The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 9, 1956 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Monday, July 9, 1956
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K WEATHER— Partly and warm Monday night and Tuesday. p, t<-t6, U.-U.VKSTOX TIDBS: High Low I- or TiiMdny — 6:45 Htm H: 15 p.m. 9tttt YOUR HOME VOL. 36, NO. 250 TODAY'S NEWS TODAY Monday, July?, I95i IAYTOWN. TEXAS TELEPHONE: 1302. Fir* Cmh Mr MOTHER ATTEMPTS TO MEET KIDNAPER Wild Ride OKLAHOMA CITV irPI — A t;-yrar-o!il bin; driver (tied of » Iw'inl attack at the wheel of a i'ity Ims Sunday nijrhl, giving jiiLiwiisfprv sevenU moments of psmir on a wild H(!< 1 , that followed. When Isiuu* Sidney l)ul<r cnl- lnp*c(l. thti be«M v bus jumped a- rurh. sideswtpsd :< laundry build- ins 1 . nir«'*d through » crowded inie.rsectinn. knocked down a liaht pa*! and. .nuiimed into »• parking m<'ler. Daniel Spurns Support Offer- Candidates A void Parr Like Plague By I'.ViTKD PKKSS w Parr's announced in'.f-n- if supporting 1 several cam'h- for sliitt 1 office? lopf-ed weekend political developments in Texas. Most of rh.? candidates want the duke of Duval's support like they want Ihe plague. Houston Post reporter .Tun Mathis, in an hit.etvio\v will Parr, re- poneu llie Sniilh Texas political boss endorsed Sen. Price Daniel for °over nor, BHU .Ramsey for lieutenant: governor. .Jesse .lumps fw p slate treasurer ami .liuig'e W.A. Morrison for Ihe Court of Criminal Appeals. Darnel emphatically spurned ihe offer. He snid he hat! nol '.seen or heard from George Pan- in over four years, and needless lo say. 1 did not solicit his support or an- possible Parr support is Ross (."arl- thorixe anyone else io do so." ;ion of l.iallas. candidate for 1 ai.ior- Daniel said he did not know if ney general. Parr's offer "was sincere or in- Although Parr reportedly made tended to hurt .my campaign." no endorsements io the attorney MathK quoted Parr as saying he genei/il's race. Carllon said Sun- supported Uamei because "I owe him favors." '"•<• latest to shy away Iron, any r0 ""' '' a " s *»PPO>'I ol' c-uhor of Wilson Jr. of day in Rig Spring he would we' come Parr's support his iwo opponents - Will of On lias and Tom Moore Waco. Carllon. who is running (.See POLITICS—Page. Two) Dallas Vs. Dogs DALLAS MIPS —A KKI-dn.v clou q mi run fine, requiring nil Hiiimals to Im tied «j> or fenced in or kept on » ten^h, wt'Mt. int<r nffecl: in Dnllns tmlny a* the rit.v moved to head off a n^bic.s epidemic. T\vo persons have died frotn rabies in Dallas county this year. Tho latest, victim \vn* little >lohii Allen \Vlnklos, 3. news in brief By 1 NITKn 'PKESvS \VASH t NGTON — M Mn "tip will sl.'irt in Tuesday's All-Star hasehitll jfj*-m<> and Ma''litiR pitchers will tx> Billy T'i-c.rce of thf! Chicago White S<»\ »i«l Bob Vrii'ml of the Pittsburgh t'irntes. CHICAGO Top Democrat? huddle to decide who will deliver the keynote address al tho national convention. N. Texas Ripped By High Winds ARCHITECT'S DRAWING OF JL'fiOPOSED CHAMVEf. \TE\V HJOH SCHOOL Anne. DH;kc.MM»n found sleeping in clump "f ivwds after hcintf missing .since late Suhir- liay. TOKYO — Socialist party rides wave, of .rapanese nntm'.artnrt- went, vote.* toward apparent vie.