The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 26, 1918 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1918
Page 2
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V AV<V) TWO. THE ilUTCliitf SON NEWS, THUKBIJAY, HKP 'mfiAlBJiJU 26, IMS, Everything for the Home (iond Ftirnliurc, Jtovns, Weshfng Martilnts. Etc. Many Bargains in Second Hand Furniture M;my have botipjit their Stoves. Let its sell you otic and tuit it up for the cold weather. John D. Snyder Furniture Co. 13 and 107 S. Main Phone 1362 Farewell- Old "Sweep Day!" G O IIAN'fi yourself on somebody else's calendar. Tne house that lias a Hoover Klectric Suction Sweeper is rid of you. In a recent iiiu^a/itie .uticle on Hoover-isinc Housework" a u r id I" M;iU-<l "Time is another jwrftxlly ROO-. I tradition which we have set aside. We have no tegular cleaning day. livery day is ek-aniiiu day' The nitjs are none over every day or every other day with the electric cleaner, and the hardwood floors ate wipe,', every dav with an oiled mop. Wo do this on the principle that it is easy to keep a clean house clean; hut that is is unnece-sai ily haul and discouroe,inK work to clean a more or less dirty house lhorou«hly once or twice a week. A house that is gone over every day is also much less liable to collect dust.'' Get a Hoover because in the same time that any electric cleaner takes the Hoover will not only veccvum clean your rugs and carpets but will also beat out all imbeded fiiit from deep down in the warp and will sweep up every vistiRe of stubboruest-eliuKinc," lint, threads, hair, etc. The reason is this: The Hoover has a patented Heating-sweeping Brush, rcvolvitifj over 1000 times a minute by-the electric motor. Let us explain its operation. 4.11 sizes—one for every purse-and terms if if you wish. The United Water, Gas & Electric Co. STICKS TO HIS BRIDE Crown Prince Charles, ol Rumania Doesn't Care as Much for Rumanian Throne. ^><?><$>'$'*$sfc*$>$>'i>s»-<sS,<!>'$'s <b<$> «> TOUGH ON 'BULLS." * Amsterdam, Sept. 26—In answer to picas that he desert hie bride of humble birth, Crown Prince Charles of Rumania has replied that thrones are so unstable now. ! adays that he preferred the cer- i tainty of having the wife he want{ cd to the chance of losing the I succession. I The escapade of I he crown prince ' in twins; to Odessa and marrying It'ecilic UimbriiiK, the daughter of a j major in Die Rumanian army, re-open's jibe question of the Tltimanlan dynas- i tit- succession. When King Kerdlnand ! heard of the marriage he ordered that I the crown prince be gKcn 75 days ! solitary confinement for absenting Ihimselr without leave trom his gnrrl- , son. I She'd Keep Her Ring. | King Ferdinand also sent an emls- i's-irv to Pender, ltessarabia where the young couple are spending their honeymoon, with instructions to try to undo i (hi- nttpfial 1 jcir to no avail. The bride ! refused to part with her wedding rlnc land the crown mince declined lo leave her. j frown Prince Charles lias not yet. (voluntarily renounced his rights of ; succession and the king Is reported j to he very angry. The Ilumanian con- stltutinn does not eoutain a clause baiTini; a nuirganatically married crown prince from succession to the . throne. ( The present case has a plouant feature in that it recalls that King For- ','dinand in his youth had a love atfair with Helene Vacarosco, his mothers , lady of honor. Premier Catargiu j threatened to resign IT the king did not -vein the proposed nninn and it came to nothing. Should Crown , Prince Charles renounce his rights 1 of. succession, his brother Nicholas ! would become the heir apparent. N'icholas is fifteen years old and j Physically weak. I There is much excited gossip In 1 Hucbaresu according to a telegram to ; the Vnssisehe Zeitung of Periing, as tn what would happen in the eventunl- ; ity of Queen Mario who is strongly i anti-German, becoming regent. ____ I /I TEMS OF INTEREST "V TO RED GROSS WORKERS J SUFFRAGE VOTE GOES OVER UNTIL SATURDAY Latest Polls Today Show One or Two Mifisinjr for Necessary Two-Thirds. \Vu, i -liin,,t<m, .Si-pi. - Plans fur a vote by the Senate today on Hie ted i rat woman Minrug-- um<-nduient virtually -.VI-IV abandoned In the midst of u'-'aatt . Chairman .lencs, uf the Woman suttr.igi- commit,v, Majority L'adtr .Mariiu and nihi r leaders of belli lactams Joined in private statements that Uie ri-solutton would go our vitlll Saturday. While the sen at,- debate was und<-r way .ivilli| crowded galleries awaiting the final lest. Chairman Jones made the following statement to a representative ul Die Associated Press. 