Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 27, 1962 · Page 17
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 17

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1962
Page 17
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LEGAL NOTICES i PUBLIC r)!-ui': r Civil STvic» Board,' 711 loiii-.lonn Avo- •Pin | .:\,- 1-1,,,,-lr-', M,,',;'.!''.','.' \ •I,''',,. .J P ,rr r.ivl V-rvirr Bmrri ' - iWm'n p..hi;.- her-, Rf, nn '•~r.'--i--r< r r ,t i :- i , , M p ni. Cilv Mill, t.ily Civil;i| p- t ,..., T.,'t-.--ir ).„. r \','\\,.ft,. '•'.. ',".' p'',,.''. ,' ",! : ;" ..'.^V!'..'^" A ii.ipy'nf the on;--.-r| r'a.v'fii-u'ion "is OllatnW to till' |''.M'I< I!-,:, .... PUBLIC NOTICE /'•J'!'.".f 1. IV,•> p.iti:.;..,a: Hi- -ncl' *oarrl v*(l! n> o ( r,!fl LEGAL NOTICES vv-th ^-iTi-jr-, strrrt in |hi> City ot Lake i'n.-rrl ,.,,,rj a'Joptr-rl ot 1 aki> Charles. • /'< •'•-.:n. on II];-, jnth day of August, I',) f" W. JACKSON. ( , |)r ... Prr-.idfnl of ths Council. F-LOi r riCE M. WOOPE-, (_:.-r' ol tho Counni.' Ap..-nvpd bv thn Mayor on this Mlh day (r,)' ALFRED E. ROBERTS, o i 'itSu-' I '^'inn. C'v rfi'l'ci'y r rev- ir'-in!', |-.,r rn"nt P.T I'n'p t ii;-,- •.i h.-: . th" t'.if;",iij'n< Ik N«I. ?. .-.rn ,-l r- :•,!'•• <• .. ; ,..• > ' n K rrtc--li rf M Sif|nrr| r j. ITOtl POLICE IDENTIFICATION PHOTOGRAPH.-.;.: )ii,Vn:-.-l Ftn'-jr'-. of "'.':,.,-k • ; M x,, i.rmin. rctnry. Oi" I SI""' t\ ' t. Pi."', (V 0 .'.• i ' I 3'nlo n| Loui'.icina: Parish ol Cnknvcu: I, Fioic'uo M. Moore, da hereby certify I'Tit I am !!-.r> fluly qua!,lied ond acf- '•'•". (JcrK ol th" Council Ci the City Of I r.Xc i I'.ar'.f',. Caicuvu Parish, Loulii- CJ '•':. i I'.i,nor .crlify that the above and ''"• ' 'i i'. 'i true r.nd rorrc:t copy ot an i -.•,!,,• ' n/jc-.tijti of fi meeting of the ' '.,. '.,;';•,! r.. «;<-/.ri city hold on the 20th >".i.:::u^t. i r >6?, and npTro/./d ny /nr on th? ;0th day of August, '.•ii: r ,, w rrrol, I havn hereunto •-•I my cifiticil signature and im- l-crron t.ip ofiic'al sial of said '•>- a).'i <:o/ -jr ,vj:usi, 1962. FLOt-'ENCt N. MOORE, U?rk of the Council. ,-"i 5 u.,t27. -U ORDINANCE NO. 1357 An orcl.n.. i c i.met.'ling portion, of Ordl-' r,o provio;nt) -,or dividing Inc '. itv ,nlo zoning disirl'.!',, portlcu- !':r!y Minn-jinn iiic ?onr ; classification o: icifO'n uirj., m the 'A-l" dossil.c.a- I * '•'; ' { . (.aisif ic.ation. Be it or.taincd by the City Council ol tlv- r.'ii/ ct Lnko (.hori"5, Louisiana, In rcMVjinr '^f_ v.irn convened, that: '.•"• .', -•! r i'iin loiiowinrj d"scribed proo- "riy !">'.-.' ln-:c:ti.d ill the City ot Lake than .. Lour..:::•.«. and In t;ip "A-l" cln ,-, ti.-ir.nn i-, i orrrr/ reclnssiflcd in Hie P'-fv,. City, ihe pri. pern !•:!- ' ! Ki-.