The News from Frederick, Maryland on June 3, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1932
Page 10
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TEf THE DAILY NEWS. FREBEBICK, MD.. FBIDAY, JUKE 3, 1932. CONIMCi B81DGE atjhe President Of Senate For Reduction Of Aii Expenses. HITS AT EDUCATION COST .- « - r e - '.-rec Wr; . - ' - ' ' -r G Si-^ccr Dc-mocra-.-c 2oor leader in 'W-W' ·*.~z* MT.orr. EXPEPTS PLAY IT ·BY WM. E. MeHENNEY Secretary, AmericaB Bridge League Our champion today is Mrs. Ei-*2- beCi B BanfXd of New Yoci. She li a member of the team which captur^c the national open contract tesua-of- fcur championship in Philadelph-a te November of 1931 As I told you before, tr-is is tne first r:rKr In vhe history of this event th»t women ha'.e ct«.-i represented on the -aiaaaw team Mr» Baaiield is one ot Ne« York's bast known YOCUKI contract teecbers, ar.d submits a most unusual hand. As :.ou play the hand out. you wii: asr*e ai'.h me that Mr». Bacfieid and be: partner miased no opportunity to cap- tiire another trick rroezt their opponent and *'hen the smoke bad e*red away. It wa» most unusual to find that the Vec5*r«r had taken only one trick i--.l ir = er of ciiinonds m durucy i on a charge o; passes a red light and H»r partner held :he ace and nine or | H W. Mack and W. Kegs each for- d_aaxnds. and regardless of »hat .he 1 Jeited $1 on parking violation charges, declarer k«c. Mn. Banfielc's pariaer ] Justice Boaers pres:ied. , ^ bound V- *ia the last *.»o trxk£. TOMORROW: Ceerfe Ln(er, one of Uie new national champions, via pre- icat Us favorite hand. Brief Police Court Session. Police Court »as very brief Th'^r; t -v.rig, David C^arlton forfeited $2.50 . ·AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE FIKE THEFT PROPERTY DAMAGE UJUBIUTT HELFENSTEIN URNER ·^--n-^i--n--n j We-.t: ; - t ; .' " "· · Tr-r- ; ~ ' i V . - j .-···T.C« t.-.trf :.'.*:? ^r- : · \' . _r. ··;.·» T"»res no ·_5t -c..\^:j . :·--" »..*:. :-·- :-*r.*r3 arer. : ?_rr..'-- er.,-_;h '? r-' There's r.o -^r tsx.::c :j.r:r^ ^..r: rrc« raaei Sr.r. M- S---^-r a.-.i Mr M.-.chell R E A D THE STORY. THEN COLOR THE PICTURE ~«r.;-"a :: . cit.~a:^-. isoj'i reduce :h? S'.i"- - $-33 ."iX? ar.nua". o .'.lav !r ;h-s £r.i , --.-^r \.TJI---.V $70 o:^ Call* Condition txccllrnt. WC.:-T N K.ri^ Stale BU-CS^: Cleri. -sr.o -as sj.iea Icr r.sur*! or. ·_--« State i s.r^-.-al pa-.T?".".. «sei. U-. turn or. I.IA*. ;:'-:.d." M^».rt M.tcr."". ar.i Si?^rir rxi-e '. t.-.p.r tv-.r.-.rr.v 'tar.rf sa.d. ' ;^t r.- 1 ". 3c--.ii-' ".':· S:-i:e is u 1 . any iiri of diSicul:.** Its Q-3---3" ccr.i.tior. is excellent We en- terec th* -car - .t'r. a S3 500 CKW surplus. s= asto^nt cq:Lil *o e\en per cent ol ror 1332 ' Our total banned dro: i? sppr'x.- n^t«lt- S23 500 OOC. or cr..T : ^.4 re r c*nt cf t.:? States taxable b«l5. »r.?reas bar.ien generally rciari a State or n-.ur.:c.p.\l:t s cred.t po«:t-.jr. as ^xc«-:- The T'^sa eyed tie rociet 3-^B. ' !·-'« »afe as It c*n be. . Tr.*s up hjc ire* Duncv rar. ' Say. · Conse on. cliasb Sn and trr '-re ou ;»y.:::s'' .-.? rxrlaj;:*- · Will liri I pro3iae that you ·son't g«t ·:iii 3^ ructet Sy · stuck When you are »ay up tr. the r _t Has ;·- b*^r.' I t s hard to | » * ·* .·«-*.:»· tnat ;". ·*::; sa:: up ya '.he s«y." · B^ bird* ws! c:rc 'round you a". The i'.d rcar. '.^URhcd ar.d then r*- »'-t t.-iey -* v n t hjrt you No: at all! pl.'-c. ' OJ course t h j rociet has beer. Th' ro:itet has strong window's and it's triec Why. I would rSde In :: s-.yse'.f [ '.erv safe Inside. bj- I rr- too b:s for It. ; "Now. there! I've to'.d vou a" I ir.ow- ' When I jro .-.r. a tr:p for fun I ' Why* reaUy ?an:e enough to go'" "I ·^.i:.- :A bo r.-a'. ·-·:!·.?·.