The Paris News from Paris, Texas on August 9, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 2
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THE PAWS NEWS, THURSDAY. AUGUST % Its* Society Club s 'ifrs. Williams Is Honored Miss Elizabeth Lane : * -Ctozapliaaentingr Mrs. Joseph "Jt«X«y Williams, a. recent bri<2e, Jtiss" Elisabeth I-ane entertained irttJi a. luncheon Wednesday at ber tome, 174 Sc-tith Church street. la th« c*ater of the table, which was lafcj-TKith crochet luncheon <io2:Jes, iras placed & crystal candolabra yfilh pink lighted candles, and at «ac_bend was a low crystal bowl filled with pink. lavendar and ^rfeite pon-pon asters and tube roses. Small old-fashion bouquets marked each guest's place and tb.e bostess presented Mrs. Wil- Jja^as with a cut-work table scarf. - Places were laid for the ionoree and Mrs. Joe F. Wi'liara* Jilrs. "Emery Smith. Mrs. John Keel. Mrs. William Humphreys, Mrs. Bailey Parker. Mrs. • Maurice Cleaver. Mrs. Henry H. McCIana- fean. Mrs. R, C. Lane, and the bostess. Mrs. Clarence Murphy. Mrs. Will Lightioot, Mrs. Youns MaUory. Mrs. John I>- House. Jr.. Mrs. Connor Dixoa. a former member, of Wichita Falls. Mrs, Xorman Williams, and Mrs. Morgan Alexander, an associate member of the club. Make This Model At Home Pari« New* Daily Pattern Buffet Supper Honors Visitors Here , T>r.'and Mrs. H. H. White -*-ere feosts "Wednesday evening- at a small buffet supper at their home on Graham street for Mr. and Mrs. Edward .Kenley. who are visiting: here from Metrical. Maje- CO- TJie supper table was covered •vrith- a cloth of lace ar.d centered with a combination of damson pltisns, grapevine. ar:d zinnias, attractively s±~rsjr;c-ec in a larsre fiat blue bowL . Tlie Ernests were the following close friends of the honorees, Mr. asad- Mrs. Alex Wetberbee. Mr. and 3£rs. Maury Hobinson, I>r. and 'Mrs. Davjs Scott Hammond. Mr, JU3CL Mrs. Bedford Brooks Harlan. Mr."- 'and Mrs. Marion Shelter:, Mr. and Mrs.'MaclJn Atkinson, and ME. and Mrs. Kenley. Lucky Forty-Two Club Has Meeting Wednesday The i-3icky Forty-Two club met Tuesday afternoon at the bouse of Mrs. I^eTvis Robinson, 231 LjLinar avenue. In the games Mrs," Par Ellard wog. hish score for the members, and Mrs. Lee Glasscoek for the guests. During the business session. Mrs, Ton: .Allmars. resigned as reporter and Mrs. Sam Sandets was elected to fiil the vacancy- .Later the hostess served two lovely refreshment courses, Guests for the afternoon were Mrs. Glasscock, Mrs. Elmer McFadden, Mrs. Joe Johnson and Mrs. William Hoffman, The next metins: of the club -will be September 12 at the home of Mrs. J, K. Wrlsrht. 2S9 South Main street. CHURCH ACTIVITIES K- A-S A3TD G. A-s MKET \ The R, A.s aaa G. A.s of the ! First Baptist church will meet ITri- \ day morning at 9 o'clock at thr= { home of Mrs. A;!ei> McEwcn, 2^3 ; East Washington street. for 3. study of the book, "Around the ; Trill be lead by Mrs, K. C. Kayrses. " Mr*. Levels Jones Hostess For Luncheon Club 3£rs_ Xrsvis S- Jones entertained Ii«r ^"edsssday Contract Lruncteon z Sre-ak HoiloTV TVedi:escay and white asters ia*; forn^ed. a centerpiece -where the sisrnt seated for Innciieoii the contract gatnes- . Sob Berry worr the aig-h score awsj-d and Mrs. C. H. Cald- ^"r_ of Hoztan. received the irsr prize. clubs next meeting -wrill be t 22 with Mrs. Smest Craf- nostess. Sorosis Club Members Mas Litncheon at 'tie Paris Golf club ^Tedresday for E. discussion of plans f. W. A. i The TT, W. A. raeerinsr <u the j' immaziuel Saptist --hnrch •n.