-r;v , i r r J r io n 1' r:,; tlbrc-, i-r-i luirie nir or po-i p< ir '.' In COIT; <:•. stive pro;ir;i,': ma/ ,- : v irns of l'-,e tc-.-jlts; op- Si. -1^'. MrW V to ',f:<jw thr- ir C". '. lyir 1.1;)!-' fli '••> pnil r" to IT' iifw in JrinviH?e -out t'-rin n. picture O'M.i'cff t:t-tonfercnr ferform- •, •f'eitt-. Qnnlificiiion Kntjuirr !l-''f pujd^or honin I .'.'', I l-n nf.| trjrp In- ';"..v l a nl tin-<! r.! iV'.'St llp/n qrurii '• 0' nr-'-r.-'v. n r»r: !, hi'i-l iJ'.orl I' 'VV-:M 'v end MS nr Oiflnr •,. t.invfi''ons, tnd . iteri duties os o-i- . v-.-crs of n ' orr . i, ..i, -.if: I'n "i.'nl 1o .I '• ,- (.IP I n On^v othrr ri-c.-;-;-!i-cfl rrhjrj '.'lijt .sut '.'"iSiuii / pn e '. n Oi:"tid!icn sufli.-icnt Io if-iM'. Op. n. on. of the loral Civil 'r -.!u,t(.')y Bfnrd .'.'uM rtifivl <;i| r.lhnr "firnnn-.i'iv'ovi'i<T>' Of I ;^ Minidpal Firo ,,.,1 Pc :,'C Civil Sp Prevision- for |)ny pyrpo'-cr, only thl- be in I'xj'RJinir' n'-, l-'-iir" ':(..-, - iDrvrii-icATioN O F- ."• I .'. C ? , /Comes!. live Clnj-,) fc.-a:ti;c5 ol Work:: ..,.;..•- r| . TMII 15 tt'htvtol nml WO-'I; r, ,j. r^jurn , . ,. In-! trim,, ml idcn!:!:. ;,' ph-'; nru:5l". n cor M-.Ull find prr-,),:,-c:io,l vr 01 Of ol O«1t (o-n-i-.l M--.-r fjC-in'ifil !.' Ex.ii;-. ;!o» of V.'orU (Nclci' Tucse (<-.;•')!,• Or !MI<_ ' : . ' I • .>' r,' In lnj^;o pt.-.ilions n-.d (jr rr-:..ri dutij.s ;,-> t'v, / i f ri - -rpri'it </. ;• .' v cm •;•?; '' . \ii,r., i ; :.,-| (' ' r«, "TirH i MCI n: t-' ::1' ','.•• t!i ,S- i'n irifl n V. • '•'. ll ' '• j , , • ;. ens.'., i-id :i- ri ;>J': '^ C \-'\ Horn th" C!^ ••! •'•irk. is pi.-r- •'C'v:s .?n, Iwlow indicate v ." ; i .-. I.--P- i not inio'i(!.-tl to fronting on the West m sli-rt trom Colter)" Street ta witnm 200 feet North of in llv- '..oiilii witn mi Lc'.t pin oi /no trot nnd the prop- I -in !-," tail side ol U : r.;- ir.,;i'i on the liorth ;00 tcct •: . • r-;.- :,;,'.-••; ',-> pen foci North • • .'i' '.!rc-1 on the South width ond i '.',.• .1 .. ;it:i ol 'J.OO tccl. ..'I an I rn!r.;ilrd at Lake Charics, no, OM thi'i iOth day of August, (s) C. M. JACKSON, President ol the Council. N. MOORE, Ti. r^ c.f ;hr Council. /u>;v i/t.d hy the Wayor on this 20!h da,- ol Au'iv.'. 1-6.' (',) ALFRED E. ROBERTS. Mayor. 'In!.-- (.•! I'.i'i' Pnn:,h of .;.r;:-ti.,i. M: I, Rom:-. ? N. Moore, Ho hereby certl- I,' '.'MI' I u:n r'.o duly qualifird and acf- in-.1 (. l"rk <;'. \\\f Council of the City o( ' r.'- r (Ji'j; ;c-'i, CciiLCi'^iou Parish, Louir,i- una. ! IM: ! V r rrrl.fy tt;ot thn above and I-i ?'i'i:na is o !rue and correct copy of on ocdincin.o i.ct'jciod at a n-nctinq of the C'iy CoL" c-f "I'd City held on'the 20lh f.i-iv oi /u-'j ;. 1 ',;, ond approved by the ,V.M,or on |i'c 20ln dny of Auqust, 1962. i'i '' •-. v/'-'-rrof, I have hrreunto S'..:r r r:': f U MV/ oilifjcil :,iqnature and irn- pi!'