· .v^. You :8d.i ' a m ' ' exc^tir.ed brave V.'.ndy "I am art- ·.«-:-. ..""· r.-.rre J5 rra for all re.i*ly for a ride " :o i.-. ' ' And so ar? we." '.he others sa:! * * * Tl:* man replied. · I'll go ah»ad nr.ti %?: Then Scoaty sa.d · Wnere ^oj'.d »e the rocket ready ' Then ne placed :: so* That's y,t th.n« that »e oujrht to on a stump. fcr.-vjc. Tr.' r-i-: silzht ro up .»'.. rt?h' . ' You're b--ur.d for places you -.e r.^'er b,.: hvT »r;."i .: com" do*:.' o**r. ' tne oli man sh.vj'.t-d 'Climb Yo: .-?? :: rcji.l-. '*'o':lrf Of ras:: for :.*:-.: :r. A:.c pise r-.T.en-.ixr. -Ahi-n ·!·; -.0 ?o '.'. we T»o.:'.d crasn Perhaps. ' ou '*:siz aaay. don't try to jun-.p iesttn(f towr ' · Copyright. 1932. NBA Ser-.:c-. Inc · · "Ah" Ni»' you re talking ommor. -«-n^ I realli" w»:r *o :r.::c:i rsponse ' 'Th- Times wh.z up into the air in to ouild th..- :·*''. -sa.d tne :he nr\t siorj A 8-6-5-2 V5-3 4 Q-10-4-3 + 8-5-2 AK-J-94 VA-Q- 10-4 AA-Q- 10-6 Oeaier SOUTH AA-Q-7-3 VK-J-7 48-7-6 AK-9-4 10 532.000.000 Total Budget. Mr. sa.c he i.d not ha-.e 5jU-?5 availasle or. the State's psvroll He po.ntcc: ojt. ho^c'.cr. that the titAl bu^ic: '.:·- isr. is appr^x.- a:at«." S32.C3? ?-v e-'.v 2- 3 por c?r.'. of wh.;l: is rr-A". "·. tiv^s ···:·. real ar.c psrsona: propcrty ' And of -5 cer.'i per S1C-? tax." r.e ^a;d. m '14 ccr.t^ r'-^ !or ;r.;eT-' 4 5t on ^fr:;fy tne winner; to the S'-i'.- Sena-I auv be f4ta.n«i »ron-. most dei'.crs -.075 They sitled that nothin; remains ' carrying a complete line o* jprav j;!p- Tor the Senator to do but to determine , pl:i^ or from drusists jind on- sooU ·· of th5e c-?-r!i!l^ci m^rt nc'xi^ th^ tr^rtt^t'n' :*· tl'.ls !in;* and another S financial o.^^'.-ir.'-o is A-u;tsl .-hoi: d Sorp the birds com- POULTRY LICE MENACE ^"rrom"^ !,e '^i^^ H|-."M r^: I of roost-s or i T a 'n'iu*i- 20 bv -0 f'-et. · holding from !00 :o 1-3 birct live ounces v ill bv roq'i:r"d 1 : ra.-i' oil. 'o '.xhith his tnvn ?(! a!)"ir m f - f o u n h par How To Gel Kid Of Them Told By Ex- . ; ten^ioji Scriicr. c-tir.-- °- S32.COC COO r-;preicr.ts -.r.tcr- o.-t arid rci« or the State's d^rt. BctT.ocn J12.000 000 s: 3 003 00? soes r^r roads and bridge* ani is r-.»".ect-ed n l.ccn*o fee.s and pu- O'.ittC L2SS5." · Calls Program Topheavy. Mr Mitchell hs.d been cisr-issin; the Marrlsr.d Ijeagu? of Women Voters' proposal to vake th^ selection o! State scnolsrsriip ·a-jr.ners frosi Sta-^ -r.a- tors and place '.'- ^'.th r:ty or.d cour/y board? of education. -A hen .-.« «·-. rteU to talk o' e:oni2t.:es. "I haven't looied into the rnatver or the S^ancial end o! tie Stat* scholarships lystest." he sat-d. ' 'jut 1 have be«n impro-^sed ^..tii the Ta?t -.nat the State"? edu-rat.^ b.ll is f.-ttln; i'.s- jer and b:r?er ar.d has be-roir.e a seriotis problsrr.. The procrarr. seea-^ tcpheaTM.- to m?. from a 2nan-r:al ilde and a'.Tsys has. There rr.tist be ecorontjes ··But there must ajo be cc-inccn.:«s c^ec'ed ~ all Stat* depart merits. H along the line Salaries have sxt to oe gv-e 01 er and cut bac. to tn*et changed con-dittons " Aprew With atcheU. "I asrce -.~th Mr. MixheP. ' tfr Sascer sa.d. ' and I'll go r.cbt «ionc ·sith him. tour-square, and ^rlth S.-JJ- bocv else that talks cccnorr.:- . "Vc've got ^D do it." Both Mr. Mitchei: and Mr St-- c«- xatd count" boards of education «i- reacj r.-i-..-o'. selertton o! S»t« v-.ho'- arsh:p winners Tr.ey said '^i* r-c^rd* ccndurt ct;-- pe-it.7* exarr.matirr^; tor three-fourths of the scholarships irS I:i -.:.- .sprins!. ..".;or.q . her ^tlui-.cs r3r bolic ar.d ..r -rr- X diMnfefiru. -·:.! .» i-. ;;..rjn:.i::.. lan,. turns :·. .uc .,.. : , s f r \ t , \ t . rv v .c!! Ji the cradle...ur. :h-«ishts rf hvw to se-. nd of Lxxl- Lee of , ,,, 5 . n ... p _, act . ordl: i R lo , hc . ca : on . a:icJ ro.