ctures of the Holy Land. 5ii;:«i under Process 's persons! direct-on and en- utieci. "Gems of :he East." This Y.I.! 3e followed by cne act from "Ruth r.nd , Republican misrule and mii'-antly op- j 1 pose, and indignantly condemn the vie- I xus condolence." etc. . . . 1 ifc 3r 3fr « An Expected Clash . T~* bitter, bums Tords exchanged [ recently between President Hoover and ; Speaker Gamer did no; surprae those ! ' on the ins::!* a; Wasrungton. who ha\e ! been aware for some time of the depth j o: feeling which had developed "oetaeen th-e nation's chief legislative officer and -.he nation's chi*f executive officer ir.orning from here were Mr and Mrs. Walter Grabill atid J.JIIE. Kenneth and Ellsworth. Mr and Mrs. James. G. Herbs'., Mr and Mrs August Monath. Joseph L Lochner and Wilbur Smith. --The Mt. Pasant Hokum Club met ai the home of Mrs. Raymond Kelly. ] and daugc'-er. EK.KJS. \b-itec M" Ccresville. Wednesday afternoon, the i Mrs. Clm'.oc Xurbauai. Frederick prue r.inners being Mrs Ramond' --M^ Lcius F Locaner. Mas Mary C Fog W M Burr.e- and Graj- foa Fos'.c aio'.orec t j Baltiaicre last Tuesday «hvre Msis Fvg'.c »;- ^sl- curing tne rext »eek --The S-:!ci\ S.-'i'l of the Rclorni- ed churc.i *..! ..o.d Chorea's Day ierMces o: June 1- it 7 4S p ni --W. T. Delaivte- and Chas Burner j,cccrr^ajued by t u-ir friends. John Campbell. "BOE: ZUes and' Ninnic expect to mo\o to Frederick soon uhcrc ,:-.ey vi-Jl Gentry Show Coming Here. Bick on 'he roac aff- be.iis *- and Mrs A_\te M Etrier. --Mr and Mrs Roland Ball. Wash- · ir.stoa. spent Saturday with Mr and · Mrs Wal'-er Grab^l --Mr. and Mrs. W;lmcr Fk:y »r«i · djjghter. Catherine ol Baltimore, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carrasci. and Ancaiielle. Charlesv :!. spent Sunday »l'.h the familj sjf Mr. and Mrs C Luther King --Mr and Mrs. Thompson. Mrs utidtiy in the interest of atiisleur radio j the fatuous joung movit s'jir "FreckJcs" ' A course In Insurance --Mr iand Mrs Henry ^ EngJcbrecht j u{ tje orighl i · O ur Gang" comedies i to lhe Curriculum or "" """ J ' ~ ' appcara in person »t each performance | State College · freckles" Is m» hl "g a moving picture j 1 -;i!»tJ%ely Utled 'Toby of The CLT- t uc-" and all the background scenes a:c !rins taken on to-- Gectrv '.}·. from cu\ u day After T." circvia. eeason t:ic ri^'-ure will be finished a H11\- ·j, »J arKl then re»sed throughout tV v^\ The Gentry show carries i j-»r.d and the largest eosemb'.e of po..- .·* dogs. pigs, so*ts and otr- -- ;ra.ned ar.:n-.aj under one aiansgf- ha» beea North A" the i:.- .aiAl ax.- m.-'.udins S-ie ftrt-IV;.-' n; \\nion paren'- o'. toia-. re^al'. as .4 -\sr. of t:-.e:r o*u childhxxi ar« ;·:- · --v .-.I--.»·· eo:t.ji % 1" .10- Louise Prj;:t and Rcer, '.!ie latter three from West- Lawrence. · minster, ano:?rec! tc Kr\-ser W Va . last STATKMBNT OF Thomas A. Chapline Co. Treasurer FOR MAY 1932 (1931 Levy) It -ras to report that 23,000.000 of . . the 40.000,000 ousheis of flour | Bishop James Cannon's announce- j turned over to the American Red Cross [ m*=t thai the drys iitil! "confer" if they · had been distributed to the needy that' Judge John Baron Payne. o' the organization called (as sho^-r: above*, at the Wh-:e House. The re- majider of the flour viU be used u take care of :ne Princess Hahme's royal lineage wU! attested by the colorful robes *'hich she Ti-ears. She is a native cf Damascus. After 5eir^: gradated from the Girl's Seminary ?:, S.don. she came to the Un.teci Stats. v.I:ere she re- oerved ixo umiersity decrees She Mill be assisted m ih» programs here by a friend. Miss Lucille Burress, l present sont-e of -he Onestai , do not liie the par." decisions on pro! hibition ·snH be studied care^Jl!y by ob- S servers irho recall a sheltering day in 1928 -nrheix the Bishop iralked into Associated Press headquarters at Houston. : Tex., and handed orer a statement call- [summer and autumn 1 ins on the drys to "confer" at Ashe- ! nounced. I vUle on the case of Alfred E. Ssuth. i pxr thr-Dusrh t:ie months, he an- Mt. Pleasant j --Mr. arid Mrs. Jesse Ramsburg. j Frederick, veiled Mr ar.d Mrs. Gray- 1 son Angleberger Sunday Mt. Pleasant, June 3.