.,rd liercon the official seal ol said City, this .JOih day of Aurjij-t, 1962. FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk of the Council. AunuM ;•/. -It ORDINANCE NO/1359 An ordinance amending the budget of expenditures lor the fiscal year 1961, 1 ; 62 to rolircl a translrr from the Ad- ni:".t'ii alio-i Department Io the C 0 n- lnrrni.y F\-s.:r\e Fund and the trans- !'•• rv. r-u'-.d to the Department of F-'.:'hc V.'oii".., tlie Finance Dcpart- ni/nt, the f-ire Department, and Ihe City Marshal account; and amending , Oid'noncc No. 1233 accordingly. : Iv: it orfir.ined by the Cily Council of i Itie City ol Luke Chorl-.s, Louisiana, in ir-M 1 '.* f>c-,'..ion ronvrnf-ri ihat: '..,^:|.--i 1: Tne bud-|rl ot expenditures for li,.- li-,..,:il yeor K6i-1952 be and the ••.'v i', k ,'r i.iy nm:!id'd in reflect the trrri .:• r ci t,ic 'iU'ii of 53,000.00 froni the Arir.-.ri : l; cili-j'i L>r p.-irtnT nt In l!i^ C 0 n- li^yvi'v '?•••-..i-rvr Fund, incrco-,ing the f.'i;..-i;i. c in li-.e CrntmTncy Ret-crve Fund in ;:•-.• join of SIC..US IS. S 1 : '10:1 ?: Thr bu'li't of expenditures for inc. ti-ral yc.-: r l' ; 61-1962 be and Ihe :-,;n'.': is ' '• by rnr pried to reflect the IT-, M"- of tlm a"-r.:nt of «l 1,745.00 frmn t';-. OT-IV..;.|.,-,; uc.rrvr Fund to the toi'owinn iiT' :l ac.coi' in t;ie dcsifjnat- rd umoiints 'o eorh. 1'iuiiKi ri b;; ; cnc? in l.'.o <~onlimi:.';Ky Reserve Fund of W.- can rriast'" niiivl. 7-7:30 I'.M. (US. I'KTK AND •:-. M.-niii' \notiVr hi'ih- ly cnioynhle rpisndo in which (.ilndys finds h"i-.-;cif ihe nliji"-: of a |pcnri';or'.> rnm;intie allciitiniis Th(' }-oUfi.: r.'i.-in i* i.'ioir n .r-k-fn r \vho>e little aifN nrrfji"; a big 0' to- ' : ! pi ""-. !.- 'II in ' ; ,(H J . (''"' P : ' .C'l vfl T.r.Uini dt.'lf.i 1 d i.r.fji "•-; sccirt'i tiles In .'.io<ji nph p c ' r> o n " ' il'vr'i:p |ii i '0"aiiy In'.e pi,|-i|i.- refutLtiMS p,'r.i- ";h^ lor oUi.-r nciniric',. •;•> up fin-|..-ipiin| orcl phot'" i ni'hic • L" iltes. '••r'orm related work n'.smned or re- qu r:cl Ne".;isciry Knowledges, Abilities and Skills: V.'orhiiifi.knov/li'drit' of sKmdard fingerprint classification methnds, pracii -s, inn perj'.ns. '.'oiklivj knowlfdqe ot m;;dern inrlh- 0(.lj. prcii-.fl. i.-s, and tc'hni:;nc' of poii-e Wf ' " vr'- •• - ..„ (."-vi.-a-i.' ,,l cr<ni.noI .ir.vr',tincit;<n' '•'.'• 'IvIV] l.'V-.',vl"(l'in of phot'j-nr'ril'V ai'.d Of t.-.(i vano:", i ictl'.-ids o' in iriMvi, do- vrl"-iijci, (ind ci'.lnr.-i;iri 1 .. A'.v'ijy |o iilt Irilnnl tin.ic'i pim", n-id Io Clri ',(;.,., (uir,erp.-in'-, n, ,!.',,!,-.'.,. Ability |n fitcl-li'.h onrl ipu,i]l".in riff live 'A'Orkinfj relrtiw,i!ips witn inhrr et';p ''e'j and the pi.bhr. /'- v i-i.,' to mninlnin detoilrd ciin'innl rr|i->r(<.s -mid to picpntn fopoil-,. '.'