The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 21, 1955 · Page 18
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 18

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1955
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

18 THE SANDUSKY REGISTER STAR-NEWS I I As Pact Arab Nations Torn By Rivalry By CHARLKS M. McCANN linHfA Press Stuff Cotrcspondciil * * * \ 0 n n« Kini^ tfusseln's frniible over his desire (o take Jordan into the Bavh- dad Alliance is just another of the crises that have lonf beset the Arab countries. Eight Arab nations are supposed to be unil'^'I Ir the Arab League. When that alliance was formed on March 22, 1945, it seemed to bp a step t')\vard the associated itself with it. Hussein Favors Pact Now Jordan is involved in a crisis he- wants his In doing that, be following the thissein would lead of his fl'i.v.cousin King t'aisal of Fraq. '.AnU-colonialists" might prcxcntod an.v r al co-operation. The Arab League member,'are Eg.vpl, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, S.yria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Libya. Both Egypt and Saudi Arabia would like to be dominant in the Arab world. Saud Inherited Feud King Saud of Saudi Arabia inherited from his father. Saud, a feud vith Jordan and Iraq. Saud, lil<e his father, is bitterly oppcsed to a recurrent propos- serious international !al for "greater Syria' which cause King Huss-in would unite the blood-related country to enter it. royal houses of Jordan and Iraq with Syria. Syria wants no part of such union. Lebanon, though a member of the Arab League, does not want to be dominated by It and especially It does not want to be drawn into a war with Israel. The so-called Haghdad Pad K 1> ilhal numbers Wimston Churchill among its more illustrious pupils. Iraq has long been allied with ,, , Britain, and Jordan's Arab Le- agi'cement was signed on reh. 26; last between Turkey and Iraq. j mar)(led by British General It happens, has become the Baghdad! the strong al- tlie Arab •o be. League llance which was supposed FOILS ARRJEST; KILLS SKLF LONDON. Dee. 21 (INS) — Frank Simons, 68, an Orient state hospital employe and former member of the Madison-co election board, shot and killed himself at London Tuesday when a sheriff's deputy came to arrest him on a charge of pointing ( firearms. Additional Business Page News suspect that Britain has played a pari in this situation. Both Hussein and Faisal attended Harrow, the famous English "public" school — which >ears-long circa .n of pan -Arab- was a punishing blow to Arab '"^""'^ '^''^, which would unite ."^O mil- unity, if a blow were needed, lion people. ' 'J'his treaty for Middle Eastern Actually the Arab countries defense against Comnnmist • re torn by rivalries which have agiTcment was si«ned on Feb. 26,^,j^,„ ^^^^^ powerful fighting Egypt and Saudi Arabia were!^''"^ bitterl.v angry over this develop- p^^j^g ment. It hit at their own ambi-!(.^|,j I tion for Arab leadership and it put Turkey, the most powerful of Middle Eastern nations, into an influential position, .Since tlien Pakistan, Iran aiui has f'.rent fJrIlain ria\{" Joined tlie al- Ibn Ijance and the United Slates has who is John Bagot has been in Jordan since 1926, after fighting there in World War One, and assumed command of the Legion In 1939. Good Samaritan Hospital. 703 Tyler-«t, for an addition to the hospital. VRluation Is $134,325 and Custom Builder* ii contractor. Win. Soiitcr, 213 Flnch-!