The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 9, 1967 · Page 15
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 15

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 9, 1967
Page 15
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Radio · TV Highlights By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Tttevisioiufladio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - "The Flying Nun" may be able to glide around on air currents, but the premiere show on ABC Thursday night had plenty of trouble getting off the ground. It was the hour-long pilot film for the half-hour series and gave viewers a chance to see how Sister Bertille happened to fly. The situation comedy has for its principal character a compulsive little Miss Fixit in a religious habit. She can play a mean game of gin rummy, dance the watusi and even persuade hard-bitten businessmen to give land to the convent. But .Mary Poppins, alas, she is not. Sally Field plays a 90-pound novice with a bizarre "cor- uette"--fr coif--that looks like a seagull in flight and is supposed to catch any wind and boost its wearer into the sky. She gives the role the same jheerful energy and youthful bounce she once invested in "Gidget." But "The Flying Nun" has its problem, and that seems to be the rather heavy-handed treatment given the whimsy of the show. Fantasy can only succeed if the audience buys the premise and at no point in the opening «;how was the f'ying bit anything more than an obvious and un- Convincing gimmick. It smnrd to be, in fact, dragged in by the heels. The report around Hollywood in preseason weeks was that the series might Drove to be the surprise hit of the season. Maybe the later episodes will be more amusing and bright. F. Lee Bailey, he criminal lowyer, made his show Visiness debut as the bland host- D R Ul TH£*rA Saturday Nile, 9 To 9 Bob Hope, In Eight On The Lam Show Times 4:00, 7:58, ?:M Sunday, Sept. 10th Thru Tuesday, Sept. 12th Rod Taylor, In HOTEL Show Times Sun. 3:00, 5:10, 7:10, 9:30 TIVOLI LAST DAY -- 1, 3, 5, 7 9 "DON'T MAKE WAVES" TOMORROW THRU TUES. I MmuuibiNE. I |Tuneral*Berlin| MHBTICMMIM* puumm»HHH I BRADDOCK TON1TE SUN. OPEN 7:30 D R I V E - I N THEATRE SHOW ft P.M. VENCERNCE COLUMBIA/ PLUS COLOMBIA PICTURES PreMnts 6LEHH STELLA FORD STEVENS DM1DREYNOSO DANCE JEFFFERSONIAN DEMOCRATIC CLUB Saturday, Sept. 9 Music By The G.I.'s interviewer of "Good Company," ABC's adaptation of the old 'Person t o Person" idea. His first visit was at ihe home of film star Tony Curtis and family. The first portion of the half- hour show was interesting because it showed the magnificence of the Curtis estate in Beverly Hills, with Tony indulging in an earnest lecture on art. Bai'ey proved to be unexpectedly colorless as host and his question* were the cliches of the movie star interview--"whioh dp you prefer to play in comedies ?r dramas?" Review Business By JOHN CUNNIFF ' AP Business Analyst NEW YORK (AP) -- Wi*h prices, wages, credit costs and spending either at high levels or now rising sharply, many economists believe that critical end eventful days are ahead of us. It is a little early to say how this drama will be played out, but of the characters now are being cast. They include taxes, inflation, labor-management discord, business-government disputes and g-videposts. None of these is assured a role, aKhough the chances