•'ll J*i.. Ifikin^;, ,:io r j c .ilytnn ^.'i:d klonll- 1V""i. tinoerprinls. ''t-i|l_,,|it Inking nnd developing photo- Qniililicallon Roqulrnncnlt: Musi possess trnininci or cxpr-rlcn.'n (rl- thor pihd or hohhyl suflirirnl to mdirnie, In Ihe (.pinion of th" lorol Civil S.M..: e Board,' scilWactory pci lormnnc.e o! work. 'Vilif- h" n ronlslni'-d'i' of Iff Ml,-' Of I nul-.inrm. Mu'.| (pc not moie than .15 yeors of oge mMiislvo,, nt 'he Imv of ntniMrnlioii Musf'havc orndurili H fron^ f-i-.'i f Ivol or n6">-.- o' •-tii'-cif ,..-,M.,,,I MI i,, ii hicjh jit^nr.! rl.r.l.-., • (.•. ' ll.,: ;,y «|,-, l.oinslri"... ••|--i. r v-, irlni-i'.l ni !"I;,K at., n, Or rioy ni';." , -..vinljed eduvtli-jivil Ixv'v. ^."nst ,i^ ^'.'r'llv fv;.;s n rnndka! c-.- nni'n.-^K.ji Hi^ii'ir-of to inf!:,---:li' m t h f Hf>: ' • •• i -nin-.e S 3,100.00 I .v- 3/00.00 i :-|,L,:r Work'. 4,9.t5.00 ! f.'ly- AAarslini iOO.OO | Total $11,745.00 S- I.on 3' Ordinance No. 1283 is hereby i maided 1) r"l':'t these transfers of flllVl,. r -'..i'd cind adopted at Lake Charles, i "'-,. sian.!. or, thii :oth day ol Aunust, (-.1 C ,M. JACKSON, Frovri'.'nl ot the Council. i ' •'•' ' N'.••" M. /.',,10-E, '•r".....-I h,' I'.n .'..'.-j'.or on this 20lh ciay ot A'jq r,l, !"•'.' " (s) Al FKLO E. ROBERTS, Mayor. : M'ifi.- of f.our, ii'i'l: Pon-.h ol Ccl'.O'.i'M: i. iioi-n,-i N. :..r,ore, do hereby ceili- fy I'' 1 ''' ' om Hie duly nuollfled and act- •• inn ...Irrk of tii.v Co»n,:il ol the City of i l.ohr; Charles, Parish, Loulsl- nna, I cerhty that the above and I'jn.-ic.i.-iq is a true nnd correct copy of (in orf.-ncinre adopted ut a meeting of the dty I'o-.'.-icil oi s;iid City held on the 20111 day of Au'i isl, I'/oV, and approved by the /v','i,or on M t . ':oih day of August, 1962. In witness win real, I have hereunto sicjnattire and ini- FLORENCE N.' MOORE, Clerk of the Council. AinuslJ/. ^ __' 1 * ORDINANCE NO. 1360 An ordiK.n;.c to (iniond cind roordain Sec- l.uii I 0 .",'.| nf Cliaptni 1; of the Code ol tl:.' City of I ake Chcrles. 1956, pertain- iivi to piohibitmrj parkinq on certain slif.Tj vv,il-iii mo City of Lake Clmrle'. P.e i! erclcnr."d by ihf City Couivil of *'•' L'ly o; I dkn t'hcirlcs, Louisiana, In H'M-.'ifir ir. -:,,.j;i t.onytivrl, fha.1 1 ;.n..lin..i I; :,(-r|,on II-M U | CllOpler 12 •^' iho '-on,' oi Inr- (ily of l.cikn Chnrlns, 1'.•""'' in i:,.d llv :,nine is hereby amend. rtl end i "ci.-; nncd by adding to the list oi siush up;>ii which oarklng is prohlb- '.'"M side oi Kirktnan Strei.'l from Pu|o direct io I'. ; n' North of Puio Street. '/,';!'