«t, Id alter dwelling. V'nlualion is siui and Anthony Schncfcr is contractor. Clarence .S, Ried.v, Udfi, to alter flwf^lline Valuation Is $800 and owner is contrnctor. F. .1. Qu.ssnmn, 1203 W, ,\I<>n- roe-,'»t. to construct new Raraur, Valuation is $700 and Wni, Jn- gel l.-i contractor. Dc.imond Broun, 124.5 Fir,':!St, to altar dwelling nl 424 Mlllg-st. Valuation i.<! $1300 and owner Is contractor. Hills Supply Co, Has Many Ideal Gifts For Christmas _ ^ For I he lasl-niiniile ('liri^lnlas shopper, Hills Supply Co., Market and .lack.son-sis, today announced an excellent selection of small appliances, radios. lU-verc Ware and large appliances that provide ideal, ijraclical gifts for an individual or the home. For example, tliere is an excellent section of small appliances such as Sunbeam, GK and Wesllnghouse and i n c I u ding There is a good selection of table model, portable and clocic Mi.xetfes. cof- 'radios. Heverr Ware is available toasters. ini.Ncrs. tee makers an,fl. wal'lle irons Tlicrc arc also liaiid and .sicam •'•""iplcle sets and also to fill in irons. sets. ,\nd llic little girls may One of ilie larger a))pllan(r^ '"l^" l"ivc a set of real Revere is the lioiiiite aiiloinalic ironer ^^''H'c exactly like mothers except > P"'"- probably be produced next yeai against the record 9.25 rhillion for 1955 Output of about 7 mil- loon cars is expected versus H million this year. Trucli produc tion should about equal the 1,25 I million iHiits this year. Price in creases on the new .9.'i7 models are likely to be less than on 19r >b cars. RETAIL TRADE — Full-yoai 1956 retail sales of about $192 billion are piedicteJ— an in crease of around 4 percent ovei this year. Sales of durable goods )„!wlll probably be up only 1-2 per which Is reputed to cnl lime liy t\v o-llilrds, Th n'oncr can ii'on an\ size large or ,sinall, wilhoul ironiiiK s new article, lolding: A PIANO DID YOU SAY? T>- PBOY! We Have Just Received A Selection o£ Beautiful WURLITZER Pianos . . . Mahoganies — Blonds — Salem Maples — Walnuts and many, many styles. YOU MUST SEE THEM NO DOWN PAl'AIENT NO PAYMENT TILL FEB, 1ST.—IMAGINE—PRICES irom $495 WILLIAMS MUSIC CENTER 428 W MARKET .ST. PlIO.Nfc 11)50 Background Forid Stock GIFT SUGGESTIONS A DISTINCTIVE LIGHTING FIXTURE • A SMART PIN-UP LAMP • A FINE POST LANTERN • A BEAUTIFUL TABLE LAMP WE'RE CLOSING OUT ALL XMAS DECORATIVE PIECES at 1 PRICE BEEBE & HEALY CO. HOME OF QUALITY LIGHTING FIXTURES AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 216 W. WATER ST. PHONE 2310 By UNITED PRESS Ford Stock Background—Americans get their first chance next month to buy a chunk of the Ford Motor Co., a two billion dollar giant that ranks as the nation's 13th large,st corporation. Ford—the world's second biggest auto maker—ha,s been privately owiied since its founding in 1903 by the lat« Henry Ford, Sr. "When Ford founded his company in a small Detroit plant Mith a hand-made, two-cylinder, eight horsepower car, a dozen friends put tip $28,000 in for 1,000 original share.s. By 1919 Ford had bought them all out and was in sole con- tiol of his company. Now Ford stock is being made available to the general public for the first time. The offering will be made in January—possibly the week of Jan. 16. Actual seller will be the Ford Foundation, biggest philanthropic trust in the world, founded in 1936 by the Ford family. The foundation will sell initially 15 percent of its Ford slock to di \ersify its holdings and help finance its recent 500 million grant to 3..500 colleges and 615 hospitals. The slock sales is expected to net the foundation around 400 million dollars, making it one of the bigegst common slock offerings in history. The foundation received its 3,089.980 shares from llie late Henry Ford and his son, the late Ed.sel Ford. These shares will be split 15-for-one prior to the offering. Final details of the offering, including the price of the .stock, still remain to be worked out between the foundation and the .