are remote that many of them will be left out. The only certainty is that politics will play a big roie, center stage much of the time, as elections near. At this pome in the drama's development the administration is seeking a tax increase to help offset a large and inflationary budget deficit which tends to ^'lute the value of everyone's dollar. This deficit is the result of heavy government spending without provisions being made for payment except through cheaper money. It means that the government has made an excessive demand on the economy. Now the government seeks to correct ;he problem by raising money through taxes to pay lor its purchases. In its opinion ilia reduction of demand by less spending will not be sufficient Therefore, higher taxes. A tax increase, as viewed by its proponents, would serve two related purposes: reduce the budget deficit; and by taking money from business and consumers, lessen their ability to make excessive demands on ihe economy. As the tax debate continues, the inflationary pressures are becoming more evident in higher prices for haircuts, steel, automobiles, appliances, rubber goods. Wage demands also are rising. There is nothing whatever wrong about higher prices and wages. It is when these wages and prices exceed productivity that the damage is done. Greater productivity is what pays tor higher wages and prices. If productivity decreases or remains stationary, wages and prices can increase only at tlie expense of each other. Unless the pie is larger, nobody can have a bigger slice without depriving someone else. What nobody can say at this stage is whether the gover-i- ment will succeed in convincing Congress of the need Cor n tax increase, or even that a tax .n- crease will solve the problem. This suggests another ro'e .n the drama :the chance of wage and price controls. This is a remote possibility. Note words, uttered earlier this year by Gardner Ackley, chairman of the President's Council of Economic Advisers: "LAS ong who spent about six years of his life, during two wars, engaged in price conttol work. I can report my view t h a t continuous peacetime price and wage controls would be a disaster." If this possibility is remote, then the possibility of a new guidepost formula is not. Guideposts were seemingly ci- fective earlier in this decade ii tying wage and price increases to rises in productivity. Last year, however, they were pounded imo the ground by wage and price increases. Since then the inflationary fires have been getting hotter, and now there seems to be a very real need for a new guide post formula. The adminisf-a- tQRK'FAIRf 'btartsfues.-Sept.l2thrul 5DRYS * 5 NIGHTS * EVERY NITS ON MAMMOTH COVERED STAGE 'WITH MANHATTAN ROCKETS BY HAL SANDS · t " H ]? f - OUTSTANDING VAVWIUt ACTS 'OLT HARNESS RACES TUES/WED/THUR -FRI. -AF7H. THE CRtTTERS-Fantastic New Rock 6- Roll Group Funniest 3 guys you've ever met! fARON YOU NO t GROUP Country · Western Radio-TV personality A singing idol to teen- JOHNNY TIUOTSON agers and entertainer of the whole family WORLD'S FINfST VOVVIL Every Altrn. 