.! side ol /.'lOS'i Slrcel from Pu|o it: i-l to . v Moitn ol Pu|o Street. iiT.'th i,dc ol Puio Street from Mosj it 1 '-- ' to jj V.e'.,l of Moss Street. I'Oulh inii: of Pu;o Street from Moss Si::.:' Io :,.', Lust ol Moss blrccl. Passed und adopted at Lake Charles, Lou'Siana, on Ihis 20th day of Auaust, l?. 1 ..'. (s) C. M. JACKSON, President ol the Council. Atle..,t: Pi ui-.'I'NCE N. MUOIJE, *. I '. ' I I'll? COJIK ll. op'r-'on'of. (>-/> )-, al . iw> ••',-.:'„ R.,nr,r ''i'!" 1 "-'-'" "'/ the Mayor on tills 20lh vi'-'.fn ^i-y ,-,.:,-,rni 0 .-.-e ,,1'woru, ljl: " '" Aun " M ' ""''• 01 .?t nil ri'v.T Pnldfrdnh ''"i of Ihe Mm iii ,' ('-;\\ '.-rvice l.riv/. iTiat I'rovi'.'nn: '•or !•-(••- p ".es only, this i la-.s shril • not l<"> i.'vi thnt ol a Poliro Sernror! i ft L 1 .-..."..." ~ , . t -I C.-) AI.I-RED E. RODERTS, MC1V ° r ' r'rov !l iion5 I Fire and s ,,,,,, of [. t ,,,,, mnn: I'nrrli ut i'uli.utif 11: I, llomn.n N. Moore, do hereby certify ! mil In'' duly qualified find act.'':| '.-i'ik r.f Ihn (.ouin'ii ot the City ot „.•.,„-,...,. ...... .,. M ,,,,., t,,,,,,,,^ cni.usM-u fJar , bh( OUDIMAMCf; NO. IT Alt Orillii":': *• ) '"-alill.! '' .v IK^J! IKIIKC I'O I...J.V ,-,•;),i. ...'., niovril t'.l '.Ion ',,'tiv'i OM I' i rn'ieoim'n' Ou'ir.", ''- '"' ." '' I'l.'l ':' in^tllv.'ll,,-11 ol •,'• i', Sln-Cl .-I Us in' . .:>rn.'.i w ,|h IVP -'- .. Roltin-fl .•"ptiii'v i-'or" , I,.,, > '" wl( ness wliereof, I have heiounlo ol On'-nun • M.I l;"9 r T'.- ir.ifi |o In MIO'.'rilied my offinol slnnature and im- ini",-cd heicc.n Hie oltiual scul ol said City, this 20th day ot Auoust, 1962. i luit'ur i in tily thai (hi? above and loi..-iuiiK| i r , ,:i HUP und lorrctt i opy of an o: dinun; •• i'do,iirU nt a meeting ol the City I'DuiKil ol said City held on the 20lh i:,., tjl AU'.n,-"1, i'/t.?. up.d a|jprovcd by i '.' .".".:; ,'«r on Ihe 20lh day ol Aurjust, stnllrit nn nl .. ln'i-i:;('-|;on of P.ii|;.> 'Sl io-.(| ^vi-iiii 1 ; orcl'Tinri p. t fii'l Kail- 'tnllotion of 1 't'.'! v.'it'l H;'i),-i l ,tii,-|; oi In-lnllxion ol s!-i,i '.ii.ns on " ^.v v.' ni Us Inler-, "lion Strr-'. ' ! p 't oidalncd Ijy liu' City 'I 1 '-' fjly r.f t <-ikc Chnrk -. I on • .. fc '"irir- 4 s' -.-.Irn onv"-r-.'l ;'--' S""P'p'l)"-'l: Scttion ? of nrd.Htin 1^"' 1:^ iill'V llv.- .-.If |., ' .-., '). : ' c, tinn' 2: Ord;ii(in;.T 1','f. i;"., 1 In:- vine is hci.-'iiy fp : ',iii>if i 3: 5e i'^ - nf P, Otv . i (Ill-l th- •' ..;,.• I I'.'l.'tJv I, i I: Mop M ',1.1 -.lioil |,.' ,ii >n| Ayrno." d' M', i ilr' ''i!o l.'rrel in I: f ill, 1 ol ii ;,. si.-i|, t...||..., • i. vl ;i i,,, ,, . FLORENCE N. MOORE, Clerk ot the Council. Nigeria Governor Gels Royal Honor LONDON <AP) - Queen Eli/a- b'tli 1[ has conferrecl the honor of Kniuhl Commander of the Or- ili-i- of St. Mirhael and St. (Seor^e mi S r Francis Akanu Iniam, yov- i'1' of )-;a.