'It uott appcara lilMy (fiat no tote will be tiil".t ii today and that the resolution will go over until next Saturday, when Senator l^ifollette of W'i^, oiisln i.-i due to arrive." New polls taken by the suffrage leaders today are roiiorlttd to huve shown one or possibly two votes slicit of the two ililrds necessary to in. They decided, tber, ton to delay (lie rote mil II ereo I'lMsiWe role could be must end. HAD A FINE MEETING. Republicans Had Good Attendance at the One Held in Syracuse. Syracuse, .Sept. -2G.— On the first campaign trip he baa ever made into the southwestern counties of Kansas, tjovernor Capper is receiving the most enthusiastic welcome ever .given to any public man by the southwestern Kansas communities. There has not hem a building large enough to accommodate the crowd at any town he has visited since Tuesday morning. Today, at Lakin, Governor Capper and L. J. I'eUljolm. candidate for secretary of state, addressed the largest political meeting in the history of Kearny county. The court house at I'lisses would not bold half the crowd. At HitgoKin they spoke to 1100 people at an open-iilr meeting. A crowd which packed a church at Kolla -waited an hour" to hear them, and at. Klkharl, last night, 1,200 people attended the meeting. The governor is being greeted by the same kind of crowds at every stop today. Mayo Thomas, n prominent Democrat, introduced the governor at Elkhart, last night, and pledged his support to Capper and Tincher. The interest which the children,of southwestern Kansas are taking in the governor has been noticeable in the trip. At every town visited the schools have jitinndcd Ibe Capper meetings in a body. Covt-rnor Capper Is urging the vol- i rs to support all "war activities anil Ibe Kepublicau state ticket, and J. N. Tinolier for congressman. .1. N. Tincher. candidate for congress, wan called borne by the serious Illness of his son, al Medicine ixidge. Anyone in the auxiliaries or in town having cut out girls' petticoats, boys' underwear or boys* shirts will please complete and return at once to the work,, rooms. .'Hiere have been a number of shlp- m/nts recently. Case No. 281 contained MOO surgical dressings; case -Vo 2G2 contained 1392 surgical dressings; ca."e No. 'ZWX contained 5210 I dressings and 5080 surgical dressings were shipped in case No- 25<. Case 2. r ,a contained CO sweaters, case 2a6 had 40 7j wearers and case No. 257 contained 39(W surgical dressings. There were lfiOOO dressings In case No. 2SS, No. 269 contained 90 sweaters, 220 pairs of sox and .10 pairs of wristlets, case No- 26t) contains 21520 surgical dressings. In the- Important Hems of Sept. -Z, the Red Cross headquarters have been requested to disconlmue making any more many-tailed bandages for the present. <?• <J> Chicago, Sept. 26.—Drinks-will •*•> 4- not he served to policemen Bf- <?> *• tor September 30 unless they <?• * t>ay for them, according lo nn <?• agreement reached by Chicago <?• saloon keepers and made public «* * today. High cost of goods Is * given its the reason for the sc- <p <e tion. Some months ago the * ^ brenrrs put Into effect, a similar •?> 4' rule and according to Ihelr est!- <?• * mate have- saved several thorn;- <?> <?• and barrels of beer by shutting <?• off free drinks to policemen, CONTRACT IS LET FOR NEW CATHOLIC HOSPITAL Stamcy and Mackfty Awarded the liVork-May Be Started In a Short Time. «• * <?• •?> <?