-seven big investment banking firms which will manage the offering. The sale also meant that Ford has to is .sue a financial report revealing its sales and earnings. This information has been one of the world's best kept business secrets. iron pleats, rut tic.'-, lucks gathers more e.isily than liaiKJ Ironing; cut \\ork b,\- iron- jina li.\' nine-l(Milhs. i TI H-IT I- .still lime lor ('liri,'-t- nia.s fielivcry willi )'>>' down inenl .•inrl cjis' cicdil Iciins. .Necchi iMachinrs (.atcst aficlllioii tn llill^' fli« plav is the nc\i .Nfcihi ^ CN', IML' machines, liolli i)ortal)le and cabinet ninriels. cent due to lower auto sales, but non-durable goods sales should be al)out 5'' laigcr than this Inv(!ntories will tend u))- in miniature. jward, but are not expected to IlilN- is Sandusky dealer lor '^'i"' ''«'"'• Ij'''**" snl''s Will Maytag. Tappan. ' Kclvinator, ^''feount lor practically all the Roper and Hamilton washers.">la' l^-'ifi i ^r^de. and !d r y e r .s. refrigerators, ranges,' MONPJV R ATlvS- I n I e i'c s i l)yidish wMsiu'is and ironer.s—both rules are likely to continue to gas and electric. .stiffen in the first half of lOiiO - 'J'I K - S;influsl<.\ store aHo has,then probably !e\c'l otf in the on disi)la,\ DuMoni and Motorola ^ccond half. The Feder'al Reserve icl('\isions in bolh c(Uisolc and Moarrl will nmininln a llglii icin i;ddi' models on crerlit as long as business is Out.standinE of l!ill,« Sunpl,\ l)oomii)fi. The fli.-count latc will (.'o is the tact that It hoasts of prohahl,\ he laised again, and lis nwn .-erv ice department and, loans for all purpose.* arc likely services all appliance."; and tele- lo become niore cosily. \ision sets. .S K E T C H E S -By BURROUGHS 'THIS SPELLS LOVE • I.o\ e Is spelled with tender kisses . . . and a sv.eet endearing smile . . . formed with words of deep sinccrit.x' . . . oh, so wonderfull.v worthwhile . . . love is shown by acts of kindness . . . and in untold sacrifice ... by the touch of warm embraces . . . and the gift of good ad\'icc . . . often told tliroucih plainti\e silence ... or the shedding of a tear . . . or the look of adoration . . . fi-om a person near and dear . . , lo\c is doing things for others . . . little things to make them ga\ , . . love is help to those who travel ... on a 7-ough and rugged \\a\ . . . love is spelled by heartfelt laughter . . . and the use of brotherhood . . . lo sum it up I do suppose . . . thai love spells all things good. Work-saving appliances for Ike. Meof 9 Adomalie, N'ersalile . . . use it right af (he table. Aiitoinaliu TenipciiUure .Selettor keeps lcmfM>r,ilnre constant. Krirs - Bakr< - Slews — Simmem. M.