-r-« •"• !d ; zt the home of the Mrs, Adrian • street. The program was directed 4 by Miss "Vida Cross. I FIRST METHODIST W, M. S. } The First Methodist M:ssiono.ry i for a business session. The pro- ; s*r7ice. of the leader. MUSICIANS ON LUNCHEON PROGRAM Xew Orleans Radio Star And Paris Violinist Are Presented Miss Nellie Bess Cross, radio star from Ke.w Orleans and A^r*. James Sheffield Aver* presented in violin selection* Wednesday at the regular weekly luncheon of the Toung .Men's I-nricheoa dub... They were at-companied by Mrs. Troy C. Thompson. The prize for the -week -was won by Dr. D. F. Kerbow. Kext -week's meeting will be held at the Odd Fellows eltsb lake- PLAZA THRILL SHOW ON THURSDAY NIGHT I_i Ho Ch&ns. -Professor of Black Art," speaking to the members of the "audience who..will attend the special micLaight show at the Plasa Theatr* tonigbt, ' says. **If, while lights axe lowered, a cold, clammy hand comes from the pilch darkness to touch yours—do not get excited or alarmed—it may be a friendly spirit endeavoring to re-establish contact -with the comrade it had while on earth. When you are face to face with the supernatural—there is no need, to be alarmed." One of the most brilliant men of the world. Sir Arthur Comus I>oyle. believed with ail his heart that there was communication between this world and the next, and often said that he had received authentic messages from the- dead. Other men. equally brilliant, scoff at the idea of spir- ittiallsirs. \Vho TO ay say either is Make a Laura Wheeler Hooked Rug For The Bedroom or Bathroom PATTERN 773 There v 5 something: cool -looking j their very simplicity make the rue about water lilies, that makes.] striking. The rug can be made them a refreshing desisrn to work on -when the weather is hot. This des - red . design, which can be made in any j Pattern "3 comes to you with size or shape, is equally approyri- } a transfer patttern of the design 15 *-* * 19 3 ' 4 li**«s: directions ate in the bedroom or bathroom. It can be done in racs. hooked nig i ' or making: a booked rug with U- wool or candlewKkins: cotioo. The I lustrations; material ™»»ir*m..»*»- bocty of the ru§: might be in a soft sea green, a li^ht yellow, grey , or blue, with the flowers in pali 1 *a-'-tern). yellow, white or j»ink with the I Send 1C cents in stamps or coizi i and color sussesuons <t.he colors j are Indicated by minabers on the right or -vvrons:? Who has knowledge? J^i Et> Chan, studied the mysterious sorceries the Easi. has delved deep into the | all simple to follow, and , thrcusrh ^ York. N. "Y. mysticisms of ancient religions of i : : •—; China, Egypt and the Indian and j Asian cults. He con;es to Paris 10 i EX-LAMAR CITIZEN IS VISIT1KG HERE R. F. Jenkins, who Uve« at th« Masonic Home in Arlinj^ton. i» here on a. visit to hi* sons »i Fow- d*rly. An old Lamar county reai- d*nt, Mr. Jenkins makea a vl«it b*cfc to Paris every year. „ He wma in the bee i I sinews in thia county during- his residence here, .Although hale and hearty, Mr. Jenkins says he will celebrate his S3rd. birthday anniversary on the itth. of this month. THEY'RE TELLING YOU! preserst an entertainment that will both astonish and amaze those brave enongrh to attend. Is bis show merely a clever presentation of fantastic shoiv- ' manship? ilany who have seen it say not— claiming that it Is sc- perriatural. Others deny its supernatural Qualities, but are nn- ab-e to point oat how. otherwise, the show could be- produced. LI At The Grand a band of outlaws | held forth in California during the i dangerous Said-rush days of 1S7Q. I About