- tor.v ov<;r Conmtrvativn Koverii- tnenfn plan* lo rnviw MacArthur's "no war" constitution. School Pafrons Ko/e Saturday- Here's Whet Channelview Bonds Would Buy OhannPlviow school patrons meet lo draw tiit 1 plans and specifications enlarged by the addition of class jiuisic room building 1 is the kitchen rooms, library, hoinemaking rooms and lunch room. The building at the upper left is the gymnasium. The small building at Ihe upper right of the picture is tho present shop and band building. I.I will be (So.; BO1VOS—Pmr« Two) n'. llie crossroads next Saturday ;"or Ihe new structure. lo divide whether they'll provide They have completed sketches of $f>:!.5.000 r.ppded In pay for a. the new building that will be work- in with the present junior, high The two large buildings show; th TKW high school that can ho for the i:tf>7-l!)5« ierin. T.le ari/'niiexmral fiv;\i of \\'hit,e am] Arnr (jr. , , and other facilities. The large building n(. the lower lef! will be the auditorium. •lust hack of the auditorium are i M t. i. >' i» ta i fa*. 11 11 uu n i^fl .-iinj v> :t — >.! the right rn "ihe picture are the 1 "'? band and music rooms. Houston ha? been commissioned preswil junior high building's ss The rear wing of the hand and SUN spots Hurt In Accident"MRS. PATHV Barton, HO South Oluo. T.a Por'p. i- a patieiii in San .lacinto MnmoHal hospital after receiving shoiildiM' injuries in n car accident P s i i; r d a y night near l'.Vi!;!i' .Bayou bridge 011 Highway 31fi. She '.vax oiirrhv; to I'ue iios- T'ital in a. Pa-:l 1.". Lee ambulance. Action Ends I.OII OKHHIG League a: lion nt .lavi.'Ce Park ramr io an end Sal- liidav nis'iu \vi;h the Ciib.en.v !National Bank Braves holding- a 7-4 \:::>.'. 'm:i M'. >-r I ho Paul Pl'iiur While Sox and ihe Citizens Orinli'S way oui in from of the. Riiyhoi in- .lohnson 12-!. Winning riiid'ciH weir Bo for t'o.- Braves and .Icrry Jackson lor the Oi'inlcs, Robert Kiankiin took- the Pirate lo.-.s and Billy Meit.'i:. va- I'iedile'i with the White ?ox ioss. School Board M«ets TKK SCHOOL Board meets at 7:30 p.m. Mnnuay. I. is regular monthly iiK'i-ihip 1 nishi. Plans ar? likelv In r-or.i!- from Siipl. George H. Gentry re'alho lo reopening of :-t hr.oj in Scpieoibor. fine of ihe bijr problems before Ihe board during: July is the hiidsol. Lckewood Meeting THE QrARTKKLV mei'iiHK "f the I.akewoorl Civic Association will be beid T'K.-.sdsy nigh:, nt tne orgrii:i/:.:ii ion's clubhouse, at- corriing lo Dick Mnnne, club pi'esirlrr.:, 'C?c.Mtini!cd on Page Turn Around Town- No. 7 Oklahoma Bootlegger Believed Taken On Last Ride Frank OKLAHOMA CITY <I.;pi— Officers gavi? some c!'edence loth.iv to *- t!i» belief that Orvilie Lindsay '.:; C', jy?rh»p? OWahoma's nir>s1-fn riKius crin'iCinpora i \" booi- Iciisrer. tins been taken for a I:IM rid.'-. The 3S-ye.-i!'-old i-'.int runner h;is no 1 ., bp'-ii boa nl from siniv last. Thursday nigtn \vhcn his wife .said he left home "to rlo a job." Slv smd he advised her to coniact liitorney D.T. e Tan! if hr- got into trouble. Mis' was I'ouiid al ih« municipal sit port parking lot here Saturday. A pislol was in the 5'ove com p:i"! incut. but n high- powered rifl: 1 he had taken from h's home «•;>•-• missing, Oklahoma i-niiniv Sheriff Bob stronjr possibility th?i Ovm'nloss couirl have been killed by his underworld enemies. Deputy E. A. Caj'Shaw said "in- orniprs" have lolo him that Charnbless is dead. ( made the biggest 7 - -fws of this crime career three years ago when he \vas charged '.' i!h robbing three woulri-hr (.'.'uhan roxolutionai-ies of $200.000 in Forl Worth. Tex. Th-> rharfies vere riiopped after Chambless turned stale's witness. A short time one fired a oma Cj|y after (hat some- blast into his hoiric ami nearly Oklah killed him. Chambless WK? recently freed on appeal bond on a five-year armtd robbery conviction at .Lawton. Okla. He wa-s tabled the ''flying boot- leK'yer" several years ago after he started b rinsing- whisky into Oklahoma by airplane. Judge's Death Investigated He Presided At Trial Of Truman Aides ,11?.!K:>..