• <J 4- <^ <3< * the Attstrallan soldier, will have a •wonderful message for all as will nlso the Indian singer. START Y. W. CLASSES. The Coming Winter,Terms Are Being 'tinned Now. A grent dpal of enthusiasm is being shown in tltci various itctlvltJes planned for th^ Y. AV. C. A. ,6h'ls coming winter. The Ihcprcssion classes are to start their work next Tuesday, it was announced today by Mrs. Charles K. Trdrlok, under whose supervision (he classes ar eto bo conducted. Clnsses will be formed for beflnners who have never had any elocution lessons whatever and they will meet at 7 p. m. oh Tuesday eveniiu: Classes for arvanced students will be held at S o'clock Tuesday evening and the children's class wiil meet again on Saturday morning at 10:30 o'clock. 'Die prospects are especially good fo rnttothcr successful year in other classes also. French classes will be started ami' time during the second week of October, dym classes will also resume their work under the direction of Miss Helen Hipperton, the new physical training instructor at this time. The contract for the erection ot the new Catholic hospital, the institution lo be known as the-St. Kllnnboth hospital, hns Just been let. The Stamoy- Mackey construction company ot XI Hutchinson was the successful bidder, 'something less than |S0,000. This does not includo the plumbing and heating, which will likely make the cost of the hospital about $100,000, The new building is .to be erected on lots purchased at the corner of Monroe and Twenty-First streels, and Is to bo of brick and concrete, four stories high, 60x150 feet In size tor the present, and to be built so it may readily be enlarged later. It Is to be of fireproof construction. Application has been made to the proper committee for the use of the material for this structure and, If this Is secured, work will start In it very short tltne. BACK FROM FISHING. Mayor Vincent and His Party Had Fine Time in Marion County. A party of Isaac Waltons who has been spending three days fishing on tho""Cotionwood river near Marlon returned last evening with tales of lots of fish and a mighty good time generally. Those from here who motored over to the camping ground were Mayor Frank Vincent, Commissioner It. H. Flinn, Gregg Lewis, \V. E. Kelley, F.ldon Rusklrk, L. A. Burnham, Charles Woodward and M. II. Cain. They were joined al fhe Camp by Sheriff Armstrong and party of five friends. . • A call has come for nurses' aids. Fifty of them are to be sent from this division, as they are needed badly. The wounded soldiers require the entire lime and attention of the trained nurses, and consonuontly ibe refugee women and children and non-combat- «. PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN. * s?> <!• ,}><?• <?><^s!>s ?><J><S >^><>>s ? 1 <S 'si' <|tW * Miss Kdna Daldwln enrolled at S. C. <n. C. today. Vi'm. Burnett Is on a business trip ot Top.ekn today. Mr- and Mrs. Frank Cray of Lyons were out of town visitors here yesterday- N. A. Campbell has accepted a position wiUi Uie Jones Motor Co., at Wichita. Harry A. Campbell of the Cnln & Campbell Hootery, is on a buslnCHS trip today. Mrs. C. P. DeornJng of Sterling and Mrs. P. U Mulcahy of Haven were here yesterday. Mrs. L. Hogan and daughter of Fl- linwood was among the out of town visitors here yesterday. li. S. Toblaji, trainmaster for the Santa Fe at Wellington was here yesterday calling on friends and transacting basinoss. The Normal Training Students at the High School have begun their weekly visits to different grades in the schools over the city. O. .1. Daltman-of Pretty Prairie, II. K. Kinibad of Sterling,, Miss Lizzie Dick of Kuhlor and Mrs. Ann Witt of Partridge were out of town callers in the city yesterday. Suit for a divorce from Charles C. Casey has been filed by Mrs. Oer- j trudo F. Casey alleging indignities and •she asks that her maiden name Gertrude F, JaejLson, be restored to her. The telephone number of the Fourth Liberty l/>an has been changed to 147. People wishing to get Into com- mnnicaton with the workers ore asked lo remembertliis number in calling for the headquarters. Miss Heulah Davis hoa been selected to assisi Miss Effle Jtogers in handling The Buzz this year. Added school duties and the growth of the paper has been such that it was thought,,advisable to secure some as­ sistance''". .Miss Lulu Hamby has resigned her position with