>,k« '•'-'-) (lip* of deluiou( 4^ AuJUmatL& Gnilte^ 5 • r \ » « ^ h r • • « * ^ • — grill op^n. frill flo<- <»d, *nd *»R'1« haW ^i. .Sew \visible gnd«— no « t o I 1 n I piolilfiii. /tppliiince ^N ^taant n/td Iim Its 2 lions m 1. Switc hci (roin strain totiry-ironin;; mst.inll} We (;irr> a full Imp of i. V. Klcc'tnc Hi)usf\sares and w </• uoiilfl welcome tiie opjioi- hiiul) to ilcMuoiistiatp tliciii lor \f)u. C^iierk our credit tn iiis — \ (ju w ill lie Mil pi ised to find how tMs\' It IS ti) o\\ n t liat w oi k sa\ iiii; appi laiu t> \()i) ii(f(] toi \oui liome. M4" Automatic and w orki on AC or DC. For dry-iron- lnJ^, too. Weighs 15 lbs. Liglil\\rij;lil, \et it» po\^erdil eiunii;li lo do toiigii iiiumg |(ibs To«its ai you like it — light, medium or d,irk. Fktri-hightotit lift. r Mr USE ONE OF OUR CONVENIENT PAY PLANS 237 W. Washington Row Phons US United Business Service Issues Forecasts For '56 BO.S I ON. Dec. — In Its special annual forpeast report. Ihf- I'nited Business .Service makes the following predictions for 1956. SII-H-M! - Quieter than .i whisper Is the nc« Town iV. ('ountr,\' tuheless snow and lie tire being Introduced llii': montli by Bob Mack, local l''ire>toiii' Store lo provide mol^)|•i^ts with increjjsofl winter driving salct^. The unifiue tread design of the Fiiosionc Town c^; ('ou;ili\ liil)"- less tire virtiiallv' elimin.-il <s tire whine comniim I D ni(i>i oilier \\ inter liics l^ mn n( the inner t ibc also piovides uiealcr protection a,:^ainst piiiuliires and blowouts and rc>,uU'- jn a lightc weight lire and wheel asscmhK KABo,. coxnirioxs H,«. , ™;;;-.f™- l„„i,i «s., »<.Mvil.v .,,,1 800 ,1 T„„„ J. <.„,„„,., |„|,„|^,., profits will stimulate wage de- iinands ne.vl year. Increases are ilikely to average around 10c an hour, or about percent. More unions, including the steel work-|remain ers. will win layoff pa.\ contracts.'new Tow II tire is shown l)\ .hiiie Ulack. whose v\ork is sculpturing models of new I'lrcstonr' tirc'^ below 2..5 million. ,\lainr .'ibor leuislation i^ \ei\ im- .Unemployment is expected lo'probablc in lf)."ifi. BCSI.N'K.S.S- 'rolal acli\ll,\ iic.\l .\ear will be modcralel> labout 4 perccnti larger than in t9."),'i. Stimulus will cmne from increased consumer, Iju .sincs,^, and Govcriimeiil siiciuiiii.;;. The present uptrend is cNpectcd to continue into early l!)5(), but will become more gradual as the >car. protJrcsscs. .\cli \it.v is likely to level out in the second half as inventory accumulation slackens., PRICES—Wholesale prices will move modciatel,v higlu>r nc .Kt tight through the lirsl half at least, ,\ wage increase of ]2c-J5c an hour iincluding fringe bene- is probable — and steel prices arc likclv to he al least SIO a ton above current levels by summer. BbTL13li\G---Total outla,vs in Ift.lH are e.\pcc'ed to reach a recoi'd Slli5 billion against $42 l)illion this vear. Residential volume will be down a bit (possiblv year, rctlectlim heavv eonsumer'2 pcrcenti but nonresidential and Uiemand and risimj costs (notably Pn'^lif works expenditures will be ! higher v^aucsi. likel.v to firm rirsl half then new harvests I'aiin Hems are 10-12'r larger than in 19.53. Util- -mnew hat in the;il.v construction should cfpial this v'.cakcn again as .vear, llt)using starts will total come In The about 1.2 million against 1.3 mil- Bureau of Labor Stat islics vv hole- lion ill \9r)^. Building costs are sale price iiide.x. now atiout 111- e.xpected to edge still higher, 112, is likel.v lo work up to However, tight conditions in the ai-ouiid ll.'i ne,\t .veai'. moilgacc monev market are like- I^ROFITS • - T 0 I a I corporate \y to ease slightlv. earnings in aie expcclerl lo sliow a -o-B (jcrcent <4ain over 19.3."), F'ull-ycar divideiuis w,ill about match the gain in prolits. STKF.;r,— Ingot (nil;)i!l next year is expected to reach a rci'- ord higii of rlo-i,' lo 1211 million tons coiiipHred lo about 1 1 fi million tons this vear This w.ill mean an averauc operatins rale of around 94-!)5 percenl of ca- pacily. Su|)|)lies will remain .