<ON r,'i.iinis- :,o B:iy!o'.vn for a two-\vec;-. vacation und is n'lnlcr.j; 1 i.'.JR plans to sleep la'e and \-!<»!i uir 1 to\vii , . . (;io;'ia \\arc so'.mds a. litilo sleepy when answering- an etsriy morning: telephone call . . . Benny Gauis returns after a, visit with his relatives in Davy Crockett, land, also known as Tennessee. Klainp Kirttland sets a price on new dress and fir.rls lhat she has iivi-rrsjed ihe sale tag . . . Verr.on l«whon telling: of sonic of the latest sights he's seen . . . Bobby Davis breaks out, in a run trying io save the soda water . . . Susie Peoples making an »ariy nvorning: s:op ar the Pos; Office. . .Becky tlca/J almost has enough courage, to sleep with Sisifir S,inrf>- but whrn the l:Rhi» go out, her foiiragft leave*. 4 ST. I.oriS it'Pi- -\n inrjiipst 'iii.'nc'j touay inut the dc:alh ui" I'.S. Districl Judge .Rubey M. Hulen who presided a I Ihe receoi. lax fraud Irial of two Truman administration officials. Hiillen. K2. was mortally wound- er| while u< the back ymd of his home here Salunlay. He died several hours later on a hospital operating labie. A coroner's jury was asked to decide wheiher the jrufishoi. '.vounrl. inflicted Vn- a ..'?; raliber revoh-er in Ihe right tempi'.', was an accident or intentional. A .32 cnliber revolver wa s found near the body. Mrs. Sarah Dougan Dies Here At 86 ?\!ts. Sarah Dougan. 86, died at, fl:45 p. in. Sunday in a Baytown hospital p.i'inr a long illness. Funeral RervTces will hr a* 10 a.rn. Tuesday nf Trinity Kpiscopal chiivch i.ndcr the tli reel ion of Eartbman h'unernl home. The P,ev. .P. WaiiPr HencUeil will officiate. Mrs. Dougan. who lived at SIR ^farkei SLIOC!, had been a resident of Bays own for IS years. She is survived by a nephew. Marvin Archie Newlin nf Bayiwn. The body win be shipped by Knrthman's to Urbana, III., Mrs. Dongan's home, for burial Wednesday afternoon. Pallbearers will be R. \V. Kelly, Price Crow. James Sherwood. Perry Britf.on. Paul Anderson and Frthy Godfrey. The family request thai 1 contri- hulions he mad? to the memorial fund at Trinity Episcopal churcft. Police in snbi:rban Cirtyion sail! i;u.-iv was .no evidence of foul pia,\. Milieu presided at Ihe trial of Mc<"thew ,'J. Connelly. apixiini- menls secretary to former President Truman and T. La mar Cau- rile. fonner chief of Ihe .Justice Hopm-l mom's lax division. Both men were convicted of conspiring to defraud the government in a tax- case. Hulen had sol /Inly 19 as the «inte lo im[> sentence and hear defense molions for K new tnal. Legal authorities expressed belief Ihsl s jndjfe appointed from another district '/-•;li pass sentence on Connelly and Caudle. Union's body vas found by a gsrdner near a wooripHe where he oer-n.siona!ly ."hoi target, practice. The gardner told poll.,.- he heard a single shot about 20. minutes before he foiind the bodv. NEW VOR-R —KivnUirUv (Jnv. A. 15. (Happy) Chandler, nn his ch*>ioft for the l>eiri*>*nitic pi'eM- "li'iilial nniiiinalion: "My fnvoritp IN Cluindier of Kftntuchv." Texan Says He loves 1 All Spain MADRID. Spain il'Pi- Texas bull fighter Harry Whitney told the Supreme Court, through his lawyer today that he "loves" .Spain and n^ver nieani lo insult il. Whitney presented lijy plea to the high court in an appeal of n iower court., conviction for defaming the nation. He was sentenced to six years anrl one day in jail. Supreme Court president: Antonio de la R6s~.saicl the decision would ho made public within "a few Whitney w,is anosicd on words «.H».insi. tne nonor Spaniards a;i(l Spain in a strep! brawl following a, collision between his car