--^llr. C. Harr, ---r- Ke steering Rear on the truck oc- · Cramer, -scho has been suSenng for | cupied by Charles Burner arid Joseph ' some time Trith an infected leg. is get- i i^v-tner lacked last -a-eek. turning the j ting alonsr nicely. | ntachine o%er near Charlesvilie and in- ! --Mr. William Myers is at the Fred- 3Ilrln g jt. Lochner slightly. : enck City Hospital for observation and i treatment. LITICS e. -alio attended the , services at Woodsboro last Sunday j To C^»h Transferred to Central Trust Co- July 1. 19JO To Cah in OBire June 36, 1931 To Slate Tax Collected to MAT 1. 1932. for 1930 To State- Tax Collected during Mar 1932 for 1930 . To State Tax Collected to May 1. 1931. for 1931 To State Tax Collected durlnj Mar 1932 for 1931 To Count Tax Collected to May 1, 1931. for 1931 .. To Count? Tax Collected during May 19J2 for 1931. To Interest Collected to May 1. 1931. for 1930 To Interest Collected during May 1932 for 1930 . .. To Interest Collected to May 1, 1932. for 1931 . To Interest Collected durinc May 1932 for 1931 . . To Costs Collected to Ma 1. 1931, for 1931 To Costs Collected durinc Ma* 1932 for 1931 To Checks (2) taken up (Central Trust Co.(To Cash from County Commissioners to May 31. 1932 To Checks outstanding . . S.979 13 :r*2 5* 1.1S2.S« . S9S.SS6.39 7.633.H 137.52 1.4: l.S'1.23 1S9.S6 S.96I.S2 107.40 1.--SS.S4 37.4bS.09 2,511.75 $1,107,942.10 By Disbursements to May 1. 1932. for 1931 . . $ 991.231.40 By Disbursement* during May 1932 for 1931 61.550.32 By Refunds to May 31. 1932. for 1931 . . . . 17.01 By Cash in Central Trust Co.. May 31, 1932 . 1.931.87 By Cash in Fanners Mechanics Nat. Bank May 31, 1932 13.694.83 By Cash in Fredencktown Sar. Inst., May 31. 1932 9,384.21 By Cash in Frederick Co. National Bank. May 31. 1932 9.144.24 By Cash in Citizens National Bank. May 31. 1932 .... S.M3.37 By Cash in County Banks _ 6.448.85 Bv Cash in Office Slav 31. 1932 . . 3.026.00 $1,107.942.10 (Signed) THOMAS A. CHAPLINE, County Treasurer. $ BY BYROX PRICE (Chief of Bureau, The Associated Press Washington) Some of Speaker Gamer's closest friends believe he irC. stake z. resounding statement on the eve of the Dem- ocrssie natKKSi! convention, either alammin? his Texas sombrero definitely into t,he ring or kicking i; ou; alt-o- prtSer. . . i There may ye; be s~ "if" in that re- ' fusal of Senator Bora:- to attend the I Republi-ca=. sorcina-ins-rae in Chicago; [ r: is said on authority that ough; to be ' good enough that he Tfotili go provided i Mr Hoover -- oold ba;i uneau.-. aca^j a Borah-drafted proh-biiicn plank. . . . Here's a. tip to all cann.iates high and lo~. front Junitis J Gocn-in. a L-umbertor;. X C. l3?.~ycr' To ~aie 3. hit -nith the voters, promise to take the Job at one-third the salarr it no~ pays Tlie Sscal affairs -·- the national conventions ha-.e besn co-r.g so badly thai probably for tlte firs; time in h_=tory f i; has been s-rgsst'Ed seriously that ; T 5OO CASH FOR THE OLDEST LEONARD ICE BOX Talks Herself Into A Title r.ct^red a:.or r has die oldest Leonard Ice box in America? The Leonard Refrigerator Company wants it--for display purposes--to show the amazing advance that has been made in perfecting household refrigeration. The Leonard Company has asked us to help find this "oldest" box, and will pay its owner $500 in cash for it. The only provision is that owners must enter their old Leonards by filling out the coupon provided below, and mailing or taking it to the nearest listed -distributor or dealer. Only boxes so entered can be considered eligible under this offer. If more than one Leonard icebox of exactly the same age is reported by this means, the company reserves the right to select and purchase only the one in the best present condition. Offer Expires July 1, 1932 (No coupons will be accepted after that date) THEN--THIS ADDED OFFER If the oldest Leonard ice box in this Distributor territory Is the oldest in the country* the factory pays $5OO for it. if it Is not the oldest in the United States, but is the oldest