-iU'i'ii Nigeria. M!?Hniiintlc Is for safo drivers. II plfcii low o'jalijy prolcftioo ol . . . SAVINGS CALL HE 6-9586 AGENCY, INC. 117 Alamo Sl. THEY'I?§ LISHUS/ HUMPH—WILLYA LAYOFF/ WE WON'T HAVE ENOUGH FORTH 1 PUBLIC/ COMPLETED! THE FIRST HUMPHREY- 8UKGEK STANP HAS IN WEST WOKKINSTON FALLS... AND ISNCW OPEN FOR BUSINESS/ JOE PALOOKA It's -too bad Mope had to take them aoiay so •something rg minute. A barrel of laughs' Aren't tnose •ctuins a'oou the cutest .most adorable s peace and quiet wonderful 17 GASOLINE ALLEY HOW'D I'VE NEVER TOLD VOU ANOTHER LIVING (J SOUL-BUT; IF A BOVCAMT TRUST HIS DEAR OLD DAD CAM ME TRUST? I'M WORTHLESS /DAD-5//r r// £36/S WOR. MILL/QMS ff ??-APRESM W WUNDRED GRAND .FORCAPTURIWG | BABV-FACE'/ LIL' ABNER AM,CTL.CANyc,M T ..I5 A :n ALL IM U'CK 1 . REPCSSENIATiVE Nj Ji FOE TH« OF A COUNTCV C" cji JalJCU. WHICH ?^ND> ,V1ANV r-\ FINE STUDENTS To TO ALEEOOK A.F.B.ANP STILL NO CONTACT f COM AH5S -^'001 THE ISTH/UUs WILL HOLD THE KEY' STEVE CANYON SVHAT Wft 60N6 99 coou >MAN'» THAT AH/ WlfKNO PlgT"' BUY ONE OF RUBBER GORILLA MASKS AMP. PLAY A <1 JOKE ONI BLONDIE . VOU LOCKTIC? = V O VO'RE BEIN 1 CONTEMPTIBLE IN COURT, GARNER O'SHEA VE KNOW DURN GOOD AN'WELL WIFEMATE5 CAN'T TESTERFY FER HUSBANDS GIT BACK IN 'JURY BOX, LOWEEZY ID LIKE TO CALL LOWEEZV SMITH TO THE STAND, YOUR HONOR- SHE'S THE WIFE OF MY CLIENT-- SNUFFV SMITH SNUFFY SMITH ABOUT me. w,V V*^ ^.•^Y/y. ^iv'^-^-^i ?T*^rA'\-! •.i $L*:. '". ^.>T BRENDA STARR OH, MRS. WORTH!.-. HOW CAN ONE. LIVE W.THOUT f'OUKY?'"ir ClT's YOU >AV THt THINW THAT ARF. $0 PAINFUL — THAT YOU t WOULDN'T WANT THf.-.-THE WROMO PtOPU"- /. UNOtRjFAND YOUR MEAN1N6' " ' AWO MoyflKJ fKH IN THF. MAltR GUAM, A MUTUAL OF POETRY "SQUICK. EMPATHY BtTV.'tEN MARY WAITER ^ 01 U MARE, 6NT IT, •••HL'i ONt OF MY MON., AUGUST 11, 1%2, Lake Charles AmericanjreH TV TIME PREVIEWS BEST BET 3-tn P.^T. \P,r. RIT)m,E OF qupslions that fnllmvprl the trag- the Lusit.ania. A 47-yr>ar-r>M mys- ^-''y. (fry is resurrrctpfl and % i v o n Camples: Why did the "un more public attontinn than it, has sinl<L)hlf ' ' ship *ink :n just, a f-\v rr-foivrd in many and many a min "f ps ; w 'hy do survivors re- moon, " ' nK'mbcr tv.o vxplosions when • i- dence reveals only one torpedo ll is thn sinking nf tlic Lusjtania u.-.s fir?d; why did ihe ship s k by a Gnrman l r -hr>.-it on May 7, bow first, when testimony says it l'.H5, and ihe many unanvvf'icd was hit aft? OTHER HIGHLIGHTS K:30-7:.W P.M. ARC. ( HKY- S n P.M. CBS. THE LUCY-DKRI cnnr. "The VVrddin;^ Rinq? " 're- f'omedy Hour. "Lucy moots the nirr. rhi'yn,;;^ [• o ; s "rr.o^ ,us Moustache." 