and a motorcycle. Defense attorney AujriiRtin Bar- reiia said if his bull fighting ciienl had said such thing's, it was in "a moment of obfuscalion" and nol intended as an insult to the nation. "Whitney loves Spain," Barrena said. T3ut prosecutor Qiiimana Ripo!lf-s insisted the conviction and sentence be upheld. He -said that if Whitney had had ''his moment of ire and obfuscation." i! would have lasted a short while and not yiven rise to "a lon.j series of insulting; phrases against Spain pronounced in the slow waiV: fronj the scene of the accident to tne police station. Temperature Hits 112 in Gainesville By I'MTKIl 1'KKSS A storm line that spawned at least /our apparent tornadoes, phis hail, dust and destructive winds, him£ over the northern edge of Texas and. westward lo the l.ub- bock ni'Oii today. bringitiR scattered Ihiindershowers. The weak'c.olri front wa.s cutting temperatures slightly in an :('•<•» thnl suffereit through jnlense he;U Sunday. Gaino.s\-ilie reported a searing' 112 degres. LightniiiR set iwo fires there, one of them burn- JIIR a mattress factory to Ihe ground. A tornado funnel was also reported at Gainesville bid didn't: touch the ground. Showers and Ihundersloi rns northeast Texas and the Panhandle and upper Soulh .Plains. Official r:iln reports for Ihe 24 hours etidinp; a I. 6.30 a.m. included .14 rit Wichita .(M at Fort 'VVoilii. a trace ai Dallas. .03 al L'ibhocI;. .-" at TexarUana, 1.2. r i at Slidell and .76 al: Valley View. JMany other showers wore reported in northern Texas between recording stations. Partly clouiTy and was to continu THIS MAY BE WEEK IKE ANSWERS BIG QUESTION OK'rTVSnnu;. Ca.—(ll'—IVr-sidenl, Kiw.nlHuvcr today eon- ferred with his advisers, probably on tiolities mid forriKii »id, In lie-in the week which may X«N V him confirm his nf^ond term iiitenlions. The Whitv llnose has left open (lie poxKiliility lluit: Ix'l'ore. thn \\eek is out Mr. Eisenhower will hold ». news conference— h\\ first: sim:e his intestinal n|><-mlinii ln«l, month. If he (toen. hi<t I>nlilic.a1 intentions anil his health will Im till- main topie.d of questioning. The I'ri'sident also is expee.ted lliU week to ope.n »n nlfiiM! in downtown (>cLtysl)iir)>, steppittK dp the. pm-e of his work. Tidal Waves Engulf Greek Isle In Quake hoi weather over Ihe state, lo- Oainpsviilf's storm Sunday and last, nijfht. dumped about iliree- flMartors of an inch of lain, accompanied by hi£h winds. I'espitt! consio'erable properly damage, there were no deaths or injurie? reported. The merciiry si'.xh-d lo KlV rle- Rrees al holii Dallas and Fort \Vorlh. Ihe highest, temperatures ever recorded this early in the Slimmer At Gunler. !n Crwysori county, u higti wind that may ha<--e licr>n ;) lornarlo virtually demolished ihe railroad depot in the town of ."iflfj 'some 15 miles .southwest of .Sherman. Barn.* ATHKNS. Greece iUP> — A .sharp carthqiiaVic spread death and destrucliori across two Grcelv islands in the Aegean Sen tofiay. It touched off tidal waves and stirred D. lonR-dormanl, volcano into fiery eniplion. Negotiators Buff Heads As Steel Strike Continues Wre im>oof"d. house;.: and power lines blown the rural nnpa VIM. down in of fJunle Mrs. Olio Cunningham, wile of ihe city marshal, said the wind blew the buck out of one of iwo RH raoes in town and tore (he limbs from trees. An inch of rliirinp th e storm, which nightfall. \\f-ritli' 1 :' fovP'M.-:;' 1 ! s CH (UP l.-NVgntia- loi-s fr>r tifiO.001,1 sinking United .Sterlworker.s and the closed.down basu; .vlcel iudiisli-y apix.'arr.