-vt n-.iics in Uie poul'rj' !:'..:«;. dar /v , . A l t h ^^y : . Cl , she ro . :)St |v/t ei Accordmc t,i :ii" ;wu!try t-nlrntJar vhcuUl Lv cl an^j'tlnrciuchlv and 'hen prepr.rpd by the Unr.tTMf i-f M-«ry-;.;,,,. and all rru-fc, and crevice -ho-ild l.i.iti Exu-:.-. ii Sorter. ni.-«i !)t - vil- ... ,,...,,^.5 u;: . ; thc ml v.ure \Yner«- ph.v^ !i^ b^cn f,-!!-s «-..*.'. In ! .1... n;,.,^ . iro P , ir :.c,i!.ry bad. fx- inix- d.-.--.:ir.i; w,:h hodv Uce and .1 io'.uUoi. ; ,, rt . .|,-.,;ci b- fi«x!ed 0:1 fwi-.. In of crank case U and crur.c lar'oohv- to -erini;. include parts of the will.. arid or rresi! d-imlc-. :ant v.s:; e: cii- .( :j; lc -:;t In rr»v;:.- and dropping boards 02ie mitss. · An-:hrr 'rcatncnt should follov. .n Au- Ir. :.n!ir.s \vitn b-x!v IUT if ;:;-. i z;.*t. r !;·;·.; aiv ci.rtv. t.iex should iv ca:o- ftillv cleaned u i i h a scraper or \nff br.isii r.:-.d ····:petl free of dust Th- uppor ^·lr^.^^·^. cf the perches and j-iip- ports j-n-iuld then b" smeared »nh the niav:;i- .-xiiph.!;;.. fiC! Nroncih. v .-..r!;^ :r.iv Iw p.«'ir-V. rp. 1:1 a tnin .-ijphatf i black leaf fortv) Train Hits Truck; Two Die. Lowell, A r k . June 2 (AP) --Two men were killea and another seriously biirr.- c.1 in a collision of Prico pis^enger and a train and a ^truck loaded \vith jxso'.ir.e hore e.irlv today The truck exploded J W Thomas -f For- Smith, train fireman, and Cvoii Allen. C2. driver of the trucic died instan'ly. i The Bidding. .South, the dealer, opened the contract »itn one no truirp. Mrs Banfield ^j the West mad* a:i mlorrr-ator!'" · double to sho* a. powerful hand. North pajised and her partner in the East turn«-cl the informatory dcu'ole mvo a penalty double by pavui^ South re- v:oubd. Th^ re-double is what. Is fcna'.xn as a rescu" re-double askliii; I partner to take out in his best foar- 1 card suit Mrs. Bar.field passed and North b.d two diamonds -.\ aas ! prompt !y doubled oy Mrs Banfi'elds , partner in the East. The PUT. Ea.M oponed the rin?leton ten of .'pades Tne declarer weni right up , v ith the ace m dummy and it v.ell that he cid. as it -.103 tr.e only Lrick , thnt. he t-t k in the entire hand Mrs. played the encouraging n-nc. Declarer's next, play a 3mal. tpnde from dummy v.hich Mrs. Bar.- f.vld wcn with the jack. E;ist a hMrt The jack of diamonds ·.\a^ lea. N~rth made the mistake of covormc with the queen and East won v uis the kmt: ana then returned a · heart When the jack was played. ' f r o m dumm-.. Mrs. Banfleld won iv.Ci the queen and then led tile king o' spaces, en ing her partner another heart discard. A small spade nas played and trumped by East, with the deuce I of ciamcnds. ' Ea^t then led tlie etght of nearly South played the king and Mrs. Ban; field won the trick with the ace and I then iiiayed her ten of hearts. North | trumped, but only with the three spot --therefore Mrs. Banfield's partner QM?rlrumped with the five of diamonis , anci then ied the jack of clubs, which iield the trick. East continued with I 1 he seven of clubs which Mrs. Banfteld . nor. with the queen and then led he: nee of club? She then led her la** clu'j T'ne oerlar?r was dorai to the ton and cue riiimond and the e:;.y Gzn Build Anything On The Foundation Of A Savings Account A Home -- a business -- yes, anything can be built on the foundation of a savings account. Start one at this bank next pay day and then add to it every pay day after that. It is an aasy habit to get into and unlike most habits it pays big dividends. Open A Savings Account Today THE FREDERICK COUNTY NATIONAL BANK NO. 1 NORTH MARKET STREET Where Banking is a Pleasure HOWARD F. 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