6- N,t« Tridaq- N.ght JACK KOCH MAN "HEU DRIVERS' HEU DRI¥E*S- JACK KOCHMAN'S AUTO THKILL SHOW! THRILLS.SPILLS.EXCITEMENT! EDUCATION * EXHI8ITS1ENTERTAINMENT MAAS OPTICIANS GLAMORIZE YOUR GLASSES WITH VII D E R N STYLE ERAMLS We Are Equipped To Fill Any Eve- las Precription Z i N I T H H E A R I N G A I D S -- E E S EXAMINED R E P A I R S \ \ H i L E YOl W A U C O N T A C T LENSES ..iflc Sco..e Sights--Bautch Lon.o Binocular* S»v« The Plec«* 5 West Second St. MO 2-1451 EAGLES LODGE NO. 1067 DANCE Saturday, September 9 MUSIC BY JESSE BELL The Country Cut-Ups M»mb«r» * Guests Invited THE FEATURING TONITE Jade Brothers Dancing Till 12:30 SUNDAY Bad Boys And The Persuasions At The GOLD DUST INN NIGHT CLUB Till 1 P.M. The NEWSPAPER! Announcing Opening TUESDAY, SEPT. 5 GOLDZN CURL SALON 1203 East Street Phone 662-6362 For Appointment Pat Ward Margarete Brown HOLLAND-AMERICA LINE Proudly Presents "THE 1967 CARIBBEAN ADVENTURE CRUISE-TOUR" PERSONALLY ESCORTED BY PETER DE BRUIN Aboard Tlw World Cruis* Liner ' SS ROTTERDAM" Group From Frederick. Wash., Ralto. November 11 To November 20, 1967 Visiting BERMUDA, ST. MARTIN, ST. THOMAS AND SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO Inclusive Price $387 S A F E T Y INFO 11* S S. R«tt»rdam rt«:it*red in th* Netherlands substantially meets inter r.itiaial safety standards tor new ships dtvelajed in ItM. BOYER TRAVEL AGENCY 26 South Market St. 6fi3-t155 tion, however seems to be having difficulty in devising one. Nevertheless, rising wages and prices and the damaging consequences of them--should remind everyone of ;hs somewhat cryptic statement early this year by Ackley. "I suggest," hg told the So' ·- ty of American Business Wo.- ers, "that the next steps in the revival and strengthening of ;h guideposts must be and will b'_- la^en soon, for the pre«n. oreathing space in price pressures will not last forever." That statement was made in May and did not include anv in| dication of timing, nor did a even suggest a specific propos- If Ackley does decide t o have guideposts play a role you may be sure it will provoke t l ie i suggestion from private enterprise that government, itse.f, abide by the guideposts. This is the drama now unfolding. SATURDAY 3:00--5--(C) L-os Angeles Fights 7,13 (C) Amateur Tennis 20--Roller Derby 25--Medicated Society 3.30--2,9--(C 1 Pro Soccer 4:CO-- 20-- ( C ) Ultraman 26--Observing Eye 1; o--5-- Movie--"Tarzan and the Mermaids" 20^ Gigantor 26--World of Brother Buzz :03--4,-- (C) World Series of Golf 7,13--(C) Wide World ut Sports 11--(O Pub'.ic Service Special 20--Eighth Man 23--All Aboard 5:30--11--(C) It's Racing Time 20--Timmy and Lassie 23--What's New 2--Movie--"His Majesty Six tons of caviar were listed 3'Keefe" 'among provisions brought to the 5--Combat! Moskva restaurant in the Soviet J -- ( C ) News Pavilion at Canada's Expo 67. 11--Pinbusters The Congo River is the only 20-- (O Ernest Tubb major African waterway that 6:30--4,8--(C) News twics crosses the equator. 7--(O News RING COBRAS MILKED Sunday at 3:3O JUNGLELAND Route 1 5 Thurmont WISE ... MODERNIZE DORMERS AND FINISHED ATTIC · ROOM ADDITION · CLUB CELLAR · CUSTOM KITCHEN PLANNING · CARPORT CONSTRUCTION FINANCING The Cavco Building Center 301 N. Market St. Dial 662-1980 0--(C) News ! 