-il adamant in their bargaining posi- lions torlav. appareiilly waling' for ihe walkout's ponl-up erononiir; prcssui'i'S lo force a moie favorable showdown. Bui ihe federal government was expected momentarily lo rnaV till: llCXI move to linv.k Hie l-osllv com ran dcadlor-k which for nine day.s lias cut off 87 per rent of ihe's slrnl prtKliiction arid Ihjtialons lo -lisriipt. the nation's entire economv. Neither side lias made a new pn.|xis:il yiiii:e the liaigaiiiing 1 '«lkj' collapser! in New York June "'!. six hours before the Mriki' officially began. .John A. Stephens, 1 S. Steel (,'orp. vice president and r-hir-f industry .-Hpokr'.sTnan, eonlimied the rieadlock with a concise "no deyelnprnenK-," A union spokesman aj;i-eer| ihiU there was "not a. thing doing." Al leasl -1(1 persons v/ere officially reporled killed. These included .'III dead on Thera iSiintorini. a crescent - shaped islnnrl about 1.10 milt's soiitheasl: of Athens. Another ID were reported killed on Ihe small, island of los lo Ihe north. In addition. Iliorr "many'' wore r<'|)oi'li.'d injured. A li!-/ool. tidal wave hit llie nearby island of Ivalyiunos. II .smaslicrf flsltinjf boa Is aiii.l wrecked fxH'l. facilities. The islanrl Is 12 miles long and six miles wide. i.'iiMiallii'.s on K'alymiins were nol rr'|Hii ICM! iinmcilialelv. (liccl; officials ti.'riueil ihe eartli- qualic a major ciiUistrophe. It was tho strongest lo hil Creece since 195.1 when more Ilian 10(1 |x!r- sony rliorl on ||] ( - Ionian i.slaink. Karlh Iremors were recoiled silong 1 the Acu^iiu coasl of Turkey, bul no casually or rlaiiiage rc|K)rl.v uere rer'civpil. The rpiakc Hlirred Ml. Klias on Tho.'I iulo activity. intensifying; Ihe plight of Hi'- slrieken survivors. ing lo within rai-ns, Alii, jis Tiie vnlo.-M 1 ,,) llie .skv ami pilois sc*'[-:inK ill •:(> ei.l Til i few miles of Pi(Kirt i.ily. •ri Thera blai Itcucd scrkiiiR a clone view of thi- lion, r'oniiminieation.s were Ihe shock, pilots ''r'lxiiti'd hardly liousr- on ihe island ose-;ped ag' 1 . Throe villages were virtuallv wiped r>iit. ihey reported. The shock lulled the island al ' ; ITi a m. (ft: I.' p.m. Sunday csli. Lessor tremor. 1 ! followed. Waits In Car 80 Minutes; ! No One Shows Ry KKKD'RRirK ,M. \\"l? t nilei! t'resi Staff CorrespDiidmt NEW YORK i('P) Tlift molhei- or kulmiped Peter Weinberger made a second attempt to meet Ihe purported abductor Sunday nielli, police I'evealnd tmlity. The attempt, failed. The woman sat for one hour and 20 minutes in ,1 car parked on 3 Queens street within » mile or two of P. isvern from 'which two men allegedly telephoned Weinbergers' honie sever-al hours later. No one contacted the distraught mother as she waited, police said. Two men accuse.d of making- three calls to Ihe \Veinborgori' house were taken into police cus- |oi.|\ for questioning' early lodav. Polir,- said a telephone oporalor liad heard part: of the men's con- vei'fmtion when she liroke in on the line lo roquesl anolhec nivkel. 'Hie call was being' made from a. coin telephone. She immcdi.ilely ron- nei-.led Ihe srmtrh of convenation with the kidnapinj; and notified police. Ray 'Martin. deputy chief or Queen* delectives, said l.he iwo men. whom he refused to identify, made calls al :12:-IO. :IMI) and 2.10 n.nt. (Hit todny to Iho Weinberger home in Wesihnry. N. Y. Martin said the calls were made from, two taverns anrl a drugstore in the Queens area. "We know these are Ihe men who made Ihe calls." Martin said, "bul apparently they are cranks." "However, we are making- the fullest investigation." 