'rerun'. Trie ccnie- v.'non ho poos vnith o!" the hoi-- dy genius of the late Ernie Koder and <a';rs on a private army ->a:'s is ahundariily di.splayod in of had quys .this sequence, filmed several The arrny belongs to a ?rlf-au- years ai;o point"d dictator in a small pro- With his \vife, Edie Adams, he vince. He milks his people diy to P'ays the next-door neighbor of raise funds to huv lijq way in'.o ^ le Rit-'ardop. Lucy is suddenly at- the national ^ove.rnrnont. trarted to him v.hen Desi he- Cl'nt Walker stars -.uth Harnld conu ' s depressed over a lack of J. Stone in the role of the Mc\i- p '^ w -husir,r-ss offers and she derides Krnie can use Ricky, on his TV shiv.-. William Frawley and Vivian «-!> P.M. \Rf. 87TIT PRE- einet. "The Pineon." 'rerun *, Emmy winner Peter Falk is to- iv-i'it's star injecting a great deal into a s--npt that might oth- '.'ruise have fallen flat He phivs tlie son of a deceased calih"! 1 ahoiit hi? own plans to du- Tl-rce tlnms decide to make his To discourage hun, Gladys ! takes on the role of a lorn-!'; ••,-, e with sloppy rjothes and rofk 'n' roll '.i.-iH'.-:i-:J. Cara Williams and Harry Moruan rl ^r^«ms" a rcn'ilv when thev ! t'"', ,"v' .. Rn n n ' 1 !)inmonfl ;mri 'iyi"ioti7e him and convince him ;..ctiny A,,-ix'Acll. (j,.,, |, c |,. ]s comTr! itted murder. ; 7:3l)-8 P.M. ARC. !,A\V OF THE Robert Lansirm stirs with Ron ! Plainsman. "Rabbit's Fane." A Har' ln r and N-.-p-an Fr-!!. of conr;i'!i>nt m:i!c .iet«irs 9-lfl P.M. ABC. RFN CASFA*. takes a hack seat to the emotins "My Good I".-:"nrl Kriko." ire- of fenslanre Ford in this e!"».-(le rum. A strong, moving drama about a uirl \vhos.o outlaw hus- about an eldr-rlv butcher whose band has t'.irralened to kill her family wants him committed to a unless she cots money for him. mental institution. A s!"\v-\vil'ed errand boy with After tests. Casey's diagnosis a crush on her pilfers the local reveals a brain tumor that can bank to pet her off the hook. Don be removed by surgery, but he is Dubbins and Robert Harland are thwarted by the relations who featured with star Michael An- take the case to court to prevent sara. ; the operation. TONIGHT AND TOMORROW (Presented as a public service ' Say When, 4, 5, 7 by the Lake Charics American Calendar, 6, 10 Press which is not responsible 9-IS—Movie 12 announced changes by sta^ similar program inuccur 9:30—P.ay Your Hunch, 2, 4. 5, 7 1 Lovt Lucy, 6, 10 WBKZ-TV Baton 10:00-Prico Is Right, 2, 4, 7 Rocieo Parade, 5 Verdict Is Yours, 6, 10 Rouge 2, Kl'AC-TV I'ort Arthur 4, KALI5-TY .-Mcxandria 5, KFDM- /fV Ueauaioiit 0. KPLf-TV Lake 10:30-Conccntration. 2, 4, 5, 7 ; fliaries 7. KLFV-1V Lat,iy,:tii' HI, Brighter Day, 6, 10 land KHMT-TV r,e;iiiin»tit 11. To- 10:^—Nuv/s. H day's evi'ini!'^ programs are list- Life Line, 10 e;l liclnu. 'l<im-.i-|-o\v (ia-. time pra ,ranis are ai.--o inclmiril. MONDAY KVKMN'C, 6:00—S;!orl:i, 2. 5 News, 4, fi, 7, 10. 12 6:IO—Weather, 2, li. 7. 