13--Movie--"The Devil's ' Disciple" j 20--(C) Carl Smith \ 2-No Doubt About It 7:00---4--(C) Film Feature 5--McHale's Navy 7--(C) Porter Wagonir 8,11--(C) News 9--(C) NFL Action 1 20-- t C ) Monroes 26--From Here to There 7:iO--2,9--(C) Jackie Gleasan 4,8,11--(C) Weekend 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7-- \L i Dating Game 26--Sport of the Week 8:00--4,8,11--Campo 44 5--Perry Mason 7,13--(C) Newlywed Game 20--12 O' Clock High 8:3C--2--(C) My Three Sons 4,8,11--(C) Get Smart 7,13--(C) Lawrsnce Welk 9-Pro Football 9:00--2--Pro Football 4,8,11--(C) Rowan and Martin 5--(C) David Susskind 20--(C) Bullfights 9:50--7,13--(C) Piccadilly Palace 25--Toy That Grew Up 10:03--1.8,11--(C) Miss America Pageant 1 0 : ' 0 -- 7 - ( C ) Death Valley Days 13--(C) Dating Game 26--Turn of the Century 11:00--7,13--(C) News 20--Movie--"Revenge of the Zombies" 11-15--7-- Movie-- (C) "The Naked and the Dead" 11:30--13-Movie--"The Last Hurrah" 11:45--9--(C) Movie--"The Prince Who Was a Thief" 12:00--2--Movie--"Sinows of Kilimanjaro" 12:oO--4--Movie--(C) "Honeymoon" 8--Movie-" My Wife's Best Friend" 1:50--9--Movie--''The Raven" THE NEWS. Frederick. Maryland Page it* Saturday. September 9. 1SS7 For their happiness and security in future years, open a Savings Account for them now at our nearest office. ^FARMERS AND MECHANICS NATIONAL BANK Member F. D. 1 C PROGRAMS 4 -- WRC-TV Washington 5 -- WTTG-TV 7 -- WMAL-TV 9-- WTOP-TV Baltimore ·2-- WHAR-TV 11-- WBAL-TV 13-- WJZ-TV 'ancatter 8 -- WGAL-TV SUNDAY SATURDAY PIANO-ORGANIST FREE STATE iNN R E S T A U R A N T - LOUNGE OI'KN I) \II.Y I I I . I . M I D N I G H T S P E C I A L L l ' N C M E O N COCKTAIL S P E C I A L f i ( ) c D A I I A 1 1 - 2 A D I F F E R E N T ONE E V E R Y DAY i,")C I R L -- S A T . -- SI N . Entcrtuinnu nt ,S::ill To 1^ Serving The Best In ( hirkt'n. Steak and Seafood Formerly Mrs. Rose's Chicken Steak House Kouti U) \\i-st PETER PAN INN lll\l\4. NEW IIOl KS M O N D A Y THIU F R I D A Y -- 1 I O !» Saturday. S i i n d - » v . and l l o i i d a \ s , 12 To 9 J) J Also t » ' ' , Presenting In Our DOLPHIN COCKTAIL l'j.00--2--Lamp Unto My Feet 4--(C) Jewish Community Hour 5--Movie--"Thor and the Amazons" 7,13-(C) Linus the Lionhearted 8--Senators' Report 9 -- ( C ) Tom and Jerry 11--(C) Krazy Kartoons 20--Death Valley Days j 10:50--2--Look Up and Live 4 -- ( C ) Howard University 7,13--(C) Peter Potamus" 8--Superman 9--Movie--"Abbott and Costello in the Foreign Legion" ! 11-Movie-- "Tarzan's i Peril" ; 20--Sieriff of Cochise 11:00--2--Camera Three 4 -- ( C ) Across the Fence 7.1 1 ::--(O Bullwinkle 8--Mister Ed 20--Movie--"The Littlest Rebel" I l . ' i O -- 2 -- ( C ) Eleanor Nash 4 -- ( C Dimension Washington i 5 Sea Hun'. 7 -- ( C ) Discovery '67 8-- -ea Hunt 1'?-- Peabody Workshop 12.00-2--Movie--"The White Sqraw" 4--( C ) Georgetown Forurn 5--Route 66 7 -- ( C ) Championship Bowling 8 -- ( C ) Flying Fisherman !)--( C ) Capital Conversation 11 ( C ) Movie--"Cash McCall" 1 i--Yet Set i 12 " 4 ( i Meeting ( f t h e Minds .'!- K' i C'al! of t h e Cut- doors " ''* Frst'O the N a t i o n l.'i Newsmakers -0 Movie -"A R o y a l Scandal" 1 C ! 4 H 1 1 ' i Meet t h e Tress ." ' C i Opinion Washington ~ C ABC Scope ') C) Movie--"The I aw less Breed' 1 ' Science Reporter 1 " J ' ( ' ' Face the Xa'ion 1 ' C Frontiers of Faith : M o v i e - " P i t f a l l " 7 n i ( i Issues and \nswers 8--(C) Baseball --Braves | vs. Phillies i 2.00--2--(C) Football Preview 4,11--(C) Pro Football --Jets vs. Bills 7,13--(C) Amateur Tennis 2:oO--2,^--(C) Pro Football --Browns vs. Vikings 20--Movie--" Together Again" 3:00--5--Movie--"Retreat, Hell " 26--Nine on Japan 3:30--26-- U.S.A.