'Martin said. The men worn picked up by Iwo patrolmen shortly before 3 a.m. as they sal; in a. ;1919 S recn p ol ,|j a c sedan on Roosevelt Avenue, near one of Ihe taverns from which the calls were niHde. The missing' baby's parents, meanwhile hcpl. an ngomztM viiril near the telephone in their home in Wer,lbnry. prayerfully hoping for word from the kidnaper of the infant. Mrs. Betty Weinberger. 33. made another anguished appeal Sunday night for Ihe rotum 'of her infant; son and vowed nol to betray the kidnaper if her baby is brought bae.k unharmed. It was her second public appeal before reporters, photographer* i< 'id felevjsion nrwsreel cnmi.-M- nirn since Peter, v.-jis sp/n'l.ed from his cnrriag-e in the backyard of Ihr W"inbor>!er lionn> last 'Wetlnesdav aflei-noon. Morm WelnberR'or. -IS. her husband, stood silently beside her. !oo overcome lo speak. Peler'.v amply <'atriaj;e was nearby. .Mrs. Wolnljerper. ' dry-eyed, iiul m aiiK'iiKhdd tones, read'the fo!- lon-i'iK 1 slali'nionl: "Oin-c again, in desiyralion. w? :i|i|>eaj | O you who have our bnhv We hng- you to Id „., h ., vo s . omf , word" Th- emotion . nmnberj mother filearle.l for her baby's return onlv .'• Khorl lime after police hi Stamford, Conn., reported lhat a heavy- s"l mun had been In a drugstore asld.ig- for Dos.->: Vitamin R-IJ.' "ie .sjx-ciul viifirnin compound nc..flp,| for Peter's formula. He Ie/1 when he Irarncrl Ihe store did nol (Se,- KII)\Ar-l'n Kl . Two) Channelview Teacher Dies Funeral si «- v\ ftf ;t tr:;i.'- .xlnndof! f t r,m westward ".ivc squ.-iii lir.e lhat r j'exn.rhana all th into New >lexico. II came at the end of n hake- oven typo, day over most of Ihe slate. Temperatures passed the plar-es but Ihe heat, appoared to be concentrated in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The severe weather forecasts were issued during' Ihe day, both warning of tho possibility "of toi- State JC Prexy To Speak I I Chapters To Send Delegates Here Bayt.O'vn .Tayeoos or<> cxpr-rtinK -entinn L'nil v/ill he Saturdav nnrl. :''«> incmb'-rs of their o club Sumlnv i/i C.-iiveslon. anrl sevora) oul-rif-town cluhs lo P.,,., will havo ».bO;il -10 Thoi-e was between A'/le Worth area reported. A ported in the -At Bonham companied ri left .65 of a thermometer, grees at. its a rrnort of a f IMI^I and Boyd in the Fort bul no damage was funnel was also re- Valley View ;n.-:t. , marble-six" hail ac- thunderslonn which n int h of rain. Tho whir-h read 105 dc- highest point Sunday , . . - f,*, . , -•" v * •-•• •• . i '. j j i uu v i: n,it\.t. 1 1 -c, t <HU.'-nd a mfouncr "uesrlav mahf ,-,.,-,,.„.,, „. ,- ... nt Ihe Tow,-, whirl, will" fnn. ,,rr 'n ,?,,;"'",," H ^ "I!", 1 """""' St.t, .Inv.^c Pro.,i rirnt p F ,RM) V president will „, prc- i, . , ' . , ' ' rr-nl-r' in tin- .lavrccis a-irl will arl- Mixni'jv.'er n. 1 -: :<rier;;a EIK-.S , ,, " . . . , . . ( , . ' *«•••"• iln- ; \s |»(. ;;n,:ip m ji hru-f infor- fron" Gah^ion Rt T^s ; 'r'; t v' ! n^'- "£ ^.^^^^ Th " "'^- msori. La Porle. Bc.J.irc. Alvin. ' lu K ^-"-\"^^ n . j, „ (.i-r.sDv. Pasa-iena. Houston, Cor,- ,,„„ V( , T( . x , r , Bnrf R Brn ^, |a . 0 or I«'i Marque. Bill Knov.'lcs, presirlent of the Rayloi'.'n proup, :-ai<l I hi pvr-n' H xchcd'.'lco 1 in conncclifvi v.'i'h th TI-X.IS Technological cfiliogo in .'.uohork anrl completed x orariuau; rO'ir.-M- HI ih'-> I'nivfrsi: v of Michi- t , "' i; ; iu m "Public Cl.ili;v Kxvc'iiive Bayl.own r-l-ms inter-clu'n relations [/,. V i'finnu-'il " program anrl i.o 'ooost aitendame i.s,-,, ,|.