10 (i 13— iv'sa N.?ws, 'J, 5 Keus, CiiS, ii Sroi'ts, 1U News, 12 6:20—Weather, 4 Sports, 7 6:25—\Yc-athiT, 5, 12 .Social Note, 10 2, 12 U'V '!':lllr. f) To Tell the Truth, 6, 10 S. Mar.-hiii, 7 I 7:00— Nalional \'e!vet, 4, 7 Yaiiey l\'rnn'_vr, ."> Pete and iilad\:.. li To 1'e Annin'.iuvii, 10 7:30— Pl:i ; nsni;.n, ^, 12 Pi-ire Is 4, S, 7 Father Knu.vs Best, 6 lleiincsey, Hi 8:00— :;7ih I'recinct, 2, 4, 7 Third Man, 5 i, 6 Theater, 10 Six, 12 : a Secret. 6 10:05— :\'>u.^, 7 1!J:1.)— Movi: 1 . U !i7ili Preeinct. 5 'J'lini.rjiit, 7 Late Show, 10 J0:20— Movie, 12 4 111 :H!)~ Peter i;unii, 2 ll:lHl-Touk',l)L 2 1 ll:iri--Hot riff The Wire, 5 N'eus-l'i'.iyei-, 2 Tl'KSDAV D \\ TIMI-; 6:30— Operation Alp.halvi, 2 Passe 1'artiKit, 10 6:55— Kiinn Hriioil, 7 7:00-Tod,-!V. ^, -I. 3, 7 Outlook!. 10 7:3H-- ' ' V\ 'ii-.o s Club, 6 Pop-.'yo, 10 ). o'. 10 il no— r.ui.u> ;.".:d AiK u. 2 ll:tX?—Krnie Ford, 2, 12 First Impression, 4, 5, 7 Love Ot Life, 6, 10 11:30—Co'Uiccuu-nccs, 2, 4, 5, 7 Si arch, h, 10 Yours For a Song, 12 11:45—Gmdin 1 -; Light, < : , 10 ll:5;-i~\e«.\s, 2, 4, 5, 7 12:00—Midday In La., 2 Best of Groucho, 5 Famous Playhouse, 6 Bayou Fair, 7 Meet Your Neighbor. 10 Jane U'vman, 12 12:10-ni;4hway Patrol, 4 12:30— Lifeline' 5 The World Turns, 6, 10 Best of Groucho, 7 Camouflajjc 1 , 12 12:-10— Kaleidoscope, 4 12:11—.\cv.s, 12 1:0(1—.Ian Murray, 2, 4, 5, 7 Password. 6, ID Rendezvous, 12 l:2-i-Ncw.s. 2, 4, 5, 7 1:30— Lorctta Young, 2, 4, 5, 7 House Par!y,"5, 10 Pioneers, 12 2:00-Dr. \5alona, 2, 4, 5, 7 Millionaire, 6, 10 Day in Court, 12 2:30-f--iv<. na...;liters, 2, 4, 5, 7 To Toll the Truth, 6, 10 Scvrii !v>ys, 12 2--".".—Ci'.S \e\vs. fi. 10 •»:iii!—Danny Thomas, 2, 4, 7 P!' ! >!na (.)d'i:n Shou. 5 Secret Storm, 6, 10 (jU'.vn for a Day, 12 3.'30~Ilfil!y«w<), 2, 4, 5, 7 i'.t\:\Q ot Niuht, 6. 10 Wh.u Do Vou Trust' 12 3:. r M-.\KC News, 2, 4. 5, 7 4.(in u!i..,s N' .\!'.,!y, 2 Circle 4 Club, 4 V' 1!!0. 5 Movie, 6 K.I. Carson. 7 Funtmie Playhouse, 10 Bandstand, 12 s 4:30—S;i!ld'.ers of Fortune, 2 '"''• Kai-tcon Kapers, 7 4:50—12 S'ar S'veial. 12 5:00—Quick Draw McGravv, 2 Brave S'.ullkn,, 5 5: is— Louisiana Shindig, 4 3::->0—Senals, 2 Neus, 5 Annie Oakley, 7 Record. 12 ' 5:43-NBC Nous, 2, 4. 5 CHS News. 10 KAD1U Call any motiihcf of Icli ol (\ilrasicii. .';> \ I'UONOC.RAl'U STKVICE MU i.'lecin nic Service Association to serve you BUKRS K<\D!0 S TV. SULI'HUK LEWIS RADIO ft TV HADIO S IV JACK FRUGE ANTENNA SEkVICH CDS RADIO * TV ELECTRONICS UNLIMITED NIGHT T.V. SERVICE Al 1, ;U.ilYl,h Teehmduii on dutv until 8 l'.,M., Muttduy through Friday NO !'•!• ''I ^St-S iN KASES MAfiS T.V, MARY WORTH YOU.v MOi^ROl.A DCALEK — W NO ANSWER, CALL GR I -1'li UQ/ C t'HIKN ROAD

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