the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company and will leave tomorrow for Sheffield, Alabama, where she has accepted a position as stenographer in the ordnance department of the government. Corporal Gayle Rutlcdge, a member | John Ballard was among the num- of Co. D., 137th regiment, has been | her of High school students who went returned from the front, to act as in-Uo Sterling yesterday to learn what structor in (he "United States. The I they could concerning Uie entering of commanding officer told the captain • the Student Army Training Corps, and wanted the best corporal in his j he was Uie only successful one of Extravagance in Gas Use. Weafher Report Kantat—Fair and cooler; probably trott tonlnht. Friday, fair with rltlnn temperature, Cni-pful examination* huve shown, accmillnir to t>. O. Hoi- hrnok, seeretiiry thn Natural I.IH« Association "t America, that the ni-illimiy natural gas equipment In n house in not rcRUJalcd within !a percent of efficiency. Burners me seldom adjusted or clenurd, Ibthta anil fires are allowed In burn when they should be turned out, and extravaeanl usi-a made because of the convenience. WICHITA NAT! UAL tlAS COMPANY. KHAKI BILLS J Lieut. Clarence Quigley, formerly of Co. C. 187th Inf., has received a promotion and is now Captain Quigley of Co. C. in the same regiment aud is ranking-captain of the regiment and is stationed^, at regimental headquarters. R. W. ( ,Tjptios, who was stationed at Camp Funston, has bceu assigned to Camp Cody, iN'ew Mexico in ihc Medical pepartniisiit. Fred Baylor. received word from the government, that hia brother, Itobert Uaylor, who is stationed at the! Great Uikes Naval Training Station, is seriously ill at Uie hospital there. Dr. C. Kile has gone (o Fi. Worth, Texas, where he will bu stationed in Uie Medical Corps. he company and "young Jtullcdge wa/; sent. He is al present visiting his parents, liev. and Mrs. F. L. Rutlcdge at Marion after a short, visit here and at the end of his furlough will go to a Louisiana camp as instructor. F.rnest Hill of the U. S. S. Frederick is home on a 15 day furlough visiting with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. V,". Hill of U east. From all ap- ants are suffering from lack of alien- \ p,. ar ances the Navy sure agrees wilh tion. The Red Cross is training henl'hy, intelligent young women for the aids to be sent to I-Vance us quickly as possible. Six hundred ol these nurses' aids should be sent a year from this division. SEE THE GUNS—WAR T.ROPHIES. Captured by your boys in France from the Germans. Special train track not-lit Chalmers Hotel, 2 to •> o'clock Saturday, Septem. bcr Z8th. Fresh milk will he supplied to -0,000 sick and wounded soldiers In France by l.OuO <-o\vs which the-French government has agreed to loan to the American Red Cross, according to ait announcement just issued by the Red Cross. With these cows the, Red Cross will establish a model experimental dairy plant at the largest I American army hospital In France, Jfj.OOU having been set aside for the inauguration of the plant. As the dairy will be operated by convalescent soldiers, the cost of mainlcnance will be comparatively small. Ii is pointed out, however, that cost is not Important, as fresh, pure milk Is absolutely essential in the proper died of the cases in-the hospitals.— Government Hulletln- Matelasse is on-s of the new fabrics for the I'edingals! cloaks. KIDNEYS WEAKENING? LOOK OUT! Kidney anil bUilillM- troubles ilej/l ,tls- ai 'pi al i>f IhiMiiM .tvca. '1 lu-v glow upon you, slowly but steadily, iiintoiniiuiiiii yiitir hcultii with deadly ceriaJiuy uniii you fall u vtcttiii lo incurable dlueaso. Btup your Iruulllcs while tbert, Ju lime. Imn't wall until lulls puinu become big aches. Iinii'l trifle with disease. To avoid future aurftu-lng begin treatment wllb OiiLU J1LTML Hurlem Oil Capsules now. Take llireo or four every day until yod feul Out you a™ entirely free ftviu palp. This tvtsb-KnOHii preparation lm« been one uf Uie national remedies of Holland for oenturlps. I n tiQUhQ roveniiiisni of tin. Motherland* granted u vpeclal charttar euUiorUIfW H# fr«ni«rtt |(on awl sale. The e t ,o,i beiisewivi-s of Holland would ulino^i. y. Komi l ,i- willuml food as without her "ICeiit Hutch HrOps/ 'us slic quaintly calls GOI.H MisU .'AL lluarlcaii i al Cap.