\UT0A10BILKS-- .About R.2,') million new cars and ti'ucks will I Wreaths Holly Misfletoe Roping STRICKFADEN NURSERY Bell -Vvr. Ph. 1:91 David Seitz Insurance Accidcnl SEITZ . Insurance and Heal Estate .Agency State Theater Bldg. Hh 254 MAYTAG WASHERS Ph. 2154 KELVINATOR RrFSICERATORS SUPPl .Any Time — .Anywhere 24 HOUR SERVICE Electric and .Acetylene Weld\ns; and Forging, Portable Welding, :Motor Blocks. Ma- cliinery, Casting and Fabri- catinfi. DAVE'S WELDING SERVICE I ormerly Buds Welding Service 100 Bell St. Cor. Hayes .Are. IMIO.Vi: 7861 or Blooniingville 229S WE RENT! Any Tool — For Any Job SANDUSKY RENTAL K SALES CO. ()1S W I'erkins \\e. Opp. .Mark s Ph. BRIDES Make Your Appointment Early Candid 6f Formal WEDDING PICTURES PORTRAITS and Commerc?al Photoornr^hy ('.ill Am I line CA.STALI.^ .VS'KU Now I lu -.iltil III 0\iv .New Miiiliu HARIJY HOFFMAN CASTALIA, O. ]. IN WINTER nsulation increases C.omtort 111% Keeping a hoiisc »«»rni in vi intf r I.->i.aipi\ amitterof not Icr .^ing the hfat crtaled b> burning tuel. .Aoluil tc<ls iho^ ing» (rnm I .V , lo 4(J' ,• are being niailf It i wise »nd economical to tdve iueL 2. IN SUMMER <)cduccs Inside Temperiturt T It t$° Iniulation isn't 4 one tea- ion material — just at it l .f ep! heat troni escaping in Ine \i inter it lceep» the stin ; lieat out in the lumnner Be cooiVr —be comfortable — Insulate your hooie no* NOTHING DOWN Pay on easy ABC instalments , . , arranged to suit your income m BUDGET PLAN DEWEY LUMBER CO. 13,31 Camp St. Ph. 3581 STEEL '10 W. Marlsel St. WE STOCK ITSELL IT QTFPT Fabricating, Forging and OlbUij Tempering, lor every Job WELDING — All Types Spring Service—Plow Point Service City Forge & Welding Ph. 1357 J. E. Hendric)t«, Prop. MAKE RESERVATIONS NOW! Holiday Parties, Banquets, etc. SKYWAY RESTAURANT open Daily 9:00 A. M. till Midnight At Sandusky Airport — Rt. 2 6 Closed Mondnyi Phone 6058 COMPLETE BRAKE SERVICE PURE TIRES .MLFFI-ERS &. TAIL PIPER COMPLETE RADIATOR SERVICE IGNITION SERVICE FOR ALL C.AR.S JIM MAY PURE OIL SERVICE Phone 7370 Tiffin Avenue at Harrison Street The Huron Cement Produc*;^ Co 617 Main St. at the Tracks Ph % Ready Mix Concrete — Delivered on job 9 Complete Line of Boilders' Supplies # Glidden Spred Satin Paints • Tile and Stone llanlinir READY MIX CONCRETE REINFORCING STEEL AND MESH—STEEL AND ALUMINUM SASH - BRICK - BLOCK — TILE-PRE CAST CONCRETE STEPS Complel* Line of Building Supplies STEEL SHEET PILING and METAL BUILDINGS The Sandusky Cement Products Co. Phone 4414. W. Perkins Ave. All Types of Christmas Cookies! We Are Now Taking Orders and Have for Sale All Type* of Christmas Cookies. Also, We Are Featuring Kaase's Christmas Cookiea — Anise Drops, Springerles, Hermits, Cinnamon Stars, Lebkuchsn and Animal Cookie«. HOENSHEL FRUIT CAKES and CASSIDY'S CANDIES CASSIDY'S FINE FOODS 244 Columbus Ave. 1208 Maple Ave. Phone 7455 Phone 47S0 To all our friends and paUoiis, \KP e.Mlcnfl our hcailiesl good ^^•lshe£ for the merriest. hri;^htest t'iin.slmas ever. HURST "FLEETWING" SERVICE Camp and Seneca Sis. LOOKING FOR A GOOD PLATE GLASS MIRROR TO BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME FOR XMAS? THEY ARE HARD TO GET THIS YEAR BUT WE HAVE A GOOD STOCK OF BEVELED. VENETIAN AND ONADOOR MIRR0R3 AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES. BAY GLASS & PAINT CO., INC. 925 W. WASHINGTON ST. PHONE 8438

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