\YCFKS at. the coming tri-rcg-ional con- Foreign Aid Compromise? -Storms Brewing Before Congress Adjourns By WARREN 1 niled Press Staff Correxpondcnf WASHTNGTOX i UP t—Conpress movfrf tot.isy inlo what may be the final two weeks of "its ciiricnf. session. But. before ir adjonrnK ar.'i join? ihe r;ish to th« political conventions, it faces action on a number of controvo'Sial bills. The House today called up for debate the compromise bill to authorize S4, to rotcign m spending 1 and the rrt»t*<J bill to put up S3. i billion fflr the pro- ^tsm, Tiie approiwiMion measiiie is certain to provoke a sharp floor fipht. The Senate put asMe !n order lo euiogize the late Sons. Alben W. Barkley (D-Kyt and Harley M. Kilgoro (D-W\'aj. But. the compromise foreign aid authorization bill is htg'h on its agenda for the <:ominfr week. (Congressional Ir-ader? ariticips'iing: an August adjournment date pointed to the amount of controversial legisiauon still awaiting Senate and House action as the reason *>r their p*Htiffl|fcri. ITi? administration's ON* Rights, WI! and legistetion w authorize federal eonstDietion of a hijti dam at H«*lt Canyon on the Idaho-Oregon SBileT are almost certain to ' J'l^led Hatgii! tebate. Tjkely to die hi the Senate are Mouse-approved bill 1 -: to raise [*«la I rates, anrl to provide pensions for needy World War T veterans. Also on the Senate 'must" list. 1?: a House-approved riiil to lowr the: Social Se.ciirity benefit age for women from 65 to 62 and to permit totally disabled workers to start collecting be.nefits at age SO. Some Seriate c.omjJomise in ttw measure is conuwJwed likely. TVie So.nste also is expected to up—and to approve without, coni rovers y—a House- bill to provide 1371 million in federal aid to schools whose en- rollment has been swollen by military installations ami other federal activities. The money is for two years er.d'n? on 30. 19. r *. The b*il passed the House Saturday. An anttcipated Senate 'h-ive Jo revive a general nid-to-r-rtucation bill is expected to Jim afoul of the segregation issue which led to the House defeat of the Si.6 billion school construction bill. Both trip House anrl Senate have cie.ired all hut a few of the appropriation bills to provide the; funds for operating the government in •><* fiscal yc«r which began last Ajnday. ..f ices for M i-s \vi|i » riK riodKoii, 4-,. wiv held a! lit m. Monday at the First Chrjs- ''<•!'. clinrrh 'vi;h Ilir R.. v . n-r',- f-'oi!?. olfii.-inl.iiiK. B'-r-i.-il IAMS | n Hi'l nf f>c,--.| r--n"- i '•;•;.• uiidiT tn« diixviion of I'aul 1' Ix-i; Funi'rai home. Mrs. Dod.son, a. t-'acher at Chan- neivifw (i|(!ini-nlai_v «choo!, l.ved ».t. 1017 North Second fitnf had hervri :\ Kayl.ov.-n rc.sidcnl since lit.'M. She rilcr) caiiy Sunday inorn- i.-ig in n Baytown hospital. Survivors an- a son, Clyde Dori-"On of Baytown; father, .!. H. Jones o' f-Uytnivn: a sister. Mrs. K. (.). (.'ootisoii of K.-in Ajiioiiin; I ii roe hroihr;rs, Cha.|-|es H. .Tonrm of Fort. \VortJi, H. Glenn Jones of VV'irhHn, Palls' and .1. I ..on is Jones of BnyLowri. Pallbrja.'fi'.s woe .lames Dix. .1. Robert- 0. H. FicUlin. 0. O. Huddle. I.T. Henry S.'huliie u.'vl A .i. l.ianiels. Honorary pail- be.irers were teachers of the Channelview elementary school. F. «. HIGHTOWER FACT OR FALLACY? Qnpon Eh~abeth of is rcl.-ncd to her husband Philip'.' Yes, she's his third cousin. They're both great-grandchildren o' Queen Victoria. Rut rcftardltss of whom YOU'RE related *o, it's a sure bi s t. some of your relatives use Classified ads lo solve everyday problems! Have a problem? Dial R.'!()2 for an ad-writer TODAY. Whether it's irtHng, renting, hifinf or r«*overinsr; a lost article, Wan» AM help you ' This ad browrht Ikf* Results io Mrs. M*ry F. tfcdgins in ) day. . ,1Sl» Kiwsy M*. 3- m (a/ntsr.eil hn». Bath, utilities ((irap;». Pli. M*.

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