* mi-*. Tlu-lr use restores .strentrtU am! la nspoi)."iPie lit n treat measure jur the tuuuly, tubust bi-idih of the Hollanders. Tie not ill-lay. Go to your Orugelst and liulisl on Ills supplyinK you with a box of (tOLl i MKHAt. Huarleni till Capsules. Tuko llicm UK dlroi-a-J, ami if you am not fiullaflfU with results your itrutulst will gladly refund your money. Look for the naino UOIJ> MJ'a>AL on ibo box and accept uo oilier, Ul mlod bo*os, three B1208. 'ITiere am at present 13,3-17 Red Cross nurses in active service and a campaign is under way to enroll Ji.OOO more by October 1st. Mrs. N. A. Campbell entertained, the Daughters Junior Red Cross club last i .-veiiliiK at her home Seventh avenue east- The girls are planning on giving a "penny show" next Wednesday night and everyone will pay u penny for everything. The show will be at the homo of Mrs. N. A. Campbell. These girls have boeu doing somo fine work and have finlsihcd 5 helmets aud 3 pains of 80X They Wo now making a yulU for the Day; Nursery. All Red Cross workers arc asked to bear lu mind that special seatB aro lo bo arranged for them a( Convention Hall for (he grand Uborty Loan- rally next Sunday altomoon, Workers nro aslscd to meet at the stage eu- trance promptly at 2 :90 -with tho uniforms. It is hoped, that there Is a big attendance of Re-d Cross workers for the speaker, @ergL Major C-wule, •Hilly." Word has been receiver from Chas. Raffinglon, who had been gassed in June, saying that he is back with his company, 2nd Engineers, of the Medical Corps whore he Is assistant dentist. He says he is feeling fine and thinks that be is filter than before he was gassed. He says he has seen many of the larger ciUes of France. UNDER AN AGREEMENT. This Is the Way "Liberated" Terrl. tory in Palestine Is to Be Ruled. Farts, T -iept. 26.—(Haras)—Liberated territory in 1'alestlne will be administered trader tho agreement reached between the British, French and Russian governments In 1910, it is learned here. Wngland and France will carry out tho agreements under which France Is charged with the pro. paratiou of a scheme of self government for tho people ot Palestine, This work will be the object of conversations which wlll,tako place shortly,. Whon the Bolshevik authorities look control of Russia they, published a number of secret diplomatic documents found in the archives In l'etro- grad. Arming (Uein was a convention negotiated between Russia, Franco and Great Britain under which Alex- andretta in A*! a Uc Turkey was to be a free port and Palestine was to be a protectorate under the three governments. Pt<3 INCREASES , I, ~ Washington,: §epL 20.—Cost of living Investigators of the bureau . of statistic* now working |n the principal cities reported today that costs In Philadelphia, have Increased 67.17 percent einoet pecember 1914. Clothing Increased 108.12 percent In cosf; furniture '106.76 percent; food 69,09 percent; hauling 9.69 per, cent and fuel and llvhl 91-65 percent flnce Pecember 1917. i them all and be stayed. He is doing some intensive work in order to make up the necessary-credits. A revised list of former High School students who ore now in the government's service has been lirejiared and posted In the cabinet at ' the High School building. The list Is not complete however, and new names aro bo- Ing added cosjantly. Miss Parks is taking care of the names which may have been overlooked. A party of railroad officials stopped here today for a few hours visit wilh Santa Fe men. They are enroute from Newton on a lour of inspection of the entire western lines. Those who slopped here this morning were: It. J. Parker of Amarlllo, Texas, general manager of ihe Western lines; C. If. Bristol, La Junta, general superintendent; 11. A. Tice, Dodge City, superintendent; C, B, Smyer, Dodge City, train master; H. F. Ellis, Dodge City, general foreman of Brldgo and Building department; and Mr. llar- nltt, general transporlatlon inspector of AmiiTillo, BULGARIAN ARMIES IN (Continued from Page !.