to sro to jail for a mur- en ParanijoUGt's ptcturization | der which he did tiot commit, Saa- 01 Zane Gre5-"s novel, "The Border 1 dolph Scott is rescued by Monte Up." comes" on Friday aiid Saturday to the Grand Theatre. fariS will see Monte Bii >ld favor- | Blue and his £an^ of j Grateful for his life, of course, | Scott is nevertlieiess surprised to fJnt Barbara. Frltcbfe in the out^ " EChte * sh* hide-away. Lfearning thai held aspsinst her will, he Ho Chang refuses to say how be | corner to Hollywood in her ^ j ^ ^ prot « r Her. "and performs—if he possesses super- 1 moti ° E P»«» r * role - h*a««S «»« | Jove steals into tbelr hear ra! powers he refuses to lay j - A I>KESS AXI> A CAPE MAJELE A CHIC Jb^JSEMBLE s -will be held. I-ater l-jncheos .E ser^'ed to the follc'wins 1 : Mrs. .Stissell Berry, ilrs- Hobert G7TJji— . Mrs. Clyde 3-1L Mrs. Marv:^ 'Carson. ^.Irs. Rov McMillan, MALARIA Speedy Relief of Chills and Fever I>on t iet _ila^ tear you apa.rt mere jnakeshift reaeiies- Take i5»e medicine prepared especially fr-r Maoris. — Grove's Tasteless Ch.3! Tonic. Tasteless Chill Tonic of tasteless <ju;n:~* ic-nlc iron, Th* quinine ktlis the Malaria: Sr- lysljds sp th* pysterr: ar.d he!p? fortify further attack. At •*1^.jff- ^^ r"f£* ^r'T'T! •' * E"" V £.**"£.*">T Q* Malaria tak* Grove's Taj&t«r]eE5 Chll; 'Ts3si<e." Better stU; take it reg^lar- 5j jfluriBS '-h* Malaria, season tc vard off tfcf 1 dis-easf.. Grove'* Cbifl: Tf;r::c is absolute:?* a.n<2 grood. <3rore'« Ti.r;*}*'^ Ch'll Tonic cj>mes in two sr&es, £0c and 5* The *1 size cor.ts.ins —73 t^nies you 2s per ce-n: rr.ore for your The lensrths to wnicn s. naif-rnsc , •; czar went to lorrnent his beasTiful • • i^- = ^_ "^" __ *• "Tj"." = -—- ,*".""" I i the L.or-don j'iitns prod.uct.ios- . ; ^ traction at the Theatre • ' Th-ir-sday -=.r:d Frlcay. i L-fi-LTlnsr her to weep and wait ; '. alone thrc-i,Erh"ir: their wedding j ; oas of the court beauties, is on3 ] : of ihe lesser cruelties L>oug:l*E"5 | ; FazrbaskF, Jr.. in the role of Peter j ner. tvao plays h:s timid little i r-er cf her reg~*T»tr,t, the ran'ks of ? ;:.s •with bar;— ar smprilied all cf | Catherine's Io~ers, Peters ma-c- i •. ness takes a more and more ver.-r«- j ; "»i"hei3 he.ascends the throne TZ~ j .' t^ate^i oy t..^ iS.-e ^n.rj!!ipr*±s& ^.ii.*-.—— ? ' «~*e*^. a^'— ms insane f^s-ij.. ^0*^— ; • f -^£t« er^r>e> zs c-on^pin^^" a^c: me, i ' J",,nz. he cornplett;v hurs^iiatefi her t • -^7" px^.^--Cjy ^ai'-.r.s' t,.s iyeaTi_^i.*-L^ - i The supreme insru't, hc-arever. I I *«-h;ch Jsrin-rs the co"ira?eouB little ; j bri.ce whoiii the wor'<2 ~as to re- 5 ; the end of her endurance . .an3 j : causes her to lend a wining ear) ] a-t last, to the con.3p-ra.tors E^aiT;5l ( the eouree of a huge ba^Qaet. Her* ] ; ma.r-y an^ affection, feet finally I i co" "hat the pro^id mark of J j T"h* Ord^r «.*" St. Cat."!r;* be t»>rn i 1 from O«t\""s breaet and be-1 bisr faT-:-rIt**« sn^-'E'-r bosom | ISTO By A.VXS ADAM? If you are soi^g- to n:ak» the cap-e—and of course you. are—get a fabric ivith a smooth surface— linen, g-ingham, silk or synthetic •K-i"! fce ideal. After thai in vv^l! r-s all plain sailing—is other -vords plain se~srin£* The pattern takes care of the fit as -well as the style. And style it has, *^lth p-cints Indicating: the ~x-ay to chic in skirt and bodice and ezactly the ri~ht sort of short' puffed sle^c-es. It is a. model — ou can very 'w-ell make over again in a smart taf- ^" atterr". j.S * ~s is SL^S-iiS^.i* »ri stxes 12. 14. Is, IS. 20, 35. 32, 34, ??. 