-- Art 4:CO--7,13--(C) Hall of Kings 8--(C) Championsnip Bowling 23--Book Beat i:oO--^i)--Movie--"The Hooded Terror" 23--Experiment 5:CO-4,8,11--(C) World Series of Golf 5--Movie--"-"andaia and the Flying Dutchman" 7 -- ( C ) Bowling Fun 13--Movie--"Dark l-'assage" 26--Creative Person 5:LO--2,C--(C) AmE.eur Hour 25--Net Journal 6:00--2,9--(C) 21st Century 7-(C) Redskins Preview 20--(C) Time Tunnel 6:30-- 2 -- ( C ) Death Valley Days 4,8--(C) Frank McGee Report 7,9,11--(C) News 26--French Chef 7:00--2,9--(C) Lassie 4,8--(C) Fall Preview 5--(O Center Stage 7,13-- (C) Africa 11-Maryland Conference 20--(C) Monroes !·;--Net Journal 7 - 3 0 -- 2 , 9 -- ( C ) Gentle Ben 4,8,11--(C) Disney's World H '0-2,9-- (C) Ed Sullivan 5--Movie--"Lit lie Women" 7,13--(C) Africa 20--Profiles in Courage 2.i Summer Sampler 8 oO--4,8,11 -- (C) Mothers-In Law 4 01! - 2 , 9 -- ( C ) Smothers Brothers 4,8,11 -- ( C ) Hlph C h : p a r r a l 7 1 - i C ) A f r i c a 20 Movie -"My Bi-a , ' i - fui Daughter" 2 -- \ V a s h i n g t n V-AS 9 o -fi-Net Playhouse 111 0 0 2 . 9 C Mission Imnossible ." ( C i Joe ^yne 7,1.' ( C ) A f r i c a J -- ( C ) Cadence 11--Good News 20--Jack La Lanne 10:00--2--(C) Truth or Consequences 4,8--(C) Snap Judgment 7--Virginia Graham 9--Candid Camera 11--Sparetime Bowling 13--(C) Newlywed Game 20--Cartoon Carnival 10:30--2--(C) Divorce Court 48,11--(C) Concentration 7- (C) Here's Barbara 9--Beverly Hillbillies 13--Dateline: Hollywood 20--Romper Room 11:00--2,9--Andy Griffith 4,8,11--(C) Personality 5--(C) Truth or Consequences 7,13--(C) Honeymoon Race 11:30--2,9--Dick Van Dyke 4,8,11--(C) Hollywood Squares 5--(C) True Adventure 7,13--Family Game 20--Loretta Young 12:00--2,9--(C) Love of Life 4,11--(C) Jeopardy 5--(C) News 7,13--Everybody's Talking -- ( C ) Noonday on 8 20--Movie--' 'T-Men" 12:30--2,9--(C) Search for Tomorrow 4,8,11--(C) Eye Guess 5--(C) Panorama 7,13--Donna Reed 12:45--2,9--(C) Guiding Light 1:00--2--(C) Woman's Angle 4 -- ( O PDQ 7--Fugitive 8 -- ( C ) Truth or Consequences 9 -- ( C ) News 11--Virginia Graham K!--Movie "Great Day" 1-30--2,9--(C) As The World i Turns 4.8--(C) Let's Make A Deal | 11--(O Tell Ms, Dr. Brothers '^.00--2,9- ( C i Password 4 . 8 , 1 1 -- ( C Days of Our Lives 7 ( C N e w I v w e d G a m a 2 0 - - M o v i e -- " ? n^apore" 2 3,)-2,9- i C 'House Party 4.8.11 -- 1 C) Doctors" 7--i C Dream Girl l . { -- i C ' i Mike Douglas 1 1 IK) -2,4,7 8 9,1113 ( C N THE M E L L O W TONES F r i d n x s a n d S a t u r d a y s FOR YOl K I) \\TINC; IM.EASl RE I I i.") 7- M o v i e "Bevond a Reasonable r o u h ' " '» ' C i Movie--"Pal Joey" 11 2.- 21! M o v i e "Daybreak" 11 ,.0-2 M o v i e - ' T h e Crimson Kimono" 1' Movie ".lare Eve" -·"»» , fl^H *** -g"" OI'KN FRI., SAT.. SIN. MONDAY 9 30--2--News V-Movie "Cantim Scarlett" CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING All Colors Mattint; \on-Clare Glass B . t t In he A r e a ' RICE'S ( OI.OR C E N T E R "th and Market St. I hone 662-3J20 DIAL 301-K71-2222 FOR RESERVATIONS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES ALSO THt MMEST UttMSU UVENTUft Of Hll AN IV*N JOS , TM fOOOUCTiON **·-·! .afclfND jftMD ** UNQH| Si P M PfiW'CV wlME'ROCOuTfl Used Forage Harvesters From S29.VOO Forage Blowers From $7.~.0) SOME R E A L B A R G A I N S CENTER *W 2 71-2-TOO ONE D \ Y SERVICE R E T R E A D I N G SOVVELL TIRE KATTERY CO. I2» 133 South Market St. FRFF. P \RKINC; iWSPAPERf

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