•>' who are advlncing against the first army from the south must pass over much extremely rough country before Uiey can get In contact with it. It is believed that the first army, which Is commanded by General Qes- hof, will bo forced to attempt a retreat westward Into the mountains on the SerboAlbanlan frontier. Tho country Is very rough and it would bo Impossible to handle artlllory. The matter of food supplies nlso would be difficult. Tho reports indicated thut the Serbians who havo cut the Oorniano- Bulgarian communications are joining in the Allied race for Uskub, "HUNNISH HOUNPS OF HELL.' Chairman Hsy6 Used This Expression in Making' a Speech Today, Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 2(1.— Charglpg that the Democratic party had attempted to use the war for partisan political purposes, Will H. Hays, chairman of -the Republican national committee, speaking before the Republican state convention hero today, urged IJwt (he war be kept out of politics mt<} Ktat-uwUswisljlp he kept out of the management ot ihe war. The two great parties, he declared, should work, together to a common end—peace with victory. The national chairmen referred to the recent Republican victory In Maine and characterized it as Maine's reply to "the Democratic attempt to use the war for partisan purposes.' Continuing ho said:— "Tile Democratic national committee says that the election of a Republican congress would be 'a source of comfort and elation to the kaiser and his cohorts'. Against this unpatriotic conduct of a responsible political organization, 1 protest, not as a Republican, but as an American. Wo seek in vain to understand the nienlnl gymnastics of those who can see 'comfort and elation to the kaiser' In the election to the senate of Commander Truman II." Newberry, as against Henry' Ford—a man who is said to have spent thousands of dollars In a propaganda for peace at any price after the slaughter of innocent men. women and children by Hunnish hounds of hell. "In the name of every American soldier in France, I appeal for the 'support of the country's cause by all men and women without thought of party." <s> <«> <?• sj, <S> * * <?• * ABBYVILLE. * <?- <S <?> <J> S?l -S> <J> 3> S?» * * <t> S?' si- S*Poter Deck was a business caller at Hutchinson Saturday. Mr. Gidion Deck of Wetherford, Okla, is visiting relatives here at present. Ronald, Hubert and Utile Guy Deck all have typhoid fever, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Klrkpatrlck are visiUng with Iheir daughter, Mrs. H. King, north or town, this week. Miss Oliveson, Mrs. F. A. Coffman, Josephine Martin motored to Hutch-' inson Tuesday. ' Mr. and Mrs, Val Forney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Mount Dallard, motored to 1 lutcliinson Wednesday on business- A GOOD MEETING. Rotarians Had a Busy Session at the Elks Club at Noon Today. The Rotary club had a busy meoUng at the noonday lunch at the Elks today. Dr. ,W. M. Jonea and Harry Campljell were down for business talks and Glover Calluduy ami John Starr were given a few minutes lo talk. Ralph Young was given ihe prize for being able to answer all ot the questions lie was asked about the business of Ralph Hendrlck and Uie diners were held later than they expected because of Uie enjoyable portion of the program. <S -st>s5 >*<s><S .4 ><S ><$>4--$><^sJ)*<5 ><S> <!> <S> «. ANTI-GERMAN BRAZIL. * «> «> <r<s ><£'£<$ , s£sS >3 's $''S><j >s?> •«><?• <?>•$> Rio Janeiro, Sept. 20.—German newspapers at Porto Alegro in tho slate of Rio Grande do Sul early this week so roused the populace by criticizing Brazilian affairs Uiat attacks were made on Uie plants of three newspapers. Tho plant of tho Journal Da Tarde, formerly Uie Vat- erland, according to reports here, was wrecked and burned. Heavy police guards 'were thrown about tho offices of tho Gazot Popular and the Deutsche Volksbla,tf and Uie crowds wero kept at bay until the excitement subsided, l. GOLF TOMORROW. The Scotch Foresome to Be Played Tomorrow at Country Club." The following couples will play tho Scotch Foresome tomorrow at the Country club: Miss Margaret Waddles and O. F, Wright; Miss Stella Uariel- son and.F. II. Hamilton, Miss Miriam Corsklln and Robert Hustings, Miss Betty Hastings and Virgil Stewart, Mrs. L. B, Young and George Gano, Mrs. O." Ni Sentney and U A; Gotaz, Mrs. R, A- Green' and 11. 