in this Distributor territory, we will give o beautiful new Leonard Electric for it. . VVE HOPE the oldest Leonard will be found in this Distributor territory. If it is not, however, we will give a brand-new all-porcelain Leonard Electric refrigerator in free exchange for the oldest Leonard ke box that is reported by coupon to us or to any dealer listed below. Leonard has been manufacturing household refrigerators for many years, and thousands of fine old Leonard boxes are stil! in use. But what a contrast between those "old timers" and the beautiful automatic electrics of to-day! Women exclaim over the beautiful design and exquisite finish --the roominess and unusual ice capacity--of Leonard cabinets. They know that the crest on every Leonard door stands for cpalitv, the result of three generations of knowledge, experience and progress. But they appreciate equally the many extra features that Leonard alone provides. For example, the LEN-A-DOR--the greatest convenience feature in electric refrigeration to-day--a touch of the toe and the door swings gently open! Only the Leonard Has the A touch of the toe and the door swlnjis open JL nere are a score or otrier features, too, tlul to you in enjoyment and satisfaction: chrome hardware, semi- concealed hinges, broom-room legs, one-piece steel exterior, table top, Leonard approved insulation, one-piece porcelain interior. Chill-om-eter with 8 freezing speeds, aluminunx Sanitrays with permanent sanitary finish, an improved rubber; tray, porcelain cooling unit with self-closing ice compartment cloor, handy egg basket, and salad chiller. Many of these are exclusive in Leonard; no other refrigerator offers them alL If you own an old Leonard ke box, it will cct you nothing -place you under no obligation--to enter iuundcr this offer. Simply mail the coupon to-day. And whether or not you are a Leonard owner, it will pay you to see these beautiful new Leonard Electrics--offeied in g portable models (3 rfJ-porcelain). Your nearest dealer wiQ gladly show them. ~ STORM SHIPLEY Agents PHONE 26£ L E O N A R D E L E C T R I C R E F R I G E R A T O R I own a Leotard tat box purchased- (dm) n«r snot b* ir3ac » l PInae enter this box as eligible under tbe terms of rour offer Name --. ^^ Addnss . 1 CltV- .-State- 816 BROTHER SEZ FREDERICK PAINT^GUSS STORE 218 H. MARKET ST. PHOHE I42d Hillside Coal Co. still leads in low prices on best quality coal money can buy Summer prices now in effect. PHO!fB W Hillside Coal Co. OfScc *o Water Street. "Looking Your Best Costs So Little Here 11 North Market Street Between Read's Drug Store McCrory's Five And Ten A Sensational Sale r . ¥\nr i c | c | r i c f Smart DRESSES That Will Astonish Even The Most Particular Value Seeker! OTHER DRESSES and A rainbow of colors -- checker prints . . . Polka Dots . . . Flower prints . . . Candy stripes . . . Monotones . . . and plenty of WHITES. A glorious selection of styles -- Jackets . . . half sleeves . . . puff sleeves . . . cape effects . . . flares . . . Rufflr-- . . . Hand Embroidered . . . and 2-piece model?. We thought TTC couM obtain such lovely dresses to sell at s'acJi a 1-rsr figure. Frocks that Tcre made to sell at a much higher figure, are r.on brought ir. reach of the most modest budget. Come in -- and see ·h*se porgeoiis 5resses and experience the same thnll of dei:ght ·* e c:d ·* n e n i e first laid eyes on theni. Sizes 14 to 20--38 to 54 LADIES' FULL-FASHIONED Mesh and Silk HOSIERY Every Pair Perfect--All Newest Shades 2 Pair for $ \ .QO MESH UNDERWEAR Stepins. Paaties. Shorts LADIES' SLIPS Unusual quality at this low price. Tailored and lace trimmed, bias cut, close fitting and flare models. Wide hem. White. Pink and Flesh. Sizes 36 to 52. Special BOYS' WASH SUITS Guaranteed Washable Reg. 50c Valne LADIES" PURE IRISH LINEN DRESSES Jacquard Pique. Voiles, Lawns, Eyelet Batiste Sizes 14 to 52 ALSO 2 PIECE SUITS Sizes 14 to 20 $1.OO JUST ARRIVED! Silk and Silk Shantung Sizes 14 to 44 Also a new shipment of pure Belgian Linen Suits. Sizes 14 to 20. S1.9O

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