2S and 40. Sire 15 tafees 3 3-S yards £3 i~trh fabric and 1 1-S j TOGETTHER, TWSKTY- - ' 1 CENTS- . • .- j Address orders to The Pattern Department, Z43 27th ScreetL XetT Tork City t.-!a:rr to them—?f h-e produces the j ^.••?ird performance he jri-res -wrfth- cu*--the- al'd of e?ab-orat-e- stag-* cast. In addition to above merely as illusion, he players. '"The Last Round-Up" has It for— iss romantic 5ead, Fred Kohl'^r for the uitra- - -= I h eavy menace and Furry Knight ? the comedy element. hearts, th* ) two plan to escape. After a series of disastrous raids t>n the small-.mining to-wus. Scott. 'Blue"and Fred Kohler devote their time to a three-cornered fiKht for Barbara. Blue, onksiown to Scott, takes sides -w-ith hlra. and aft*r refuses to acmit tt, "Ho Chans: does not say. es; I "Come -o see rue," he says, "Come | The story' Is based on thft thrill- {& pulsating c!lma*E. the tieo lovers 'if you dare.** > adventures of the "border le- ' rid* over the moontaln? to safety. Kellogg's Rice actually snap and cractfe in: milk or cream. No other rice cereal can equal their tempting crispness. And what delicious flavor! A treat for hreakfast or lunch. So easy to digest, they're ideal for children** supper. In the red-and- . green package. Made oy Kellogg in Battle Creek. Made from Maid Itlce Li&ten!— Ser»<J rTFTHHX CENTS <15c} i in coins or stamps (coins prefer- j r&S^, for each Ann«i Ada-rns pattern. tTr:te plainly your name, a dress anc style ntimber. BE SITE And -while you are -^rltlnsr. i»ot !nc;u<5e an order for a fascf- j natfng' oooli, cr~2.rnme<! frotn cov-: er to cover -with stur.nttjy iHus-« tr£.t ; or;= and captivating' «f escrtp- ] tloriS: c* s* 9 -^ fafhlons, fahrlcs ether thing's that make i OF THE AXNTE ADAMS ?AT- I CSXTS, BOOK AXD PATTERN; Celebrates Fourth I Blrthdav With Partv j 3£r5. srbrrlsos Pc^el! entertais- | *£•*£ v\ ^rO r*^5O.2. V Z~ * v * r~;"iO^OT* 2Lv Z^C^ j home. 241 ""Test Booth street, 1 bor.or;-s the fourth bfrtb<lay of j her daughter, Theirria Jean. | After gx*r}es -orere en^<?3'e4 dsr- I ing- the Jif-jcmoon, Ice cream anC cake -acere ser*--e<J to the follo-^l-ig: •y^y* *••• g JT'*''' ''"•"fjS " CALL 401— i -ry Joyce McOse, Betty Sue and • CROPS ARE 1>^MAGEI> f B:i!y K^diesto-i. EHizab^th, Doro- j Ifo- an<5 Dorothy A'e wiU buy or tr^* tor yosr' ; r _ this cornrran't--* have *J-<3;_ ?ursJtcr«. Come sn to »e* tit i <*srr.a*r*-<I by Drouth. i Char:*-« J '*r the t»*st va'!uess In horre fur- | Herbert 5Tr.-«rs ?,n-l fa.rr.Hy vis- ! rar. Do' •-.-n--*" -?>• j itec* !a r>urant, O^rla.., Jayt «-«?e5c -"*- ? T^etta Arn "WlSman, Jmrrse* Harold Hays JT visjtfns- Jn | G:K»or? T Marg'sret SToore. Myrtle . -— .-..,...,.- .— I L^-a ar.'l Clifford Box. Gordon } : RitefcBon an4 the 5 ^ H. Baker Fum. Co. I er ? Tr » x T And Blankets Xatc at Lotc Prices Be resc!y for cold rights b> f having your quilts and blankets laundered now at our Jo** prices. Don't wait for the rush.,.. Be $1.00 UNITY FARMERS HAULING WOOD ! t'^»ITT—Farmer* o' »h*s OOTR- ^tjntTy ssr* t>?3?3r c«jt?Joif 8n<2 n« -SPOOLS for tfc* ^rjnter. an tion x.t I<afliar ho*j>ita.1 te ret«> r te<S imj>ror*d. The Ro'V, aui<5 Mrs. John H. s of Forest Hi'J! visited 'her* Ra.Iph FowJer »«<S Mr. and --Mrs. jas-mon McMUJin of Texstz. «,ne vinitln* b«r*. TO WATER bill* mu«t b« p&Id on or 0 fn «r<5er to per looks like you like them too They Satisfy —. that's a good reason for Hieing anything the cigarette thats MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER VIVIAN JANIf AND BRICf HUTCNJMS ZII0FILD POllltS OF •fe Ml "I UK! /

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