11. Heaps, Mrs. O. F, Wright and N. 13. Sawyer,' Mrs. George tiano and li 11. Murray, Mrs. II. li. Heaps and R.-A. Green, Mrs. L. A. Getaz and O. N. Bcntney, Mrs. ii. K. McLcod and K. S. Lindas, Mrs. Arthur 1-owls and C. C. Alex- tin tints Miss Jean Wright and Junior Carey, Mrs. K. S. Lindas and 11. K. MoLood, Miss Joyce Slters and A. L. Wilson, Miss Venlta Rose and 11. W. Vance, Mrs. II, A. Sawyer and Hon NusBbanm. Mrs. K. .1. Dleger and H. S. Lewis, Miss Mary Drehin and Sidney l^ovelace, Miss Vera Gano anil I-.'. .1. Illoger. Miss Mnble rulorbaugh and S. M. Htitton, Miss Alvlnu Nussbaum nnd F,. L. Meyer, Mrs. II. S. Lewis and J. C. I'eiro, Mrs. William linker and K, A. Mowery, Mrs. W. II. Hasllngs and lid W. Meyer, Mrs. li. D. Slerrit and Dr. II. M. Stewart, Mrs. George Hippie and T. M. Gerow. The prize will be given by Sydney Lovelace. Notice, Court of Honor Members. It Is very important that every member attend the meeting Friday evening. Sept. 27th. State Manager, S. Al. Wats will me here for the purpose or organizing a Court of Honor Loyalty League and explaining the plans of a membership enmpaign. He sure and come as your assistance is needed. 2G--t LAMBORN SAYS: "For"'a mild smoke thai sulfa most (astcR try Mapaeuba at 10c or Havana Ribbon at Oc. Lamborn Cigar Co. 3 North Main. 2C-H • *, • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. * • « • * <5> <$> 3> <!• <?• 3> * * • * 4> <* * (Herorici) by Jlnll -ltairiUTM] Abstract Co., No. 8 Fast Hborman.l Daniel E. Reid to Nettle C- Klnkel, 'w!4 njvH se >,i sc-c. .10-22-5 and a tract rod wide w side t3,000 William A. Klltinger to Wnitman T. Simpson, lot 1 and sc',4 of sw X A 18-22-fj *5,000 A. Slckendick to Augustus II. Hues-. ton, lots 31-32 blk < Sunnyslde add *750 K. M. Slallmau to F. II. Stallman, lot 3 and w S ft lot 2 blk 4, Swtotaer & Medberry's add. $1.00 I,. F„ Fontron. to W. E. Burress, lots 1K3 185-187-188 ave A w, Handy Shadduck's -Central add'to Hutch-'*- inson $960 Ona Slado to Thomas McGinn and wf, loLs 14 and 15 blk 2, S. Al. Dorman's add $1100 I'Tvery man eais too much, and too fast, and then says that no one in his business ever ha3 good health.—Atchison Globe. NIGHTS OF UNREST. No Sleep, No Rest. No Peace With a Lame or Aching Back. Weary Uie lot of many a kidney . sufferer. Pain and distress from morn to night. Get up with a Iaine back. Twinges ot backache bother you all day. Dull aching breaks your rest at night. Urinary disorders add to your misery. ^ If you have kidney trouble. Reach tho cause—the kldnoys. _ Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kidneys only. Havo made an enviablo reputation in Hutchinson, "' \ S. P. Keys, retired farmer, 322 Fourth Avenue, li. Hutchinson, says: •'My worst trouble was bladder weakness, Tho kidney secretions passed too freely obliging nia to get up Beveral limes al night, and the passages wero painful. Thero was more or less sediment in tho secretions, too. My back pained mo and there was soreness across my kidneys. Doan's Kidney PillB gave tho best results ot all the kidney medicines 1 have ever used." 60o at all dealers. Foaler-'Mllburn Co., Al/giu, Buffalo, N. Y. Sei »A^SlcHdl& ' fills every ^JMrrLJUtl , mu sical need of everyone most conveniently. • m T ?nc MUSIC Maxer* V1CTR0LV If you love music you must love the Vlctrola, for it is every instrument played by a great art. i«t—every great singer. Theee who enjoy the comedians and the ponul ar music can always hear the latest qn the Vic trola. ' All this and more la the Vlctrola for it also la the great singing master, Oscar Saenger, ua welj aa ! a quick pracUcal teacher of FRENCH, Oon't wish for a Vlctrola. Let us put one In your home at once. Our play while you pay plan Is surprisingly easy; Come see about It or write for particulars. CARL P. LITTLE Manager HUTCHINSON, KA&

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